Monster Ball


"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!" Demi shouts.

Demi Moore is shouting while standing with Stacey Dash on her right, holding back Vivica A Fox. Vivica is trying to break free and fight Lisa Raye on Demi's left who is being held at bay by Gabrielle Union. Meanwhile, Meagan Good looks on totally amused, waiting to see what will happen.

"This isn't helping accomplish anything!" Demi says starting to sound frazzled. She knew this meeting would be rough, but did not think it would be this bad.

Its the first meeting of Demi's support group, the Stimulus Package, since Stacey Dash successfully performed a hit on Jennifer Lopez. It should be a joyous occasion, but it is far from that. Vivica Fox and Lisa Raye have been friends longer than any other two people in the room. However, that friendship is going through a tough period. Demi is starting to realize that the friendship has disintegrated all together, and is maybe irreparable. It threatens her plans and her survival in the ABA.

Lisa and Vivica have been best friends for years. Things blew up when Lisa's marriage blew up. Lisa says that Vivica doubled crossed her when Vivica shared Lisa's most intimate secrets with Lisa's husband behind her back. Lisa has been furious with Vivica ever since. Then Lisa's marriage crumbled horribly when her husband openly had an affair with BET's 106 & Part host Rosci. Lisa was obviously bitter and angry with the world. Then it got a little petty when Lisa called Vivica a "cougar" for dating a young Atlanta promoter. Coincidentally pictures of Lisa with that same promoter surfaced. To add to the fire, Vivica's publicist responded to Lisa's comments stating, "Lisa Raye is the last thing on Vivica's mind" and adding "This just goes to show you that an idle mind is an unproductive mind."

"Ladies, we did not come here to settle personal differences!" Demi angrily reasons. "We came here to get our act together in this league. Our purpose is to get everybody in this room to be an ABA made woman. Then to eventually have one of you knock off Denise Richards and take her seat. Next somebody takes Jenny McCarthy's seat, so I can reorder the ABA and make myself the supreme leader, The Godmother. Vivica and Lisa, you are top candidates to knock off Denise or Jenny, and you are here acting foolishly!" Demi shouts. "As far as I'm concerned you both are jeopardizing my plans and a detriment to me, the Stimulus Package and the ABA! I should order everybody in here to give you both a Milano and throw both of you out of the group!" Demi threatens, and she is only threatening. Demi knows that the other girls are longtime friends of both Lisa and Vivica. Demi would have a full scale mutiny if she gave that order. "But I won't" Demi quickly adds. "It is definitely time for one of you to leave Stimulus Package so we can get back to business."

Demi Moore"If you two ladies can act like ladies until I return, we will settle this, ABA style." Demi pulls out her Blackberry and leaves the room. Gabrielle and Stacey are able to calm Lisa and Vivica down, and keep the peace until Demi returns.

After forty icey minutes in the room between Lisa and Vivica, Demi returns. "Ladies, you have just earned the feature match at Stone Rage's HALLOWEEN BASH! ." Demi announces looking at her team sternly. "Lynda Carter books this as a Monster's Ball match, so anything goes and falls count anywhere. It's perfect for you to settle your differences. The winner stays, the loser gets the hell out of my group." Demi pauses as Vivica and Lisa shoot nasty looks at each other. The two long term friends never thought they would be in this position one day. Despite their genuine anger toward each other, there still is a moment of apprehension of blowing all those years of friendship in this match. Demi anticipated this too. She is not about to allow the ABA be embarrassed by a disappointing fight. "There is an added prize for the winner. Since the winner has been so generous to sign 20% of her video sales' salary to ABA entertainment, for signing this huge payday for her..." Demi pauses as both Vivica's and Lisa's eyes pop and their mouth drops in protest. "She will have the opportunity to become a made woman in the ABA." Demi adds. "However to win that honor, the winner will have to put on a really good show. I mean a really brutal, creative and humiliating end that is worthy of an ABA associate. Me and the rest of the bosses will determine if the performance is worthy of you becoming a made woman."

Lisa and Vivica take a long look at each other. At least for now, a two decade long friendship is about to end. However at this point, things have gone too far to stop. The simple disagreement has grown exponentially. First Lisa went public with their quarrel. Second, the name calling came. Now there's money involved, and tons of it too. Neither woman could refuse this six figure payday, not to mention the residual video sales. Also becoming a made woman would insure more big paydays in the future.

Lisa looks at Vivica thinking, 'I know this woman was a bridesmaid in my wedding, but I'm going to leave her busted, naked, bleeding and totally humiliated in a ring for the entire world to see.'

"Shit! You know I'm down." Lisa confidently spits. "Don't be begging for mercy when I'm kicking your ass Vivica, cause you ain't going to get any."

Vivica looks at a woman that she would eagerly gone to battle for many times over. She never would have guessed that she is going to battle Lisa, but that is exactly what is going to happen. 'I'm going to beat this bitch like a red headed step child.' Vivica thinks. 'And her stupid ass deserves it... going popping off at the mouth. I'm going to kill her ass! She's going to hate me after I'm done with her ass. She'll get over it... eventually. If she doesnít, fuck it, she can kiss my black ass.'

"I can't wait to shut your big mouth up Lisa." Vivica sasses back. "Ya fucking egotistical bitch!"

"Wonderful." Demi says with a smile. "I'll see you two ladies on Halloween night."

With those words spoken, everyone in that room find themselves at the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH!. The second annual party has outgrown the first. A larger facility was secured to house this highly anticipated event. The ring is in the center of the party room, surrounded by a security barrier. There is a buffet table, with an incredible spread, dance floor, and a DJ scratching and cutting with a light show.

Same as last year, the celebrities' costumes are skimpy and just plain amazing. Alicia Silverstone came as a naughty nurse. Alyssa Milano came as a sexy Queen of Hearts with a rhinestone studded crown and a skimpy dress. Angie Everhart surprised with a shimmering green mini dress with the design of a turtle shell on the front and back, making a very alluring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. She accessorized with knee high red boots and a pair of sai. Beyonce looked spectacular in a form fitting Batgirl costume. However Cameron Diaz won the best costume contest by coming as Neytiri from Avatar. She wore a vibrant blue body suit with bold blue stripes and blue face paint. Cameron was thrilled that her garb as the provocative priestess of Pandora won her the prize.

The members of Stimulus Package nervously waited for the match. Gabrielle Union was dressed in a sexy French maid costume. Stacey Dash came as a Greek goddess, while Megan Good wore a Playboy bunny outfit. Demi Moore remained with her charges the whole time to reassure them that this fight is for the betterment of the group. Demi wore chaps, a raw hide bra, and a cowboy hat to complete her cowgirl outfit. After several drinks the Stimulus Package girls forgot about the prudence of the fight, and decided to let their friends settle their dispute the old fashion way. Each hoped that they could somehow repair their relationship and invite the loser to rejoin the group sometime in the future.

Demi takes the stage at the head of a long ramp heading to the ring. "Ladies and Gentlemen" Demi announces to the party crowd. "The ABA is proud to present tonight's feature entertainment, the MONSTER'S BALL!. It's a no holds barred fight, anything goes, and falls count anywhere. The winner stays in the Stimulus Package, the loser is out!" Demi clarifies. "Our first competitor is an actress, and a fashion designer with her own reality show, Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy, it's Lisa Raye!"

First the partygoers hear a familiar, 'Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo...... Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,' from the Friday the 13th movie series. This is followed by frantic paced orchestra music that is the theme song for the Friday the 13th movie series. Next Lisa marches from the back, and stands beside Demi. Lisa is wearing a white jump suite that is unzipped down the front to below her navel. The opened suit shows the sides of Lisa's big round tits, teasing everyone in the crowd. Lisa's hair is teased and looking a little wild. Lisa completes her costume by carrying a big machete dripping with fake blood, and a white hockey mask. Lisa creates an extremely sexy version of Jason Voorhees. The coffee au late beauty receives countless hoots and catcalls as she makes her entrance.

"Lisa are you ready for this match?" Demi asks, sticking the microphone to Lisa's lips. "You and Vivica have been good friends for a long time."

"I'm too ready Demi." Lisa confidently answers after removing her hockey mask. "I'm not losing much of a friend. Whenever you need her, she's never there. In the back of my mind I always felt like Vivica was a dirty bitch, and she just showed her true colors. We need to settle this between us, and I will do that today."

"It's time for your opponent." Demi restarts. "Please welcome actress, and TV producer, Vivica A Fox!"

Erie music begins playing again. "One, two Freddy's coming for you.... Three, four, better lock the door..." The famous rhyme continues playing from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Vivica promenades from backstage. She is wearing a red and black striped sweater reminiscent of Freddy Krueger's from the movies. The sweater wears more like a dress. It is loose around the neck and falling off of her right shoulder, and extends down to Vivica's upper thighs. Vivica wears a brown fedora hat, and one glove with four blades extending from the fingers. Vivica's sweater/dress has three slices at the breast, like it has been slashed with the glove, just enough to reveal a little cleavage to the audience. In the end Vivica makes a stimulating version of Freddy Krueger for the audience.

Demi looks at Vivica asking, "Are you ready for this match?."

"Am I ready?" Vivica laughs in amusement. "Nah girl, this won't be over until L-Raye kisses my ass and apologizes and stop acting like a stupid bitch."

"The stage is set. Two beautiful monsters stand ready to do battle in a true grudge match." Demi announces. The tension even among the jaded drunken party goers was thick. "It's Freddy Krueger versus Jason Voorhees and it is about to explode. Ladies please make your way to the ring."

Vivica and Lisa start heading down the ramp to the ring. Lisa walks at a brisk pace, thinking she is going to get in the ring first, and jump Vivica as she tries to enter the ring. Tyra Banks happened to be standing by the security barrier, waiting to see the fight. Tyra chose to wear a sexy Flintstone cave girl costume, accessorized with a large long plastic bone. Suddenly, Vivica snatches the bone out of Tyra's unsuspecting grasp and wallops Lisa across the back. Lisa tumbles to the ground and rolls toward the ring. Lisa sits up allowing Vivica to press the bone against Lisa's throat from behind. Next, Vivica starts dragging Lisa down the ramp. Lisa is being drug on her ass as she is being choked by the bone.

Vivica soon sees that dragging Lisa is more trouble than it is worth. Vivica stops and clobbers Lisa over the head with the bone, knocking Lisa flat on her back. Vivica stand over Lisa and stoops over to press the bone against Lisa's throat again. Lisa is able to sneak her feet up and put them in Vivica's stomach. Quickly she extends her legs and flips Vivica off of her. Lisa follows with a quick roll of her own, and ends up seated on Vivica's stomach. Both vixens have a hold on the bone. But after being flipped, Vivica was a little startled. Lisa was able to claim the advantage and push the bone down against Vivica's throat and reverse the choking. Vivica is thrashing around madly under her oppressor. Lisa is afraid of losing control, and Vivica pulling off a reversal. So, she rises off her curvaceous foe, and adds a few kicks for spite.

Lisa backs off, and readjusts her provocative outfit to cover herself while Vivica stands. Once Vivica is on her feet, Lisa nails her with a right-hand haymaker. Vivica reels back, then Lisa grabs her arm and whips her toward the ring steps. However Vivica is wily enough to reverse the whip half way through and send Lisa crashing into the metal steps. Lisa's succulent body makes a thump as she crashes into the steps and collapses to the ground. Neither Lisa nor Vivica anticipated that the maintenance crew had secured the steps to the ground so tightly. So they rattled but did not give much as Lisa's body crashed into them. Lisa ends up on the ground, holding her back in searing pain.

Vivica takes a moment to gloat, and take off her uncomfortable Freddy Krueger glove. Next she grabs Lisa and hauls her up to her feet. With a grip on Lisa's hair and jumpsuit, Vivica heaves Lisa toward the security barrier. Lisa goes flying over the barrier and into the audience.

Vivica reaches down over to the other side of the barrier and seizes two handfuls of Lisa's hair and pulls her to her feet. As soon as Lisa reaches her feet, she fires a big looping punch to Vivica's head. Vivica recoils back from the blow. Lisa amazingly flashes her foot up and kicks Vivica in the face. Vivica reel backwards, eventually tumbling and falling to her knees from the stunning blast. Vivica shakes her head and clears her head a bit before getting back to her feet. She turns to face Lisa, but she is standing on top of the security barrier and leaping off of it. Lisa levels Vivica with a flying clothesline. Both vixens are on the ground, when Lisa quickly climbs on Vivica's chest and hooks the leg for a pinfall on the ringside floor. Vivica kicks out at the two count.

Lisa immediately springs to her feet looking to inflict more pain to her former friend. She hauls Vivica up to her feet by her hair. The more experienced Vivica grabs Lisa around the waist and barrels into her foe. Vivica drives the small of Lisa's back into the ring apron. With Lisa pinned against the side of the ring, Vivica drives her shoulder into Lisa's gut once again. When Vivica backs off, Lisa falls to her hands and knees, holding her gut. Vivica quickly hauls Lisa up and rolls her under the ropes and into the ring.

Next Vivica climbs on to the ring apron. Then with the assistance of the top rope, Vivica does a flip over the ropes into the ring. She lands, giving Lisa a guillotine leg drop across her newfound rival's throat. Lisa convulses on the mat, while holding her throat. Vivica makes a cover trying to get a pinfall. However Lisa kicks out at the two count.

Vivica rises with a mean evil expression on her face. Vivica hauls Lisa to her feet by her hair. Vivica's expression clearly says that she intends to sadistically hurt her foe. There is no signs of a kinship between the two according to her face. "Miserable bitch" Vivica mutters as pulls Lisa to her feet then whips her into the corner. Lisa splatters into the turnbuckle with her big titties jiggling wildly. Vivica quickly follows in, charging and driving her shoulder into her gut again. Vivica vengefully drives her shoulder into Lisa's stomach two more times, trying to break her opponent in two. Vivica backs up several feet to the middle of the ring while Lisa slumps into the corner. Vivica gets a running start to drive her shoulder into Lisa one more time. Only Lisa slips down and rolls out of the ring right before Vivica makes contact. Vivica runs into the empty corner, missing Lisa and charges between the second and top turnbuckles. Vivica goes all the way through the turnbuckles and hits her shoulder on the iron ring post.

In the ring Vivica gingerly wiggles out from in between the two turnbuckles. Then she drops to one knee holding her aching shoulder. Meanwhile Lisa had rolled out of the ring before Vivica's crash and burn. While Vivica is hurting in the ring, Lisa had scavenged under the ring and found a trash can lid. Various items were placed under the ring prior to the match for the combatants' Monsterís Ball. While Vivica is on her knee near the ropes, Lisa reaches in, grabs Vivica's hair and pulls her head between the ropes, so it pokes out of the ring. Lisa then clobbers Vivica over the head with the trash can lid. It sounds like a shot being fired. Vivica flounders back in the ring flopping around like a fish out of water after Lisa's homerun shot.

With Vivica rolling around the ring, and holding her head with both arms, Lisa is outside the ring gathering weapons. Lisa slides an aluminum trash can into the ring. Second she collects two trash can lids. Finally Lisa climbs the steps and returns to the ring while carrying the two trash can lids like a pair of cymbals. When a dazed Vivica struggles to her feet, Lisa walks up and slams the trash can lids together with Vivica's head in between them. The trash can lids make a resounding crash just like a cymbal crash in a high school marching band. Vivica remains standing for a moment then crumbles lifelessly to the mat.

Lisa, as well as many in the audience, laughs heartily at Lisa's innovative assault. With Vivica down, Lisa turns her attention to the trash can that she had slid into the ring. Lisa takes the trash can and sticks it in the corner in between the second and top turnbuckles. With trash can set up to cause some more damage, Lisa returns to Vivica. Lisa bends over to haul Vivica to her feet, when out of nowhere, Vivica knocks Lisa senseless with one of the trash can lids that Lisa had used earlier. Lisa goes down like she has been shot, holding her head. Next Vivica springs to her feet and hooks Lisa's ankles under her arm pits, inverting Lisa upside down. She falls backwards and sling shots Lisa through the air going face first into the trash can that she had just set up in the corner.

Lisa falls into a heap on the canvas, holding her head and face and moaning very loudly after kissing the trash can. Vivica does not give Lisa much chance to recover or feel sorry for herself. She grabs one of the trash can lids by the handle in the center of the circular shaped object. Then Vivica angrily and roughly jerks Lisa up to her feet. Vivica takes aim throws a right hand punch, while holding the trash can lid by the handle. Vivica drives the lid flat into Lisa's face, powered by a perfectly thrown punch behind it. "Fucking Bitch!" Vivica screeches as she hits Lisa. The stricken actress went down to the mat hard, whimpering and groaning.

"You always think it's about you!" Vivica shouts as she jerks Lisa up to slam the trash can lid into Lisa's mug again. "I'm so sick and tired of you." Vivica adds as Lisa goes down yet again. Vivica falls across Lisa's chest for the pinfall. Surprising many, Lisa rips her shoulder off of the canvas at the two count.

Lisa RayeUndaunted by her failed pin attempt, Vivica gets to her feet, roughly jerking Lisa along with her. Judging by Lisa's desperate whimpers and whines, she is reaching her limits. Vivica seizes Lisa by her arm and whips her into the corner. Born from true desperation, Lisa reverses the whip, and sends Vivica into the turnbuckle instead. Lisa knows that she did not get enough force behind her whip, so she immediately charges in behind. Lisa only runs into Vivica's forearm shot. Showing her fatigue and pain, Lisa tumbles clumsily back to the mat.

Vivica climbs up the turn buckle in the corner. Once she is seated on the top turnbuckle, Lisa pops to her feet with her trusty trash can lid in hand. Lisa swings the lid and nails Vivica in the head as she is seated on the top turnbuckle. The wham of the aluminum lid colliding with Vivica's skull rings through the room. Vivica is dazed and rocking seated high on the turnbuckle. Lisa tosses the lid aside, and grabs Vivica perched on the top turnbuckle. Next with a mighty heave, Lisa hoists, and body slams Vivica off of the top turnbuckle. Vivica flies halfway across the ring before landing with a thunderous boom to the mat. Immediately Lisa dives on top of Vivica as she comes to rest on the mat for a pinfall. Vivica barely kicks out at two and a half.

Both vixens reach their feet at the same time. Vivica throws a wild right handed hook that Lisa easily slips. Lisa then responds with a forearm smash to Vivica's chin. "You fucking...." Lisa says as Vivica reels back, then nailing Vivica with a left hook "fake ass friend" Lisa angrily spits as she nails Vivica again with a hard chop across her big boobs. "Never there when I need you!" Lisa spits as she lashes out with a kick to Vivica's gut. Vivica had been reeling backwards from each one of Lisa's blows, and was trapped against the ropes for Lisa's final kick. With no where left to go, Vivica tumbles through the ropes, and out of the ring for a hard landing on the ringside floor.

Vivica awkwardly gets to her feet at ringside. Lisa is waiting for her, and poised to strike. When Vivica reaches her feet, Lisa leaps off of the ring apron and dives on top of her enemy. Lisa lands on top of Vivica and tackles her hard to the floor. Lisa stays on top of Vivica, mounting her. Then she unleashes a volley of punches to Vivica's face. Trapped and dazed, Vivica is forced to endure the fury of Lisa's wrath. Lisa unleashes all the frustration she has with Vivica by ranting as she beats her. "You selfish fucking bitch! You were my friend, and you stabbed me in the back!" Lisa continues in her emotional release. "I'm going to kill you!"

Realizing that she is burning herself out, Lisa gets off of Vivica. She hauls Vivica up while she is dazed and rolls her into the ring. Lisa follows her prey into the ring. Vivica dizzily struggles to her feet. She is obviously shaken by the barrage of fist to her face. With Vivica stumbling around dazed, Lisa kicks her in the stomach, doubling her foe over. Then she grabs her around the head, and takes Vivica down by spinning and turning, with a spinning neck breaker hold.

Again Lisa wastes no time going for the pin. Still a tough Vivica finds a way to kick out. By this time Vivica's Freddy Krueger sweater/dress has rode high on her body. Vivica has been flashing crotch shots and panty shots the entire match. Her black panties have been eaten up, putting her butt cheeks on display.

Vivica is still dazed as she reaches her feet. Lisa was patiently waiting on her prey again. "I'm going to kick your ass, you fake as bitch!" Lisa threatens as pounces on her victim. Lisa nails Vivica in the face with three straight right hand punches. Now a punch drunk beauty, Vivica staggers back, and ends up sagging against the ropes.

Lisa calmly sashes over to the haggard fighter drooping on the ropes. "I'm through with you." Lisa says as she delivers a wide arching, jaw jacking slap to Vivica's beautiful face. "Take your tired old cougar ass somewhere and get some little boy to lick your wounds, so you can boost your ego!" Lisa says then adding another cracking face slap. "You're out of Stimulus Package, it's mine now!" Lisa tells Vivica accompanied by another slap. "Don't come back around here unless you learn to treat me with proper respect," Lisa gives yet another face slap. "And be prepared to apologize to me and kissing my feet!" Lisa orders with anther slap. "Did you get that, you pathetic loser?" Lisa asks accompanied with the hardest slap her heavy hands can muster.

Amazingly the quick tongued and smart mouthed Vivica did not say anything. She just hung on the ropes in a punch drunk, slap happy defeated and beaten stupor. Vivica simply accepts Lisa's words and punishment.

Lisa wraps her arm around Vivica's head in a one armed head lock, and starts running across the ring. Lisa leaps in the air to bull dog Vivica's face into the mat. However when she leaps up, Vivica scoops her up in her arms, and uses the already built up momentum to keep running a few more steps. Next Vivica tosses Lisa clear over the top rope and out of the ring. Lisa screams in fear, realizing that she has no way of stopping herself, or breaking her fall. Lisa lands with a loud, ill sounding thud. She actually gets her feet under her somewhat and bounces forward going face first into the security barrier around the ring. She comes to rest in a crumpled heap against the barrier.

Vivica crawls out of the ring, and goes to Lisa. She rolls Lisa on to her back and discovers her former friend has been knock totally unconscious when she cracked her face into the security barrier. Vivica press down with both hands on Lisa's big beautiful tits, jealously trying to crush the natural wonders flat. The referee drops the ringside floor and counts three, giving Vivica the victory.

Again uncharacteristically the glory hog Vivica does not acknowledge the fans cheering for her or gloat or play to the crowd. With a vengeful expression she starts peeling the jump suit off of Lisa's unmoving body. It is an easy task to remove the garment from an unresisting wearer, and reduce Lisa to nothing but a thong. Once she is finished, Vivica rolls her dead weight opponent under the ropes and back into the ring. Before returning to the ring with Lisa, Vivica walks to the barrier, pointing in the audience at former wrestling diva, Torrie Wilson, saying "give me those." Torrie came to the party as a sexy vice cop, and Vivica is pointing to Torrie's hand cuffs on her hips, and asking for them. Torrie happily hands Vivica the hand cuffs, and smiling at the camera in the background.

Vivica returns to the ring, and drags Lisa into the nearest corner. Lisa is starting to revive, so Vivica quickly handcuffs both of Lisa's wrists to the top turnbuckle with Lisa on her knees and facing the corner. As Lisa is slowly returning to her senses Vivica stands in the ring looking around the ring, and ringside area searching for something. Finally, she finds what she was searching for. Vivica hops out of the ring and jogs up the ramp where Lisa dropped her Jason Vorhees machete during the initial moments of the Monster's Ball. Vivica gets the machete and jogs back to the ring.

Vivica A FoxVivica approaches the trapped Lisa from behind. She uses the broad side of the prop machete like a paddle and starts spanking Lisa's thong covered ass. Whap! Whap! Whap! "You stupid ass!" Vivica reprimands. "You knew you were going to end up like this. You knew you couldn't beat me." Vivica says as she really wears Lisa's ass out with one vigorous swing after another. Vivica is really enjoying herself. Secretly she has always been envious and jealous of Lisa's big ole bubble booty. Vivica has a nice donk, but she does not fool herself and think it can compete with Lisa's luscious bottom.

"I bet you feel real stupid about now?" Vivica asks as she continues her scathing spanking. "You should have kept your fucking mouth shut!" That is not far from the truth as far as Lisa is concerned right now. She is wiggling and squirming in the corner, but cannot find any relief. When she entered this match, Lisa knew that she could find herself in a position like this, but actually enduring it is totally different. Lisa's butt is rosy red, it is covered with welts and the imprints of the machete. Not to mention, Vivica is carving away at Lisa's ego and self esteem with each whack. Vivica is showing no signs of letting up either.

"Alright, you fucking win Vivica" Lisa offers through gritted teeth. Lisa hopes that maybe Vivica might show her a little mercy after all their years of friendship.

"Of course I win." Vivica is quickly answers. "I knew I was going to win before this started." Vivica sasses back, while bobbing her head. "Right now, I'm going to become a made woman in the ABA at the expense of your dumb ass."

Lisa bites her bottom lip and closes her eyes to keep tears from rolling down her cheek. Vivica keeps spanking her zestily for a little while longer until she is sure the crowd is bored with seeing Lisa's big ghetto booty quiver, wiggle and jiggle. Vivica pulls down Lisa's thong, jerking the flossy item down to Lisa's ankles. Lisa has been spanked for so long she starts loosing feeling in her lower extremities. Vivica unlocks one end of the handcuffs from Lisa's wrists. Then she manhandles Lisa, turning her around to face her. Lisa offers some token resistance, but Vivica had already spanked all the fight out of her rival. A short clubbing shot to Lisa's jaw quelled all of her resistance. Lisa did not want to anger Vivica too much. She still had hope that Vivica would show her some mercy out of friendship.

Now with Lisa's back to the corner, Vivica reaches down and hoists Lisa's right leg. She raises the limb until she can handcuff Lisa's ankle to Lisa's wrist over the top rope. Lisa realizes the vulnerable position she is in. Lisa has one foot on the mat, but the other is raised, and handcuffed to the top rope, keeping Lisa in a standing split. Her left arm is free, but there is not much that it can do to help her now. With her legs spit in the obtuse angle, her furry cunt is open and on full display. Lisa sees a camera zooming in, capturing the scene.

"I'm going to help you out today. I know you haven't been getting much lately, and it's causing you to be a grumpy bitch." Vivica says with a smile. "You've even been tripping on me! I'm going to give you that orgasm that you've been needing sista!" Vivica moves forward, and starts rubbing Lisa's neatly trimmed pussy. Lisa tries to push Vivica away, but Vivica's other hand rises up and slaps Lisa's face hard. That put an end to Lisa's resistance. Soon Lisa's body is being teased with sexual tantalization. "That sexual tension has got you acting crazy. This orgasm is just what you need girl."

Lisa looks deep into Vivica's eyes. Her big, sexy light brown eyes virtually beg Vivica for mercy and not to do this to her in public. "Oh no!" Vivica exclaims "Don't turn soft on me now. Its a dog eat dog world Lisa. Sometimes you're the dog on the plate, and sometimes you're the dog with a napkin around its neck. I'm wearing the napkin today." Vivica explains. "This is business, and you know this sista always takes care of business. We're both going to make a lot of money off of this freak show, so sit back and enjoy it." Lisa's pussy lips open, giving Vivica's fingers full access to her vagina. Lisa's entire body quivers as Vivica's fingers tantalize her as she has never felt before.

Too many factors make this experience totally unique and exciting for Lisa. First, she is not used to a woman's touch. Vivica's fingers probe in places and ways that men never do. Second, she never dreamed about having sex in public. At first the thought was embarrassing, uncouth and vulgar. Lisa has no choice but to get pass those feeling, because Vivica is going to publicly fuck her and there is nothing that Lisa can do to prevent it. After putting those emotions out of her mind, Lisa found the experience to be a sexual rush. The already vain woman is the center of attention, and enjoying it. How many guys across the world will be fucking or jacking off fantasizing about her tonight? Third, there is the bondage factor. Lisa's smoking hot body is bound on public display in a very erotic, exposed and vulnerable manner.

Lisa's pussy is fully open. Vivica seizes Lisa's clit and starts shaking it from side to side. Lisa lets out a long loud sexual moan. Her head falls back and her eyes roll upward. She is being overcome by her sexual arousal. Lisa surrenders her body to Vivica and resigns herself to enjoying the ride. "That's it L-Ray, lets give them a show." Vivica softly encourages.

Lisa is cooing and moaning liberally. "fuuuuccccckkkkkk!" Lisa sexily sings. Suddenly Lisa brings her head forward and with fire in her eyes, looks Vivica directly into her eyes. Lisa definitively says, "I'm going to get you for this Vivica."

Vivica jiggles Lisa's clit real fast. Lisa's head falls back with her eyes closed and releasing a long loud sexually satisfying moan. "Yeah, I know." Vivica answers. "Or at least you will try."

Vivica now has three fingers in Lisa's cunt, ramming them in and out. Lisa cannot resist reacting and gyrating to Vivica's sexual persuasion. She is panting, moaning, screaming, and turning into a live sex show attraction. The former First Lady of the Turks feels the embarrassing burn, and gets angry. Lisa snarls at Vivica, saying "bitch". Then Lisa smacks her former friend. Vivica responds with sweeping back handed slap across Lisa's face that ceased all of her embarrassment and anger retaliation. Lisa again surrenders to the ecstasy of the moment. She starts screaming and yelling. She accepts her role and starts bringing about the only thing that will bring her freedom from this situation, a screaming orgasm.

Lisa RayeLisa is thrashing around squirming, obviously ready for her orgasm. "Come on gold digger," Vivica says. "Show the guys what they are getting for their money!" Vivica's hand is sloshing around in Lisa's sloppy wet pussy. Then Vivica grabs Lisa's clit again and squeezes it, digging her nails in it. Finally, just like Old Faithful, Lisa erupts with a long stream of cum, shooting out several feet across the ring. The audience erupts in cheers, as Lisa shoots cum like water shooting out of a water gun. The first stream subsides, then a second one nearly as strongly erupts. Lisa squirts another stream across the ring. A third, fourth and fifth stream squirts of decreasing intensity and force follows. The fans all stand and gives the performance a standing ovation.

Vivica takes a bow and poses, smiles and waves to the crowd giving the ringside photographers many photo opportunities. Lisa hangs her head in disgrace, and slumps down in the corner a bit. Lisa rests in the afterglow of her mind blowing orgasm.

Vivica decides to put an exclamation point on her performance. Vivica leaves the ring, going over to the buffet table. After taking a moment to examine all the items on the table, Vivica picks up a nice sized Jack O' Lantern that is there just for decoration, and returns to the ring. Vivica stands a few feet from her rival. Lisa raises her head, tired and dispirited. Her eyes beg 'no' as Vivica raises the Jack O' Lantern above her head. Vivica says. "When you get over being mad in six or seven months, and are ready to talk rationally, give me a call." Finally Vivica sends the pumpkin crashing down on Lisa's head. The pumpkin makes a loud 'splosh!' as Lisa's head bursts through the bottom of the pumpkin and comes to rest on her shoulders.

The lasting image of the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! is made. Vivica is flaunting and celebrating in the ring. Vivica retrieves her Freddy Krueger glove and hat and poses by her victim before leaving the ring. Meanwhile a destroyed Lisa Raye is left in the ring. Her amazing body is totally naked, glistening under the lights. She is wet from sweat, cum and pumpkin juice. One leg is hoisted in the air, bound to the top rope, and a Jack O'Lantern is where her head should be. It is an image that most will never forget. The hard gorge shell of the pumpkin knocked Lisa out when Vivica crowned her with it. Absolutely nobody wants to be around her, when this vain, arrogant woman awakes and finds her that she is wearing a Jack O'Lantern over her gorgeous face.

Demi Moore watches this image while sitting at a table with her colleagues in the ABA. "Ladies, if Vivica Fox would do that to one of her friends, she proves that she is a 'Bad Ass' at heart." Demi explains to her friends. "We all know that she is deserving of being a made woman in the ABA. Between what she has done while competing for the fourth boss spot in this group, and executing a friend for the group she has proven herself. I vote that we make her a made woman."

"No, I'm against it." Denise Richards quickly disputes.

"Well, I agree with Demi" Lucy Liu rapidly rebuts. "Vivica definitely has my vote." Lucy has a good relationship with Vivica from filming Kill Bill with her, and knows she could be an ally to her as well.

All eyes turn to Jenny McCarthy. Her vote will decide Vivica's fate. Vivica needs a majority decision, a tie will keep her from her prize. After several moments of quiet study, Jenny says "Vivica will be a big asset. She's got my vote too."

Demi and Lucy both sigh and have smiles of relief. Denise frowns again, knowing that Demi will soon scheme for Vivica to take her seat as an ABA boss. It was Vivica that she beat out for the seat to begin with.

Meanwhile the other members of Stimulus Package discuss seeing two of their mentors and friends trying to destroy each other. "Poor Lisa" Gabrielle Union says while shaking her head. "I feel for her, especially after all that she has gone though with the divorce." Gabrielle is closer to Lisa than Vivica.

"I think its fucked up!" Megan Good complains. "We are friends. We were friends long before Stimulus Package and Demi Moore. Now look at L-Raye and Viv, they'll never be friends again."

"Just chill" Stacey Dash calms everybody. "This rift between L-Raye and Vivica has nothing to do with this fight. They are always falling out because they are just alike. Both are strong, sexy, smart, classy black women. Also they are both vain, egotistical, and think they're tha shit and their shit don't stink. We all know they both like to get ghetto too. It was only a matter of time before they rubbed each other wrong. How can they ever be there for each other when both are self centered?" Stacey explains. "I love both of them, always will. They will make up... eventually.... maybe."

THE STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! ends with Vivica partying until she dropped, literally, with the ABA and the rest of Stimulus Package. A very hung over Vivica had her initiation ceremony inducting her into the ABA as a made woman officially the next morning. Demi is thrilled, seeing her plans for domination getting closer. Vivica is thrilled. She has her foothold in the league finally. She can forsee getting more matches, more prestige, and bigger paychecks in all phases of her career after this performance. She felt a little bad that this was all at Lisa's expense, and what she did to her former friend. But not too bad. She knows that Lisa will be back again, either to make up, or for another ass kicking. Vivica is not sure for which, nor does she really care.

Lisa was not seen again after she was unbound and helped from the ring. After what happened, she was too embarrassed to show her face. Lisa dressed and left immediately. Her future was not as defined as Vivica's. She is out of Stimulus Package, her vehicle to success in this league. Luckily she did have a good performance tonight, so she would get future consideration from the booking committee. One thing for sure, she began taking her training very seriously from that day forward. She knows that one day she will meet Vivica again. On that day Lisa is sure that Vivica will leave the ring bloody, naked and on a stretcher.


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