NOTE - This story immediately follows STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! Match 1
It is main event time. Once again the Champion, Beyonce is forced to prove herself under difficult circumstances. She won the title in a Fatal Fourway match, competing against three other competitors. This time, she is in a triangle match, facing two other top contenders at the same time. Guess what, Beyonce loves it. The confident young woman wants the difficlt situations. She wants to prove that she is a great champion. She looks forward to competing against Roselyn Sanchez. Roselyn is a friend, and Beyonce feels that Roselyn deserves to compete in the main event for a change. Beyonce wants Alyssa Milano in the ring too. Alyssa soundly defeated Beyonce early in her career to take her Bootylicious title. Beyonce wants to avenge that loss in the worst way. Beyonce was thrilled when the booking committee announced this match.

Of course this is Halloween night. It is trick or treat time. A full moon is out, and lunacy reigns for the night. All the ghouls and goblins have surprises have surprises in store. Obviously the STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH! is no different. With the league on the brink of an Uncivil War many agendas are about to be pushed. There are many schemes looking to be set in motion.

The event starts with the introduction of Roselyn Sanchez. Roselyn walks to the ring, dazzling the audience. She chose to be a Las Vegas Showgirl for Halloween. Roselyn wears a glittering sequin bra and bottom set. Matching beads adorn the bra, and loop down in front of her tight abdomen. The bottom has a large feather tail attached that blooms out and falls to her knees. Roselyn wears long gloves extending past her elbows and a tall headdress made of feathers standing tall on her head. Frank Sinatra's New York, New York blares over the speakers as Roselyn flamboyantly yet gracefully makes her entrance.

Alyssa Milano is announced next. Alyssa comes to the ring dressed as a very sexy jungle girl. Alyssa wields a small club and wears a furry bikini type outfit with ragged edges to give it that savage appeal. She has fur bands around her wrists and ankles and a necklace made out of a leather string holding a rock. Baltimora's 1980's one hit wonder, Tarzan Boy plays in the background.

Before Beyonce's entrance, there is a murmur of anticipation. Beyonce is known for her grand entrances in her concerts and performances. Then the announcer says, "Now introducing the War Queen, at 5' 7" fighting out of Houston Texas, Sasha Fierce!!" Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter ego that allows her to turn from an elegant princess to an aggressive wild cat that stalks and takes what she wants. She has given her alter ego new life with the release of her new CD, I Am Sasha Fierce. While promoting the project, she has insisted on being called Sasha Fierce.

Beyonce does not disappoint tonight. Her latest single, Single Ladies playing into the totally dark arena. A spotlight shines at the curtain Beyonce bursts through. True to character Sasha Fierce, stalks the ring like an animal. She has a dominatrix type outfit. Beyonce wears a black leather bustier and black bikini bottoms. She has black the fishnet panty hose and garter belt with tall shiny black boots rising well past her knees. Beyonce wears one weird glove that has been featured in the Sasha Fierce promotions and MySpace page. In that hand she holds a cat-o-nine tails. To top off the outfit, Beyonce wears a black masks that covers all of her head and has a row of spikes on top of her head. There is a hole in the back allowing her honey blonde hair to flow out, and a large hole in from to expose her mouth and chin. Beyonce really puts the fierce in Sasha Fierce with her outfit.

Beyonce takes the microphone from the announcer and paces threateningly, building the tension and anticipation. Normally Beyonce is always classy and always knows the proper thing to say in public. However tonight she has unleashed her full Sahsa Fierce persana. Sasha Fierce says exactly what is on her mind, and does not care who does not like it. "I've been listening to a lot of people flapping their lips this week." Beyonce begins. "and there are a lot of people who need to keep Beyonce's name off their lips or they'll have to deal with Sasha Fierce!" Beyonce pauses. "Take a look at what I'm talking about." Beyonce finishes and points to the largest monitor.

The monitor flickers and shows, Kelly Hu with a microphone in front of her lips. "What is the world is going on? I thought this stupid booking committee is supposed to change things. First, Fucking Roselyn Sanchez gets a title shot? How did that happen? She hasn't beaten anybody. Nikki Cox whipped her butt in Vegas. Most people don't know, I beat her up during Beyonce's victory party. She doesn't belong in this match! I guess Beyonce knew Alyssa Milano would kick her ass again and take her title again. She needed some help so they put her friend, Roselyn in ring with her. What do I have to do to get a title shot? Are you scared of me too Beyonce? And Roselyn, next time I see you, I'm going to finish giving you the butt whipping I started!" Kelly finishes looking into the camera menacingly.

The screen flickers then returns to the present view of Beyonce in the ring. "Kelly, I had nothing to do with booking this match, but if you think for one minute that I'm afraid of Alyssa or anybody else, you're welcome to come to the ring and take a good look." Beyonce says as she points to one of two empty chairs at ringside. "I don't know what's your problem, calling me out like you're stupid, but it won't be a problem for long. Just come and sit here and wait patiently and I might solve your problem after this match."

Roselyn walks over and takes the microphone from Beyonce, "And Kelly, if you want to finish what we started, you know my phone number bitch. As I recall correctly, it was Halle Berry pulling me off of your ass when we left off. If you really wanted to finish things all you had to do was ask. But I agree with Bey, just bring your ass down to ringside and wait in line, I'll be more than happy to deal with you too." Roselyn finishes and hands the microphone back to Beyonce.

Kelly looks in the ring simmering with anger. Her eyes were narrowed and her lips drawn tight. Kelly wore a sexy cop outfit with black shorts and a light blue top tied at the mid drift, showing a lot of cleavage and a police hat. Kelly is seriously considering marching to the ring and bitch slapping both Beyonce and Roselyn. After all she is dressed as a cop tonight. Maybe its time to personally lay down some justice.

"But Kelly wasn't the only person talking stupid." Beyonce continues. "Take a look." she finishes and redirects everyone’s attention to the monitor.

Alicia Keys The screen shows a smiling Alicia Keys. "Oh I'd love a shot at Beyonce’s title. I've known her since we were 14 years old, and we've been friends for years. But we've always had a healthy competitive rivalry ever since we've met. I'd be fun to take our competition to the ring, smack her around a little bit, and take her title." Alicia finishes with a chuckle and a tongue in cheek smile. She is smiling and her voice is light and playful, trying to pretend like she is joking, knowing full well she would love nothing more than to beat Beyonce.

"First off Alicia, cut out the golly jee innocent crap." Beyonce begins once the tape has ended. "You've shown that you can be a ruthless bitch who takes what she wants after you took Mashonda's husband, producer Switz Beats. You can keep denying it if you want, but everybody knows Mashonda isn't lying. Anyway, there's no friendly rivalry between us. Since we've been 14, I've been better. You've just been jealous of me since then. You're still jealous now. So that second chair is for you. I want you to come on down and see Sahsa Fierce, Something that you'll never be.".

All eyes turn to Alicia Keys. She is at the party dressed as a Playboy bunny. Alicia puts her hands on her hips and says, "I know that bitch ain't calling me out like that." Alicia shakes her head in disbelief. Alicia's eyes narrow as she makes a vow to make Beyonce pay for her arrogance.

Suddenly everything is interrupted by a voice coming from the entrance to the backstage area. "Beyonce you do have a great idea. I think that Kelly Hu and Alicia Keys should come to ringside. In fact I insist on it!" The voice belongs to the Hall of Famer and booking committee member, Raquel Welch. The way she said, 'I insist on it' sent chills down your spine. It felt like being called to the principal's office in elementary school. Kelly and Alicia quietly start making their way to ringside.

"It's trick or treat time. I've got a few surprises, and depending on how you look at them, they may be tricks or they make be treats. First, its Halloween, we need a little blood and gore. I'm changing this match to a Street Fight. No disqualification and any thing goes." Instantly a lot of conversation rises from Raquel's changes. "Now bring the treats to the ring." Raquel continues as four stagehands bring four aluminum trash can to the ring. People can see 2 x 4's and other potential weapon sticking out of the top. They attach each trashcan to the ringposts. As they do Raquel makes her way to ring side as Kelly and Alicia arrives.

Raquel ushers Alicia and Kelly to their seats. "I want you ladies to get a real close look at this match. I wouldn't want anybody thinking that somebody has an advantage in this match. Don't forget that outside interference is perfectly legal in this type of match." Raquel finishes, then exits the area.

In the ring Alyssa is smiling and clapping. Beyonce and Roselyn look at each other briefly. Any advantage gained by their friendship has just been nullified. In fact they find themselves at a disadvantage. They have two rivals at ringside who can interfere in the match at anytime while Alyssa does not have that handicap. However both ladies are extremely composed and impressive women. Neither shows any concern or reaction to these changes. Both silently adjust their game plans, and prepare for the match and a victory.

The competitors are in the ring and preparing for combat. Roselyn removes her plumb of feathers and hands them to the ringside attendants. Beyonce removes her spiked mask then regaining her Sash Fierce persona, tosses her championship belt to Alicia Keys at ringside. "Hold this for me Alicia. Its the only time you'll ever to be able to hold the belt." Beyonce mocks with a laugh. Alicia catches the belt and glares evilly at Beyonce. Their friendly rivalry has become a lot less friendly after they clashed on tour together. Beyonce was the headliner, but nightly Alicia took the stage and stole the show. Beyonce hates being upstaged, and Alicia did her damnedest to make sure that happened every night of the tour. Alicia innocently tortured her friend every night of the tour and loved every second of it.

Finally its time for the match to start. All three vixens move to the middle of the ring and prepare to start. The bell sounds but nobody moves immediately. Alyssa is first. She turns and runs to the trashcan hung on the ringpost to see what weapon she could find. Roselyn and Beyonce immediately follow suit. They find brooms, 2x4's and other weapons at their disposal.

They also find a few gag gifts as well. Alyssa finds a large picture of Sara Palin. She holds up the picture to the crowd with a confused look saying "What the fuck?" The comedic moment is broken when Roselyn slams a trash can lid into her back from behind. Alyssa falls to the mat clutching her back. Roselyn sees Beyonce charging at her with her cat-o-nine tails from her dominatrix costume. Roselyn takes a home run swing and nails Beyonce in the face, knocking her to the mat too.

Roselyn returns to Alyssa who has regained her feet and standing in the corner. Roselyn strikes with a quick kick into Alyssa's stomach. When Alyssa bends over Roselyn follows and clobbers her foe over the back of the head four times. Then Roselyn unleashes a flurry of fist into Alyssa's stomach. Thinking that she has the former champion dazed, Roselyn whips her across the ring. However, the tough New Yorker reverses the whip and sends Roselyn hurdling into the ropes. When Roselyn rebounds, Alyssa tries to catch her with a side slam of some sort, but the athletic latina is able to flip up and wrap her legs around Alyssa's head and flip her head over heals with a Hurracanrana and sends Alyssa crashing to the mat.

After crash landing, Alyssa holds her back and grimaces in pain. She feels its time for a break and rolls out of the ring. Roselyn immediately turns to Beyonce who is on her hands and knees holding her face after taking that trash can lid earlier. Roselyn grabs a handful of hair and yanks Beyonce to her feet. However as soon as Beyonce reaches her feet she attacks with forearm blows to Roselyn's face. Apparently the wiley champion was playing possum. Beyonce marches Roselyn backward with forearm shots and chops across her breasts. After backing the gorgeous Puerto Rican's back into the ropes, Beyonce whips her across the ring. As Roselyn is about to bounce into the ropes, Kelly Hu has walked to the ropes and pulled down the middle rope, allowing Roselyn to tumble through the ropes for a hard fall to the ringside floor.

Alyssa has crawled back into the ring unnoticed. She tries to take advantage if the situation and charges Beyonce from behind, while Beyonce is distracted by Kelly kicking Roslyn a few times while she is down. Beyonce hears the pitter patter of little feet coming from behind, and quickly picks up the trash can lid and barely has time to lift the lid high enough to nail her attacker in the stomach. Alyssa bellows while dropping to the canvas.

Beyonce is going to inflict more punishment on Alyssa when she hears Alicia screaming and banging on the ring apron. "Bey you still ain't shit! I'll beat your ass right now!" Alicia starts climbing into the ring with a kendo stick in hand.

Beyonce immediately turns her attention to Alicia. Beyonce takes a fighters stance with her fist balled up yelling, "Come on Alicia! I'm ready, let's do this right now!" All the bad press Beyonce got from the tour comes back to mind. The press labeled Beyonce as a difficult to get along with diva, who was jealous of sweet Alicia. Beyonce is convinced this was all a plot by 'her friend' Alicia. After climbing on the ring apron, Alicia drops back down and tosses the kendo stick into the ring. The stick flies high above Beyonce's head and lands behind her. Beyonce turns from the widely smiling Alicia, knowing what to expect.

Sure enough she finds Alyssa standing with the kendo stick in hand. Beyonce still has her hands up in the boxer's stance, so Alyssa takes a swipe at Beyonce's exposed abdomen. Beyonce shrieks and doubles over. As soon as she straightens up, Alyssa nails her again in the belly. Then Beyonce gets a third shot in her gut. Out of the corner of her eye, Alyssa sees a shaken Roselyn slowly climbing onto the ring apron, and spins around like a ninja to deliver a shot to her head with the stick. Roselyn woozily slinks back to the hard ringside floor. Alyssa turns back to nail Beyonce again, but when she draws the stick back, Beyonce desperately kicks her in the stomach. Alyssa was left open and unprepared for Beyonce's counter attack. The kick knocked all the breath out of the veteran actress. Alyssa drops the stick and falls to her hands and knees holding her stomach and heaving for breath.

Alyssa MilanoBeyonce again utilizes the abandoned trash can lid and slams it down on Alyssa's back. Then the champion strategically places the lid down and pulls Alyssa up. Next, Beyonce scoops up her foe then body slams her onto the lid very hard. Alyssa howls and arches up holding her back. Going for a quick finish, Beyonce quickly scampers up the turnbuckle to the top rope. Beyone quickly steadies herself then dives off heading for Alyssa. Somehow, the breathless Alyssa is able to roll out of the way allowing Beyonce to dive onto nothing but the thrash can lid that Alyssa was lying on top of.

Beyonce bears the full impact of the fall with her stomach. She finds herself squirming on the mat clutching her gut. Alyssa is not much better, she is in the corner gasping for breath as well. Beyonce quickly realizes it is no time to be laying down on the job if she is to retain her title, and commands her hurting body to rise. While Beyonce was making her errant dive, nobody noticed Roselyn slinking back into the ring under the bottom rope ont the opposite side. Of course she had to viciously clock an attacking Kelly Hu over the head with a broom stick before doing so.

As soon as Beyonce stands, Roselyn rushes in from behind and rolls Beyonce up into a small package pin attempt. Beyonce is rolled backwards and finds her shoulders on the canvas and her butt in the air with Roseyn on top of her. Beyonce is taken by total surprise but is able to kick out by a two count. Beyonce is trying to get to her feet again when Roselyn captures her shoulders and turns them back-to-back before bending forward and putting Beyonce's shoulders on the mat again with a Backslide pin. Once again, Beyonce is barely able to wiggle out at the two count. As an obviously tiring champion tries to stand again, Roselyn relentlessly captures her in another small package pin attempt. This time the pin is broken by Alyssa grabbing Roselyn's leg and pulling her off of the reigning War Queen.

Roselyn quickly springs to her feet and aggressively pushes Alyssa away. Alyssa shoves Roselyn back just as hard. They both go chest to chest like they are about to come to blows. However before anything more happens both spy a weary champion struggling to her feet. Instinctively both Alyssa and Roselyn clobber Beyonce over the head. Both contenders assault the champion, bludging her with fists and chops simultaneously. They batter the champion backwards against the ropes. Both take turns pounding Beyonce's on the head, knocking her head around like a bobble head doll.

Then Roselyn and Alyssa each grab an arm and whip Beyonce across the ring. After Beyonce rebounds off the ropes, Alyssa and Roselyn are charging her way going for a double clothesline. Seeing the impending doom, Beyonce ducks under the clasps together hands. Alyssa and Roselyn keep running forward and bounce off the ropes. As they do, Kelly is back up and furious. She grabs Roselyn's ankle as she nears the ropes and trips her making her fall flat on her face. Then Kelly keeps a hold of Roselyn's leg and pulls her out of the ring. Seeking some serious revenge, Kelly open an all out assault on Roselyn.

Sasha FierceAfter Alyssa bounces off the ropes, she finds Beyonce heading her way and launching herself at the Charmed star. Beyonce takes Alyssa down to the mat with a flying body press. Alyssa yelps loudly as she is crushed under Beyonce. The War Queen springs off Alyssa and regains her feet. Alyssa franticly scrambles back up too.

Beyonce easily beats Alyssa to her feet and is waiting for Alyssa to get upright. Beyonce launches a haymaker trying to take Alyssa's head off. Alyssa is able to duck under the wild whiff. Beyonce's momentum makes her twirl so hard that she ends up with her back ends up toward Alyssa. The actress grabs Beyonce's arms and pins them behind the champion. Seeing her opportunity, Alicia climbs on the ring apron holding Beyonce's championship belt that the singer arrogantly tossed to her at the start of the match. Alyssa starts pushing Beyonce towards the ropes and trying her best to keep the larger woman's arms pinned down. Once close enough, Alicia takes a swing, sending the gold plated championship belt directly towards Beyonce's defenseless face. Beyonce breaks out of Alyssa's grasp in the last instant, and ducks out of the way. Alicia's swing of the belt collides with Alyssa's wide eyed face instead.

The gold plate makes a splat as it collides into Alyssa's face. Her limp body collapses lifelessly to the mat. Beyonce then gives a wide-eyed and surprised Alicia a two handed shove and knocks her off of the ring apron. Alicia falls backward out of control and lands hitting the back of her head on the ringside floor, knocking herself senseless.

Beyonce falls across Alyssa's unmoving body and easily gets the pin fall to win the match. The bell rings loudly and Beyonce pops up to her feet with the referee grabbing her arm and raising it in victory. Beyonce takes a quick scan of the area and leaps out of the ring. She snatches her championship belt that is lying across the mindlessly moaning Alicia's chest. She comes up behind Kelly who has Roselyn pinned down and giving her the beating of a lifetime. Beyonce clobbers Kelly over the back of the head with the championship belt. Kelly screams and falls off of Roselyn and lies on the ground holding the back of her head while seeing stars.

Beyonce offers her hand to help Roselyn to her feet. "You okay?" Beyonce asks her pal sweetly.

Groaning Roselyn takes Beyonce's hand and is helped up to her feet. "Ooooo yeah, I think" Roselyn barely answers.

"Come on let's get out of here before anything else happens." Beyonce says and starts escorting Roselyn back up the aisle. The friends exit the ringside area, leaving what looks like a crime scene. Bodies and weapons are scattered everywhere. But worst they are leaving many unsettled grudges and hard feelings that they both will have to deal with in the very near future.