Tyra Banks Jennifer Lopez & Sana Fey
NOTE - This story follows EFLV ABA Hunt 1
Jennifer sits in a limo headed towards The OG, with her mind reeling in a whirlwind. Just days earlier, she came to Vegas a broken woman. Unknown to her, she was a victim of the Curse of Aguilera, and in a disheartened state was going to retire from the world of catfighting, forever. Now thanks to the help of her friends in the Fab Four, she is back to normal. She has KO'd Christina Aguilera, Mya, Shakira, Britney Spears, Madonna and Melissa Joan Hart. Currently she is en route to help another friend, Tyra Banks, who is forced to strip in a club by the ABA.

The problem is that her body is wearing down from those previous fights. The Fab Four barely survived their last test against Generation Prime. The thing that she dreads most is that even if she can walk into this club and rescue Tyra, the Fab Four has a showdown with the ABA later that same day. The renegade group has beaten the Fab Four at almost every turn so far. Jennifer recalls her match with Christina Applegate where she was brutally bloodied, and tossed into a dumpster like useless rubbish. She remembers that her match with Jeri Ryan ended with her naked body dangling taped to the ring ropes while snacking on her own panties Her mouth was taped closed with duct tape. Finally the most devastating defeat of all, when Jenny McCarthy stripped her and fucked her up the ass with a dildo.

No curse caused her to lose these matches, although cheap tricks and rule breaking played a role. The bottom line is that neither she, nor her teammates have faired well against the ABA. All of them are mentally and physically tired from being hunted by seemingly endless celebrities. Then they face the biggest fight of all after fighting to rescue their friends, is starting to seem very overwhelming.

Jennifer instantly tosses all those worries and concerns out of her mind as the limo pulls up in front of the Olympic Garden, a strip club frequently referred to as the OG. Jennifer leaves the limo, giving the driver instructions to call the others in the Fab Four for help if she is not out in thirty minutes. She is wearing a tank top with The Excalibur hotel & casino on it. The hotel manager gave it to her along with a matching pair of shorts after their fight with Gen Prime. The shorts are at least one size too tight, an oversight she felt was on purpose by the manager so her ass would hang out everywhere. Jennifer gets out of the limo and storms past the security and cover charge window. No one made any attempt to stop her, because they all knew what Jennifer was there for. Either Tyra was going to be leaving with Jennifer, or Sana Fey was going to have a dancer.

Jennifer walks in and sees Tyra giving a gentleman a lap dance. Jennifer quickly notices that Tyra looks fatigued. Tyra's time in the OG has not been a pleasurable experience. First, the club is open 24 hours so she has not seen the sun since arriving in a taxi trunk. Sana Fey has forced her to work to earn basic human needs like food and sleep. She must bring the busty red head $3,000 to earn a meal or an hour's sleep. Normally that would be a simple task for an incredibly gorgeous Super Model in a strip club, but there are unusual pitfalls. The other strippers gang up on her and steal any money she has whenever she is in the dressing room for a costume change. They also mug her for her cash, if they catch her alone in the VIP room, after getting a large lump of cash for couch dances. The safest place for Tyra was the club floor where she can only earn $20 per lap dance, but it takes a long time to earn $3,000 that way.

Jennifer walks to Tyra and grab her arm while she is dancing and says "Come on let's go."

Jennifer starts leading Tyra towards the door, but before they move a few feet, they hear "Hey!! Where do you think you're going with my property?" Coming from behind them. Tyra and Jennifer turn and see Sana Fey standing with her hands on her hips. Jennifer did not know Sana Fey previously, but Tyra shrinked in fear from her voice.

Jennifer quickly sizes up her adversary. Sana Fey is a couple of inches taller, and the red head has a weight advantage. The stripper is thickly built, but marvelously sculptured. Broad shoulders hosting two enormous tits. A tapered waist flares out into wide hips. Two meaty and muscular thighs that would crush the life out of her given the chance supports this magnificent body. She is wearing a studded black leather bra with matching leather chaps. She wore a small black thong to complete the outfit. Jennifer sighs, knowing that the ABA has put another formidable road block before her. She sees a big-busted red head tank about to roll over her. Gathering her Bronx confidence Jennifer sassily replies, "You're Sana Fey... I presume."

"Cut the short talk Elephant Ass!" Sana Fey snaps. "We all know why we're here." Sana Fey says while moving her hair from in front of her face, "So why don't you just get on the stage now, and start dancing and save yourself a beating"

"Elephant Ass?" ask Jennifer. "I don't think an orange orangutan with drooping tits like you should be name calling." Jennifer says with a chuckle. "You look like you fucking reject from the Planet of the Apes" Jennifer teases while breaking into laughter. Many of the patrons laugh at Jennifer's joke making Sana Fey absolutely furious and embarrassed.

"Well this is what I think!" Sana Fey says and slaps Jennifer across her face very hard. Jennifer exclaims and reels back several steps from the unexpected assault. She quickly regains herself and strikes back, hitting Sana Fey three quick slaps to her face that knocks her head left to right. Sana Fey retaliates with another hard slap to Jennifer's face that knocks her back just to get the fiery Latina off of her.

The two gladiators take a brief moment to catch their breath, then attack again. They close in on each other and grab each other's hair. They sling each other's head from side to side looking for an advantage. Jennifer eyes Sana Fey's mountainous breast as a huge target. She maintain her hairpull with one hand while the other roams and starts unfastening the clasp on Sana Fey's bra. A sharp jerk, and Jennifer breaks the bra's clasp. Right after, the clasp breaks, Sana Fey is successful in whipping Jennifer's hair, causing them to fall to the carpet, with Sana Fey on top.

Sana Fey sits on top of Jennifer with her bra sagging very low on her tits and decides to even the score. She holds Jennifer down with one hand on her neck and grabs the top of Jennifer's tank top and starts pulling, and does not stop until the garment tears in two. Jennifer was not wearing a bra, but her beautiful breast stood proud and tall by themselves. Sana Fey is very proud of herself for exposing Jennifer and plays to the crowd briefly. She playfully removes her bra allowing her own tits to bounce freely.

Sana Fey leans forward and slams her tits on top of Jennifer's tits. Sana Fey bounces her monsters into Jennifer's boobs getting a loud grunt each time she smashes Jennifer's breast. Sana Fey is really enjoying herself. She moves her tits up and swings them, smacking them across Jennifer's face to humiliate her. She did not humiliate Jennifer, but did piss her off. Jennifer wrestles her arms free and clutches both of Sana Fey's whopper tits with both claws. Sana Fey squeals and is pushed back. Jennifer then sweeps her legs up and wraps them around Sana Fey's waist. Jennifer squeezes her leg scissors with steely legs from years of dancing. "Ohhh.... let Go!" Sana Fey squeals.

Sana Fey first pulls Jennifer's hair trying to get her to break the hold, but it does not work. Then she squeezes Jennifer's boobs, but that does not defer the latina from crushing her waist either. Jennifer uses her legs to power Sana Fey over to her side where she finds the leverage to really crank up the pressure. Jennifer indulges in more breast squeezing of her trapped and suffering victim. Sana Fey continues squealing while squirming around trying to escape Jennifer's legs scissors. She desperately searches for something to make Jennifer break the hold. She claws Jennifer's thighs, she pulls hair, and squeezes breast, but nothing works. Once Sana Fey has spent considerable energy trying to escape, Jennifer lets her out of the scissors, and gives her legs a rest.

Jennifer quickly get to her feet while Sana Fey catches her breath on the floor. Jennifer places her foot in the small of Sana Fey's back while she is still lying down, and grabs both of her wrists and pulls them back, putting the stripper in a surfboard hold. Sana Fey again grunts and squeals while Jennifer applies the pressure to her back. "Ung Ahhhhh Get of of me!" pleads Sana Fey as Jennifer strains her back.

When the bigger women's struggling are about to pull free, Jennifer plops down on the small of Sana Fey's back. Jennifer pins Sana Fey down by sitting on her back, then twist both of the red heads arms behind her back in a double hammerlock. Sana Fey continues vainly struggling and squealing looking to escape, but again finds none. "Unghhh Get of on me you cow!" Demands Sana Fey, but only gets a cruel laugh in response from Jennifer. "Owww ungh ohhhh You're going to get it." threatens Sana Fey.

In total control of the fight Jennifer sarcastically says "Sure.... I'm waiting." Seeking to do more damage, Jennifer changes positions. Using a big handful of red hair, Jennifer pulls Sana Fey to her knees. She locks the stripper in a full nelson from behind. Sana Feys squeals more and dances in place trying to wiggle out, but Jennifer holds on strong. Jennifer's toned arms flex as she applies pressure on the back of Sana Fey's neck for a couple of minutes. Then Jennifer moves one arm across Sana Fey's throat while the other hand clutches Sana Fey tit and squeezes the hell out of it.

"Ouwww! Get of Me" Sana Fey wines while withering in Jennifer's clutches. "Ooooooo you're such a bitch!" Sana Fey yelps. Jennifer smiles and takes pride in that comment. Her ego starts soaring taking apart the larger, tougher, more experienced catfighter.

After suffering in Jennifer's clutches, for a while, Sana Fey uses her superior strength and size to rip out of Jennifer's grasp. She immediately spins behind Jennifer and put Jennifer in the same hold she just escaped from. She presses her arm against Jennifer's throat and squeezes her tit with the other hand. After the surprised latina's initial struggles slow, Sana Fey clearly recognizes Jennifer's mind in searching for an escape route, Sana Fey pulls Jennifer to the ground while maintaining her holds to prevent Jennifer from breaking out the same way she did. She adds a legs scissors around Jennifer's waist to make sure Jennifer goes nowhere.

Jennifer refused to sit there and be destroyed by the big red head. Jennifer wiggles and squirms around making it hard for Sana Fey to contain her. Sana Fey grabs a double handful of Jennifer's hair and strains her neck back. Jennifer keeps struggling, and gets close to breaking free. Sana Fey releases her hair pull and Jennifer twists to face her capture. Sana Fey immediately grabs Jennifer hair and pulls her face down into her breast. Sana Fey's monsters form an effective breast smother. Sana Fey still found it as hard to contain Jennifer, as it is to contain a lightning bolt. Jennifer, The Bronx Bomber, starts blindly throwing her fist, connecting to Sana Fey's face and sides solidly. The big stripper found it even more difficult to contain Jennifer, and starts to wonder if it was worth the pain she is receiving from the Bronx Bomber. Suddenly that question does not get a chance to be answered when Jennifer breaks free of Sana Fey's clutches.

Both slowly rise to their feet. Sana Fey looks the worst for wear although she was just on top. Jennifer is red-faced and catching her breath after facing Sana Fey's massive breast. "That's it.... I'm tired of this!" announces Jennifer with a sly grin of annoyance. Then like lightning, The Bonx Bomber lashes out with sizzling right cross to Sana Fey's mouth. Once Sana Fey's head recoils back, Jennifer is there with a left to the nose. Another left, right, left, then another, has Sana Fey's head spinning on her shoulders like the exorcist. When Jennifer finally stops Sana Fey is spaghetti legged and wobbling and staggering in place trying to remain standing. Jennifer carefully measures Sana Fey for one final punch. Then she unloads one final blast that sends Sana Fey rocketing back until she crash lands into an arm chair and sits dazed in the chair. Although Sana Fey is harmless at this point, Jennifer decides to inflict a little more punishment. The frustration of the curse, the frustration of being hunted like a dog throughout Vegas, all mounts, and Jennifer exhales at Sana Fey's expense.

Jennifer mounts Sana Fey by putting her knees in the seat of the chair and looming over the dazed, and semi-conscious stripper. The Bronx Bomber cocks her fist back and starts pounding Sana Fey in the face. The helpless red head just sits there and gets knocked into oblivion.

While Jennifer is finishing Sana Fey, a blonde waitress comes from behind and knocks Jennifer across the back of the head with her serving tray. Jennifer falls to the carpet, seeing stars. She looks up at her attacker as she removes her blonde wig and reveals herself to be Shannen Doherty. "You didn't think the ABA would let it be that easy for you to rescue Tyra did you?"

"Damn ABA" Jennifer curses under her breath, realizing she has yet another fight on her hands. Then Tyra comes swooping in while yelling a war cry. She knocks an unsuspecting Shannen to the ground and starts wailing on her. The big super model was tired of being a victim and lashes out feverously.

Tyra dishes out a beating until Shannen gouges Tyra's eyes. Blinded and hurting, Tyra roll off top. Shannen quickly stands and starts kicking Tyra all over her body. Already suffering from malnutrition and sever exhaustion, Tyra's body simply could not answer the challenge. The mind and spirit were willing to get up and kick Shannen's ass, but her body was not able. Soon Shannen becomes aware of Tyra's plight, then her kicks become much more vicious. She kicks and stomps Tyra into a withering ball.

Finally Shannen hears Jennifer's voice behind her. "Hey bitch! Try me on for size, and leave Tyra alone... She's been through enough already!" Jennifer stands topless with her hands on her hips. "Besides if Tyra hadn't been tortured for days, I'd know she would whip your sorry ass."

Shannen walks toward Jennifer with a big smile. The ABA had planted her at the club undercover as a waitress for this very reason. In case Sana Fey failed, she was the last line of defense. Shannen was smiling because her goal is so very close within hand. She could beat and humiliate Jennifer then emotionally break her. Then bring her battered remains to the ABA. Then she could become a member of the infamous group. It would not only bring a rebirth of her career, but it also earn her membership into a group where she truly felt she belonged.

Shannen walks right up to Jennifer and throws a punch at her face. Jennifer nonchalantly sidesteps the fist. "Bitch!" says Shannen in frustration, and a little embarrassed to have been handled so coolly by Jennifer. Shannen quickly throws another punch then another. They get closer and closer to Jennifer, but none ever lands. Shannen redoubles her efforts and throws more punches and harder punches but Jennifer finds a way to avoid everyone.

After Shannen is totally frustrated and getting winded, Jennifer laughs and asks "Is that all you got?" Shannen roars in frustration and throws a couple more useless punches, then Jennifer explodes. She unleashes a sudden assault similar to the one on Sana Fey. The Bronx Bomber's fists flow again, colliding with Shannen's face with a quick and potent strike. Shannen's silky black hair goes flying all over as her face is used as a punching bag. This storm lasts only a few seconds, but at the end, Shannen is punch drunk and dazed.

"So the world famous bad girl, Shannen Doherty is in cahoots with the ABA?" Jennifer purrs as she pushes her helpless moaning foe against a table. "Figures!" Jennifer says as she buries her fist deep in Shannen's gut. "Well deliver a message for me." Jennifer says as she buries a double punch into Shannen's abdomen. "Tell them we're coming for them." Jennifer says as she starts unloading countless belly punches on the helpless brunette. "We're tired of their shit, just like Tyra and everybody else in this league." Jennifer continues as she knocks the breath out of Shannen. "They won't run rough shot over anyone anymore!" Jennifer says to a pale faced Shannen. "Let them know the Fab Four is coming Bitch!" Jennifer finishes with an uppercut that lifts Shannen off her feet, and leaves her sprawled out on top of the table.

By this time Sana Fey has regained consciousness and rises out of her chair. "Hey Buffalo Butt! Nobody does that to me and gets away with it!" The angry red head yells.

Jennifer turns around with her hands on her hips, ready to pound the busty stripper again. Before she gets a chance to respond, Tyra Banks answers with a wicked right cross to Sana Fey's lips. "Ungh!" Sana Fey yelps before slinking back into the arm chair she just rose from, and returns to her deep slumber.

"I've been wanting to do that for days!" Tyra says with a huge smile. Jennifer comes over and hugs Tyra. Tyra profusely thanks Jennifer for coming to her rescue. The packed house stands and applauds Tyra and Jennifer for their victory and putting on a helluva slugfest. The two superstars takes only a brief moment to acknowledge their fans before getting some clothing from the dressing room and leaving before Sana Fey and Shannen awake.

After Shannen and Sana Fey recover, Shannen reluctantly makes the dreaded phone call to Christina Applegate and Jenny McCarthy to inform them they failed. Expectedly they spend the next few minutes receiving a verbal lashing from the two blondes. Jenny hangs up on them after a few explicatives challenging their toughness, looks at Christina, and starts laughing. The ABA never expected them to stop Jennifer and Tyra, but just add to their ordeal and to wear the girls down to make them easy victims for their showdown. They smile in satisfaction thinking everything is going according to plan. They have no idea that Jennifer Lopez is going through their intense fire, and coming out the other end as a tempered iron fighting machine.

Sana Fey is upset at not collecting her full bounty for her association with the ABA, but otherwise is unfazed by her defeat. Shannen on the other hand is devastated. She wanted so very much to be part of the ABA, and this was her big chance, and she blew it. The philosophy of the group fascinates her. The power and success of the group intoxicates her. This is the one place that she felt she truely belonged, and would flourish.

Later on the ride to her hotel, Shannen is seething. She refocuses herself on gaining membership into the ABA. Like a child, she places all the blame for her shortcomings on Jennifer Lopez. She vows to destroy the latina to earn her entrance into the notorious group. Her focus becomes clear... crystal clear. Revenge... Revenge against Jennifer Lopez. The next morning Shanned wakes up at 6:00AM. She is in the hotel exercise room by 6:15AM. She pushes weights counting, "One for Jennifer Lopez.... Two for Jennifer Lopez.... Three for Jennifer Lopez... Four for Jennifer Lopez.... Five for Jennifer Lopez..."


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