"You screwed me in my first match! Give me one reason why I should sign that contract extension Ebony?" a frustrated Charlize Theron screams at Ebony Ayes of the booking committee. Ebony is attempting to get Charlize to sign a contract extension to remain is Stone Rage's league.

"Look Tia (Carrere) and Demi (Moore) didn't want you in the league at the time. They were pretty afraid of you." Ebony explains. "Both of them had ulterior motives, and you got caught in the middle. Both of them tried to rigged your first match to try and derail your career here. Not me!"

{Fun Fact: This story has been quite some while in the making. It began with the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Bermuda Triangle Match where there was a lot of trickery afoot. Catherine Bell double crossed Demi Moore in favor for Tia Carrere and the Fabs. Demi double crossed Charlize and orchestrated a beat down on Charlize. That glosses over the highlights.}

"Problem is that you knew about it and let me go into the match with everything stacked against me." Charlize nastily replies. "Now the only way that I'm signing that extension is if you get me a match with Demi Moore and Tia Carrere. And make sure I whip both their butts until they apologize and learn not to fuck with me ever again."

"Charlize, I just the book matches, I don't get involved or influence matches." Ebony emphatically explains.

"Bull shit" Charlize snaps. "You've done the booking committee chairman, Christina Applegate's bidding from day one. Get me my revenge, and make sure I win or you will be known as the woman that got fired for losing my contract to Stone Rage's largest competitor." Charlize pauses then continues. "Actually consider this an ultimatum. If I don't get what I'm demanding, it will be my last day in the league!" Charlize finishes her statement with a threatening finger pointed at Ebony, then walks out of her office.

Ebony is not the type of woman to shrink to a threat, but Charlize is no ordinary woman. She is an elite Academy award winning actress and megastar. If she defects from the league, and blames Ebony, it would be damaging for Ebony's career on the booking committee. Ebony thought that is would be beneficial for her to at least investigate putting the match together. If there was a way to swing the outcome to Charlize's liking, that would be a great idea also. She starts her investigation with a drive to Demi Moore's home.

However this day is no ordinary day at Demi's Hollywood estate. On this afternoon, Demi Moore and Madonna are relaxing by the pool, drinking a few mixed adult beverages and lounging and bonding. "I've got to admit, you are the best thing to happen to the ABA in years. You have really put a spark in the group that has been missing since Christina Applegate got kicked out." Demi congratulates her colleague.

"I'm glad you feel that way. Coming from you that mean a lot to me" Madonna responds. "There is something I'd like to talk about with you. I need more muscle for the Madonna Mafia. What's your deal with Catherine Bell?"

"Cat is one of the girls." Demi fondly replies. "That subservience and misery act is just a show to fool the buffoons. She has anger issues and hates Tia Carrere and the Fabs. I'm going to make her a full member of the group eventually. It'll happen either when her contract with me expires, or if there is a way to use her as a secret weapon for something."

{Fun Fact:Demi challenged Bell to a contract versus contract match and won the Bell's services making her an indentured servant of sorts and getting final revenge against Tia and the Fabs.}

"Maybe we can make a deal." Madonna offers. "Would you be willing to sell me Catherine's contract to me for her join the Madonna Mafia? I definitely need some help, and she's being wasted serving drinks right now."

"You know I'm always interested in a good deal at the right price." Demi smiles. "They don't call me Gimme Moore for nothing. Let's talk some numbers and maybe we can make a deal."

"Let's make a deal? That's exactly what I want to hear." Ebony says as she walks toward the two lovelies lounging at poolside.

"Ebony what brings you here this afternoon?" Demi begins "You're not even wearing a bathing suit to join us."

"Charlize Theron" Ebony says. Then she sits down, grabs a drink and starts explaining her deliemah to Demi and Madonna about Charlize.

Once Ebony explains and proposes a triple threat math between Demi, Charlize, and Tia, Demi says, "Charlize can go kick rocks. She has no stroke around here to make demands." Demi continues. "I am semi retired. It takes a truck load of money to get me in the ring these days. Splitting the money three ways doesn't sound like a good proposition. Second, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Charlize gets the hell out of the league." Demi pauses as obviously her wheels start turning as she devises a plan. "But let's not be too hasty. I've got an idea where we can bring everything full circle and make it work for all three of us. We will need Quatro Calderon and his studio check book to make it work. If we pull this off there will be a lot of smiles and a lot of cold hard cash coming everybody's way."

It starts as Demi's plan, but Ebony became the plan's executer. The plan began with Calderon's help, Ebony was able to throw an insane amount of money to get Tia into the ring with Charlize. Tia knows she cannot trust anybody involved, but it was a deal that she can scarcely refuse. Tia is sold a bit of a grudge match against Charlize with the understanding that if Tia wins it will eliminate Charlize from the league in all likely hood. Second, the money for the match is awesome and guaranteed. Tia knows it smells like a trap, but she is confident that she will come out on top.

Ebony goes to Charlize and explains that she has Tia signed for a bout. Ebony also produces a seven page letter from Demi Moore to Charlize, apologizing for the aftermath of ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Bermuda Triangle Match, and begs for her forgiveness. Charlize was not totally pleased, but figured she can settle with Demi later if necessary. Once it was explained how Ebony and Demi stacked the deck into Charlize's favor, she signed for the match with Tia. It seemed like a more than fitting end to this ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Bermuda Triangle Match storyline.

Once training and the promotion of the match started a whole lot of tidbits get loss, other than they have a fight in Los Angeles. Tia forgets that this is likely a trap and concentrates on beating Charlize and eliminating her from the league. Charlize forgets that she has fail safes intact and trains and believes that she is going to walk in the ring and kick the legendary Tia's ass and then walk it dry. These mentalities maintained until both warriors entered the ring in the Staples Center and beyond after the opening bell rang.

At the 13 minute and 4 second point of their match, Tia has Charlize coralled in an excessively tight head lock. All she still thinks about is the opportunity to eliminate Charlize from of the league. So far during the match Charlize has proven to Tia that she is physically her superior at this point in their careers. She is significantly younger and more athletic than Tia presently. If Charlize ever put as much effort into celebrity catfighting as she does in her acting career, she would definitely be a champion. Only Tia's superior knowledge and training has kept her in control of the match for lengthy periods. Even with that, Charlize has managed to strip Tia's bikini top and expose her succulent tits. Tia wore a green bikini with leather chaps on her legs. It gave her a bad ass biker look, but still gives her fans clear view plump ass.

Charlize grunts and her body is tense as a testament to Tia's powerful head lock. Charlize tries to maneuver around but Tia has total control over her movements and jerks her around by her head. To keep her out skilled opponent confused, Tia snap mares her foe to the mat. Charlize lands on her back but sits up shortly. Tia drops to the mat behind the blonde and applies a rear chin lock by securing her hands around Tia's jaw and chin and putting the squeeze on the blonde bitch.

Charlize struggles and looks for a different escape or counter for this new puzzle. Tia has the hold expertly and tightly applied, rendering simple reversals useless. Then before Charlize learns too much from her current condition, Tia releases the chin lock and grabs both of the blonde's arms and pulls them behind her while standing at the same time. Lastly Tia places her knee in-between Charlize's shoulder blades, applying a standing surfboard hold, and gives Charlize yet another puzzle to solve.

Initially Charlize did not fare any better in the surfboard hold than the other ones, until she discovered that she could power her way out of this predicament. Charlize clutches Tia's wrist and starts to overpower Tia and brings her arms forward. Tia struggles mightily but cannot resist the superior physical specimen. Tia is forced to lean forward where the stronger woman can grab her by the head and toss Tia over her shoulder to the canvas. Tia lands on her back, but Charlize still has her by the wrists. Charlize braces her feet against Tia's shoulders and stretches her arms out above Tia's head for an arm stretch hold.

It certainly felt good for Charlize to have Tia trapped in a hold for a change. However the feeling did not last too long. Tia knew several counters and reversals to get out of her problem. Tia tried to hide her smug, knowingly expression. She made a few sharp twists and turns and Tia rolls free out of the arm stretch. Both warriors get to their feet cautiously.

Knowing that she is stronger, Charlize raises both hands above her head to challenge Tia to a test of strength. The blonde wears a challenging smile, egging Tia on to accept. Always a warrior at heart, Tia accepts the challenge and locks hands with Charlize. At first the two strain and struggle against each other. Muscles in their shoulders and arms flex and harden. Tia holds her ground. However she knew that she could not over power this younger blonde goddess. Tia wily changes her hands and wrists position to bend Charlize's hands backwards, utilizing old tricks. It works and Tia begins to power Charlize down, causing her to slowly descend to one knee. However the blonde's force would not be denied. Before her knee touched the mat, Charlize starts powering back up. The brunette's face showed her distress, knowing that if her tricks did not work, that she had no chance. She could see Tia vainly struggle to contain her. Charlize actually found it comical. Charlize rose then went chest to chest with Tia. Then the golden blonde brought more force and made the powerful woman she was locked up with, bow and yield to her might.

Tia steady descended to one knee. Everyone watching clearly know who the stronger woman. First, Tia is on one knee, but then Charlizes keeps going, making Tia bend over backwards till her big naked tits are pointing up to the roof and her back is bowed backwards. Just to humble her overwhelmed rival, Charlize drives her knee repeatedly into Tia's back and sides. Tia is helpless. Finally Charlize releases Tia's hands and allows the bent over backwards woman to flop to the ground. Tia lies there humbled and totally spent for a couple of seconds, while holding her back before getting back up to face the blonde goddess.

Charlize teases, "Get on up!" to Tia as she slowly rises. Charlize wears a smug gloating grin as she approaches now. Charlize and Tia go for a collar and elbow lock up. Tia quickly snatches Charlize's arm and whips her into the ropes to avoid the blonde's strength again. Charlize goes running into the ropes and rebounds back toward Tia. The brunette is coming at her for a clothesline. Charlize slickly ducks under Tia's arm and keeps going to rebound off the other side. Only Charlizes is surprised to find that Tia made a cagey quick turn around and has launched herself like a missile and mows the blonde down with a flying clothes line right as she comes off the ropes.

Charlize is on her back on the mat with Tia standing over her momentarily. Tia drops with an elbow drop that drives her elbow into Charlize's stomach. Chalrize yells "Ungh!" as her legs shoot up. Tia springs right back to her feet and darts against the ropes for momentum and drops another elbow down on Charlize's belly. The blonde's body jack knifes up a second time. Tia lies across Charlize and hooks a leg for a pin, but the breathless blonde kicks out before the three count.

Charlize is getting up slowly while holding her stomach. Tia knows that she has knocked the breath out of her, and now is time to strike. Tia grabs Charlize by her blonde hair and roughly helps her up. Tia whips Charlize into the corner turnbuckle. Tia rockets off after her and drives her shoulder into Charlize's gut right after she crashed into the corner. Charlize's howl lets Tia know that her belly is weakened, and she still cannot catch her breath. Charlize's body may be athletically superior, but it is not hardened through combat like Tia's.

After the shoulder block Tia opens up her assault in the corner. First she drives her left knee into Charlize's mid section. Then she drives her right knee into her abdomen. Tia grabs Charlize by the hair to hold her in place to wallop her over the head a few times with her fists. Next Tia goes back to driving knees into her midsection. Tia's violence appears extremely affective. Charlize is grunting loudly in the corner as her strength is visibly wilting away. Tia is wearing the blonde out and beating her down with a speedy assault.

Tia has beaten the stuffing out of the golden starlet until she starts to sag. Tia keeps Charlize trapped in the corner by a handful of hair, but climbs through the ropes to the ring apron. Tia scampers up the turnbuckles until she is perched, sitting on the top turnbuckle right behind Charlize. Tia's shapely and muscular leg slithers from behind and snares Charlize around her jaw line and neck. Tia's legs interlock to form a standing figure four leg scissors, that's assisted by the ropes. Immediately Charlize starts squirming and struggling as her air is cut off. Charlize next starts grabbing at Tia's big thigh to try and pull it away to breathe again. Tia knows that the move is illegal since she is assisted by the ropes, but that does not stop her from grinding out every second that she can maintain the hold before the official makes her break it.

Once facing disqualification, Tia releases her hold on Charlize. Tia happily leaps back into the ring by leaping over Charlize's head and landing in front of the breathless blonde. Tia immediately captures Charlize in another head lock that is just as tight as the one applied at the thirteen minute and four second mark. Charlize squirms just as much if not more. However her painful expressions and sounds seem much more desperate. Tia take several hurried steps with Charlize still captured in the head lock, then bulldogs her flawless face into the mat.

Being face down on the mat, Charlize is in perfect position for a new hold that Tia has been practicing. While seated by the face down vixen, Tia places Charlize's nearest arm between her legs. Next she clutches both hands under Charlize's chin and pulls back for a Crossface hold. All the stress is applied to Chalize's neck making her shout in anguish. Tia has plenty of firsthand experience of being in this torture hold, and can attest to its potency. Although she has not mastered the hold, it appears to be putting plenty of hurt on Charlize, but it is not making her submit. Tia abandons the hold. She lets go and moves to Charlize's side. Tia raises her whole body in the air and comes down and drives her knee into Charlize's side. The blonde wails pitifully. Tia does it again and figures she is ready to put Charlize away for good.

Tia stands and hauls Charlize up by her hair too. Tia maneuvers behind Charlize while keeping a grip on the blonde's shoulder. Tia leaps up and falls back, while grabbing Charlize by the shoulders and taking her along for the fall. Tia places her knees in Charlize's back. Tia lands on the mat on her back while Charlize has a much rougher landing on both of Tia's bent knees. It is a pro wrestling move called a back stabber. Charlize take a harsh bump off of Tia's knees and bounces off and Charlize goes rolling across the mat.

Tia rises and approaches the downed blonde. Tia has the familiar look of a finisher in her eyes. Tia grabs Charlize's ankles and picks them off the mat. Tia intertwines her legs with Charlize's and tries to turn Charlize over onto her belly. Charlize realizes what is about to happen and resists will all she has. Although with her damaged back and midsection, her weakened core was not up to the task. Tia turns Charlize over and puts her in the Scorpion Death Lock finisher. (AKA Brett Hart's Sharp Shooter)

Tia puts all of her weight down and wrenches the hold in tight. Charlize screams and reaches for the ropes. Tia almost chuckles to herself. She knows that Charlize has no chance of escaping. Charlize is just a blonde slice of toast. Tia wrenches the hold in as painfully as she could. If Charlize lets her contract expire and this is her last days in the league, then Tia wants to give her a dog gone good reason to leave and never return.

Suddenly all of the lights in the area go out and the arena is plunged into total darkness. The camera picks up a voice that sounds just like Charlize's screaming, "I give! I give up!" After several seconds the lights come back on. Mysteriously there is a figure standing in the corner of the ring. The figure wears a dark cloak with a hood covering the head and face. The ominous figure looks like a old wizard or an evil sith from Star Wars. There is a collective gasp and murmur among the audience. Then the lights go out once again.

This time the lights do not stay off for very long. When they come back on, Catherine Bell is standing where the ominous figure stood. She is wearing a black leather dominatrix style bikini with a few extra straps looking fierce. Her facial expression is hard and mean with a definite bloodlust in her eyes. She stands statuesque and not moving, not even a flinch. The audience goes absolutely bonkers.

Tia's jaw drops. She is shocked confused and bewildered to see her old teammate in the ring with her. Tia expected some crazy shit during this match, especially when Calderon paid her a queen's ransom to take the match. However in her wildest dream did she imagine Cat showing up. Tia released Charlize from her Scorpion Death Lock and drops here to the mat. Tia walks toward Cat say, "Cat! What the hell are you doing here? What the fuck is..." Tia's sentence is cut short when Car's hand strikes out like a viper and cluches Tia's throat. Cat's tight grip ceases Tia's words and breath. Cat hoists Tia in the air and drives her to the mat with a thunderous choke slam.

Tia receives an extremely jolting crash on her back. The crowd goes nuts and Tia learns that all of Cat's fury, piss and vinegar is aimed towards her. Cat shouts at the top of her lungs, "Fuck you! You abandoned me and left me in servitude to Demi Moore and the ABA!"

"Cat no! Demi won your contract there was nothing that I could do!" Tia pleads as she peels herself off of the mat to explain to her former friend.

"Bullshit! You could have tried something... anything", Cat shouts as her hand clamps around Tia's throat again and jerks her back up to her feet. "Instead you did nothing but earn this ass whipping that I'm going to give you!" Cat was finishing her sentence as she hoisted Tia in the air again and choke slammed Tia to the mat again once she finished talking.

Tia's body is rocked again by the impact. Her naked tits violently shake and quiver on her chest so much, that they will be sore for days. Tia experiences numbing pain down her back. Her mental faculties are wavering. Part of her knows that Cat's pain and anger is justified too. "Catherine, I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do." Tia explains. "I didn't think there was anything I could do. Our attorneys came up with nothing."

"Madonna figured out something to do." Cat answers. "She bought out my contract from Demi. She made me a full member of the ABA and the Madonna Mafia." Cat throws up her new gang sign for the group by making two M's with her fingers as she stands over Tia. Then Cat reaches down for Tia's throat again and snatches her back to her feet. The avenging Cat hoists Tia in the air again and choke slams Tia to the mat a third time.

That choke slam knocked Tia loopy and racked her body with pain. Cat looks down and smiles knowing that Tia is now hurting and helpless. "Oh and don't think this is over between us, this is just the beginning." Cat seizes Tia's neck again and hauls her back up. Tia moans with unfocused eyes. Cat hoists Tia up again and holds her up for a little bit before delivering another devastating choke slam.

"This is just the beginning Tia!" Cat continues. "Cause every time I see you, I'm going to bust your ass. Every chance I get I'm going to fuck you up! I'm going to keep kicking your ass until you crawl your piece of shit ass out of this league!" Cat reaches for Tia one more time and drags poor Tia back to her feet. "Am I making myself totally clear you fucking moron?" Tia has a distant expression. She needs Cat's grip around her neck to stay upright. Cat lifts Tia in the air and choke slams her one more time.

Tia's limp body bounces on the mat like a medicine ball. Cat turns and walks out of the ring. The fan's reaction was a mixture as Cat walks up the ramp. Most of the fans were happy to see Cat. However, the Fab fans were not happy to see her lay waste to Tia. The ABA fans and followers of various other groups were quite pleased and thought Tia deserved Cat's vengeance. Madonna and the other members of the Madonna Mafia, Buffie the Body and Aria Giovanni come out on the stage at the top of the ramp. They were all cheering and celebrating their new addition to the group. As Cat walks up the ramp, a group of Fab fans booed her and heckled the tall brunette. A nearby group of ABA fans took exception and started a chant of 'ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!" The fans all over the arena took up a boo or a chant for 'ONE MORE TIME'. It became an impromptu poll around the arena.

Half way up the ramp Cat slows and looks around at the fans. That gave more momentum for the 'ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!' chant. Madonna and her Mafia were now recruiting fans for their cause. The borderline fans cave to the pressure and join the ONE MORE TIME chant and joins the fun. Catherine stops and looks around the arena with a mischievous smile. Then she turns and jogs back to the ring to a roaring approval to her fans. She crawls through the ropes into the ring, where Tia is still lying spread eagle on the mat, topless, helpless and moaning. Cat peals Tia off of the mat one more time. Tia releases a whimper of dread as she does. Cat has Tia standing with a hand squeezing her neck. Tia tries fighting back with some lumbering swipes at Cat, but Cat swats them away or simply ignores them. Then Cat hoists Tia up with her breasts bouncing around and choke slams her back to the mat. Tia lands with a thump and a loud shout. Her body flops and bounces from the impact before coming to rest flat on her back.

The fans break out into boisterous cheers. Most fans savor the violence that Cat displayed for them, they cheer in appreciation for Cat executing that violence at their request and for their pleasure. Tia lies splayed out on the mat from the destruction wrecked at Cat's hands. Cat raises her hand to acknowledge her fans and exits the ring. She hurries up the ramp to Madonna, Buffie and Aria accepting and warm embraces. They have a quick celebration and acknowledgement of their fans before disappearing backstage.

Just when everything appeared to be over, there was still Charlize. She had slipped out of the ring and stood ringside while Cat played her choke slam symphony with Tia's body. Now the blonde slithers back into the ring.

Tia lies dazed on her back with pain coursing through her thick, fine body. Her vision is blurry but soon focuses. Tia sees Charlize standing over her wearing a sadistic smile and her hands on her hips. Tia swallows hard and closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She understands that a very painful night is about to get even more painful. Tia knows that she has already been on a trip down shit's creek without a paddle, and the current is now taking her further than she ever dreamed.

Charlize rips Tia off of the mat by two handfuls of hair. Charlize spins Tia around so they are back to back. Charlize reaches over her shoulder and clutches Tia by the chin with both hands. Charlize thrust back her hips, then bends forward. Tia is lifted off of her feet and now hangs suspended by her neck. After a woman has been subjected to six choke slams, having her full weight supported by only her neck is causing Tia excruciating pain. Tia immediately starts screaming.

"Not so great of a mastermind are you now Tia." Charlize taunts. "In that first Triangle match, you used Cat Bell as your weapon. You screwed Demi and left me for collateral damage. Tonight I used your weapon against you and destroyed you, and you never saw it coming. I guess that makes me the true master manipulator."

"Oh fuck!" Tia exclaims "Let go Charlize! You're really hurting me! You're... you’re hurting my neck... for real!" Tia says hoping for a little professional courtesy and mercy.

"I know, I heard it pop too." Charlize coolly answers."I'm not really that into catfighting, But I can really get into hurting bitches like you." Charlize waited a little longer and tugged on Tia's neck cruelly for a while. Finally she makes an offer to the agonized, wailing woman. "Tell me that you've learned your lesson about fucking with me. Tell me you're sorry for fucking me over in that triangle match. Tell me that I win and you'll never try to mess with me again."

The iron willed Tia rarely submits, taps or surrenders, but her abundant and pathetic yelps and whimpers are almost a plea for mercy. So, after a gurgle and another wail, Tia says, "Alright you win. I'm sorry that I ever met you, demon spawn. Don't worry about me fucking with you. I'll be too busy with Cat Bell. Now please let me go, you fucking win!" Charlize stands straight and releases her grip on Tia. She hears the legend's body hit the mat like a load of trash, followed by the fans applauds. Tia's admission, the cheers, all becomes orgasmic to Charlize. She almost wets her panties. This is an experience that Charlize wants again.

Charlize struts to the ringside ropes where Ebony Ayes is seated. The blonde makes a hand motion, beckoning Ebony. The executive gets out of her seat with a leather folder and walks over and hands it to Charlize. The blonde takes the folder and carries it back to where Tia lies in the ring. Charlize puts a foot on the downed warrior's face and grinds down. Tia grunts and groans, but that is all the hurting woman can do. Charlize opens the folder containing her contract extension. Using an ink pen inside, Charlize signs the extension while using her knee propped on Tia's face as a foot rest. Finally Charlize triumphantly raises the contract in the air with Tia cringing under her foot. It instigates a tremendous standing ovation from the audience. Flash bulbs and cameras all around capture this poignant victory pose. After the moment passes, Chalize takes her foot off of Tia's face and leaves the ring to hand the contract to Ebony. The two exchange a handshake. Then the blonde abruptly turns around and walks up the ramp to leave the arena for backstage to a cheering crowd.

Before Charlize reaches backstage. The announcer states, "Ladies and gentlemen, the official decision from this match is a draw, due to outside interference." It did not bother Charlize that she did not get her first victory tonight. She accomplished something far more special and unique. She destroyed the legendary Tia Carrere, mind, body and spirit. She left her lying in the ring broken. Charlize out smarted Tia. She unleashing Cat as a powerful enemy instead of an ally. Finally she created a powerful victory pose that will become an iconic part of catfighting lore. Nobody will ever remember that the match was actually a draw. Charlize smiles as she reaches the backstage curtains then disappears through them.

After the match, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson and Roselyn Sanchez come to help Tia back to the dressing room. Their thirst for revenge on Cat and/or Charlize was written on their faces.

A little longer after the card ends, Calderon and the studio marketing department gives Ebony a new purse as a present for a great show. The purse is secretly stuffed with stacks of cash inside. Charlize found a suitcase full of cash from Calderon in her closet. Cat and Madonna got larger cases from Carlderon. Madonna presented hers to Demi as payment in full for Catherine's contract.

Later that night Calderon is sitting with his studio executive masters. He laughs at the ABA for thinking that they are using him to accomplish their goals. He brags about using them as the most effective weapon against the Fabs. With this last painful defeat of Tia, he says it is now about time for the last stage to finish the Fab Four.