Halle Berry, Kelly Hu, Lisa Lipps

Kelly Hu finds herself in a position she has found herself in all too often over the pass few days, buried underneath Lisa Lipps tits. Once buried under the mountain of flesh, she must lick her way out to Lisa's satisfaction. Fortunately Lisa is bisexual, and is intoxicated by Kelly's lovely body, and the skin-on-skin contact with such an exquisite creature. Kelly however is not bisexual. She serves her mistress out of pure fear, an emotion Kelly is usually alien to.

Kelly has been sexy, sassy and very self-confident all her life. After a lifetime of winning beauty contest, TV & major movie roles, she never had reason to doubt herself. That was till she was totally outsmarted and overmatched by the ABA's Jeri Ryan. * Then after being emotionally and physically conquered by Lisa later, everything has changed. Lisa, the woman she now humbly refers to as mistress. The woman she now obeys without question. She tried to rebel against Lisa a few times, but it only took a few powerful 'bitch slaps' to put her back in line. Now she no longer tries to resist. She is Lisa's bitch and accepts her lowly role.

Unlike the other girls forced to work at strip clubs, Kelly's club, The Diamond Cabaret, is not open 24 hours. During her off hours, when Kelly is not performing endless lap dances, she performs sexual favors for Lisa. This is one of those times. She is at Lisa's house, outside by the swimming pool, handcuffed to a long lounge chair, with Lisa lying on top of her and being forced to lick her way to freedom. Her tongue laps Lisa's Fifty-cent piece sized areolas' like a thirst driven coyote under the desert Nevada sun. Kelly's fingers find Lisa's asshole, and plunge inside. Fortunately, she has found many ways to send her mistress into ecstasy. All these tactics to please Lisa makes life a lot easier for Kelly.

"Ohhhhhh Gross! It's the Blob smothering Lady Deathstrike!!" Calls out a voice from behind.

Both beauties quickly turn to see who is the owner of the voice. "I'll be damned! It's Halle Fucking Berry!" Lisa says with a smile. "I haven't seen you since Christina Applegate threw your worthless ass away in that dumpster match." Lisa rises off of Kelly and sits up, "You remember that match don't you? Remember how you got your ass beat so bad that you begged me to save you from Christina?" ^

"Oh I remember" quickly retorts the sassy actress, "Just like you're going to remember what I'm about to do to you!" threatens Halle confidently as Lisa starts toward her.

Halle readies herself as the massive breasted blonde quickens her pace as she approaches. Halle knows she is in for a helluva fight. She realizes she is about an inch taller than the ABA associate, but is outweighed by about 30 pounds. But she confidently awaits the clash. Her and the Fab Four have been through too much to go down this close from victory.

Lisa throws a wide right hand punch as she reaches Halle. The slender actress side steps the punch and flashes her shapely leg into Lisa's soft belly. Halle is rewarded with a grunt from the backing up blonde. Halle steps forward and blasts Lisa with a right cross to her chin. Then Halle quickly steps back and bounces in a boxing stance. She is cautious not to get too close to the powerhouse blonde where she can use her strength to crush her. Instead she prefers to dance on the outside and use her speed and agility to topple the Porn Queen.

Lisa stands tall and giggles as she shrugs off Halle's punches as if they were mosquito bites. "Is that all you got?" Lisa asks. "It's goin to take a lot more than that to get rid of me!" Lisa continues menacingly as she approaches Halle again. As she plods forward suddenly three of Halle's lightning fast fist strike her chin and sends her to the ground on her big round butt. Lisa sits on the ground in total shock. She barely even saw the punches that put her down. Once she realized she was not severely hurt, Lisa springs back to her feet, eager to her hands on Ms. Berry.

Thinking wiser than to just walk into another one of Halle's volley to her face, Lisa tries something different. Lisa charges Halle and lets loose with a kick from one of her shapely legs. Then Lisa remembers why she does not try any of those fancy kicks, as Halle easily sidesteps the clumsy attempt and pushes Lisa in the back sending her even further off balance. Halle quickly leaps on to Lisa's back and locks her slender legs around Lisa's waist and squeezes, while she claws, and tears at the blonde's eyes mouth, and any other facial feature she can get her hands on.

"IIIIIYYYYAhhhhhhhhh! Get off the fuck of me you little Bitch!" Lisa screams as Halle rides her like a bucking bronco. Lisa wiggles, struggles and squirms trying to throw Halle off, but her slender legs are locked tight. The blonde screams a few more obscenities that were uncomprehendable with Halle tearing at her mouth. Lisa soon tires a bit and slows, but then with a wrenching twist, her power throws the smaller woman off her back. Lisa quickly turns around to face Halle realizing her foe must still be close, and she can finally get her mighty mitts around her skinny neck. But after she spins around she finds Halle already waiting for her and another straight right hand already heading her way. The punch snaps Lisa's head back again. Realizing she was just going to have to pay the price of a few fist to get her hands on Halle, Lisa takes the punch and returns with punch of her own. Halle catches the slow meaty arm coming her way and captures it under her arm. Halle quickly bends forward and takes a bite out of the nude woman's watermelon sized tit.

"OOOOUuuuuuwwwwwww!" Halle hears, to her delight, another blood curdling scream out of the blonde. The Ebony Avenger raises her head off of Lisa's tit, and head butts the startled woman in the forehead. Lisa's knees buckles and she grunts loudly, but somehow remains on her feet. At least until Halle's knee shoots up and strikes her dead in the pussy. Halle is treated to another howl of agony, and releases her captured arm allowing her to double over holding her now throbbing pussy. Lisa does not find any relief though because Halle grabs two handfuls of Lisa's golden blonde hair and slings the off balance beauty over backwards causing Lisa to strike the back of her head on the cement ground around the pool. Lisa cannot spring up this time. She lies on the hot pavement holding the back of her head and moaning loudly.

Kelly looks on in utter shock, wondering how Halle is handling Lisa with ease and the big blonde crushed her into submission. She even gets a twinge of jealousy watching Halle's speed, guild and agility succeed where her years of martial arts training hopelessly failed. Suddenly Lisa springs back to her feet, using her sheer will power to fight pass the pain she is experiencing and to defeat this menace before her. Kelly almost smiles when she sees Lisa rise. She did not feel so inept when the woman who conquered her so easily at least pose a challenge to the Fabulous Halle Berry.

"Okay you skinny little bitch" Lisa says while breathing heavily. "I'm going to knock the piss out your ass!" Lisa advances toward Halle with all the confidence in the world that she is about to break the superstar. When she reaches Halle its LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT HOOK, RIGHT HOOK, and UPPER CUT! and that quick the fight is over. Lisa is left lying on the pavement mindlessly moaning after absorbing all those lightning fast punches to her face from the Ebony Avenger.

"Kelly, are you alright?" Halle asks as she walks toward Kelly to finish her rescue.

"I'm... I'm... I'm alright. Just embarrassed you had to come save me like this" Kelly stammers.

"Don't worry about it." Halle says in a calming voice. "It happens to us all. I never thought a little snot like Melissa Joan Hart could turn me into her sniveling bitch, but it happens."** Halle says trying to be considerate and understanding to her associate. "Now where's the keys to these handcuffs, so we can get out of here before anything else can happen."

Kelly points to the top of a column that supports the fence where Lisa laid the key. Halle walks over to the column, while Kelly still hangs her head in shame. She tried, but did not find much comfort in Halle's words. As Halle goes to retrieve the key, the super tough Lisa lifts her head too. She knows she has been defeated. She knows that the smart thing to do would be to lie on the pavement and allow Halle safe passage out of her home. A confrontation at this point would be foolish and ill fated. Unfortunately blondes are not known for doing the smart thing. Lisa has a flashing memory of seeing a video tape where Carmen Electra threw Halle in a swimming pool and beat the dog crap out of her.+ Maybe, just maybe, she could still take Halle if they were to fight in a swimming pool.

Halle walks to the column oblivious of all the thoughts in the air. She is just grateful to have survived another test, and eager to just get the fuck out of there. Halle retrieves the key and walks back toward Kelly when she is attacked from behind. Lisa is back up and wrapped both arms around the unsuspecting actress. Lisa picks Halle up and hurls them both into the swimming pool. The fall into the water causes them to break apart. Both women's heads breaks the surface of the water a moment later. They take one look at each other, and resume their battle.

Lisa quickly grabs Halle by the hair and pulls her face down into her bussoum. Halle finds herself trapped in a breast smother, the same way Carmen Electra finished her off during that faithful pool fight. Halle's mind instantly is taken back to that night with Carmen. A fight that she went into cocky and trash talking, but was hauled away a humbled, disgraced, laughing stock. She is determined to not end up the same way today.

Halle struggles to lift he head, but Lisa is too strong. Her iron grip keeps her head in the smother. Halle tries to punch her sides, but the water's resistance makes her best punches feel like gentle taps. Starting to feel the effects of the smother, Halle tries her last resort. She places her right hand between the nude blonde's legs and grips her cunt as hard as she can. Lisa immediately howls in pain and squirms around as Halle grips, and claws the inside of her pussy. Halle is able to lift her head to gather a couple quick gulps of air, before Lisa redoubles her efforts and drives her face back down into her bountiful breast.

The fight now becomes a test of wills, as Lisa constantly screams in torment with her face contorted in pain. Halle swoons from the lack of oxygen, but faithfully keeps clawing. Halle feels herself going under, and loosing strength in her fingers. She knows she is about to lose again, a feeling she has felt far too many times as of late. A feeling that she cannot taste again today. Halle starts struggling wildly again. Again she is rewarded with another quick gulp of air. Then Halle's other hand rises until it finds Lisa's nipple and pinches and squeezes. Lisa screams renew at a higher even more intense level. Now its Lisa who's grip is weakening, feeling the forthcoming of defeat as her body is being assaulted at two different points.

Finally Halle forces her head up and headbutts Lisa in her face again, followed by a second. Halle wraps her arms around Lisa and brings the big blonde in close for a bear hug. Halle takes in large gulps of air smashing Lisa's big soft body against her hard sinewy frame. Then with out warning to the dazed blonde, Halle takes a big gulp of air and holds it while plunging both her and the unsuspecting blonde under water. Halle is prepared for the plunge while Lisa was not. Halle is able to hold her breath under water while the big blonde trapped in her embrace was not. Within seconds, Lisa is thrashing around with her mouth open desperate for air.

Halle brings the coughing and gagging blonde to the water's surface for a much-needed breath of air for both of them. Lisa is still gagging and hacking while Halle gathers a quick breath before plunging them both underwater again. Halle looks into Lisa's eyes and finds them full of fear and submission. Lisa is nodding her head 'yes' hoping Halle understands she is submitting. Halle does but keeps her underwater a few more seconds to teach the big stripper a lesson.

When Halle finally does bring them to the surface, Lisa pleads between gags and coughs, "Give.... Ah give...." Halle looks at the defeated woman's face and sees her submission is genuine, and drags the blonde out of the pool, and deposits her wet body on the hot pavement.

Finally, Halle breathes a sigh of relief. While Lisa lies there trying to empty the water out of her lungs, Halle retrieves the dropped handcuff key and releases Kelly from the lounge chair. Kelly is thankful for the release, although still embarrassed by her capture.

As Halle and Kelly are enjoying their X-Girl's reunion, Lisa is on her hands and knees still coughing, but restarts her verbal venom again. "Halle, you might have won this fight, but Christina and the rest of the ABA is going to whip your ass again" cough.... cough.... cough.... "and when they're through, I'm going have them give me your hot little ass!" cough.... cough....cough.... "After I get through sucking and fucking that gorgeous body of yours, you won't want ever another man or woman. You're going to be MINE Halle Berry!"

"Is that it?" Halle asks as she stands and lowers her voice in a sultry way. "You want me?" Halle asks as she starts to walk toward Lisa. "You want some of this brown sugar, honey?" Halle says as she seductively strips off her soaking wet T-shirt. As Kelly and Lisa were very well aware of, Halle was wearing no bra underneath. Then she slowly steps out of her wet shorts and stoops down and lifts Lisa's head with a handful of wet golden hair. "If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask." Halle says as she directed Lisa's face toward her breast.

Lisa was shocked confused when Halle started towards her, but she has played this scene thousand of times in porn flicks all her life. Although she was extremely excited to play this role with someone as gorgeous as Halle Berry. "Hmmmmmmmmm now that's what I'm talking about baby" Lisa hums as she goes to work licking, lapping and sucking Halle's pert erect tits. Halle enjoys the sensation as her head falls back and she start cooing with her eyes rolling back.

Halle drops to her knees with Lisa still locked onto her tits. There was no way the blonde was going to let this fantasy get away. Halle pushes Lisa off then lies on her back. "But the best part is down here" she purrs as she rubs her panty covered pussy. Lisa looks at Halle with her mouth watering and panting.

"Ooooooo and I promise to do it right" Lisa puffs with heavy breaths. She lowers her face toward Halle's crotch when Halle grabs the back of her head and plunges Lisa's face against her crotch, and snaps her legs shut around her head. Only it was not the erotic experience Lisa was looking for. Halle actually locked her in a martial arts leg triangle, and was choking her out. Lisa starts thrashing around and screaming muffled cries into Halle's crotch.

"Only one problem... I don't swing that way Bitch!" Halle says as she bears down with her legs. "and there no way I'm going to ever be yours baby.... Because I'm going to kick the ABA's ass all over Vegas! Got that?" Halle emphasizes as Lisa's struggles start slowing. "Stupid ass hoe, the ABA deserves a loser like you." Halle says as she watches Lisa's body go limp.

"Now that was fun" Halle laughs. "Come on Kelly, let et out of here" Halle says as she rises to her feet. "But help me teach Blondie here about dumpster matches before we go." Halle and Kelly team together to haul the heavy blonde over to a large trash can and dump her nude sleeping body inside. Finally the giggling women make her escape.

*Kelly Hu vs Jeri Ryan
^Halle Berry vs Christina Applegate Dumpster Match
** Halle Berry vs MJH
+ Halle Berry vs Carmen Electra