ABA Hunt
Roselyn Sanchez versus Nikki Cox

Roselyn Sanchez gets to Vegas. She is on a mission from Stone Rage to help out the Fab Four anyway possible. She was happy to help out. Roselyn and Rage had become very close after she was the guest referee of a match. * Problem is, Roselyn did not know how critical of a battleground she was walking into. The ABA are aware of their arrival, and are systematically hunting down anyone who stands between them and the Fab Four. Tyra Banks has already felt this wrath and now is forced work as a stripper.^ Roselyn comes to town, just like Tyra completely underestimating the danger she is in.

Roselyn gets to town, and immediately decides to treat herself to one of Vegas' world famous meals. Before she became a celebrity, Roselyn used to eat at a buffet in Harrah's hotel and casino called Flavors. Although it is far from a swag five star restaurant for the rich and famous, she still loves to eat there during her trips to Vegas.

Like Tyra, she felt no need to move in secrecy, and was easily tracked and followed by the ABA's Nikki Cox. Roselyn looks over the buffet with her mouth watering over the wide variety of choices of delicious dishes from all over the world. She is only halfway down the buffet spread and already her plate is overflowing with food.

"Damn I've never seen a Puerto Rican pig before!" is the comment coming from behind Roselyn's back. Quickly the brunette spins around to see who has just insulted her to find Nikki Cox standing behind her. Roselyn is shocked to see Nikki and freezes for a moment. In that moment, Nikki slaps the plate of food Roselyn is holding up in her face. Food flies everywhere, but mostly covering Roselyn's face with various samples of the fine cuisine. After distracting Roselyn with the food, Nikki wraps both hands around Roselyn' neck, and chokes the lovely woman. She bends Roselyn backwards over the buffet, trying for a quick victory.

Roselyn couldn't believe this shit! She knew that Stone Rage had said that things were bad, but damn! Nikki was clearly trying to choke her the fuck out and get it over with and Roselyn was helping her right along as she was bent over backwards underneath the lamplights of the buffet line! Floppin' around like a dead fish! Roselyn's resistance was futile and like it or not, Nikki was actually too strong for her to pry her fuckin' fingers from around her fuckin' throat! "Get... offa me," Roselyn thought! She didn't wanna go down like this, the embarrassment alone! Stone Rage would never trust her again!

Nikki could see that the Puerto Rican Pig was too busy thinking about her stomach instead of worrying about the shit that she'd just walked into "Stupid!" Nikki huffed and then she made sure to point out that "I can tell you're new at this." She then tightened her grip, savoring the feel of her fingers around Roselyn's throat, while forcing another gurgling whine from Roselyn as she asked her "Who sent you? ANSWER ME!" Roselyn's eyes tightened and she tried to get her the fuck off, but then Nikki smiled and narrowed her eyes at her latest victim as she said "Ohhh yeah... I'm choking you to death... kind of hard ta talk, isn't it? Sorry, heh, sometimes I get a little carried away" then Nikki sneered at her "Just like you're about to be... but next time?" then she whispered as she bore down with all her weight on Roselyn "Next time tell Stone Rage to send some bitches with a little more bite, then bark..."

Roselyn couldn't pry her off and the hot ass buffet lamplights beaming down on her WEREN'T HELPING! But then she remembered as she was on the verge of blacking out, "wait, I?" Then she hissed at Nikki and told her "Here..." she fumbled around and then "Have some chicken, bitch" she smashed Nikki in the face with a half-of-broiled-CHICKEN!!!! As soon as Nikki cried out and staggered back, Roselyn got from underneath one of the few spotlights she ever wanted out of in a hurry!

Nikki cried out "YOU GREEDY BITCH!!!!" then she tried to get the grease and crap outta her eyes and that only made it worse till she screamed at the top her lungs "MY EYES!!!!"

Roselyn definitely wasn't thinking about where to hit Nikki, uhh, no, not with half-of-a-broiled-chicken!!!! It was more of a "I gotta get this bitch-off-of-me" response, but she could see that Nikki wasn't faking and Roselyn could feel the sticky slickness of her own fingers as she held her unexpected weapon.

She glared at Nikki and asked her "You like broiled chicken, Torpedo Girl!?!?" but as Nikki whined at still trying desperately to get the chicken grease out of her eyes. She heard Roselyn tell her "I'm gonna beat you to death with this fuckin chicken! By the time I'm done" Roselyn charged the big breasted White bitch, but all Nikki could do was continue to struggle to get the grease out of her eyes as Roselyn screamed at her "YOU'LL WISH THIS WAS A RUBBER CHICKEN BITCH!!!!"

Roselyn goes on the attack armed with her "killer chicken". She smashes Nikki over the head with the fowl time and time again. Luckily for Nikki, Vegas has some of the finest cuisine in the world, so the bird was cooked to tender perfection, and breaks apart with every blow. Finally Roselyn's weapon disintegrates to a handful of bare bones.

"How could you do that to a poor chicken," Nikki quips, "I thought you were a PETA girl", the funny girl responds. Roselyn is in no mood for jokes. She is in the midst of a rampage, and her mind is only thinking about another way to inflict pain on the red head. Roselyn puts Nikki in a headlock. Roselyn raps Nikki hard on her noggin with her fist. While Roselyn has Nikki's face pressed against her side, Nikki rubs her face against Roselyn's shirt and clears the chicken grease from her eyes. Once Nikki had cleared her vision, Nikki's arms clasp the smaller girl's waist. Then with a mighty heave, Nikki lifts Roselyn off of her feet and slams her to the ground on the back of her neck.

The impact of the belly-to-back suflex, makes Roselyn release her headlock. She still shocks Nikki by slowly rising to her feet, although holding the back of her head and wincing in pain. "Damn!" Nikki thinks, "I choked this bitch, I cooked her under hot lights, and dropped her on her head, and she's still getting up." Nikki quickly gets to her feet to beat Roselyn up.

Nikki looks at Roselyn with a twinge of jealousy. Nikki envied that Roselyn is able to make FHM Magazines, Maxim Magazines, and's sexiest woman list, while she can never crack the toplist. Nikki decides to mess up Roselyn's pretty face a bit. She snaps a couple of quick jabs into the latina's face. On the third jab, Roselyn sidesteps it then steps forward and buries her fist deep in Nikki's stomach. The red head gasps, and doubles over with the breath knocked out of her.

Roselyn reaches back and scoops up a handful of mashed potatoes, and smears it in Nikki's face. Roselyn grabs the tin of gravy next to the potatoes and dumps it over Nikki's head also. Then for added amusement to the crowd that were now cheering her, Roselyn grabs two handfuls of brown rice and smears it on Nikki. Roselyn steps back very proud of herself with a taunting laugh. Nikki is a mess, covered from, head to that magnificent cleavage with potatoes & gravy, and rice.

Already, incensed with jealousy, a breathless Nikki goes into a bit berserk herself. "You smug little bitch", Nikki says and lunges forward and captures Roselyn in a headlock. Roselyn thrashes around, hitting the red head however possible trying to escape, but the larger woman's grip is too tight. "You want a buffet? FINE! You'll get a buffet" Nikki shouts as she roughly drags Roselyn closer to the buffet. First, Nikki bonks the brunette's head against the side of the buffet bar a few times to rattle her brains. Then she grabs handfuls of stuffing from the buffet and starts stuffing them inside of Roselyn's blouse, and filling her bra. "If you want to compete with me, sweetie, you're gonna need some stuffing up top."

The crowd starts laughing loudly while Roselyn struggles in embarrassment. During the struggle Nikki has ripped the latina's blouse open, displaying her black bra with stuffing oozing out of it. Now that Roselyn is as embarrassed as Nikki was after being dosed in potatoes and gravy, she determinedly looks for a way out of Nikki's strong grasp. She finds that as she moves her head up against Nikki's extra large tits, and takes a big bite. Nikki screams like a banshee and pushes Roselyn's head off her throbbing breast.

Both vixens step apart and look at each other with mutual distain. Each one envisions the other laid out, while she smears food all over the loser's nude body. Instantly the two leap at each other, burying their hands in each other's hair. While still connected by their hair, each frees the hand closest to the buffet table to grab handfuls of any kind of food in range, and smash and rub it into her opponent's hair. For the next five minutes Roselyn and Nikki engage in the cattiest food fight ever witnessed. By the time the two vixens separated, they were both breathing extremely heavy. They were covered in various food items from head to tits. Roselyn's formerly white blouse was ripped to shreds and sticky and nasty from the creamed spinach Nikki found. It was so nasty that Roselyn takes off the useless garment and tosses it aside, choosing to fight on wearing her stuffing filled bra. Nikki's T-shirt was ripped open to real her overstuffed bra (Although hers is stuffed with tits) so, she too removes the distracting clothing before they continue.

Both girls approach each other knowing this will be the endgame. Neither can take this punishment much longer. Roselyn strikes first with a stinging open hand slap to Nikki's cheek that sprays gravy everywhere. Roselyn laughs tauntingly at Nikki again. Instantly Nikki's eyes turn as red as her flaming hair with fury. She responds instantly with a sizzling right cross to Roselyn's chin that buckles her knees. While Roselyn is still swooning from the cross, Nikki unleashes an upper cut that explodes on Roselyn's chin and lifts her to her tip toes.

Dazed, Roselyn falls back against the buffet bar. Nikki blasts her with a powerful left-right combination to the face. After the third left-right combo, Roselyn wakes out of her funk, and starts firing back with fist of her own. The two exchange punches, but it is painfully obvious that Roselyn is hopelessly outgunned. The former Miss Puerto Rico Petite, and Miss America Petite is outsized, and outmuscled by the larger red head. Roselyn does her best, but is taking a terrible pounding at Nikki's fist. Nikki's punches start to outnumber Roselyn's four to one. Then the battered brunette can not respond with punches at all. In a desperate attempt to stop the punishment, Roselyn tries to lunge forward and tie up Nikki in a clench. All she manages to accomplish is to flop face first into Nikki's tits and wrap her arms around her body to remain upright.

Nikki has a evil smile as she sees that Roselyn is finished. Nikki cruelly torments Roselyn a little more by driving sharp knees up into her lower abdomen and groin. Roselyn lets out pitiful whimpering grunts with each blow. Seeing Roselyn has nothing left, Nikki breaks out of her grasp, and spins the brunette around so she has her back to Nikki. Nikki slips her arms under Roselyn's and locks her into a full nelson. She walks a barely struggling, exhausted brunette down to the end of the buffet bar where the soups and salads are located. Nikki stops in front of a large pot of New England Clam Chowder, and pushes Roselyn's face into the hot soup.

Roselyn jolts back to life, screaming and fights her face out of the hot soup and out of Nikki's nelson lock. Nikki quickly grabs a handful of the hair on the back of Roselyn's head and drives her face back down into the chowder. Nikki giggles when she hears a gurgled underwater type scream from Roselyn. Nikki presses down with both hands on the back of Roselyn's head and leans forward to put her weight behind her to keep the wildly struggling woman's face in the pot. Roselyn flails and pushes for all she is worth to escape, but to no avail. She is drowning in a pot of clam chowder, and moments from passing out.

To Roselyn and everyone's surprise, Nikki pulls Roselyn's face out of the pot right before she is about to slip into unconsciousness. "No, I've got a better way to finish you off." Nikki says dragging a compliant Roselyn further down the bar. Nikki stops in front of a huge saucepan of salsa dip and slams Roselyn face into the pan as hard as she could. Salsa spatters everywhere, and Roselyn remains bent over the buffet bar knocked out cold with her face in salsa dip. "I know you're a good salsa dancer Ros, but I bet you never danced the salsa like that before" Nikki says laughing.

When Roselyn wakes up, she is looking up at the ceiling. Her mind races to figure out where she is. Then she remembers getting knocked out in the salsa pan. Her body is alive with tantalizing sensations. She tries to move her arms, but cannot. She realizes they are bound above her head. She releases a long satisfying moan; her body is alive with sexual arousal. She looks down to see what's causing this, and realizes she is bound to the desert bar. Worst yet, she is the desert. She is completely naked. Two guys are sucking each breast like newborn babies that have not been fed in days. Another guy's face is buried in her twat lapping feverishly with his tongue, and two guys with foot fetishes are sucking her toes. The guy in her twat bites down on her clit and shakes it. Her whole body tremors, and she gives out a loud screaming orgasm.

Guys who are attached to her body are pushed away and new guys take their place. Literally fights break out for the opportunity to get at the Puerto Rican beauty queen. One guy rotates her hips to the side, so another's tongue can enter her asshole. Roselyn's body shudders, and instantly creams again. Roselyn's mouth says no, but secretly she is loving this treatment. She wonders what it would be like to be gangbanged in the middle of the floor.

Nikki enjoys a good meal while the guys enjoy Roselyn. After twenty minutes, Nikki frees Roselyn from the desert bar, and unties her. Nikki pulls Roselyn off the bar and to her feet with a handful of hair. Instinctively Roselyn grabs Nikki's wrist and struggles to get loose. Nikki violently shakes Roselyn's head back and forth, saying, "Don't tell me you want some more, moron?" Roselyn knows Nikki is in control and she is beaten so she drops her hands, and stops resisting.

Nikki uses that handful of hair to start leading Roselyn to the door. The restaurants thrilled customers chant, "NIKKI, NIKKI, NIKKI!" to honor the winner. Roselyn's shoulders drop in embarrassment, humiliation, and defeat as she submissively follows.

That was only the beginning of Roselyn's 'Walk of Shame' The Flavor's Buffet is located at the back of the enormous Harrah's building. Nikki led Roselyn out of Flavors and past many other restaurants. Everybody from the buffet followed chanting, "NIKKI, NIKKI, NIKKI!" drawing even more attention to the naked superstar being lead down the hall. Next Roselyn is paraded through the casino area. Hundreds of people line either side of the aisle to watch one of the world's sexiest women paraded naked pass them. Nikki loves the attention. The chant of her name gets louder. By the time they reach the front lobby of the hotel and shops, the chant is deafening. Roselyn's expression is one of total humiliation and distress at the younger woman's hands.

Nikki leads Roselyn outside to the taxi line. Nikki shoves Roselyn into the back seat of a cab and slams the door shut. Roselyn buries her face in her hands in embarrassment as Nikki hand the driver a wad of cash and tells him a few words. The taxi spins off and Nikki quiets the crowd so she can speak. "Ladies and gentleman! If you didn't get enough of Roselyn Sanchez, I am pleased to announce, that she will be performing 24 hours a day on the same stage where the movie, Showgirls was filmed, The world famous, Cheetahs Topless Club!"

Oblivious of her destination, Roselyn weeps in the back of the taxi. She lsees she still has clam chowder and salsa in her hair. The men licked every crumb of food off her body however. Ten minutes later, the cab pulls in front of a building. Roselyn reads the sign with red lips and Cheetahs Topless Club on it. "Oh no! what Hell am I in for now?" Roselyn says with dread. When the driver stops in front, and opens the door for her, Roselyn snaps "What the Hell are you doing that for... I'm not getting out here!"

"I'm afraid you are, Hot Tamale!" says a huge breasted black woman walking toward her.

Roselyn's mouth drops open when she recognizes the woman from her collection of XXX DVD's at home. "Vanessa Blue?" Roselyn asks in disbelief.

"Yeah Girl... It's me!" Vanessa says energetically. "Now get out of that cab so I can get you cleaned up for the stage." When Roselyn looks at her even more puzzled, Vanessa continues, "For siding with Stone Rage and against the ABA, you've been sentenced to work here until further notice."

Roselyn stubbornly poked her lips out. The feisty latina was not about to get out of the cab and go strip. Seeing Roselyn's reaction Vanessa reaches into the taxi and grabs a hold of Roselyn's long silky chowder and salsa stained hair and drags her out the cab. The short, but thick and strong woman slings Roselyn to the ground and presses her knee down onto Roselyn's chest. "Look here girl," Vanessa says in a tough girl voice. "I'd don't have nothing against you, but I've got a job to do that I'm getting paid extremely well for. That job is to take your little candy ass in that club, and make sure you work your ass off. Now, you already look like you've been through Hell, and I don't mine taking you on a return trip, to get you in line. The choice is yours" Vanessa finishes looking menacingly at her quarry daring her to act.

Roselyn sighs heavily. "Will this ordeal ever end?" she thinks. She was too bruised and battered to resist at this point. "Okay, I'll go inside" Roselyn says slowly, regretting every word.

Vanessa rises off the beaten woman, and watches as Roselyn slowly walks into the club. Vanessa admires Roselyn's sexy sculptured body from behind. Her wide, strong back that is rippled with sinew yet not overly muscled to detract from a very womanly form. Her back tapers into a slender waist only to flair out into a wide, yet very tight ass. Her asses' natural graceful side-to-side movement that gained her fame as a singer and a dancer on Puerto Rican TV before she came to the mainland, hypnotizes Vanessa. Finally Vanessa pulls herself out of her trance, and says with a huge smile, "Yeah you're going to do just fine here... Juuusssst Fiiinnne."

*Roselyn Referees Hayek vs Aguilera
^ABA Hunt 1