Uncivil War

Catherine Bell VS Aria Giovanni
Guest starring Jenny McCarthy

"So, Are you ready for the Major Leagues?" Jenny McCarthy asks.

"I ve been ready." Aria Giovanni answers. "I'm looking forward to you getting me into the Battle Zone, and I'm really ready for that fat paycheck after I do this job on Catherine Bell for you." Aria pauses. "So do I get to know what Catherine did to deserve this bounty on her head?"

"She stuck her nose where it didn't belong." Jenny quickly spits back. "I confronted Jeri Ryan about some ABA business, and had her shitting a brick in her pants. Then Bell inturupts and ends up hitting me with a serving tray and knocking me out." Jenny explains in a very edited and slanted version of the events. "Don't worry about that. More importantly, this is your big chance to become the ABA's 'Made Woman'. I'll make sure you get matches, you get to train with us, and maybe a spot in the ABA in time."

"I understand what is at stake." Aria answers.

"Good I'm counting on you Aria." Jenny continues, "I need people like you to have my back. When I'm on top you'll be on top with me. I want everybody to tremble when they hear, 'Jenny McCarthy and the ABA'. Those pictures of Big Bad Cat Bell tied in bondage, will get my message across. I've already got your plane ticket waiting for you at the airport. Catherine plays golf every Tuesday afternoon at 1PM. Take her out, and tie her up good. After that we'll take care of Nikki Cox again, then Kelly Hu."

"Sounds good." Aria answers. "You can count on me." Aria finishes already mentally spending the large sum of money that Jenny has promised for each task. If Jenny could come through with a match in the league, that would help her out in these tough economic times.

Jenny noticed Aria after she challenged, and defeated Nikki Cox during their eventful trip to Las Vegas after the Fab Four. Aria broke the fiesty red head by smothering her big round tits, then making the Nikki submissively kiss her tits and ass. Jenny was very impressed. She kept in touch with Aria thereafter. Now that she has instituted this new concept in the ABA, she needs Aria more than ever. Women who are able to to execute 'hits' on the ABA's enemies gain the status of 'Made Women'. Made Women are allowed to challenge for a spot in the ABA. Before they challlenge, they must politic amoungst the ABA's members. The rules state a Made Woman must publically defeat an ABA member, and get the majority vote of the remaining members to get her seat in the group. The obvious logic is that the ABA member who controls the most Made Women gains a significant advantage. Jenny hopes that Aria will become a big assistance to her.


Its a wounderful spring day in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The sky is blue with fluffy white clouds floating above. The temperature is about eighty degrees, not too hot and not to cool. The beach breeze blows off the ocean, with a sweet scent. It is one of those days that you look up at the sky and say, "Wow its good to be alive!" The carefully designed, and maticuosly kept lanfscape of the Hilton Head golf course adds to the sensation.

Catherine loves her Tuesdays. This is the day that she stokes her competitive nature. It is just her and the golf course, nobody else. Catherine loves to compete. Few things are more competitive than a good golf course. Today is proving to be a good day. She is shooting well. Her score through the top nine is lower than usual. Catherine is excited, but she tries to maintain her focus on beating this course. Suddenly, the cool moist ocean breeze hits her face. She feels the warmth of the sun beaming down on her. Catherine baths in the warmth and smiles. It's a perfect day. The weather is fantatic, she is going to beat this course in record fashion. Things do not get much better than this.

Catherine takes it all in. She indulges herself in the moment. The tall brunette takes a deep breath and calms herself. She approaches the golf tee. Catherine reaches out with her feelings. She hears the chirping birds, the wind softly blowing, even the hum of a golf cart approaching her position. Catherine become one with it all. She keeps her head down, and adjusts her grip on the golf club. The Amazon carefully draws back her club and swings. The club goes "WHIP!" as it sizzles through the air. Then there's a loud "WHOK!" as the club hits the ball. Caterine's head pops up and follows the ball as it soars through the air. Its a great shot, flying straight for the green. The ball lands and bounces and rolls several yards forward rolling towards the green. Catherine smiles. She is extremely proud with that shot.

"Great shot." Catherine hears coming from behind her. She turns to see the origin of the voice, and the humming golf cart that she acknowledged earlier. Catherine sees a drop dead gorgeous woman sauntering toward her. The brunette's long flowing hair cascades over her shoulders, stopping at her full, round tits. She is dressed in a typical golf outfit, wearing a golf shirt, and white shorts. Although, her shorts are a little tighter and shorter than normal. "You're Catherine Bell, the actress, aren't you?" the woman politely asks with a charming smile.

Catherine studies the aproaching woman closely. She does not recognize the woman, but notices that the woman is extrordinarily gorgeous, enough to be in the entertainment industry. "Yes" Catherine answers assuming the woman is an actress or a model looking for help with her career.

Sensing that Catherine did not know her, Aria introduces herself, "Hi, I'm Aria Giovanni. I'm a nude and fetish model, thats got a developmental contract with Stone Rage's league." Aria explains as she walks closer to the brunette Amazon. "And you.... you're on Jenny McCarthy's hit list!" Aria finishes as her foot lashes out and kicks an unsuspecting Catherine in the stomach.

Catherine never saw anything coming. Aria's kick digs deep into her stomach. Catherine did not even have time to flex her abdomen muscles to absorb the blow. The tall Amazon doubles over with a loud roar. Aria strikes again with a wicked right cross that strikes Catherine in the temple. Dazed and confused, Catherine drops to one knee. Aria instantly attacks again, bringing her foot up, kicking Catherine under the chin. Catherine falls back like she has been shot. The Amazon lies on her back, looking up at the blue sky with glassy eyes and moaning.

Aria wears a huge smile seeing her unexpected assault has been very successful. "Now that was a professions gang land hit; quick, fast and efficient." Aria thinks. "The big bimbo never knew what hit her." Then her thoughts are interupted as the heavy grunting and groaning victim starts to move and struggly to rise. Aria paitently waits for Catherine to groggily rise to her hands and knees, then kicks her in the head again. Aria cockily barks, "Stay down!" with her kick. Catherine heavily falls back down on her stomach, and does not move there after.

Aria bends over and starts to peel Catherine's golf shirt off over her head. The jostling around revives Catherine slightly. Aria uses a handful of silky black hair to pull her unresisting victim up to a seated position. Slinking behind Catherine, Aria locks a Dragon Sleeper hold on her prey. Aria's right arm snakes around from behind and snakes under Catherine's chin and curls around to her back. Aria's arm pulls Catherine's head back at an awkward angle. Aria's left arm hooks Catherine's arm and connects with her other arm. Catherine's head is pulled back, and her chest is thrust out. Her neck is torked so that her oxygen and blood supply are cut off. Soon she will be rendered unconcious.

Catherine weakly struggles, with her legs slowly flailing, and her arms moving. Aria can not help but to notice, Catherine's two huge tits, thrust out by her body being bowed back. Catherine's boobs are encased in a black bra. Not a small, frilly thing, but a heavy sturdy apperatous built to hold her heavy hooters. Aria's mouth can not help but water at the sight of the massive wonders. She is mezmurized by the way they jiggle. Catherine's muscular back rubs against Aria's own tits, giving her an additional thrill. Then it all ceases as Catherine's body goes limp. Aria releases her grip allowing Catherine to spill out of her clutches onto the maticuously kept lawn of the exclusive golf course.

"I guess you're no match for my Italian blood. Huh bitch?" Aria says as she switches her hips away to her golf cart. She reaches in her golf bag and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag. Aria handcuffs Catherine's hands behind her back, then places the ball gag in the unconcious woman's mouth. After driving the golf cart as close to Catherine as possible, Aria engages in the tremedous task of lifting the king sized actress into the cart. After a deep breath and a couple of mighty heaves, Aria lifts Catherine into the passenger side of the golf cart.

With the slumping giantesst slumbering beside her, Aria drives the golf cart off. She takes a hard left and drives off the edge of the course. The cart bounces a bit as it travels over ruffer terraine toward a grove of trees. Aria drives into the woods surrounding the course for a more private place to finish their comfrontation.

After finding a small clearing in the woods, Aria stops the cart. Catherine has awaken during their brief trip. Aria gets out of the cart, and walks around to Catherine's side. "Come on Big Bitch! It's time to pay the price for crossing the ABA." Aria warns as she snatches Catherine out of the cart. With her hands cuffed behind her back, Catherine knows that she is in no position to argue. She submissively complies with Aria's tugs.

Aria ushers Cathetine around to the back of the cart, and secures her captive's handcuff to a hook on the back of the cart. Catherine's eyes carefully follow Aria, as she takes a pair of scissors out of ther golf bag. Aria removes Catherine's bra with a few snips of the sissors. Aria carelessly drops the bra besiside Catherine. Next Aria unbuckles Catherine's shorts, and slides them down her slender legs, and jerks them out from under her feet. Catherine's panties follow the same route as her shorts, down her legs, and off her body. Aria could not help but notice the fear in Catherine's eyes as this unknown assailant has her captured, bound and naked, with who knows what other evil intentions. Catherine nervously fidgets and whimpers at Aria's touch.

"First, business." Aria comments as she pulls a chain with clamps attatched to either end out of her golf bag. Aria places a clamp on both of Catherine's nipples. The clamps have scews that allows the tension to be adjusted. Aria turns the screw until Catherine grimaces and groans in torment.

Second, Aria removes a nylon rope from her bag. She wraps the rope around Catherine's waist, and slips the rest of the rope through a loop at the end. She runs the other end down Catherine's crotch and beside her pussy lips then back up through her butt cheeks. A few more loops, and in effect, Aria makes the outline of a pair of crotchless panties out of the rope. Then with a hard tug, of the loose end, Catherine's pussy lips jut out between the ropes on either side. Another hard yank makes her pussy lips poke out even more grotestly. Catherine wails into her ball gag, with her eyes starting to water.

Aria chuckles, seeing her victim's distress. Aria reaches into her golf bag one again, and pulls out a digital camera. "Smile for the camera." Aria sings as Catherine whimpers in pain again. Aria steps back and starts snapping pictures of Catherine in her moment of distress. Of the many pics Aria took, her favorite, is one that a single tear rolls down Catherine's cheek.

"Now that business is done, it's time for pleassure." Aria announces, as she seductively slinks back to Catherine. Aria walks to her bound captive and removes her ball gag. Next, she plants a long wet sloppy kiss on Catherine's lips. Catherine squirms in protest, but with her hands cuffed behind her, she was powerless to prevent Aria from taking advantage of her.

Aria's hands wander where ever they please and caresses Catherine's body. "Hmmm..... Big tits" Aria mumbles subconsiously as she breaks her lip lock for a moment, then reapplying her kiss. Aria's fingers work and unfastens the clamp and chain squeezing Catherine's nipples. Aria allows the torture devise to fall to the ground. Then she backs off and takes off her shirt, throwing it away so she can rub her big beautiful bare breasts against Catherine's boobs and body.

Both Aria and Catherine are obviously arroused and breathing hard. Aria slowly licks Catherine up and down her long slender neck, like she is a piece of candy. Once satisfied there, her tounge travels down to Catherine's tits. Aria'a tounge devoures her breast, like two gigantic scoops of vanila ice cream. Aria flicks her tounge at Catherine's nipples until the moaning, cooing captive's nipples stick out like knives.

Aria reaches down and hikes Catherine's left leg up and props it up on the golf cart. Catherine's leg are spread nearly at a right angle. Catherine offers no resistance. The conquored beauty knows and accepts that she is nothing Aria's sex toy. Aria's tongue runs down Catherine's tight belly to her pussy. Aria's teeth slamp down on Catherine's sweet furry pie. Catherine audibly gasps and moans until Aria releases her bite and plunges her tounge deep inside Catherine's spicey dish. Instinctively, Catherine starts rotating and gyrating her hips along with Aria's urging.

It takes a little time, but soon enough, Catherine lets out a long shrill wail, followed by a heavy series of grunts. Catherine explodes in a rearkable orgasm. Its definitely an orgasm that Catherine will never forget. Aria played her body like a violen, making it perform as she pleased. She hit highs and lows before bringing it to a cresendo. Catherine drops her head in a strange combination of exhaustion, humiliation and submission. She is happy that her long black hair cover her face and her emotional turmoil.

Aria laughs at her sucess. Saying that everything went according to plan, is an understatement. She takes a towel out of her golf bag and walks out of the sun into the shade. Her plan is to clean herself up a bit, then dump the tall bitch off of her cart, and ride off into the sunset. She will leave the deflowered Amazon to fend for herself.

Being an actress, one learns unnumerable skills and tricks in preparation for roles and parts. There are hundreds of things that you think you would never use in life. Catherine's hands find her discarded bra. She quickly grabs it and pokes one of the undercup wiresthrough the fabric, so the bare wire is sticking out. Catherine shoves the wire into the hand cuff's keyhole. She bends the wire first to the right, then to the left. Next she turns the wire and the locking mechanism releases and the cuffs pop open. Luckily picking police handcuffs is one of those unnumerable tricks that she has learned on a television set. She sticks the wire into the other cuff and unlocks it. She raises her head and sets her eyes on Aria, just as she has finished cleaning up, and swaggering back towards the golf cart.

Aria is wearing a smug smile as she approaches. Catherine wears an evil scowl. She still has her hands hidden behind her back, but Catherine can not hide her contempt for her attacker. "It's been fun Cat, but now its time for me to go." Aria chides. The fetish model moves close to kiss her captive one last time. Only her lips are met with Catherine's fist when she puckers.

Aria's head snaps back like its about to fly off of her shouders. Aria staggers back trying to stay upright, from the unexpected punch. "You fucking bitch!" Catherine shouts furiously. "I don't know who you are, but you're going to pay for what you did to me!" Catherine steps forward and wallops Aria again, sending her reeling back further.

Aria tights herself and plants her feet. She punches Catherine as she advances toward her, but the Amazon knocks it away with a flick of her arm. Catherine returns with a right cross that drops Aria to the dirt. "Get up! I'm not through with you!" Catherine demands. Aria distorts her face and anger and begines to rise. Before she is fully standing, Catherine grabs her by the head, and jerks her to her feet. Then Catherine blasts Aria in the side of the head with another shot. Holding Aria in place with a fist full of hair, Catherine keeps pounding that side of her head. "I'll teach you to jump me, and take advantage of me you freaky whore!" Catherine states in a stocatto rythem as she hammers Aria's head.

Catherine puts both hands behind Aria's neck, holding her tightly, then blasts Aria's midsection and stomach with knee lifts. Catherine's height gives her a tremendous advantage and allows her to put devastaating force behind her knees. Aria crumples forward from the assault. Once Catherine releases Aria, she crumbles to the ground again. Catherine starts angrily kicking her foe. Almost in total desparation, Aria reaches out and grabs Catherine's foot and trips the towering beauty. Catherine topples to the ground a bit surprised to find herself there.

Aria dives on Catherine and starts wailing. A couple of seconds later, she regains contol of her desparation, and grabs two handfuls of Catherine's hair and slams her head against the ground, for a more effective assault. Catherine bucks underneath, but Aria does a good job riding her out.

Seeing that she would not be able to ride Catherine out forever, Aria breaks away, and scrambles to her feet, trying to beat Catherine up. The smaller woman is able to beat her rival to her feet, then wheels around and strikes with a kick to Catherine's knee, while she is standing. Catherine's knee buckles and she drops back down to one knee with a shriek. Aria lashes out again and scores with a kick to Catherine's side. She tries to kick her opponent in the head next, but this kick is partially blocked. Aria moves in closer to pound away, when Catherine catches her with a straight, hard fist to her cunt as she comes in. Aria wails and doubles over. Catherine scoops up her foe and rises to her feet while hoisting Aria in her arms. Catherine roars like an angry lioness as she walks around while carrying Aria in her arms, hoisted up to about shoulder height. Aria feels totally helpless and her confidence starts to crumble while Catherine carries her around like a captured prey, or trophy. Finally Catherine body slams Aria down as hard as she can.

Aria lands, raising a cloud of dust. She arches her back and howls before clutching her lower lumbar region. Aria slowly rolls over and raises up to her hands and knees. Besides the pain in her back, the body slam has knocked the breath out of her a bit. She wants to delay and allow herself a slight bit of time to recover, but she knows that she is vulnerable in this position, and Catherine can take advantage of her. However, Catherine is taking in deep breaths herself. Her enormous tits are jiggling a bit from rising and falling so deeply. Aria hears her enemy snorting like a wild beast while she paitiently waits for her to rise.

Once Aria is almost standing Catherine pounces. She tries to scoop Aria up for another body slam, but Aria forts her efforts. Next Aria reaches out and clutches both of Catherine's gigantic tits in both hands and squeezes for all thas she is worth. Catherine rears her head back and howls like a wounded animal. For a moment she is paralized in pain, allowing Aria to squeeze and twist her tits at will. Eventually she comes to her senses and retalliates by grabbing both of Aria's tits and returning the punishment.

Both vixens are grunting and groaning loudly. Shorter Aria, drives Catherine's tits up into her sternum. Aria curls her upper lip and tries to push the giant breast through their owner's body while squishimg the flesh between her fingers. Catherine sneers and uses her large hands to totally encompass Aria's breasts and crush and yank at the lucious globes. She fully intends on milking her enemy like a cow.

The breast squeezing contest soon becomes a test of wills and mental toughness. The Penhouse Pet versus the Hollywood television actress. It becomes question of pain thresholds. How much pain could one woman endure and how much one can inflict. As the tit combat continues, each adversary searches her thoughts.

"I'm going to slaughter this cow!" Catherine thinks.

"I can't lose" Aria thinks, "This is my shot at stardom."

"I'm going to rip her tits off and eat them for breakfast!" Catherine thinks.

Aria thinks, "Damn this chic is hot! I can't believe she's over forty. She is so fucking hot that I'm creaming all over myself." Aria feel an erotic tremor run through her body, and feels weak in the knees. She returns and redoubles her efforts, twisting Catherine's tits even harder.

"OOOooowwwwwww!" Catherine howls audiblely. "Fuck! I can't let this crazy little bitch kick my ass again!" she tells herself. "Gotta find a way to hurt her more. I've got to be tuffer. Gotta be like Wonder Woman, like Lyda Carter." Catherine thinks, looking to her idol for inspiration. Catherine's finger crush Aria's breast even more.

Aria roars in agony. "Oh it fucking hurts so bad!" Aria thinks. "She's too strong, I can't beat her." crosses Aria's mind. Catherine growls and twists Aria's boobs again. Aria releases a pitiful moan. Catherine senses her opponent weakening, and redoubles her effort again. "It's not worth it." randomly pops into Aria's head. She looks up, and her dark brown eyes meets Catherine's light brown eyes. There was something in the Amazon's eyes that made her resolve crumble. Aria wimpers again, and sinks to her knees. Catherine follows her down, and continues mauling her breast.

Feeling Aria's grip starting to lessen, Catherine pushes her wilting adversary over onto her back. Catherine now bears down with all her weight on her fallen foe. Her strong hands finish the job on Aria's boobs. Aria's hands drop off of Catherine's tits, and start pulling at Catherine's hands and wrists, searching for som relief.

"I give... You win...." Aria sobs realizing she has been beaten by the Amazon. Catherine keeps up the preasure until Aria's hands fall by her sides, and she simply lies defensless, and submissively sobbing. She repeats, "You win... let go.... Please let go" over and over again.

After turning Aria into a pathetic sobbing mass, Catherine rises off of her victim. She has no words for this woman who has assaulted her, bound, then sexually abused her. Aria clutches her battered breast and curls into a bawling ball. Catherine simply walks to Aria's golf cart and pics up Aria's camera off of the seat. Catherine hurls the camera as hard as she can into a nearby tree. The didigital camera witht he pictures of her bound smashes into pieces and fly in several directions. Finally Catherine climbs into the carts driver's seat and drives away, leaving Aria where she lies.

Aria lies on the ground wallowing in self pity for a long time. She asks herself how things could have gone so wrong, after being so close to her goal. She wonders how she is going to get back to her hotel room, being topless, and her rental car and room keys in her golf bag that was on the golf cart that Catherine drove away. Aria crawls over to the broken pieces of her camera. Suddenly she sees a jewel in the wreckage. The memory card that she saved the pictures of Catherine on was still safe and intact. Aria grabs the card and laughs out loud. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Stupid bitch!"


Two days later, back in California, Aria is in the ABA training facility. She stands humbly in front of Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Liu and Demi Moore. All theree ABA members are dressed atractively in business suites.

"Aria Giovanni...." Jenny starts almost subconsiosly sounding like Marlo Brando in The Godfather. "You have preformed a favor for the ABA. You've executed a hit on Catherine Bell, and brought back pictures of her bound as per our agreement. You have up held you're end of the bargin, and the ABA will uphold ours."

Jenny says as she gestures for Aria to come forward. Jenny takes Aria's index finger and pricks it with a pin. The blonde squeezes the finger, causing the blood to gush out. Jenny takes Aria's finger, and smears blood on a picture of the original four members of the ABA. Jenny hands Aria the picture. As Aria holds the photo in her hands, Jenny takes a lighter and sets the picture on fire.

"Aria Giovanni" Jenny says. "You are now a soldier in the ABA family. You enjoy our favor, our protection, and our promotional assistance. Our home is you home. Our facility and training staff is at your disposal. "If you betray the ABA, your flesh will burn like these saints." Jenny says looking down at the burning picture.

"Now kiss the ring and swear your loyalty to the ABA." Jenny says offering her hand, with a large gold ring on it. Aria drops the photo, and kneels before Jenny and kisses her ring. Next she kisses the on Lucy and Demi's hand too. Aria rises and is presented with a metal piece of jewlery with the letters ABA embossed on it. "Aria Giovanni, welcome to the ABA family." Jenny continues. "Now lets go eat, a feast for our new friend!"


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