Return of The Dark Wolf

Bootylicious Championship Match

It wasn’t long after their tag-team victory over the Simpson sisters did Kelly start training with Shakira to fight Britney for the bootylicious title. Shakira had been wondering why Kelly accepted the match to begin with, to which Kelly shrugged and replied, “I just want to avenge your title loss to her. Besides, I want to show everyone how good I can be.”

“That’s sweet of you to do that. I know you want to defend me and I love you for that, but I can take care of myself. Britney’s one of the best fighters in the league. She beat me for the title and you know how good I am as a fighter. Besides, it wouldn’t look good for either of us and especially you if you keep doing that. ” said Shakira.

“I understand Shakira. I’ll double check with you anytime anyone challenges me or that I want to challenge that beat you.” replied Kelly.

“That’s good to hear.” smirked Shakira as she hugged Kelly. “I’ll help train you for the fight, but it won’t be an easy fight for you.”

Over the next few weeks, Shakira trained Kelly for her fight against Britney. In the meantime, Britney was also training for her match. She had Brandy to help train her and spar with her. Both ladies know what is at stake and that this will be a high profile match. They each wanted to have backup in case anything happened.

Kelly called Keira, Rihanna and Carrie Underwood and they each agreed to be in the locker room for her. Shakira would be there as well for support. Britney got Brandy to agree to show up. Knowing that this might not be enough, she also got Keri Hilson as well to agree to show up. Keri toured with her in the past and they had become friends in that time. She also got Melissa Joan Hart to come and watch her back during the match. She also tried Nicki Minaj to come along, but she was going to be on tour. Britney decided to bring The Dark Wolf dildo with her to the match. She wanted to use it on Kelly should she win the match.

“You seriously believe that this is going to work on her and take control of her?” asked Brandy in near disbelief.

“Of course it’s going to work Brandy. It worked on me and Melissa and it’s going to work on Kelly.” replied Britney.

“If this thing works, I’ll start believing.” smirked Brandy.

After much training, the day of the match arrives. The match was scheduled to be in New York City. Both Britney and Kelly arrive in separate entrances and head to their locker rooms. They each tell their girls to watch out for the others in case they decide to make a run for the ring. Britney told Brandy to bring the dildo with her to the ring right after the match ended should she win.

It didn’t take much time for the announcement of their fight. Kelly was the first one to be introduced for the match. She was wearing a tank top, jeans and calf high boots. She came in introduced by her song ‘What doesn’t kill you’. She got a huge number of cheers from the crowd. She shook hands with her fans as she went to the ring. Once she got there, she bounced around and did some final stretching for the match.

A moment later, Britney’s song ‘Circus’ blared and Britney shows up on the walkway. She had on her policewoman’s outfit from her tour with the half open blue shirt revealing the bra underneath which was tucked into her corset/short combo and calf high boots. The crowd went ecstatic for her as well. Britney proudly showed her title as she walked down the catwalk before putting it on her shoulder. She shook her fans hands on the way to the ring and once there she handed it to the attendant.

The referee called both ladies to the center of the ring and quickly explained the rules before calling for the bell. Both ladies circled each other before locking up. The try to overpower each other but neither of them is able to do so and they let go of each other. Britney tries to quick kick Kelly in the gut only to have Kelly block it and send her own kick to Britney’s stomach finding its mark. Britney grunts from the kick and staggers back a couple steps. Kelly follows up with a hook punch to Britney’s head. Britney blocks the punch sending a quick jab of her own to Kelly’s head snapping it back. This punch promptly started a slugfest between the two stars.

They each tried to block or swat away the other’s punches at first but that quickly turns way to just punching the other. Through all the punching Britney finds an opening and sends a kick between Kelly’s legs. Kelly yells in pain and hunches over. Britney follows that up with an uppercut to Kelly’s just as she hunches over sending her staggering back. Britney doesn’t give her any time to recuperate as she moves in and connects with a couple more punches to her head making Kelly stagger further back. Britney follows up the punches with a knee to her gut making her double over. Britney grabs one of Kelly’s arms and extends it out to her side. Britney then sends a series of snap kicks to Kelly’s midsection causing her to grunt with each kick. After a dozen kicks to Kelly’s midsections, Britney jumps in the air releasing Kelly’s arm in the process and performing a bicycle kick to Kelly’s upper back sending her flopping to the mat.

Britney starts stomping Kelly’s back making her groan even more. After a few kicks, Britney bends over grabbing Kelly’s hair to bring her to her feet. As she is doing that, Kelly has the wherewithal to send a punch deep into Britney’s stomach making Britney gasp for air and release her hair. Britney staggers back holding her stomach in pain and slightly hunched over.

Kelly moves in and connects with several jabs to her head forcing Brit to the ropes. Kelly than takes one of her arms and hurdles her to the ropes opposite them while bouncing off the ropes near her. The two starts go hurdling toward each other and as the two come close to each other Britney bends over sending her a fist deep into Kelly’s gut. The punch causes Kelly’s eyes to bulge out and take her breath away as doubles over holding her stomach. After her punch, Britney continued on to the ropes that Kelly bounced off of and bounced off them charging back toward Kelly. She jumps as she gets closer to Kelly, grabbing her hair and shoves it down to the mat while she herself goes to her ass. Kelly groans in pain while she is on the mat.

Britney quickly moves to get Kelly to stay face down while she straddles her. Britney puts her fingers around Kelly’s chin and pulls back causing pain to Kelly’s back. After a few seconds the referee comes in to make her break the hold. Britney yanks on Kelly’s chin one last time before letting her go and standing up. Britney stomps Kelly’s lower back once she stands up making Kelly groan in pain. After a half dozen stomps Britney bends over and pulls Kelly up to her feet. This time there is no punch from Kelly, much to Britney’s liking. Britney sends one karate chop after another to Kelly’s chest forcing her back to the turnbuckle.

Once in the corner Britney starts to send one punch after another to Kelly’s torso. Kelly tries to block as many punches as she could, but they are coming in too fast. To keep Kelly off guard, Britney sends several knees to her stomach. This continued tactic wares downs Kelly’s defenses and they both know it. In an attempt to break out of the corner, Kelly decided to charge at Britney. Knowing that this might happen, Britney is ready. As soon as Britney sees Kelly do this she grabs Kelly’s shoulders as she steps backs, puts her foot in Kelly’s stomach, rolls onto her back and flips Kelly over to her back.

Britney quickly gets to her feet and heads over to Kelly who is still on her back. Britney once again brings Kelly to her feet. Once on her feet, Kelly sends a right hook to Britney’s head which Britney grabs in mid-air. Britney grins at Kelly as she does this, “Tsk-Tsk Kelly, that’s a bad move for you.” Britney sends a few punches to Kelly’s head, followed by a few kicks to Kelly’s stomach and a hard kick to Kelly’s pussy making Kelly scream in pain from the hits especially the kick to her pussy. The last kick forces Kelly down to her knees.

Britney steps closer to Kelly and grabs her hair with her right hand and knees her a dozen times before letting go of both her hair and hand. Britney takes a step back, turns sideways and brings her right foot up to Kelly’s head. She snaps her foot back and forth connecting with Kelly’s head making it snap back and forth. Not only did Kelly grunt with each kick, but she became weaker and woozier as well. This attack was a clear show of how dominating and good Britney can be. After more than a dozen of such kicks to Kelly’s head, Britney spins around and sends a roundhouse kick to Britney’s head which connected sending Kelly to the mat. Kelly by now was seeing stars from all the kicks. It hasn’t been since her first match has Kelly been dominated by her opponent.

Britney goes over to Kelly and pulls her up to her feet and hurdles her to the corner, quickly following her as she does. Right after Kelly hits the corner and turns around, Britney is there flying at her sending her back into Kelly’s body rocking her. Kelly groans in pain from the hit. Her head wobbles around on her neck and her arms are on the ropes. Britney takes a step out and quickly slams her body into Kelly’s again. She does this several more times taking the wind out of Kelly’s body and weakening her even more. Britney cracks her own neck as she stands there for a moment confident that Kelly is too weak to do anything. Britney then grabs the top ropes as slams her ass into Kelly’s stomach and repeats it another dozen times. With each butt slam, Kelly puffs out her breath onto Britney’s back. After Britney finishes the butt slams, she stands upright and looks over her shoulder and smiles as she sees Kelly slouch down and fall to her ass in the corner.

Kelly’s head rest on the second turnbuckle and her arms are outside the ropes. Britney rests her ass on Kelly’s face getting Kelly’s nose deep in the fabric of her outfit and slowly sways her ass back and forth and up and down in a stink face. Kelly could do nothing but comply as she was too short of breath to fight back. Britney calls out to Kelly while doing this, “Your face feels so nice under my ass. I’m glad you accepted this fight.”

Back in the Gen Next locker room, there is a look of despair as they see Kelly being dominated and humiliated by Britney. “We’ve got to do something. We can’t let Kelly lose to Britney.” said Carrie.

“We can’t help her win Carrie. If we rush in to help her, she automatically loses the match. We’re here to make sure Britney’s friends don’t do anything.” replied Shakira. After a brief second pause, she continues, “Speaking of which, we should go check on them.” The girls nodded in response as they left the room. No sooner that they left the locker room and head to Britney’s locker room did they run into Brandy, Melissa and Keri just as they were leaving their locker room.

“Going somewhere?” asked Shakira a bit sarcastically.

“Get out of our way bitch!” snarled Brandy.

“Make us.” Sneered Shakira. She took a quick look at the girls and said: “Let’s get’em.” At that point Shakira and the Gen Next girls charged at Brandy et al. Brandy drops the briefcase holding The Dark Wolf as the trio charges back at the other girls.

A royal rumble style match took place outside the locker room. The battle raged for a little bit, but the numbers game worked against Brandy, Melissa and Keri. Carrie and Keira double teamed Keri by flanking her. Tried as she did, Keri couldn’t defend herself from both sides and from a high-low attack that Carrie and Keri used. They ended up knocking her out in little time.

They turned their attention to the battle between Melissa and Rihanna who were in a fierce battle themselves. Carrie sent a kick to the back of Melissa’s knee while Keira kidney punched her. Melissa cried out in pain as she buckled and she started to go to her knees. Rihanna took advantage of the situation and gut punched her quickly as Melissa dropped to her knees winded and in pain. The three looked at each other and quickly coordinated their next attack. Rihanna kneed Melissa in the chin while Keira and Carrie each sent a kick to the side of Melissa’s head. Melissa’s head jolted around from the attack but she somehow managed to stay on her knees. Rihanna then took a step back and sent her foot up in her trademark high kick connecting with Melissa’s chin sending spinning around and to the floor unconscious.

They looked now at Brandy and Shakira who were still going at it but Brandy was now on the defensive. Brandy takes a quick look and sees both Keri and Melissa out on the floor and sighs. She quickly drops to her knees and holds her hands up hoping for a bit of mercy from Shakira, “I give… I give.” Shakira was about to send a hook when Brandy surrendered. Shakira quickly looked around before lowering her fist.

“Why were you going to the ring? And what’s in the briefcase?” asked Shakira.

Brandy gulped in fear as she watched Rihanna, Keira and Carrie move around her. “It’s some sort of freaky-deaky dildo that Britney has. She wanted us to bring it to the ring if she beat Kelly and by the looks of how it was going before we left, it was a sure bet that Britney was going to win.”

Rihanna goes over and picks up the briefcase while she was talking and opened it up, “This thing looks a bit on the slimy side. What’s so damn special about it? What’s that noise its making?”

“According to Britney, she was going to gain control of Kelly by using it on her. It’s supposed to use the sexual juices of the user in order to enslave the fucked to the fucker. She was going to fuck Kelly and spread Kelly’s juices across her lips and cheeks while it was still on the dildo. It can only be undone when the fucked fucks the one who fucked them. I don’t believe a damn thing about this dildo but that’s me.” said Brandy.

“I don’t believe it either, but thanks for the dildo Brandy. Once Rihanna knocks you out, we’ll take this as our trophy.” smirked Shakira as she stepped away as Rihanna stepped in while handing the briefcase over to Shakira. Brandy didn’t like this at all but was in no position to argue. Rihanna sends a high kick to Brandy’s chin. Brandy’s head snaps back as she spun around as she falls to the floor unconscious.

“Do you believe what she said about the dildo and what it does? It sounds a little funky to me.” asked Rihanna.

“I’m not sure, but if what she said turns out to be true, it will be a big help for us now that we have it. I wouldn’t be surprised that she wanted to use it on Kelly if it’s true.” replied Shakira.

“Why not try it out on one of these girls to see if it works like she said?” asked Rihanna.

“I’m up for using it. It doesn’t hurt. I say we use it on Brandy here.” said Keira. “I vote for Shakira using it on her since she’s got the dildo. Any objections?” continued Keira. Nobody objected to it. They were all curious to see if this worked.

“I’m up for it. Just make sure these girls remain unconscious.” replied Shakira. Shakira put the briefcase down, then took off her pants and panties. She then took the dildo out of the briefcase and put it on. In the meantime, Rihanna and Keira took Brandy’s pants and panties off and spread her legs. Shakira knelt between Brandy’s legs, inserts it into her pussy and starts to fuck her. She feels it harden inside of Brandy’s pussy as she continues to fuck Brandy. While she’s fucking Brandy, Keri starts to stir. Rihanna hears her and moves over sending a kick to her chin knocking her out once again before she can realize what’s happening.

Not long after that, Brandy starts to stir and immediately starts moaning. She soon opens her eyes and sees Shakira fucking her. “The Dark Wolf?” asked Brandy. Shakira smiles and nods. Brandy tried resisting, but it was only making this worse for her and in just over a minute later Brandy climaxes. Brandy quickly becomes docile towards Shakira. Shakira takes the dildo out of Brandy, straddles her, brings the dildo to her right cheek and starting from there spreads the juices from there, across her lips to her left cheek. She then stands up, takes the dildo off and puts it back in the briefcase. She puts her panties and pants back on as well.

“Put your clothes back on. Once you do that, you will kneel and let Rihanna knock you out again. When Britney asks what happened to the dildo, you’ll tell her everything except for one thing. You’ll conveniently forget to tell her or anyone else that I used it on you. Got that?” said Shakira.

“I got it Shakira. Any other commands?” replied Brandy as she gets up and puts her panties and pants on. She then kneels again facing Rihanna.

“From now on, you will tell us what you and Britney are doing, but secretly though so as not to tip off Britney.” said Shakira.

“I will do that.” Nods Brandy. Shakira then nods to Rihanna who sends another kick to Brandy’s chin spinning her around and sending her to the floor unconscious again.

“I guess that thing works.” said Shakira as she looked at the girls who were awestruck.

“That’s one nice dildo. It’s no wonder Britney wanted to use it. We better keep that safe and secure.” said Keira.

“Agreed” replied Shakira as she headed back to the locker room with the girls in tow.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, things went from bad to worse for Kelly. She’s been taking a pounding from Britney while her own girls were having their way with Brandy, Melissa and Keri. Kelly was now against the ropes with her arms holding the top ropes and Britney was pounding her torso with one punch or knee after another. The referee finally pulls Britney away to check on Kelly who was barely conscious. Britney plays to her fans who are cheering her domination of Kelly. The referee continues the match.

Britney confidently walks over to Kelly, pulls her away from the ropes. She puts Kelly’s head between her thighs, wraps her arms around Kelly’s waist. She quickly lifts her up and power bombs her. Kelly barely grunts as she hits the mat. Britney stands up and smiles cruelly down at Kelly, “You had a nice run going Kelly, but you’ll soon be doing my bidding.”

While she was talking, she took off her corset-short combo to reveal her bare ass. She then straddles Kelly with her ass toward Kelly’s face. She runs her thumb across her throat. She shakes her ass while slowly bringing it down on Kelly’s face. She presses down completely smothering Kelly’s face in her ass. Kelly barely struggles while underneath Britney’s ass. It didn’t take long for Kelly to go limp under Britney’s ass. The referee comes over to check on Kelly. He sees that she’s not conscious and administers the three-count by lifting and dropping Kelly’s arm three times. The ref calls for the bell and Britney’s belt. Britney stands up, accepts the belt from the ref as he holds her hand up in victory.

Britney plays to the crowd for a bit thinking she is giving time for Brandy, Melissa and Keri to show up with the dildo. She often looks at the walk way seeing nothing. When they don’t show up quickly enough for her, she goes over to Kelly to pose over her for her fans to take pictures to pass more time. She eventually gets worried as they haven’t shown up yet. She decides to go back and check on them to make sure everything’s ok. She finds them slowly getting to their feet and groaning in pain outside their locker room.

“What the hell happened here?” asked Britney.

“We got ambushed by Shakira and Gen Next.” replied Brandy.

“And the dildo?” asked a worried Britney as she frantically looked around.

“They took that too.” said Brandy.

“Did any of them use it?” asked Britney. They all said no. She then went on a tirade about the necessity of keeping that dildo safe and how they screwed up. She finished with, “We’re going over to their locker room right now and getting it back.”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.” said Melissa pointing to the monitor. It showed Kelly being carried by Shakira and the Gen Next girls behind her. They looked closer and saw Rihanna holding the briefcase. Britney punched one of the lockers in frustration.

Shakira and the Gen Next girls took Kelly to the hospital to have her checked out after the beating she received. They waited for news while in the waiting room. The doctor comes in after a couple hours.

“She’s got a lot of bruises and some hairline fractures on her ribs, but she’s going to be ok. She got beat to hell. I’m surprised she didn’t end up any worse. Anyway, she’s awake in her room. You can talk to her now if you like.” said the doctor.

“Thank you.” said Shakira. They all went to her room to talk to her. Kelly had a pained smiled when they all walked in.

“Thanks for bringing me here. Too bad you had to watch me get my ass kicked and then smothered out by Britney.” said a solemn Kelly.

“Babe, you went up against one of the league’s best Britney. This isn’t her first title defense while she’s been in the league. She just added a little extra beating just to show she’s not to be trifled with. Besides, your sacrifice in the ring wasn’t in vain.” said Keira trying to comfort her.

“Oh and why is that? If you haven’t noticed, I’m in a hospital bed in pretty bad shape.” said Kelly.

“We intercepted Britney’s friends in the hallway bringing this briefcase which has a special dildo inside.” said Rihanna as she lifted up the briefcase to show Kelly. She explained to her how it worked. “Britney had plans to use it on you after the match and thanks to us we stopped her from doing that. In case you’re wondering if it works or not, Shakira used it on Brandy and it worked. She’s supposed to be feeding us intel going forward on what she and Britney are doing.” finished up Rihanna.

“You’ve got to be pulling my leg on this. I don’t know of anything that can do that, outside of maybe hypnotizing someone.” said a disbelieving Kelly.

“It worked. We were all there and saw it happen.” said Shakira.

“Rrriiiggghhhtttt… magic dildos that take control of people.” replied Kelly still not believing them. “Anyway, I’ve got to see this thing in action before I believe it can work like you girls said it does.”

“How about I use it on you or one of the girls now?” smirked Shakira.

“That’s ok. I’m in no condition to be fucked right now. Besides, I don’t want the medical staff coming in while any of us are screaming in ecstasy.” laughed Kelly.

“Who’s going to help us train while you’re hospitalized and getting better?” asked Keira.

“Shakira can train you girls and take care of things in the meantime.” said Kelly.

“I’d be happy to train them and take care of things. They’ll be in good hands with me.” said Shakira.

There were no objections from the girls on that. They all stayed with her for another couple hours before they left talking to her before they started leaving. Rihanna was the last to leave, but before she left Kelly asked to come back to visit. She wanted her help with something important, but didn’t go into many details. Rihanna agreed to come back. A couple days later, Rihanna came back alone to visit Kelly.

“I’m glad you came back.” smiled Kelly as she saw Rihanna walk in the hospital room.

“I’m happy to help you Kelly. What would you want me to do?” asked Rihanna as she stood next to Kelly.

“I’ve been racked with self-doubt ever since I became leader of Gen Next. I want you to hypnotize me to help me get rid of that so I can be a better leader and friend to you girls. I’m sure it’s something you picked up while growing up in Barbados.” said Kelly.

“It is something I picked and I’d be happy to help, but why not have one of us use that special dildo on you?” asked Rihanna.

“From what you told me, this dildo won’t be able to do that. I need something different.” said Kelly.

“Fair enough… In order for this to work, you have to trust me.” said Rihanna.

“I trust you.” smiled Kelly.

“That’s good to hear. Now look deep into my eyes, listen to my voice and don’t turn away until I say so.” instructed Rihanna as she leaned over the bed rail to look at Kelly’s eyes. Kelly did as instructed and looked deep in Rihanna’s eyes. Rihanna spoke softly as she looked deep in Kelly’s eyes, “Look deep in my eyes…deeeepppeeerrr….deeeeppppeeerrr…hear my voice and only my voice inside your head. The deeper you look in my eyes, the deeper you are under my control and the heavier your eyelids become.” With each passing second, Kelly was more entranced in Rihanna’s eyes, her eyelids slowly becoming heavier. Rihanna continues, “That’s right, look deeper into my eyes, deeper and deeper. Get lost in my eyes. Whose voice do you hear in your head?” asked Rihanna.

Kelly responded in a near trance as her eyes fluttered, “Your voice Rihanna.”

Rihanna smirked as she continued to speak softly, “Good girl. Just keep looking deep into my eyes…and deeper and deeper into them allowing me to take over your mind. You only hear my voice from now on. Once I have achieved full control, your eyes will close and you will fall asleep.” Kelly stayed focused on Rihanna’s eyes and looking deeper into them like she was being instructed. Over the next minute or so, Kelly’s eyes fluttered until they finally shut and she started sleeping. Rihanna smiled as she saw Kelly fall asleep knowing she’s achieved full control over Kelly’s mind. She then instructed her, “Open your eyes and act normal, but you are still under my trance.” Kelly opened her eyes and looked at Rihanna.

“You finished already?” asked Kelly.

“Not yet Kelly, I’ve got a few questions before I finish and I want you to answer honestly and without hesitation. First, why are you so racked with doubt?” said Rihanna.

“Ever since I joined the league, I was a member of Gen Next and used to being a follower. I was suddenly thrust into the leadership and I was never a leader before. I wasn’t accustomed to being a leader and wasn’t sure how to handle it.” replied Kelly.

“That’s natural to feel that way. Are you jealous at all of me or threatened by me for being War Queen Champ while you don’t have a title?” asked Rihanna.

“I’m not at all jealous or threatened by you being War Queen Champ. I am actually very happy for you that you won and wish you continued success in the league. I love having you part of the group.” said Kelly.

“Thank you Kelly. It’s nice to feel welcome. Would you be willing to give me the support I needed or want to succeed?” asked Rihanna.

“Yes I would all the support you need or want.” said Kelly.

“That’s good to hear. I got one last question. Do you find me attractive? If yes, would you be willing to have sex with me?” asked Rihanna as she bit her lip.

“Yes I do find you attractive and would have sex with you. I think you are pretty damn hot. You’re a hell of a singer and I love your dance moves in your music videos, concerts and shows.” said Kelly.

“Thanks for the compliment Kelly.” replied Rihanna as she blushed. “The trigger word to get you back into this state of trance is ‘poontang’. I will now get you out of the trance by fingering you until you orgasm. I don’t want you to resist and keep any noise to a minimum.” Rihanna slips her left hand under Kelly’s pants and started fingering her pussy and smirks as she looks at Kelly as she starts to moan. Rihanna puts her hand over Kelly’s mouth to keep her moaning to a minimum. “The closer you get to orgasm, the more your fears and self-doubt that you asked to help get rid of will wash away and by the time you orgasm, it will be all gone. After you orgasm, you will have no memory of any questions that I asked or your answers to them. Your feelings you have for me will only get stronger as time goes by. You will also think nothing of why my hands are where they are.”

Kelly doesn’t resist Rihanna’s intrusion as Rihanna said. With each passing second, Rihanna quickens her fingering and Kelly comes closer to orgasm and her moaning is muffled by Rihanna’s hand. In less than a couple minutes, Rihanna brings Kelly to an orgasm. Rihanna pressed down on Kelly’s mouth to muffle any sound from her. Rihanna quickly removed her fingers from Kelly’s pussy and her hand from Kelly’s mouth. Kelly’s eyes fluttered and looked at Rihanna with a smile as she removed her hands.

“All done?” asked Kelly.

“I’m all done. How do you feel?” asked Rihanna as she cleaned off her fingers with Kelly juices.

“I feel better thanks to you. I owe you one for doing this.” said Kelly.

“You’re welcome Kelly. I look forward to collecting on that favor in the future.” said Rihanna. Not long after that, the doctor came in to checkup on Kelly. “I should head on out, I’ve got some radio interviews to get ready for.”

“Bye Rihanna.” smiled Kelly. Rihanna leaned in and kissed Kelly on the lips before leaving.