It wasn't much long after her victory against Janet Jackson that Kelly called up Stone Rage for a match.*

"Hello?" Stone Rage answered.

"Hi Stone Rage. It's Kelly Clarkson. How are you?" responded Kelly.

"Hi Kelly. I'm doing fine. What can I do for you?" asked Stone Rage.

"I was hoping you'd set me up with a match. I was hoping for a title match against someone." Asked Kelly.

"You want a title match, huh? Are you sure about that?" asked a somewhat unsure Stone Rage.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I've been doing great in my matches and I just recently came off a huge victory against Janet. I think now's the time to strike at a title match." Responded Kelly.

"Hmm, you're right about that. I'll tell you what, I'll see if I can get you a match against Shania Twain. She's got the Songbird Championship title and she's been kind of itching for a match as of late. She wants to show she's still got it." said Stone Rage.

Stone Rage then called Shania about the match with Kelly. Shania was more than happy to accept the challenge and take on Kelly. Both prepared for the match that was only a few short weeks away. Kelly and her Gen Next teammates were ecstatic for Kelly in the match up. They all knew that this was another big test for Kelly to see if she can beat another top fighter. She was now more disciplined and a better fighter than when she started. She has quickly become a fan favorite in the league. The day of the match came and Kelly was as prepared as she would be.

"Don't worry about anything Kelly, you'll do fine. We're all very proud of you and how you've progressed. You deserve not only the title shot, but also to win the title. You're one hell of a fighter Kelly. Remember that we're here for you, no matter what happens. Go out and kick Shania's ass." Said a smiling Shakira.

"Thanks, Shakira. I couldn't have gotten this far without you guys. I'm going to go out and win this for you guys." Said a smiling Kelly as she headed out the door and to the ring.

She was introduced first as the challenger for the title. She came out to a loud roar of cheers from the crowd and most of them chanting her name. She thanked the fans as she went down the aisle and into the ring. Shania was introduced shortly after Kelly to a somewhat less of a cheer but still boisterous as she was still liked by the fans. She made it to the ring after shaking a number of the fans' hands. She handed me (G-Man) the belt, which I then gave it to the belt holder outside the ring.

I, being the special ref for the match, called the two to the center of the ring for the start of the match. Shania extended her hand in a sign of good sportsmanship and Kelly shook it smiling, "May the best fighter win." Shania smiled back as she broke the handshake and the bell sounded a second later.

Kelly Clarkson The two circled each other before locking up. Both fighters tried to use their strength for an advantage but couldn't find any. They soon released before locking back up. Shania expertly grabs Kelly's neck and flips her around onto the mat in a sitting position and putting her in a headlock. Kelly tries to get out of the hold, but Shania has it expertly done.

Shania brings her right knee up and positions it on Kelly's spine. She then quickly releases Kelly from the headlock as she grabs Kelly's wrists. She then slowly gets up into a standing position, takes her knee off of Kelly's spine and places her foot there instead pressing down on it. Kelly is grimacing and groaning in pain from it. Shania intermittently takes her foot off before pressing it back down. I finish the count to 10 and have Shania release the hold. Kelly collapses to the mat holding her back in pain.

Shania quickly moves bringing Kelly to her feet and slingshots her to the corner following right behind her. Just as Kelly hits the turnbuckle and turns around, Shania connects with a full body press. Shania followed that up with a half dozen shoulder slams into Kelly's gut. After she finished, Shania grabbed Kelly's arm and slingshot her to the opposite turnbuckle following close behind. This time however, instead of allowing herself to be hurt with a shoulder to the gut, Kelly has the wherewithal to sidestep Shania just in time. Shania totally whiffs and her shoulder connects with the steel beam behind the turnbuckles. She slowly slithered back to the mat groaning in pain and slightly winded as she her gut hit the turnbuckle when she missed Kelly.

Both fighters then quickly got into a slugfest with each other. Kelly soon found her opening and charged Shania connecting with a knee to Shania's gut. Kelly followed that up with several more shots to the knee forcing her to the ropes where Kelly clotheslined her over the top ropes and onto the floor below. Shania hit the floor in a thud.

Kelly did some showboating to the crowd, but knew she couldn't let Shania get her wind back. She slid under the bottom rope where Shania was on her hands and knees. Kelly got a little to close as Shania fired off several hard punches to Kelly's gut catching her off guard. Shania finally gets to her feet and fires off a few more punches to Kelly's chest and face forcing her back.

Then in a maneuver like in the movie 'The Matrix' Shania throws a punch at Kelly, but she catches it and wraps her own arm around it taking it out of play. A surprised Shania tries punching Kelly with her other arm but with the same results. Kelly then smiles at Shania as she unleashes a series of head-butts to Shania. With each successive head-butt, Shania was getting more and more dazed. After a few seconds of that Kelly releases Shania's arms.

I am taking my time counting the two fighters out trying to give Kelly more time. Kelly kicks Shania in the gut causing her to double over. She then forward kicks her in the head bringing her up right. Kelly then charges Shania, picking her up as she goes and slams her into the outside ring post causing Shania to scream in pain. Kelly slams Shania into the post several more times. She then releases Shania from the hold and grabbed her head slamming it several times into the ring post before rolling her into ring. Kelly rolled in right behind her.

Kelly brought Shania to her knees and slingshot her to the corner and slammed into her with a fully body press like Shania did to her a few minutes earlier. She then followed up with several shoulder hits to Shania's gut taking the wind out of her.

Kelly grabbed Shania's hair and practically dragged her into the middle of the ring where she placed her head between her legs. She then hoisted Shania up in the air and power-bombed her with resounding force nearly knocking Shania out. Kelly then slid around and pinned Shania. I quickly slid into place for the three-count and slammed my hand down three times for the victory. Shania was too weak and out of it to kick out.

I then called for the bell and the belt. I smiled and winked at Kelly as I gave her the belt. She winked and smiled back at me as she took the belt. After she took the belt, she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. As I hoisted one of Kelly's arm in victory, she hoisted her other arm up with the belt. Kelly then went around the ring showing her belt to the crowd.

Shania was slowly making it to her feet as Kelly finished showcasing the belt and called out to Kelly. Shania extended her hand out to Kelly who hesitated for a second before extending her own hand out and taking Shania's. "You're one hell of a fighter and opponent Kelly. I'm sure you'll do well in the league, whether it's as champion or not. Holding one of the belts makes you one of the elite fighters. I see a great future for you. Best of luck to you." smiled Shania as she hugged Kelly.

"Thanks Shania. It means a lot coming from you." smiled Kelly as she welled-up a bit hugging Shania. The three of us left the ring and went to the locker rooms. Shania went to her own locker room, while Kelly and I went to Gen Next's locker room to celebrate. As we entered the locker room, each other members hugged and kissed Kelly in congratulations for winning the title.

"Congratulations, we're all proud of you Kelly. We knew you could do it. Have some champagne to celebrate." smiled Alyssa as she handed her a flute filled with champagne. We hung out for a little bit in the locker room before heading out to the clubs for some more fun.

*Jackson vs Clarkson