Aria Giovanni versus Nikki Cox

At a posh Vegas bar, Nikki Cox is seated having a cosmopolitan. Her thick red hair brushing against the spaghetti straps of a very low cut dress. She feels the stares and her partially covered breasts can't hide from them. The stares begin to depart her for a very attractive woman sitting next to her. She's sipping a martini and dressed in a very smart business suit. "What brings you to Vegas?" She asks.

"All sorts of things," replies the Italian brunette with almond eyes. "A little business, I'm in the adult entertainment business, but mostly recreation."

"I'm Nikki, I'm in the entertainment business as well"

"I'm Aria... nice to meet you."

"So what recreation do you speak of?" asked the beautiful actress.

"I just started wrestling... kinda for fun, but it's a real rush!" Aria smiled.

" I wrestle too... this is crazy!"

"I know, and you're good." replied the sexy Italian.

" I am good... Its all kinda hush hush around here, but these girls just can't handle me!" Nikki grins.

Aria adds, "I'm very strong and quick. I'm very new to this, but I've just been destroying the girls I've challenged."

"So you want a shot at me Aria?"

"I really do... I know you're good, but I can beat you. I accept your offer. One fall to a submission or knockout. Are you fine with that Nikki?"

Nikki's last victory over Roselyn Sanchez plays over and over in her mind.* She feels strong and tough. Nikki feels like a champion.

The two wrestlers meet in the small, dark gym. A couple opponents that both women have defeated heard that these two would be squaring off and have showed up to witness this.

Nikki peels off her blue robe revealing her well-trained body. Its toned and much stronger than meets the eye, as you can ask any of her previous opponents. Her huge breasts are barely contained in her sports bra. Her long red curls tickle the middle of her back as she flips them from her face. She eyes the opposing corner as Aria slides through the ropes. Aria is sexy in her black satin robe as she lets it fall to the mats below her feet. Her breasts heave over the top of her green sports bra. Her long silky black hair frames her breasts. Her eyes calmly look the beautiful redhead over. A slight look of concern crosses Nikki's face as she sees Aria pull off her sports bra. Her massive breasts shimmy as the bra falls to the floor outside the ring. "Care to join me?" Not to be outdone Nikki pulls off her top revealing a most amazing, big, round and firm pair of her own.

Nikki clarifies some matters, "There's no ref so the winner must be decided by either the acceptance of her opponents submission or by knockout... is that cool Aria?"

"Very," smiles Aria "...and I don't intend to accept your submission without a big, fat kiss on my ass." Aria grins as she slowly rubs her left butt cheek.

"I agree, only if you agree to plant a kiss on my ass when I win!" Nikki says confidently.

"I agree.... I'm gonna kick your ass Nikki!" grunts Aria...

"No novice is gonna come to Vegas and beat the champ," chides Nikki.

At the opening bell Aria shocks Nikki by charging forward and diving on her. Nikki is wide eyed, and frozen by Aria's unorthodox maneuver. Aria launches herself and collides into Nikki, tackling her to the mat. Nikki lands with a thud and immediately struggles to get out from under the brunette. Nikki may not have expected this maneuver from Aria, but Aria definitely expected this reaction from Nikki. She rides out Nikki's thrashing like she is riding a mechanical bull. Once she has worn Nikki down a bit, Aria grabs a handful of Nikki's red hair, and peppers her face with punches. After she finishes Aria taunts, "What's the matter champ? Can't handle a novice?"

Nikki can't believe the speed and strength of Aria. She feels the brunette's fist meet her cheek with a whack causing a dizzying sensation. With a handful of red curls, Aria maneuvers the stunned champion into the corner ropes. The air escapes Nikki's lips as Aria brings a knee, hard into her belly. With two handfuls of Nikki's thick, red hair, Aria brings the champs face into her cleavage. Aria's plentiful, supple breasts close around Nikki's beautiful face cutting of her air. "You know Jenna Jameson was tougher competition than you champ... and I knocked her ass out with this move," Aria grinned.

Nikki summons internal strength, and wraps her arms around Aria's waist and locks her grip. She can see firsthand how poor Jenna must have passed out as Aria's breasts takes there toll on her with surprising speed. The champion's head is spinning. Nikki knows if she doesn't do something soon, this beautiful Italian girl will add her to her collection of wins. The sexy redhead's arms squeeze Aria's lower-mid section. Aria's eyes widen Nikki is squeezes her into a bearhug. Aria's back arches as her breasts fall away from Nikki's face.

Air rushes into Nikki as it simultaneously rushes out of Aria. Aria's eyes stare up at the gym ceiling. Her long, silky, black mane drapes over her opponents arms softly brushing her own firm, round ass. She grabs at Nikki's shoulders. The champ's arms are not big, but amazingly strong and feel like steel straps around her body. Aria's thick, sensual lips part slightly, a long, low moan escapes them... falling on the ears of the few lucky girls in attendance and bringing a wry, confident grin to Nikki's beautiful face. "Ahhhh poor baby, you didn't think you were gonna actually beat me did you?" Nikki giggles as her arms tighten!

Aria stared up at the ceiling as Nikki was squeezing the fight out of her. Her hands aimlessly grasping at air, Aria whined harder and harder until she barely beat back unconsciousness. Her chest was heaving as she panted her way hard, trying to get some air, trying to hang in there. Eyes half open slits, Aria could feel the same stiff sensations in her nipples from her days catfighting against Jenz, Nissa, and especially that bitch Felicia! All three of them beat her on a regular basis and put her on her tits too many times to count, but they were minor league, that was the minor leagues, she was in the big leagues now and she tried desperately to push back those strong sensations that sent signals southward and made her womanhood wet.

Hearing Aria's aroused whine Nikki wanted to... reassure her... of her deep devotion to being... a humanitarian... in times like these "It's almost over honey, don't worry" Nikki squeezed with everything she had "I won't let you suffer... too much..."

Aria couldn't stifle herself and she let out an exhausted throaty moan from being pushed past her limits! "I can't let it end like this, but? Can't get out, I?" Aria tried again to push her way out, but for the life of her it just wasn't working and she felt that gnawing, pulling sensation, that was telling her to just submit and give in, but then she remembered something? "Have ta hurry," she said to herself, "have to... hurry..."

Nikki didn't think that Aria would hold out this long and her instincts told her to just power the bitch down and finish her off, but then she saw Aria tilt her head forward and give her the hardest glare that she'd seen in a while. It actually made her nipples hard as she could see AND FEEL Aria's grim determination "Got any last words, Giovanni?" Have to admit, I didn't think you had this much fighting spirit, but... in a second... you'll be limp like spaghetti and then... the fun begins for me...

Aria flinched and whined through her thick lips, but then she grit her teeth to show this bitch that she hadn't broken her back just yet as she said "You're... pretty... strongggg... but... you're eyes... aren't!"

Huh, Nikki tried to put two-and-two together as somewhere in Vegas? Vivica Fox slammed her hand down on Geese's coffee table startling Lucy and Chiaki as she said "Fuckin EYE-RAKES!!!! I hate that shit!" She drew her sheer robe closed as her two little bitches whined about the always devastating affect that a good ole fashion, simple-cheap-shot EYE-RAKE ALWAYS fucked her up and over!

As Lucy looked at Vivica like she'd lost her fuckin mind, Chiaki smiled and Geese... kept sipping his coffee... quietly...

Sure enough, Nikki caught on too late as Aria's hands drew up in front of her and her fingers clinched up into human claws and found their marks!

"FUCKIN BITCH!!!!" Nikki howled and Aria raked her way free of Nikki's bearhug!

Nikki screeched in pain from the eye gouge. She released Nikki and backed away, blinded and rubbing her eyes hoping for some relief. Aria was bent over with both hands on her knees gulping air. She was more determined than ever to not only win this match, but to severely hurt and subjugate Nikki to her will. Still dizzy from being denied air, Aria strikes with a kick to Nikki's crotch. Nikki dropped to her knees holding her hurting puss. Aria quickly struck again. This time with a spinning kick to Nikki's face. The screaming red head fell to the mat like she was shot. While Nikki was down Aria mounted her and started tugging her sports bra off over her head. Nikki was still pretty dazed, so Aria was able to strip it off. Aria wrapped the bra around Nikki's neck, and choked the red head.

"What's the matter champ" Aria purred. "Can't breath? Huh??!?? No answer... Cat got your tongue??? Well not yet at least, but before this is over my cat WILL have your tongue, if you want to walk out of here alive!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Aria releases her choke allowing Nikki to tumble face first tot he canvas gasping for air. Aria quickly pulls her own sports bra off over her head, and turns Nikki over onto her back. Nikki's eyes get wide as saucers as Aria plunges her huge swaying knockers into her face. Still dizzy for being choked with her sports bra, Nikki is an easy victim of Aria's breast smother, that nearly finished her minutes earlier. Nikki starts to fade in and out of consciousness.

"What's the matter Champ?" Aria chides. "About to black out?" Aria smiles and presses her tits harder into her victim's face. "It's almost over honey, I won't let you suffer... too much..." Aria taunts Nikki just as Nikki teased her earlier. Nikki was almost finished. Her arms dangle by her side like two long limp spaghetti noodles. Aria knows Nikki is moments away from destruction. Fortunately, for Nikki, Aria got soo hornie during the match, she could not wait till the red head regained consciousness from being knocked out, to receive some satisfaction.

Aria releases Nikki allowing her to fall to the mat gasping like she just escaped from a hangman's noose. "Are you ready to kiss my ass now, or do you need more smothering?" Aria asked. When the breathless red head couldn't find her voice to answer, Aria pulls Nikki up to her knees. The brunette turns and hikes her shorts up into her ass cheeks and places her butt in front of Nikki. The beaten champion starts pressing her lips all over Aria's ass.

Aria turns to face Nikki saying, "I've seen you're mouth's been watering for these tits since we met... Now put that tongue to use." Nikki was broken and submissive, as she used her tongue to flick Aria's pointy nipples until the Italian was ohhh and ahhhhing like she was in a video.

The moment is unexpectedly interrupted by someone yelling, "NIKKI!" Nikki knew the voice and stiffened in fear. She quickly bolts out of the ring, and runs toward the voice. Aria looks up to see Christina Applegate, Jenny McCarthy, and Jeri Ryan of the ABA. Nikki runs behind them with her head bowed in shame, looking like a scalded dog. The red head was almost trembling in fear. She knows there is an extremely high penalty for failure in the ABA, and she was about to face that penalty for this embarrassing loss to a novice.

Aria stands with her hands on her hips looking at the ABA. Her heart is beating like a racehorse under her chest, not knowing what to expect, but she tried to maintain confident and strong on the outside. "Congratulations Aria." Christina says, "Welcome to the big leagues."

Contributing authors Tufffgurl, Stone Rage

* EFLV ABA Hunt Nikki Cox vs Roselyn Sanchez


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