ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2


PRE CRUISE CONFLICT-Strange Relationships 2

Longtime friends and rivals, since they were teenagers, Beyonce and Alicia Keys have a rare leisurely and friendly lunch. Being international superstars prevents these two friends and mutual admirers of each other from spending a lot of time together. Normally these two would be laughing, joking and teasing each other, but not this afternoon. Beyonce is preoccupied with her smart phone and texting vigorously.
Jay Z (Hubby)


Jay Z (Hubby)


"Whatís the matter? Jay again?" Alicia sincerely asks. "Let me guess it's Rihanna again?"

"Isn't it always Rihanna." Beyonce says while rolling her eyes. "Its time for me to get her in the ring again and beat her brains out. Let's see how eager she is to party with my man after that. I wonder what Jay thinks about her when she is flat out on her back with my foot on her chest."

"No" Alicia sharply answers. "I don't think thatís a good idea. What if you lose?"

"Lose?" Beyonce asks like the thought is out of the question. "Are you kidding me? That was a fluke win because the Resistance put all those stupid stipulations in the match. There is no way in hell that Rihanna can beat me straight up."

"I think she can." Alicia calmly answers. "Rihanna is on top of her game right now. She just beat Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson in a triangle match. You don't have Pam Anderson training you anymore. And, you really got you ass kicked at RAGE!"

"Are you crazy" Beyonce spit back. "Rihanna got lucky, I was distracted...."

"You got beat B?" Alicia solemnly answers. "Iíve been in the ring with you and with Rihanna. You were totally helpless at the end of that match. You're lucky that Rihanna respects you so much and didn't choose to make an example out of you and totally destroy you before she pinned you. Remember how a young Beyonce did Jennifer Lopez to win the Bootylicious title? That's what a young Rihanna should have done to you. What will Jay do when he sees his little creation beat you cleanly all over the ring? Donít risk it."

"You must be crazy A!" Beyonce responds huffing, obviously offended by her friends lack of faith in her ability. "There is no way that that scrawny slut is going to beat me."

"You must be crazy if you think you're going to beat Rihanna." Alicia argues back. "You haven't even been in the ring since you got you ass kicked at RAGE! You really did get your ass whipped at RAGE! Rihanna's Battering Ram butt took the fight out of you, just like it did me. She pinned you fair and square. You couldn't do anything about it. Then Shannen Doherty came down to the ring and picked up the scraps and whipped your ass. Then Jessica Simpson kicked your ass some more. You were stripped naked, exiled out of the Fab Four and could barely walk back up the aisle back to the dressing room. Rihanna has been fighting and defending her title ever since. You haven't been in a ring since. Rihanna will kick your ass like a red headed step child." Alicia explains.

Beyonce is smoldering at Alicia's analysis of the situation. Finally she speaks after staring intensly at her friend. "Forgive me for not taking catfighting advice from you, A. I've been the War Queen and wrestled the best in the league. Meanwhile youíve been struggling to get pass Spice Girls and Foxy Brown. You're pretty good in the ring, but you don't have or know what it takes to be a champion."

Alicia chuckles and smiles at Beyonce's little comment about Alicia's lack of success in the ring. "I can beat you." Alicia confidently proclaims. "Why don't we take this little debate to the ring. If I win, you end this pipe dream that you can beat Rihanna. If you win, I won't say anything else about you challenging Rihanna. I'm trying to save you from yourself B, and beat your ass before Rihanna really embarrasses you."

Beyonce starts giggling. "You got it A. You're right I need a good sparring match before beating Rihanna. I'm going to beat your ass and prove to you that I'm still the true War Queen. Don't be mad. I'm not going to hold back or show you any mercy, just like I'm going to do Rihanna."

"Fine with me, cause I'm not going to hold back either. Meet me in the gym tomorrow and we'll do this." Alicia says.

"Sounds like a plan" Beyonce accepts. Then oddly enough there after this intense conversation and challenge the conversation returns to light lunch talk. Both of them know that the next day they will try to beat the living hell out of each other. They both know the winner will thoroughly enjoy and bask in the glory of besting her friend, and will not hold back in embarrassing her friend if the situation arrives. Strange Relationaships.

The next day around noon, the two friends meet in the ring at Alicia's favorite gym for a private workout. Nobody is there to witness this friendly contest. All the friendly chatter is gone. There is just two women with intense expressions, mentally preparing to do battle.

Alicia is wearing an orange bikini top with matching orange yoga pants. Beyonce breaks from her warm up routine to take a greedy glimpse at Alicia. 'If I ever decide to experiment with a woman, that's the first mutha fucka I'm going to get with. I'll fuck that sexy beast's brains out.' Beyonce thinks. Suddenly her sly smile disappears and she returns to preparing for battle.

Beyonce is wearing a thin white tank top that is cut off at the mid drift. This allows her sexy carved abs to show while her braless nipples press against the thin white shirt. Beyonce's sexy hips are contained in black spandex pants. Alicia lifts her head long enough to catch a quick peek at her opponent. 'If I ever decide to go exclusively with women again, I'd leave my husband for that sexy mutha fucka in a minute. I'll fuck that sexy beast's brains out.' Suddenly her sly smile disappears and she returns to preparing for battle.

"Are you ready to get your ass beat by the champ bitch?" Beyonce asks like she is speaking from a movie script.

"I don't see Rihanna anywhere in the room." Alicia coolly answers.

Beyonce's nostrils flair like a rampaging bull then she comes charging out of her corner. Alicia bolts out of her corner heading toward Beyonce. Alicia dips her shoulder and barrels into the middle of Beyonce's chest. Beyonce is upended. Her feet fly out from under her and Beyonce's lands flat on her back.

Alicia next leaps in the air and comes down with her leg across Beyonce's belly. Beyonce jack knifes up. Alicia quickly subdues her by climbing on top of Beyonce and takes a seat on her chest. Alicia grabs Beyonce's hair and starts banging the back of her foe's head on the mat. However Beyonce is able escape by grabbing Alicia's bikini top and throws her adversary off top of her.

Alicia and Beyonce are getting up at the same time. Beyonce grabs Alicia by the back of the head while she is standing but not totally balanced. Beyonce is able to usher Alicia into the corner and slam Alicia's face into the turnbuckle. Alicia drops to the mat dizzily. Beyonce drops to her knees and delivers a double handed sledgehammer blow to Alicia's stomach. Alicia curls up grabbing her stomach. Beyonce uses that opening to push Alicia over onto her stomach and flattens her out. Beyonce stands while collecting both of Alicia's wrists in each of her hands. Beyonce plants a foot back in the small of Alicia's back and pulls on Alicia's wrists, putting the native New Yorker in a surfboard hold.

"I'm going to make you pay for under estimating me." Beyonce growls as she wrenches and pulls Alicia's wrist upward, while Alicia's body stays planted on the mat under Beyonce's foot. Alicia struggles, rocking from side to side and trying to pull her wrists free. Beyonce responds by releasing one of Alicia's wrists and quickly and gracefully dropping to the mat, taking a seat beside Alicia. Beyonce kept a grip on Alicia's left wrist, and quickly grabs Alicia's left leg as well. Beyonce puts her foot against Alicia's side, then pulls on Alicia's limbs and stretches her opponent in a different way.

Alicia growls and roars as Beyonce jerks and yanks her limbs. Her distress is obvious. "Oooo you don't like your little stretch?" Beyonce sarcastically asks. "Want to quit now, and save yourself more pain?" Alicia just roars and makes more suffering sounds. Beyonce knows that she will not get a submission from Alicia this early, if ever. She is only wearing Alicia down. Beyonce decides to find another way to break Alicia down. She releases her stretch hold. Beyonce leans over and gives Alicia a playful kiss on her jiggly ass then grabs a handful of hair and hauls her friend's head off the mat, then slams her face down to the canvas.

Beyonce backs off Alicia, taunting her, "Come on A, get up. You can't be finished yet. You're supposed to be showing me how I'm not championship material." Alicia rises to her hands and knees and starts crawling away from Beyonce. The former champion stalks her friend, before clasping her hands together and drops to the mat to deliver a sledgehammer blow to Alicia's back. The force flattens Alicia out face down. Beyonce backs off again. Alicia rise back her hands and knees and uses the ropes to pull herself erect.

Alicia turns to face Beyonce while in the corner, and brushing her hair out of her face with her hand. "Ready huh?" Beyonce politely asks before she flashes back in and kicks Alicia in the gut. Alicia drops to the canvas grabbing her stomach and rolling around. "How is that for championship speed?" Beyonce asks. "You didn't even see that coming. Rihanna won't either." Alicia has curled up in fetal position, holding her stomach. Beyonce playfully swats Alicia's ass repeatedly saying "Come on A, get this sweet ass up. I'm not through with my demonstration of how I'm really the champion."

Beyonce knows that her showboating and mockery is really pissing Alicia off. However, this is the challenge that she wants. She wants Alicia mad as hell and giving her all to win the match. Beyonce is confident that she can keep beating Alicia and taunting her and there is nothing that Alicia can do about it. If Beyonce can dominate Alicia, she is certain that she will beat Rihanna too.

Alicia pulls herself up in the corner with the ropes again. Her anger and displeasure with Beyonce is clearly written on her face. Beyonce grabs Alicia and wrestles her down to the mat. Beyonce flattens her foe out face down on the canvas and sits on Alicia's back. "What have we here?" Beyonce asks playfully. Then she starts undoing Alicia's bikini top knot. Beyonce grabs Alicia's arm and rolls her over onto her back. "Let's see what you got." Beyonce laughs to her friend Alicia as she observes Alicia's bare breasts.

"What are you doing?" Alicia angrily growls. She immediately reaches up and grabs two handfuls of Beyonce's tits. "How do you like it? You twisted fuck!" Alicia uncommonly shouts out. Within a couple of seconds, Alicia has ripped open Beyonce's thin T shirt, and starts clutching at Beyonce's bare breasts. Alicia is rewarded by a sincere cry of pain from Beyonce, then throws the bigger woman off top of her and to the mat. A moment later, Alicia has Beyonce mounted and pinned underneath her. Alicia is free to resume her breast mauling at will. Beyonce is screaming and squirming and pulling her tormentor's wrist, as Alicia continues to mash Beyonce's melons. Alicia felt that she was entitled to add a little insult to Beyonce's injury. She releases Beyonce's tits and wraps her hands around Beyonce's throat. "You want to see what I got? Here get a real close look." Alicia then bends way forward and plops her boobs on Beyonce's face. Beyonce starts kicking and bucking furiously. Alicia wished that she had huge DD tits more than ever. She wished she had big enough tits to smother Beyonce out, or stuff one in Beyonce's big mouth and choke her. All those dreams were interrupted as Beyonce bucks Alicia off top of her.

Both ladies get to their feet. Alicia is wearing a smirk, after finally giving Beyonce some trouble. Beyonce rises wearing an evil sneer. Suddenly out of nowhere Beyonce lashes out with a haymaker, whopping Alicia across the face. Alicia goes staggering several feet and swoons into the corner with the room spinning in front of her eyes. Beyonce viciously attacks with another kick to Alicia's stomach. Alicia sinks to the mat slowly holding her stomach. "Like I said, you don't have what it takes to be a champion Alicia." Beyonce reminds her friend.

Alicia finds herself again crawling away from Beyonce and gasping for air. Beyonce pounces with a kick to Alicia's side so hard that it lifts her off the mat and flips her over onto her back. Beyonce fiendishly puts her foot on Alicia's tit and starts squishing her boob with her foot. "This is what you get! You want to put your tits in my face! This is what you get!" Beyonce vengefully shouts.

After several tries, Alicia finally finds the strength and proper angle to push Beyonce's foot away from her tit. Alicia winces and cups her aching boob gently in her hand. "I'm not done with you" Beyonce says as she kneels down by "Just like I'm no where done with Rihanna." Just then Alicia's hand strikes out like a snake and snaps tight on Beyonce's pussy. Beyonce howls loudly and immediately grabs at Alicia's wrist, but it is too late, Aliciaís claw hold is attached too tightly. Alicia sits up and looks at Beyonce in the eyes. Alicia's expression told Beyonce that her friend has enough of Beyonce, Beyonce hurting her, and she is damned determined to put a lot of hurting on Beyonce.

Alicia rises to her feet, and forces Beyonce, who is paralyzed in pain to follow up to her feet. Immediately Alicia's other hand clamps onto Beyonce's breast, Poor Beyonce is trembling in pain but tries fighting back by grasping and squeezing Alicia's tits. However Beyonce's efforts have no affect on Alicia. The sweet, good hearted Alicia just glares back at Beyonce with murderous eyes, and pushes Beyonce back against the ropes.

Alicia plunges her hand deeper between Beyonce's thighs. She is suddenly surprised to find, Beyonce's moans were not only from pain, but from arousal. Alicia can feel Beyonce's cunt heating up and wetting through her spandex pants. "Damned girl" Alicia says "This shit is really getting you off." Alicia adds a cranking twist of Beyonce's breast that causes more whimpers of distress. "Jay must really not be fucking you good at night. I see why you're so mad at Rihanna. You want me to fuck you baby?" Alicia seductively asks, half serious and half joking.

Beyonce notices herself moaning like a whore and her knees getting weak. Alicia steps forward, pressing her body against Beyonce's tit to tit. Beyonce's nipples respond from being in contact with Alicia's. More importantly, it allows Alicia better leverage to appliy much more strength into her pussy claw. Alicia and Beyonce's nipples rub, tangle and duel. Beyonce appears to be losing that battle too. Beyonce has a fiery pain between her legs, but it hurts so good. Beyonce wants to cum very bad. She wants Alicia to take it from her. She wants Alicia it rip it out of her body and claim it as her own. Beyonce wants Alicia to stop playing around, stick her hand down her spandex pants, grab Beyonce's naked pussy and tame the beast. Although Alicia does not.

Suddenly Beyonce sparks back to life. Her arms shoot up and wrap around Alicia's body. Beyonce's strong arms constrict and trap Alicia's arms by her sides in their vice. Beyonce hoists Alicia off her feet, than starts running across the ring, and crashes into the turnbuckle, smashing Alicia between her body and the corner pads. Beyonce readjusts her grip keeps Alicia in the air, off her feet, then charges diagonally across the ring and crushes Alicia into the opposite corner. Alicia barks loudly. Beyonce feels Alicia's body slacken with the breath knocked out of her. Beyonce immediately cranks up like a freight train, and starts running along the ropes with Alicia in tow. A moment later Beyonce crashes into another corner with Alicia. Finally Beyonce finishes the quartet. Beyonce's bearhug continues as well as the rampage. She charges into the forth corner of the ring carrying Alicia into yet another train wreck. Beyonce carelessly tosses Alicia's carcass to the mat after she was done.

Alicia is writhing in pain breathlessly on the mat. It is all but over, and Beyonce is definitely the woman to finish this. Beyonce drops to her knees and grabs a handful of Alicia's hair and lifts Alicia's head off the mat. Beyonce starts clobbering Alicia over the head with pounding fist after fist. Beyonce hammers on Alicia's head, knocking her into oblivion. Beyonce looks like she is trying to bust open a coconut with her fist. After straight bludgeoning Alicia for over a minute, Beyonce stops and stands over her rival. Alicia lies at Beyonce's feet in a semi-conscious state.

Beyonce pulls Alicia's pliant body off the mat and pushes Aliciaís head between Beyonce's monster thighs. Beyonce grabs Alicia around her waist as she is doubled over. Alicia whispers "No! Stop!" as Beyonce ignores the protest and hoists Alicia in the air. Alicia's arms flap like a wounded bird, as Beyonce flips her around and power bombs her to the mat.

Although there are is no one else in the room, Beyonce can hear the chants in her head shouting "Beyonce Bomb! Beyonce Bomb!" after she executes her signature finishing maneuver. Alicia lies splattered on the canvas after the bone rattling impact her body just absorbed.

"One more time." Beyonce foretells as she reaches for Alicia's hair and shoves Alicia's head between her thighs one more time. Alicia tries to beg Beyonce to stop, but all that comes out is an incoherent groan. Beyonce whips Alicia in the air and sends her crashing down with yet another devastating Beyonce Bomb.

Beyonce drops to the mat and lies across Alicia's unmoving body and looks into her friendís dreamy eyes. "See A, that's why you don't have what it takes to be a champion." Beyonce speaks softly like she is talking to a tender lover, and gently brushes Alicia's hair from her face. "You should have finished me with the pussy claw. All you had to do was seize it. Not fondle it through my pants, but boldly reach inside my pants and take it." Beyonce starts gently stroking and fondling Alicia's breasts. "I wanted to give it to you, but you are too much of a good girl to take it. If you were bolder and not so politically correct you could have made me your bitch. I would have let you." Beyonce whispers as her hand slips into Alicia's yoga pants and starts rubbing Alicia's pussy. Alicia ever softly moans and her hips slightly move to Beyonce's stroking. "That's the difference between us. I take what I want, and you ask for it. That's why I'm a champion, and that's why I'm going to whip Rihanna's ass and take my title back." Beyonce stops fondling Alicia and rises to her feet. Beyonce starts walking out of the ring, yelling back "Text me when you're ready to get something to eat. It's my last night in New York so let's do something special."

Beyonce switches out of the ring and heads for the showers. Once there, she pulls her smart phone out of her bag and sends Jay Z a text.


Later that night Beyonce is already seated at the resaurant table when Alicia arrives. Beyonce immediaely gets up and greets her friend with a warm hug. "Are you okay?" She thoughtfully asks.

"Yeah I'm fine." Alicia responds. "I suppose you already cashed in your rematch clause." Beyonce gives her an affirming head nod. "I wish you the best of luck I still think it's too soon, but I hope you win."

As the conversation progressed Alicia asks, "So do you really think I'm too much of a good girl in the ring?"

"Definitely" Beyonce answers.

"I don't know. The Resistance is made of a bunch of good girls, and they are doing well. Maybe I should join them."

Beyonce drops her fork and stares at Alicia saying, "You wouldn't. After what they've done to me? You wouldn't!"

"I'don't know" Alicia answers non comitally. "But its something I'll give some thought to. Those girls are on fire."

Awkward silence.....................

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