Introducing Femme Fatale


It was barely a week after her loss to Melissa that Nelly started training for her match against Shakira. Nelly and Shakira agreed to practice separately, in order to keep the other from getting too much of an advantage over the other in the upcoming match. Shakira would practice with Kelly Clarkson while Nelly would practice with Rihanna. They each practiced hard for their upcoming match. The night before the match, Nelly and Shakira had dinner at Nelly’s place.

“I look forward to beating you in our match tomorrow.” said Nelly as she put some steak in her mouth.

“Oh please, I’m going to be the one smothering you out tomorrow.” taunted Shakira.

“Rihanna showed me a few moves that I’ll be using tomorrow.” smirked Nelly.

“She’s got nothing on me. I’ve been around the league longer than her and I have a few tricks of my own. Besides, if I win, I have a plan for you.” retorted Shakira.

“A plan?” asked Nelly curiously.

“I was thinking of having you go and become part of Britney’s new group. I know there’s not much love and trust between you and Britney and Melissa. Kelly and I could use a second spy in their group.” said Shakira. Nelly could barely believe what Shakira was suggesting.

“I’d do practically anything for you and the girls, but I can’t stand those two girls, especially after what happened last time we were in the same group.” said a testy Nelly.

“I know it’ll be tough, but I’m sure with a little coaxing, you could get them to let you in. Britney did suggest that you get a match to see if you were capable of getting into the group. Tell them you were sorry about what happened in the past and that you had a falling out with Kelly and me. Tell them what you like to get in, then start working things from the inside to help us out.” said Shakira a little nervous.

“You better hope that plan works, because if I win tomorrow, I’m going to retire.” said Nelly as she had some wine.

“It’s going to work.” Said Shakira. The rest of the evening went on without any hitch as they finished their meals and had desert. Shakira helped Nelly with washing the dishes. As the Shakira was about to leave, she hugs and kisses Nelly on the cheek saying, “I love you Nelly.”

The following day, the two arrive separately at the arena for their match and head to their own locker rooms. They go through some pre-match preparations before they each get called to the ring. Nelly is the first one to the ring. She is introduced to her song ‘Maneater’. She is wearing black jeans, a tank-top and calf-high boots. She got a bunch of cheers from the crowd as she walked down the ramp and headed to the ring. She shook hands with her fans on the way down.

It wasn’t much longer after she got to the ring that Shakira was introduced next to her song ‘She Wolf’. She had her one-strap swimsuit outfit and her short boots on from the video. She had the ‘Songbird’ title around her belt. The crowd cheered loudly when she got to the ramp. Shakira smiled as they cheered. She took her belt and raised it up high for all to see and the crowd cheered even more as she did that. She put the belt over her shoulder as she made her way down the ramp and shook her fans’ hands. Once she got to the ring, she handed the belt to one of the attendants.

The referee calls the girls to the center of the ring and briefly explains the rules before calling for the bell. Nelly goes in to lock up with Shakira. Instead of matching Nelly and locking up with her, Shakira jumps back and sends a kick to Nelly’s chest. Nell grunts and staggers back as Shakira’s boot connects. The two start sending kicks towards each other’s sides and crotch. They each block the other’s kicks by either bringing their knee up to block or pushing away with an arm block. One of Shakira’s kicks makes it through and connects with Nelly’s arm block connecting with her ribs, making her grunt in pain and lurch a bit to the side. Shakira quickly follows that up with a hook punch to Nelly’s head making it snap to the side and Nelly to stagger back. Shakira follows up with a kick to Nelly’s stomach making her double over in pain. Shakira follows that up by jumping in the air to do a bicycle kick and dropping Nelly to the mat with a kick to the back of her neck. Shakira drops an elbow to Nelly’s back.

After the elbow drop, Shakira straddles Nelly’s back, grabs Nelly’s hair and starts to slam it down on the mat. Nelly grunts and flails her arms and legs while Shakira is slamming her head on the mat. After nearly thirty seconds of slamming Nelly’s head down on the mat, Shakira lets go of her hair.

Nelly was woozy after getting her head slammed so many times. She then reaches around her chin and interlocks her fingers. She starts to raise her knees up. She brings her right knee and foot up off the mat before slamming it into Nelly’s lower back. As she slams her knee into Nelly’s back, she yanks Nelly’s chin back making her yelp and making her flail her arms and legs. The referee starts counting as soon as Shakira applies the hold. After he gets to the five count, he moves in and makes Shakira break the hold. Nelly flops to the mat and groans in pain.

As Shakira starts to get to her feet, she takes the opportunity to drive her right knee into Nelly’s unprotected lower back making her yelp in pain. After holding her knee in Nelly’s back for a couple seconds, Shakira stands up. She doesn’t waste any time as she starts to stomp Nelly’s back and ribs. Shakira stomps her for Nelly grunted with each stomp.

Shakira doesn’t give Nelly any time to rest as she walks to Nelly’s head. Shakira leans over grabbing Nelly by her hair and slowly brings her to her feet so she could get her into a headlock. Just as Shakira gets Nelly to her feet, Nelly sends a pair of quick punches to Shakira’s gut. Shakira grunts with each punch and taken off-guard by the punches, but still has a hold of Nelly’s hair. Nelly starts to send one punch after another to Shakira’s stomach making her grunt with each punch as she tries to free herself. The punches force Shakira back to the ropes and also makes let go of Nelly’s hair.

Once that happened, Nelly stands up and sends a haymaker at Shakira. Shakira is able to duck underneath the haymaker and as she does, she sends a punch into Nelly’s exposed gut. Nelly’s cheeks puff up as she hunches over from the punch. Shakira jolts upright, puts her right hand behind Nelly’s neck and knees Nelly in the gut three times. Nelly grunts with each knee to her gut. After the knees to Nelly’s gut, Shakira knees Nelly one more time as pushes down with her right hand forcing Nelly to bend over. Shakira puts Nelly into a headlock while taking her left hand and grabs Nelly’s pants. With a little bit of effort, Shakira lifts Nelly up into the air, twirls around before slamming her down to the mat. Nelly groans in pain as she holds her back.

Shakira gets to her knees to face Nelly and grabs her hair bringing her to her feet as she stands up. She then grabs Nelly’s arm and hurdles her towards the ropes. As Nelly bounces off the ropes and heads back toward Shakira, she sees Shakira running at her. Before Nelly could do anything, Shakira spins around and extends her leg out and connects it with Nelly’s stomach making her stop in her tracks, drops to her knees holding her stomach and hunched over.

Shakira walks around to Nelly’s front, grabs her hair and forcing her to sit upright. Shakira slams her knee into Nelly’s face causing her to grunt with each hit. After a dozen knees to Nelly’s face, Shakira pulls Nelly to her feet by her hair and sends her hurdling to the corner following right behind her. Shakira slams into Nelly before she has a chance to turn around squishing her breasts into the turnbuckle and taking the breath out of her. Shakira steps back and allows Nelly to turn around. Nelly grabs onto the top ropes to steady herself. Shakira karate chops Nelly’s chest several times. She followed that up with several punches. Nelly grunts and her body jolts with each chop or punch.

Shakira then steps in, climbs up to the second ropes and pulls Nelly’s head. Shakira sends one punch after another to Nelly’s head for nearly half minute. After all the punches, Shakira holds Nelly’s head up, jumps in the air and wraps her thighs around Nelly’s neck. Shakira then falls back and spins around in a hanunkanrana sending Nelly flying to the center of the ring and falling flat on her back sprawled out.

Shakira stands up and looks at Nelly who is nearly out of it at this point. Shakira plays to the crowd a bit as she walks around the ring before returning her attention to Nelly. She walks over to her quickly strips naked and straddles her. She shakes and shimmies her ass as she lowers it onto Nelly’s face. Nelly flailed her arms and legs, albeit weakly. In order to have some fun with Nelly and to make her plan more believable, she reaches down and rips open Nelly’s top to reveal her breasts. She then grabs her breasts and starts to maul them making Nelly arch her back and scream, but that scream is muffled by Shakira’s ass. Slowly but surely, Nelly’s screaming and resistance wane. Within a minute Nelly’s resistance stops as she her arms and legs lay still on the mat.

The referee comes over and lifts her arm up and lets it drop for the first count. The referee lifts her hand up several times and lets them drop. He then calls for the bell. He raises Shakira’s hand in victory after she stands up. After he lets go of her hand, the referee grabs the belt and hands it to Shakira as she places her foot between Nelly’s breasts and poses. She smiles, waves to the cheering crowd and always angling the title into the fans’ pictures. After several minutes of pictures, Shakira looks down at the still unconscious Nelly, “You know what you have to do now.” She then heads out of the ring and to her locker room.

A little while longer, Nelly finally awakes and slowly gets to her feet before heading to her locker room. She sighs as she gets inside and kicks one of the lockers. “I’m so screwed.” Muttered Nelly as she placed her hand on that same locker and bowed her head. She stood there thinking about what to do next. She didn’t want to face the Femme Fatale girls who were just a few doors down. She also didn’t want to go against what she had agreed to with Shakira the night before. After some arguing with herself for a couple minutes, Nelly breathed deeply as she straightened herself up. “Here goes nothing.” sighed Nelly. She looks herself over and sees her torn shirt. She rips the rest of it off and tosses it in the trash as she walks out of her locker room half naked towards the Femme Fatale locker room.

She knocks on the door as she walks in, “Hey girls.” The conversation stops in the Femme Fatale room as they hear Nelly walk in. They all just look at her with a bit of a dumbfounded look.

“What do you want?” asked a snippy Melissa Joan Hart.

“I’m here to see if you girls are willing to take me in as part of your group.” asked Nelly.

“Why should we let you in, especially with your history?” asked Melissa as she stepped forward.

“I’m sorry about what happened then… just like I told you when it happened. I was caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking. I tried explaining it to you girls then, but neither you nor Britney were listening that night.” explained Nelly.

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re here now.” sniped Melissa.

“I had a falling out with Shakira, Kelly and the Gen Next girls. Kelly’s been shutting me out of Gen Next stuff soon after she took over as leader, making me leave the group. Shakira has barely been giving me the time of day. No one gave me any support when I face you. Tonight’s match with Shakira was the culmination of all that’s been going wrong for me recently.” said Nelly as her lips quivered.

“I don’t believe you.” said Melissa as she cracked her knuckles as she prepared to deck Nelly.

“Relax Melissa.” said Britney as she held back Melissa. The two looked at each other. “Please.” whispered Britney. Melissa huffed in disgust as she stepped back. Britney then turned her attention to Nelly. “Sorry about that Nelly, Melissa is just being cautious.”

“I can understand where she’s coming from Britney.” said Nelly. “I do want to join you guys. I remember we used to work together well before Madonna’s cock fight match.”

“I know we did and Brandy convinced me to set the match-up between you and Melissa to see how much you’ve changed since then. I didn’t like how things ended either, but Melissa does have a point. We don’t know how much we can trust you, especially after what you did.” said Britney.

“I understand Britney.” sighed Nelly. She then looked in Britney’s eyes with her own pleading eyes, “I do want to join you guys though. I’ve got no other place to go. I’ll do whatever you guys want.”

Britney looked back and forth between Nelly and Melissa and sighed. She put her hands on Nelly’s shoulder’s, “Tell you what, if you and Melissa accept my terms you can join our group tonight. However, it won’t be as a full-fledged member. You’ll be a quasi-member until we can trust you. You’ll be reporting to Melissa until she says you’re fully trustworthy. One of the things Melissa is helping me to do is train my sister Jamie-Lynn for the tag team tourney."

Nelly’s heart beat faster as she heard that. She looked at Melissa as Britney said the last part and saw a cruel smile come over her face. Nelly kept quiet for a second before speaking, “I… I accept those terms Britney. I’ll do whatever Melissa asks of me.”

“I like those terms, especially now that Nelly accepted the fact that she will do whatever I’m going to tell her to do.” said Melissa as she stepped forward. Nelly knew that once she spoke those word, this was going to be a tough future for her.

“That’s good to hear. Welcome to the group.” said Britney as she hugged Nelly. Britney turned to Melissa and walked toward her with a smile, “She’s all yours.”

Melissa smile cruelly as she walked past Britney towards Nelly, “First order of business for you Nelly is to get on your knees.” Nelly gulped as she watched Melissa come at her and start to order her around. If she wanted to get in their good graces, she knew she had to follow orders. She knew better then to disobey Melissa and got on her knees. Once on her knees, Melissa quickly sent a quick bitch slap to Nelly’s face making it snap to the side. Nelly grabbed her face and looked at Melissa with fiery eyes. She bit her tongue rather than face anything worse from Melissa or the rest of the Femme Fatale girls. Melissa’s smile grew as she patted Nelly’s head, “Smart girl not saying or doing anything after that bitch slap.” Melissa put her hands on her hips, “Tell me something; since you’ve been under both my and Shakira’s ass, who has the better ass and better facesitter?”

Nelly bit her lips for a second. She wanted to say that Shakira had the better ass and the better facesitter, but she knew better than to answer the question that way now. She looks up at Melissa, “You have the better ass Melissa. I hate to admit it, but when you smothered me out under your ass, I got turned on by you doing that.”

Melissa and the girls snickered as Nelly said that. Melissa smirked at Nelly, “Prove it to me that you love my ass.” She turned around and patted her jean covered pants. She looked at Nelly over her shoulder, “Kiss both my ass cheeks.” All the girls looked at what Nelly is going to do. Nelly leans in and kissed both of Melissa’s ass cheeks. After Nelly kissed her ass, Melissa turned around and looked down at her. “I’m going to have so much fun with you Nelly.”

“Can I have my clothes back that you took from me after our match?” asked a pleading Nelly.

“Aaaawwwww, poor Nelly wants her clothes back. Tell you what; let me facesit you out again and I’ll give you your clothes back.” said Melissa. Nelly sighed at Melissa’s comment, but after a few seconds of contemplation she laid on her back. Melissa scoffed at Nelly, “You must really want your clothes back.” Melissa unbuttoned her pants and took them off along with her panties. She straddled Nelly and looked her over her shoulder and saw a defeated, yet otherwise blank look on her face. Melissa slowly lowered her ass onto Nelly’s face and completely covered her face with her ass. Nelly didn’t resist her as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Melissa checked on Nelly to see if she was out every so often. Within a couple minutes, Nelly finally slipped into unconsciousness. Melissa kept her ass on Nelly’s face for a little bit longer just to make sure before standing up and putting her jeans and panties back on. She looks at the other girls, “She must either be desperate or up to something to accept your terms Britney and my treatment of her.”

“I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but keep an eye on her.” said Britney. The other girls slowly made their way out leaving only Melissa and Nelly.

It wasn’t much long after that before Nelly started stirring. Melissa nudged her with her foot, “Time to wake up sleepy head.” Nelly opened her eyes and looked around only to see Melissa in the room. Melissa extended her hand to Nelly and helped her to her feet. “Follow me to my place and you’ll get your damn clothes back.” Melissa headed out of the locker room followed by Nelly. Nelly followed Melissa to her place. There was barely a word said between them as they entered Melissa’s home and went to her room. Melissa went to her closet and grabbed the bag that had Nelly’s clothes and handed it to her, “Here are your damn clothes.”

“Thank you.” Said Nelly softly as she took the bag and checked it out. “We have a training session tomorrow afternoon with Jamie-Lynn at the address that I’m going to text you. Be there.” said Melissa.

“I’ll be there Melissa.” said Nelly as she turned around and headed out the door. Melissa smirked as she watched Nelly leave knowing that Nelly must be doing a slow burn having agreed to take orders from her knowing their history.