Introducing Femme Fatale


“Please Britney, let me join your group.” said Jamie as she was being cornered by Britney during a sparring match.

“I don’t think so. I’ve beaten you each time we’ve sparred.” replied Britney as she peppered Jamie with kicks, hooks and jabs.

“Did you bring that dildo I heard about with you Shakira?” asked Nelly.

“It’s because I let you win each time.” Grunted Jamie as she countered with a few kicks of her own to Britney’s ribs and stomach forcing her back towards the middle of the ring and with one spin kick to the head, Jamie knocks Britney down to the mat. Just as she was about to stomp on her older sister, Britney rolls out of the way. She tries to stomp on her again only to have Britney roll away again. As she rolled away the second time around, Britney rolls onto her back facing Jamie, pulls her legs back and sends them into Jamie’s unprotected gut. This makes Jamie stagger back, hold her stomach, go wobbly on her knees and wheeze for air.

Britney smiles as she stands up and walks to Jamie. She kicks her hands forcing them into her stomach and making her double over. She then pulls Jamie’s head between her legs. She wraps her arms around Jamie’s waist, hoists her up, slams her down in a power bomb and drops to her own knees in the process. Jamie grunts as she flops onto her back half unconscious.

“Did you let me win this one sis?” smirked Britney as she stood up, turned around straddled Jamie.

"Please, not your ass again.” muttered Jamie weakly.

“Do you submit Jamie?” said Britney as she patted her ass cheeks while she looked over her shoulder.

“I submit.” Replied Jamie. Britney sighed a bit as she turned back around and placed her foot between Jamie’s heaving breasts.

“If you were anyone else, I’d have gone ahead and smothered you out anyway without asking for your submission.” said Britney as she helped Jamie to her feet.

“Lucky me. You don’t have to smother me out every time you beat me though.” said Jamie with a bit of sarcasm.

“My feet are a little sore though. They could use a good massage.” smirked Britney as she put her arm around her as they walked to the showers.

“I’ll do that. At least that’s better than being smothered out under your ass. You should know I still have the smell of your ass from our last sparring match.” replied Jamie as she sighed and rolled her eyes. The two hit the showers and then went to Britney’s home. The two sat down on the couch where Britney put her feet on Jamie’s lap. Jamie sighed as she took Britney’s feet in her hands and started massaging them.

“It’s so good to have a sister like you Jamie.” moaned Britney while leaning back on the couch as Jamie massaged her feet.

“Give me a chance to be in your group Brit. I promise I won’t let you down. I’ve gotten better ever since I started training with you.” said Jamie as she continued to massage Britney’s feet.

“Oh, quit the whining Jamie. You’re not good enough.” snapped Britney.

“What if I was your tag team partner? I bet you don’t have one yet for the tag team tourney.” replied Jamie as she place a few kisses on her sisters feet.

“Tag team partner?” replied Britney as she brought her head up and cocked it sideways. “I actually don’t have one yet. That’s something that could work. I would have to see how you fight against someone else.”

“Thank you.” replied Jamie with a glint in her eye as she place a couple more kisses on Britney’s feet.

“You’re welcome. After you’re done kissing my feet… and sucking my toes, I’ll make a phone call for your match.” smirked Britney.

“Sucking your toes?” said a surprised Jamie as she looked up at Britney.

“That’s the price you pay for being so whiny.” Smirked Britney. Jamie elicits a soft growl as she goes back to kissing Britney’s feet. “Good girl.” muttered Britney as she smiled and leaned her head back again having the upper-hand on her sister.

Jamie finished kissing Britney’s feet and sucked on each of her sister’s toes all the time giving her sister a look of: “You can be so bitchy sometimes... but I still love you anyway.” Soon after Jamie finished with Britney’s feet, she dropped them on her lap and said curtly, “All done sis.”

“Good job then. Thanks for the foot massage and worship. It felt good. I’ll make the call then for your match.” Said Britney as she sat up and winked at Jamie. Britney called Brandy and within a couple minutes agreed to a match with Jamie. Britney looked at Jamie, “Congrats Jamie, you’ve got a match with Brandy in next week.”

“Thanks. Anyway you could get MJH as referee for the match. Any tips on fighting Brandy would also be helpful.” replied Jamie as she got up.

“I’ll go over some of her past matches with you and give you pointers, but I don’t know much more than that about her fighting skills. I’ll see about getting Melissa as ref for your match. If I didn’t know any better, you either like Melissa or you’d rather fight Melissa.” replied Britney as she got up and hugged Jamie.

“Neither, I just want as many opinions on my abilities as possible.” blushed Jamie. Over the next few days, Britney and Jamie went over videos of Brandy’s matches.

After the week was over, Britney brought Jamie to the arena for her match. They went to the locker room to find Nicki Minaj, Brandy and Melissa in the locker room. “Good news Jamie, I got Melissa to be the ref for your match.” smiled Brit as they walked into the locker room.

“Thanks Brit.” smiled Jamie. They all hung out for a bit before Melissa was called to the ring as the referee. She had a pair of spandex shorts and a mini referee mid-riff top that showed her abs. She was introduced to the song from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She got a warm welcome from the crowd as she went to the ring. Jamie was introduced next as the challenger. Since she didn’t have any notable songs of her own, Jamie was introduced to Britney’s song ‘Sometimes’. She was wearing a pair of daisy dukes shorts, an athletic bra and ankle boots. She received some cheers as she went to the ring. She began stretching after she got into the ring as she awaited Brandy. Brandy was introduced next to her song ‘Have you Ever?’ She had a corset top that overlaid her tight black shorts that only went down to the very top of her thigh.

Jamie and Brandy shook hands as Melissa called for the bell. Jamie and Brandy circled each other. They quickly lock up with each other. Brandy used her height advantage and strength to push Jamie back to the ropes. As she forces Jamie to the ropes, Brandy slams her knee into Jamie’s gut making her grunt and hunch over. Brandy keeps her arms locked on Jamie’s shoulders as she brought her knee into Jamie’s gut once again. Brandy continues to push on Jamie’s shoulders and keeping her upright. Taking advantage of being winded by her knees, Brandy releases her right hand and sends a handful of punches to her head and chest.

Brandy quickly adjusts, grabbing Jamie’s right arm, sending her hurdling to the opposite ropes before bouncing off the ropes near herself trying to close the gap. As the two came close, Brandy goes for the clothesline, but as she extends her arm out, Jamie ducks underneath and sends a fist into Brandy’s gut as she runs past her. This punch stops Brandy in her tracks making her double over, gasp for air and hold her stomach in pain. Jamie is able to stop on a dime. She runs back toward Brandy to, puts her into a headlock and bull-dogs her making her grunt as her head hits the mat.

Jamie quickly gets to her feet and drops her knee into Brandy’s lower back making Brandy groan in pain. She repeats this several times before keeping her knee in place the last time. With one hand, she grabs Brandy’s hair pulling that back. With the other she reaches between Brandy’s legs and starts to pull back there causing further pain to Brandy’s back. She pulls as hard as she can watching Brandy flail her arms and legs and scream in pain. After five seconds, Melissa steps in to have Jamie break the hold to which she complies and releases the hold. She gets to her feet quickly and promptly starts to stomp on her back making her scream in pain even more. Jamie then jumps over Brandy and runs to the ropes bouncing off of them. As she gets close to Brandy, she attempts a guillotine leg drop. Brandy is able to roll away just as Jamie’s leg gets near making Jamie grunt as her leg hits the mat.

Brandy quickly twirls her body on the mat, raising her left leg and snapping her foot towards Jamie’s jaw. Jamie’s head snaps as Brandy’s foot connects. Her body twirls as well as she flops to the mat face down. Brandy takes the opportunity to straddle Jamie’s back. She reaches down, wrapping her hands around Jamie’s chin interlocking her fingers and starts pulling. Jamie yells in pain and her arms flail as Brandy pulls back. After five seconds of pulling back on Jamie’s chin, Melissa steps in and tells her to break the hold. Brandy smirks as she lets go of Jamie’s chin in a non chalant manner.

Brandy partly gets up only to drive her knee into Jamie’s spine making her scream once again. As she holds her knee in Jamie’s back, Brandy reaches down and grabs Jamie’s chin once again and pulls back. Jamie continues to scream as she flails her arms. Melissa once again steps in after five seconds to get Brandy to release her hold on Jamie. Brandy lets her go, stands up and watches as Jamie flops and holds her back in pain.

Brandy reaches down, grabs Jamie’s hair and pulls her to her feet. She sends a flurry of punches to Jamie’s head and chest forcing her back to the ropes. Once she gets her there, Brandy grabs one of her arms and sends her to the opposite ropes. Brandy bounces off the ropes near her chargers after Jamie. As the two get closer, Brandy extends her arms and clotheslines Jamie sending her to the mat. She quickly makes her way back to Jamie and steps across Jamie’s torso. As she walks across Jamie’s torso, she places her right foot on her stomach and presses down hard before walking over to the other side. Jamie’s eyes bulge and her upper torso jolts upwards as Brandy does that to her. After Brandy steps over Jamie, Jamie curls up and holds her stomach as she gasps for air. Brandy takes a few seconds to play to the crowd.

“Are you ok?” asks Melissa as she bends over and checks on Jamie.

“My stomach hurts like hell, I’ll be alright though.” says a pained Jamie.

After a few seconds, Brandy makes her way back to Jamie who is still in pain. She bends over and brings Jamie to her feet by her hair. As she is bringing her up to her feet, Jamie uppercuts her in her pussy. Brandy screams like a banshee as that happens she hunches over and grabs her pussy.

Jamie stands up and peppers Brandy with punches to her head and chest followed by and uppercut to her head making it sap back. She then sends a kick to Brandy’s knee extending it out to the side and making Brandy fall to her hands and knees. Jamie quickly runs to the ropes behind Brandy and comes charging back at her. As she gets close to her, she does a cartwheel over Brandy’s body. Before she lands on her feet, Jamie hooks her left arm around Brandy’s head. After she does that, she tucks and rolls on the mat forcing Brandy to roll with her. After they finish rolling, Jamie lands on top of Brandy. She releases the headlock on her, but grabs her hair with the left hand. She starts punching Brandy’s head with her right. She gets in a half dozen punches. Just as she gets her last punch in, Brandy brings her knee back into Jamie’s pussy several times. Jamie screams in pain. As Brandy does that, it gives Brandy the chance to push Jamie off of her.

Both fighters hold themselves in pain. They slowly try to get to their feet, with Brandy being the first one. Brandy sends a snap kick towards Jamie only to have Jamie grab it. Thinking quickly, Brandy jumps up and kicks Jamie’s head with her other leg snapping her head back and releasing Brandy’s leg.

Brandy moves in quickly and starts to stomp on Jamie’s stomach and chest making her grunt and body to spasm. After a dozen stomps, Brandy once again brings Jamie to her feet by her hair. Brandy sends several left-right combos to Jamie’s head making her stagger back and her head to snap from side to side. After a few combos, Jamie manages a punch to Brandy’s head. Instead of connecting, Brandy is able to grab manages to grab it mid-air. Brandy sends a kick to Jamie’s knee as she pulls on her arm. This combo move forces Jamie to go airborne and once airborne, Brandy releases Jamie’s arm letting her fall to the mat. Jamie groans as she slams into the mat half conscious.

Brandy once again leans over and pulls Jamie to her feet. Just as Brandy pulls Jamie to her feet, she takes her head and puts it between her thighs. She squeezes her thighs around Jamie’s neck several times before leaning over, wraps her arms around Jamie’s waist and hoists her up in the air. Instead of doing a power-bomb or pile-driver on Jamie, Brandy repositions Jamie’s body so that she gets her across her shoulders. Once across her shoulders, Brandy places one hand on Jamie’s neck and the other between her legs and starts pulling down. Jamie yells in pain as Brandy applies the torture rack on her. Brandy applies pressure for a few seconds before releasing and then quickly reapplying the pressure. The pain increases with each passing second.

“You give up?” asked Melissa.

“No.” screamed Jamie as she shook her head. Brandy pulled down harder applying more pressure than before making Jamie scream louder than before. Melissa asked her again if she gives up and Jamie just shook her head. Brandy bounced up and down as she continued releasing and reapplying the hold on Jamie.

Almost a minute after Brandy started applying the hold Melissa asks her again, “Do you give up?”

“Yes… I give! I give!” Screamed Jamie. Brandy held the hold for a few more seconds before letting go and bringing Jamie to her feet. Melissa called for the bell and came over to raise Brandy’s hand.

They then started heading back to the locker room. As they were walking back to the locker room Brandy asks Jamie, “How’d you like your first match?”

“I liked it, even though I lost.” said Jamie as she looked down.

“Was it exciting too?” continued Brandy.

“Exciting? What do you mean?” asked Jamie.

“When I had my hand on your pussy at the end of the match in the torture rack, I felt a little warmth down there.” said Brandy.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” stammered Jamie.

Brandy stands in front of Jamie and puts her hand on her chin, “Jamie, you don’t have to hide it from us. You’re a big girl now and you can trust us. We’re all friends here.”

Jamie gulps as her eyes lock with Brandy’s, “I did get a little excited. Please don’t tell Britney.”

“I won’t tell her.” said Melissa.

“I won’t tell her either. I just got another question… why?” said Brandy.

“Well, I’ve got a bit of a crush on Melissa and then seeing each of you in your outfits tonight got me turned on. Both of you girls look hot in your outfits. I tried to block that out during the match, but it didn’t work.” said Jamie.

“You’ve got a crush on me? Now I know why you wanted me as the referee for the match.” blushed Melissa.

Brandy looks at Melissa and then back at Jamie, “Tell you what, we’ll make a deal between us here and now. Since you wanted to join our group and then be a tag time… and since you were turned on by each of us tonight, you could let each of us fuck you. In return for letting us fuck you, we’ll give Britney a glowing review when we get back to the locker room.”

“I’m up for that. Britney and I never got it on in all our years of knowing each other and I could do a little… spearing.” Said Melissa.

“What if Britney finds out?” said Jamie.

“We’ll keep it a secret between us.” said Brandy.

“Ok, I agree to your terms.” said Jamie.

“Great, meet me tonight at my place.” Winked Brandy as she stepped aside and started walking back to the locker room followed by Jamie and Melisa.

“Hey girls, that was a great match that I saw between you girls.” said Britney as she saw the girls enter the locker room.

“It was great. She almost beat me she was so good.” reported Brandy.

“She almost reminded me of you when you were her age.” chimed in Melissa.

“Do you think she’d make a good tag team partner?” asked Britney.

“I definitely think so. I could help in her training.” said Brandy.

“I agree. I’d like to help train her too.” said Melissa.

“Thanks for your input girls.” smiled Britney. She walks up to Jamie and hugs her: “I guess you’re my tag team partner.”

“I won’t let you down Britney.” smiled Jamie. She looks at Brandy and Melissa and mouths ‘Thank You’ to them. They don’t stay around much longer before leaving the arena.

Later that night Jamie knocks on Brandy’s door. She smiles seeing Brandy open the door and wearing a see-through silk gown that went just below her butt along with a thong and bra combo. “Come on in sweetie.” smiled Brandy as she allowed her inside.

“Hi Jamie, nice to see you showed up.” smiled Melissa from the couch with her legs open. She was similarly dress as Brandy.

“You girls kept your end of the bargain. I should keep my end.” smiled a nervous Jamie. “How do you girls want to do this?”

“We’ll have a few drinks. Then you can worship our feet, then you’ll eat us out. Then we go to my bedroom, strip naked followed by me and Melissa putting on a strap-on. You’ll lube up the dildos for us. We’ll fuck you missionary and doggy style.” said Brandy as she grabbed a glass for Jamie to drink and poured her some wine.

“Sounds like a plan. Could I kiss your ass cheeks as well?” asked Jamie.

“If that’s what you like, we can do that as well.” smiled Brandy. The three sat down on the couches in the living room drinking wine and chatting. They talked about Jamie’s wish to be a part of the league as well as exploring Jamie’s long time crush and Melissa and her attraction to Brandy. After a few drinks, Brandy nodded to Jamie, “Let’s get the fun started.”

Jamie got up, walked over to Brandy and knelt before her. Jamie took Brandy’s foot into her hands and started kissing and licking it. She also sucked on her toes as well. After she finished with the right foot, Jamie did the same to Brandy’s left foot. Brandy then had Jamie help her take the thong off. Before having Jamie eat her out, Brandy turned her ass to Jamie allowing her to place a few kisses on her ass cheeks. She then turned around and sat down on the couch with her legs spread. Jamie dove her head in and started eating her out. In a couple minutes, Jamie brought Brandy to an orgasm. Jamie licked up the juices as best she could before having Brandy tap on her head.

“It’s my turn now.” Smiled Melissa gleefully as Jamie scooches over to her. Jamie goes through the same process with her as she did with Brandy, first worshipping her right foot and then her left. She then helped Melissa take her thong off. Melissa allowed Jamie to kiss her ass a few more times than Brandy allowed. Melissa then sat down and winked at Jamie as she buried her head between her legs. Melissa placed her hand on Jamie’s head to keep in place while she was getting worshipped. Just like Brandy before, Jamie brought Melissa to an orgasm within a couple minutes and Jamie did her best to lap up the juices. After they were done here, they went into Brandy’s bedroom as planned and stripped completely naked.

Both Melissa and Brandy went into their own duffle bags and grabbed a 10” in strap-on dildo and put them on. Brandy was the first to approach Jamie and nodded to her. Jamie went to her knees and sucked on the dildo lubing it up for her. After she lubed up Brandy’s dildo, Brandy stepped away and Melissa approached Jamie. Jamie lubed up her dildo as well with her mouth.

Brandy motioned to the bed and Jamie complied as she climbed the bed and got on her back and spread her legs. Brandy climbed the bed, hooked Jamie’s legs and quickly inserted the dildo into Jamie’s pussy. Jamie quickly started moaning as Brandy fucked her young pussy. Brandy leaned in and started kissing Jamie who kissed her back. Brandy inserted her tongue into Jamie’s mouth and was pleasantly surprised as Jamie sucked on her tongue. Within a couple minutes, Brandy brought Jamie to an orgasm. Jamie’s body spasmed as she climaxed. When that happened, Brandy slowed her intrusion of Jamie’s pussy before taking out the dildo. Brandy broke the kiss and slowly climbed off the bed allowing Melissa to climb up. Like Brandy, Melissa hooked Jamie’s legs as she reamed her pussy.

She reamed Jamie’s pussy a little slower than Brandy, but also a bit harder as well. She wanted to get a bigger orgasm out of Jamie. As she fucked Jamie, Jamie moaned louder and louder. It took Jamie a little longer to get an orgasm, but it lasted longer than her previous one. Melissa slowed her reaming until Jamie’s body spasms stopped before taking out the dildo.

“Flip over.” ordered Brandy as Melissa climbed off the bed. Jamie complied and flipped over and got on her hands and knees. Brandy spread Jamie’s legs a bit with her knees as she grabbed Jamie’s waist. She guided Jamie’s waist back as she brought the dildo forward. She slowly inserted the dildo into Jamie’s already wet pussy and soon started picking up speed. The faster she reamed Jamie’s pussy, the faster and louder Jamie moaned.

As she felt Jamie getting nearer to a climax, Brandy slowed the reaming a bit and thus prolonging the build-up for Jamie. In just over a couple minutes, Brandy brought Jamie to a climax. Brandy slowly took the dildo out before climbing off the bed. As soon as Brandy got off the bed, Melissa climbed on the bed and got between Jamie’s legs. She positioned her hands by Jamie’s thighs as she put the tip of the dildo in Jamie’s pussy. Melissa slowly put the full dildo in and then slowly picked up the pace. Jamie moaned from the get-go as Melissa fucked her hard and fast. As Melissa fucked Jamie, she occasionally slapped and grabbed Jamie’s ass making her moan and yelp each time she did that. In less than a couple minutes, Melissa brought Jamie to another orgasm. After the orgasm, Melissa slowed the reaming before taking out the dildo. After Melissa took the dildo out and got off the bed, Jamie collapsed on the bed.

“You ok Jamie?” asked Melissa.

“I’m ok. You girls drained me with all that fucking.” moaned Jamie.

“Before you get too comfortable on the bed, I want you to clean off the juices from our dildos.” said Melissa.

“Ok.” Sighed Jamie as she slid off the bed and get to her knees before Melissa. Jamie opened her mouth, put it around the dildo and started licking and sucking the dildo clean. It didn’t take long for her to clean the dildo. Once done with Melissa’s dildo, Jamie removes her mouth from the dildo and scooches over to Brandy and starts to clean off her dildo. Jamie cleans off her dildo fairly quickly as well before taking her mouth away.

“Aren’t you glad you made the agreement?” asked Brandy as she caressed Jamie’s cheek.

“I am glad. Can I sleep with one of you tonight?” asked Jamie as she looked up at them. Brandy and Melissa looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“Since we’re at my place, you can sleep with me tonight. You can sleep with Melissa tomorrow night.” said Brandy.

“I can do that.” smiled Jamie. Brandy and Melissa took the dildos off the put them away. They chatted for a little bit before Melissa left to go home. Brandy and Jamie each took a shower before heading off the Brandy’s bedroom. Jamie cuddle up to Brandy and Brandy put her arm around Jamie as the two dozed off to sleep.


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