ABA Hunt
Kelly Hu versus Jeri Ryan

Kelly Hu was thrilled when Stone Rage called and begged her to help the Fab Four in Vegas. She wanted to break into his league for a while but because of limited matches and a multitude of celebrities wanting to compete, she has not secured a match yet. The high visibility of the league, and the A-list celebrities competing, could do wonders for her career. Rage promised her a bright future for her help. She would have done it for nothing though. She was tired of being beaten for roles by the ABA's members. They are four has been actresses with little talent, and not even as attractive as she is, in her opinion. They are using Rage's league to sustain their careers and she is going to put an end to that.

Kelly talked to the driver that Rage had meet her at the airport. He said Jeri Ryan usually stays at the Las Vegas Hilton when in Vegas. The Star Trek Experience exhibit and ride are in the hotel, and she gets free lodging to walk through occasionally. Of course Kelly told the driver to take her there.

Kelly checks in the hotel, and ask the staff about Jeri. Jeri was staying there but the staff knew not to say anything. However, they alerted Jeri that Kelly was there, and they also helped her set a trap for Kelly.

Kelly tried to call Tyra Banks and Roselyn Sanchez. Rage said they should already be in town, but she has not been able to contact them for some strange reason. Finally, Kelly journeys down stairs to the Star Trek Experience looking for Jeri or some answers.

Kelly buys a ticket and walks through the exhibit. She questions people about Jeri, but gets no answers. She rides the Klingon Encounter ride, and thoroughly enjoyed it. She went to the Borg 4D interactive ride/show, and loved it too. She walked through the Star Trek museum looking at the various costumes and nostalgia from the show. Finally she winds up at Quark's Bar & Restaurant. A Star Trek themed grill with fully costumed, Klingons, Ferengi and Borg as servers and wait staff.

Kelly looks up and sees a female dressed as a Borg walking toward her. Her face is covered with deathly white make up and a bald skullcap. She has an unusually large eye plate that covers half of her face. Kelly especially notices her stunning hourglass figure. "She must be an out of work showgirl." Kelly thinks.

"May I take your order?" asks the Borg very monotone.

"Sure" Kelly replies, "I'll have a Hamborger with fries." (No, I'm not making that up, it's actually on the menu) Kelly smiles at the woman very politely since she planned to drill her about Jeri Ryan's whereabouts later. "And a Diet Coke" The woman nods and turns to walk away. She moves rigidly maintaining her Borg act. Kelly turns her attention back to her cell phone, searching through the stored numbers to call Tyra and Roselyn again. Suddenly the Borg woman stops and turns back to Kelly. She carefully measures and fires a martial arts kick blasting an unsuspecting Kelly in the back of the head.

The kick nearly takes Kelly's head off. The force of the kick catapults Kelly's face forward, making her slam her face into the table. Kelly reels back and falls over out of the chair and tumbles on her back in the middle of the floor. Kelly lies in the floor holding the back of her head, and her face contorted in pain. Kelly is dazed and sees large stars circling her head. The Borg woman wears a huge smile and takes off her eye plate. The Borg peels off her bald skullcap to reveal long flowing blonde hair. Even a dazed Kelly could recognizes her assailant through her blurry vision as Jeri Ryan.

Kelly realizes she is in real trouble. So, despite her body telling her to lie there a few minutes to recover, she struggles to her feet. Jeri patiently waits for her prey to rise and blasts her again with a spinning kick once Kelly had made it to her feet. Kelly sprays spit everywhere and her head bobbles on her shoulders like a bobble doll during an earthquake. Then in what looks like slow motion, Kelly crumbles to the floor lying flat on her face.

To her surprise, Kelly's brain is still functioning, it was just unable to send signals to the rest of her body. Kelly always thought of herself as a 'Kung Fu cutie' who could whip any of these Hollywood phonies. The martial arts actress realizes she is paying a dear price for underestimating her opponents. Of course these thoughts could barely be heard over the deafening ringing in her skull.

"I heard you were looking for me Kelly", Jeri purrs in a taunting tone, "Well you found me" Jeri continues as she bends over her fallen foe. Jeri takes the Asian/Hawaiian cutie's low cut shirt and starts to yank if off over it's wearer's head. Kelly tries to speak, but all she does is mindlessly mumble as her lifeless arms and legs flop around while Jeri disrobes her. Jeri relieves Kelly of her bra next, before journeying down her body to peel off her jeans. Kelly regains control over her body as Jeri peels her panties down her legs.

At first, Kelly gets a little embarrassed once she realizes she is lying in the middle of the floor, in public, wearing nothing but her birthday suit. Then she says, "With a tight killer body like mine, there's no need to be embarrassed." Kelly rises to her hands and knees, "I'm probably embarrassing that big boobed bony blonde tart, Jeri, with this curvaceous masterpiece." Kelly thinks. All those 'cute' thoughts disappear as her side erupts in pain from Jeri kicking her. Kelly flips over onto her back. Jeri starts stomping and kicking Kelly all over her body. Kung Fu cutie or not, Kelly realizes she is getting the ass whipping of a lifetime. She had to escape to regroup, so she could fight back.

Kelly jumps up and breaks out running. The pro Star Trek Seven of Nine audience cheer Jeri, and boo Kelly for her seemingly cowardly flight. It was not a matter of bravery or cowardice for Kelly, but survival. She had to get away from Jeri or else be destroyed. She needs to buy some time to recuperate to stand a chance against her attacker. Kelly flees and burst through two doors and enters a room that is a replica of the bridge on Star Trek the Next Generation. Kelly quickly discovers certain facts about the room. First, there was no exit; she could run no longer. Second, Jeri would be entering the room in a moment, just enough time for an ambush.

Kelly enters the room, and closes the doors behind her. She turns to face the doors and waits. She immediately gets confused. She knew Jeri was chasing behind her, she should have burst through those doors a moments after she did. A few seconds more pass. "Damn!" Kelly thinks, "Jeri knows this place too well, she knows I'm trapped". Kelly wonders if Jeri would walk into her ambush, or choose to try to get her another time. All those thoughts are put to rest as the doors start opening.

"HYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Kelly yells as she start executing the best karate kick she could deliver. POW! It connects... solidly. Kelly knew she had enough force behind it to stop almost anybody. But when Kelly looks down, she gasps in horror. Instead of Jeri lying on the floor, there was an older, half balding man that resembled Captain Picard. Instead of kicking Jeri she had nearly killed some poor guy in a Star Fleet uniform that imitates Picard for the exhibit. Kelly, a tender hearted person, forgets everything else and drops to her knees, trying to revive the poor man.

"Ohhh I'm so sorry, I thought you were Jeri" she explains to the unconscious man. She rubs his brow and face and slowly the man starts to stir. Kelly hears a noise and looks up only to see the sole of Jeri Ryan's shoe arching towards her face, before everything goes black. Kelly too is sprawled out unconcious on the floor beside the unfortunate Star Fleet captain.

Kelly starts to come around moments later as Jeri is hauling her to her feet by her hair. "You know Kelly, growing up a military brat, I had to read Sun Tzu's Art of War. I thought a proud Chinese like yourself would have read it too, but I guess you didn't, or else you'd know that Sun Tzu says...." SMACK "All warfare is based on deception" Jeri says as she slugs Kelly across her jaw. Kelly staggers backwards until she leans against the railing separating the upper bridge from the sunken portion where the captain's chair sits.

Jeri follows her defenseless opponent. Kelly is basically still out, and only leans against the rail and take Jeri's punishment. Jeri serves the punishment with abundance. She punches the defenseless woman with no inhibitions. Kelly only offers grunts in response. Her arms dangle by her sides as Kelly faces the shame of defeat. She is ashamed that she has been grossly outstrategized by Jeri. She is ashamed that she has been publicly stripped and humiliated without even firing one shot at the blonde witch. Worst than the physical pain is knowing she has been totally outsmarted by Jeri. Then Jeri unloads an uppercut that launches Kelly over the rail. Kelly lands head first in the captains chair which she tumbles out of and lands in an unconscious heap on the faux bridge of the Enterprise.

Jeri slings Kelly's unconscious carcass over her shoulder and walks out to raucous cheering in Quark's bar. Fanboys present feel they have just witnessed the most amazing event in their lives. Jeri proudly walks out the bar area, heading to the lobby with her prize lifelessly draped across her shoulder. Kelly's upturned ass gets a lot of attention even from Jeri's roaring fans. Two smoothe round butt cheeks with an open pink twat smiling at everybody. Jeri walks toward the hotel lobby like a conquering ruler; like the great hunter she just proved to be.

Jeri walks out the front door and sees a taxi with a luggage rack across its trunk at the front of the taxi line. Jeri slings Kelly's nude form across the rack with the care she would have for a travel bag. Jeri gets several bungee cords from the driver and straps them across Kelly's chest and stomach, securing Kelly to the automobile and binding her arms to her side. Once Jeri is finished Kelly looks like she is ready for a bondage video. The taxi leaves the Hilton. The wind from the ride wakes Kelly. Kelly screams in terror as she awakes and realizes she is strapped to a moving car whizzing through traffic.

As terrifying as the ride ends, Kelly is relieved that the taxi's destination was scarcely more than five minutes away from the Las Vegas Hilton. But Kelly was completely befuddled as the taxi pulls in front of a gaudy building with neon lights saying Diamond Cabaret. The driver gets out of the cab and enters the building. "He picked a hell of a time to get a lap dance" Kelly thinks. "I guess this hot naked bod of mine threw him into overdrive!" Kelly compliments herself. But when he walks out of the building with the ABA's accomplice and sometime referee, Lisa Lipps, she realizes a bad situation just got a lot worst.

Lisa starts unhooking the bungee cords that bind Kelly, "So what do we have here? It's the chick from the Scorpion King!" Lisa quips. As Lisa helps Kelly off the back of the car, she comments, "At least you're dressed appropriately to work here... It is all nude at the Diamond Cabaret"

Kelly realizes that Lisa means for her to be a stripper. She starts stuttering and sputtering. "But.. what.. huh.. work... you... you mean you want me to strip?" Kelly asks in disbelief. Kelly is extremely proud of her sexy body, and actually did not mind displaying it, for the right price of course. "But wwwwait... I'm an actress not a stripper. I've never even been in a strip club! I don't know how to give a lap dance."

"Well you should have thought of that before you went against the ABA sweetie." Lisa states. "Jeri whipped your ass so you're ABA property now, like it or not!"

Lisa's words struck a nerve in Kelly, "Wait I'm nobody's property!" Kelly protests. Growing some resolve, Kelly announces, "And I'm not going to dance for anybody!" Kelly stomps her foot down, "Now I'm getting back in this cab, and leaving, unless you want a karate sandwich, before I leave." Kelly pauses, "And it looks like you need to stay away from sandwiches and go on a diet." The sassy brunette adds.

Unimpressed by Kelly's posturing Lisa steps back and takes a boxer's stance saying, "I see you want to do this the hard way." Kelly quickly adopts a martial arts stand. Kelly strikes first with a forward thrust that Lisa dodges. Kelly tries a kick that Lisa swats away. Kelly backs and executes a very ungraceful spinning kick that Lisa easily ducks. Finally it occurrs to Kelly that she had just been knocked out twice in the last twenty minutes. Her reflexes and coordination were barely serviceable much less at peak. She realizes it was a very big mistake challenging this big, burley blonde. As she regains her balance from her ill advised kick, the heavy handed blonde counters with a right fist that sends Kelly reeling.

Kelly regains as much composure as possible under the current situation and sees Lisa coming for her. "Hyyya" Kelly says as she throws a karate chop that misses Lisa again. Lisa retaliates with three punches that knock Kelly's head about on her shoulders. Kelly feels like Lisa is moving at super speed, while she is stuck in slow motion. Kelly feels that way because it is true. In Kelly's punch drunk mind she is operating normally, but in reality, the two knockouts have made her very slow and lethargic. Even the slow blonde is having no problem dodging any attack Kelly tries.

Kelly throws chops and kicks, but none of them remotely land. After a minute of letting Kelly throw punches and tire herself out, Lisa decides to finish the Hawaiian. Lisa stars throwing fists. While Lisa dodged every single one of Kelly's slow blows, Kelly is not able to allude even one of Lisa's. Lisa looks like Sugar Ray Robinson compared to her slow outgunned target. She pounds Kelly relentlessly. The ringing in Kelly's head returns. While getting knocked around outside of the club, Kelly staggers into the propped open front door. Lisa follows Kelly inside the front area where the cover charge is collected. Kelly continues pounding the defenseless brunette inside.

Inside the close quarters, Lisa is really able to punish Kelly. Kelly screams in agony as endless fist assault her face and body. She cannot even raise her arms to defend herself and is totally at Lisa's mercy. Of course that is one quality that Lisa is yet to develop. Finally one last big left hook sends Kelly crashing through the doors into the main area of the club. Kelly again finds herself lying face down on the carpeted floor, knocked out cold for the third time in the last thirty minutes.

Kelly wakes up with her ass burning. Lisa is dragging her by both arms across the coarse carpet, giving her tight butt rug burn. Kelly yelps a complaint that Lisa totally ignores. Kelly is grateful that the club has not yet open for business so there are no customers to witness her defeat. Lisa drags Kelly into a VIP room. She pulls Kelly to her feet and shoves her into a small glass cubicle. Lisa enters behind Kelly and closes the glass door. Water sprouts from a shower nozzle into the cubicle. Kelly is trapped in a glass shower used for customers to witness a "Shower Dance".

Lisa lathers her body all over with soap suds and presses her body against Kelly's. Kelly is crushed against the glass side as Lisa grinds her body into Kelly's using it to wash hers. For Lisa the experience is exquisite. The bisexual woman savors every moment her body is in contact with Kelly's beautiful body. Had she not been an expert in sexual encounters, she would have creamed all over herself from the raw thrill of being in contact with such a utterly gorgeous woman.

The experience was very different for Kelly. Once Lisa's mammoth breast crushed her tits, the weight of the days events crashed down on her. Kelly realized what a complete failure she has been today. She considered herself incredibly smart and sassy, but Jeri Ryan outsmarted her at every turn. She is obvious not as smart as she thought. Kelly thought she was one of the most beautiful women walking, but crowds have been cheering both blondes' destruction of her all day. Maybe she was not as alluring as she thought. She thought she was a helluva fighter but she gotten her ass kicked severely, and worst yet beaten twice without landing one single punch! But this beautiful blonde's tits pancaking hers to her chest, beat her mentally.

Kelly loves her tits. She is incredibly proud of her tits. So much that she never goes in public without wearing an outfit that showcases her tits. She has fairly large breast, and yet Lisa's gigantic bazookas have flattened hers flatter than they were when she was thirteen. All these factors crumble Kelly's self image. Her ego is as flat as the pancaked tits.

Lisa presses against Kelly even harder till their pelvises rubbed against each other. Kelly felt like her tits inverted into her body, and when their pussies met, Kelly felt things she has never felt before. Lisa ground her bald cat into Kelly's furry one. The sexual tension skyrocketed. Kelly moans and quietly screams in ecstasy. Kelly's erotic sounds almost make Lisa cum before she can regroup and maintain sexual dominance over her captive. Lisa starts slamming her pussy into Kelly's. "Ohhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" Kelly loudly yells as she reaches the apex of sexual arousal.

Finally Kelly's damn burst and she loudly screams as she reaches a very satisfying orgasm. Lisa steps back allowing Kelly to crumble to her hands and knees from the ferocity of her orgasm. Lisa steps back, actually happy that she outlasted Kelly. For a few moments nobody moved as the impact of the moment passes. Lisa leans against the glass breathing heavily. Kelly is on her hands and knees with her head bowed in defeat and submission. The only sound is the water cascading over both of them.

Finally Lisa breaks the moment by walking over and sitting on Kelly's back like she is riding a horse. Lisa reaches down and grabs Kelly's long black mane and pulls back lifting up Kelly's head. "So do we know who's boss yet?" Lisa asks Kelly.

"Yes" Kelly meekly answers.

"The proper way to address me are Maam, or preferably Mistress" Lisa boldly states.

"Yes Maam" Kelly replies.

"Good" Lisa answers. "Now make sure you wash out that coochie good. Nobody wants smelly Hawaiian fish stinking in their face." Lisa says as she rises off Kelly and exits the shower.

Kelly sits and opens her twat with her fingers starts scrubbing it good. "Yes mistress" Kelly says to the beautiful blonde. She finishes washing up and leaves the shower. Kelly gets a quick lesson in how to give a lap dance from her mistress. Luckily she is a fast learner, the club opens shortly, and Kelly Hu is the new feature dancer.