It is training day at the Fab Four facility appropriately dubbed "The Fabquarters" so every member that is in town and not on a project abroad is there working out. Kim Kardashian and Roselyn Sanchez are in the weight room working out with Coco barking encouragement and leading their exercises. Kim gets interrupted by her phone buzzing so she takes a look at it during her in-between sets. Kim exclaims "What the fuck?" as she looks at the text message. She looks very confused at Roselyn and Coco saying, "Chrissy Tiegen just text me that she is down stairs at the front door and wants me to meet her. Chrissy is a close friend of hers. She even have her kids call her Aunt Chrissy, so she gets a towel to wipe off along the way and exits to see what Chrissy needs. Indeed Chrissy is there, already inside the electronically locked door that only members of the Fabs and very close allies have a keey card to enter pass. Yet Chrissy stands there with Demi Lovato. "Chrissy, how did you get in here?" Kim asks shocked and scared what the others will do to her friend for trespassing.

"Oh, we used Tyra Banks' key card." Chrissy casually says then customarily hugs Kim as always. Then Chrissy' face turns serious. "I have an urgent message from Tyra and Stone Rage to give to the Fab Four, but I don't know my way around yet. Can you take me to them?"

'Uhh yeah sure" Kim stutters. "What kind of message?" Kim asks.

"Confidential" was her stern answer. "Highly confidential" Chrissy repeats.

Kim looks shocked by the response, but say "Come with me" and leads Demi and Chrissy to the stairs where they go up two flights of steps to the top floor where offices are located. Kim peaks her head in her team leader, Jennifer Lopez's door. Jennifer is wearing a pair glasses while typing on a computer. "Hey J" Kim meekly begins. "You have a couple of visitors with a message from Stone Rage and Tyra."

Jennifer looks up with total annoyance and confusion written on her face. "What?" she questions, but after seeing the expression on Kim's face, Jennifer gets out of her chair to see what the hell is going on.

Jennifer walks into the hall and sees Chrissy and Demi standing there. She is equally shocked as Kim to see them pass their security but figures that is a question for later. When she approaches Chrissy says, "Tyra Banks sent this, only to be read by a member of the Fab Four." Chrissy extends a hand with an envelope.

Jennifer quickly takes the envelope and rips it open and starts reading the letter inside. Jennifer takes a couple of minutes reading the letter while Kim, Demi and Chrissy stand and watch. When she finishes, Jennifer explodes, "PAM! HALLE! TIA! WE NEED TO TALK RIGHT NOW!" It is obviously unusual behavior at the Fabquarters, as Halle Berry runs out of her office into the hall terriblely alarmed. She is quickly followed by Pam Anderson rushing out of her office equally alarmed. Both women open their mouths to ask what is going on but Jennifer interrupts them saying, "Tia's office, now!" already marching toward Tia's door. Halle and Pam look at each other, but do not ask questions. They both shrug their shoulders and follow Jennifer.

Once inside the door slams leaving Demi, Kim and Chrissy out in the hall. From outside they hear Jennifer say loudly "Read this!" accompanied by a loud slam on the desk, so they assumed she slammed the letter down.

There is a long break of quiet then a loud Halle Berry, "What the fuck is wrong with Stone Rage? Who the hell does he think he is?"

Then there is a lot of discussion back and forth that the trio outside the door could not make out. After a good debate that could not be understood in the hallway, Jennifer loudly says, "Fuck this! Get Tyra on the phone!"

Demi, Kim and Chrissy hear a phone ringing on speaker phone. Tyra picks up. "Heeyyy Tyra" Halle greets. "Uh... we'd like to know what the fuck is going on!" From there they heard Tyra's garbled voice explaining, but they could not make anything out.

In Tia's office Tyra explains, "It's not me, It's Stone. Ever since Quatro Calderon was appointed Studio Consultant, Stone has been in Sun Tzu, Art of War mode. He's convinced the studio giants and the Secret Society are after him for helping you and the ABA to establish your networks without them. He's convinced his phone and movements are being watched. He was scared to meet with you because it would raise too much attention. I'm his point of contact since we already meet regularly because I'm the executive producer of so many of his shows. He's sure Calderon will be coming after you in the ring to discredit and even break the group up, so he wants you at full strength. He selected Chrissy Tiegen and Demi Lovato to join the Fabs. Kimora Simmons and I've trained them and let them begin in Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation celebrity league."

"Exactly! Who the fuck do he think he is? What gives him the right to add members to out group?" Jennifer goes off.

"Oh shit! That's why you got into it with Gena Lee Nolin?" Pam interrupts "Tyra what happened?"

"Well, we were in Philly at the Electric Factory......"




Sold out, three thousand people there. Stone Rage has Chrissy and Demi booked wearing masks, so Calderon will have a clue what's going on. They're a tag team called, The Masked Storms. There is Storm C (Chrissy Tiegen) and Storm D (Demi Lovato). They had a match against to old porn stars Darla Cane and Busty Angelique Dos Santos. Darla and Angelique started strong, but by the end of the match Demi and Chrissy really started putting a whipping on them.

The action has broken down and all four competitors are in the ring. Storm D has Darla against the ropes rocketing left and right punches into her belly over and over. Meanwhile Strom C has Angelique against the ropes on the other side of the ring. Angelique's giant breast have long tumbled out of her bikini and bouncing around as Storm C punishes her with forearm shots to her chest.

Busty Angelique recognizes that she is fighting a rookie, and suddenly fights back with punches to Storm C's plump tits. Storm C clearly registers the pain as punch after punch backs her up. Storm C steadies herself in the onslaught and launches fists down on the shorter brawler's face. The unexpected pounding blows to her face wobble Angelique. As she tries to cover her head, a leg flashes up and kicks her in the pussy. Angelique's knees buckle she is about to go down when a one-two combination explodes on her face and drops the mammoth breasted woman to her hands and knees with a quickness. Storm C reaches down and grabs a handful of curly brunette hair and hauls Angelique up to her feet. "I'm sorry about this, nothing personal but I've got to finish you.” the novice apologizes in advance. She scoops Angelique up for a body slam, but first she carries her prey around the ring for a little bit then violently body slams her to the mat. Angelique's face contorts in agony and she arches her back. The busty women realize the fight is over, that she is done. Although this very well may not be the end of the match and her punishment.

While that was happening Storm D has Darla hunched over with a green color on her face as she belts fists on top of fists to her belly like a Rock-N-Sock Em robot. Darla is stuck in purgatory with all the stuffing and wind knocked out of her and eating the belly punches. Like Busty Angelique, this veteran finds the courage to resists. She grabs Storm D buy the shoulders and pushes the sturdy woman back. But she roars right back with a right hook to Darla's jaw. The redhead reels as far back on the ropes as possible before they spring her back into a straight left punch to her lips. Darla is going down but grabs the top ropes to stay up. Storm D drapes both of Darla's arms over the top ropes to help her stay upright for some breast shots to her big floppy titties. Darla looks into the masked girl's eyes with nothing but contempt. She can see the youth in her eyes and knows that this young woman is nothing but a girl to her. As Darla slumps forward and Storm D scoops her onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. She walks to the middle of the ring and slams her down on the back of her neck in a Miconuchue Driver.

The masked Storms look at each other for a moment. Both know their opponents are down and ready to for the ending. They freeze for a moment as the crowd cheers for an exciting demise of the porn legends. "What are you waiting for dummies, finish it!" Angelique says as she starts struggling to her feet at a very slow rate. "Stone Rage won't use you if you have boring matches, just like Hollywood Cole expects us to get our ass royally kicked right now or he'll stop using us."

"Stone Rage?" Storm C asks.

"Oh stop it" Angelique answers "Sorry Not Sorry is my jam! I'd recognize those big ass thighs anywhere." As the Storms stood stunned Angelique says, "If you're not going to entertain these fans we will."

With that Angelique springs up and goes after Storm C's black one-piece swimsuit that amounted to a skimpier, lower cut Baywatch outfit, and tries to pull her shoulder straps down to expose her breasts. Darla gets up as fast as her bruised belly allows and follows suit trying to disrobe Storm D. "Has the world seen these beautiful tits yet?" Angelique asks the masked warrior who is trying to keep her top on.

"Hell yeah! Plenty of times in my line of work. I'm on the internet." Storm C answers with both straps now off her shoulders and Angelique trying to pull the top down enough to start seeing nip slips. Storm C pushes, shoves and slaps but cannot rid herself of Busty Angelique. She even tries kicks but Angelique steadily pulls her swimsuit down despite her holding on and trying to pull it up. Right before all is exposed; Storm C hits Busty Angelique with a hard low hook shot to her kidneys. Angelique drops to one knee instantly with a pained expression. Storm C quickly covers herself. Given the appearance of anger, Storm C wraps her arms around Angelique's head and falls backward, DDTing her face into the canvas. Dazed Angelique lies face down on the mat.

Meanwhile, Darla's quest for Storm D's top was met with fierce resistance. She is definitely more modest than Storm C and does not want her breasts exposed. She fights off Darla's attempts with her hands, then strikes with her knees. Storm D fires a knee up into Darla's bruised abdomen. She doubles over and hangs on to Storm D to keep from going down. A second knee disables her and she drops to her knees. Storm D grabs her by her red hair and immediately hauls her back to her feet. Next Storm D scoops her up and body slams her with more force than Storm C slammed her Angelique previously.

Once again the Storms stood with their opposition disabled and figuring their next move. "Take off my panties you fucking moron" Darla growls. Stunned into Action Storm D does as she is told and quickly drops down to strip Darla of her tiny black panties. Storm C follows suit. Angelique put up no opposition as she groggily lays face down, trying to collect her senses. She loses her floral print bottoms without a care. Darla squirms around putting up more token resistance than anything. The fans are loving and eating up every second of the action.

The Storms flaunt their stolen bottoms around and throw them into the audience, creating one hell of a fight in the stands for possession of the prized panties. Meanwhile Angelique and Darla look at each other as they lie on the mat. Both of them know the younger girls are too vibrant and strong for them to handle at this point in their career, but they still had a puncher's chance to steal a win. While the Storm girls are feeling good and soaking in the attention of the audience, both legends jump to their feet and sneak attack the Storms from behind.

Suddenly Angelique and Darla are pounding the Storms with forearms, fists, knees and anything they could find. Their strength was waning but they were putting everything they had left in this assault. All the kind advice and pointers are gone. Now it is two humongous hootered vixens giving their last gasp to try to pull an upset and win this match. Both Storms were covering up like turtles as the jumbo breasted women fired all their guns.

Storm C was the first to act. She came out of her defensive crouch and a lightning fast hand shoots out and clutches Busty Angelique's throat. The mammoth busted woman stops dead with a quick gag. Her eyes get big and both of her hands immediately try to pull the constricting hand from around her throat. Storm C announces, "You're right Angelique, it's time for the big finish". Then Storm C lifts the sturdy woman in the air then hurls her back her to the mat with a devastating choke slam. Busty Angelique goes booming down to the mat and just lies there with her eyes wide and her mouth open feeling sensations of paralyzing pain circulating through her body. Storm C thought she could pin Angelique right now but thought twice If she pins Angelique now after one choke slam, it would make the busty phenom look week. One choke slam is all it takes to finish her? Storm C was starting to like Angelique, and felt she owed it to her to beat her some more to make it seem like it takes a whole lot to put her down for good, and maintain her position as one of the better fighters in that league.

When Storm D came out of her defensive crouch moments after Storm C, she began by driving the point of her elbow in Darla's gut. A second elbow, and Darla was breathless and stopped pounding Storm D. The third elbow disabled Darla totally. She was easy pickings for Storm D to scoop up in body slam position. Storm D drops to one knee and throws Darla down across her extended knee for a gut buster. Darla howls in tremendous pain. Darla rolls off of Storm D's knee and curls into a ball on the mat. Storm D stands up sure Darla is all but finished or very close to being finished. However when she looks over, Storm C is hauling Angelique up by her tits for more. Storm D did not share affection for Darla like Storm C did for Angelique. In fact she did not care for her very much. If kicking her ass some more is on the agenda, she could do it. Storm D uses her foot and kicks Darla over onto her back. Then she plops her big wide ass down on Darla's face. She hears Darla's complaints and yells for her to get off her. Next she hears a few derogatory words about her weight. Now Storm D grinds her ass on Darla's face, while the audience loves it and shouts their approval. Then Storm D goes to work on Darla's fat tits. She squeezes them and kneads them with her strong hands. Darla just squirms and wails in pain. She cannot get the short stacked woman off top of her. Storm D figures she will entertain herself like this until Storm C is through playing.

Storm C hauls Angelique to her feet with two handfuls of breasts, with her nails dug into the flesh. Angelique gets to her feet while repeating the word 'ow' as many times as possible. "One choke slam isn't enough to beat Big Bad Busty Angelique." Storm C declares. "Your fans expect more out of you, so let's entertain them." Storm C finishes and nails Angelique in the jaw. The fist rocks her and sends the Busty reeling back against the ropes. The novice wrestler closes in on the shorter woman and returns to a two fisted assault that began this story. This time is much worst for Angelique because she is basically out on her feet with her hands by her side and taking a pounding with her head snapping left and right. The fans roared an approval showing that they loved the carnage. Storm C finishes with two fist simultaneously hitting either side of Angelique's enormous boob and squeezing them together. As the Latina is about to stumble and fall, Storm C's hand wraps around Angelique's throat like she did before the choke slam.

Storm D sees that her partner is done playing. So She stands off of Darla's face. Storm C is pulling Angelique towards Storm D by her grip on her neck. Darla slowly tries to stand while Storm D calmly waits. Once Darla gets up, Storm D wraps her arms around Darla's waist. Storm D picks up Darla as Storm C now lifts Angelique in the air too. Darla is tossed over backwards with a belly to back suplex, just as Storm C is slamming Angelique down in another choke slam. Darla lands on the back of her head and her limp body collapses to the ground still shaking from the impact. Meanwhile Angelique's body splatters on the mat like a lump of clay.

The Storms look at each other obviously smiling under their masks and proud of themselves. Then they drop on the mat to cover their opponents. Angelique and Darla instantly recognize the rookie made a sloppy cover. They know they are in no condition to contend with their younger foes, and kicking out will only get their asses kicked some more. They think twice about it but right before the third count both Angelique and Darla raise their shoulders off the mat.

The fans go bonkers with wild cheers for the exciting action. Their respect for the two aging veterans grows tenfold. Most of the crowd is on their feet. Meanwhile the Storms sit up and look at each other dumbfounded that the match is still going. After a few moments The Storm realize their mistakes and know what has to be done next.

The Storms stand and look down at Angelique and Darla struggling just to get up. Storm C act first thrusting her hand down and again capturing Angelique by the throat, and jerks the busty vixen up to her feet. Storm C angrily shout, "You want some more! Fine I'll give it to you!" she finishes with her voice trailing off getting raspy, angry and evil. Angelique looks into the younger woman's eyes and sees a new intensity. She starts to get nervous and scared of what she has unleashed. Busty Angelique fights back, trying to hit the masked sensation with her free arm. Storm C tightens her grip on Angelique's neck, doubling the tightness. Angelique stops fighting and her hands now paw at the choking grip. Her eyes and body language change to despair and awaits her bone rattling Choke Slam.

Storm D chose not to be so fancy. She reached down and snatched one of Darla's arms and jerks her up her knees. Then Storm D just starts hammering Darla's face. Straight punches that knock her head back, sweeping hammer fists that spins her head from right to left. She is subjected to every kind of punch imaginable. Darla is undoubtedly semi-conscious and just dangles from the one captured arm almost like a rag doll. After Storm D hears Angelique's body come crashing down with a boom from her third Choke Slam, Storm D releases Darla's arm and allow her to mercifully drop to the canvas.

Both Storms grab their opponent's ankles this time and fold their legs up over their body till their ankles are up over their heads for double matchbook pins. Angelique and Darla put up token gyrations like they are trying to escape but both know there is no way out for them. 1.. 2... 3... the match is over. The fans cheer boisterously. The Storm look at each other, appreciating their biggest victory of their very short careers. They still keep Darla and Angelique doubled up like suitcases in their matchbook pin, letting their helpless opponents know that their new place in line is behind this rookie team. The cameraman knew just what to do, as he slides into the ring and get close up shots of Busty Angelique and Darla's naked spread open, delicious looking pussies bounce around. The Storms keep them captured like that until the cameraman got full of crotch shots, and Darla and Angelique are thoroughly stretched out and humbled. Then The Storms release them and jump up to celebrate their victory.

In a roped off section of the stands Stone Rage and the President of the Bombshell Wrestling Federation and close friend Hollywood Cole sit together. "So what do you think about my girls?" Stone Rage asks Hollywood Cole.

"They look really good against 40 year old retired porn stars." Hollywood Cole begins. "Luckily you have a bunch of 40 year old porn stars on your roster." he adds sarcastically. They're definitely not Sofia Vergara that you brought through a few months ago. That girl is good. I definitely wouldn't put them in the ring with Britney Spears anytime soon either. But they can hold their own with Taylor Swift and destroy a Paris Hilton."

"Hopefully they will be ready whenever Quatro Calderon strikes. I know he'll come after the Fab Four Maybe the ABA too if he can't make a deal with them." Stone Rage explains.

"Why don't you let me take care of Calderon like last time?" Hollywood Cole asks.

"Last time you beat the man up, and left him lying in the floor only wearing his whitey tighties. Then you took your shirt off and said, 'Now who else want to fuck with Hollywood Cole?'" Stone Rage laughs.

Back in the ring The Storms are through celebrating and go to Darla and Busty Angelique and extend a hand to help them to their feet. The veterans accept the sporting gesture from the rookies. "Thank you for helping to turn us into professionals." Storm C whispers to Angelique. She nods back in acceptance.

"Just don't forget us when you're doing the multimillion dollar fights in Stone Rage's league." Angelique says. "Put this match on one of your DVD's, help a sista get paid." she jokes.

Angelique looks up and sees trouble coming. Three very familiar women are coming from backstage. "Uh oh, the greedy, jealous bitches are coming. You're on your own." Angelique starts exiting the ring like danger is on the way. "Hey Demi, send me an autographed anything! I mean next week sometime after you two recover."

A tall blonde intruder barks, "Darla! Angelique, beat it!"

Darla quickly follows Angelique. "Yeah little girl, I'd like a rematch with you too. I think the results will be different next time. One of us will be sucking on a tittie." Darla says harshly and challengely. Then she softens. "I wouldn't mind one of those big Stone Rage paychecks too." She finishes more like she is definitely asking for a big favor. Then both porn queen make a hasty retreat and exit the ring expediently.

The confused Storms look up and see three women walking toward the ring. The Bombshell League champion, Gena Lee Nolin leads the way. She is accompanied by fellow Playboy covergirls and Bombshell tag team champions, Karen McDougal and Cori Nadine. All three are wearing matching latex sports bras and skin tight latex pants, with bodies like they were at an American Gladiator try out. "What the hell is going on?" Stone Rage asks Hollywood Cole.

"Uh oh." Hollywood Cole begins. "Your girls are in trouble. We do things different in this league. We don't have booking committees around here. If you want a bigger paycheck, you go out and make it happen. Better come up with something quick buddy. There's not much I can without causing chaos and mutiny for breaking my own cardinal rule." Stone Rage gives Hollywood Cole a look, then gets whips out his cell phone.

"Congratulations Masked Storms. Impressive win tonight. My name is Gena Lee Nolin and I'm the champion here at the Bombshell Wrestling Federation. I've been here since day one at the Bombshell Wrestling Federation.", says the stunning blonde walking to the ring. "These are my friends, Karen McDougal and Cori Nadine, they are the tag team champions of Hollywood Cole's Celebrity wrestling league. Key words are celebrity league. We know you must be celebrities because of the way Hollywood Cole bends over backwards for you, but we don't know who you are under those masks. We've let it slide for several weeks now, but now it's time to find out who you are. So you can be smart and take those masks off right now, or Cori, Karen and I will get in the ring and take those masks off for you." Gena finishes as her Cori and Karen surround the ring on three sides cutting off escape routes for the Storms.

The masked Storm's legs are shaking. They know that they are in trouble as the trio of Playboy Playmates climb onto the ring apron. If they are unmasked, all of Stone Rage's plans are blown. Karen and Cori climb between the ropes and enter the ring. Storm D panics and shouts, “Get them!" The Storms explode into action, attacking the Bombshell Federation's tag team champions.

The Storms match up against the champions. The taller Storm C assaults the taller of the champs, Karen McDougal, while Storm D engages the shorter of the champs, Cori Nadine. The champions are surprised by the ferocity of the young Storm's assault. They were looking for easy prey, but these young women were proving to be anything but. The Storms were in all out survival mode but the champs did not know that.

Gena enters through the ropes nonchalantly. She observes the two even battles for a moment and walks behind Storm C. When the masked lady draws her hand back to hit Karen again, Gena grabs her by the wrist and jerks her around 180 degrees to face Gena. Then Gena punches her on the chin with a lightning fast right fist. Just as quick, Karen spins Storm C around to face her and pops her on the jaw with a straight right punch. Immediately Gena spins Storm C back around to face her. Storm C launches a punch at the blonde as she spins around, but still is not fast enough. Gena's right lands on her jaw first, clobbering the masked lady. Storm C wobbles as Karen grabs her and spins her around to face her again. Storm C tries to strike first again but fails again. Karen hits her hard with a right hook. Storm C feels like she is in a spin cycle and helpless to stop it as Gena spins her back around. This time an uppercut explodes on the masked woman's chin, knocking her head up making her look at the lights. Storm C is knocked senseless and stays in that pose with her head back looking up at the arena ceiling on wobbly legs momentarily. Karen easily whips the woozy fighter around for one more blast. Gena takes her turn and spins Storm C back around and kicks her in the belly to double her over. Next Gena grabs her foe's head and drops butt first to the mat for a Stone Cold Stunner. Storm C's body compresses on impact then recoils sending her bouncing to the mat.

Gena quickly pops to her feet. Storm C curls on her side while holding the back of her neck. "I got this one." Gena tells Karen, "You two take care of the other one." Karen nods her affirmation and departs over to where Cori and Storm D are still going blow for blow.

Karen hurries to help her partner. She comes behind Storm D and quickly grabs both of her arms and pins them behind her back. Storm D eats a few punches to the face, but starts fighting back kicking wildly to make Cori back off a bit and rethink her actions. After a couple of seconds Cori sees that she is not going to get close enough to punch Storm D. The short girl has thick monster thighs and kicks like a mule. Cori lashes out with angry kicks engaging in a weird sort of chicken fight. Then she remembers that she is the veteran and this girl is obviously a rookie. Cori times Storm D's kicks the strikes perfectly and boots the woman in her pussy. Storm D howls and temporarily could not raise her leg to kick again. After four rapid fire boots to the cunt Storm D's screams die into a loud mewls Karen releases she arms and Storm D drops to both knees clutching her cunt screaming, "No not my pussy!"

Cori reaches down and pulls Storm D back to her feet. She holds her by the arm offering Storm D for something. Suddenly Karen kicks the girl in the back of her skull. The masked girl falls face first to the canvas with one hand still holding her pussy and the other grabbing the back of her head.

While Storm D was double teamed, Gena flattens Storm C face down on the mat. Gena sits down on her back and crosses her legs Indian style but she captures both of Storm C's arms in her crossed legs and bends them backward behind Storm C's back in a direction that they were not designed to bend. Gena reaches back and grabs both of Storm C's legs and bends them backwards till her heels are above her ass. Then a cruel yank bends them further up her back. Storm C is helpless and screams at the top of her lungs as the blonde warrior bends her into a human pretzel. "They call me the Submission Queen here. Please address me as such when you start begging for mercy." Gena advises her captive.

Storm C missed Storm D's valiant fight against the tag champions but sees her partner running across the ring after she was double whipped into the ropes by her attackers. Storm D bounces off the ropes and rebounds back and is flattened by a double clothesline. As Storm C observes her partner lying on her back looking up at the lights she starts to give up hope.

Stone Rage is on the phone but cursing himself at the same time, for underestimating the women that Hollywood Cole has amassed. He feel helpless as Gena changes Storm C's torture. She picked the tall masked woman up and stands with Storm C helplessly draped across Gena's shoulders in a Human Torture Rack and Stone Rage's girl is loudly screaming.

Stone Rage cringes as Karen and Cori whip Storm D into the ropes again and nail her with a double drop kick to the face. Because the masked wonder was so short they were able to really blast her head off her shoulders. Storm D drops to the mat like she has been blasted with a shotgun. Cori and Karen quickly scramble to their feet Where Karen immediately picks Cori up and tosses her on top of Storm D, delivering a leg drop across her throat. Storm D's body convulses, under Cori's leg, but it was a needles move. Storm D is out of it. Stone Rage frantically continues his phone conversation. He looks up after hearing another boom to the canvas. Gena had dropped to her knees delivering a painful jolt throughout Storm C's body with the Nikki Bella Rack Attack.

Karen barks "Time to strip them!" She pushes past Gena to get at Storm C while Cori licks her lips at delightful Storm D. Storm C offers almost no resistance as Karen drops to her knees and pulls the shoulder straps off her shoulders of her skimpy black one piece. Storm C holds her aching neck and back while Karen pulls the outfit down over her breasts. Karen immediately got jealous at the first view of the perfectly sculpted big Thai tits. They are bigger than hers. Karen will make her pay for that.

Storm D did resist or at least she tried to resist but did not have much left after being double teamed. Gena joins in and ceases an arm as she pulls down a shoulder strap. Cori had her other arm and works that strap off her shoulder also. Before long, Storm D's one piece is peeled down to her waist showing her perky boobs to the audience. "No stop... you can't do this to me" Storm D pleads sounding like a little girl.

"Shut up you little spoiled brat" Gena shouts and wraps both hands around Storm D's neck, squeezes and pushes her over backwards till she is pinned with her back to the mat. While the girl was concerned about getting the life choked out of her, Cori had a relatively easy time pulling her one piece over her thick hips and thighs and down she short legs. Cori pops up holding the stolen garment up high like a captured flag.

Storm C started holding on to her one piece once it was down to her waist. She was holding on tight and not letting it go. Karen happily buries her fist deep into Storm C's tits four times to loosen her grip on her outfit. Karen delivers a hard shot to Storm C's soft belly then a hard fist to her jaw. The rocked girl's grip slips away and Karen jerks her outfit down her thighs. The poor girl knew she has loss and does nothing as Karen strips her of her black one piece suit. Karen then tosses the garment away like she is discarding unwanted trash.

Karen yells "I'm taking her up!" to Cori. Then she reaches down and hauls a totally humbled Storm C to her feet by her pink mask. Karen bends down and gets underneath Storm C's legs, then she stands hoisting Storm C off her feet and stands up strong and erect with Storm C seated on Karen's shoulders. Cori knew the next step. She ran to the corner and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Karen walks within a few feet of the corner and stands statuesque with a groggy Storm C helplessly sitting on her shoulders. The fans start roaring, because they know what is about to happen. Seconds later Cori ends that deliemah as she leaps off the top turnbuckle and clotheslines Storm C off of Karen's shoulders. The groggy, masked warrior flips off Karen's shoulders turning a full 360 degrees before crash landing flat on her face. The fans are going nuts seeing their champion's near perfect version of the Road Warriors finishing move, the Doomsday Device, while Storm C lies flat on her face like a large lump of lifeless clay.

Then Gena comes over carrying Storm D in her arms. She body slams Storm D to the mat near her partner. While standing straddling her foe's face, the blonde bends over and grabs Storm D's ankles, spreads her legs and holds them apart. Karen and Cori already know the drill. Cori climbs the top turnbuckle again. She takes a moment to take aim then dives off again. Cori comes crashing down between Storm D's spread open legs with a head butt to the pussy. Gena giggles from actually hearing the smack of skin of Cori's forehead hitting Storm D's bare naked vagina, before it was drowned out by Storm D's loud scream. Before that scream dies down Karen dives off the ropes instances after Cori and head butt her pussy a second time. Storm D's scream reinvigorates to a new higher level. Gena drops Storm D's legs as she curls up holding herself with long ghostly wails.

"Let's collect a couple of masks and go home!" Gena sings with a smile. Cori gets Storm D and Karen attends to Storm C. They pull them up to seated positions with them standing behind them. Karen and Cori start pulling the bright pink masks with black designs off their heads. Both Storms had enough awareness to grab the bottoms of their masks and to hold on for dear life. A tug-of-war ensues with unknown to Karen and Cori that the Storm's catfighting career with Stone Rage might be in the balance.

Gena looks on and sees this is definitely not going to plan. "Just rip them apart and tear them off seam by seam." Gena comments and starts helping Karen. Gena uses her nails to dig into the masks' seams and start a little hole. Gena gets a finger inside and rips a hole in the masks. Thankful for the assistance, Karen goes for the hole and rips it open to way further until brown hair falls out. Meanwhile Gena goes to Storm D's mask for the same treatment. Learning from the first mask, she is able to open a small hole quicker than the last. Cori utilizes the hole to tear a large gap in the top of the masks. Raven black hair falls out of the opening. The rabid fans of the league go crazy and encourage and beg for more. Actually ripping the masks apart seam by seam turned out to be much sexier than just pulling them off. They are really enjoying themselves.

Gena enjoys watching the traumatized girls desperately trying to conceal their identities. It is a losing battle. Karen has put her fingers in Storm C's eye hole and ripped it open. A big portion ripped apart reveals her eye, and part of her cheek and face. The mystery is slowly being revealed. Storm D is losing seams along the top of her mask. A lot of sweaty wet black hair flows out. Her mask is ripping down the middle too, revealing a good portion of her forehead. The Storms masks are in tatters and falling apart. They still concealed their identities, but not for very long. Many theories arise in the audience about their identities.

Just when everything was at its bleakest moment, two more masked women come running from the dressing room area. It is total bedlam now the two tall and shapely women race to the ring wearing identical masks as the Storms. The biggest difference is that they are wearing jeans and T-shirts instead of skimpy one piece. Seeing the surreal moment of more mysterious Storms entering the ring, Gena, Cori and Karen back off the original Storms, not knowing what is about to happen.

The naked Storms crawl to safety between the new Storms and stand on shaky legs. They turn to face the Playboy Playmates who have retreated to the other side of the ring. Now with the numbers on their side, the naked Storms were thirsting for revenge, but the new Storms were backing to the ropes to exit the ring, while keeping their eyes on the Playmates. They came to on a rescue mission, nothing else.

"Un huh! Nobody punks us in our own ring." Cori says while shaking her head 'no'. Gena and Karen knew what was about to happen, and there is no stopping Cori. She charges across the ring and attacks the tall yellow skinned Storm. The naked Storms referred her as K as Cori attacked. An instant later, Karen is attacking the black masked Storm the others called T as Karen attacked. Gena assaults the two naked Storms, C and D.

Cori and the new Storm K battle to a stalemate. The same is happening between Karen and the new Storm T. Gena was surviving the two on one fight but just barely. "Get out of here!", Storm T demands to the two naked fighters.

"But we've got the numbers", Storm C argues back.

"You're too valuable, get out of here now!" Storm K forcefully demands.

"I don't mean go the back. I mean get in the fucking car and leave the arena." Storm T sternly rules.

The young Storms look at each other confused for a moment. Then they shout "Double punch!" simultaneously, and in concurrent harmony they strike with a double punch and both fists detonate on Gena's nose at the same time. The blondes head snaps back and she staggers backwards awkwardly for a few steps then falls on her ass and lies spread eagle on the canvas. Almost surprised by their success, Storm D turns and grabs Cori and allows Storm K to get in a few good blows on her assailant then throws her to the mat. Storm C grabs Karen from behind and holds her in a rear chin lock while Storm T makes a few critical strikes then Storm C tosses Karen aside to the mat.

All four Storms pour out of the ring and hastily head to the dressing rooms. Moments after Cori gets up first and growls as she hops out of the ring and charges after the quartet. Karen sees her partner and rolls out of the ring, racing after them to assist Cori. Gena is still down and not moving much.

The four masked Storms pass though the curtains to back stage with a cameraman in hot pursuit ahead of Cori and Karen. Storm T looks over her shoulder and realizes that only two were chasing the four of them and stops as her pride and arrogance takes over. She yells to Storm C and D, go ahead and leave. "Get out of the arena. We'll take care of this and call when we're done." Storm T confidently announces. This time Storms C and D follow their obvious leaders, commands. They continue running down the hall and are never seen again in the BWF. Storm K stops and stands with one of her best friends from childhood and await the BWF tag team champions.

Cori sees Storm T waiting for her and runs up on her. Storm T fires a swift straight right at Cori's lips, but the firm brunette dodges to the left to avoid it. Storm T follows with a left hook but Cori ducks under it. Storm T is ready, firing an uppercut, but Cori steps back. Then she steps forward with a one-two combination into Storm T's belly and ends with a wicked right hook to the jaw. Storm T stumbles a couple of steps then falls on her ass. She looks up totally surprised that she was just out foxed. She springs back to her feet both embarrassed and angry.

Storm K was waiting for Karen just as confidently as her partner. Karen runs up and launches a right punch that Storm K blocks with her left arm. Karen quickly throws a left hand punch, and it too is blocked coolly by Storm K's right arm. The masked fighter's legs comes up kicking Karen in the side. As Karen's body contorts from the kick, Storm K grabs Karen around the head and puts her in a head lock. Storm K cranks up the pressure but is suddenly surprised as Karen lifts the tall and sturdy masked wonder off of her feet. Storm K is amazed and impressed by Karen's strength. Next Karen falls backwards and suplexes Storm K to the concrete backstage floor. Storm K's shoulders and the back of her head takes the brunt of the fall. Karen is freed upon impact. She rolls away and gets up. Storm K holds the back of her head, takes a little longer but gets back to her feet too.

Storm T continued boxing with Cori. However she found hitting the smaller woman a difficult task. Cori keeps ducking and dodging and avoiding the masked woman's fists. Cori could tell she was frustrating her opponent. Cori slips a punch and rocks the masked warrior with a sweet right hook to her jaw. She wobbles the big woman. Storm T could not lay a good hand and was getting worried that this small but strong girl is about to kick her ass. Cori hurts Storm T's ribs with a combination to the body. Storm T wobbles backwards but gets angry. In a flash of fury Storm T raises her foot and kicks Cori square in the chest, knocking her backwards to the ground. Cori is surprised and gains a new respect for her opponent.

Storm K squares off with Karen. Storm K tries using her long legs again to kick Karen, but The brunette blocks it this time. She is not in the mood of getting kicked by the masked woman again. Karen counters with a straight punch to Storm K's lips pouting outside of the hole in her mask. Storm K grunts sharply, and Karen strikes again, burying her fist into Storm K's soft belly button. Storm K is rocked and tries backing away, but another uppercut catches her as she escapes that whacks her head back. Storm K gets away with the knowledge that she is facing a very dangerous woman. Karen is also a cocky woman; she boldly marches up to her opponent, but catches a bitch slap across her pretty lips. Karen's head spins like she is in an Exorcist movie. Storm K slams both of her fists into either side of Karen's boobs, squashing together. Karen hunches over and backs off. Storm K jealously targets Karen's perfectly rounded tits and slams her forearm onto her breast, flattening them against Karen's chest. Karen loses her balance and falls on her ass.

Storm T is on Cori as she gets up. Storm T grabs her by the hair and slams her into the wall. Storm T drives her knee up into Cori's mid-section a few times. Still a strong woman, Cori shoves Storm T and pushes her away several feet. Cori comes roaring back, charging at the masked competitor. But Storm T is able to sneak that long leg up again and punts Cori low, at her waist (or maybe a little lower). Cori hunches over leaving her jaw open for Storm T's left-right combination. Cori was about to go down when storm T grabs her by the hair and keeps her upright. Next Storm T head butts her forehead into Cori's forehead. After the thonk of the head knock, Cori dizzily sinks to the floor.

Karen has quickly scrambled to her feet. Storm K also realized she needed to try something else than fisticuffs. She scoops Karen off the ground as she arrives and body slams her back down on the hard arena floor. Karen screamed as she crashed down, and Storm K hoped she had ended the fight. She was surprised to see the tough Karen getting back up. Storm K takes a deep breath to calm herself from the shock. She winds up for a kill shot and fires, Karen gets her forearm up to block the haymaker mid flight. Storm K is shocked again, and freezes for a moment, allowing Karen to plow her free fist into Storm K's soft belly several time. Karen is content to pound Storm K's guts to mush, but Storm K drops to one knee breathing hard. Karen grabs her by her T-shirt and hauls her back to her feet. Storm K acts quickly, scooping Karen up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry and dumping the surprised failing woman off onto the hard floor. Storm K is grateful that Karen is not getting right back up this time.

Karen and Cori lift their heads and look intently at the Storm's direction, but are not getting up. Then they look at each other. Both Storms are glad for the break and just look down at their foes ominously while in power stances. Cori and Karen then rise to their hands and knees and move closer to each other in the middle of the hall and start begging off for mercy. The Storm move in front of the tag champions, but careful to maintain a safe distance. However both fighting to hide a satisfying smile from the mouth holes of their hoods.

As each Storm contemplates how to end this affair without a double cross, they hear "Surprise bitches!" shrieked. The Storms simultaneously spin around to see Gena Lee Nolin charging at them. An instant later the blonde plows down the Storms like a locomotive. Gena hits them with a decapitating double clothesline. It could better be described as a double Nikita Koloff Russian Sickle or an double APA Clothesline from Hell. Both Storms are caught flat footed, relaxed and unsuspecting and unprepared for the calamity that ran them over. Both of Gena's arms found Adam's apples to painfully strike. The irresistible force continued to knock both ladies off their feet and send them plummeting to the hard concrete floor.

Gena wears a huge smile as she comes to a stop. She says "Home Run!" knowing she got the maximum out of her double clothesline. Cori and Karen leap to their feet to high five each other and celebrate. None of the trio even gave a thought that the Storms would recover soon from the devastating clean finisher. They praised each other on making eye contact with Gena, acting and manipulating the Storms in position. Of course there was praise for Gena's perfect execution. Mean while Storm T held her throat and is gagging on the floor, while her partner coughs and holds the back of her head.

After the very brief celebration, Gena returns her attention to the Storms. Storm K is trying to sit up but Gena nudge her with her foot and knock her back down. She looks at the tag champs, but they are already moving in concert. Karen sits of Storm T's stomach, pinning her while Cori mounts Storm K. From there they begin raining hammering fist down on the beleaguered duo. The Storms try to resist, but actually only delay their punishers for a second to knock their arms out of the way for a devastatingly clean blow. Their masked heads bobble from hard punches raining down. It is a simple ground and pound execution. After a minute the Storms are punch drunk.

Next Cori and Karen target the Storm's T-Shirts. They grasp them at the top and rips them both open. They continue to belittle the now unresisting Storms by smacking their faces and hitting them in the head. Now the add smacking their boobs around making them jiggle in their bras. The sequence is rather brief before Cori and Karen strip the Storms of their bras and tattered shirts to leave them exposed and topless. A short breast mauling session follows, before Gena recommends, "Let's knock them out and take their masks, before more of these muther fucking masked bitches show up! They're like cockroaches tonight."

Karen and Cori knew what was wise. Both climb off of the Storms, and pull the unresisting warriors to their knees. They learned from botching Storm C an D's unmasking, it is better to knock them out before. Cori wraps her arm around Storm K's neck from behind and bends her body backwards to lock her into a Dragon Sleeper. Storm K loudly gags but it is silenced as Cori's grip tightens. Storm K is reduced to useless pawing at Cori's choking arm and jerking a little to make her naked fantastic tits quiver.

Storm T gets locked in the dreaded Cobra Clutch while on her knees. Once Karen had her secured, she yanks Storm T up to her feet. One of Storm T's arms is pulled across her throat and Karen's arms intertwine to force her head and throat against the arm. Storm T's free arm is flailing uselessly as she is choked out. Karen jerks her body back and forth putting on a magnificent display. Her big succulent breasts swing back and forth making the viewers moth water. In just under a minute her body goes limp and she is dangling, only supported by Karen's Cobra Clutch. Storm K is out by this time too.

Gena steps in saying, "It's time for a little unmasking." Karen releases Storm T but grabs her arms before she falls. Karen holds the limp heroine up right by pulling her arms behind her back while her head is bowed in slumbering defeat. Cori stands and pulls Storm K to her feet and keeps her there with her arms behind her back also. Storm K is limp and head bowed like her partner.

Gena walks if front of Storm T. She takes her time, but has no problems pulling the pink and black mask of her head. Unmasked, Storm T's head falls back down. Gena grabs her hair and lifts her head up to reveal her identity to the camera. Everybody immediately recognizes her without Gena saying her name, "Tyra Banks!" Even backstage, they can heard the audience's mixed reaction.

Gena moves to Storm K. She has a harder time lifting the hood because of all the hair stuffed inside. Gena pulls it up over her face first, revealing Tyra Banks lifelong childhood friend, Kimora Lee Simmons' face. She continues pealing the mask back allowing her long black hair to fall out. Gena announces "Kimora" knowingly like that was who she expected after finding out about Tyra. Once again there are murmurs through the crowd as conversation immediately sprouts about what this means.

Gena shakes her head before saying, "Stone Rage's bitches!" She gives both sleeping women a harsh slap across their faces. "This is Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation, and I'm sick and tired of you coming to our league and using us as your playground or stepping stone! We've been here since day one; and sick and tired of bitches like you coming down to disrespect us!." Gena slaps both Kimora and Tyra across the face again. "This is the BWF!" Gena continues. "We fight in this league. We don't play with each other's pussies like in Stone Rage's league. We kick ass in this league! It's for real women, not little pussy whores who like you playing games and hiding behind masks. Get the fuck out of here and never come back!" Gena shouts. "Karen, Cori let's throw these overpaid hookers out!"

Gena points to the nearest 'EXIT' sign and starts leading the way. Cori and Karen roughly usher the two semi-conscious international supermodels to the side door. Gena opens the door when they arrives and holds it open. Karen steps up first and shoves the Tyra through the door. Tyra is launched forward, stumbling and quickly tumbling to the sidewalk surrounding the arena. Tyra falls and lands legs wide open and arms spread out on the cold concrete. Cori eagerly tosses Kimora out after her childhood friend. Kimora stumbles and face plants between Tyra's legs with her face resting on Tyra's belly button.

Cori, Karen and Gena stand in the doorway looking at the motionless multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, half naked outside. A zonked Tyra is spread eagle, arms splayed to either side and legs wide open with a face down sleeping Kimora resting her head on Tyra's belly. A cold Philadelphia breeze comes through and Tyra's naked nipples instantly stand up like two flag poles. "BWF bitches, don't ever come back. We'll bust your ass again! BWF! BWF! BWF!" Gena leads the chant then slams the door shut. Even in their incoherent state and outside the arena, Kimora and Tyra can hear the audience proudly chanting BWF! BWF! BWF!" displaying their affection for their brand of celebrity fighting and their heroines, Gena Lee Nolin, Karen McDougal, and Cori Nadine.

Back in the stands Stone Rage looks up from his phone and tells his old friend, "I guess I better be going.", as he rises to his feet. "My driver is on his way to get Tyra and Kimora then meet me at the side door."

"At least we've got a big money match to produce from all of this. Tyra and Kimora will want revenge after this." Hollywood Cole says.

"Maybe" Stone Rage answers. Tyra and Kimora don't like big money, they like huge money. You've got their number like I do. They got their asses kicked. They might not want anymore."

"You're in this too. You own this league too, remember? I'm just your frontman." Hollywood Cole tells him.

"You're the only person in the world that knows that, and thank you for keeping the secret. Like I promised, after Quatro Calderon is taken care of, I'll give you controlling interest. You know how we do. We take care of each other." Stone Rage responds "I'm out brother, catch you next time." Stone Rage finishes as he walks away.




"That's the deal." Tyra continues her phone conversation. "Stone Rage paid me and Kimora to get Chrissy and Demi ready to join you. I know you're upset that he is meddling in you business and trying to add two new members without consulting you, but he had your best interest at hear. We've all known Demi and Chrissy for years, they are good girls. They will fit in flawlessly. They are somewhat trained and nobody knows they are affiliated. You can definitely use that to your advantage." Tyra explains. "Hey gotta go, you know I've got three thousand things going on." Everyone says their goodbyes and hang up.

Afterward Halle says, "I'm calling Stone Rage." and grabs her cell phone.

"You heard Tyra, he probably won't accept your call." Tia offers.

"I'm Halle Berry! Stone Rage always accepts my calls, if he knows what good for him" Halle snaps back.

Surely Stone Rage answers. "Fuck you bastard; don't ever do something like that without consulting us again." Halle harshly greets him. "You might have made a couple of good choices, but that is our job to make. Next time you do something like this I'll chop you in the throat!"

After a moment of silence Stone Rage answers, "Yes Dear."

Halle give a brief flirtatious chuckle before saying, "Bye." followed by a quick hang up.

The Fab Four take a few more minutes in Tia's office to disgust their feeling and plans about Stone Rage suddenly forcing two new members to the group. All the while, Kim, Demi and Chrissy wait outside in the hall. All three had takes a seat on the floor after the long wait. Suddenly they pop up to their feet as the Fab Four walks out and the wait is over.

"Demi and Chrissy, I'm sorry for my reaction." Jennifer Lopez begins. "I've been friends with both of you for years, so don't take it personally. Do you know what that letter said?"

"Actually we haven't read it, but Stone Rage told us that you didn't know he was training us. He also told us there was no guarantee that you will take us in the end. So friendship aside we understand that this is business." Chrissy explains.

"If that was the case, why did you accept going through the training with no promises." Tia asks.

"He promised us a contract in the league regardless, but we felt the chance to be part of the Fabs was worth the risks. How often do you get a chance to become one of The Avengers or The Justice League? You guys are legends to me. I respect and admire all of you. You stand for perseverance and long time excellence. You're the examples I want to follow in this league. Hopefully you'll give us an opportunity to prove we're worthy today. I can speak for myself and say if you don't choose me today. I'll be back." Demi answers.

"Also the friendships among you." Chrissy adds. "Kim has told me how tight knit you are. Kim is a great friend of mine. My kids call her Aunt Kimmie. It was weird and killing me that I couldn't tell her what I, Demi and Stone Rage were doing. Family is very important to me. I was excited for a chance to join her and Demi already really looks up to Jennifer like a big sister. I think you are the closest group in the league. I wanted to be part of that."

"So when did Stone Rage say to tell us that speech?" Halle asks.

Demi gets quiet but Chrissy opens up, "He didn't tell us what to say, but he said if we told you what we've already told him that it would work."

"Tyra and Kimora have been mentoring us for months." Demi adds. "You learn quickly what is important in this circle. You learn to work hard. You sacrifice for each other like Kimora and Tyra sacrificed to get us here and to keep our identity a secret. Then you go and work even harder to repay that sacrifice."

There is more silence. Everybody searches around looking at everyone elses eyes searching for a clue about everyone's true feelings. Suddenly Tia peels off and returns to her office without a word. Next Halle returns to her office, saying, "Tell Stone Rage he's a fucking ass hole next time you see him Demi and Chrissy. He's going to answer to me."

That leaves Jennifer, Pam, Kim and Chrissy in the hall and there were no smiles. Demi and Chrissy that it was over for them after half the group just walked away. Finally Pam broke the silence saying, "Kim when you leave please show Chrissy... where the ring so she can spar with Eva (Longoria) and Sofie (Vergara)." Then Pam smiles and hugs Chrissy and adds "Welcome to the Fabs."

Jennifer says "After that, take Demi to the exercise room for a Coco workout session. Stay there too Kim. You think you're smart by hanging out with our newest team member and missing your workout. Tell Coco to make it intense. We've got a welcoming party tonight. You're going to have to make up for the splurging tonight." Demi does not wait for another word, but squeals and leaps to hug Jennifer.

"Party at my house bitches!" Halle shouts out from her office.

"I'm texting Tyra and Kimora already." Tia shouts.

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