Generation Prime Time
NOTE - This story immediately follows ESCAPE FROM LAS VEGAS 3
Mya, Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson sat in their room at the Venetian still totally frustrated by the events of their match with the Fab Four. Although the focus of their anger, Jessica Simpson is gone, their frustration remains. Janet was still pissed at Christina for causing the argument with Jessica. Even Christina's relationship with longtime confident Mya is showing some strain. Generation Prime was soo close to ultimate victory over the Fab Four, and then everything fell apart. They all blamed Jessica but all of them played a part in their demise. Christina set her up to be destroyed by Jessica Alba. Mya backed Christina and slammed Jessica, and Janet's final insult of her intelligence pushed Jessica over the edge.

Tension was very thick in the room. Nobody said anything. They were all extremely frustrated, and were doing their best to not take their frustration out on each other. Then the suite door popped open.

"Hey Gang! What's going on?" Alicia Keys says as she excitedly enters the room. Alicia is the last member of the group, but had not arrived previously due to business obligations.

Mya immediately walks over to Alicia and gets face-to-face and chest-to-chest with her and asks, "Where the hell have you been? We needed you!" Mya says in a nasty tone. "Your stupid Proactiv pimple buddy, Jessica went psycho just as we had the Fab Four beat, and started attacking us. We could have used you to talk some sense into that fucking idiot."

Mya continued to release her frustration by ripping into Alicia. The soft-spoken Alicia was taken back by Mya's venomous rant. When Mya pointed her finger in Alicia's face and kept yelling, Alicia had reached her breaking point. "Look bitch! You'd better get that finger out of my face... I'm from New York, and we don't play that shit!" Alicia exploded.

"Fuck You Bitch!" Mya yelled back. "I'm from DC and you don't scare nobody with that New York shit!" Mya flicks Alicia's nose with her finger and says, "I'll put my fucking finger where ever I want Bitch!" Mya continues, "If you want some of this, come get some!"

Alicia is normally soft spoken and reserved, to the point many wondered how she functioned in Generation Prime. The fuming superstar remained quiet for a moment then exploded on Mya, swinging fist after fist at her teammate. Mya quickly responded with licks of her own, and the two were wind milling punches at each other in the middle of the suite. Mya is having a hard time keeping up punching with her heavier opponent. Thinking quickly Mya buries her knee into Alicia's stomach. Alicia grunts and doubles over allowing Mya to gain the advantage. Mya wraps her arms around Alicia's head in a headlock and peppers her face with punches.

Mya wrestles Alicia to the ground, but keeps her headlock intact and punches her face whenever possible. Mya pins the larger Alicia down by laying across her chest and wrenching her headlock. Alicia fights to get out of Mya's grasp. She pulls back Mya's neck by her hair, and jabs the singer with elbow's to Mya's side but it does not deter Mya from wrenching her neck back and forth. Tired of being Mya's victim, Alicia uses her superior size, and strength to power her way to her feet despite still being in Mya's headlock and her fist still peppering her pretty face. Once on their feet, Mya thrust her hip into Alicia's abdomen, knocking her off balance. Then uses a handful of Alicia's long braids to flip Alicia back to the carpet on her back right back where she started. Mya resumes dotting Alicia's eyes with her fist.

Mya next grabs two handfuls of Alicia's braids and slams her head against the ground repeatedly. Then while Alicia's eyes are still rolling around in her head, Mya springs to her feet, and starts kicking her opponent in the chest and ribs. Alicia's mind is still reeling. She came to Vegas to join her team in a fight, not engage her team in a fight. She determinedly fights her way up to her hands and knees. Mya drops an extended leg down across the back of Alicia's head, driving her face first into the ground. If Alicia was not seeing stars earlier, she definitely is now.

With Alicia flat on her face and moaning loudly, Mya steps back a few steps. "Enough Mya, let me handle this" Janet Jackson says. Alicia thinks finally the voice of reason has spoken, but Janet walks over, and grabs the back of Alicia's trademark camisole, and yanks it till the hooks give way and comes loose in the icon's hands. Alicia realizes that she is now topless, and has no allies in the room. Her eyes widen in fear and forces herself to her feet.

Alicia tries to flee, but Janet grabs her arm and spins Alicia around to face her, then blasts the young artist with a right cross. Alicia's knees buckle but before she can react further, Janet follows with a right hook, and a straight left that drops Alicia to her butt. "Why Janet?" wails Alicia as she looks up at the legend with confused puppy dog eyes, "Why?"

"Why? Because you're useless" Janet snaps. "Oh yeah, you lick a good clit, but you're never around when we need you. You're always talking about your career, like the all of us don't have Grammies. I'm just tired of you wasting space in our group." Janet finishes as she patiently waits as Alicia struggles to her feet. Once Alica has reached her feet, Janet charges forward and plows through Alica with a clothesline. Alicia's feet fly in the air, as she becomes parallel to the ground while still twirling through the air, and lands on the back of her head. The downed diva lies on the ground loudly moaning and holding the back of her head.

Dazed and topless, Alicia rises to her hands and knees and slowly starts crawling towards the suite's front door. Before she can reach the door, Mya grabs the back waistband of her spandex pants and pulls her back. Alicia keeps trying to crawl forward while Mya pulls her pants the opposite direction. Mya giggles and chuckles at Alicia's plight as she keeps trying to escape. Eventually Alicia crawls right out of her spandex pants, and heads towards the door. Alicia makes it to the door and opens it, but Janet places her hand on the door and slams it shut. "I don't think so" Janet says as she leans against the door, preventing Alicia from escaping. Alicia looks up at the Icon while still on her knees.

Now very afraid, Alicia fires a punch into Janet's legendary six-pack stomach. Janet breaks out laughing as her abdomen easily absorb Alicia shot. "Is that the best you got?" Janet asks while exposing her belly so Alicia can try to hit her again. Alicia desperately fires several more punches into Janet's stomach that have absolutely no effect. Finally Alicia changes tactics and fires a little lower and connects to Janet's crotch. That gets a response from the older woman. Janet exclaims in pain, and doubles over holding her pussy. Then Janet retaliates, lashing out with a wicked right hook that connects to the jaw of the girl standing on her knees. Alicia twists to the carpet seeing stars. Janet's strong dancer's legs strike with kick after kick to the downed woman. Janet's kicks soon have Alicia curled into a small quivering ball. "You high yellow bitch, don't you ever hit me down there again!" Janet shouts as she adds the last angry kicks to Alicia.

Mya saunters over with a sinister laugh and an evil grin. She had been secretly jealous of Alicia's successful music career and the respect she garnered around the industry. She was all too happy to add to Alicia's suffering. "Let me help you Janet" Mya says as she helps lift Alicia to her feet. Mya holds Alicia upright and captures her arms behind her back so Janet can punch at will like she is working over a heavy punching bag. Janet takes advantage of the opportunity, punching away at Alicia, mercilessly pounding her stomach, ribs, breast, and jaw. As the air is punched out of Alicia, she helplessly slumps in Mya's arms.

After Janet starts to tire, Mya suggest they switch places. Janet agreed and she took her place behind her suffering and nearly lifeless former teammate. Mya sets into Alicia with renewed vigor. Although her punches are not as powerful as Janet's, her subconscious mean streak more than compensated. Mya had been that quiet, mild mannered girl next door, for so many years, that a wild woman persona had developed somewhere deep in her mind. Although Mya is able to keep that persona subdued, it has been surfacing more often lately. This is one of those occasions that it came to the forefront. She viciously pounds Alicia's gut until Alicia cannot even draw a breath, and fights just to stay conscious. Mercifully, Mya concentrates her assault on Alicia's midsection, so she would not mar Alicia's gorgeous face. Alicia is still a friend after all.

Janet gets tired of holding Alicia up, and releases her, allowing her to descend to the ground like a deflating balloon. Alicia is DONE! Janet and Mya had knocked every once of fight out of her. She barely knows where she is. She lies on the floor loudly heaving air into her pain-wrecked body. Janet and Mya smile and high five each other in celebration of completely destroying their now former team mate. "Come on, let's take out the garbage!" Mya says with a big smile.

Janet and Mya both reach down and grab one of Alicia's arms and haul the dazed, lifeless beauty upright. She now stands somewhat, only with the aid of her two assailants, with her head bowed and her chin resting on her chest. She inhales deep breaths causing her perk breast and pointy nipples to rise and fall.

Christina had been silently watching the brutal destruction of her former producer and teammate. Her face wore a glare of shock as their group and relationships further disintegrate. First Jessica Simpson, now Alicia Keys. She definitely did not mind the expulsion of Jessica, but felt differently about Alicia. She knew Mya and Janet were a little jealous and intimidated by Alicia's acclaim and successful singing career that easily outsells both of their record sales put together currently. Christina's career, however was going much better than her colleagues and did not share that jealousy. She was very concerned about the future of Generation Prime, and the state of her friendship with each person in the room.

"Wait..... This isn't right." Christina finally speaks out. She walks over to the trio without wearing a smile. The blonde stands in front of Alicia, who looks at her with beaten, defeated eyes. Christina gives her colleague a compassionate look as their eyes lock. Christina reaches out.... then grabs the waistband of Alicia's lace panties and with one sharp, hard tug, pulls them right off of their owner. "There that's better!" Christina says excitedly standing in front of a now totally naked Alicia. Janet and Mya break out in laughter after a nervous moment. "Come on let's go" Christina says as they lead the slumping, broken woman out of their suite, and down the hall.

They practically drag Alicia down the hall since she is so beaten, that she can barely move her feet. They stop at the end of the hall in front of the elevator doors. Christina grabs a handful of Alicia's braids and slams her forehead into the down button so hard that it shatters into pieces and knocks Alicia even more senseless. The three remaining members laugh and giggle until the elevator doors open. After the doors open, Janet arm whips Alicia into the elevator, and sends her crashing very shortly into the back wall of the elevator.

While Alicia is slowly sinking to the ground, Mya grabs her and says, "You call that a sling? THIS is a sling" and whips Alicia into the side wall of the elevator. Then Christina takes her turn. The ladies take turns bouncing poor Alicia off every wall in the small cubical. When the elevator finally reaches the lobby from the penthouse, a naked, unconscious, yet ever so gorgeous, Alicia spills out of the open doors onto the cold marble lobby floor to all the spectators and visitor's shock and dismay.

Mya and Christina grab one of Alicia's arms while Janet lifts both of Alicia's legs and the trio hoist the unconscious girl up in workmanlike fashion and carry her outside the lobby doors to the outside shopping area. Once they reach the renown canal streets outside the resort, the Generation Prime girls readjust their grips and positions so Mya and Christina have a firm grip with both hands on each of Alicia's wrist while Janet has a firm hold on both of her ankles facing Mya and Christina with Alicia stretched out and suspended in-between them.

"ONE!!......." Janet calls off as they start swinging Alicia's body back and forth. "TWO!!!" Janet counts as they swing Alicia back another big time. "THRE!!!!!" and they send Alicia hurdling through the air and into the canal. The water instantly revives Alicia as she flails around in the water wondering what just happened to her and how she got in this mess.

Christina, Mya and Janet carelessly turn their backs and walk back into the hotel arm-in-arm. "That was fun!" Mya says with a laugh.

"So Christina" Janet says, "I know you've been secretly scouting new members for the group for a while now. Who do you suggest join our club."

"Well I thought about Jessica Alba, but she's all wrong for us." Christina replies.

"Hell No! No Alba!" Janet snaps remembering the thumping she received from Jessica just a few days earlier.

"Exactly" Christina quickly adds. "So what do you guys think about Denise Richards? She'd like to join us!"

"Hmmmmmmm, not bad... not bad at all" Janet says cunningly while Mya nods her head in agreement.

Meanwhile back in the canal, a gondola driver quickly makes his way over to fish Alicia out of the water. He rescuses the naked woman out of the canal and into the safety of the boat, before slowly heading to shore. He purposely takes his time to allow his eyes plent of time to ogle the gorgeous nude female lying in the bottom of his boat, a once in a lifetime event. Finally we says, "Those girls, friends of yours?" with an Italian accent.

"Not any more" the breathless celebrity replies.

"Good, you're tooo pretty to be with those three" He says making Alicia feel a lot better. "Better looking than all three of them put together. A real Smoking Ace!"

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