Pam Anderson, Roselyn Sanchez, Spontaneous Xtasy, Vanessa Blue

It was a short limo ride for Pam Anderson from the Excalibur hotel & Casino to Cheetas Topless Club. Her mission is clear: rescue fellow PETA girl, Roselyn Sanchez, who was forced to work there by the ABA's Nikki Cox.* She realizes that standing in her path will be a woman she has met before at the Playboy Mansion, Vanessa Blue. She never had bad feelings toward the adult film legend; neither did she have a clue why Vanessa has chosen to help the ABA. But with a second thought, it was the two "M's" behind her decision, McCarthy (meaning Jenny) and Money. But none of that mattered at the moment. The Fab Four were fighting for their lives, and finally they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They had survived Blonde Ambition, Generation Next and Generation Prime. Only the ABA remained, and that was a frightening proposition. In truth the Fab Four had not done well against the ABA in individual matches, and the possibility of a public thrashing live on the Las Vegas Strip was a very real possibility. The loss would put a humiliating end not only the Fab Four but to Stone Rage as commissioner of the league as well. Although the pressure was enormous, Pam and the rest of the Fab Four could not fail.

When Pam walked into Cheetas, she was shocked to see Roselyn unguarded and dutifully giving a very lucky guy a lap dance wearing only a thong. Pam rushes over to Roselyn who is thrilled to see the blonde has come to her rescue. "PAM!" Roselyn exclaims and gives the buxom blonde a big hug.

"Roselyn are you okay?" Pam asks returning the hug. After getting a head nod to from the Puerto Rican to assure she was uninjured, Pam says "Come on, let's get out of here!" and starts to pull Roselyn to the exit.

"No" Roselyn interrupts and stops Pam from pulling her, "They'll never let us out without going through Vanessa Blue first!" Roselyn says.

"Hmpt... So where is the little Munchkin? I'll show her a thing or two" Pam says confidently and looking around for the diminutive, but big-breasted Blue.

Finally Pam hears Vanessa's voice through the speakers. "Ohhh Pammie Poo are you looking for me?" Asks Vanessa from an unseen location. "You didn't think it would be that easy to steal my prize Puerto Rican Pig away did you?" Pam's face hardens while Roselyn snarls at hearing Vanessa's insult. "I have special a surprise from my website for you Pam!" Pam sighs realizing an already extremely long day has just gotten even longer. "And we're waiting for you center stage" Vanessa finishes as all attention is now directed toward the stage.

Roselyn and Pam look at the stage with their jaws dropped in utter disbelief. It was not because Vanessa was standing there looking menacing with her hands on her hips. It was not because standing by Vanessa's side was big beefy Spontaneous Xtasy who often has made guest appearances on But it was because they both were wearing full-length mink coats. Not only that, but they opened their fur coats to reveal they both were wearing matching fur bikinis and two very wide smiles, realizing that they had ticked their rival's nerves. The two animal rights activist, Pam and Roselyn were outraged. "What the fu......" Pam mutters.

"OH HELL NO!" exclaims Roselyn, finally shocked out of her submissive stupor that Nikki Cox and Vanessa Blue have beaten her into, and regains he normally saucy attitude.

Spontaneous Xtasy walks off the stage and walks right up to Pam. Once within arms length of the blonde bombshell, Xtasy menacingly puts her fist on her waist and stares at Pam. "Ooo Miss Gang Bang lady" Pam says, playing the buxom dumb blonde sexpot role to the hilt, "Did you know they had to kill a bunch of poor defenseless animals to make that coat and bikini for you?"

"Yeah they sure did, so what?" Xtasy says in a taunting tone. "What are you going to do about it?" Xtasy asks.

"Uhhhhh this..." Pam says and socks Xtasy in her jaw. As the porn star reels backwards, Pam says, "I hope you don't take this personally Miss Gang Bang..." Pam advances forward and blasts Xtasy again, "I hope we can be friends after this. I'm a big fan of your work." Pam says while continuing to throw punches.

Xtasy composes herself after Pam's initial assault. She starts swinging back with fist of her own. Pam blocks many of the punches but many get through. Xtasy fires another strong punch and Pam ducks under the fist. The momentum of the whiff causes Xtasy to stumble forward off balance, allowing Pam to scoop her up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Pam stands holding the heavy woman off the ground. Then Pam dumps Xtasy to the floor with a John Cena "FU" type maneuver. Xtasy lands heavily with a thud and a loud grunt.

Xtasy scrambles back to her feet. She realized that fighting in a full-length fur coat makes it hard to maneuver so, she slowly peels off the coat, while both eyes stay focused on Pam, just in case she decides to strike. Pam cautiously stalks her prey, very careful not to step into a trap. After removing her coat Xtasy takes advantage of the situation and tosses the coat at Pam. The coat lands on Pam's head and temporarily blinds and distracts the beautiful blonde.

Xtasy quickly follows in behind the coat and wallops Pam over the head. Pam staggers back and whips the coat from over her head. She finds Xtasy standing in front of her firing a left cross to Pam's chin. Pam grunts loudly as her head spins to the side. Xtasy keeps her fist flying, spinning Pam's head the other direction with a right. Pam realizes she cannot take many clean shots from this large breasted tattooed woman in front of her. Starting to get a little desperate, Pam lashes out and connects with a foot to Xtasy's bikini line. Pam's kick gets a squeal from Xtasy as she covers her groin.

Pam steps forward and buries her knee into Xtasy's soft stomach. Xtasy doubles over with a loud grunt. Pam continues and drives her knee up into Xtasy monster hooters repeatedly, until Xtasy crosses her arms across her chest to protect her breast. Pam grabs a double handful of Xtasy's wild and curly hair and uses it to sling her opponent unceremoniously across the club to a crash landing across the carpet.

Xtasy looks up at the approaching Pam in amazement. She is shocked that the slender blonde is so tough. "You're gonna get it Blondie" Xtasy threatens as she rises back to her feet.

"Get what?" Pam asks as she snaps Xtasy's head back with a stiff jab. Xtasy returns with a sweeping right that does not connect. Pam follows with a short left hook that lands hard to Xtasy's jaw. With Xtasy rocked, Pam connects with a power packed body blow to the tattooed beauty's side. Xtasy wheezes obviously suffering from a lack of conditioning. Pam takes advantage of Xtasy's weakness by peppering her with body punches that have the larger woman gasping for air. Pam finishes her barrage with another punch that drives deep into Xtasy's side and drops the black beauty back to the floor.

Xtasy looks in bad shape as she rolls on the ground holding her ribs and gasping for air. "Oh... please..... stop.... Can't breath" Xtasy sputters in-between pants. "I think you broke my ribs" says the pained and moaning adult film star.

Pam's bloodlust instantly vanishes and compassion for her respected opponent takes over. Pam kneels beside Xtasy and softly asks, "Are you okay?"

Xtasy stops squirming and looks at Pam with her face contorted in agony. Suddenly her face straightens up and Xtasy says, "Oh a lot better now" and blasts Pam with a punch. Pam falls back and rolls away cursing having fallen to Xtasy's ruse. Pam and Xtasy rise to their feet and charge toward each other. Their monster tits smash together as they lock up and struggle grabbing hair shoulders and whatever else is available.

Pam drives her knee into Xtasy's side. Xtasy's knees buckle allowing Pam to push her backwards and bend her backwards over a cocktail table. Pam's hands go for Xtasy's throat and a chokehold. But Xtasy is able to power her hands away and push her back. The Xtasy fires a looping right hand that connects to Pam's face twisting her head again and sends beautiful blonde hair flying. Xtasy follows with an equally powerful left that snaps Pam's head the other way. The big girl throws another fist, but Pam blocks it and returns by burying her fist deep in the pit of Xtasy's stomach, doubling Xtasy over. Pam follows with an uppercut that sends Xtasy stumbling out of control. Xtasy's trip ends when she bumps into another cocktail table. Xtasy is folded over the table with stars circling her head.

Pam grabs Xtasy from behind and tries to lock a sleeper hold, but Xtasy fights back. Pam settles for containing Xtasy somewhat in a headlock. Xtasy starts driving her elbow into Pam's side until the blonde doubles over. Then a she clasps her hands together and sends them down on Pam in a sledgehammer of a blow that knocks Pam flat on her face. Not giving her opponent a moment to recover, Xtasy fires a couple of kicks into Pam's side. On the third kick, Pam grabs Xtasy's foot and pushes her back. Xtasy stumbles a backwards a few steps allowing Pam to spring back to her feet.

Before Xtasy knew what was happening, the blonde was on her and blasted her with a left-right-left combination that left her dazed and stumbling back against a cocktail table. Pam quickly grabs Xtasy by her bikini top and blasts her with a big uppercut, then another. Pam is about to throw another but Xtasy starts sinking to the ground. Pam reaches down and gets a two handed grip on Xtasy's fur bikini top and hauls the dazed and glazed beauty back to her feet.

Xtasy is out on her feet with her arms dangling like limp noodles by her sides when Pam hits her again with a punch that launches her back across the cocktail table like a big beautiful centerpiece. Pam grabs her again by the bikini top and pulls Xtasy back to her feet. By now the top that was struggling just to contain Xtasy's enormous breast is stretched and loose, allowing Xtasy's king sized areola's to be clearly on display. Pam steadies Xtasy in place and carefully measures her for one last bomb. Pam launches that bomb that explodes on Xtasy's chin that sends her to the ground in one big unconscious heap.

Vanessa stands on the stage flabbergasted that her hired muscle now lies on the floor as an unrecognizable pile of flesh, hair and tits. Pam turns to look at Vanessa. Vanessa recognizes the blonde is breathing hard and winded from dispatching Xtasy. Although outsized and out muscled, Vanessa figured she could easily finish the job Xtasy started. "Good job Pammie, but nobody leaves until you go through me!" Vanessa says confidently.

"Don't worry Pam, I got this!" Roselyn says as she puts her hand on Pam's shoulder and starts walking toward the stage. Vanessa's eyes stretch again in surprise. She figured that the Puerto Rican had long been whipped into submission. Now she knows Roselyn is coming for retribution for all the abuse that Vanessa has heaped on her during her stay at the club.

Roselyn marches toward the stage intent on destroying the witch that has been tormenting her for so long. Vanessa sees Roselyn coming and quickly sheds her fur coat for more maneuverability. Vanessa advances toward Roselyn as she starts up the stairs to the stage. The huge breasted stripper tries to kick Roselyn as she ascends the stairs, but Roselyn catches her foot in mid-swing, and topples Vanessa to the floor on her moneymaker with a quick pull. Roselyn spreads Vanessa's legs before she knows what is happening, and drills her fist into her fur covered cunt.

While Vanessa squirms on the stage like she has been electrocuted, Roselyn grabs both of Vanessa's ankles and walks up the stairs onto the stage. Once onstage, Roselyn first begins spinning Vanessa around in small circles. Slowly Roselyn builds enough momentum that Vanessa's shoulders stop dragging on the stage and become airborne. Then at the precise moment, Roselyn lets Vanessa go and sends her flying through the air, and hurdling into the stripper pole. Vanessa's body comes to an abrupt and painful halt wrapped around the stripper pole.

While Vanessa lies curled in a ball and howling in pain, Roselyn stalks her seeking revenge for the countless indignities Nikki Cox & Vanessa have heaped on her. "Come on you little runt," Roselyn hissed to the 5'3" porn star, "I'm not finished yet." Roselyn pounces on top of Vanessa and succeeds in mounting her and pinning her to the floor. Although the feisty porn star continued to struggle until she was able to use her legs and kick Roselyn off of her. Both stay locked together by their grips on each other's hair. Vanessa is able to on top of Roselyn, but like her captor before, the latina is able to get her legs between them and flip Vanessa head over heels with a monkey flip. Vanessa comes down with another very hard landing on the very hard stage.

Roselyn quickly springs to her feet. Vanessa rises to her feet considerably slower. Roselyn stalks Vanessa while hunched over like a Greco-Roman wrestler. Vanessa adopts the amateur wrestling stance too and slowly backs away. Roselyn shoots in low, grabbing Vanessa's leg and takes her down to the floor. Everyone could see the distress in Vanessa's face. Ever since being flung into the pole, Vanessa's desire to continue fighting seems to have decreased, but she still struggles to escape Roselyn's clutches. Her legs' wild flailing are rewarded when her foot smacks Roselyn in the head, and allows her to escape briefly. That escape is only briefly. As Vanessa rolls over from her back to her front for a faster escape, Roselyn grabs her legs again and pounces on her back and again pins her down to the stage. Roselyn turns so she's facing Vanessa's feet, and pulls her fur bikini bottom into a wedgie between Vanessa's big butt. "I can't believe you allowed some poor animal to be killed to cover your stinking snatch" Roselyn yells to the squealing porn diva.

Vanessa's famous cunt lips opens up and eats the bikini bottom, and gives the visitors of the club a live view of the pussy they have seen thousands of times on film. Roselyn adds to the black woman's distress by spanking her jiggling ass while she vainly squirms. Roselyn reaches back with one hand and grabs a handful of Vanessa's hair. She reaches forward and captures Vanessa's foot with the other and pulls both limbs toward her, bending Vanessa into a painful "U". Vanessa's neck cranes back and her yells become more desperate. The huge breasted black woman in being worn out with tears welling in her brown eyes.

Roselyn delights in Vanessa's torment. She pulls Vanessa's head back further, but this gives Vanessa the opportunity to swing her fist back and strike Roselyn's eye. Instinctively, Roselyn releases Vanessa's hair and covers her eye, allowing Vanessa to twist and topple Roselyn off her back. Despite the pain still coursing through her body, Vanessa quickly scrambles to her feet. Roselyn rises more deliberately with her hand still over her squinting eye.

Vanessa carefully observes the Puerto Rican. She looks for a weak spot where she can somehow turn this fight around. Vanessa realizes that Roselyn is so furious that little can hurt her right now. Deciding to fight fire with fire, Vanessa focuses all the rage that her acting training as taught her to store and unleash at will. Then eliciting a yell of pure rage, Vanessa charges toward her adversary. When Roselyn sees the rampaging woman charging toward her, it appears her fury ceases. In a matter of moments, Roselyn, the former ballet dancer, uses the stripper pole to do a spin and swings in the air to kick the rampaging Vanessa square in the face as she charges in close. Vanessa's roar of rage is instantly silenced as her head snaps back with a short grunt, then her body collapses to the deck in an unconscious heap.

Roselyn looks to Pam and gets an approving cheer from the blonde. A couple of minutes later Pam and Roselyn have successfully shed both Xtasy and Vanessa of their fur bikini's and coats. Pam uses the T-shirt and shorts she was wearing bearing the Excalibur hotel & casino's logo to bound the now nude Xtasy. Roselyn uses a dress from a regular stripper, who is glad to see moneymaking competition like Vanessa eliminated, to bind her hands and wrist. Pam and Roselyn get new outfits from other dancers, and leave the two bound porn stars to their "tender mercies".

Roselyn announces, "Hey guys... These poor animal's sacrifices will not be in vain!" while holding up the fur garments. "These coats and bikinis will all be auctioned on Ebay and all the proceeds will go to PETA!" Roselyn's words receives heavily applauds from the audience.

The blonde and brunette quickly exit the club before any more misfortune or complications arise. They dart back into Pam's awaiting limo and speed off back to the Excalibur hotel. There they'll hopefully meet up with the rest of the Fab Four. Hopefully because they can only hope that the rest of the group are as successful as Pam was in their "Strip Club Rescue." Of course this is still only a temporary respite, because hours later Pam and the rest of the Fab Four head into their final showdown with the ABA.

*Roselyn vs Nikki - ABA Hunt 2


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