ABA Hunt
Jaime Pressly versus Christina Applegate

Jaime Pressly arrives in Vegas with a personal agenda. That agenda is a one item list, whip Christina Applegate. Jaime made her league debut in a cock fight championship match with Pam Anderson. Few ladies desire to face Pam, a legendary sex freak, and nympho, and get fucked in public. Although Jaime accepted the challenge, it resulted in a lopsided defeat, and consequently her phone did not ring again for another league match.* Jaime is certain that if she could publicly defeat Christina, she could catapult into a War Queen title shot. Jaime came to Vegas with one target in mind. Helping the Fab Four survive is only a secondary thought.

Jaime bypassed the limo driver that Rage sent to meet her at the airport. She got a taxi, knowing they know everything that happens in the city. Jaime questioned the driver, and expectedly he said he knew nothing. The ABA had pooled their money and paid off the driver's union, but a thousand dollars later, Jaime had her driver's total allegiance. His name is Alex. Alex got on the radio with other drivers all over the city. The taxi drivers network is as capable as the CIA in Vegas. Shortly Alex discovers that Christina is at The Bellagio hotel and casino investigating the Fab Four's recent defeat of Blond Ambition, and trying to track them down. ^ Immediately Alex sets his course to the The Bellagio.

Christina conducts a comprehensive investigation, but finds no trace of the Fab Four's whereabouts. Christina is disappointed. She is far from the dim witted blonde, Kelly Bundy she portrayed for so many years. But despite her best detective efforts, she finds nothing. Christina walks out to the front of the hotel to the fountain for the Belaagio Fountain water show.

Christina plots the ABA's next move. Apparently the Fab Four has invested more cash in their stealth than they have. Their plan is to capture the Fab Four, but only encounter them after the Fab Four has gone through Blond Ambition, Generation Next, and Generation Prime. If one of those groups were lucky enough to capture the Fab Four, they would steal them away from them although; the ABA figured that the Fab Four would run the table. But the ordeal of going through those battles, would make them easy prey for the ABA at the end. The unexpected bonus of Rage sending Tyra Banks, Roselyn Sanchez Kelly Hu and Jaime Pressly to their rescue gave them another opportunity. With three of the "Not so Fab Four" as Christina referred to them already safely tucked away at various strip clubs, and guarded by Lisa Lipps, Vanessa Blue and Sana Fey, the ABA held another gambling chip.

The pensive Christina is patiently waits standing at the fountain rail for the water show that is seconds from beginning. Christina hears footsteps running behind her. She dismiss them as kids running to see the show. When she hears a yell of a suicide bomber, Christina turns to see what is happening. Christina sees Jaime running toward her, full speed yelling "yyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Jaime dives on Christina sending both of them tumbling over the rail into the fountain. Poetically the classical music that accompanies the water show starts playing on the speakers and the water show starts. The tumble over the rail caused the blondes to break apart. They take one look at each other and dive into each and start their skirmish.

A midst the majestic backdrop of the Bellagio fountain show, the blondes wrestle around in the water. Water sprouts up from the fountain choreographed to the classical music playing in a breathtaking display. Colored lights reflects off the sprouts and waterfalls changing in time with the music is enough to memorize alone, much less the fact two gorgeous females are battling underneath. The audience watches in awe filled silence from the water show combined with the battling blondes, like the ending of Ocean's Eleven when the crooks reflected on their accomplishment

Jaime is a fierce little warrior, wrestling Christina down and holding her underwater. Christina quickly fights her way up from underwater. But Jaime is waiting and delivers a backhand slap across Christina's lips. After her follow through, Jaime clenches her hand into a fist and gives Christina a hard punch to her mouth.

Christina reels back smarting from Jaime's attack. Jaime advances and wraps both hands around Christina's neck with a double-handed choke. The War Queen gags but responds with a kick to Jaime's knee that causes her to release her choke as her knees buckle. Jaime screeches and dips down further and goes under water, grabbing Christina around the thighs. Jaime quickly stands and flips Christina head over heels, with a back flip.

Christina splashes down on her back. She fights to regain her footing with her back still toward Jaime. Jaime reaches around from behind and digs her fingers in Christina's eyes. Christina screams and tries to tear Jaime's hands away from her eyes. Feeling she is not inflicting enough damage, Jaime abandons her gouge, and grabs two handfuls of Christina's blonde hair and slings her around. Christina yelps in pain as the growling blonde yanks her back and forth. Once Jaime lets her go, Christina turns to face her foe. Then out of nowhere, Jaime's foot rises from the water, and kicks Christina in the face.

Jaime's kick nearly knocks Christina silly. She is dazed and wobbly. Jaime sees that the water has soaked Christina's dress to the point it is paper-thin. Jaime knows she must embarrass Christina as well as beating her brains out if she wants to get a title shot. So Jaime grabs the dress and yanks. Expectedly the soaked fabric tears off Christina exposing a black bra. Jaime quickly returns to her assault slapping the punch drunk champion's face.

Jaime closes the distance between them and grabs two handfuls of Christina's blonde hair for pulling. Jaime rips her foe's heads from side to side while driving her knee into available body parts when ever possible. Fiendishly, Jaime lowers her head and takes a big bite out of Christina's tit. Christina screams in pain while trying to push Jaime's head away. After much effort, Christina is able to push Jaime's head away and immediately backs away. Before getting far, Jaime spits into Christina's face, sending a blob of saliva that lands on Christina's nose. "Saggin' slut" Jaime remarks in her southern twang.

Christina retreats away from Jaime. This is a confrontation she niether saw coming, nor is she prepared for. Jaime advances after her with a sneer on her face, and blood in her eyes. Deeper they go into the fountain, and closer to the shooting water. Jaime lunges at Christina with an animalistic growl. Again she knocks the champion down and holds her underwater for as long as she can. Once Christina fights her head above water, Jaime is waiting and peppers her face with her fist. After Jaime's hand hurts from punching her foe, she leans down and bites Christina on the brow. Christina screams and squirms and struggles to get away. By the time she is able to get away, blood flows from her forehead. Christina scrambles away with a frighten deer look on her face.

"If ya thank that wus sumpthin' suga wait till ya see what happens next!" Jaime threatens sounding like a true Southern Belle.

The Carolina blonde jumps after the retreating California blonde. Christina squeals as she scampers back deeper in the fountain, closer to the shooting water. When Jaime catches Christina, the champion strikes first. She nails Jaime with her best straight right hand that snaps the smaller blonde's head back. Christina follows with a left cross, then a right cross finishing with a overhand left. Jaime staggers back. All punches landed solidly with enough force to put down the gamest competitor. Christina is pretty proud of herself and watches with a smile as Jaime stands shaking her head to clear the cobwebs.

Suddenly Jaime stops shaking her head, looks Christina dead in the eyes showing no ill effect from Christina's assault and says, "Is dat all you got suga?" while moving her head from side to side with an attitude born in the hood. Christina mouth drops open in disbelief that her volley had so little effect. While Christina is frozen in the moment, Jaime explodes with fist of her own.

Right, left, right all connect forcefully while Christina is frozen in her tracks. As Christina draws back her fist to counter attack, two more punches land to her face. Christina releases her punch that connects solidly but had no effect. Meanwhile Jaime's fists are a blur of action landing swiftly and painfully time and time again. Christina tries to fire back, but it is useless. She is wilting under the pressure of Jaime's unrelenting fist. Jaime's punches drive the California blonde back towards the sprouting water with one jolting blow after another.

Christina's face starts to show the results of Jaime's handiwork. Her lip is busted open and trickling blood down her chin. The gash across her forehead got wider streams down. Christina's left eye is puffy and red with irritation. The water mixes with the blood and makes the whole situation look much worst than it is. Jaime's punches keep coming, landing at will now on a beaten and haggard looking blonde. Christina cries out in pain from the force of each blow. Out of desperation, Christina drives her knee into Jaime's abdomen under the water. Jaime grunts and dips down, then comes back with a staggering uppercut.

That upper cut breaks Christina's resistance more than anything Jaime has done previously. Jaime starts throwing punches again. Jaime presses forward with little to no resistance from Christina. Jaime is forcing her will over Christina. Through out her dominating title reign, Christina has never encountered anything like this. Jaime has taken her best shots and keeps coming forward. Christina feels beaten and her spirit broken. Because they are battling in water up to their breast, and that limits the normally wide variety of wrestling moves available to Christina, she knows little else to do but stand there and get beat up. Jaime eagerly obliges that request pounding her as hard and frequently as she possibly can. Christina starts to black out as Jaime pound she back towards the sound of the pressurized water exploding and sprouting up behind her.

Jaime has easily accomplished her goal of making an impact. Christina knows she has been flat beaten up. Her face adds testament of that fact. The people who gathered to watch the routine Bellagio Fountain Show, but end up seeing a scathing catfight can also vouch that Jaime tore up the reigning War Queen.

As the music and show reaches its finally and crescendo, so does Jaime. Jaime finishes her assault with a powerful uppercut that puts Christina down. Christina would have fallen on her butt, but the turbulent water from the show keeps her afloat and carries her several yards away from Jaime.

Christina looks up at Jaime looking very beaten. Her face is bloody and puffy. Her mouth gapes open and her tongue hangs out. Her eyes are barely open and she breathes heavily. Jaime looks down on Christina with a gloating smile, knowing she has conquered the War Queen. The music blaring with the dancing water adds a fitting ending to the fight. Christina hears a final blast of pressurized water behind her that sends water shooting over a hundred feet into the air. Suddenly that same stream of water, launched far behind comes crashing down on Jaime's head and her gloating smile.

Jaime is buried under the forced stream of water. Christina sees Jaime's arms flail briefly. She hears her scream briefly before it ends from water washing into her mouth. Finally she sees the soles of Jaime's feet as they fly in the air as she is upended by the torrid water stream. Once the water settles, Jaime is belly up floating on her back like driftwood.

Christina can not believe her luck. She quickly rushes over to Jaime to finish her off, but once she arrives, she sees the Carolina blonde is already knocked out cold. Christina starts laughing and celebrating dodging a big bullet. Christina grabs two handfuls of Jaime's shirt and pulls her up face to face with her. Jaime gives out a quite long moan as she is brought upright that brings a giggle to Christina's lips. The California blonde draws her fist back and carefully measures her, and blasts Jaime in her jaw. Jaime's head rocks back like her head is about to fly off her shoulders. Christina knows Jaime's unconscious and does not feel the punch, but she is satisfied with the fact that Jaime will wake up soon wondering why her jaw aches to no end. Christina moves toward the fountain's rail with Jaime in tow. The show has ended and so has the fight. Christina turns Jaime into a giant bobble head doll as she blast the unconscious blonde across the jaw countless times as they travel to exit the historic fountain.

Christina slings Jaime's lifeless body over the rail to the pavement where she lands with a comical splat on the sidewalk. Christina leaps over the rail after her. The crowd looks on stunned to silence not knowing what to make of the situation. Christina gives Jaime's inert body several hard kicks. Christina looks around for approval from the crowd, but only gets silence. Deep down everybody knows the tough little Carolina blonde really won this fight.

Since her torn dress was washed away somewhere in the fountain, leaving her scantily clad in a soaking wet and now see-through white bra and panty set, Christina decides to even the score. She reaches down and rips off Jaime's top. The wet material tears away like tissue paper. As Christina unsnaps Jaime's bra the Carolina blonde starts to come around. As Christina finishes peeling her jeans down her logs, Jaime sits up and becomes fully aware. She holds her head and moans asking, "Ohhhhh what happened ta me?"

"What happened?" Responds the gleeful California blonde, "I just kicked your country bumpkin ass, that's what happened."

"Ya did?" ask Jaime in almost disbelief. Jaime remembers having Christina beat then nothing. By her aching jaw, sore ribs and pounding head, she surely took a beating somehow.

"And if you don't want another one, get your ass up and start moving NOW!" demands Christina. Being in absolutely no position to disagree, Jaime slowly rises on her wobbly legs. Still holding her aching head, the groggy girl starts her long shameful walk of defeat back towards the hotel's front door. Christina trash talked her the entire walk back. Jaime wishes she could shove her fist down her big mouth, but her head is still ringing, and aching. Jaime just walks ignoring the verbal abuse wearing nothing but her red silk panties. She has had the shit knocked out of her.

Christina pushes Jaime into the first available taxi, which coincidently is Alex's taxi, who was dutifully waiting for Jaime to return. "Take me to Crazy Horse Too, but take the scenic route... Me and my friend need some time to get acquainted." Christina tells the cabbie, not knowing, he and Jaime had already been introduced. Alex nods and drives away while peeping in the rear view mirror at Christina and Jaime. What he sees is the California blonde taking advantage of Jaime in true ABA fashion. Christina pushes over Jaime onto her side in the back seat, mounts her, then starts hammering the defenseless blonde with her fist. Jaime scream and shouts as Christina beats out a nasty tune with her fist. Christina pounds Jaime's ribs, her tits, her face then back to her ribs, or whatever flesh that is available. Jaime shouts out in pain and agony begging for mercy, but the mean nasty opportunistic blonde shows her none. Alex worries about his newfound friend and forgoes the scenic route and takes them directly to their destination, hoping to lighten Jaime's suffering.

Christina hammers Jaime as hard as she can. "I'll... teach... you... about... making... me... bleed!" Christina says with each word interrupted by another sledgehammer blow raining down on the skinny blonde. Christina looks like a mother whipping a small child, as Alex cringes while sneaking peeps at the beating in the rear view mirror. Jaime now understands how Christina became possible the most dominating War Queen of all time. She is spectacularly merciless and brutal. Jaime realizes how the ABA became the most feared group in the league history. She even rethinks her desires for a title shot. Jaime is as tough as the proverbial "Two dollar steak" Jim Ross rambles about on every WWE Raw broadcast, but even she is reduced to a quivering, sobbing ball of flesh, as they pull up in front of the gentleman's club. After a fifteen minute beating, the taxi stops in front of a large building in the style of an ancient Greek building with colored lights all over it; The Crazy Horse Too.

Soon as the cab stops Christina snatches a sobbing Jaime out of the taxi. She carelessly throws some cash at Alex that is more than enough to pay for the fare, and a handsome tip. Christina roughly escorts the sobbing girl stumbling to keep up through the club doors. Christina drags Jaime near the bar and slings her to the floor. Things were moving so fast, plus Jaime had so many tears in her eyes, that she really had not comprehended all that is happening to her. Once she crash-landed on the ground, everything started to sink in.

She at the feet of a woman wearing six inch heeled stripper shoes. Her skin was yellow colored, obviously of Asian decent. Jaime's eye make a slow journey up the woman's slender, bordering skinny legs, pass a very slim waist, till she looked up and saw titties and nothing else after that. Not just tits, but the biggest tits Jaime ever imagined. They were so big that Jaime thought she was in an animated cartoon and had left reality.

"So this is the one you want me to look after?" the woman says in a heavy Asian accent. Christina nods her head yes. The woman kneels so she can look Jaime in the eye. "My name is Minka, but you call me Empress Minka and you belong to Minka now."

Jaime's eyes widen in disbelief. "This can't be real, this has to be a nightmare " Jaime thinks.

The awkward moment is interrupted as Christina excitedly says, "Come on Jaime, let's see what you got." Christina reaches down and hauls Jaime to her feet. "Hey buddy!" Christina says, "You want a free lap dance?" Of course the guy quickly nods yes, stunned beyond words that first he is watching Minka in person, then to see two nearly naked celebrities like Christina Applegate and Jaime Pressly. But to actually get a free lap dance from Jaime takes the cake.

"Yes little one, lets see what you got." Minka says as she helps push Jaime into the guy's lap. Jaime is frightened, but knows what has to be done. Since she is already naked, save her bright red panties, Jaime starts dancing in between the gentleman's open legs. She shakes, shimmies and gyrates to the guy's delight. Although she is very inexperienced at the fine art of lap dances, she gets no complaints from nobody in attendance.

"This one, she has potential" Minka says watching the little lovely do her thing.

"Yes.... she certainly does" answers Christina, as she reflects on how this devious bitch came ever so close to putting her down for the count. How she mercilessly spilled her blood and then sought to inflict more pain on the California blonde. In fact, the Carolina blonde could make a great American Bad Ass. Christina thinks. "Hmpt the possibilities!"

*Jaime vs Pam - Cock Fight
^Escape From Las Vegas 2



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