It has been a wild night at Stone Rage's first annual Super Bowl Bash. Already the night has seen Traci Bingham best Lindsay Lohan in a hard fought match. Perhaps the greatest Super Bowl game was shown live on the gigantic television screen to a throng of cheering celebrities and guest. Now things have broken down into one of the parties of the year. Each clique of friends have found their own area in the massive renovated warehouse and are enjoying themselves. All feuds have been put on hold for the day, and everybody is just having a great time.

Alyssa Milano has been in town all week for the big game, promoting several different events, charities and sponsors. Because of her obligations, it is well after the game and getting towards the end of the party before she arrives at Stone Rage's affair. Her new castmate from "My Name is Earl", Jamie Pressly has been accompanying her all night. Alyssa and Jamie walk through the crowded party with jaded superstars left and right.

"Alyssa!" Kelly Clarkson shouts from across the crowded room. "Alyssa!" she yells again as she rushes over to Alyssa and Jamie, followed by Shakira and Nelly Furtado. "Alyssa where have you been?" She says while giving her friend a hug. "We've been trying to call you for weeks, but you haven't returned our calls. What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing" Alyssa answers with an uneasy smile. "I got your messages.... It's just... I've been doing some thinking and this Generation Next thing really isn't working out for me. I think it's time for me to go another direction. But, I wish you guys all the luck in the future, and I'll see you around." Alyssa finishes and starts walking off.

In total shock, Shakira grabs Alyssa by the arm saying "Wait a minute, are you saying you're leaving the group?" she asks. "Just like that, no explanation, you're walking out on your friends?"

"How?" Kelly whines in confusion. "You've taught us sooo much. You helped me become Songbird Champion. Why do you want to leave us?"

Alyssa sees the hurt and betrayal in Kelly and Shakira's faces. "Look its better this way.", she replies. "You'll be fine without me. I've got to go now", and again she starts to walk a way while Shakira and Kelly starts to protest.

"Let her go!" Nelly definitively says. She has been standing back with her arms folded across her chest and wearing a scowl. "Let me explain what our girlfriend is saying." Nelly says as she walks forward. "She's saying that she doesn't need us anymore. You see when she came to me about resurrecting Gen Next, she'd just gotten kicked out of the ABA and Christina Applegate had beat her into a sniveling bitch. She needed protection from the ABA, and since nobody else would have anything to do with her, she assembled us, a bunch of misfits and trained us to protect her." Nelly pauses a moment before restarting, "Now that the ABA's off her tail and she has her "Earl Buddy" Jamie, she's abandoning us. Isn't that right Alyssa?"

"Well, for the most part, but not entirely." Alyssa carelessly answers. "Needing protection from the ABA was not the only reason for joining. After "Charmed" got cancelled, I needed Gen Next and its lineage to stay in the spotlight. Now, I've got a new TV show, movie offers and I'm even the celebrity coach for the NBA All-Star celebrity game." Alyssa proudly states. "So yeah, I don't need you anymore. We both got what we wanted. I got notoriety and you've got a legitimate catfight team. But it's over now. Why don't you go kiss each other butts or whatever you do." she ends with a smirk.

"You disgust me!" Nelly shouts accompanied with a loud SLAP across Alyssa's face. Alyssa's eyes blaze in fury and tries to attack Nelly. Jamie quickly grabs Alyssa and holds her back. Kelly and Shakira grabs Nelly and holds her as she struggles to get at Alyssa. Just as Alyssa is about to break free, old friend, Charisma Carpenter rushes over to help Jamie secure her. Finally security is able to come over and contain the situation.

Seconds later Stone Rage runs over yelling, "Nelly! 'Lyssa! What's going on? You're supposed to be friends!"

While both are still struggling to get at each other, Nelly shouts, "Let me go, and let me at that piece of trash! I'll wring her neck for using us!"

"Right now you cooky little bitch!" Alyssa screams back, "Put me in the ring with her right now, and I'll tear her apart!"

Stone Rage deeply inhales and sighs. He has no clue what has happened between these two friends, but knows one sure way to handle the situation. "Fine, we'll have a match between you two." he says calmly.

"Great, let's get in the ring right now, big mouth!" Nelly loudly interrupts.

"Just not tonight." Rage says. "Tomorrow, about 9PM right here in this ring, you can have it out. Just stop fighting tonight and let everybody enjoy what's left of this party, or the match off." Then Rage's business mind takes control. He visualizes a bonus match to the Lohan vs Bingham DVD. "And everybody that's here is invited to come watch!" he announces loudly. "Tomorrow night, one night only, Milano versus Furtado!" a huge cheer rings out for the decision, and the DJ kicks the music back in and the party resumes.

Jamie and Charisma ushers Alyssa to the other side of the room while Shakira and Clarkson pulls Nelly the opposite direction. Both set of friends make sure the two girls stay separated for the rest of the night. Antimony aside, both set of friends were not going to let Nelly or Alyssa risk the lucrative DVD sales receipts over a frivolous spat. Milano vs Furtado is going to be a reality, and a vicious, yet profitable reality.

Sure enough, Nelly and Alyssa find themselves standing in that same ring the next night. Apparently a good nights sleep did nothing to relieve the antimosity between them. Both stand in opposite corners with scowls and staring daggers at each other.

The two diminutive women are physically equally matched. Its a rare pleasure for each of them, since normally they are physically over matched against larger women. They would be close to mirror images of each other, if Nelly had not died her hair blonde recently.

Alyssa had taught Nelly much of what she knows in the ring, but never really thought that she would have to face the fruits of her own labor. There would have been no way possible for Nelly to beat Britney Spears or Rihanna without Alyssa's teachings. Regardless of what she has taught Nelly, Alyssa is certain she will destroy the young Canadian. In case she forgets that thought, Charisma Carpenter and Jamie Presley are standing in her corner constantly reminding her.

Nelly's thoughts and concerns are in a completely different direction than Alyssa's. Unknowlingly Alyssa has created an intimate sisterhood between herself, Shakira and Kelly Clarkson. Nelly always knew Alyssa had ulterior motives, but never thought she would abandon them like this. More importantly, in doing so, she has emotionally crushed her friends and for that she must pay dearly. Rihanna had defeated Nelly's good friend Alicia Keys, and in a shocking upset, Nelly made the taller, younger woman pay. Nelly wants to punish Alyssa for her transgressions against her family. Nobody messes with her family, not even their matriarch.

"I can't believe little Nelly is challenging me" Alyssa says loudly. "I guess since she couldn't grow a pair of tits, she had to grow a set of balls." Alyssa jokes. Her comments were picked up by the microphone and amplified through the warehouse, to everyone's laughter.

Nelly does not say anything in return. Her eyes narrow even more and has a vision of dragging Alyssa's limp body all over the ring. Finally she spits, "Just ring the bell."

Moments later Nelly gets her wish and the bell sounds. At the bell Nelly charges at Alyssa like a rampaging beast. Alyssa had predicted the charge, but not the ferocity in which Nelly attacks her. Alyssa waited and punched Nelly in the face as she approached, but Nelly ran right through the punch and started clobbering Alyssa with both fist all over her body, until her squealing former mentor was huddled in the corner trying desperately to cover up.

Finally after realizing she is getting mugged in the corner, Alyssa reaches out and ties up Nelly's arms as best as she could. Nelly is still able to get a hammering blow in here and there, but knows she has to work too hard to land an effective blow, so she searches for the next phase of her attack. Nelly then snares Alyssa in a head lock, and walks her out of the corner and back to the middle of the ring.

Nelly snaps Alyssa to the mat forcefully. As the senior brunette sits up and catches her bearings, Nelly sits behind her and guides Alyssa head between her legs with her hair and sinks in a figure four head scissors. Alyssa bucks and struggles to get out but can not break the hold. She tries to pull the milky white legs from around her head with her hands with little success as well.

Realizing that she has Alyssa in serious trouble, Nelly releases her head scissors unexpectedly. Then, she pulls Alyssa up to a seated position and wraps her arm around Alyssa's neck from behind, and bends her backward over her knee locking her into a Dragon Sleeper hold. Nelly smiles at the thought of an early knock out. Nelly looks forward to continuing her attack long after Alyssa is knocked out, and slinging Alyssa's unconscious body around like a rag doll for a long time to come.

However, Alyssa had other plans than getting choked out in Nelly's Dragon Sleeper. The wily veteran reaches back and claws at Nelly's face and eyes. Nelly squeals, but knows she can not allow Alyssa to get the upper hand. Nelly falls back onto her back and clamps her legs around Alyssa's middle. Then she grabs Alyssa and pulls her back, so Alyssa's body is lying on to of hers. Then Nelly brings her fore arm across the brunette's throat with a choke, while her other hand applies a claw hold on Alyssa's stomach.

Alyssa curses herself for teaching Nelly all of these devilish moves. On the positive side, since Nelly is using holds that she taught her, Alyssa also knew a counter to each maneuver. Alyssa starts firing back with her elbow, striking Nelly in the face and body. Soon Nelly is receiving more punishment than she is delivering.

Nelly FurtadoWisely Nelly abandons her hold and grabs Alyssa's wrists. She sharply pulls Alyssa's arms behind her, while at the same time places both of her feet against Alyssa's back. Alyssa finds herself seated on the canvas with both arms pulled behind her back with both of Nelly's feet against her back for leverage. Alyssa recognizes she is captured Nelly's version of a surfboard.

Alyssa's counter is to power up to her feet, which she does. Nelly is pulled off balance and releases her surfboard. Nelly quickly stands but is amazed to find Alyssa waiting for her. Alyssa scoops up the startled songbird and drops her back across her outstretched knee with a backbreaker. Then Alyssa disdainfully pushes her off of her knee.

Looking for a little revenge Alyssa puts her foot on the small of back Nelly's and wrenches her arms back with her own version of a surfboard. She delights in Nelly's grunts and groans until Nelly's struggles knocks Alyssa off balance and topples her to the mat. Both beauties end up wrestling on the mat for a while until somehow Alyssa finds herself captured in Nelly's full nelson with both beauties standing on their knees.

As Alyssa starts to power out of Nelly's full nelson, the Canadian shoves Alyssa face first to the mat. Nelly quickly rolls Alyssa over onto her back and places her knee across Alyssa's throat. Alyssa gags and desperately tries to push the choking limb off of her throat. "What's the matter Alyssa? Can't tell anymore lies when you're being choked to death?" Nelly taunts.

Alyssa heaves and bucks and knocks Nelly from her perch on top of her. Although still trying to catch her breath, Alyssa could not resist saying calling Nelly a "Damn naive fool".

Once both women have regained their feet, they lock up. Alyssa powers Nelly back into the corner and places her hand under Nelly's chin and arches her neck back. Alyssa then comes down with numerous forearm shots on Nelly's chest until the Canadian is coughing, trying to catch her breath. Alyssa wraps her arms around Nelly's slender waist and hoists her off of her feet in to a bear hug.

After roaring from the surprising power of Alyssa's bear hug, Nelly regains her awareness. She claps her hands together catching Alyssa's head in between, disorienting her foe and making her ears ring. Instinctively Alyssa drops Nelly and moves back a little. Nelly fires a kick into Alyssa's stomach with the new found room to maneuver. Alyssa loudly grunts in reaction to the foot before firing a kick of her own in retaliation. To which Nelly responds with her own grunt and another kick to Alyssa. The two former allies start trading kicks back and forth, until both are breathless and hunched over holding themselves from the belly torture they have just inflicted on each other. Finally one last kick from Nelly drops Alyssa to her knees.

Nelly puts Alyssa in a head lock with one arm and starts pounding her face with her other fist. At this point, Alyssa has an epiphany. A thought that had never occurred to her prior to the bout. That thought being that she could actually lose this match to Nelly Furtado!

"That wouldn't be good." Alyssa says to herself. In fact losing at this point would be down right horrible for her catfighting career right now. After being put down by Jeri Ryan, then losing the Bootylicious title to Alicia Silverstone in her following match, she was obviously going through a tough time in her catfight career. Next came the total humbling at Christina Applegate's hands. After being destroyed in her last three times in the ring, her reputation as an top performer is definitely waning. Now a loss to an unproven, although promising Nelly Furtado would set her back tremendously in the league.

If Alyssa was concerned about losing before, she get down right worried about it now as Nelly yanks her up to her feet and locks sleeper hold on her. Alyssa can clearly feel the numbing effects of the hold as she starts losing feeling in her extremities. Quickly Alyssa reaches behind her and grabs Nelly by the hair. After a few tugs that elicits some squeals out of Nelly, Alyssa drops to her butt and brings Nelly with her by her handfuls of hair. Nelly is brought plummeting forward for a sudden halt that gives a stunning whiplash effect sends Nelly recoiling backwards to the mat.

Both women lie on the mat for a few seconds. Spurred primarily from that fear of losing to Nelly, Alyssa is the first to move. She crawls to Nelly and grabs one of her arms and one of her legs and places her feet in the small of Nelly's back for her own bow and arrow maneuver. Nelly screams as she remembers just where she learned the bow and arrow hold. Her former mentor Alyssa, who had long mastered the manuever taught it to her.

Between Nelly's squirming and the sweat on the Canadian's arm, Alyssa is having a tough time keeping her grip on Nelly's arm. Either way, she is not able to put as much pressure on Nelly's back as she would like. Finally in pure frustration she lets go of Nelly's arm and grabs a handful of hair. Then she is able to pour on the pressure to Nelly's back with devastating force. Nelly screams in agony as her back is bent into an unnatural position. The referee immediately reprimands Alyssa for the illegal hair pull, and stars counting for her to break the hold. Then with another grunt of frustration, Alyssa releases her hold and kicks Nelly away.

Alyssa is barking in frustration as she stands and drives her heel into Nelly's downed body. With the Canadian beauty suffering and tiring, Alyssa decides to add to her displeasure by yanking her up by the hair. Alyssa shoves Nelly back into the corner. Then the actress drives her shoulder into the midsection of the trapped singer over and over again. Nelly's back is sending SOS distress signals to her brain. Alyssa had already damaged Nelly's back with her bow and arrow hold. Slamming her back into the turnbuckle repeatedly certainly is not helping at all.

After Alyssa was more than sure that she had knocked the breath out of her foe, she straightens up then raises her foot up until it is pressed against Nelly's throat. Alyssa then grabs the top ropes with both hands for leverage to apply more force and chokes Nelly very effectively. Nelly flails, struggles, and gags.

Although Nelly started fast, observers were starting to realize the youngster is having troubles maintaining pace with the veteran Milano. As the grueling match marched on, Nelly appears to weaken while her wiley opponent picks up the pace. Alyssa's assault focused on limiting Nelly's oxygen supply seems to be the absolute perfect maneuver to accelerate Nelly's demise.

Just as it seems that Nelly's struggles were about to end, the crafty youngster lashes out with her feet. Her foot finds Alyssa in a very vulnerable position. With one foot firmly on the mat, and the other extended high and pressing against Nelly's throat, Alyssa's legs are stretched into an obtuse angle. The vertex of the angle is Alyssa's unprotected crotch. Perhaps it is plain luck, but Nelly somehow manages to kick Alyssa in her pussy with authority. Alyssa shrieks in pain and surprise and brings her legs together and crouches over. Nelly's head is still swooning but she finds the strength to lash out again and kicks Alyssa in the face, dropping her to the mat.

Nelly is out of breath, tired, hurting, and just wanted to quit, but she knew this is her only time to attack. She knows how Alyssa likes to wear down her opponents, and punish them. "The little witch never gets tired", she used to often comment. If she is going to win this fight, and get revenge for her family, she is going to have to do it now. Even though Nelly is physically spent, she still has emotional reserves available. Nelly calls on that pure emotion to push past the fatigue and to hurt Alyssa.

As Alyssa starts to regain her feet, Nelly grabs two handfuls of hair and slings her over backwards to the mat. Alyssa lands hard, and the back of her head strikes the mat. Nelly slumps back against the ropes still gasping for breath. Seconds later Alyssa again starts rising to her feet. This time Nelly charges forward, and plows the brunette down with a clothes line. Alyssa again finds herself flat on her back with the back of her head again taking the brunt of the fall. Alyssa rise much slower this time, allowing Nelly to capture her by the head and fall back executing a DDT. Alyssa's body flops around on the mat while shock waves of pain flows through her body. Nelly pushes past the fatigue and rises to her feet, then reaches down and pulls Alyssa up. Nelly captures Alyssa around the neck again to execute a second DDT. Nelly draws a little encouragement from the roaring crowd, and the look of total pain on the prone Alyssa's face. She forces her self to rise one more time, then pull Alyssa up to execute on more DDT. Alyssa hits the canvas with a thud, and lies lifelessly on the canvas, nearly out of it.

Nelly allows the emotion of Alyssa's betrayal to flow unrestrained through her body. The fatigue went away. The only thing that remains is the uncontrollable urge to hurt Alyssa. A mean sneer comes across Nelly's face. She straddles Alyssa and pushes aside her bikini top, allowing Alyssa's firm, perky breast to pop free. "Naughty little trick!" Nelly loudly remarks as she sinks both claws into Alyssa's tits.

Although a legendary catfighter like Alyssa is not going down that easy. Alyssa reaches up and grab Nelly by her shoulders. Then with a sharp twist, she is able to topple Nelly from on top of her. As the two lie side by side on the mat, Nelly's determination to not allow Alyssa to escape her vengeance flairs. Even while Alyssa starts clawing at Nelly's eyes and face in retaliation, Nelly is determined to squeeze Alyssa's breast even harder. Nelly rises to her feet and roars in exertion as fingers strengthened from a life time of playing guitars and keyboards, squeeze Alyssa's tits even harder. Alyssa makes it up to her knees as Nelly's breast assault takes her breath away. She whimpers and her face contorts in agony. Alyssa can not find the strength to rise any further. Her resistance is quickly fading, and she remains there on her knees knowing her young rival is certainly about to breast maul her way to victory.

Jamie PresslySeeing Alyssa in deep trouble, Jamie Pressly climbs onto the ring apron, and starts arguing with the referee about Nelly's tactics. Charisma Carpenter climbs on the apron as well and helps Jaime to distract the referee and give Alyssa a chance to find a way to escape, by any means necessary. Unfortunately Alyssa could not find the strength to escape by either fair or foul methods. Nelly's vengeance is raining down and drowning Alyssa's resistance. "Give it up you little backstabbing snot!" Nelly angrily demands. "Apologize to Shakira and Kelly and I might let you leave this ring with your boobies still on your chest!"

Alyssa's tits are hurting so bad, that she felt like pissing on herself. Suddenly winning and losing did not matter anymore, just getting away from this angry young woman. She grabs at Nelly's wrist and desperately tries to pull them away, as she has been doing since Nelly captured her proud assets. Just as many times before it resulted in absolute failure. "Okay you win, let go." Alyssa says through gritted teeth. Normally that confession would have stopped the match, if Jamie and Charisma did not have the referee's attention.

Seeing the fruits of Jamie and Charisma's interference, Kelly and Shakira decide to put an end to their meddling in Gen Next affairs. Both Gen Next ladies race to the opposite corner and Clarkson grabs Jamie's ankles and Shakira grabs Charisma's ankles. With a quick jerk, they yanks their rivals off of the ring apron to the arena floor. Kelly and Shakira starts clobbering Alyssa's new friends, trying to eliminate them from influencing the fight. Although they quickly find that attacking mean, honry and tough older women is not as great of an idea as it at first seemed. Charisma and Jaime start fighting back, and fighting back with a vengeance. The trade blow for blow with the Bootylicious Champion and the Songbird Champion.

Nelly smiles knowing she has found the perfect way to punish Alyssa. Nelly is very aware of how proud Alyssa is of her impressive ta ta's. She feels fantastic with Alyssa whimpering on her knees while she stands over Alyssa ripping her tits to shreds. Alyssa whimpers and vainly tries to pull Nelly's hands away pleading, "Stop it... Get off me you lil bitch... I'm not joking... Get off me!"

"But you are a joke." Nelly replies. "An abusive, tired joke that is not funny anymore." Then the commotion outside the ring gains Nelly's attention. She see her friends batting Alyssa's friends and the tide of that battle is turning against Kelly and Shakira. Nelly's eyes widen and she releases Alyssa's tits and walks toward the ropes near the brawl on the arena floor. Nelly watches the situation for a few seconds, looking for the best way to help her team mates. Suddenly Alyssa charges Nelly from behind and leaps at Nelly's back with her knee leading. Alyssa's knee collides into the small of Nelly' back and propels her tumbling through the ropes outside of the ring.

The force of Alyssa's strike not only knocked Nelly out of the ring, but into the four battling women outside the ring. Charisma, Jamie, Kelly Shakira and Nelly all find themselves in a big pile one the floor outside the ring. Alyssa watches as all five women start rising to their feet. "Hey Gen Shit Pussies!" Alyssa shouts from the ring while standing near the ropes. Kelly, Nelly and Shakira all turn angrily to face Alyssa, just as she launches herself over the top rope and hurdling towards the collection of singers. Seeing 'Air Milano' take flight, Jamie and Charisma leap out of the way just in time, allowing Alyssa to land on top of her former team mates.

The ringside area is starting to look like total carnage scene with bodies scattered across the floor. Slowly Alyssa rises to her feet first from the pile. Jamie and Charisma know what to do. Charisma grabs the recovering Kelly, brings her up to her knees and rams her knee into Kelly's face. Jamie reacts by bringing Shakira to her knees then slugging her in the jaw. Both Kelly and Shakira fall back to the floor, seeing stars. Alyssa shakes off her cob webs as Nelly is slowly rising to her knees as well. Alyssa quickly fires off a kick to Nelly's head, and watches gleefully as the singer dizzily sinks back to the floor.

Charisma, Jamie and Alyssa are like sharks who smell blood in the water at this point. They know their foes are hurt, and prime to be taken out. Charisma gabs Kelly and hauls her to her feet. She pushes the singer back against the security wall separating the fans and ringside. Then she lays into Kelly's head and face with forearm blows. The helpless Texan's head bounces from one shoulder to the other, as the dazed, knock kneed singer can only stand and reel from blow after blow.

Jamie snatches Shakira to her feet with two large handfuls of her dirty blonde hair. First, Jamie whips Shakira's head from side to side to further disorient the already addle Bootylicious champion. Second, Jamie ushers Shakira to the ring and slams her face into the ring apron repeatedly. With each time that Shakira's face crashes into the canvas, Jamie can feel her victim's body slacken. Jamie knows the singer does not have much resistance left. Definitely not enough to make a difference at this point.

As Alyssa hauls Nelly to her feet, she finds the young Canadian is determined to finish what she has started. Nelly shoves Alyssa away and lashes out with a quick kick. Unfortunately, Alyssa catches Nelly's foot before it lands, then pushes her backwards off balance with the limb. Nelly falls to her back, and Alyssa is on top of her in an instant. Alyssa opens a two fisted assault to Nelly's face. Once her fist started to hurt, Alyssa grabs two handfuls of Nelly's hair, and starts dribbling her head on the arena floor.

With Kelly punch drunk from her forearm shots, Charisma tucks Kelly's head under her arm and falls back, DDTing the young Texan to the very hard arena floor. Kelly's body limply comes to rest spread eagle on the floor.

Jamie has smashed Shakira's face into he ring apron so many times that her tongue is hanging out and her eyes are crossed. Jamie draws Shakira back and looks at her standing on powerless, wobbly legs, with only Jamie's firm grasp on Shakira's hair keeping her upright. Jamie turns Shakira to face her, then places her hands under Shakira's hips and hoists her off of her feet. Shakira's defeated body folds over Jamie's shoulder like a bath towel over a bath rack. Jamie pitches forward and slams Shakira to the floor with a resounding smack. The back of Shakira's head bounces and the impact to her back knocks the breath out of her body, from Jamie's Alabama Slam. Shakira lies squished on the floor like someone had thrown a ball of wet clay on the floor.

Nelly FurtadoSeeing she has pounded Nelly senseless, Alyssa rolls her victim over onto her stomach, then climbs onto Nelly's back. Alyssa uses a handful of Nelly's hair to wrench Nelly's torso off the ground into Alyssa's version of a Camel Clutch. Alyssa adds to the screaming Canadian's torment by gripping Nelly's face and nose to wrench her body back even further.

"You stupid little weirdo", Alyssa yells, "Of course I'm glad to be away from you freaks!" she continues between yanks of hair. "You should be happy to just have somebody like me associated with you in the first place!"

Jamie and Charisma leave the semi conscious Shakira and Kelly to walk over and help Alyssa berate and taunt a suffering, screaming Nelly. Nelly is obviously distraught. First, she feels the humiliation, anguish, and pain of being in her enemy's clutches and at Alyssa's mercy. Second, the wicked contortion that Alyssa has placed her in has her already aching spine in agony. Nelly tells herself that she has had enough of this lying, betrayful witch.

Alyssa suddenly awakens from her vengeful trance by the deafening loud boos cascading down on her from the audience. She and her cohorts had been so engrossed in hurting her rivals they had not noticed them before. She releases Nelly and stands over her victim. Alyssa slowly looks around taking in the scene. Alyssa's sees the referee calling for the bell for the hundredth time after ruling the contest a double count out. She hates this bad public display, but some things must be done. Putting to rest her career and relationship to Generation Next is one of those things. She would have to endure the bad press from this brutal attack.

However, Alyssa has no intentions of a rematch with Nelly or any other match with Shakira or Kelly. She considers herself lucky to come out of this evening with a draw in the record books, and the moral vitory of leaving Generation Next destroyed on the arena floor. After being captured in Nelly's double tit claw, Alyssa knows she is lucky to not to have this go down as another loss. She wants no parts of the skillful young singer in the ring ever again.

Alyssa stoops over Nelly and warns, "You'll get a worst ass kicking next time if you're stupid enough to try to get back at me. Do you hear me bitch?" Nelly does not respond. She only lies face down, holding the back of her neck and crying.

Alyssa gathers Jamie and Charisma and head back toward the locker room. She leaves behind two broken bodies of Kelly and Shakira, a crying Nelly and her life in Generation Next behind.

Alyssa completes one of the most memorable Super Bowl Weekends of all time. She looks forward to the upcoming NBA All-Star Game weekend. She is the honorary coach of the celebrity basketball game. She loves the opportunity to be back in the spotlight. Gabrielle Union is coaching the other celebrity team. She and Gabrielle have always been friendly towards each other. Of course if Gabrielle chooses to get out of line, then Gabrielle should better ask Nelly about crossing Alyssa before she acts.


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