Dirty Politics



Stone Rage absolutely loves Halloween. What other day of the year causes more women to dress showing immense amounts of skin in provocative, scanty even erotic outfits? Obviously his annual STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! is an important night for him. The pressure that he normally puts on his booking committee this year is multiplied by the Dirty Politics election taking place this year.

Dirty Politics means that the winners of matches including this year's STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! receive a ballot to vote on the next booking committee. Also the reality is setting in for the incumbent committee that they all are behind in the current polls, and all of them are about to be out of a very lucrative million dollar job. Pressure can bust pipes and make water flow uphill, and it can also strain a two year relationship between the ladies on this committee who have been acting just like sisters since being put together.

In the small room that the incumbent committee have been exiled to since the beginning of the elections, great friends Pam Grier and Loni Anderson are tit to tit in each other faces and arguing fiercely. Both have concepts for this year's match at the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! Normally these ladies never argue about such matters, but now that they are desperate to get votes to keep their jobs, everything has changed. Each lady wants to get catfighters that support them in favorable circumstances so they can get a win, and a vote in the election. While Loni and Pam steadily argue, Raquel is shouting across the table wanting her concept for the match.

After several hours of fierce debating between Pam, Loni and Raquel, the new booking committee chairman, Christina Applegate, saunters into the room to check on her charges. Christina is exempt from the election, and takes great pleasure to see the pressure is finally getting to the ladies and their friendship is cracking. Hearing the argument going on from outside the door, Christina chuckles then throws the door open, shouting, "What the hell is going on in here?"

Immediately all the squabbling stops and all eyes turn to the blonde standing at the door. The members of the committee all despise their imposed leader but must respect her authority. After all, this is product of their own making. Because they loss the Ultimate Surrender match to Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Aniston, they must endure this election and Applegate as their leader.

After understanding that they are arguing about which match to book for the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH!, she insists on making the final decision on the matter. "I want fresh ideas and most importantly new faces." Taking a seat on top of Lynda Carter's desk, Christina says, "Alright Grier, what's your concept?"

Pam swallows her distaste at being talked to like a peon by this young woman who should be holding her with the utmost respect, Pam starts to speak. "I'm proposing a concept called the Foxy Brown Showdown." Pam explains. "It's a 70's theme match with Zoe Saldana facing Meagan Good. Both will be wearing afro's and blaxportation film type costume. I'm talking about halter tops, hot pants and bell bottoms. First, we all know the big boss, Stone Rage will love it. We all know he's got for a fetish for blow out afro's and thinks Zoe and Meagan are both irresistible. Second, it's two new fresh faces in the league, they deserve a opportunity, and they are both hungry. I think it will make a phenomenal match."

"Hmm I see" Christina says considering Pam's proposal. Christina realizes Pam is playing to her heartiest supporters. Stone Rage idolizes Pam. Zoe just joined the Fab Four's team, the Fab Corp. Meagan has been associated with the ABA's support group, the Stimulus Package. Pam is back to playing old tricks chiding the ABA and the Fab Four, knowing that she will get a vote no matter who wins. "So what's your idea Raquel?" Christina continues.

"I have a 1,000,0000 years BC match. It's any thng goes, no rules." Raquel explains. "My girls are going to wear cave girl costumes. It's going to be real sexy stuff with boobs hanging out and booties jiggling out the bottoms. The fighters will be Denise Richards from the ABA. She looks magnificent in bikini's and the crowd hates her. They'll pay big money to watch her get her ass beat. Charisma Carpenter will fight Denise. Charisma has been begging for a match against the ABA ever since her, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Neve Campbell ran afoul of them at some martini bar. It will be both girls in ring debut in the league, people will eat it up!"

Christina sees more pandering to their friends in the ABA, and serving Denise up with a inexperienced and over matched opponent to boost another ABA member's career. She has seen this plenty of times before. After all she once led the ABA. This biasness allowed her to rally the Resistance group together and through her masterful plan, gain control over the league. "Whatcha got Loni?" Christina asks without another comment.

"I got the name that's guaranteed to sell out any arena in the world, Angelina Jolie." Loni proudly announces. "She'll be fighting Catherine Bell in a Tomb Raider match. Both of them will wear Lara Croft outfits and battle in a ring decorated to look like a jungle with vines and stuff draped around the ropes. It'll be Catherine's in ring debut and let's face it, Angelina is the only one with the starpower to make this bash unforgettable. It is the perfect match for the Bash."

Christina goes silent in contemplation seeing that Jolie is obviously backing Loni's re-election. She quickly calculates the ulterior motives of each match and the ramifications of her decision. One thing Christina is certain is that she wants most or all of the old regime currently in the room voted out of their position. "What do you think Lynda?" Christina asks, further probing her committee.

Only now breaking her silence Lynda says, "I think they are all excellent ideas and matches. In my opinion we should pick the one with the best gimmick for the Bash, and book the other two on the next Pay Per View."

Christina instantly sees Lynda's angle. She is riding the fence and trying to get votes off each match. "Fine I agree they are all good matches, and great new faces for our fans." Christina announces with a smile. "So the match for the bash will be Angelina Jolie versus" Christina pauses a moment before continuing, "Charisma Carpenter versus Meagan Good." Christina finishes hearing murmurs of dissatisfaction. "Also put them all in Wonder Woman costumes for Lynda, and make it a Trick or Treat, no DQ street fight. Lynda you can be the special guest referee too." Christina has just foiled each of the women's schemes, yet kept them a glim hope. Christina knew she has further divided her committee and assists in all of them losing their jobs. "Make it happen ladies" Christina abruptly says and leaves the office.

Christina's word is law and everyone on the committee knows it. All of them had to deal with salvaging the best out of this new situation. Loni calls Angelina to explain the new changes. "Angelina I got your match, but Christina made some changes." Loni starts explaining she will be competing in a triangle match. Of course Angelina has objections about being booked in a more dangerous match. Loni listens to the objections then starts her soothing and snow job. "Don't worry, you're still the overwhelming favorite to win the match. It'll be Charisma and Meagan's first match in the league. They'll probably be too intimidated by your presence in the ring to fight worth a shit." Loni continues, "I promise if you can do this favor for me, then use your influence to convince the other girls to vote for me, I'll guarantee anything you want in the league from here on out."

Loni was able to play to Angelina's ego, and solve her issues. Raquel knew she would not be that lucky. Raquel made a long drive to the ABA training facility and offices to speak to Denise Richards personally. "What the fuck do you mean I'm not getting my match!" Denise explodes upon hearing the news. "I was counting on that match to gain a little respect around here. I handpicked Charisma to fight because I knew I could beat her. I needed an impressive victory to put some fear in some of the dogs around here who are trying to eat me alive. Demi, Jenny and Lucy are trying to find somebody to replace me in the ABA right now! You've screwed me Raq! So help me, I'll see to it that you're voted off of this committee!" Denise went on chewing Raquel out. Raquel knows she can try to repair the relationship if she can throw Denise a bone later, but in the current, Raquel is thinking of cementing her connection with Charisma.

Several days later Pam has a meeting at the ABA facility, but that meeting had a different timber. Meagan Good is seated in Demi Moore's office, surrounded by Demi, Jenn McCarthy, Vivica A Fox and Pam. Meagan is clearly on the hot seat and being grilled. Jenny tells Meagan, "I don't have to tell you about how important this match is for the ABA. Do I need to remind you that we kicked Christina Applegate out of the ABA and retired her with her parting beating. We need Pam Grier looking out for us on that committee."

"You are a member of Stimulus Package. We are a subsidiary of the ABA, and the ABA does not tolerate failure." Vivica says, speaking as the leader of Stimulus Package.

"You haven't even earned your credentials in Stimulus Package. You better be the last woman standing in that ring, if you want full membership and be a made woman in our syndicate." Demi adds through clenched teeth. "So far Stimulus Package hasn't stimulated anything in this league. Maybe my group needs a change, starting with getting rid of you".

Each women felt the tension and pressure to win this match. The future implications were boggling. They shape the direction of the league with their vote. However most fans forgot about the tension of the match once the three ladies emerged in their star spangled Wonder Woman costumes. All three looked phenomenal wearing the star covered blue bottoms, and golden eagle embossed red bustier. It starts with the red almost knee high boots. All three's legs were individually unique, but no less lickable. They range from Angelina's long slender yet shapely pair to Charisma's muscular gams. Their asses are all shaped differently, but all delectable. The booties were poured into the star covered blue bottoms. Then all three pair off double d breasts were stuffed into the most famous bustier of all time. Film producers and directors all around the world start fantasizing about making a Wonder Woman movie, and choosing any one of the three as the heroine.

Despite their blinding beauty, the tension of the match and moment resurfaces as Christina Applegate gathers all three backstage for a joint interview just before the match. The sassy attitude ridden Meagan, joins the confident, cocky legend Angelina with a nervous, jittery, hair triggered Charisma. Christina knew it would be a volatile combination. That is why she purposely planned this interview to add fuel to the flame.

"So Meagan" Christina begins her interview, "How do you feel? You're battling maybe the biggest movie star in the world and a star from an iconic TV series. Are you up to it?"

"I'm very confident Christina." Meagan quickly answers. "The way I see it Angelina is a legendary actress, and one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, but this a catfight ring. She hasn't proven to be nearly as legendary or powerful in the ring lately. Charisma is just another actress who had one good role, and translated it into career of appearing at Comic-Con's. Demi Moore and Vivica Fox have trained me, and we are confident that I can go into the ring and stick my foot up both of their asses."

Obviously offended by Meagan’s analysis, Charisma interrupts, "This is coming from an actress that has had 20 breakthrough roles, but still hasn't broke through toilet paper. That must make you pretty shitty!" Charisma finishes as both actresses puff out their chests and stare at each other threateningly.

"Wow a lot of animosity over there," Christina interrupts and turns her attention to Angelina. "How do you feel about your opposition tonight?" Christina asks Angelina.

"There's no animosity here" Angelina elegantly declares. "This isn't personal, it's just business. However make no mistake, that won't keep me from kicking the shit out both their silly asses." Although she did not intend it, there was an arrogant air in her voice.

Both Charisma and Meagan smack their lips and roll their eyes at Angelina's threat. Charisma mutters, "Home wrecker".

"Man stealing whore." Meagan mutters right afterward.

Angelina's infamous temper ignites. "You want to go there?" Angelina pushes through Christina and shoves Charisma in the chest, followed by a shove to Meagan. Charisma and Meagan struggle to get pass Christina to push Angelina back, and give each other strong nudges as well.

After getting shoved to and fro a couple of times by the women trying to get at each other, Christina shouts, “Enough! Stop it!" Christina screams as she pushes the women away. "If you want to fight fine! It's an anything goes match so you can start the match right now. Lynda get your ass over here. Somebody ring the bell!" Christina finishes and walks out of the mist of the warring women.

Immediately Charisma lunges at Angelina, knocking her against the wall. Meagan starts firing blows against Charisma's back. A flutter of confusion ensues as all three women are punching, kicking and slapping each other as they move down the hall. Lynda Carter comes running over to oversea the brawl.

As the three way whirl wind melee moves down the hall, Meagan spies an aerosol can of something that someone had left on a backstage crate. Meagan does not know or care what it is, she grabs the can and sprays its contents into Angelina's eyes. Angelina screams and covers her eyes. Luckily the contents were not toxic and the spray only temporarily impairs Angelina's vision. It did allow Meagan to focus her attention on Charisma. Meagan drops the can and opens a two fisted assault on Charisma, steady moving through the curtains from back stage into the main party floor. Angelina follows in close pursuit behind the pair.

This is the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! This is not the normal arena and battleground for a league match. Above all the Halloween Bash is a party. It is not in a large arena like they usually compete. It is a ball room with tables and costumed celebrities seated enjoying party food and cocktails. (Lots of cocktails) Only a velvet rope creates the aisle to the ring. The tables are just on the other side of the rope. So the audience is in close proximity to the fighters.

Charisma breaks through the curtains, staggering and holding her nose from one of Meagan's punches. Meagan breaks through the curtain a split second after and wallops Charisma across her back with a forearm blow. Charisma is propelled staggering down the aisle toward the ring. Inexplicably Meagan does not follow and continue her assault as she has been doing. Meagan stops off at a nearby table. However Angelina assumes the aggressor role and follows and hunts down Charisma and starts pounding on her back like Meagan was doing previously. After pounding on Charisma a few times, Angelina spins Charisma around to face her. Angelina grabs Charisma around the waist and picks her up and runs forward, driving Charisma's back into the side of the ring.

Meagan had stopped off after seeing Christina Aguilera seated at a nearby table. Christina came dressed as a construction worker. She had a crop flannel shirt cut off and tied around her mid drift, and a pair of cut off Daisy Duke jeans. Christina also wore a hard hat, a tool belt and an oversized hammer that was sitting on the table. Meagan grabs Christina's hammer, then turns her attention back to the action.

With Charisma lying in a heap on the floor holding her back, Angelina comes marching up the aisle for Meagan, with her breast bouncing in her bustier. Meagan draws the hammer back and takes a swipe at Angelina as she approaches. Angelina nimbly ducks under the swipe. As Megan draws the hammer back for another swing, Angelina's foot springs up and kicks Meagan in the belly. Meagan doubles over and lowers the hammer. While Megan's hands are still on the hammer, Angelina seizes the hammer's handle with both hands and gains control over the tool. Angelina thrust the hammer back, hitting Meagan in the head with the hammer head. Meagan screams and her knees buckle. Angelina seizes her addle foe by the hair then slams her face into a nearby table across the velvet rope making the aisles. Meagan's head bounces off the table and falls face down on the ball room floor.

Angelina heads back to the ring and Charisma is still down. Angelina looks under the ring and pulls out a folding table to use for a weapon. Angelina slides the table under the ropes and into the ring. Meanwhile Charisma has pulled herself to her feet with the assistance of the ring apron. Angelina lashes out at Charisma with a forearm to the side of her face. Angelina starts crawling into the ring while bringing Charisma along with her by a handful of hair. Angelina slides into the ring, and Charisma is outside the ropes on the ring apron. Angelina locks Charisma in a rear chin lock from inside the ring, while Charisma sits precariously on the ring apron, struggling to escape. Angelina uses the benefit of the ring rope pressed against the back of Charisma's neck cut off Charisma's air supply with Angelina’s arm is wrapped around the front of her throat.

Suddenly Meagan re enters the scene wielding a book bag weighted down with several books that she stole from Paris Hilton's sexy school girl costume. Meagan runs up and swings the book bag as a weapon hitting Charisma in her vulnerable mid section. Charisma bellows and Angelina releases her allowing Charisma to tumble off the ring apron to the ball room floor. Meagan quickly climbs on the ring apron and swings the book bag at Angelina's head. Angelina ducks under the swing and retaliates with a forearm blow to Meagan's jaw. Meagan goes flying off the ring apron and is launched for a hard fall to the floor. With both her opponents down, Angelina exits the ring to finish the job. Angelina grabs Meagan's stolen book bag and raises it above her head then throws the bag down hard, hitting Meagan in the back of her head.

Charisma is crawling away looking for gather herself. Angelina catches her and hauls Charisma to her feet by her hair. Angelina goes to punch Charisma, but Charisma blocks Angelina's stroke then retaliates with a flurry of fist to rock a surprised Angelina. With Angelina besieged by the sudden onslaught, Charisma is able to grab Angelina's arm and whip her into audience. Angelina breaks through the velvet rope and upsets the ringside table where Kim Kardashian, Coco and Zoe Saldana are sitting.

Angelina is groveling on the floor covered in cocktail drinks. Pam Anderson, Kimora Lee Simmons and Rosario Dawson are sitting at the next table. Angelina rolls on the floor to that table and removes Rosario's 4 inch thick soled shoe that she was wearing to compliment her groovy sexy 70's girl costume. Angelina springs to her feet, swinging the shoe at Charisma. Charisma grabs Angelina's wrist before she is hit and snatches the shoe out of Angelina's hands. Next Charisma wallops Angelina over the head with the shoe, dropping the Hollywood legend again.

A few tables over, Britney Spears and her date are excitedly looking at the action. Her date is disguised as the Toxic Avenger, in full green stage make up and carrying a big mop. Britney is dressed as the female antagonist from the movie/musical, wearing a white bikini top, with matching mini skirt and a big gun. Charisma goes to the table and snatches the Toxic Avenger's mop away then returns to Angelina. Charisma slaps the mop down on Angelina's face and starts swishing it up and down Angelina's body. The entire audience rise to their feet laughing and cheering as Charisma literally mops the floor with Angelina. To add to Angelina's disgrace, Charisma slaps Angelina across the face several times with the mop, while the legend thrashes underneath.

Charisma stops and raises the mop above her head and lets loose a victory cry to the roaring crowd. Charisma throws the mop down on Angelina's chest. Then she reaches down and starts to haul Angelina up by her hair. Once again Meagan returns and attacks Charisma from behind. Charisma strikes out with a kick to Meagan's belly that sends her reeling and retreating backwards. Meagan takes a deep breath and returns where Charisma and Angelina have a hold of each other and hitting rach other with their other hand. Meagan tries to enter the action, but is rejected by Angelina delivering a rock hard fist to Meagan's gut that sends her stumbling away holding her stomach.

Angelina and Charisma resume their battle. They both have a hold of each other's hair and throwing blows with their free hand. After being twice rejected, Meagan learns from her mistakes. Instead of joining them, Meagan enters the ring, then climbs on the top turnbuckle near where Angelina and Charisma fighting. At the right moment, Meagan leaps off the turnbuckle, flying high through the air, across the ball room to the floor below. At the last moment, the veteran Angelina sees Meagan coming and pushes Charisma into Meagan's path. Meagan comes crashing down on Charisma with her body dive, but it is several feet before Meagan anticipated. Meagan hits Charisma high, knocking Charisma down, and driving the back of her head into the ball room floor. It also knocks Meagan off course, and she lands awkwardly after her dive. Angelina escaped the collision altogether through her crafty push.

Charisma is flat on her back looking at the lights, clearly like there is no brain activity present. Meagan is wallowing from side to side holding her stomach. Angelina comes over menacingly. She hauls Meagan up to her feet and rolls Meagan into the ring under the ropes. Angelina enters the ring after her prey.

First, Angelina goes to the table that she slid into the ring much earlier. Angelina takes the table an sets it vertically, leaning in a corner of the ring. Angelina then turns back to Meagan with a dastardly look in her eyes. Meagan has struggled up to one knee when Angelina meets her. Angelina scoops Meagan up in her arms, then hoists Meagan onto one of her shoulders, straightening Meagan out like a large human dart. Angelina starts jogging toward to table, to hurtle Meagan head first through the plywood. Meagan starts squirming and wiggles off of Angelina's shoulder before Angelina is able to toss her through the table. Angelina is barely able to stop and brace herself before running head forward through the table.

Angelina turns around to find Meagan behind her and ready for her. Meagan kicks Angelina in the gut, doubling her over. Meagan grabs Angelina about the head and tries to go for a spinning neckbreaker. However as she executes the move, Angelina is able to push Meagan off, and send her stumbling into the ropes. Meagan bounces off the ropes and is coming back at Angelina with a vengeance. Angelina side steps Meagan, and seizes a handful of Meagan's star stutted shorts and a handful of hair. Then using Meagan's momentum against her, Angelina launches Meagan over the top rope of the opposite of the ring. Meagan really looked like Wonder Woman for an instant. Meagan looked like she had the ability to fly as she sails over the top rope, but reality and gravity immediately kicked in and brought her crashing harshly to the ball room floor. Meagan hits hard and goes rolling before finally stopping at the feet of the table in the first row of the audience.

Angelina smiles proudly watching Meagan fly through the air then crash to the floor. She even released a small satisfying chuckle. After admiring her work, Angelina turns to see Charisma has just exploded out of a three point football stance, like Mean Joe Greene coming to sack a quarterback. Even the wily, crafty veteran Angelina did not have a chance to avoid the collision. Charisma drives her shoulder into Angelina's midsection. Charisma knocks Angelina off her feet and drives her in the air three or four yards like Deacon Jones destroying Fran Tarkenton. Charisma drives Angelina back into the corner and through the table Angelina has set up. The lithe heroine Angelina slams into the table and breaks the table actually in thirds, but the impact nearly broke Angelina in half.

When the dust settles, Charisma is on her knees with her ass high, and her upper body is resting lower on her forearms. Fans behind Charisma smile with wide open eyes. Her star spangled shorts have rid high and start disappearing in the crevices of her crotch. Fans lick their lips seeing how delicious Charisma looks in this position. Meanwhile Angelina looks like she has just been in a train wreck. Her body is stretched out on top of the broken shards of the table. Her head is supported up leaning against a piece of table caught between her head and the bottom rope. Angelina's head is bowed pressed down until it is almost in her cleavage. Definitely her eyes are closed and her body is totally limp.

Charisma rises to her knees and grabs Angelina by her ankles. After several fatigued tugs Charisma is able to pull Angelina's lifeless carcass out of the table wreckage and to the center of the ring. Charisma falls across Angelina's chest and needlessly hooks a leg. The only protest to being pinned that Angelina could muster was a couple soft moans but could not lift one finger or move her body. Lynda Carter dutifully makes the three count and calls for the bell.

Charisma slowly and painfully rises to her feet. Lynda is there to help her and raise her hand in victory. Finally the realization sets in on Charisma. She looks down and the most powerful woman in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie lies at her feet. The legendary Angelina is sprawled, spread eagle on the canvas. She is tits up and out cold. Charisma could not be happier. A smile breaks out across her face, the audience all cheer. Charisma enjoys the greatest moment in her catfighting career.

Meanwhile Meagan has just risen to her feet while holding her aching head just as the bell rung. The bell awakes Meagan out of her funk, and she realizes that Charisma has just won the match, but more importantly to Meagan, she has just loss. The emotions over take the young lady as her mind tries to grasp her defeat, failure and letting down and more frightenly answering to the others in the ABA.

While Charisma basks in the glory of her spectacular victory, Meagan enters the ring. She silently approaches Charisma. When Charisma turns Meagan is there, and strikes like a cobra with a boot to Charisma's stomach. Charisma doubles over immediately. Meagan forces Charisma's head between her chocolate thighs. Meagan then grasps Charisma around her thin waist and hoists Charisma upside down. After balancing herself Meagan hops and sits down, pile driving Charisma's head into the mat. The dreaded pro wrestling move is effective. Charisma's body recoils from the impact, then collapse to the mat. The vengeful Meagan rises to her feet and does not even look back at Charisma. She already knew Charisma was out cold, she did not need to look at her victim for verification.

Meagan turns her attention to her next victim. Although Angelina was already out, she was not going to escape Meagan's wrath. Meagan starts hauling Angelina to her feet. Angelina was dead weight, and Meagan was struggling with the legend. Meagan was able to wrangle Angelina in a full nelson hold and pull her upright. Meagan puts one foot in front of Angelina's feet and falls forward, taking Angelina down with her. Meagan drives Angelina's face in the canvas. If Angelina was not unconscious before she definitely is now.

Meagan rolls Angelina onto her side. Meagan pulls at the clasps of Angelina's Wonder Woman bustier, and in a few seconds, she is pulling the garment off of Angelina. Meagan immediately goes to Charisma, and removes her bustier even faster. Meanwhile the fans are booing Meagan loudly. The ultimate sore loser does not care. She leaves her foes topless, then climbs on the middle turnbuckle and starts shouting and ranting. "I'm the real Wonder Woman in this damned ring!" Meagan shouts, holding up her stolen bustiers as proof. The fans voice their disapproval louder and louder, the more Meagan keeps shouting. "Who's the only bitch still standing? Huh? Who's the bitch still standing, and who's flat on their back!" Meagan continues. "Me! I'm standing and those bitches and hoes are out cold! Fuck all ya!"

Demi Moore, Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Liu and Denise Richards look on at the scene as the crowd gets even angrier. "Well that's not the way I envisioned it, but Meagan is the last woman standing. She completed her mission. I think she is ABA Made Woman material. What do you think?" Demi asks.

"She loss the battle but won the war." Lucy comments. "She's definitely a mean and nasty girl. She has my vote.

"I love the heat that she's getting from the fans. They really hate her." Jenny says as she marvels at the reaction from the audience. "She is definitively bad ass."

Denise growls. She realizes that the bigger Demi's syndicate grows, it is more of a threat to her existence in the ABA. Since she is already out voted, the shrewd woman utters. "She has my vote as well." There is no need to make more enemies needlessly.

Demi happily announces, "Its unanimous. Meagan is a ABA Made woman. We'll have her induction ceremony tomorrow night."

Another STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! comes to an end. After the match, the party really intensifies. LMFAO's party classic "SHOTS" blared from the dj's speakers. Jager bombs, Irish car bombs, baby bombs and flaming dr peppers were being downed the whole song. Rampant and wild booty shaking and drunkenness reigned for the rest of the night. Meagan Good still dressed as Wonder Woman partied with the ABA, Vivica Fox, Stacey Dash, and Gabrielle Union. They celebrated her impending induction as a Made Woman.

Charisma soon rejoined the party. Raquel Welch and the rest of the booking committee smoozed with her all night, realizing that Charisma had an all important ballot to vote on the new committee. All Charisma cared about was telling everybody who would listen about her fantastic victory, defeating Angelina Jolie and Meagan Good simultaneously and single handedly.

Angelina spent the rest of her night dancing away with her partner, Brad Pitt. Inside she was seething about losing the match. However Angelina quietly plotted her revenge for the rest of the night.

Jennifer Lopez and Vida Guerra engage in an impromptu booty shaking contest as T-Pain and Pitbull's "Shake Senorita " plays. Given their recent history, their competition got really intense. You have to say that things went over the edge. Next Buffie the Body, Melyssa Ford, Vanessa Blue and Esther Baxter proclaim the floor as Waka Flocka's "Round of Applause" plays. Jealosies and tempers definitely started getting out of hand then, as each woman wanted the spotlight. Things started getting out of hand. But those are two stories for another time.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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