Fab Four versus Generation Next w/Vivica Fox
NOTE - This story immediately follows FINDING J.LO 4
"Damn! I can't believe this!" Tia Carrere exclaims. "They say our charter plane has been grounded for safety precautions and there are no other flights with vacancies available out right now." Tia explains while closing her cell phone.

"Forget about it" Halle Berry explains. "The casinos control Vegas, they will never let us leave as long as they got that prop bet about 'who kicks our ass' on the board."

"So what do we do now?" Tia asks dejectedly.

"I've got an idea!" Jennifer Lopez adds. She goes to a suitcase and pulls out two wigs. "We can try wearing disguises. Maybe we can stay under everybody's radar until we figure a way out of this mess."

"We'd better try something quick, we can't stay here in Jennifer's room much longer, I'm sure Christina Aguilera and Mya will alert everyone where we are." Pam Anderson warns.

This whole scene takes place minutes after Pam, Tia and Halle found Jennifer after a lengthy search, right after she beat up Christina and Mya and now former fiance, Ben Affleck * The Fab Four are trapped in Las Vegas in Jennifer's room at Caesars Palace, and four of their rival groups are closing in to destroy them. Not only that, all of Vegas is following the saga, with a very popular prop bet on their boards. Realizing they had no other options, Halle chooses a long, straight brown haired wig to put over her short black curls. Pam gets an auburn colored longhaired wig. Tia gets a platinum blonde wig. Finally, Jennifer wears a bright red wig. The all wear a variety of dark glasses to complete their disguise. Their immediate problem is to get out of Caesars Palace alive, then out of Vegas.

With their disguises in place, they leave the room, and get in the elevator to reach the lobby. As they exit the elevator, they see all the members of the ABA across the lobby. All of the Fab Four's hearts skip a beat, but the actresses keep their cool, and walk off down the hall leading to the shopping malls in the huge complex. Jenny McCarthy looks dead at them, but their disguises work, and she does not recognize them. The Fab Four were ecstatic their disguises worked. Like most rational thinking people, they had serious doubts that it would, but if eye glasses works for Superman, then wigs can work for them.

Tia Carrere, Halle Berry Jennifer Lopez and Pam Anderson walk down the hall of the mall that connects Caesars Palace to The Bellagio. Far down the hall, they see Alyssa Milano, Nelly Furtado, and Shakira of Generation Next oddly accompanied by Vivica Fox. "Quick, duck into this store until they pass by" Jennifer says. The members of the Fab Four enter a dress shop.

"Spread out and keep your backs to the door, they'll never recognize us" Tia says. Each girl spreads out to a corner of the store, and appears to be looking at dresses and clothing. With the initial success of their disguises, they are all confident they will elude their hunters.

Halle has her back to the door, and appears engulfed in looking at rack of dresses. Then she hears an all too familiar voice behind her, "You know your bony butt don't fill out that outfit nearly as well as I do." Halle's eyes get big, and then she realizes she is still wearing the white leather outfit she took off of Vivica Fox, after she destroyed & humiliated her at the MGM Grande. ^ The voice definitely belonged to Vivica. "Damn dead give away!" She thinks as she turns around right into a wicked backhand slap to her gorgeous face that sends her dark glasses flying, and knocks her wig sideways.

Across the store, Alyssa Milano approaches Tia from behind. While Tia's back is to her, Alyssa snatches off Tia's blonde wig. When Tia quickly turns with a gasp, Alyssa catches her with a slap across her cheek. After those gun shot sounding slaps were fired within moments of each other, Pam and Jennifer find, Nelly Furtado and Shakira standing behind them respectively. Now in each corner of this luxurious dress shop, four private wars begin to take place.

The sales clerks of the store mouth's gape open as they witness four spectacular matchups take place. Pam vs Nelly, battling Canadians! Halle vs Vivica two ebony queens! J. Lo vs Shakira, latina booty goddesses! Tia vs Alyssa, action actresses! Unknown to the combatants, the video feed of this action from the security cameras is picked up on the gaming board so betters can keep up with their bets. Besides, it is great drama, and attracts multitudes of spectators into the casinos.

Jennifer Lopez vs Shakira Once Jennifer turns to face her, Shakira lunges at her with both hands aimed at her throat. With amazing quickness, Jennifer catches Shakira's wrists before they reach her throat. While holding Sharira in place by her vice-like grip on both wrist, Jennifer lifts her knee up into Shakira's belly five quick times. After releasing Shakira's wrist, the blonde doubles over holding her stomach. Jennifer grabs her attacker by her blonde hair, and drives her knee up into Shakira's face three quick times. Stunned and dazed, Shakira falls to the ground at Jennifer's feet. Shakira lies on her side, about to attempt to get back up, when Jennifer sit on top of her. The blonde, being trapped on her side, have her arms pinned under Jennifer's weight. Jennifer starts pounding the exposed side of Sharika's face.

Jennifer shoves Shakira over onto her stomach. She reaches under Shakira's chin and wrenches back. Shakira lets out a long loud groan as Jennifer applies her Camel Clutch. Shakira quickly realizes she is in big trouble. If she does not do something quick, this fight will be over. Shalira struggles, but is able to get her knees under her. With a surge of power, Shakira pushes up, lifting Jennifer off the ground for a split second. That second knocks Jennifer off balance, and Shakira grabs Jennifer's ankles. Shakira pulls back on Jennifer's ankles, and lunges forward. pitching Jennifer off of her and sends her slamming face first to the floor.

Shakira realizes she had better take advantage of this slight upper hand against the dangerous Jennifer. Shakira leaps forward and mounts Jennifer's back. Shakira grabs two handfuls of Jennifer's brown hair and slams her face into the floor several times. The security cameras that are broadcasting the action to various casinos around Vegas showcase a fantasy of booty lovers everywhere. Jennifer's fantastic mountainous booty, lies on the ground, with Shakira's own fabulous juicy ass mounted on the small of Jennifer's back less than an inch away. Two legendary asses that have been compared for years now, right together inciting conversation of each booties merits for decades to come.

Shakira energetically continues slamming Jennifer's face into the hard floor. Jennifer is now in danger. She bucks and twists sharply knocking Shakira off her back. Jennifer is still shaken but strikes anyway. Jennifer lunges at Shakira's throat and wraps both hands around her neck. Jennifer chokes the blonde and violently shakes her head back and forth while slowly rising to her feet. Jennifer pulls Shakira to her feet as well with her double clutch choke hold.

Now on their feet, and with Shakira's tongue hanging out, Jennifer slings Shakira into the nearby wall. Shakira hits the wall with a grunt, but is thankful to be free of Jennifer's choke. Before she could become too thankful, Jennifer uses her dancer's skills and agilely raises her foot and presses it against Shakira's throat.

Shakira grabs Jennifer's ankle, desperately trying to take it off of her throat. She also desperately kicks out toward Jennifer trying to get her to release the hold. But the combination of the fight and the choke has taken a lot of the strength from her usually strong legs. Besides, Jennifer has the choke hold expertly applied. The first couple of kicks barely faze Jennifer. The subsequent kicks are either wayward or blocked by Jennifer.

Shakira quickly find herself losing breath, strength and consciousness as she slides down the wall from the constant foot choke that Jennifer has. By this time, she no longer has any hold on Jennifer's ankle. Shakira quickly gasps as Jennifer thankfully releases the hold, only to have Jennifer smack her face with a snap of her foot, knocking her to her on side still gasping for precious air. Jennifer knows she has to finish off Shakira before she can recover and take revenge, so she moves in and kicks her so that she's face up.

Jennifer quickly removes her pants to reveal her sexy ass that so many of her opponents have come to see above them. Shakira's eyes widen, shaking her head and squeals "Please NO!".

Jennifer smiles "Oh Yes! You're going to get a personal visit from my famous Puerto Rican ass and you're going to like it!" Jennifer quickly straddles Shakira and lowers her sexy ass onto her face with token resistance from Shakira. She kicks out as Jennifer's sexy ass smothers her, but they quickly die down as her precious breath and consciousness leave from her. Normally, it would take Jennifer a few minutes to smother out an opponent, but since Shakira was already weak and short of breath, it took her less than a minute to render her unconscious. She stays on her face just to make sure she was out. She then turned her attention to her fellow teammates to help them out.

Vivica Fox vs Halle Berry "White target, right target!" Vivica whispers to herself as she watches the stunned Halle frantically try to recover. Not at all thinking clearly due to the surprise and pain of the attack, Halle reaches for her broken sunglasses, whimpers, then tries to straighten the wig.

"I'm baaaackkk. Want my outfit. Gonna take it off your pretty little ass-but FIRST!-"

Whooosh. Kerwhump. The sound of stuffy inside Vegas air being cut by a flashing feminine foot and the resounding thunk of a most choice target being hit. Halle gasped in sheer agony as Vivica removed her foot from her groin, ripped the tilted wig off of her hair, buried her fingers in Halle's short locks, jerked her to her feet and delivered a most devastating bitchslap sending Halle crashing into another nearby rack of clothes.

"I said I want my outfit back, bitch. But first, let's Dance!"

Halle lies on the floor atop the heap of dresses from the knocked over rack. Vivica walks over and reaches down and grabs Halle by that now infamous white leather vest, and snatches Halle to her feet and right into a devastating right hand punch. Halle's yells "Aaahhhh!" as her head snaps and her arms flail from the impact. After four more of those powerful right hand punches, Halle looks like a mindless zombie just standing there while Vivica pounds her into oblivion.

With Halle completely under control, Vivica slings her across the shop. Halle stumbles out of control until she slams into the check out counter. Halle is sliding down to the ground when Vivica captures her and blasts her with a left cross. Halle's arms dangle lifelessly by her sides as the mindless punching bag takes three more lefts from Vivica. Once Vivica stops Halle's limp body crumbles in Vivica's arms. Vivica scoops Halle up into body slam position, then drops Halle's limp body across her outstretched knee. Vivica's backbreaker injects a bolt of life into the previously lifeless Halle. Halle reacts with a shriek of pain, then Vivica rolls her off her knee, and Halle simply lies face down wile groaning in torment.

Vivica is exhilarated by Halle's apparent defeat. She looks so excited that she may wet her pants again. "I said I wanted my clothes back!" Vivica demands, as she reaches down and starts stripping the leather vest off of Halle. Halle offers absolutely no resistance, an Vivica removes the top. "You don't have enough up top to fill it out anyway." Vivica taunts, and starts removing Halle's matching pants. Again, the beaten film favorite offers no resistance.

Now that she has been reduced to an extremely sexy, yet small black bra and panty set, Halle slowly rises to her feet, and begs, "Please Vivica, No more.... I've had enough." Halle raises her hands, begging off a la' Ric Flair. "No Vivica.... Don't hurt me anymore." Halle begs as she backs down the counter, and around its side, cowering in fear with tears welling in her eyes.

Vivica is ecstatic. Seeing Halle cowering in fear, after what she did to her earlier surpassed her wildest fantasy. "NO bitch! You're going to pay and suffer for what you did to me." Vivica says with glee. She marches forward to Halle, when suddenly Halle's foot flashes up and kicks her in the stomach. Vivica gasps and doubles over. Halle quickly grabs Vivica by the hair, and pulls it in the door of the counter that separates the sales staff and the customers. Then WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Halle slams the door on Vivica's head five times. She then pushes Vivica backwards, allowing the unconscious beauty to tumble over to the floor.

Halle starts laughing loudly. "And another Academy award winning performance by yours truly!" she loudly proclaims. "Stupid idiot I can't believe you fell for that." Halle says while still laughing hysterically.

When Vivica wakes up she finds her bra open, and Halle sitting on her chest mauling her tits. "Owwww stop Halle don't do this... You might bust my implants." pleads Vivica.

"Oh Shut up!" Halle says while continuing to crush Vivica's breast. "Take your punishment like a woman." Halle responds. She maintains her tit torture, while her teammates finish their respective conflicts. The whole time, pleads and begs for mercy like a wimp.

Pam Anderson vs Nelly Furtado Pam hears the smack, and does not want to turn around. She knows that their disguises have failed and there is someone waiting to get her. Suddenly she feels someone jump onto her back. She wraps her legs around Pam's waist, and her wrap around Pam's head locking her in a sleeper hold. Pam does not have a clue of her assailant's identity, but she knows she has experts knowledge of applying sleeper holds.

Pam's face registers instant pain. She reaches back and finds two handfuls of hair, and tries to use it to throw her attacker off her back. No luck. The legs are wrapped too tight around her waist and the sleeper is locked too tight.

Pam staggers around knocking over several dresses. The woman's legs are squeezing her sides, making her breathing difficult, and squeezing her internal organs. One of the woman's arms is pressed against Pam's throat, cutting off the little air that escaped the squeeze of her assailant's body scissors. Part of her arm presses against the size of Pam's neck and against her carotid artery slowing the blood flow to Pam's brain. Finally, the assailants other arm is locked around the back of Pam's head, so she can apply the maximum amount of pressure to her hold.

Pam's face becomes flush. It turns fire engine red. Her legs become weak and she is barely able to carry her own and her assailant's weight. Pam grabs hold of a dress rack to try and remain upright. Pam gets dizzier and dizzier, as her world starts spinning. Darkness starts to engulf her. She thinks its futile to continue to resist. Her opponent has whipped her. She has taken Pam down without Pam being able to remotely put up a fight.

Pam starts stumbling around before falling over backwards using her body weight and whatever force she can muster to fall and slam Nelly to the floor. The back of Nelly's head strikes the floor, knocking her silly, and briefly knocking the breath out of her. Her arms and legs spring open, freeing Pam. Pam rolls from on top of Nelly and lies beside Nelly only a foot or two away.

Nelly is first to move. Although wobbly she gets to her feet and uses two handfuls of Pam's 'Janet Jackson T shirt' and pulls her to her knees. Nelly delivers several stinging slaps to Pam's face that get several squeals from the hurting blonde. With her head being slapped from left to right, and her golden hair flying wildly, and tears welling in her eyes, Pam quickly realizes the young Canuk is destroying her piece by piece.

Pam struggles to her feet, and furiously throws punches trying to avoid defeat. She scores with several and succeed in driving Nelly back. Pam follows in and walks into a punishing belly punch from Nelly. Pam screams loudly and doubles over holding her stomach with both arms. The blonde crumples to the ground, and curls into a ball, moaning and whimpering. Nelly is shocked that Pam is fallen so easily, but she did not know of the brutal belly punishment that Janet Jackson dished out to Pam the previous morning.*

"I know how to finish off an old worn out whore, like you" Nelly mutters as she takes off the baggy pair of jeans she was wearing. With only her lace panties covering her ass, Nelly plops her recently grown plumper booty on Pam's face. Nelly grinds away at Pam's face, as the older blonde lies flat on her back, accepting her doom.

Pam realizes she cannot lose this fight. If she loses, the Fab Four may disband, and Stone Rage would probably lose control of the league. Pam tries to escape by using her legs to knock Nelly off her perch, but Nelly catches the flailing legs, and pins Pam's legs down by doubling Pam up, bringing her feet up above Pam's head, folding her up in a matchbook pin.

With Nelly's booty almost smothering her out, Pam valiantly struggles again. It took extreme effort, but Pam gets her legs free. Pam kicks back and slams her legs against Nelly's shoulders, knocking her backwards on her back, and pinned to the floor. Pam sits up, and quickly rolls over capturing Nelly in a "69" position. Pam uses a leg scissors to hold Nelly at bay, but holds Nelly's legs down before Nelly could apply her own hold.

Pam pushes Nelly's legs apart, and licks her lips. "Well it worked against Janet Jackson" Pam thinks then lowers her head and bites down on Nelly's juicy pubic mound right through her lace panties. Nelly betrays her normally low singing voice, by suddenly becoming a soprano, as she elicits a loud high pitch scream.

Nelly arches her back, and tries to buck Pam off of her. She tries and tries to knock Pam off, but fails, as Pam keeps munching away at Nelly's Secret Garden. Pam rides Nelly's various thrust and throws like an expert cowhand breaking a young mare. Finally Nelly whimpers, "Please.... I give.... Please stop."

Pam ignores Nelly's pitiful pleas, and keeps her down. Pam continues biting poor Nelly. Pam playfully assaults Nelly's pussy like a dog playing with a chew toy. Pam continues until all her friends have completely defeated Generation Next, and their newfound ally, Vivica Fox. Pam delights at Nelly's pitiful whimpering and pleading. Pam wanted to make sure this young lioness suffers greatly, so she would never want to fight Pam again. Pam knew the next time she fought Nelly, she may not be this lucky. After all, she's not getting any younger.

Tia Carrere vs Alyssa Milano "I hate blondes!" Alyssa shouts with glee and anger as she slaps the tall brunette senseless after tossing her platinum wig aside. Tia, caught off guard makes little real resistance as she tries to block the powerful slaps that quickly turn into punches. Alyssa cuts lose with a hard, fast powerful uppercut to Tia's chin that sends the tall beauty backwards into the elegant door of a dressing room. As the doors ornate handle smacks into her lower back, Tia's long arms raise high, her long luscious upper body fully vulnerable. A punch to the solar plexus, another to the lower groin just above the naval.

Tia Carrere"Arggggggh. Uhhhhhhh. Nooooooo. Leggo!" Screams of agony, then a gasping plea totally uncharacteristic of the tall, self-reliant gorgeous action star erupts as Alyssa tears open her top, latches onto her rival's full beautiful bra clad breasts and squeezes the captured orbs with all her might. She screams like a banshee as Alyssa claws at her precious orbs tearing them to shreds and causing welts to appear.

Alyssa's eyes suddenly open wide in shock and her jaw drops in a near silent scream. The focus goes between Alyssa's legs as Tia has sent a hard kick right knee between her legs followed by several more. Tia takes advantage of Alyssa's momentary pain to poke her in the eyes causing her temporary blindness and takes Alyssa's hands away from her own aching orbs to cover her eyes. Tia follow it up with a couple of right hooks then a nasty uppercut to sends Alyssa staggering back. Alyssa bumps into on of the dressing room doors, loses her balance and falls on her back.

Tia takes a momentary rest to recover from Alyssa's assault before jumping on Alyssa and sitting on her gut. She grabs Alyssa's hair pulling toward her before releasing it into an oncoming right punch. She combo'd that by lifting her ass and dropping it on her stomach. Tia continues this devastating combo for a couple minutes rendering Alyssa almost unconscious. After tiring of doing the combo herself, she then wraps her arms around Alyssa's head bringing them toward her still aching and devastated orbs in a classing breast smother. She leans forward for maximum effect. Alyssa's arms and legs kick out trying to break free of the hold but it soon proves useless as Tia slams her ass into Alyssa's gut a couple more times. Alyssa keeps up a slight struggle for a couple minutes before her own strength and breath gave out.

Alyssa Milano"Nightie nite bitch." smirks Tia in the waning seconds of Alyssa's consciousness. Less than a half minute later, Alyssa was out underneath her. Tia walks out of the dressing room and sees that her teammates have already finished off the other Gen Next members and their ally of necessity, Vivica Fox.

Tia walks out of the dressing room area, and to her extreme delight, she finds Jennifer gyrating on Shaira's face, Pam munching between a balling Nelly's legs, and Halle mauling a pleading Vivica's tit's. Tia smiles and returns to Alyssa. She pulls the groggy beauty to her feet, and wrenches her left arm behind her back locking Alyssa in a painful hammerlock. Tia ushers a moaning Alyssa out of the dressing room.

"Come on let's go" Tia says.

The pained expression leaves Alyssa's face and her jaw drops in shock as he witnesses the destruction of the team. "As leader of this group, are you ready to offer your surrender?" Tia asks as wrenches Alyssa's captured limb even higher.

"Yes" Alyssa stammers, "You win".

"Okay girls... They've qit!" Tia shouts, and the Fab Four all ease up on their respective victims. "Gosh, you have made a total mess of this store." Tia says while surveying the countless piles of knocked over clothes and racks. "What do you intend on doing about it?' Tia asks.

"We'll pay" Alyssa weakly responds, "We'll pay for everything."

"No" Pam interrupts, "I like have a totally cooler idea." She says as she rises off of Nelly, and drops her cruel vixen persona and replaces it with her dumb blonde facade. "They can work off the damage by being live models, like I'm doing for PETA." And points to the large glass display booth at the front of the store.

"I love it." interrupts the store manager, who happens to work on commission. "They can work the next couple of days as live models in our display window." Says the attractive older woman dressed in a super sexy low cut business jacket and mini skirt. "They can wear... say... bra & panties. People will come for miles to see them, We'll make a fortune!" says the leggy manager.

So for the next two days, Alyssa Milano, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, and Vivica Fox, find themselves locked in a glass display booth, wearing the finest, and the skimpiest bra and panty sets in Vegas. They felt like animals in the zoo, as people from sun up to sun down came to ogle the celebrities. The sales staff was happy, they enjoyed records sales that week, and all made fat commission checks. The Fab Four were happy because they did not have to encounter the four celebrities for the remainder of their Vegas experience. As for Nelly, Alyssa, Shakira, and Vivica, well everybody can't be happy.

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* J.Lo vs Mya & Aguilera Finding J.Lo 4
^ Halle vs Vivica Finding J.Lo 3

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