Rihanna & Katy Perry vs Britney Spears & Jamie-Lynn Spears


For several weeks Rihanna and Shakira shot the video “Can’t remember to forget you”. They were having a lot of fun with each other during the shooting. They had just finished up shooting when they started heading back to their trailers. “The video shoot was awesome. I’ve been looking to do a duet with you for a while and it was so exciting to do one with you. How’d you get Gerard to let you do the video with me?” Said Rihanna as she hugged Shakira.

“I’m glad I did the duet with you too. You’re such an amazing performer, in more ways than one. When I mentioned you, he was more than willing to let me do the shoot with you.” smiled Shakira as she put her hand on Rihanna’s forearm.

“I bet he’d be excited to hear about and then see us feel each other up in the video. I know it was exciting and a turn on for me.” said Rihanna as she looked over Shakira.

“It was exciting for me too. You’re definitely the sexiest woman I know. It felt like we were having sex without actually having sex.” said Shakira as she leaned in to Rihanna.

“Well, there’s nothing stopping us from actually having sex. I wouldn’t mind sharing bed the sheets with you.” smirked Rihanna as she leaned forward too.

“I wouldn’t want to break Kelly’s heart by sleeping with another woman, especially one that’s as sexy and seductive as you.” said Shakira.

“I’m sure she’d understand after seeing our music video. Besides, I don’t think she’d mind at all and I never got to say ‘Thank You’ for helping me train for my match with Beyonce. It’ll bring us all closer together. I like it when someone is in charge between the sheets and who better than you for that.” Rihanna smirked as she put her hand on Shakira’s cheek and could tell she had Shakira hooked. Shakira looked in Rihanna’s eyes and smiled making Rihanna smile back at her. After some more banter between the two made their way back to Shakira’s suite where the tow promptly started making out and undressing each other.

Shakira has Rihanna lay on the bed before walking over to her bureau and pulling out and putting on a strap-on dildo. She gives Rihanna a seductive look as she walks back to her, “I’m in charge, right?” Rihanna bites her lip, nods and opens her legs. Shakira crawls on the bed and hooks Rihanna’s legs. She slides the dildo into Rihanna’s pussy and starts to fuck her. Shakira then leaned in to kiss Rihanna and as she kisses her, Shakira brings her hands to Rihanna’s breasts to massage them and twist her nipples. Shakira soon breaks the kiss and looks in Rihanna’s eyes, “You like it on the rough side?” Rihanna moans and nods. Shakira smirks, “That’s good to know. Kelly didn’t like it too rough.” Shakira continued to fuck Rihanna missionary as hard as she could and play with her breasts/nipples for a couple minutes until she climaxed.

She took the dildo out and had Rihanna flip over before proceeding to fuck her doggy-style. Shakira starts to spank Rihanna’s ass and grabs Rihanna’s hair and pulls it but not too roughly as she doesn’t want to go overboard with her roughness, especially on the first time around with Rihanna. Rihanna yelps a bit, but otherwise doesn’t say anything. As she was already excited from being fucked missionary, Rihanna climaxes fairly quickly. Shakira continues to fuck her and get several more climaxes out of her before pulling the dildo out of her. Shakira then crawls up to the top of the bed, sits up and spreads her legs. She has Rihanna clean the dildo off before the two lie next to each other and cuddle. “You’ve got an amazing ass Rihanna. Thanks for letting me be rough with you while I fucked you.”

“Thanks Shakira. I can see why Kelly likes you so much. You sure do know how to fuck someone. Maybe I can make you cum one of these days.” replied Rihanna.

“That day will come. By the way, how’s your training going for the tag match you have coming up?” asked Shakira.

“It’s going pretty good. Maybe you can give me and Katy some pointers before the match.” said Rihanna.

“I’d love to, especially now that you’re a new lover of mine. Besides, Nelly and Brandy have each been leaving me messages about their training.” replied Shakira as she kissed Rihanna on the lips.

“Thanks.” Said Rihanna smiling as she kissed Shakira back. Over the next few days, Shakira did indeed help Rihanna and Katy with their training. Neither let on that they had become intimate.

“Bring your left guard up Jamie! Front kick… Front Kick!!” orders Britney hectically from the corner kneeling as she watches her spar with Melissa Joan Hart in their tag-team prep match. Jamie did her best to listen to Britney, but they were too late as Melissa had Jamie on the defensive. Jamie was backpedaling when she sent a front kick which was easily blocked by Melissa and countered with a knee to her stomach. Jamie grunted and hunched over. Melissa yanked her upright by her hair, pushed her against the ropes and peppered her body with punches. Jamie was too weakened by this point to put up much of a fight. It wasn’t much after Melissa started punching that Jamie dropped to her knees. Melissa sends several right-left-right combos to Jamie’s head and watched as her head snapped from side to side.

“Time for your lights to go out.” smirked Melissa as she leaned forward towards an unsteady Jamie before taking a few big steps back. Melissa charges at Jamie to send a side-kick to her jaw and as if on queue Jamie leans forward and right in the path of the kick. Jamie emits a soft groan from the kick as her body reels back from the kick onto the ropes and then forward flopping onto the mat. Melissa flips the now unconscious Jamie onto her back, puts her foot on her chest and counts to three.

Britney sighs and puts her head down while this happens. Melissa then looks at Britney after the pin, “How many times have I pinned her so far in these sparring matches? Is it 4?”

“I think so. How’s she doing?” asked Britney as she slowly got to her feet.

“She’s definitely getting better. She’s more focused, made fewer mistakes and gave me a hell of a fight the last couple times around.” said Melissa.

The girls started wrapping things up at the gym and heading to the showers. Jamie was the last one to make it to the showers. Jamie saw Britney as she was coming out of the showers, “I hope I make you proud in our tag match Brit.”

Britney places a hand on her shoulder, “I’m sure you will Jamie. No matter what though, you’re still my sister and I love you. You got that?”

“Yeah, I got it. I love you too.” nods Jamie as she hugs Britney before heading in to shower up.

As she is showering up, Melissa comes up to the shower stall next to her and leans up against the top of the barrier and speaks in a low voice, “You know you have to step up during the match. You also have to stop throwing the fights when I spar with you.”

“It’s not like I’m trying to throw the fights. It’s just that you’re more experienced than I am and I want to learn from you… and Britney and the rest of you girls. I’m not that worried about the fight. Rihanna’s the only real threat we’re going to face in the match. Katy doesn’t seem so scary.” said Jamie.

“Never underestimate your opponent Jamie, no matter what.” replied Melissa. “Besides, is it my fighting experience you’re looking for or is it my and Brandy’s occasional ‘spearing’ of you that you want?”

Jamie looked a bit surprised at her and blushed a little. When she finally composed herself, she replied, “Well… both actually. You’re a good teacher and good at ‘spearing’ me. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from you. I’m not sure how long we can keep the whole ‘spearing’ thing a secret from Britney.”

“I’m not sure either. I’m sure one more night at my place won’t raise any suspicion.” said Melissa.

“Will it be Mistress Melissa tonight?” smirked Jamie.

“Sure, why not?” winked Melissa. “You like it when I boss you around, don’t you?”

“I do.” smiled Jamie.

Melissa then walked around to the edge of Jamie’s shower stall, untied her robe letting it fall to the ground, “Why wait until tonight?” She entered Jamie’s stall where the two embraced and started kissing.

Over a week later, the day of the match arrives and both teams arrive at the TD Garden for the match. They head to their respective locker rooms to make final preparations. Britney and Jamie were the first ones to be called to the ring. Jamie was the first one to be introduced. She came in with the song: “Chillin’ With You.” She was wearing a tank top, booty shorts and calf high boots. She got some cheers, but not too loudly. She smiled and waved to her fans as she went to the ring.

Britney was introduced next to her song “Work bitch!” She was wearing a black pants, bra, gloves and boots outfit from the video. She got a lot of cheers from the crowd. She smiled, blew kisses and waved to the crowd as she made her way to the ring. As she got to the ring, she hugged Jamie.

A moment later, Katy was introduced next to her song “Dark Horse”. She wore the white dress from her ‘Dark Horse’ video, along with some blue highlights in her hair, some make-up on her face to give her a look of ancient Egyptian royalty and a pair of flats for her feet. She got a large applause and some catcalls as she came down the aisle. She waved at her fans as she headed to the ring. As she slid into the ring, she made sure to stay away from the Spears sisters. She taunted them a bit by jutting out her ass, flipping up her dress briefly and slapping her ass. She got a glare from Britney as she did that.

Rihanna was introduce next to the song “Pour it up”. She had the bra and panties outfit from the video. Instead of the platform shoes, she had a pair of short boots. She got a huge a amount of cheers as she appeared. She had a huge smile as she came down the aisle and shook a few of her fans’ hands. She slid into the ring near Katy and stood near her.

The referee called the two pairs of girls to the center of the ring to explain the rules before calling for the bell. Jamie and Katy headed to their respective corners leaving Britney and Rihanna.

Britney goes to lock up with Rihanna, but instead, Rihanna takes a step back and takes a couple quick jabs at Britney’s exposed chest. Britney grunts and takes a step back and brings her fists up watching Rihanna bring her fists up too. The two exchanged blows and kicks with each other, albeit most of the punches and some of the kicks were blocked. One of Rihanna’s kicks finds Britney’s stomach and hard. Britney grunts from the kick, takes a step back but somehow keeps upright. The two continued exchanging blows, but the kick to her stomach hampered Britney a bit. The two continued with their assault on each other. More of Rihanna’s punches and kicks were getting through Britney’s defenses as she slowly forced her to the ropes. As more of her punches and kicks connected, Britney’s defenses lowered.

As she forced Britney to the ropes, Rihanna steps in and knees Britney in the gut making her hunch over and hold her gut. Rihanna karate slaps Britney’s chest several times making her yelp in pain. Rihanna then leans in to grab one of Britney’s arms and whispers in her ear: “I love you and all Britney, but you’re getting slow and weak in your old age.” She then hurdles Britney across the ring to the other ropes before bouncing off the ropes to meet Britney. Before the two met up, Britney launches herself at Rihanna tackling her and straddling her body on the way down. Britney sends a flurry of right punches to Rihanna’s face. Rihanna grunts as she is tackled by Britney and with each punch to her head. With each punch to her head, the back of her head slams against the mat. Jamie and all of Britney’s fans were cheering her on with each punch.

As she was getting punched, Rihanna was able to bring her hands up and start pushing up on Britney’s jaw. Britney grimaced her teeth and flailed her arms a bit at Rihanna’s face trying to hit it as Rihanna forced her head back. Britney then screamed loudly, not once but twice as Rihanna slammed her knee into her pussy. Rihanna then repositions one of her hands to grab one of Britney’s breasts and pushes her off of her. Jamie and the crowd wince at the knee and watch as Britney holds herself and groans in pain on the mat.

Rihanna shakes her head a bit as she turns her attention to Britney. She slides up, wraps her legs around Britney’s head in a figure four leg scissors and squeezes. Britney’s eyes widen as she gasps for air and brings her hands up to try and relieve the pressure on her neck. After the five-count, the referee steps in and tells Rihanna to release the hold. Rihanna releases the hold briefly only to reapply it. The referee once again does the five-count before asking Rihanna to release the hold. This time, Rihanna doesn’t reapply the hold. She watches as Britney gasps for air and coughs a couple times. Rihanna grabs Britney’s hair from behind and pulls her up to her feet before twirling her around to face her.

“You beat Shakira for the Bootylicious title…” said Rihanna as she hit Britney with a left-right punch combo “…then you dominated Kelly to defend it…” She hit Britney with another left-right combo “…how did that happen if I can beat your ass so easily; and with your sister having a VIP seat, no less?” taunts Rihanna as she punctuated her attack with a right-left-right combo and then an uppercut which sent Britney reeling into the ropes. It was the ropes that saved her from falling to the hard mats outside.

Britney was breathing hard at this point and holding onto the ropes for dear life just to stand up. Rihanna roundhouse kicks Britney in the jaw with her right snapping Britney’s head to the side. Rihanna then roundhouse kicked Britney with her left leg. Rihanna then stared spinning around alternating between spinning to the left a few times and a few times to the right. As she spun around she sent one roundhouse kick after another to Britney’s face using left and right roundhouse kicks alternatively.

Jamie tried to enter the ring several different times to help Britney, but the referee blocked her path each time and forced her back into the corner. Britney grunted with each kick before Rihanna finally stopped kicking her. Rihanna smirked at Britney as her body convulsed on the ropes. Britney wobbles forward a step from the ropes before falling like a tree before Rihanna’s feet and flopping on the mat. It was barely a couple minutes into the match and Rihanna had effectively beaten Britney and all she had to do now was pin her for the win. She didn’t want to do that just yet, she wanted to have a little more fun with Britney and some fun with Jamie as well.

Rihanna looked at Jamie in the corner that had a mix of sadness and anger at how easily Britney was beaten. She wanted to have her sister’s back and do right by her. “Don’t worry Jamie, you’ll be on your back like your sister soon enough.” taunted Rihanna as she smirked at Jamie. Jamie snarled back at her. She took the bait as she came through the ropes again and got past the referee. She screamed as she ran towards Rihanna and right into a kick that slammed into her stomach. Jamie doubled over from the kick. Rihanna slammed her knee into Jamie’s forehead making her upright. She sent a combo attack at Jamie’s head and chest which sent her back to the corner. Rihanna finished the attack with a spin kick to Jamie’s chest which sent her hurdling back into the corner and on her ass. Rihanna scoffs at her, “Easy, just like your sister.”

Rihanna turned her attention back to Britney who was stirring on the mat. She was on her side trying to get to her knees. Rihanna kicks Britney to her stomach and quickly proceeds to stomp her while on the mat. Britney grunts and her body jolts with each stomp. After a half dozen stomps, Rihanna reaches down and pulls Britney up by her hair. Rihanna rocked Britney’s body with one punch after another to her stomach and chest forcing her back to the corner. Britney feebly tried to block the punches. Rihanna finally forced Britney to the corner. Katy reached around, wrapped her fingers around Britney’s chin and pulled back hard making Britney flail her arms. Rihanna used this time to use Britney’s body as a punching bag further weakening her. The referee comes over and has Katy release Britney’s jaw. Britney lurches forward a bit only to get rocked again by Rihanna’s punches. After a few more punches, Rihanna bends over and starts slamming her shoulder into Britney’s gut.

“Rihanna… behind you!” yells Katy. At the last second, Rihanna stood up and spun away and watch as Jamie’s kick sail by her and between Britney’s legs making her yell loudly and drop to the ground holding herself.

“Shit! I’m sorry Brit!” apologized Jamie as she covered her mouth. Rihanna took the advantage of Jamie’s distraction as she sends a kick to Jamie’s midsection. Jamie doubles over from the kick holding herself. Rihanna jumps up, does a bicycle kick bringing her heel down on Jamie’s neck which sends her to the mat in a thud. Rihanna once again pulls Britney up to her feet by her hair, brings her near Jamie and shoves her head between her legs. Rihanna lifts Britney up in the air and power-bombs her onto Jamie’s body. Both Britney and Jamie groan as their bodies collided.

Rihanna smirks confidently at the Spears sisters as she heads to Katy to tag her in. “This should be easy enough for you. I already did the heavy lifting.”

“Thanks Rihanna. It was a work of art watching you fight. I’ll make sure not to screw this up for you.” smirked Katy as she stepped in.

Katy went over to Britney, brought her up to her feet and started off with a bear-hug. Britney groaned and weakly slapped at Katy’s back. Katy taunts her, “Is that all you got left? Rihanna’s right, you really are getting old.” Katy squeezes tighter. Katy leans her head and starts kissing Britney just as she raises her knee up several times into Britney’s pussy. Britney’s eyes widen and her screams are muffled by Katy’s kiss. After the count, the referee comes in and tells Katy to release the hold making Katy smirk at him.

Just as she was about to release Britney, Katy unhooks Britney’s bra and takes it off as she releases the hold. Britney instinctively covered her breasts. Katy pouts as Britney covers up, “Afraid of showing us your twins? Here let me help you with that.” Katy sends a kick to Britney making her double over again. Katy then pulls Britney’s head in between her legs, hooks her arms and does the pedigree. Britney grunts as her head hits the mat and rolls onto her back. Everyone watched as Britney’s breasts jiggled for all to see. Katy took her time as she stripped Britney naked starting with the gloves she was wearing all the way down to her boots and tosses them out of the ring. Britney was so beaten and weak that she gave token resistance other than a few whimpers and groans.

Katy steps to Britney’s side and places her foot between her breasts. The referee comes over and starts to count Britney. As the referee counts, Katy sees Jamie running at her… more like a stumbling run and before he gets to three, Katy takes her foot off Britney’s chest. Katy jumps forward and uses the leg she had on Britney to roundhouse kick Jamie in the jaw sending her stumbling back and onto her back. Katy then steps back to Britney, stands on Britney’s stomach and slowly grinds away. Britney’s eyes bulge, cheeks puff up and weakly flails her arms and legs as Katy stands on her. “You want to fight me Jamie?” Katy yells at Jamie who in turn nods at her. Katy can see the anger in her eyes darting out at her. She yells back at her, “I’ll toss Britney in the corner so you can tag in. Got it?” Jamie nods again. Katy then steps off of Britney and carefully picks brings her to her feet.

“You’re one crazy bitch Katy. I’ll get you for this.” warns Britney as Katy grabs her and tosses her towards the corner.

“I’ll take that challenge just to show everyone that I’m the better wrestler and the future.” says Katy as watches Britney staggers towards the corner and falls on her ass in the corner. Katy turns to Jamie and watches with a smirk as she gets up and makes her way to Britney. As Jamie makes her way over Katy brings her hands up and ‘shoos’ Jamie towards Britney. Jamie briefly steps out tags Britney and comes back in. Katy smirks and licks her lips as she sees Jamie enter the ring.

Jamie comes towards Katy and the two begin to circle each other. Jamie feigns a left jab and sends a right hook towards Katy; but she doesn’t fall for the attack as she leans her head back, grabs Jamie’s right wrist and twists it making Jamie squeal in pain. She sends several kicks to Jamie’s midsection. Katy then reaches out with her free hand and grabs Jamie’s throat pulling Jamie closer. Katy sends several knees into Jamie’s already aching stomach. Katy then releases her holds on Jamie and quickly starts to send one punch after another to Jamie’s head and chest before she could respond. Jamie grunts with each hit as she is forced back towards the ropes. Katy then tops her assault off with a deep gut punch making Jamie double over. Katy brings her free hand over to grab Jamie’s hair and pulls her upright. Katy ties up Jamie’s hands around the top ropes before taking a step back. Katy grabs Jamie’s tank top and rips it open to reveal her torso, but most especially her breasts.

Katy briefly grabs Jamie’s breasts and smirks, “Such nice breasts you have.” Katy then releases Jamie’s breasts as she starts to karate chop Jamie’s chest alternatively using her left and right hands. Jamie screams with each chop. Once she slapped her a few times with each hand, Katy gets a cruel smirk on her face as she holds up her hands like a pair of claws. She then lunges at Jamie’s abs and applies a gut claw with both hands. Jamie gets a hold of the ropes, groans and heaves forward a bit as Katy claws her gut. After the five-count, the referee comes in and has Katy stop.

The referee quickly checks with Jamie and releases her arms from the ropes. Just as the referee turns to see where Katy is, Katy steps around the referee with a hand faux shocked face, says “Peekaboo” just as she puts a hand over her mouth and punches Jamie in the gut making her hunch over and fall to her knees.

She looks at the referee with a smirk and wink as she steps in front of Jamie, “Excuse me.” She then pulls Jamie’s hair back with her left hand and sends a series of slaps and backhands to Jamie’s face making her grunt and head snap from side to side. After a half dozen of each, Katy switches things up and starts to knee Jamie’s face. After a handful of knees, Katy releases Jamie’s head after the final knee and watches as her head goes back and torso wobbles around. Katy holds her knee and calf as she watches Jamie’s torso and head and as her head comes back towards her, Katy extends her foot out connecting with Jamie’s head and doing a standing split. Jamie grunts and her body jolts from the kick for few seconds before it falls to the mat. Katy takes this opportunity to strip Jamie naked as well and toss her clothes outside the ring. Like her sister before her, Jamie offers token resistance.

After stripping Jamie naked, Katy steps to Jamie’s side, rolls her onto her back and jumps up in the air. As she lands, Katy slams one of her feet into Jamie’s stomach making Jamie scream and her body jolt. Katy does this several times before stopping. Katy then leans over to pull Jamie to her feet before putting her head between her thighs. Katy spanks and grabs each of Jamie’s ass cheeks several, “Such a nice firm ass.” After a few second delay, Katy wraps her arms around Katy and gets her upside down. Katy keeps her like that for a couple seconds before dropping to her knees and letting go of Jamie. Jamie gives another grunt as her head hits the mat and then falls to the mat.

Katy rolls Jamie over to her back before she stands up, fixes her dress a bit and fluffs her hair as she steps to Jamie’s side. She puts her right foot between Jamie’s breasts and flexes for the crowd. The referee comes over and does the three count even though it’s obvious Jamie has been knocked out and Britney is in no condition to help. The referee calls for the bell and for Rihanna to enter the ring. He raises the hands of the tag team victors and the crowd cheers them. Both Rihanna and Katy do and impromptu Egyptian style dance like Katy had in her ‘Dark Horse’ video.

Katy whispers in Rihanna’s ear making her smile. Rihanna smiles at her and says ‘Ok’. They each grab part of Jamie and bring her to one of the corners and put her in a sitting position. Katy turns her back to Jamie, hikes up the dress to reveal her thong and gives Jamie a stink face. She does it to the enjoyment of the crowd, but not to Britney as she helplessly watches. After she had her fun with Jamie, Katy steps forward and watches as Rihanna steps in and stink faces Jamie as well.

After Rihanna finishes with Jamie, she stands up and both she and Katy walk over to Britney. Katy gets a big grin on her face as she gets close, “Your turn Britney, get your nose ready.” Katy steps into Britney, turns around, hikes up her dress and presses her ass down on Britney’s face as she does the stink face. She spends a little more time with Britney and ignores her groans during the whole stink face. She then steps away, then turns and faces Britney. Rihanna then steps in and stink faces Britney as well. She too took longer with Britney than she did with Jamie with the stink face. After she was done, she stood next to Katy who asked rhetorically, “You enjoy the stink face we each gave you?”

“Fuck off bitch.” snarls Britney at Katy.

“Wrong answer.” pouts Katy as she steps forward with her left and sends a right kick to Britney’s jaw knocking her out.

Katy and Rihanna went back to their locker room arm in arm and then later to a club to celebrate their win.

As Rihanna and Katy were out partying, Kelly Clarkson sent a text to Rihanna, “Congrats on your dominant victory tonight… btw, you looked hot in your ring outfit tonight.”

“Thanks Kelly. Did you get excited at my hot outfit and dominant performance?” texted Rihanna.

“Yes.” texted Kelly.

“I knew you would. Hope to see you soon.” texted Rihanna

“I hope so too and for another bedroom performance too. Bye for now.” sent Kelly. After their goodbye texts, Rihanna continued partying with Katy at the club.

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