Dirty Politics


Sweet little innocent Stacey Dash. The beautiful soft spoken woman with the gorgeous face, and those eyes. Stacey has the most beautiful, sexy and alluring green eyes. They are absolutely dreamy eyes, that can captivate and seduce men just like the sirens of legend's voices. If that was not enough, she had a hour glass figure that is understated by the description of incredibly sexy. Stacey has firm, plump simply phenomenal breasts. She has big brown areola's that are centered with juicy thick pointy nipples, that invite licking. Her spectacular breasts earned a racy pictorial in Playboy magazine. Meanwhile, Stacey's ass graced the cover of King magazine. Not only did Stacey grace the cover, but it was the cover of the best selling King of all time. Stacey Dash reigns on top of the magazine famous for featuring women with phat bold booties. Stacey can truly be described as the woman from every man's dream.

Everything said about Stacey is undeniable, except the first sentence. Although Stacey has never been anything but exceptionally nice, sweet and innocent in front of cameras, there are reports surfacing that she is divaish, mean, and abrupt with production crews behind the scenes. These rumors and allegations are prominent on the set of Stacey's new television show, Single Ladies. Reports say she is simply a nightmare to work with on the set. Her longtime acquaintance and friend, Lisa Raye also stars on that show.

Lisa Raye is another perfect woman. She is the ideal prototype of the young hip hop generation. Lisa is sassy, mouthy and takes no trash type of girl. If you cross Lisa expect to hear about it immediately. Lisa is a true diva. Not in the fashion that she complains demands or requires special attention, Lisa gets special attention because she deserves it. She is the picture of Miss Independent. A man better treat her special because she does not need him. That is not what makes Lisa so special. It is her versatility. She can venture back and forth from the hood and get much respect, to dining with heads of states and being the former First Lady of the Turks with no problems or hitches. Then physically, Lisa has the proportions to match Stacey, and exceed her with her big ol' booty. Lisa is the standard for the younger hip hop generation. She is their dream, inside and out. One last thing, there is no duplicity and deception in Lisa's behavior. The girl is real.

Lisa is a total professional on the set of Single Ladies. She is easy for the directors to work with and does what is expected of her. Stacey however is temperamental and much more difficult. Maybe because she is the star of the show, and the show is a big hit. Maybe Stacey feels like she is back on top after so many years removed from the success of Clueless. For whatever reason, Stacey feels like she is the most important thing on the set and the world should revolve around her.

Everything came to a head one day on the set when after over 14 hours of straight shooting, Stacey refused to do most things the director requested. As an old friend, Lisa asked her to just do as she was told so they all could go home. Stacey was not interested in hearing Lisa so she gave her the old hand in Lisa's face gesture. Lisa informed Stacey what would happen to that hand and where she would stick it, if she did not get it out of Lisa's face. Lisa denies rumors that she then drug Stacey around the set by her hair, as Stacey screamed cried and tried to flee. Lisa claimed they were absurd. However that was the rumor.

After the confrontation it was widely reported that Stacey kept screaming that she would not return to the set and shouting "No, I ainít coming back unless that bitch gets her ass kicked!" Eventually the director calmed the problem and got the scene completed. The next day Lisa and Stacey were friendly again, and the whole day was dismissed as just one of those things that happen when people get tired.

Season one ends and the show is a huge success. The entire cast sign contracts for season two and go their separate ways. Then Stacey's mysterious comment "that bitch get her ass kicked" comes back into reality. Behind the scenes, Stacey started lobbying to get her long time friend Vivica A Fox added to the cast.

The same Vivica Fox that used to be Lisa's very close friend until a public falling out. The same Vivica Fox that is in the ABA supplemental group, Stimulus Package along with Stacey and Lisa. That was until Vivica kicked Lisa out. Vivica whipped Lisa's ass at THE STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! Vivica tied Lisa up and made her cum in front of everybody. Vivica left Lisa with one leg hoisted in the air, bound to the top rope, and a Jack O'Lantern over her head. That Vivica A Fox.

The directors were really getting sick and tired of Stacey and her attitude. They knew it would only get worst with a teammate like Vivica on the cast. Despite the director's precautions, the executive producers were thinking, about adding Vivica. The directors needed a plan.

It is Lisa's last day in Atlanta, where they shoot the series. She is doing some aerobics in her trailer on the set before a long airplane flight. Then a director calls. Lisa picked up the phone and heard, "Hey Lisa, rumor is that Stacey wants to add Vivica Fox to the show." the director divulges.

"Look I'm cool with it." Lisa says. "I'm here to do my job and get my paycheck, that's all. If I have to work with Vivica I can do that. I'm just not having anything to do with her after the show. I'm about my paper, and I'm not letting anything mess that up. Hell, Vivica could be a big rating boost for the show."

"So you also cool with the script changes?" the director adds. She is lying but she is searching for a way to rile Lisa.

"What changes?" Lisa abruptly answers.

"Uhhh..." the director stammers trying to cover her lie. "I don't know what they are. I just heard they have to do with your character, and you're definitely not going to like them. You'd have to ask Stacey."

Lisa does not have a shy bone in her body. She hangs up the phone and marches across the lot to Stacey's trailer to see about these 'changes'. The director looks out the window with a smile, knowing something good is about to happen. Lisa is still wearing her lycra tank top, and shorts from her aerobics. She did not even wait or bother to change before confronting Stacey.

A few minutes later, Lisa strolls into Stacey's trailer. "Hey Stacey, there are some rumors about some changes you want to make to the show next year." Lisa says. "What's up?"

"Yeah I want Vivica to be on the show next year." Stacey coolly answers in her sweet voice. "That way you won't be able to throw your weight around next year, because Vivica will kick your ass and put you in your place."

"Me?!?!" Lisa exclaims. "First, you're the one acting like a damned prima donna around here. You act like your shit don't stink. Second, I'm not afraid of Vivica. If she wants a rematch, all she has to do is ask. I'll fuck her fat ass up next time! If you want my ass kicked so badly, why don't you try. You've been acting like Betty Bad Ass lately."

Stacey huffs loudly and rises to her feet. "You better watch out. I'm a made woman in the ABA. I beat Jennifer Lopez's ass."

Lisa bursts into raucous laughter right in Stacey's face. "You're kidding me! After Daisy Fuentes had chloroformed her, Jennifer could barely stand. You're lucky she hasn't taken the time to get revenge for that day and kick your candy ass." Lisa says through her laughter.

"Candy ass huh!" Stacey shout back totally insulted. Ever since her last divorce, where she made claims of physical abuse, Stacey has been extremely sensitive about her perceived lack of toughness. It is why she got involved in catfighting and the ABA in the first place.

Stacey springs into action, grabbing Lisa by the head and trying to wrestle her into a headlock. Lisa struggles back and the two begin grappling for advantage. Lisa is able to push Stacey off, making her fall onto the chaise lounger. But Stacey pops right back up. Wearing a micro skirt and a white top with spaghetti shoulder straps, Stacey immediately engages Lisa again.

While they are locked together pushing against each other, Lisa pulls down the straps of Stacey's shirt. The top falls down to Stacey's waist, revealing her breasts. Stacey makes another loud huff and starts working on Lisa's top by pulling down the straps of her lycra tank top. After achieving pulling down both straps, Stacey sees that Lisa was wearing a black bra underneath. Stacey pulls down the bras straps while they struggle together, allowing Lisa's big tits to sway free also.

They break apart for an instant and inspect each other's topless conditions for a moment. They engage and lock up once again instantly after. Stacey wrestles behind Lisa and reaches around to squeeze Lisa's breasts with both hands. Lisa struggles to break free but cannot. She then throws her weight backwards, toppling her and Stacey over backwards, making them fall on the chaise lounger. Stacey is on the bottom still reaching around with a tight grip on Lisa's tits, while Lisa is on top with her back to Stacey. Stacey's legs clamp around Lisa's waist for a double squeeze; a breast mashing and a leg scissors hold.

Lisa is finding Stacey a more formidable opponent than she ever imagined. Lisa fights for freedom. She throws herself forward, pulling them both off the lounger. Lisa falls to her knees, while Stacey was totally unprepared, and loses her grip on her rival and falls on her ass.

Lisa turns around to face Stacey, and the two start struggling once again. Lisa is trying to pin Stacey on her back. Meanwhile Stacey is pushing and moving to make sure that it does not happen. Once again Lisa is surprised by how tough Stacey is proving to be. Lisa reaches down and gives Stacey's ripe boob a tight squeeze, making the two break apart.

Lisa can see the emotions bubbling over in Stacey. "This is my show!" Stacey screams and lounges at Lisa. Stacey bowls Lisa over and is pinning her to the carpet. Lisa resist and bucks until she knocks Stacey off top of her. Lisa gets on top of Stacey, but only stays there a short time before Stacey over turns her and regains the dominant position. Lisa struggles some more and finds it is extremely difficult to dislodge Stacey off of her. "This is mine too!" Stacey quips as she grabs Lisa's bra that was still clasps below Lisa's tits. Stacey snatches the bra and rips it off Lisa, and throws it to the side. Lisa's cafe au lait skin shows a red welt and mark where the lace and wires painfully dug into her skin before the bra was ripped away. Lisa still wrestles with Stacey but continues on the defensive. "In fact, everything is mine!" Stacey professes as she grabs Lisa's tank top that was still around her waist and wrestles it off over Lisa's head. "You're mine!" Stacey roars as she throws the top across the room.

Lisa realizes that despite she is the rough, tough, down ass chick from Chicago, the perennial 'good school girl' from Jersey is whipping her ass. Lisa explodes with a burst of strength and knocks Stacey off top of her. Lisa rolls on top of Stacey, but only stays there a few seconds before Stacey powerfully reverses positions and throws Lisa back to the carpet and reclaims her position on top. Stacey's slender muscular legs intertwine around Lisa's thicker, meatier legs and immobilizes them. Stacey presses her body down on Lisa. Now even Stacey's firm round tits press into Lisa's larger breasts and pushes them aside.

Lisa has a thought that never occurred to her before. That is that Stacey just might win this fight. In fact, Stacey is more than on her way to winning this fight. Desperation crosses Lisa's face. Stacey sees it, smiles and feeds off of it. Lisa thrashes around like a fish out of water, but Stacey keeps her pinned underneath her.

Stacey is feeling it. She feels the distress and the mental strain that Lisa emanates as she is really being dominated now. With Lisa contained and crushed by her body press Stacey fiendishly lowers her head and bites Lisa on the side of the neck like a vampire. Stacey feels Lisa's body thrash and struggles as Stacey literally starts to eat Lisa alive. Stacey strains to her limits to hold Lisa down. In the end she succeeds in containing Lisa. After barely holding on, she feels Lisa's muscles tire and fade. Stacey's new training with Demi Moore and Stimulus Package is definitely paying off. She is wearing Lisa out and beating her.

Stacey knows she should maintain this position, but she also knows Lisa's reputation for being a bad bitch around the industry. Stacey never started this fight with Lisa with the intentions of simply winning. She fought to kick Lisa's ass. Stacey intends to beat her so bad that Lisa and everyone else has to re-evaluate Stacey Dash. She is no longer a victim or a school girl. She is not a girl at all. Stacey Dash is a full grown woman. A woman to be respected and not taken advantage of.

With this in mind, Stacey rolls off top Lisa to the side, but keeps her legs intertwined with Lisa's. One of Stacey's hands keep Lisa's arms tied up. Stacey then starts pounding Lisa's belly. Stacey's fist makes deep loud meaty thumps like she is beating a bass drum. Lisa makes loud, suffering "Oooomp's" as Stacey pounds her gut.

Stacey's new position facilitates Lisa's thick legs to break free. Stacey immediately scrambles to her feet while, Lisa is still breathless. Lisa turns over and rises to her hands and knees. Stacey lashes out and kicks Lisa in her ribs as she tries to rise. "Who's the bad bitch now!" Stacey gloats, then adds another kick to Lisa's side. Ironically Stacey's light, girl like voice betrays her proclamation of toughness. "Huh?" Stacey asks, practically demanding Lisa's respect. Stacey sees a copy of a script on a nearby shelf, and picks it up. Stacey rolls up the script and sternly swat's Lisaís huge jiggley phat ass. "This is my show bitch!" Stacey shouts and swat's Lisa's ass a few more times with the rolled up booklet.

Stacey's spanking were giant blows to Lisa's ego, but physically harmless. Although it gave Lisa time to catch her breath. When the time was right, Lisa shot to her feet and walks a few steps away from her giggling tormentor. While still somewhat breathless, Lisa puts up her fist saying, "Come on, put 'em up girl." Lisa challenges.

Stacey chuckles with a smirk, "You really want some more?" Stacey jostles from side to side, then puts up her dukes in a fighting stance. Stacey could see the newfound respect for her on Lisa's face, and in her voice. Lisa was talking to her as an equal, as a woman and a fighter. Lisa's approach has changed from a champion taking a tune up fight, to two championship prize fighters duking it out to an epic ending.

Lisa throws a big left hook at Stacey's head. Stacey ducks underneath, then drives a straight hard fist into Lisa's belly and dances away. Lisa is visibly hurt and confused. Lisa is confused that Stacey is so fast and in great shape. Lisa is well aware that she is 44 years old and slightly past her prime, but Stacey is 46 years old, and seems to have held up even better than the ageless Lisa both in beauty and physically apparently now.

Stacey dances forward and stings Lisa with a combination to her jaw before Lisa could drive her away with a straight jab. Lisa increases her concentration. She has already been out wrestled by Stacey, and now she is being out boxed has show nothing to detract from Stacey's continued dominance. It is only a matter of time before Lisa is kayoed and Stacey is dragging her outside to brag to the cast about knocking out everybody's favorite homegirl.

Lisa engages Stacey again and gets nailed with another combination and an added blast to her tit before Lisa lands a left hook and drives Stacey back. Lisa has serious doubts about herself. Coming of the heels of a humbling divorce where younger celebrities openly took her man and paraded around with him, this is happening. Lisa lands a punch to Stacey's mouth, but is rewarded by two more fist from Stacey. Next the humiliating loss to Vivica, crosses her mind, as Stacey lands a vexing combination to Lisa's right breast. Then when Lisa thought it was over, Stacey surprises Lisa by finishing the combination with an uppercut that explodes on Lisa's chin.

Lisa goes down hard. She is dazed and confused, and Stacey is yelling for her to get up and fight. All hopes of victory flee Lisa's body. She slowly rises to accept the bitter ending to this fight. Stacey cautiously start snapping Lisa's head back with a series of jabs that go by uncontested. Lisa is too busy envisioning her life next season to compete. Lisa needs this job, she knows that she cannot quit the show. Stacey will be the undisputed queen over the show. Lisa will be relegated to kissing Stacey's ass or even carrying Stacey's bags to keep her job.

Seeing weakness, Stacey lights into Lisa. She steps up and pounds Lisa with lefts and rights all over her luscious body. Lisa weakly grunts and groans as she twist and turns to avoid more punishment. After the first 30 second volley of fist, Lisa's cries become louder and more painful, like Stacey is performing surgery on her without anesthesia. By the third volley, Stacey is certain that big bad Lisa is trying to beg for mercy, but Stacey keeps her fist flying at such a furious pace that Stacey is hitting her before Lisa can finish her plea. "No Stac...." Lisa mutter, but quieted by a gut shot. "Plea......" then shut up by a knuckle sandwich. Stacey feels like she is in training just pounding a defenseless punching bag.

"Big bad Lisa Raye my ass!" Thinks Stacey. "She is just a big fucking bully! All that talk and bravado, then nothing once you stand up to her." Stacey stops herself right there. She has known and been friends with Lisa since the late nineties. Stacey knows that is not true. Next Stacey rationalized that Lisa probably has not mentally recovered from that major ass whipping and humiliation that Vivica put on her. Lisa's confidence is probably shattered. "Poor Lisa is now just a shell of herself. Ahhh poor Lisa." Stacey thinks. "Oh well better her than me." Stacey gleefully contradicts. "I'm going to reap the benefits of kicking her ass before everybody finds out that she has turned pussy." Stacey lands yet another devastating combo that drops Lisa again.

Stacey looks down wondering if Lisa has the courage to get up, but she does. Stacey lets out a short wicked laugh and raises her fist again, to her sleepy eyed antagonist. Lisa stood with her hands by her waist, her mouth hung open and her eyes read total defeat. Stacey came forward for the knockout blow, when Lisa's fist developed a mind of their own and flashed up for four lightning fast pops on Stacey's gorgeous face. Stacey never saw or knew what hit her, suddenly her head was twisting from left to right and she was stumbling backwards.

Lisa wore a surprised, surreal expression, like she had no part in what just happened. Suddenly her subconscious says, "Oh that's right, I'm Lisa mutha fuckin' Raye!" Bang! Bang! Bang! Lisa explodes with three more fist to Stacey's face. "I get knocked down, beaten, crushed all the time and get right back up!" Lisa tells herself and blast Stacey with another right hand. "I am that bitch! I'm L-Raye!" Lisa mind shouts as she continues her flurry on a backpedaling Stacey. "I'm the Big Bad Wolf in this mutha fucka!" Lisa says with a right hook to Stacey.

Suddenly the natural order of the universe was restored. Stacey looked into Lisa's eyes, and indeed saw the eyes of the Big Bad Wolf, and Stacey instantly turns into Lil Bo Peep. Lisa was gangsta as hell. She had the feral eyes of a wolf, and wore a murderous expression of a killer.

Stacey puts up her hands and starts begging off, "All right Lisa you win. Calm down and we can talk this out. No more fighting Lisa...." Lisa pauses for a moment then Zow! Lisa fired a right cross and knocked Stacey out. Stacey was down for the count and then some.

"From now on, just call me Big Bad." Lisa huffs.

Lisa reviews Stacey's topless body spayed out on the floor. She notes and chuckles to herself that after that long grueling war, it took her a minute or less to finish it. Suddenly it is back to business, and sees Stacey's video camera on the shelf. Lisa quickly removes Stacey's little skirt and shredded top. Lisa instantly understands why she had so much trouble fighting Stacey. The bitchy little diva was in phenomenal shape with well cut abs and everything from her Playboy shoot. Lisa was totally jealous of her castmate's perfect figure. Lisa takes the camera, positions it on the shelf to record Stacey, then hits play.

Next Lisa notices the script still on the floor. Lisa retrieves the script and tears a page out. "Don't forget bitch, this ain't just your show." Lisa says as she starts stuffing the page in Stacey's mouth. "You're not the only star, me you, and Charity (Shea) are the stars." Lisa says while ripping out another page and stuffing it into Stacey's mouth. "If you've got some script changes in the future, it would be a good idea to run it by us first, so shit like this don't keep happening to you." Lisa rips a third page out and stuffs it in Stacey's mouth. The whole time, the camera records everything. Finally Lisa puts her foot on Stacey's chest and does a double bicep victory pose for the camera. Lisa looked Amazonian. Her strong curvy body glistened in sweat, power and the sensation of triumph.

Moments later the director sees Lisa leave Stacey's trailer wearing a robe, and carrying a video camera. Lisa looked like total shit the director noted. Lisa walked like she was totally exhausted, her hair looked like a rat's nest and wore a couple red battle marks on her cheeks, but she was walking away. Whatever ordeal her and Stacey went through during the twenty minutes that the trailer was rocking and shaking was successful in the director's eyes. She knew Lisa won, although she looked like a loser. If Stacey had won, she would have carried Lisa out and flaunted her victory so everybody could see. Order on the set for season two has hopefully been achieved.

The same day, Lisa moves out of Atlanta and heads for Capri, Italy for vacation during the show's offseason. Lisa emailed the video of her victory session with Stacey to Demi Moore, Vivica Fox, Meagan Good, and Gabrielle Union.

Meanwhile the internet blazes with rumors that Stacey Dash has been fired from the cast of Single Ladies. Lisa broke her vacation for a moment to post on Facebook that she knew nothing of the rumors, and discredited reports that she got Stacey fired.

A month later Stacey Dash issues the following statement:

I truly enjoyed playing Val on ‘Single Ladies’, but I have decided to leave the show. I have to be back in LA with my children right now and the ‘Single Ladies’ shooting location makes that impossible.

I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show and in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in season one.

Interestingly, while Lisa lounges at the pool in Italy she had two surprise visitors. Pam Grier and Lynda Carter of the booking committee visit Lisa uninvited, and secretly. "Lisa, can we talk?" Pam asks.

Lisa welcomes the pair and gives them a few minutes of her time. "As you know that because we loss the unconditional surrender match, there is an election for a new booking committee. Rumor has it that our new chairman, Christina Applegate has warned everybody with a ballot, that if they vote for us, they will face her wrath. Christina is supporting Ebony Ayes for the committee. We know we have no chance to keep out jobs, but we want to stay in the league. So we thought about managing." Pam explains.

Lynda picks up, "We are looking to make a team of extraordinary women who can bring justice and balance to the league. We are looking for people who can offset the injustice that Applegate will bring to the league as booking committee chairman. We want the kind of women who can be this generation's Wonder Woman and Foxy Brown, who will make things right. We'd love to have you in our group." Lynda explains.

"I'd do anything to have you." Pam admits. "You're the closes thing I've seen to Foxy Brown since me."

Lisa bites her bottom lip and considers for a moment. "I'll do it, but you have to do something for me." Lynda and Pam anxiously ask what if the favor. "I've got some video that needs to be released. Also I want a license plate with 'Big Bad' on it."