NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Fatal Fourway
Later that night after THE GOLD EXPERIENCE! card, the city is still on fire. Never mind the earth shattering events that happened in the ring, now its time to party! There are multiple after parties all over the city. The two must attend events are on opposite sides of the city and attended by just as polarizing people. First the ABA event, filled by its supporters and hopefuls. The second is the Beyonce Victory Bash thrown by the Fab Four. It's attended by their family, friends and supporters.

Beyonce's Bash is thrown in a local hotel's ballroom. The DJ is blasting the top 40, R & B and Hip Hop hits, and most people are hob knobbing and jamming. Celebrities abound, seated at round tables around the dance floor. There are too many celebrities to mention them all by name. Many of Stone Rage's supporters are present. Of course, the big guy, Stone Rage is predictably absent. He is still on sabbatical from the league after his self-imposed suspension from being commissioner until tabloid accusation could be disproven. Beyonce is in attendance of course, accompanied by her sister Solange, Kelly Rowland and the rest of the Fab Four. Other notables in attendance include Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Kimora Lee Simmons, Vida Guerra, Tyra Banks, Jessica Biel, Rosario Dawson, and Ice T and wife Co Co.

However, our story starts at a table where two women who have shared a similar and unique experience are sitting. Stone Rage recruited Kelly Hu and Roselyn Sanchez to help rescue the Fab Four from Las Vegas. They along with Tyra Banks and Jamie Pressly failed miserably and ended up needing the Fab Four to rescue them.

"I'm so glad that bastard Stone Rage got what he deserves." Kelly tells Roselyn for the umpteenth time tonight. "After what he did to us, he deserves to be put out of his own league." Kelly finishes again.

Roselyn rolls her eyes as she has heard this too many times tonight. Roselyn and Kelly have entirely different views of their trip to Vegas. Kelly blames their failure entirely on Stone Rage, and of no fault of her own. It was his faulty planning, his faulty preparation, and his stupidity that caused their miserable outcome. How could it be any fault of hers? Kelly explains. She is a martial arts black belt, she was the bully of her neighborhood, she has always been successful, she has never failed in her entire life, Kelly rationalizes. It could not possibly be her fault, that Jeri Ryan kicked her ass all over Vegas.

Roselyn realizes there could have been things Stone Rage could have done to help their success, but he did not cause their failure. Roselyn accepts her failure and realizes she simply did not get the job done. She fought hard and well against Nikki Cox, but in the end, she loss the fight. She took it as a lesson. She may have been the physically superior competitor, but Nikki was better prepared mentally. She was mentally tougher during the tightly contested bout, and she had a much better strategy. Roselyn considered it another one of life's little lessons. Just like her failed marriage, or like her perseverance in getting her movie musical, Yellow that she wrote and produced funded and distributed, this too was a lesson learned.

Finally Roselyn gets fed up with Kelly's excuses and blurts, "Enough already, give it a break, Stone Rage didn't get your ass kicked, Jeri Ryan beat your ass like Nikki Cox whipped mine."

Kelly just looks at Roselyn at first, rolling her eyes, and curling her top lip. Secretly she has held a slight bit of jealousy toward Roselyn since they appeared in the flop film The Underclassman together. Roselyn was the leading actress, and Kelly was just another supporting role. Finally she responds, "I'm a martial arts expert, been fighting since I was 6 years old. Nobody beats me in a fair fight. Jeri cheated, she jumped me from behind, and Stone Rage put me in that bad position."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah," Roselyn mocks back. "You got outsmarted and beat up, just like, Tyra, Jamie and me." Roselyn answers. "Stone Rage shouldn't have to tell us to organize better to beat the ABA. We are all adults and successful women, we should have known. The ABA has been running rough shot over this league for years. We were all too arrogant and shortsighted and glory hungry. That's why we failed, Stone Rage had nothing to do with it." Roselyn emphatically states. "We should learn from our mistakes instead of shifting blame, like children."

Kelly silently looks at Roselyn, obviously vexed by her criticism. "Well at least I loss to Jeri Ryan" Kelly continues after her pause. "I can accept that, she's a proven champion. She made Toughgirl Tia Carrere submit to take her Hardcore title. Then she beat the shit out of Jennifer Lopez." With a pointing finger, Kelly looks at Roselyn saying, "You loss to a career jobber like Nikki" she finishes adding a taunting laugh. "That's got to really suck, no I should say, You must really suck. Kelly jests breaking into louder laughter. "You must be a real loser" Kelly says between her laughter. "No wonder you don't blame Stone Rage, you would have gotten your ass kicked no matter what he did. A fucking loser like you is too dumb to know when she's been set up."

Kelly HuThe taunting, laughing Hawaiian ignites the latina's fiery temper. However Roselyn does not immediately lash out, instead she smolders for an moment. Finally she speaks, "Is it true that Halle Berry found you whimpering under Lisa Lipps as her new lap dog?" Roselyn asks in a biting tone intent on hurting Kelly's feelings. "Word is that she turned you into her winey little bitch!" Roselyn adds. "That didn't happen to any of the rest of us. I think we found the weak link, no?"

"Weak link?" Kelly responds getting angrier by the moment. "I'd kick the shit out of your ass any day of the fucking week loser."

"Bitch, the only reason I'm not kicking your ass right now is out of respect for Beyonce and not wanting to ruin her victory party." Roselyn answers while looking Kelly dead in the eye threatenly.

The two exotic beauties engage in a brief, but very intense stare down. "You know this isn't the only room in this hotel that I can beat your ass in loser." Kelly spits. "If you're really serious then, let's go somewhere and settle this right now."

"Lead the fucking way." Roselyn icily answers.

Without saying another word, both ladies make their way out of the large ballroom and into the hallway outside. After testing two or three door in the hall, they find an unlocked hospitality room. The plushly carpeted room is designed to hold about thirty people for a "meet and greet" type social mixer. It is outfitted with a sofa against opposite walls, and a couple of armchairs. Their are several folding chairs stacked against a wall. Prominently across from the door is an elegant wet bar.

With a suitable battlefield found each woman walks inside and starts preparing for their confrontation. Both remove earrings, other jewelry, and their high-heeled shoes. The soft, plush carpet comforts their bare feet. Neither says a word, but gives her rival several icy glares, emotionally preparing to tear the other apart. Kelly starts shadow boxing and throwing several martial arts kicks. Kelly is wearing a black dress that stops above the mid thigh level. The dress is loose enough to allow her to execute her full range of kicks, and displays her black panties whenever she raises her leg to its full height.

Roselyn rolls her eyes at Kelly and asks, "Am I supposed to be impressed, or intimidated or something?" She starts doing a few kicks of her own then says, "I guess you didn't see me in Rush Hour 2." Roselyn finishes her routine looking at Kelly. Roselyn is dressed in a white dress very similar to Kelly's. Although neither woman is heavily chested, they both show an enormous amount of cleavage. Roselyn's white panties are also on display as she does her high and spin kicks.

"Sure I did." Kelly answers. "I saw you get your ass whipped in that movie." Kelly quips to Roselyn's chagrin. "Thatís why I know this fight won't last long"

Wearing a sneer, Roselyn nods her head indicating that it is time to fight. Kelly stops her limbering, takes her fighting stance, and starts circling Roselyn. Both beauties are cautious and do not want to make an early foolish mistake. Each woman desperately wants to conquer her foe, to wash the taste of defeat from Vegas out of her mouth. Both diva's are former beauty queens and have large ego's. A second consecutive loss would deal a serious blow to each's self esteem.

Roselyn is the aggressor, she charges and throws a hard fast right hand. Using her martial arts discipline, Kelly calmly waits for the fist to arrive. Once it does, Kelly leans back and captures Roselyn's wrist as it passes by. With a martial arts shriek of "Yeahhhh!" Kelly sharply twists Roselyn's wrist and arm as hard as she could. Roselyn releases a shriek similar Kelly's prior one, but her's is born from pain instead of intensity and intimidation. The power of Kelly's wristlock forces Roselyn to instinctively double over to relieve the torque on her wrist and arm. Once Roselyn bends over, Kelly delivers a hard kick to Roselyn's chest that launches the Puerto Rican off her feet and into the air. A screaming Roselyn lands flat on her back with a hard jolting thud.

Roselyn looks up at Kelly wearing the same shocked look that villains in a Steven Seagal movie usually wears after their first confrontation with the kung fu master. Just like those villains, a smile soon creeps on her face as she foolishly accepts the challenge of trying to beat a martial arts expert. Roselyn then springs to her feet, while Kelly mockingly laughs.

Roselyn throws another lightning fast left hook, but Kelly ducks under it with the guild of a ninja. When Kelly straightens up, Roselyn already has a right handed punch launched and headed for her face. Still with what Roselyn considered inhuman reflexes, Kelly again captures her wrist before it reaches its target. Kelly gives Roselyn's wrist another sharp turn until her palms is facing up. Then in one fluid motion, she brings her other elbow down in the crook of Roselyn's elbow. Roselyn screams at the pain, but Kelly's fist does not stop, just continues on its trip and delivers a backhand smash across Roselyn's face. While Roselyn, reels and screams a second time, Kelly, still holding the captured wrist steps into Roselyn. She kicks Roselyn's feet out from under her and judo tosses the Latin beauty queen half way across the room.

Roselyn lands in a painful heap. Again, she hears Kelly laughing. "Pathetic loser.... simply pathetic" Kelly taunts. Roselyn realizes how greatly she underestimated Kelly, but the prideful woman is not going down without a fight. She springs back to her feet, determined to find a way to wipe that smug smile off of Kelly's face.

Roselyn throws a high kick aimed at Kelly's head. The Asian-Hawaiian knocks the blow aside. Roselyn follows with another punch but it too is blocked. However, her aggressiveness has put Kelly on the defensive and moving backwards for once. While Kelly is off balance and out of position, Roselyn lunges in and catches Kelly with a two handed choke around her neck. Kelly is caught off guard and Roselyn takes control of the fight.

Kelly tries to pry the hands from around her neck, but cannot. Roselyn wisely keeps both arms fully extended so Kelly cannot kick her. She steadily overpowers Kelly and marches her backwards until she has Kelly pinned with her back against the wall.

Kelly feels her chest burning. Captured in Roselyn's powerful clutches, she realizes that the Puerto Rican is the stronger woman. While her face is cold and expressionless, Kelly's brain starts to panic. After her devastating defeat to Jeri Ryan, and her subjectgation to Lisa Lipps her confidence is shaken. She focuses to bring her thoughts back under control. Kelly drops her arms to her sides, then clasp her hands together in front of her. Next, she launches her clasp hands up as hard as she could. They strategically travel up between Roselyn's outstretched arms and strikes her under her chin. As Roselyn's head snaps back, Kelly's arms continue their flight up and knocks Roselyn's arms off of her throat and breaks the choke hold.

Kelly quickly follows with a left-right combination to Roselyn's face. Next Kelly grabs the front of a stunned Roselyn's dress and rips it open. Then Kelly tugs mightily down and gives Roselyn a two handed shove to her chest to push her away. Roselyn backs up breathing heavily, trying to gather herself. then to her dismay, her dress falls off her shoulders and down around her waist, exposing her perky pointy breasts.

Roselyn's distress is clearly written all over her face. She is clearly losing this fight and has no clue how to turn it around. She knows that Kelly is intent on destroying her, then publically humiliating her just like Nikki Cox had done. Roselyn could not bear to let that happen again. She releases all of her latin fury and charges at the tauntingly laughing Kelly, shrieking in a berserker rage.

Roselyn unloads a flurry of punches, but to her dismay and frustration, not a single fist connects. Kelly is truly earning the title of ninja as she eludes Roselyn time and time again. Suddenly, Kelly retaliates with a kick to the panicking Roselyn's stomach, doubling her over. As Roselyn is doubled over holding her stomach and heaving air, Kelly arrogantly grabs her black hair and lifts her head up. "Looossserr" Kelly sings. The infuriated latina responds with a solid punch right in Kelly's gloating mouth. Kelly reels back, releasing Roselyn.

Kelly sucks her stinging lip and regains her concentration. She rededicates herself to inflicting serious pain on Roselyn. She does not have to wait long. Roselyn attacks throwing both her fist and feet at her foe. Kelly's ninja quickness returns. She coolly dodges every one of Roselyn's punches and kicks thrown. When the time is right, when Roselyn's frustration level is reaching its peak, Kelly seizes Roselyn's wrist yet again as it passes by. With her wrist captured, again Roselyn is exposed and vulnerable to any assault that Kelly chooses. Kelly's foot flashes into Roselyn's gut making her stoop over. Kelly releases the wrist and raises both hands above her head and brings them down with a martial arts cry with a double chop to each side of the base of Roselyn's neck. Roselyn screams too, feeling like she has been paralyzed. Finally Kelly finishes with an upper cut that lifts Roselyn off of her feet, until she crash lands like a limp fish, spread eagle on the carpet.

Roselyn lies flat on her back, looking like she is finished with her legs open and her arms splayed out to the sides. Roselyn is moaning and dazed, making no effort to rise and continue the fight. Kelly releases another loud taunting victory laugh. After taking several deep breaths bringing her emotions under control, Kelly strolls over to Roselyn, and places her foot on Roselyn's bare breast. She looks down at her rival and again sings, "Looossserr!"

Suddenly Roselyn springs to life. She knocks Kelly's foot off her chest and violently rolls over, tripping Kelly and knocking her to the floor. Like a boa constrictor, Roselyn climbs on top of Kelly and wraps her arms around Kelly and her legs intertwine Kelly's legs. Roselyn has Kelly trapped flat on her back with her limbs immobilizing Kelly's, and engulfing her body. Roselyn grabs two handfuls of Kelly's silky black hair and starts bouncing Kelly's head on the carpet yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, "BITCH I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Roselyn constantly yells something as she claws and slaps Kelly, never forgetting to bounce Kelly's head against the floor.

Halle BerryWhile Roselyn and Kelly were raging their battle, Halle Berry and Eva Mendes had walked out of the main ballroom into the hall for a quieter place to have a conversation. "I'm telling you Eva, this is a big time in the league. Now that Beyonce has taken the title from Christina Applegate, things have totally changed. Now's our time." Halle tells the younger lady.

"What about Christina?" Eva asks. "She's still bound to be a force to be reconded with. She's smart too. She'll have a plan, and bring help to get the title back. She'll be after the Fab Four and the new ABA." Eva explains.

Halle sighs, "Yeah I know." she answers. "Jennifer and I have been working out like crazy to get back from our maternity leaves. But we'll be ready until then. Beyonce has Kelly Rowland and her sister Solange to help her out until we return. Of course we could use some help, but we'll definitely be ready for Christina and whatever or whoever she throws at us." Halle confidently states.

"And this new ABA?" Eva asks, "They look more dangerous than ever before. You've got to contend with them also." Eva warns.

"We'll be fine," Halle confidently states, although she is trying to convince herself too. However, none of her doubts shows to Eva. Halle has always been a masterful actress. "They're not up to full force yet. Besides Christina will be gunning for them too. It's a three party race. Whoever wins will have control, and the others will be crushed. It's our time, I'm not about to be crushed......." Halle pauses, hearing a loud scream. "What's that?" Halle asks in confusion, "Somebody's in trouble." Halle finishes and jogs down the hall to find the screams. Halle and Eva identify the source within seconds and open the door where Roselyn and Kelly are battling.

Halle flings open the door, and is totally shocked to find friend and allies locked in combat. Roselyn is mounted on top of Kelly trying to mug her. Halle does not care who is on top, she only sees two possible allies, fighting, at a time when she needs all the help she can get. "Ros! Kelly! Break it up!" Halle yells. Seeing she is being ignored Halle dives on Roselyn's back, trying to breakup the fight.

Halle pulls with all her might, but cannot pry Roselyn off Kelly. Eva joins her trying to break up the fight. The whole time, Roselyn is screaming obscenities and threats as she clings to Kelly. "Let go of her hair Ros, Let go of her hair!" Halle instructs on deaf ears. The two wildcats kept on wrestling and scratching. Kelly is extracting her fair share of hair from Roselyn's head as well. Slowly Halle and Eva are finally able to pry Roselyn and Kelly apart. Halle pulls Roselyn a couple feet away from Kelly who is being held by Eva.

Kelly is distraught. She cannot believe how things have turned out. She had dominated and totally destroyed Roselyn through out the fight. Now 30 seconds has undone all of it. Roselyn had her down and mounted all of 30 seconds. Now, because Halle and Eva walked in during those 30 seconds, the story of this fight has totally changed. Kelly was not even worried when Roselyn had her mounted. She was just patiently waiting for an opening to exploit and finish toying with Roselyn. Yes, she had been toying with Roselyn the entire fight, but now Halle and Eva will tell how they saved Kelly from Roselyn's fury. Kelly felt sick inside. She was not struggling to get away from Eva, While Halle is barely able to hold the rampaging Roselyn at bay.

Seeing Roselyn about to break from Halle's grasps, Eva lets Kelly go to help contain the rampaging Puerto Rican. Roselyn is still shouting, "I'll kill you bitch. This ain't over, I'll get you. I want a match... I want you in the ring!"

Kelly does not respond, she simply turns to walk away. Then after a couple of steps, does a spinning karate kick that clocks a still shouting Roselyn across the chin. The kick silences Roselyn's rant and spins her head around like a twirling top. Totally dazed and mindlessly moaning, Roselyn crumples to the ground in Halle and Eva's arms. "KELLY!" Halle shouts in total frustration.

Kelly does not respond to Halle, she turn and starts walking out of the room again. "I'm through with all of you losers." She says as she disappears out of the door. Kelly keeps walking. Kelly walks toward a door labeled 'EXIT' pushes it open and keeps walking. She does not say anything to anybody, just keeps walking.



The next day around 3PM, Kelly found herself walking into the ABA's hotel. She walks down the hall and stops at Lucy Liu's door, and finally her journey comes to an end. She knocks on the door, not knowing exactly what to expect. Lucy's friend, Chiaki Kuriyama answers the door. "Yes" she says with an attitude.

"Hi, I need to speak to Lucy" Kelly says, expecting to find a kindred spirit in another Asian American.

"She does not need to speak to you. Goodbye!" Chiaki answers with more attitude, and starts closing the door.

Seeing a more forceful approach is needed, Kelly sticks her foot in the doorway, preventing Chiaki from closing it. "Listen little girl, I wasn't asking you" Kelly says returning the same saucy attitude that she has been receiving. "I need to talk to Lucy and you're going to take me to her." Kelly threatens.

Chiaki mockingly laughs at Kelly just as Kelly had done to Roselyn so many times during the previous night. Kelly certainly did not like being on the other end of that laughter. "I'm going to take you to her?" Chiaki mocks. "Why don't you come inside and make me then." challenges the extremely confident young woman.

Kelly walks into the room wearing a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt cut off at the mid drift. Chiaki backs away allowing her rival passage into the room. Chiaki is casually dressed in a white pair of short shorts and a blue top. As soon as Kelly has walked inside, and allowed the door to close behind her, Chiaki's foot flashes up and kicks Kelly in the mouth. The older actress reels back and rubs her stinging lips. "Hmmmpt, Not bad for a little girl?" Kelly says and takes a fighting stance. Chiaki gets a mean sneer, upset that Kelly is unimpressed by her kick and vexed at the little girl comment.

Yells of 'Yehah' 'Yah' 'Hiiayyy' and 'ehhhyahhh' ring out as these two kung fu beauties clash. They throw primarily kicks with a few punches sprinkled in. However the two warriors were too evenly matched and barely ten percent of their kicks landed. Most were ducked or dodged, and the rest were blocked. The few that did land were effective.

Kelly goes on the offensive again trying to overwhelm Chiaki. Kelly is only an inch taller than her foe, but sturdier built. Only Kelly got overzealous and left herself open to a sharp kick that Chiaki slips in through her guard. The kick explodes on Kelly's lips and knocks her to the ground.

Kelly finds herself flat on her back looking up at Chiaki, not entirely sure how she got there. Chiaki goes for the kill she brings her leg up and drives her heel down onto Kelly. Quickly regaining her whits Kelly rolls out of the way before Chiaki stomps a hole through her. Trying to counter, Kelly whips her leg around aimed at Chiaki's ankles, trying a leg sweep to knock her opponent off her feet. Chiaki leaps in the air to avoid Kelly. As soon as Chiaki lands, Kelly spins again trying another leg sweep. Chiaki prove she is just as quick and nimble as Kelly, and leaps over the leg sweep again. Kelly feints another leg sweep, and Chiai reacts accordingly leaping up again. As she touches down this time Kelly extends her leg straight up, allowing Chiaki to land crotch first on her foot.

Chiaki freezes in pain, clutches her crotch and howls like a werewolf howling at the moon. Kelly kip up to her feet, and executes another perfect spinning kick that collides across Chiaki's lovely face. Spit and slobber goes flying as Chiaki's head is snapped around. Then while Chiaki stand dazed and out of it, Kelly does a straight side kick to Chiaki's chest that propels her off of her feet and flying through the air until she comes to rest falling in the seat of a big soft lounge arm chair.

Chiaki is seated in the chair, knocked senseless with her mouth hanging open. Kelly pounces like a cat. She leaps on the chair's seat, mounting Chiaki in place even if she could find the notion to move. Kelly looms over the seated beauty and blasts her with a powerful fist across her face. Chiaki's head spins on her shoulders, her long black hair swirls like a tornado around her face. "Where's Lucy?" demands Kelly. Chiaki answers only with a pitiful moan. "Tell me now you little shit?" Kelly says as she blasts Chiaki again. "I need to talk to the ABA now!" another of Kellyís fist sends Chiaki's head spinning. "Tell me before a kill your crazy little ass"

Meanwhile Jenny McCarthy, Demi Moore and Lucy Liu are lounging at poolside talking about their plans for the future. The sun is beaming, but the trio beats the heat by sipping on margaritas under an umbrella covered table by the bar. "Even without the title, things are going to be great." Demi explains. "This new concept will strengthen our grip on everything."

"What about our fourth member, she's got to be powerful. She's got to have something valuable to add to our group." Jenny explains. "Someone who is respected."

"That's why I like Vivica Fox" Demi adds. "She's tremendously respected by the black actresses. Gabrielle Union, Stacy Dash, Lisa Raye, Meagan Goode or Tisha Campbell will follow her before Halle Berry." Demi finishes.

"Well, Jenna Jameson has the porn stars on lock." Jenny argues.

"Jen, they're porn stars, we've been buying porn stars a dime a dozen remember. Lisa Lipps, and Minka are already on the payroll." Lucy says.

Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by the sight of Kelly Hu walking toward the trio with a Chiaki's limp noodle body draped across her shoulder. As Kelly walks to the table, she passes a wading pool for children. Unceremoniously Kelly dumps the grunting and moaning Chiaki into the shallow waters of the pool. Chiaki makes a little splash, but the water does revive her slightly. "There you go little girl" Kelly jokes. Uncaring of Chiaki, Kelly keeps walking toward the ABA's table.

Once reaching the table Kelly places both hand on her hips and looks at the dangerous trio in the eye. "Rumor around town is that you're looking for operatives to do your dirty work. Some people to do special missions, take a few bitches out for you. In return you're trading stock, acting jobs and special favors."

"That's right." Jenny calmly answers.

"Well sign me up" Kelly confidently proclaims.


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