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Vivica Fox

Halle Berry vs. Whitney Houston Janet Jackson & Vivica Fox

Whitney Houston"You're such a pansyass-but a very cute pansyass!" Halle Berry whispered in her demolished opponent's ear as she gave Whitney Houston a hard slap. Whitney groaned and staggered backwards her limp arms flailing.

"Wouldn't want you to fall, princess!" Halle shouted as she jumped forward, sunk her fist deep into Whitney's stomach, grabbed the front of her torn evening gown and tore it clean down to the waist. One luscious breast had been exposed early in the battle; now both beautiful mounds were putting on their own little show, the rock hard nipples fully erect. Halle snickered as she grabbed Whitney by the hair, yanked the doubled over beauty up, slapped her again and drove her knee up hard into her crotch. A hard punch to the lovely left breast and a slap to the right one. Whitney screamed a high note as Halle grabbed her stiff nipples and pinched hard.

"Lights out sweetie!" Halle scoffed as she delivered a head butt that sent Whitney sprawling to the carpet.

"I win!" Halle shouted as she raised her arms high and flashed the onlookers in the ritzy club the victory sign. She motioned for a waiter to bring her a bottle of bubbly.

"That's quite enough. Let's get a little payback, okay?" an eager yet vengeful voice whispered to her friend in a hushed tone. Vivacia Fox took one last big gulp of her drink, licked her luscious lips and nodded in agreement and she gave Janet Jackson a playful swat. Both women's beautiful eyes registered hardness, hate and they seemed cool as ice as they walked as one, stealthily, quietly up behind the unaware Halle.

"Hey bitch-remember us?"


Revenge had just begun as Halle sucked air, felt pain in her scalp as fingers ripped at her hair and her elegant dress. The punch to her tight abs was followed up by another harder blow.

"Gonna pound you, then strip you, then really have some fun, Miss Halle!" Vivacia's voice seemed ugly, a total opposite of her gorgeous body. The lowcut tight evening gown seemed to make her needed movement a bit tough. What she couldn't do, Janet could-and would.

"We've got some past business to settle, btich!" Vivica snarled as she drove her fist into Halle's chin snapping the outgunned beauties' head back.

"Please forgive me for this Halle hon," Janet rasped as she grabbed the front of Halle's gown, tore it to the waist and tore Halle's lace bra in two exposing both luscious breasts. Vivica slipped behind the groaning woman, placed her in a full nelson and held her as still as she possibly could, forcing her to thrust out her lovely chest.

"Nice tummy. Hard, flat," Janet noted as she slapped her open palm against the flat sexy abs. Her fingers dug in and she relished Halle's groan. Suddenly she dropped her head down, cupped a breast from underneath and flicked her tongue against the upturned stiffening nipple. A couple of passionate twirls, then a firm painful, steady bite.

"Yeah go for it, Janet girl!" Vivica continued. She felt hot as well as angry as she realized her own nipples were almost drilling holes through her thin gown and into the shoulders of her squirming enemy. Vivica laughed as one of Janet's hands slipped down into the southern terrirtory of the cursing, threatening Halle's lose dress.

"Uhhhhhh. Noooooo. Ooooohhh." Mixed message; anger, fury, pleasure from a hot babe in real trouble.

"Like this? Two on one ain't fair, but sure as hell is fun, right Janet?"

"Stop it. Help me. Pleaseeee. Yieeeowwwieee!" Halle found herself screaming like a worked over Barbie Doll as she felt Janet's fingers becoming really nasty "down under", clawing, twisting, pulling special curly hair.

"Shouldn't have taken us down so hard; payback is soooo sweet, Halle," Vivica whispered as she tightened her full nelson hold. She turned her head just close enough and nipped at Halle's ear lobe. First a playful nip. Then harder. Halle winced, struggled mightily enough that she moved Vivica backwards and slightly off balance. She brought her leg up hard and fast and smashed her knee into Janet's crotch. Janet shrieked, removed her wayward hand and was treated to a good blow from Halle's flying foot. The only one that still had the heel on it.

"Ouchhhh. That hurt. You stupid bitch. Now take this!" Janet bit her lip, blinked her tears away, made a fist and moved in fast. Vivica had laughed at the quick moment of action, secretly glad that Janet got whopped. She released the angry Halle just enough to give her room to move her lower body, swing her gorgeous leg and kick the approaching Janet square in the groin, once again with that hard and sharp heel. Janet screamed, dropped her hands to her crotch, cursed a blue streak and Halle said to Vivica; " Release me and let me pound that stupid girl. I'll even strip her for you," Halle said, her voice seeming low and lusty. As tempted as Vivica was, she decided ,"No" and tightened her hold once again on Halle.

"Now I'm gonna kill you," Janet shouted as she finished rubbing her soreness, cocked her fist and charged. Whooooooosh.

The angry fist shot towards Halle's beautiful but defiant sneering face; Zpppppt; the face was gone. Whammmm.

Janet Jackson"Uhhhhhhhhh. Arggggggh. You dumb bimbo. Yeooowwwww." Vivica's face felt the blow and she heard Halle snicker. Janet felt instantly sorry, angry, frustrated and scared as she saw Vivica's beautiful face register surprise, hurt, then rage as the fist meant for Halle slammed into her.

"Haaaaa, Haaaaaa. Missed me ya dumb ass," Halle snickered. She felt Vivica's warm breath in her ear, heard the quiet instructions, and felt the sweet release. Two steps forward. The angry tight fist found it's mark as Janet's head seemed to want to separate from her neck as it snapped back. Another fist slammed deep into the lovely singer's gut. Janet sucked air as she felt her dress give way. A perfect hook to her ear; an uppercut to her chin. Halle grabbed her in a headlock, threw her to the carpet and on the way down, Halle leaped on her, wrapped her legs around her neck and in a second the topless Janet was bucking, squirming and squealing like an overwhelmed calf at a rodeo.

"Owwwww. My tit. Stop it. Now. Noooooo-Umppppphhhhh." Janet's protests received an unwelcome response as Halle grabbed a lovely breast, sunk her nails in deep, twisted and reached for the groaning moaning singer's lovely face. Long sexy legs squeezed hard as they were no longer around the lovely throat but around the half naked Janet's waist. The face claw was viciously painful; almost as hurtful as the furious nipple pinching and twisting. Through blurry vision due to the face claw and the lessening amount of oxygen, Janet realized Vivica was pulling the rest of her clothing off, laughing, cheering Halle on. What a nasty deceitful betrayal.

"Noooooo. Stoppppp. Umppppfff," Janet moaned. Each protest. Softer. Weaker. Welcome Silence.

"That was rather sweet of you, Vivica. Thanks alo-Uhhhhhhhhh."

Wham. Whumph!

"Uhhhhhhh. Oooohhhhh." Gratitude was short lived as Halle felt long fingers in her hair, twisting, pulling, yanking upward. As Halle unwillingly rocketed upward to her feet, a hard fist slammed into her jaw. Fast fingers suddenly clamped around her gorgeous throat and she felt herself slammed backwards into a wall.

Vivica Fox"Poor Whitney. Poor Janet. And now poor you. I'm here for payback. Ready for some-you hot, steamy, sneaky witch?" Vivica hissed as she steadied her grip on Halle's throat, raised a bent elbow and slammed her forearm hard into Halle's beautiful breasts. Halle grunted as her legs began to buckle.

"Don't you dare go down sweetie," Vivica snipped as she slammed her knee up hard into Halle's crotch. Halle grunted weakly and her arms began to flail. As Vivica grabbed for Halle's hair, Halle made a desperate attempt for some nastiness. Her weak arms moved forward, two of her fingers caught in her busty rival's gown. A hard downward tug. Viviva bit back an impulse to laugh as she felt her gown give way and her huge beautiful breasts bounce out just inches from Halle's face and her twin "sisters."

"Hmmmmm. Cute. But dumb. Gives me a great idea," Vivica snickered as she punched Halle in the face, relased her throat hold, grabbed both of Halle's wrists and slammed them outward and back against the wall so hard that the knuckles were bruised. Vivica maneuvered her large breasts perfectly against Halle beginning an erotic tit war as her bigger globes and stiffer thick nipples brushed against Halle's nips, then slowly inverted them as they pushed against her.

"Uhhhhhh. Ummmmm. Uhhhhhhhh." Both women seemed to enjoy the battle. Halle realized as her pain and embarrassment increased, Vivica was the victor in this battle though.

"Let me go so I can kick your ass lady!" Halle rasped, trying to bolster her fading confidence.

"Like hell."

Hale BerryWhumppp! A head butt and Halle's head slammed into the wall. Her vision got blurred. Vivica's snickering mocking seemed to be drifing away. Strong hands grabbed her, ripped at her hair, pulled her down. Long sexy python like legs encircled Halle's waist. She soon realized she was wearing only black panties, sexy garters, her stockings were shredded.

"Uhhhhhh. Helpppp. Can't breathe." The room was spinning.

"Get your pretty ass up honey girl."

"How 'bout a double special treat?"

"Noooooooo. They're so biggggg. Nooooooo. Umppppfffh."

Vivica was all smiles as she lifted her dazed and defeated rival to her feet, pushed her onto a bed, cupped her huge beautiful breasts, tweaked her nipples to their ultimate length and hardness, then pressed them slowly into Halle's whimpering face." A few special moments and all was quiet.

Revenge was accomplished..... At least for the moment.


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