Tia Carrere versus Minka with Jaime Pressly & THE ABA

"Whew Tia Carera's really pumped up today. You should see the beating she's giving Minka" Nikki Cox says as she looks at the fight from a private room at The Crazy Horse Too strip club.

"Well yeah, that's the whole point." Christina Applegate answers from the while hidden in the same room. "Better she take that aggression out on Minka than any of us. That was the whole plan!"

"Don't worry about Tia." Jenny McCarthy confidently interjects. "I've got her number. I've left her buck naked an flat on her back every time she's gotten in the ring with me, and I'll do it again no matter how pumped up she is" Jenny finishes looking forward to another encounter with her 'tough girl' counterpart in their arch rivals, the Fab Four.

"Enough of that, let's get back to business" says the leader of the group, Christina. "Like I was saying Jamie, I was very impressed with you during our fight a couple of days ago. The ABA can use a smart tough girl like yourself. I think you'd make an excellent addition to our rooster."

Jamie Pressly looks at Christina and the others in the ABA although flattered by their offer, but also very puzzled. Just a few days ago, She attempted to take down Christina Applegate at Stone Rage's request and failed.* After her defeat, Christina sentenced her to work as a stripper guarded by the Mammoth breasted stripper/porn star, Minka. Now they are trying to persuade her to enter their group. But why? Where's their fourth member, Jeri Ryan, and why are they not helping their associate Minka? Judging by Minka's pain filled cries coming from the other room, Tia is really beating the crap out of her. "While I'm very honored... really I am, but what about Jeri, where is she?" Jamie asks.

"Don't worry about Jeri." Christina says looking mischievously at her compatriots. "Jeri has been a little too concerned about her personal life lately. We'll give her an old fashion Milano once you decide to join." Christina finishes while Jamie looks at her cold-blooded recruiters in somewhat amazement.

"Whatsa Milano"" Jamie asks.

Outside on the main floor room, Minka and Tia are engaged in a furious battle. Minka has put a titanic struggle, but Tia has matched her. Both are lying on the carpet on their sides with their fingers interlocked, struggling to subdue the other. Tia enjoys the distinct advantage of having a legs wrapped around Minka's tiny waist. Her strong leg scissors gets long anguished moans from the Korean. The slender woman with the enormous tits surprise many in the club by powering up to her feet with Tia still attached around her waist. Still loudly grunting and groaning Minka falls forward, slamming Tia on her back, and driving her mountainous breast on Tia's chest. Tia's legs immediately pop open allowing Minka to roll from between them.

Minka rises to her feet first. Tia soon follows after almost having the breath knocked out of her by Minka's drop. Both women are topless. Minka's bikini top, and Tia's Excalibur Hotel T-shirt became casualties of the battle long ago. The two cats snarl at each other and charge toward each other. Both women's claws sink into a double handful of breast. Tia's hands stretch to capture as much of Minka's enormous hooters as possible, while Minka's hands engulf Tia's soft tits. Minka starts pushing Tia back with her breast claw so Tia abandons her hold, and captures Minka in a headlock. Minka quickly releases her hold and applies a headlock of her own. The women stagger around for a while locked simultaneously in a double headlock, until Tia takes a bite out of Minka gigantic tit that was pressing against her face. Minka screams and releases Tia, and retreats holding her hurting breast.

"Where's Jamie Pressly?" Tia shouts.

"I not tell you Bitch!" Minka quickly answers her heavy Asian accent.

Meanwhile in the back room, Christina answers Jamie's question. "A Milano" is an ABA farewell party. We named it after its first recipient Alyssa Milano." Christina chuckles a bit then continues, "But you shouldn't concern yourself about that."

Jamie looks at Christina while carefully considering their offer. On the first hand, she is excited and craves the attention being a member of this powerful Hollywood click. She would not mind double crossing Stone Rage, Halle Berry, or Jennifer Lopez. She would actually enjoy slapping around Pam Anderson after their cock fight match.** Although, she has a good relationship with Tia Carrere, and was not fond of ruining it. On the other hand, she was very cautions to join this controversial group, given their unstable mindset and roster changes.

On the club floor, Minka has finally gotten Tia down. She keeps Tia pinned with a knee across her chest. Minka also has reached back and grabbed one of Tia's legs, and bends it forward towards Tia's head. "Not so tough now bitch?" Minka taunts, finally in control. Tia does not answer, but starts bucking and thrashing under Minka. Soon, she is rewarded when she knocks Minka backwards off of her. While Minka still lies on her back, looking to draw one quick breath, Tia get to her. Tia pins Minka's shoulders down with her hands and then plops her plump ass on Minka's face with a reverse face sit. Minka again finds herself in trouble. She tries to buck Tia off with no success. Tia looks down and can not help herself from punishing Minka's monster sized boobs.

"You'd better tell me where Jamie is before I maul these things you call tits so bad, that you'll be back under a surgeon's knife tomorrow." Tia taunts. Minka's pride and joys are taking quite a mauling until Minka somehow brings her legs up until she can lock them around Tia's head. With that leverage, she is able to topple Tia off of her.

Minka clumsily scrambles to her feet and retreats back. Tia springs up and stalks her prey. So far the fight has not exactly gone Minka's way. She expended a lot of energy trashing around to escape Tia' face sit. Not to mention she had a heavier woman's wide ass covering her face, and depriving her of oxygen. Her vaulted super breast that weighs a combined 13.5 pounds between them, are now weighing her down like two heavy anchors. Tia advances and snaps a jab that sinks deep into Minka's breast. The Korean squeals and tries to cover her breast. That is a hopeless task. The Hulk's massive arms are insufficient for that job, much less Minka's skinny limbs. Tia advances and fires away at will, landing jabs and upper cuts at a target far too large to ever miss. Minka reels backward, moaning, grunting and squealing. Her knees buckle several times, sweat pours from her face, and her suffering escalates.

Back in the hidden quarters, Jamie is still considering her offer from her impatient suitors. "It boils down to this, Jaime" Nikki starts, "We're going to be running this league shortly. You can be with us, and if you're not, then you're against us."

"Exactly!" Jenny interrupts. "Our lawyers are attacking Stone Rage in court. In a few hours, were going to finish off the Fab Four. They haven't been able to beat us at top form, so they have no chance of beating us after what they've been through. Quite honestly, I'm getting insulted that you are taking so long to accept our generous offer. Maybe Christina chose the wrong person." Jenny finishes and looks away. Jamie's eyes get wide in fear. She realizes she is getting close to receiving a Milano without ever joining the ABA.

Minka is rapidly wilting under the pressure of Tia's fisticuffs. Minka is an experienced catfighter, and recognizes the look in Tia's eyes. She is far to focused, determined and furious to be derailed today. But she is the hired muscle for the ABA and her job is to confront Tia, and if not stop her, at least wear he down. So she dutifully fights back against losing odds. She fights back until a thunderous kick from Tia smashes into her bosoms and launches her off her feet to a hard landing flat on her back on the strip club floor.

While Minka lies flat on her back not exactly sure how she really got there, Tia quickly drops to the carpet, and wraps her strong legs across the top and bottom of Minka's enormous breast, and squeezes. Minka howls like a captured animal as she feels like her tits are caught in a vice. If it was not for the gigantic size of her boobs, this maneuver would never been possible. Tia squeezes again, redoubling her efforts. "AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh" Minka wails, "Minka gives...... Minka gives........." the Korean pleads.

"Aww cut the Charlie Chan routine" Tia snarls annoyed, "We both know you can speak English just fine, Now tell me where Jamie is" Tia demands.

After the battering Tia's fists have done earlier, Minka is in total agony. She's trapped flat on her back, with Tia's legs stretched across her chest, squeezing her breast in the leg scissor. Minka is trapped she cannot go anywhere, she can barely even move, and her tits feel like they are about to burst. "Please Tia" Minka pleads, dropping some of her thick Asian accent. "The ABA's got her. If I talk, they will destroy me. I'm just a pawn, have mercy."

"Aww give me a fucking break!" Tia snaps. "Either tell me where Jaimie is, or I'll send you back to life as an A cup."

Back in the hidden room, things have gone from bad to worst for Jaime. Christina has nonchalantly walked over to the chair where Jaime was sitting, and unexpectedly slugged her in the jaw. Jaime topples out of the chair, and tumbles in the floor. There Christina starts kicking and stomping all over Jaime. "How dare you embarrass me by not jumping at my offer!" Christina shouts while assaulting the Carolina blonde. Nikki, and Jenny look on with smiles as Christina stomps Jaime into a quivering ball. "You dumb hick! Nobody turns down the ABA!" Christina continues.

On the main floor, Tia has been punishing Minka with her breast scissors for a few minutes. After still not finding Jaime's location, she switches tactics. Tia releases her scissors, and walks around to the top of Minka's head. The Hawaiian lovely reaches down and hauls the whimpering Korean to her feet with two strong hands under Minka's armpits. Once the slumping stripper is somewhat standing, Tia encircles her arms around Minka's body, just under those fantastic hooters, and squeezes with a mighty reverse bear hug. Minka's eyes get large, her mouth opens, but instead of the anticipated scream, only a coarse gasp comes out. Tia is squeezing her so hard, Minka can barely breath. Tia leans back, lifting Minka off her feet and shakes her from side to side. Minka's skinny limbs flail a little, her feet kick while Tia finishes crushing the fight out of Minka.

Tia growls in intensity as she crushes Minka like a bug. She enjoys the adrenaline rush of crushing this mean nasty bitch with her bare hands. The powerful feeling of draining the resistance out of the weaker woman. The cruel enjoyment of watching her struggle, flailing, kicking, desperately... uselessly. The exhilarating sensation of the legendary catfighter, helplessly suspended off her feet as her feeble, pathetic struggles slow into a humiliating, crushing defeat. As Minka's body finally gives out, and slumps lifelessly in Tia's arms, the mighty Hawaiian warrior indulges herself in another cruel display, as she violently starts shaking Minka's limp body from side to side, allowing her limbs to swing wildly like limp noodles. Minka's long silky black hair flies in the air, revealing, then covers then revealing again, Minka's vacant facial expressions, that still shows hints of pain and humiliation.

Tia exalts in her conquering display of power. She hears cheers of awe from the strip club's patrons. Once again she shakes Minka's limp body allowing her lifeless form to flop in the arms. Tia displays to everyone that she has reduced this formerly powerful, imposing dominant empress into a toy, a plaything, Tia's very own rag doll! Finally Tia drops the limp lady to the floor.

In the back room, Jenny starts to pull Christina off of Jaime. "Come on Chris, we've wasted enough time on this bitch." Jenny says as she pulls Christina away from the curled ball of flesh lying in the floor. "We've got to go get ready for the Fab Four, and try to find Jeri Ryan." Jenny says as she stands between the reigning War Queen and her victim. "We've been calling Jeri all day, but she has not picked up our call."

"Okay" Christina says panting from the aerobic work out of kicking Jaime's ass. "But this ain't over between us Pressly, not by a long shot." Christina threatens.

Nikki peaks out the door at the door at the action on the main floor between Tia and Minka and is shocked by what she sees. "Oh Fucking Shit!" Nikki exclaims as she looks out. "We've got to get out of here. You should see what Tia is doing to Mika!" Nikki says. With that the ABA gather themselves and quickly exit out of a back exit without being seen by any one, leaving Jaime lying alone in the middle of the floor.

Back on the main floor, the audience is as amazed at the sight Nikki was. Tia has removed a picture off the wall. Tia has carried Minka's nearly unconscious body to the hook that held the picture and lifted Minka up until her thong is caught on the hook. Tia steps back leaving Minka hung on the like one loudly moaning tapestry suspended in the air by her G-string. Minka's body weigh causes the thong's material to dig into her camel-toed pussy giving the audience a great view of her bald sex. Not to mention the painful wedgie it has created that has Minka moaning loudly in anguish. She stops struggling because it is only causing her more pain.

"So are you ready to tell me where Jaime is, or do I need to try something more excruciating" Tia asks in a taunting tone. After only getting a long Frankenstein type moan fro Mink in response, Tia walks over to a table in the dimly lit room and retrieves a candle. She lights the candle and allows the wax to melt and puddle. Tia then reaches up and tilts the candle allowing the wax to pour over Minka's tits. Minka howls in torment ass the hot wax washes over her enormous sized nipples. "I'll keep this up until you tell where is Jaime!" Tia says and pours another load of hot wax over Minka's tits.

After Minka receives a third load of wax, a haggard Jaime staggers out of the back room and onto the main floor. "Jaime!" Tia exclaims and rushes over to her friend. Moments later the two heroines leave the building, leaving a battered and beaten ABA hired hitwoman hanging from the wall. Minka moans again wishing she had never taken this job from the ABA.

Meanwhile in a limo already speeding from the Crazy Horse Too "Damn! Damn! Damn!" Nikki shouts as she angrily closes her cell phone, "Jeri still won't pick up her phone!" Nikki exclaims "Do you think she heard that we were about to dump her for Jaime?"

"I don't know." Christina answers "but if we don't find her fast, we'll have to find a replacement for her quick. Our Showdown with the Fab Four is only hours away. What the fuck are we going to do?" Christina asks in dismay. "Any ideas?" she asks.

Christina looks around the limo and saw no answers amongst her friends. "Fine!" she announces, "I'm going to make an executive decision!" Christina says and picks up her cell phone and makes a call. "Hey girl! its me!" she happily says to the voice on the other end of the line. "Yeah I know about the big fight, that's why I'm calling... Yeah Jeri Ryan's gone AWOL and I need somebody to take her place. I need a big favor; I need you to take her place.... Can you do it?..... Cool! We'll be by in the limo in about fifteen minutes..... Thanks Bye!"

"Okay ladies I've taken care of everything" Christina announces with a smile. "I got somebody to take Jeri's place today, and we'll examine her permanent membership after the fight today." Christina looks at the anxious and curious faces of her teammates. "I'll tell you about her. She has wins over Halle Berry..... Pam Anderson... and Jennifer Lopez!" Christina allows for a dramatic pause. "She's a former War Queen, and danced with me in the Pussycat Dolls here in Vegas. We're lucky she is in Vegas." Christina takes a deep breath, and finally announces the name behind the voice on the phone. "And I don't want to hear no shit from either of you... Especially you Jenny!" Christina spits. "Our new ally is my friend, Carmen Electra! Anybody got a problem with that?"

Christina looks around the silent limo, before finally hearing Nikki answer, "No, I don't have any problems."

"No I don't have a problem either" Jenny finally replies after all eyes fell on her. "We're cool now. We did a movie together, remember?"

"Fine it decided then." Christina says, being might proud of herself for having taken control of the situation. "Carmen will fight with us today, and we'll evaluate everything from there." So continues another tumultuous day in the ABA.

*Jaime vs Christina Fight
**Jaime vs Pam - Cock Fight

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