Legend of The Dark Wolf

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Vs Britney Spears & Melissa Joan Hart

Brandy smiles as she mixes and mingles at another All-Star celebrity debut for something or another. It's Brandy's third such event this week. Brandy is really tired and ready to go home. She is really not that big of a party girl, but she must be seen in the public's eye right now. Her comeback CD has just dropped after a long period of inactivity due to her legal problems. She needs the publicity, right now. She needs to meet and greet the producers, radio executives, VJ's and DJ's who can get her music seen and heard. Their push is crucial to her success. Many other diva's have dropped albums recently, like Keyshia Cole and Britney Spears. Brandy is fighting for air time. Speaking of which, both Keyshia and Brandy are there tonight, doing the same thing. Brandy tries to avoid them. Brandy has never been liked by her peers much. Most of them consider a selfish prima donna, an insufferable bitch and refuse to work with her.

However, Brandy is avoiding Britney for a different reason. About a year ago, Brandy and LeAnn Rimes got a little pay back on Britney and Melissa Joan Hart for their time in Generation Next. All night Britney has been giving her dirty looks, trying to pick a fight or something.

Brandy does not want to fight. She actually regrets her involvement in the attack. Her "accident" has changed her perspective on a lot of things. Brandy and Britney were born and grew up in the same area. Brandy owes Britney an apology. In the past, although she may acknowledge that she should apologize to someone, she would never do it. Age and experience always change things. Today, Brandy takes a deep breath and swallows her pride and fears and faces the results of her actions. Brandy slowly walks towards Britney.

Britney watches intently at each of Brandy's approaching steps. She tries to not display her disdain for this woman, for the benefit of the surrounding press. When Brandy arrives, Britney moves close and start speaking before Brandy has a chance to say anything. "Bout time you came over here. We've got some unfinished business to take care of." Britney says in a low tone, so nobody can ease drop into their conversation. "Name the place and time bitch, and I'll kick your scrawny ass all night."

"No we don't have unfinished business. Our business is over." Brandy answers. "I want to apologize."

"Apologize?! You Apologize??!?!!" Britney exclaims. "Do I look stupid?" Britney knows Brandy pretty well, well enough to know that apologize is a word that is foreign to her.

"No... look err... I mean...." Brandy stammers, trying to find the right words, while Britney looks at her suspiciously. Finally Brandy takes a deep breath and blows. "Look Britney. We've both had ruff times recently. So when LeAnn called with the proposition to get back at you, I jumped at it. At the time, I just wanted to make somebody suffer worst than I was. I'm sorry I took it out on you. You of all people have got to know how it feels. We're homegirls. We've known each other as far back as I remember. We should be helping each other through these tuff times, instead of fighting each other. I'm sorry for everything I've done. Right now I just want to be friends." Brandy confesses just saying the words on her heart.

Britney does not say a word, just look at Brandy incredulously. She can tell Brandy's words are genuine, but out of character and unexpected. The old Britney would not have cared. She would have beat Brandy's ass and made fun of her apology while beating her. However, Britney has matured a lot over the past year, trying to survive her hard times too. Above all the feeling Britney is feeling right now is loneliness. Madonna has her own marital problem to worry about. Melissa Joan Hart has decided to retreat home and be a wife and a mother. As a product of her bizarre behavior recently, Britney has been left alone, for the first time. She needs a friend right now. She wants to believe Brandy, she needs to believe Brandy right now. She does not know how to react or what to do, but she decides to give Brandy a cautious try.

"Fuuuck Brandy." Britney says with a deep southern drawl, dropping her proper tone. "Yer full of shit. You've always been full of shit." Britney says extending her finger at Brandy. "But I'm gonna take a chance on your ass this one time. You better not fuck me." Britney warns. "Shit! Let's get a drink. I'm glad this thing is about over. I'm ready to get trashed." Britney finishes.

"Same ol' Britney." Brandy says with a chuckle. They hail down a cocktail waitress and get a glass of champagne.

Soon enough this premier draws to a close. Britney and Brandy had worked up quite a buzz by the time they leave. They have enough alcohol flowing in their system that they are laughing like old friends by the time they leave. They decide to head to Britney's hotel room and finish their night cap. Once they reach Britney's room, the young blonde pulls out five bottles of various liquors, grapefruit juice and a liter of Sprite. After three more drinks a piece, no one would ever guess that these two were ready to come to blows just hours earlier. They are laughing and joking like sorority sisters.

Britney and Brandy were both surprised that they were enjoying each others' company so much. It turns out that both troubled young women were in desperate need of a good friend. Somebody to lend a sympathetic ear and to discuss things, anything. They share the same birth place, and a kindred spirit. They were perfect for each other at this point in their lives.

Since they have a long relationship, neither had any apprehensions joking the other about personal items. After taking 15 minutes of hard clowning about her phony marriage, Brandy asks, "So what the fuck drug were you on last year? You were acting insane. You forgot your panties, beat up cars with umbrellas, you shaved your head, what tha fuck?" Brandy asks, jokingly but dead serious.

"Bitch, it was all your fault!" Britney exclaims. Brandy gazes at Britney in confusion. "Remember after you kicked our ass in Vegas? Well, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan arrived after you left. They came and finished us off. They fucked us with this magical dildo called the The Dark Wolf and it put us under their control."

"What! a magical fucking dildo?" Brandy exclaims with a laugh. "Girl those drug have made you null and void." Brandy continues.

Visibly annoyed that Brandy scoffed at her amazing tale, Britney does not say a word. She walks to the wall safe in the hotel suite and spins the dial, entering the combination. Britney reaches inside and pulls out a wooden box about the size of a shoe box. She returns to Brandy and places the box in front of her. Britney slowly opened the box with The Dark Wolf inside. The mystical dildo senses the sexual energies in the drunken young women. It starts a faint hum and a very dim glow. The magical manifestation senses that Brandy and Britney are horney enough to fuck each other at any given time, given the right provocation.

"Whoa" Brandy says with her eyes widening. She still did not belive Britney, but it was obvious there was something unexplainable about the artifact. She could feel its power.

"It feeds offa yer sexual energy and DNA." Britney explains. "After you fuck somebody with this, they'll do whatever you say like yer hypnotized. After you and LeAnn beat me and Melissa up, Paris and Lindsay fucked us with this and had us under their spell. They thought Stone Rage would let them in The Battle Zone if they were associated with me. Of course, he still didn't want anything to do with winey ass Paris. So she decided to destroy his biggest draw, me. Eventually he'd ask them to join to help fill seats once I was gone." Britney continues. "Paris had me do all that stupid shit to destroy my reputation and drawing power. I could see what I was doing, but couldn't stop myself."

"So how did you get free?" Brandy asks reluctantly starting to believe the story.

"It happened like this........................................................................................................................" Britney begins telling the tale.

Paris and Lindsay had Melissa and Britney performing their weekly duties at Paris' Las Vegas condo, cleaning and such. Suddenly, Paris and Lindsay burst through the doors vehemently arguing with each other. "You sneaky little bitch! You did not even think about Timbaland until I told you I wanted him to produce my next CD!" Paris yells. "How dare you try to steal him from my project."

"Paris, your music sounds more like a science project!" Lindsay snaps back. "He doesn't want to be part of your mess, and he doesn't want any part of you!" Lindsay finishes her statement with an evil glare at Paris.

Paris glares back at her now former friend, with her nostrils flaring. That comment about her music was the last straw. Their friendship is over. All that remains is another bitch that is about to face Paris' legendary wrath.

"You creepy little bitch!" Paris shouts and she leaps forward and sinks her claws in Lindsay's hair. "How dare you talk about my music! Nobody talks to me that way and gets away with it." Paris declares as she wrings Lindsay back and forth by her hair. "I'll fucking kill you."

Paris slinging has rattled Lindsay's brain. It takes her a few seconds to respond to Paris' assault. But she does. Lindsay rips a flurry of punches into Paris' mid section. The very slender Paris does not have much padding around her middle to protect her from such an attack. Lindsay's knuckles rattle Paris' ribs, colliding nearly in bone on bone contact. Paris open her mouth and screams with her screams soon going silent as more pain shoots through her body.

Paris releases Lindsay and backs off, but not before Lindsay strikes with right cross to Paris' chin. Paris' head spins on her shoulders like a turnstile gate. Paris staggers back a couple of steps clearly dazed, when Lindsay connects with a devastating uppercut. Paris' head snaps back and is lifted to her toes by Lindsay's fist. The stunned heiress reels back another few steps with her skinny arms dangling lifelessly at her sides. Lindsay strikes like a viper with a straight fist to Paris' face. Paris drops to the carpet in a heap, clearly dazed and out of it.

"Why would Timbaland want to work with you, Paris?" Lindsay shout down to her now former pal. "I have a music career! You're just a glorified karaoke singer!" Lindsay continues. Next Lindsay starts kicking and stomping the downed heiress. "I'm on Motown Records, I have soul, you soulless witch!"

Britney and Melissa look at each other and even under the influence of The Dark Wolf, they roll their eyes, mentally saying "Lindsay has soul? You've got to be kidding me."

"I knew it would come to this." Lindsay continues. "Meilssa! Bring me The Dark Wolf!" Lindsay orders. Compelled my the mystical dildo's powers, Melissa immediately leaves to retrieve the artifact. Lindsay had stomped Paris into a quivering and moaning ball. However after hearing Lindsay's last statement, her eyes widen and fear grips her body. Being Lindsay's thrall is unthinkable to Paris. She tries to fight past the cob webs in her mind to find a way out of this predicament.

Lindsay bends over and starts unfastening Paris' jeans. Paris fights back, grabbing her jeans and trying to swat Lindsay away. A few heavy handed backhanded slaps from Lindsay keeps Paris at bay. She knocks the skinny, squealing heiress back time after time. Lindsay and Paris keep this battle of wills up for several moments, but Lindsay is fiercely determined to achieve her goal. She is able to pull the jeans down over Paris' narrow hips. Then Lindsay is able to stand and use leverage and strength to yank Paris' jean down her legs and off of her. Paris still frantically kicks and tries to keep her pants on, while crying and screaming incoherently. She inevitably loses her battle and sees Lindsay standing over her with her jeans in hand.

Lindsay is wearing a proud smirk as she looks down at Paris with her jeans in hand. Lindsay knows Melissa will be returning soon, and she has to get Paris' panties off and rape her with The Dark Wolf. Paris looks up at Lindsay in horror. Her mind finally stops reeling enough for her to gather her thoughts. Lindsay tosses the jeans aside and stoops down to go after the panties. Paris measures Lindsay with her long legs as she bends over. Paris calculatedly lashes out with that long limb and kicks Lindsay in the chin, knocking her backwards on her butt. Its a bone jarring shot that temporarily stuns and payalyzes Lindsay.

Paris is furious. She leaps forward and pushes Lindsay backwards onto her back. Next Paris cinches her long fingers around Lindsay's throat and squeezes with all her might. Lindsay pushes at Paris' face and tugs on her hair, trying to get the heiress off of her. Melissa returns soon and stands beside Britney watching this vicious and vile catfight before them. Not much in the line of wrestling holds, mostly just clawing, scratching, gouging and plenty of hair pulling. However by the twisted expressions of pain that each one is wearing, their methods appear to be working.

Lindsay's hair pull succeeds in bringing Paris down to the carpet. Both sink their claws into each other with renewed intensity, and the battle of wildcats continues. Britney and Melissa can barely believe what they are seeing. The scratching, gouging and clawing, it is a savage display that truly earns the label, "catfight" more than anything that either of them have ever seen. Neither really wanted a part in this type of fight. It is obvious that Paris and Lindsay have done this many times before.

Lindsay proves to be slightly stronger than Paris. After much struggling, Lindsay is able to pin Paris' slender wrist to the floor. Lindsay has a gloating smile after proving physical dominance over her pal. "Where's that dildo?" Lindsay tauntingly calls out. "You're about to be mine Paris." she continues and reaches back for the mystical dildo.

As soon as Lindsay raises one hand off of Paris' wrist, the blonde shoots the heel of her hand up and strikes Lindsay in the chin. Paris jams Lindsay's jaw backwards, sending a paralyzing shutter down Lindsay's spine. A quick twist and hair pull, and Paris easily dumps Lindsay off top of her. Paris quickly rolls on top of Lindsay. The truth is that Paris and Lindsay have fought many times before privately. Both have won their share, but Paris holds a healthy advantage. She knows how to tame Lindsay.

While Lindsay is stunned by the paralyzing blow, and her nervous system is in flux, Paris grabs the front of Lindsay's white blouse and rips it open. Buttons are launched in every direction, making ping sounds as they bounce off of various objects like splitting molecules. Paris instantly bares her fangs like a vampire. She does not take an instant to savor the moment like Dracula in the movies, but swoops in immediately and takes a chomp into Lindsay's freckled covered breasts. Lindsay screams like she has just been stabbed in the heart. Paris raises her head for the briefest of moments then takes another bite in the boobs mushrooming out of Lindsay's white bra. Lindsay screams again and withers and shudders under Paris. Just as the blonde had hoped, her bite appears to be eating away Lindsay's resistance and breaking her will to fight.

Paris raises up again, and delivers a quick, hard shot to Lindsay's chin, then her hands work and pushes Lindsay's tits out of her bra cups. With the cups pushed aside, Lindsay's tits flow out and over the cups. Paris sees her target exposed, Lindsay's pink nipples. Paris lowers her head again, and bites Lindsay's nipples pointing up begging to her punished.

Lindsay screams again and vainly tries to push Paris' head away from her tits. Lindsay's resistance is collapsing. Her desire to continue this nasty catfight with Paris is fleeting away. "Paris knows how to tame Lindsay." Britney repeats as she continues telling her story to Brandy.

Paris keeps her jaws locked on Lindsay's tit. The former child star frantically tries to push Paris away. Meanwhile, Paris' long fingers walk down and find the button and zipper of Lindsay's jeans. The experienced fingers of the celebrity slut, quickly and easily bypass the barriers presented by Lindsay's jeans and opens them in a second. Paris fingers resembled those of a master thief picking a lock to reach a hidden treasure. Paris' reward is inside Lindsay's panties. Paris' fingers push Lindsay's panties aside and claws her party pal's cunt. Lindsay scream again, as loud as her growing hoarse voice will allow, and withers again. Lindsay's eyes start to water, and her face shows her resistance disintegrating.

Paris' erotic assault arouses every girl in the room. The Dark Wolf starts glowing and humming like a bee from the sexual energy in the room.

While Lindsay is in desperate trouble, Paris knows that she has something left. Then she remembers to add the coup de gras. Its a very simple maneuver, but very necessary. With one hand busy mauling Lindsay's pussy, and her teeth devour her breasts, Paris adds to Lindsay's suffering by placing her forearm under Lindsay's chin to choke her prey. Just as Paris had predicted, Lindsay's whimpering turns to gurgles and pitiful gags. Moments later her body starts relaxing accepting that Paris her under total control.

Paris maintains her holds as Lindsay's token resistance quickly fades. Once Lindsay stops moving, Paris rises off of her. Paris sits back as Lindsay starts sobbing audibly, now that she is not being choked into silence. Then Lindsay curls up with one arm holding her abused breast and the other covering her mauled cunt.

Seeing that she has once again tamed Lindsay, Paris laughs out loud. "You were right about one thing Linds. I always knew it would come to this... The moment that I used the The Dark Wolf on you!" Paris finishes. "Britney bring me the The Dark Wolf!"

Britney obediently snatches the dildo out of Melissa's hand and starts walking toward her master. Hearing Paris' last statement, Lindsay's tears instantly dried up and her eyes widened in horror. After witnessing Paris' cruelty on Britney, she knew Paris would have monstrous things in store for her. "No!" Lindsay pleads. "Melissa stop Britney!" Lindsay demands.

With no choice but to follow Lindsay's commands, Melissa clobbers her best friend, Britney, over the back of her head before she reaches Paris with the dildo.

The force of Melissa's blow knocks Britney to her hands and knees. Melissa pushes Britney over and forces her down onto her back. Britney did not resist at all. Under the magic of The Wolf, Britney had no other thought than to complete her master's commands. Paris' command was to deliver the The Dark Wolf. So Britney held onto the dildo for dear life, but did not fight back at all. She allowed Melissa to pin her to the carpet and mount her. Once seated upon Britney, Melissa completed her master's command and starts raining down fist on Britney's face. Britney lay on her back and stared up vacantly, without even flinching or raising a hand to defend herself.

Paris watches in utter amazement. Totally blown away by the mindlessness of he slave, Paris finally yells, "Fight back you fucking idiot!"

Instantly Britney reacts with the flame that made her a legendary champion in The Battle Zone. With the previous command gone, Britney tosses aside The Dark Wolf and knocks Melissa's hands out of the way. She reaches up and grabs Melissa and topples her off of her perch on top of her. Melissa is not slouch herself in catfighting. She immediately fights back, and soon the two best friends are grappling with each other on the carpet.

Paris looks at Britney and Melissa with her mouth gaped open. Lindsay was not about to wait to see the outcome of Britney and Melissa's battle. Desperate not to become Paris' thrall, Lindsay kicks up and connects somehow knocking Paris back. Lindsay springs up with her hands aimed at Paris' slender throat. Luckily for Paris, Lindsay is only able to clutch one hand on Paris' throat before she captures the other in her hand. Paris' other hand pushes against Lindsay's chin, pushing her away.

The next minute or two, the room is filled with a symphony of screams, grunts and suffering. Both Paris and Lindsay are putting each other through hell. Both knows defeat will mean that she'll become the other's obedient slave. Several feet away, Britney and Melissa are engaged in a similar battle. Compelled to do their master's bidding, they fight totally against their will.

Although she has not had as much experience as Paris, Lindsay knows how to tame Paris as well. Lindsay lunges in and head butts Paris in the forehead. Paris cries out as their heads crack together. Lindsay slams her head into Paris again, even harder this time. The collision is so hard, that Lindsay's head hurts afterward. Paris swoons like she is drunk. Lindsay fights through her fog and wretches her hand away from Paris and claws down low at Paris' panty covered crotch. Lindsay pushes into Paris, pushing her over backwards and pinning her to the carpet. Lindsay's fingers pushes the fabric aside to get down to the flesh between Paris' legs. Paris screams and shudders while flopping around on the floor.

As always, Britney finds a way to subdue Melissa. Britney's ground game is exceptional. She uses her legs to tie up Melissa and wraps up the stronger blonde. Britney is on top of Melissa slowly wearing her down. All of her limbs are trapped by Britney's holds, and Melissa is exerting a lot of energy to escape or to avoid being choked out after making a mistake.

Lindsay has pretty much shredded Paris' undergarment. Her fingers have crept deep inside Paris' vagina and clawing and annihilating all pink flesh they encounter. Paris shrieks and kicks her legs. Lindsay pours on the pressure and Paris start to crumble. She starts crying like a baby and abandons all of her training in how to avoid and escape this very situation. Paris turns from The Boss Bitch to the Spoiled Brat begging for freedom, as Lindsay assaults her private treasure.

Already out of her mind in pain, Paris yells, "Britney! Help me! Get Lindsay!"!

Finally hearing a command that she is happy to carry out, Britney quickly untangles herself from Melissa and rises to her feet. Lindsay looks over her shoulder and sees Britney coming at her. The young actress releases Paris and stands as Britney approaches. Even though she was still under the influence of the magic, there is something different about Britney's eyes. Britney has been waiting for this moment for months, since first being attacked by Lindsay and Paris in Vegas. Consciously or subconsciously Britney is feening for revenge, and intent on getting it.

Lindsay fires a straight punch to Britney's nose. With the speed and guild of a ninja, Britney sidesteps Lindsay's fist and immediately retaliates with a knee rocketed into Lindsay's gut. Lindsay's doubles over with a long, loud howl. The speed, ease and force that Britney uses is astonishing. Paris and Melissa observe thinking they are watching Batman or Steven Segal or a some kind of real life action superstar. Britney's elbow flashes down on the back of Lindsay's neck, hard enough to break a wood board. Lindsay drops to her hands and knees. Lindsay wonders if her spine has been severed. She can barely command her limbs to move. Britney reaches down and grab Lindsay by her tattered blouse. Then with a might heave, she throws Lindsay across the room. Lindsay lands flat on her face, with her ripped and torn shirt remaining in Britney's hands.

Lindsay raises up her upper body weakly with unsteady arms. She remains there for a moment before Britney rushes over and stomps down on the middle of her back. Lindsay goes down hard with a loud "Umph!" Britney grabs Lindsay by her already ripped open bra and turns her over by the garment. The bra too leaves in Britney's grasp, leaving Lindsay naked from the waist up. The dazed party girl's arms flop to the side, already hurt by Britney's assault. Britney slowly draws her clenched fist back and throws a punch trying to thrust her fist through Lindsay's face. Repeatedly, Britney fires punch after punch on Lindsay.

Seeing the coast is clear for her, Paris stands and cockily struts over to Britney and Lindsay. "Stand her up, I want some of her." Paris orders. Britney obediently rises and hauls Lindsay to her feet. Britney holds her foe's arms behind her leaving her wide open for Paris. With Lindsay exposed and helpless, Paris starts with a slap across Lindsay's face. "You fucking stupid bitch," Paris says. "You should have known better than to fuck with me. I always get the last laugh. You know this!" Paris taunts before she starts launching more fists at the defenseless girl.

Lindsay is actually a lot happier to receive punches from Paris than the enraged, Britney, but she has no interest in allowing this assault to continue. "Melissa! Stop Paris! Get her!" Lindsay spits out between Paris' shots. Like Britney, this is an order that Melissa is overjoyed to carry out. Paris turns her head after hearing the order, but it appears too late. Melissa is heading her way charging into her, and colliding into Paris like a miniature Mack truck. Next thing Paris knows, her long legs and arms lie in a tangled heap underneath Melissa.

Paris starts to struggle and fight from underneath Melissa. Then Melissa clamps a sleeper hold around Paris' head from behind. The heiress' body clenches up and she starts a ghastly gurgle. Paris grabs Melissa's arm and tries to pry it from around her neck, but she might as well have been trying to bend a steel beam. Melissa wants nothing more than to punish this woman who has used her as a plaything for so long.

As soon as Melissa put Paris under control, and in her clutches, Britney moves her arms from around Lindsay's arms and around Lindsay's head as well. Lindsay's body reacts as Britney locks her is a sleeper hold as well. Lindsay says a loud, "Unnghh!" as Britney applies the power and bends Linday's back like a bow as well. Immediately feeling Britney's power, Lindsay sinks down to her ass. Britney follows the grunting woman down, squeezing for all that she is worth. Lindsay kicks her legs, and slaps the floor, hoping to escape, but they are all meaningless gestures. She is not going any where.

There is a lot of gurgling, gagging and gasping in the room, but no more orders. Both Britney and Melissa bear down with their sleeper holds, free of being given orders to stop. While still under the influence of the magic, Britney and Melissa look at each other with a smile, finally with their mistresses under their command. Slowly, Paris and Lindsay's movement slow to a halt, as the effects of the sleepers put them under. Moans and whines become fainter as Lindsay and Paris go to sleep. Within a couple of minutes, Britney and Melissa are left with the limp bodies of their mistresses in their grasps.

Finally, Britney and Melissa allow the limp bodies to crumple to the ground. They stand, but both are still very much under the influence of the The Dark Wolf. They want to celebrate, run, flee, escape, but they have not been given those orders, so they simply stand there.

Mean while the The Dark Wolf is literally flopping on the floor. Its going wild with the sexual energy permeating the room. It realizes that Paris is unconscious on the ground, with her golden treasure on display. Her lacey panties have been shredded away leaving only the waistband still around her waist. Lindsay lies a few feet from her with her freckled tits out, topless from the waist up. The dark organism must feed. It craves sex, it craves an orgasm, it craves satisfaction. Only Britney and Melissa was there to supply that satisfaction from the two downed girls. Telepathically The Dark Wolf calls out to them.

The Dark Wolf telepathically communicates to Britney and Melissa. It knows that both desperately want to be free of its spell. The Dark Wolf informs them that if they fuck the person who put them under its spell, that they will be free of their affliction. Melissa walks over and picks up the dildo. The Dark Wolf hums in anticipation. Wearing a broad smile, Melissa puts the dildo in a harness while Britney starts stripping Lindsay's pants and panties.

Melissa kneels between Lindsay's legs. She rubs the dildo across Lindsay's pussy lips. The dildo secrets a slimy solution while Lindsay's cunt moisten. Next Melissa slides The Dark Wolf inside Lindsay. The dildo hums and glows while Melissa pumps the dildo inside and around Lindsay's vagina. The explorer explores every nook and crannie of Lindsay's pussy. Lindsay moans and instinctively rotates her hips to Melissa's tempo although she is in a semi conscious state. Melissa pick up the pace and starts really smashing Lindsay's snatch. Melissa goes deeper and deeper and pounds harder and harder. Melissa sees an electric bolt releases from The Dark Wolf and engulf Lindsay's body. The electric bolt courses all over Lindsay's body, making several revolutions. Lindsay releases a loud high pitched scream, then her entire body convulses like she is having a conniption. Britney and Melissa hear a long howl that could have only come from The Dark Wolf itself. Suddenly everything ceases, leaving a totally ravished Lindsay lying exhausted and drained on the carpet.

Melissa wobbly stands on unsteady legs. "Wow! That was awesome!!" Melissa says intoxicated by the power of the The Dark Wolf. "Go ahead Britney use it quick I'm free I can feel it!" Melissa encourages.

Paris has started stirring, so Melissa quickly unfastens the harness and hands it to Britney. Hearing a mindless moan from Paris, Britney fastens the buckle and goes down on the blonde heiress. The Dark Wolf had not been satisfied with just Lindsay. It is glowing and humming even more, hungering and craving Paris. Britney does not hesitate or tease the mystic toy, she plunges it deep into Paris' pussy without any warning or foreplay. Paris jolts and yelps at the intrusion. Then Britney goes to work. Britney did not make love, nothing nice or smooth, but hard fucking. Not even like a jack rabbit, but more like a jackhammer.

Paris awakes and is washed away in confusion and ecstacy. It not the first time that Paris has waken from a drunken slumber to find someone pounding her pussy like a mad man. Paris recognizes that The Dark Wolf is inside of her and who knows what the consequences will be. "No!" she squeaks. "Britney stop!" Paris begs. However The Dark Wolf is in control now. It compels Britney to continue until it's satisfied. They can hear The Dark Wolf begin to growl as Britney pulverizes Paris' pussy. An electric current shoots out of Paris' cunt and starts circulating around her body. Paris' erotic pants increase and get louder. Next she arches her back and releases an ear splitting scream, as Britney continues to mercilessly pound her cunt. Finally Paris' body breaks out in convulsions, then she and The Dark Wolf howl simultaneously in erotic satisfaction. Finally Paris is left on the floor knocked out cold, but in an orgasmic glow.

"................................................................................................................................................................................ and that's it" Britney concludes telling her story to Brandy. "Melissa and I high-tailed it out of there leaving Paris and Lindsay lying flat on their backs. We took The Dark Wolf to make sure that they could not use it on us again. Really its too powerful to be left in the wrong hands." Britney continues. "After everything, Melissa said that she loved me, but my life was too wild for her. She has a husband and children at home to think about. Its been real lonely since she left. No Melissa, Madonna, Justine, Kevin or anybody..... just me." Britney finishes as her voice tales off into nothing.

"I understand what it feels like to be lonely." Brandy sadly answers reflecting back on her own recent problems. "But hey, there's no reason that two swamp rats like us have to stay lonely." Brandy restarts. "You know you can't get rid of swamp rats. Swamp rats can survive anything.We'll survive a nuclear war." Brandy jokes to Britney's delight.

"Brit and Brand?" Britney says. "I like the sound of that."

"You mean Brand & Brit, I am the oldest." Brandy jokes. "But what ever, I got your back." Brandy finishes as her and Britney dap each other up.