Alicia Keys vs. Rihanna Fendy – The Butt Stops Here!

“So what is your strategy for this match?” the interviewer asked Alicia Keys.

“Well, I’m just going to keep moving and use my wrestling skills to keep Rihanna on the defensive. Then when she gets tired I’ll spring one of my finishing moves on her. I know she’s a tough opponent but I think I’m better conditioned and I plan on knocking her out,” says Alicia laughing.

“Alicia, Rihanna only agreed to wrestle this match if it was a no holds barred match with no rules. Aren’t you worried about getting hurt ?”

“Nope, if Rihanna wants to play dirty I’m more than willing to match her tactic for tactic. I don’t like to play like that but I can, if I need to.”

“Well good luck Alicia” said the interviewer.

A couple of minutes later a confident Rihanna Fendy swaggered into the interview area.

“So what about you Rihanna? How are you planning to beat Alicia?” Rihanna just stared imperiously at the interviewer for a few minutes letting the tension build.

“You see this?” asked Rihanna slapping her sizeable but gorgeous ass.

“Ummm…yes,” replied the interviewer.

“What is it?”

“Your butt?”

Nope. Wrong cracker. This isn’t a butt it’s a BATTERING RAM and that dumb slut Alicia Keys is going to be pounded into the canvas with it!” And with that Rihanna abruptly ended the conversation and marched in the direction of the ring.

* * * * *

The ring announcer made the first introduction…

“Coming to the ring from New York City, standing 5’6 and weighing 110 pounds, here is Alicia Keys!”

Alicia came bounding down to the ring with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a skin-tight one-piece blue swimsuit cut high at the hips to emphasise her gorgeous thighs. She wore white wrestling boots. Her hair was done up in braids, calling attention to her beautiful face.

“And her opponent from St. Michael, Barbados, also standing at 5’8 and weighing 125 pounds, she is the Caribbean Crippler, Rihanna!”

The crowed "ooohed" and "awwed" as Rihanna came out. She was looking especially sexy tonight in a skimpy black bikini with black wrestling boots. She also wore black fingerless gloves on her hands. Her long hair hung loose and free. Rihanna looked all business tonight.

Stepping through the ropes slowly so as to show off her incredible ass Rihanna walked straight up to Alicia and locked her into a staredown, while not saying a word. Alicia’s body tensed up as she stood nose to nose with her adversary but she didn’t lose her cool. Eventually the two Nubian beauties backed off and went into their respective corners.

After a few minutes the bell rang and the match was on.

Alicia raced out of her corner and started circling Rihanna who strolled towards her opponent more casually. Rihanna reached towards Alicia in an attempted elbow and collar lock up but the speedy Keys grabbed Rihanna right arm and twisted it sharply into an arm wringer. A wincing Rihanna was quickly brought down to her knees.

“Ha! Shoulder hurt girl?” said a laughing Alicia as she converted the hold into a hammerlock and wrenched Rihanna’s arm up sharply.

“Unghh.” Rihanna grimaced as Keys increased the pressure on her shoulder and arm. Alicia kept increasing the pressure until Rihanna tipped over and her forehead was touching the canvas and her feet were batting against the mat in pain.

“You’re out of your league wrestling with me girl” said Alicia. After a few more minutes of torturing her opponent, Alicia realized although it was fun to torture Rihanna, she wasn’t going to get a submission this way so he used the hammerlock to bring Rihanna back up to her feet and then marched her front first into the corner.

Alicia cocked back her fist and fired a volley of punches into Rihanna’s lovely back. Tears welled up in Rihanna’s eyes but they were soon replaced by a look of anger. She put the pain out of her mind and concentrated on where she was. "Alicia made a mistake taking this match into the corner" though Rihanna. “It’ll neutralize her speed advantage if I can trap her in here.” And with that delicious prospect Rihanna kicked back her left leg in a mule kick and hit pay dirt striking Alicia directly in the cunt.

Alicia, who had been preparing to taunt Rihanna some more, suddenly had the color drive out of her face as Rihanna’s foot struck deep into her cunt.

“Unggghhhhh! G-god…” Alicia whimpered.

Alicia KeysRihanna quickly spun around so that now it was Alicia backed up in the corner. Rihanna slung Key’s arms over the top rope leaving her midsection exposed. Rihanna then bent over and DROVE her shoulder into Alicia’s solar plexus.

“OOOOFFFFFF!!!!” Alicia exhaled her cheeks puffing out as the air was driven out of her body.

Before she had a chance to recover though Rihanna drove ANOTHER brutal shoulder block into Alicia’s belly, then another, then another, then another! Not stopping until she had pounded 10 straight shoulder blocks into Alicia’s tummy.

“Yeah baby, yeah, let’s see how much you talk now” said a menacing Rihanna.

She then grabbed a handful of Alicia’s braids and forced her head up so that she could see the pained expression on her face.

“Such a pretty face. Let’s see what I can do about that.” Said Rihanna. She then pulled back her fist and fired a punch straight into Alicia’s nose.

A sharp cracking sound was heard and Alicia screamed in pain but Rihanna did not let up. She yanked Alicia’s head back and started firing punch after punch into Alicia’s face, peppering her nose and cheeks and lips and chin until Keys was busted up and bruised, her right eye starting to swell up.

Alicia knew now that she needed to get out of the corner. In a regular match the referee would have forced Rihanna to let her out but tonight the ref was only there to make the three count or record a knockout or submission. Alicia pulled back her elbow and was planning on driving it into Rihanna’s face but just before she could strike her opponent punched her in the face again knocking her dizzy.

“Shit, you ain’t nothin’ b###h. You’re easier to beat up than Christina Aguilera!” said Rihanna. “And it’s time I put you out just the way I dreamed I would.”

With that Rihanna stepped out from the corner a bit and then turned around so that her back was to Alicia. She then bent over slowly and pulled up on her bikini bottom exposing her gorgeous butt to the appreciative crowd who were being worked up into a frenzy.

Now would have been the perfect time for Alicia to get her revenge by punting Rihanna in the cunt but the accumulated effect of all those shoulder blocks and punches to the face had completely disoriented her, She need a few more seconds to get her bearings back.

Unfortunately for Alicia she never got those seconds as Rihanna backed up forcefully and drove her big beautiful butt directly into Alicia’s breadbasket.

“OOOFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!” Alicia exhaled in surprise and pain.

“God!" It felt like a Mack truck had hit her in the stomach. Before she could draw another breath though Rihanna drove another butt bump directly in her belly.


“Yeah baby! Try to breathe just try…” laughed a maniacal Rihanna. She knew she had Alicia right where she wanted her and she wasn’t going to give Keys a chance to recover. As fast as she could she drove her butt HARD into Alicia’s belly over and over and over again, never giving her opponent a chance to catch her breath.

Rihanna“S-St-Stop…” Alicia mumbled weakly, her voice barely a whisper.

“What’s that ‘Licia?” said Rihanna driving ANOTHER butt bump into the pit of Alicia’s stomach. “I couldn’t hear you over the sound of the breath being forced out of your lungs.”

Alicia tried to voice her submission but found she couldn’t form a sounds anymore as butt shot after butt shot exploded into her solar plexus. Eventually she started feeling more and more dizzy. A strange muffled clamminess came over her head. She had never been knocked out before and didn’t know what it felt like. It felt weird. She was so helpless. She tried to command her body to move but every time her brain tried to form a though another explosion of pain rocked her midsection.

After 30 or so consecutive butt bumps a thoroughly exhilarated Rihanna stepped back to admire her handiwork. She saw a red-faced Alicia teeter and totter for a few seconds, her arms reflexively wrapping around her abused midsection, before slumping face first onto the mat.

“Awww…I think I broke her” giggled Rihanna.

She then grabbed Alicia’s two arms and dragged her directly into the middle of the ring to prevent any miraculous foot-on-rope escapes. She then flipped over the knocked out Alicia onto her back and then slowly, languorously stretched herself over Keys in a full body press.

“Boy I beat the shit out of you didn’t I ‘Licia? I mean there’s no other way to put it. You are a KNOCKED OUT b###h!’ said Rihanna laughing.

The ref made the perfunctory three count and Rihanna was officially declared the winner of the match.

Rihanna then leaned over and kissed a sleeping Alicia on the lips.

“Mmmm…I’ll have to do this to you again sometime slut” said Rihanna before slowly peeling herself off Alicia and sauntering off to enjoy her victory.

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