ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2


With The Fab 4 vs The Resistance

NOTE - This match follows events of Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel 2 BATTLELINES 2
It is easily the largest mass massacre in the history of the league. Thirteen exquisite naked bodies lie slaughtered around the ringside area. They lie in and out of the ring. Some lie still while others quiver. It took a battalion of security guards to clear the ringside area of the demolished Fab Four and Fab Corp. All of their heads were bowed in burning shame and disgrace as security carried and helped them to their locker room. The event will now and forever known as the Massacre.

A little later in the New Orleans Superdome locker room for home town Saints the girls are icing their injuries and nursing themselves. On one side it's the Fab Corp. Nobody is talking. There are just expressions and moans of their intense demoralization and humiliation. All are still totally naked and each wallows in their own private misery. Across the room in a far corner, the group's leadership, the Fab Four are doing the same.

"I can't believe it, Jennifer Aniston of all people." Pam Anderson says as she is slowly and carefully pulling the golf ball sized anal beads out of Halle Berry's ass. "Sweet little Jenifer Aniston wrecked my titties worst than anyone has in the last fifteen years." Pam says as she has large ice bags taped around her breasts. "Then she fucked me so hard, I can't even walk straight. What happened?"

"We had them" Halle says as she lies face down on a bench as Pam slowly removes another bead. "Owwwwww" Halle moans. This is obviously job for Pam. She has the most experience with sex toys. "Then the ABA double crossed us."

"We were outnumbered" Jennifer Lopez interjects.

"We loss, plain and simple and no excuses." Tia Carrere weighs in. "They set a trap, and we walked straight in and got slaughtered. The question is, what are we going to do about it?"

"I'm going to get my hands on Vida Guerra." Jennifer quickly huffs.

"We'll be fine." Halle chimes in. "We've been through a lot together and we always find a way of bouncing back. What about them?" Halle says looking at their demoralized troops across the room. "They're really shaken up"

"It's time to rally the troops." Pam advises. "It's time for a fiery Tia and J.Lo rally speech. "I'll stay here and work on Halle. I'm in no mood and no mental shape to talk to them right now."

"No we're a group. We're in this together. We go together." Jennifer states as she walks over and gives the beads a jerk and pull the last ball out of Halle's ass.

Across the room Jessica Biel is in obvious mental distress. She is on the verge of an emotional break down and fighting tears. "This is all my fault!" Jessica thinks. "Because I loss, I couldn't get the job done against Jessica Alba, everyone got slaughtered! This is all my fault!"

Beside her Rosario Dawson is not any help. She is lost in her own thoughts. "How did I get myself in this mess? I just want this thing to be over between me and Jada Pinkett. I want to go back to being friends with Will Smith again. But Jada won't stop. She won't stop till she completely destroys me."

Meagan Fox is looking off in space. Unlike most everyone else in the room, Christina Milian did not need any assist to handle her. Christina was clearly whipping her the entire fight. Then Christina did not even use a sex toy to subjugate Megan. She made Meagan lick her pussy and lick the mat clean because Christina beat Meagan into submission. What is worst, Megan knows Christina can do it again and again. Meagan feels like she is doomed to being Christina's sex toy forever, and there is nothing she can do about it.

"How could they? How could those Simpson girls go those nasty things to me?" Kimora Lee Simmons thinks. "I'm no freak! I can't take this! I don't think I can handle this. I should retire from catfighing, I'm not cut out for this."

"Ain't this a bitch!" Kim Kardashian thinks. "They'll be showing footage from this match forever, and who do I get beating me up? Nikki fucking Cox, a nobody. Why couldn't I get matched up with Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes or Jennifer Aniston a big star? Nikki Cox won't help me get ratings on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Zoe Saldana stands in front of her locker, looking behind her and examining her ass. Zoe's ass is red and welted, but nowhere near as bad as Coco's or Rosario's or Halle's. "That bitch!" Zoe exclaims in her head. "She took it easy on me, that's the only explanation. This is embarrassing. Does she think I'm not tough enough? Does she think I'm not a real warrior?" an evil scowl crosses Zoe's face. "I'll show her."

Right beside Zoe, Coco is rubbing ointment on her enormous ass. What just happened really did not disturb her that bad, but it did piss her off. What really pissed her off more that when she watched the replays playing on the locker room monitor, the camera spent way more time showing the big breasted blondes delivering the Texas Beat Down on Coco that it did the big breasted blonde on the receiving end. Second, was the marks on her ass. "They damaged my ass. Ashlee Simpson fucked up my ass!" Coco thinks. "It'll be more than a week before I can show it off again."

Eva Longoria sits with her face in her hands. "This is all my fault. This is all because I defected from the Resistance. Now all of my friends are suffering." Eva thinks.

Lastly Roselyn Sanchez sits with her head bowed and trembling. "She did it again she did it again." Roslyn softly says. "Some Sgt Ranchez, I'm no Sgt Rock. Kelly Hu beat me again. I'm a fraud." Roselyn says wallowing in self doubt.

First the Fab Corp hears Halle's voice shouting "Yeow!" Then Pam, Jennifer Tia, and a badly limping Halle Berry approach the group. Jessica looks up and immediately burst into tears. Halle quickly limps over and sits beside Jessica. She puts her arms around her friend and consoles her.

"There is no way to sugar coat what just happened. We got slaughtered tonight. The Resistance had their way with us and humiliated us. So where do we go now. Do we run away, or do we stand up and turn the hurting around?" Tia begins. "It is time that we find out what we are made of. Are we the stars that we claim to be, or are we the pussies getting fucked?"

"Jessica there's a reason that they concentrated on you after they had taken everybody out." Jennifer explains. "They were trying to strip of you of your confidence early in your career. They were trying to rob you of your potential. They see what we all see. You have the makings of a future War Queen. Don't let them rob you of your destiny."

"Kimora" Pam says seeing her soldier raise her head. "I know you don't like it down and dirty. But you're still about Fabulosity, meaning being your best at everything you do. The Fabulosity won't let you avoid this challenge. I'm going to teach you to get mean and nasty. Together we're going to make a Simpson Sister stew, and you're going to have fun doing it. It's going to be fabulous."

"Kim K, Coco the bright lights are on you girls." Jennifer preaches. "Are you two big butts and a smile, who's ten minutes of fame are almost up, or are you the real deal? Are you going to allow the Resistance to make you fade into oblivion? I don't think so. In fact I know so. You're going to be forever known as the girls who made the Resistance kiss their asses."

Halle adds, "Meagan stay with us girl. You have a tendency to get down on yourself and distant. I need you. Jessica needs you and the team needs you."

"Rosario." Pam begins. "I know you don't want anything to do with Jada. But she's like a little pit bull, she won't stop. She won't stop till you bury her. You're going to bury her. You're bury her so deep that Will, Jayden and Willow beg her to never cross you again. Halle, Tia, Jennifer and me will teach you how to do it."

"Eva, I'm sorry this happened to you." Halle confesses. "We're just so happy that you're one of us. You're more than a just a teammate, you're family to us. We're going to make sure we get Eva Mendes for what she did tonight."

"Ros, Zoe!" Tia says in a commanding voice. "You two are just as fierce, intense and aggressive as I am. I need you to be my Special Forces team. We're going to spearhead getting revenge on each bitch that did this to us. Are you with me?"

Two evil and cruel smiles cross Zoe and Roselyn's lips. They both are honored that Tia respected and entrusted this important mission to them. Both eagerly and happily accepted Tia's offer simultaneously.

"Awesome" Halle says "Now let's all shower and find a back door to exit out of here. I'm definitely trying not to take and questions from the press about that fiasco tonight." With that said, Halle and her nude compatriots lift their heads and start walking towards the massive shower room designed for the hometown New Orleans Saints. Each have more bounce in their steps and a moral boost from the depths of despair they felt following the massacre that just occurred. They showered, and managed to crack a few jokes and laugh. They dressed and stealthy left the Superdome. They all received fines for ditching the post event news conference, and none of them cared.

The next Monday at the headquarters for the ABA, Jenny McCarthy walks to Lucy Lui saying, "That didn't take long. Roselyn Sanchez is challenging you to a match to get revenge on providing the Resistance with those toys." Jenny says with a smile and chuckle reminiscing the night a bit.

Lucy chuckles a bit too. She expected a response from the Fab Four. "Roselyn Sanchez?" Lucy asks. "Not Halle, not J.Lo, not Pam, not Tia Carrere, but Roselyn Sanchez, and that's suppose to scare me? She couldn't beat Kiera Knightly in her last match. I'll beat that bitch in nothing flat, then fuck her half to death."

Lucy's trusted friend, protector and sidekick, Chiaki Kurayama interrupted, "Excuse me Boss Lucy. This sounds like a trap. Allow me to take this match instead of you. You have too much to risk by taking this match. You've just defeated Catherine Zeta Jones at RAGE! and you are in title contention. Please allow me to crush this bug for you?" Chiaki asks.

"Hmpt, not a bad idea." Lucy utters in a moment of contemplation. "You're right I have nothing to gain by beating Roselyn. Okay you take the match."

Before long, both teams and competitors found themselves boarding for the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 It's the second summer that countless celebrities take a cruise with the public for a week. Four nights of the cruise the ships ports for an all-star concert followed by a celebrity catfight. The party is on, but Tia has her special ops team focused on one thing, vengeance. Lucy and her Lui-Tang Clan enjoyed themselves, but were dead focused on crushing the Fab Four contingent. Their long, long, long quest to prove superiority over the Fab Four is in hand. She was not about to let this opportunity slip away.

It is an awesome sight, four large luxury liners sailing side by side. The first boat featured the Fab Four and the Fab Corp. They tried to put up a happy front, but they were in a somber mood. The second liner housed the ABA. The overall mood there was much better. There were a lot of passengers relaxing and taking a well deserved vacation. There was hardly a care in the world on that ship. Meanwhile, ship three carried the Resistance. That was the party boat. It was the place to be, Party stories and memories were being born every minute that will be told by passengers for decades to come. The first night, all the other liners could hear the party on the deck, as dj music blasted and people yelled, screamed and partied until near the wee hours of the morning.

The Fab girls heard the partying and elation coming from the ship. Their skin burned and their heads hung, knowing that the Massacre is at the heart of that the celebration. Tia pulls her special ops team to the side. Tia, Zoe and Roselyn sat on the deck of their boat, listening to the celebration until the noise subsided. Tia, Roselyn and Zoe vow to silence that party by the end of the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 By the end of the cruise, that jubilation and celebration will be transferred to the deck of their boat that they looked down upon from a higher level. Tia had her team visualize the party by the last night of the cruise vividly.

Meanwhile, the ABA hears the same party noise from boat three on their liner. "Do you hear that? Jenny McCarthy asks. "That's music to my ears. Those young, dumb bitches think that they've done something. I know from a lot of experience that destroying the Fab Four once is not that hard. We killed their ass routinely when the ABA first got together. The problem is that they never stay down. They are like coach roaches, and keep coming back until they finally beat you. Lucy, this match with Chiaki is big. If we can crush their revenge attempt early, then we'll break them. If they don't break, I guarantee that they will leave us alone and focus on the Resistance. Let the Fab's and the Resistance have their war. Once everything is said and done, we'll come through and clean up the scraps just like we planned. Is the Lui-Tang Clan ready?

"Absolutely." Lucy confidently answers. "By hook or by crook, the Lui-Tang clan will find a way to out of spotlight. Then we can continue to play both sides, and lead to both groups downfall. Meanwhile we continue to strengthen and add more people to our syndicates while everyone is focused on the Fab's and the Resistance. The league will never know what hit them, when we explode on them."

Mid morning the ships port on an island paradise. Passengers disembark to hit the beach, shops, and bars. They all meet later that night at the island's largest soccer stadium. They are treated to a concert with a celebrity catfight between Roselyn Sanchez and Chiaki Kuriyama. The opening act is, legendary hip hop artist, Foxy Brown. Fox Boogie takes the stage like a tiger. She is a little heftier and definitely fouled mouthed, but still rocking none the less. Next, the hottest name in hip hop takes the stage, Nicki Minaj. The big booty rapper dazed and amazed the crowd. Her ability to go from hardcore hip hop to pop and back was crazy. Nicki was thrilled when she was joined by one of her rapping inspirations, Foxy Brown on stage. Lastly, Toni Braxton performs as the total package. Toni was brassy, sexy and classy in a performance that was the rage of the Las Vegas strip.

Shortly after the tremendous performances, Chiaki Kuriyama stands in the ring with Lucy Liu, Bai Ling and Minka. "Chiaki, the whole ABA syndicate is counting on you." Lucy addresses. "Get us out of this meaningless confrontation. We must return our focus to championships, getting Christina Applegate out of power and making millions and millions of dollars. I have total faith in you, we all have your back."

Meanwhile across the ring, Roselyn Sanchez is in her corner with Zoe Saldana and Tia Carrere. "It starts here and now." Tia solemnly says. "We are the first line of defense for the group. If we fall, then you are well on your way to being at the end of Kelly Hu's leash, and Christina Applegate will have a leash around my neck. It is up to you, Sergeant Rock, to our angel of vengeance. I know you won't disappoint us." Tia finishes as Roselyn nods in agreement.

Chiaki looks across the ring at Roselyn. A slight sadistic smile crosses her face. She is envisioning how much fun she is going to have beating this busty, curvy cunt into submission. Roselyn and the Fab's will want nothing to do with the Lui-Tang Clan after she is done.

Roselyn stares back at Chiaki. Roselyn is always a such confident and composed woman. She was a natural defacto leader for the young Fab Corp girls when the Fab Four is away. However at this moment she is washing away the demons of past failures. She has suffered critical defeats at the hands of Nikki Cox, Kiera Knightley and Kelly Hu.

The bell rings and the match begins. The combatants march out of their corners. Roselyn is wearing a black and gray camouflage bikini, while Chiaki is wearing a black one piece swimsuit. Though they are both on the petite side, they are evenly matched. Most importantly, they are both also martial arts experts.

As the two meet, Roselyn strikes with a karate chop coming swiping down. With a swift wave of her arm, Chiaki knocks Roselyn's arm away. Chiaki retaliates immediately with a thrust. Roselyn catches Chiaki's arm in mid-flight and violently twists the limb with a graceful spin. Roselyn tries to take full advantage and swings at her foe, but Chiaki raises her arm and blocks the blow. Quick as a flash, Chiaki has already spun around back of Roselyn and wrapped her arm around Roselyn's neck from behind putting the Puerto Rican vixen in strangling rear chinlock.

Roselyn is obviously in a bad position. All the fans could clearly see that Roselyn could not breath and was frantically struggling in Chiaki's clutches. The fans were riveted to the action. It was like watching a choreographed movie martial arts fight unfold in real life action.

Suddenly Roselyn lifts her foot and stomps her foot down as hard as possible on Chiaki's foot. The Japanese girl exclaims and looses her grip momentarily. That allows Roselyn to drive elbow back powerfully into Chiaki's ribs. Chiaki shouts and clutches her side. Roselyn grabs Chiaki's arm and torques it making her adversary stoop over and grabs a big handful of Chiaki's hair. Next Roselyn escorts Chiaki's face into a nearby turnbuckle. A loud whap rings throughout the stadium and Chiaki's face kisses the leather turnbuckle very hard.

Fans on that side saw a different Chiaki once her face bounced up off the turnbuckle. First it was hurt and confusion that quickly turned into a furious and vengeful expression. Chiaki maliciously fires her elbow backwards, and spears Roselyn in the center of her plump right breast. Roselyn shouts "Yeeouw!" while backing away a few steps. This opens enough room for Chiaki to fire a kung fu kick backwards that harpoons Roselyn in her stomach. Roselyn is propelled backwards several steps, bent over obviously in pain.

A confident, near cocky Chiaki comes swaggering toward Roselyn. Chiaki has her right fist clenched and ready for action. Roselyn is struggling to stand upright and catching her breath after Chiaki's belly shot. Roselyn raises her head as Chiaki brings her fist up into fighting position. Roselyn stands dumbly as Chiaki's fist comes rocketing at her. The fist seemed to reach light speed, moving so fast Roselyn could not even see it. Finally the missile explodes on Roselyn's cheek. A pained expression crosses Roselyn's face and her head spins around like a revolving door.

Roselyn staggers drunkenly backwards and to her right. She is obviously hurt. She is obviously dazed. She is obviously nearly out on her feet. She is obviously one step away from another crushing defeat. The Japanese ninja stalks her prey. Chiaki hops in the air and delivers a karate kick. Chiaki's foot bolts up and the sole of Chiaki's foot careens flushly in Roselyn's face. The sexy Puerto Rican's body goes momentarily limp, and drops lifelessly to the mat.

The force of Chiaki's kick sends Roselyn rolling along the canvas like a log. The rolling actually revives Roselyn and wakes her up. She instinctively pushes up to her hands and knees and tries to find the wits and strength to stand. Long before that can happen Chiaki walks up and kicks Roselyn in the side. Chiaki's kick launches Roselyn up a foot and a half, and sends her rolling a few more feet. Chiaki follows and tries to kick Roselyn again, but her victim sees it coming and rolls away, and spins up to her feet in one swift graceful dancer's movement.

The memories of past failures had flooded Roselyn's mind. However they do not matter now. All that happened previously. That was before she became Sergeant Rock of the Fab Corp. That was before she trained under General Tia Carrere and before she had an army depending on her success.

Roselyn raises her fist and squares off with the approaching Chiaki. The Japanese viper throws a swiping punch to Roselyn's body designed to plow through Roselyn's tits, but Roselyn nimbly hops back avoiding the contact. Having missed, Chiaki immediately swipes her arm back trying to backhand Roselyn, but Sergeant Rock hops back again, avoiding the blow again. Chiaki swipes down with a karate chop, followed by a chop with her other arm, and another forward thrust. The chops can be heard cutting through the air moving at such a high velocity. Roselyn finds a way to swoop and turn to avoid all of them though.

Undeterred by her misses, Chiaki keeps throwing chops a pressing Roselyn. That is until Roselyn captures Chiaki's wrist as it comes sweeping by. Roselyn steps into Chiaki, and turning at the same time. Next she executes a judo flip on Chiaki. The Japanese assassin goes flipping head over heels and lands hard on her back on the mat.

Roselyn immediately reaches down to grab Chiaki by her hair. However Chiaki's foot comes rocketing up and kicks Roselyn square in the forehead. Roselyn's head snaps back and she falls to the canvas. Both ladies push past their individual aches, pains and disorientations to rise to their feet at virtually the same time.

They both pause, sizing each other up. Chiaki is positive that she is the superior martial artist. If the fight continues like it is, Chiaki's superior technique and form would eventually win out over Roselyn's intensity desperation and spirit. After all, Chiaki had Roselyn one punch from being kayoed earlier, and let Roselyn escape.

Tia had warned Roselyn about getting in this martial arts contest. She told her that would give Chiaki the advantage. However Tia did not count on Roselyn's athletic ability, and her confidence in her dancer's perfectly toned body would overcome Chiaki's slender figure every time.

Chiaki draws her fist back and launches a punch headed straight for Roselyn's nose with a loud growl. Roselyn dodges it by doing a perfectly times back flip. As she flips backwards, Roselyn brings her feet up and kicks Chiaki under her chin and nearly kicks Chiaki's head off her shoulders. Chiaki's head snaps back and she reels back several steps in a big daze.

As soon as Roselyn's feet land from the back flip, Roselyn start tumbling forward doing a cartwheel. As Roselyn finishes her cartwheel her last leg comes crashing down on Chiaki's head, rocking the ninja to her core. Chiaki stands swaying, basically out on her feet. She is dazed and not really sure what just hit her. Roselyn flies into motion, leaping toward Chiaki with a Superman punch that finishes Chiaki off. Roselyn blasts the dazed girl in the face with a shot that knocks Chiaki to the canvas. Chiaki's eyes were open but her body was ridged. Fans hear Lucy Liu shout "Chiaki!" seeing her trusted friend defeated and obliterated. The referee grabs Roselyn from behind and calls for the bell for Chiaki's safety, not needing a pinfall to prove Roselyn just emerged victorious.

"Get her! Kill that bitch!" Lucy frantically orders while pointing at Roselyn. Bai Ling and Minka know that Lucy is on tilt seeing her girl Chiaki lying lifelessly and immediately scramble into the ring. Roselyn sees them coming and backs up, preparing for the onslaught. Then instantly Zoe Saldana appears by her side. Roselyn and Zoe look at each other and smile, then advances forward to engage the Lui-Tang Clan.

As Zoe tangles with Bai and Roselyn starts battling Minka, Lucy slowly starts climbing on the apron to enter the ring. On the other side just as slowly, Tia is climbing into the ring as well. Lucy and Tia never take their eyes off each other. They know it is time for the two major players, the masters, to battle each other.

All hell is breaking loose and Zoe is loving it. She is exchanging mad blows with Bai and loving every moment. After the Massacre, it is finally great for her to feel some action and get some retribution. Zoe is lost in a berserker rage trading fist with Bai. She does not feel most of Bai's shots. The other shots explode on Zoe's head and hurt like hell, but she loves the sensation. Zoe bathes in this warrior's rage, welcoming it. In fact Bai's hard retaliation would have forced Zoe to retreat or kayoed her. Zoe allows all the rage and humiliation and demoralization flow from her body for herself and her teammates. Zoe is a buzz saw, cutting through Bai's defenses, although taking heavy damage, yet steadily battering Bai back into the corner.

Bai is not easily rattled, but Zoe is overwhelming her. She has landed solid shots to Zoe's chin. Bai has definitely busted up Zoe's ribs. There will surely be bruises in the morning. "But the bitch keeps coming" Bai thinks. Also being several inches taller, she is smothering and swallowing Bai whole. Bai is usually the psycho bitch, but Zoe went psycho first, and it is having a calming and unnerving effect on the resident crazy lady, Bai.

Bai is trapped in the corner with Zoe pressing in on her. She got too close. Bai head butts Zoe square in the chin. Zoe's knees buckle and she swoons. Bai's eyes light up, finally getting an opportunity. Bai draws back to pound the psycho bitch, but Zoe's skinny knee shoots up and fires into Bai's pussy. Bai's hands immediately fall to clutch the shooting pain in her cunt.

Zoe's emotional crescendo has fallen, and she is no longer indestructible, but her rage remains. Zoe raises one arm up after another, chopping down on Bai. Zoe's skinny little arms are charged by pure fury and eventually start pounding even the spirited Bai to the mat. "You fucking Beanpole! I'll get you!" Bai defiantly screams as she sinks to the canvas.

Roselyn takes a deep breath. She had barely survived the Lui-Tang Clan's nasty ninja, now she has a Korean assassin with tits that the word enormous does not even begin to describe them, and she is a few inches taller than little Roselyn. It does not matter now. Roselyn has embraced the Sergeant Rock persona. She will meet this woman head on, and fight until she wins or Mighty Minka stomps her into the ground.

Roselyn charges at Minka, meeting her head on. Roselyn runs straight into Minka's upraised foot and ends up flat on her ass. Roselyn raises her head, realizing her mistake, and sees Minka's foot coming stomping down on her. Minka's foot keeps raining down, kicking and stomping Roselyn. Roselyn tries to squirt and squirm away, but Minka corrals her, keeping Roselyn in range of her attack. "I get you good, you Tia Carrere piece of shit!" Minka barks in her heavy accent. "I'm gonna finish you off, den keek dat bitch Tia Carrere's ass!" Minka promises, remembering her past with Tia.

Minka's feet were destroying Roselyn. When she thought that Sergeant Rock fights until she gets stomped into the ground, Roselyn never intended that statement to be literally stomped in the ground. Roselyn focuses her eyes. She sees Minka's foot rising after booting her yet again. Roselyn snares Minka by the ankle, and snatches the Korean off balance. Minka falls and lands on her tush with a yelp. Roselyn captures Minka's slender leg in-between her strong, muscular dancer's legs and turns Minka's foot like she is twisting a big dial. Minka screeches in pain from Roselynís ankle lock.

Minka cries out with long wails of torment. Minka tries to escape, but her lean limbs were no match for Roselyn strong, muscle bound gams. Minka flops around shouting and saying, "Don't break my leg beetch!" Minka then goes back to howling in agony. After being in the ankle lock a lot longer, Minka is reduced to just pleading "Pleeezzzzz, Pleeeezzzzz, Pleeeezzzzz... Let gooooo!"

"Beg bitch! Beg!" Roselyn cruelly demands, now realizing she is in total control over Minka.

"Ohhhh! Minka beg! Minka beg!"

Tia and Lucy have fully engaged each other. Being the leaders of their respective groups, both know that their clash will have far more reaching results than those of their charges. After a long exchange, Tia tags Lucy and she hits the deck. Tia follows her worn down prey, but as she approaches Lucy rises to her knees and fires a punch into Tia's cunt. That halts Tia cold, Lucy springs to her feet and kicks Tia in the midsection. That sends Tia reeling backwards into the corner. Lucy presses Tia in the corner and fires fist after fist into Tia's belly. When she thinks that isn't hurting Tia enough, Lucy drives her knee up into Tia's gut.

After Tia appears to get fed up with Lucy, Tia just blasts Lucy again with a right cross. Lucy goes reeling out of control backwards and crashes to the mat, seeing a galaxy of stars. Tia simply smiles. After being beaten into oblivion by Christina Applegate, then stripped and deep throated with the dildo that Lucy provided, that punch sure felt good.

Lucy rolls to a stop, face down. Tia dives down on Lucy, driving her elbow into Lucy's kidneys. Tia sits up, clasps both hands together and hammers Lucy's kidneys a couple of times for good measure. Lucy instinctively rolls over to protect her kidneys. Tia grabs Lucy's legs and spreads them apart. Next Tia puts her foot against Lucy's pussy and starts pulling her legs the opposite direction.

Lucy shrieks, with the shooting pain in her cunt and wakes her from her daze. Lucy grabs Tia's foot from her pussy and bends Tia's toes back. Tia screams and withdraws her foot. Tia's could not get her foot away quick enough before Lucy grabs it. Lucy then reverses the scenario, by planting her foot against Tia's cunt and yanking on Tia's leg. Tia counters the same way Lucy did by grabbing and twisting Lucy's toes. Lucy counters again by biting Tia's foot through Tia's shoe. With a squeal, Tia brings Lucy's foot to her mouth and bites her foot too. The rabid ladies bite each other for a few moments before kicking each other away, and rising to their feet.

Tia and Lucy locks up. Tia overpowers Lucy and whips Lucy into the ropes. Tia kicks Lucy in the stomach as she rebounds back. Lucy is knocked to the mat and clutches her stomach. First Tia delivers a stomp on her downed rival. Next she kicks Lucy, then another kick, and another, followed by another.

Finally Tia grabs Lucy by the arm and snatches Lucy up to her feet. Tia wraps her arms around Lucy's body from behind and lifts the spitfire off her feet, while squeezing Lucy in a bear hug. Lucy growls like a cornered and captured animal. Tia shakes Lucy back and forth, displaying her power over her petite foe. Tia open her arms and dumps Lucy on the canvas.

Tia's offense appears to have taken most of the fight out of Lucy. She looks thoroughly whipped as she lies on the mat. Tia yanks Lucy to her feet again by her arm. Tia then scoops Lucy up across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Tia starts spinning around in circles dizzying Lucy. Tia props Lucy in the corner. Dizzy Lucy drapes her arms over the top rope to stay upright, while the arena keeps spinning around her eyes. Tia attacks with one two punches to Lucy's belly. Next Tia does a few upper cuts to the underside of Lucy's breasts. Tired dizzy and just all around beaten, Lucy hangs there allowing Tia to have her way.

With Lucy tamed, Tia is able to unfasten and open the front of Lucy's outfit and expose Lucy's breasts. Lucy whines and growls as Tia twist, squeeze and claw her boobs. Tia releases Lucy's boobs and watches her rival hold her tits and crumple to her knees, whimpering. Tia shakes her head looking disgusted with Lucy showing such weakness. "Get the fuck up." Tia says as she reaches down and seizes two big handfuls of Lucy's tits and pulls Lucy up to her feet by them.

Left with no options Lucy rises to her feet, following her breasts. Tia twist and mauls Lucy's tits for a little while, and listens to Lucy's cries of pain. Finally Tia gives Lucy a hard shove. Lucy reels backwards several steps and bounces off the ropes back to a waiting Tia. Tia flicks out a karate kick that nails Lucy in the face, putting Lucy down and out.

Chiaki has awakened only to be greeted by Roselyn again. The vicious Puerto Rican pounds Chiaki some more. Chiaki sees Minka lying on the mat, holding her ankle and moaning in pain. Chiaki sees Bai subdued and beat down in the corner with Zoe still working her over. Bai soon gets a little break as Zoe leaves her to have some fun punishing Minka.

Before long Zoe and Roselyn had beaten and stripped Bai and Minka of their short kimono they wore to ringside. Even Chiaki's one piece swimsuit ended around her waist, exposing Chiaki's tits. Once Bai, Minka and Chiaki had no fight left, Roselyn and Zoe dumped them out of the ring, leaving them lying as road kill at ringside.

Lucy awakens and rises wearily to her knees. She finds herself surrounded by Tia, Zoe and Roselyn, forming a triangle around her. "Give the message to the rest of the ABA, that this is what happens when you double cross us." Tia says as she draws way back and delivers a sweeping hard smack across Lucy's face. Lucy's head violently spins.

"The ABA were supposed to help us against the Resistance. Instead you did nothing, then gave then sex toys so they could rape us." Roselyn says as she gives Lucy another vicious smack. Lucy's hair swirls in the wind as Lucy's head spins again.

Zoe laughs sadistically saying, "I just love kicking your ass and teaching your dumb ass a lesson." Zoe delivered a hard sweeping smack too.

Tia's Special Forces take turns smacking and hitting the beaten hostage. The Fab's who are normally the heroines, complete this villainy act like bullies. Poor Lucy is helpless on her knees, taking smacks and fist from three women standing over her. Tia does not care. After the Massacre, this may be the only way the Fab Four survives.

Tia grabs Lucy by the shoulders and hauls her to her feet. She shoves Lucy in Zoe's direction. Zoe rips Lucy's already torn kimono until it falls off her left shoulder, then pushes her to Roselyn. Roselyn rips the kimono with a loud tear of the fabric, and the kimono falls off Lucy's right shoulder. Then Roselyn passes Lucy back to Tia. Tia pulls the tattered garment off Lucy's waist and down the punch drunk woman's legs, fully removing the kimono. This leaves Lucy topless but wearing a pair of panty hose. Tia then ushers Lucy to the ropes and tosses her over the top ropes to land alongside the other members of the Liu-Tang clan lying at ringside.

Immediately Zoe hugs Roselyn tightly exclaiming "Hell yeah Sergeant Rock! We kicked some fucking ass tonight!"

Roselyn hugs Zoe back, but her thoughts are interrupted by seeing Kelly Hu sitting in the front row. Kelly stares darts at Roselyn, not at all impressed by Roselyn's victory tonight. Roselyn stares back at her arch rival.

After everything was said and done, Bai, Chiaki and Minka sit in the stadium's dressing room, angry and disappointed about the events of the night. They make promises and swears of vengeance. Finally Lucy enters the room. "Boss Lucy, I'm sorry about failing you tonight." a saddened Chiaki confesses.

"Failure?" Lucy asks, "Our goal was accomplished tonight. We wanted to get the Fab Four's focus off us and back on the Resistance. We did that. This war is predestined to end in one way. The Resistance is too young and strong, they will eventually wear down and conquer the Fab Four. Once they do, they will be too weak to defend against us. This will be our league." Lucy knew her troops believed her, but that is not what they wanted or needed to hear right now. "But don't worry. I will plan a special mission where you will get your hands on Tia and her little team soon enough." That statement bought smiles and relief to her clan's faces.

Later on that night, the other three boats heard sounds of a party on the deck of the first luxury liner occupied by the Fab Four. At the center of that party were Roselyn Sanchez and Zoe Saldona. Tia sat off at a bar looking at her soldiers partying and blowing off steam. Their mission was far from complete. Tia has a match against the Resistance's leader, Cameron Diaz later in the cruise. However Zoe and Roselyn deserved this celebration, as did the other Fab's. This was a very much needed win coming post Massacre.

Tia evaluated her team. They were intense, fierce and aggressive, just like her. Tia smiled at their future. Tia pulls out a fat victory cigar. She lights it to their success and their bright future. She loved it!

ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2