Soon after Christina Aguilera leaves the ring and enters the Gen Prime locker room after her resounding loss to Kelly Clarkson,* she gets an earful from Janet Jackson.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Christina? You got your ass handed to you by a damn rookie. You're a seasoned vet and a former War Queen Champion for crying out loud and you looked like the rookie out there." screamed Janet.

"Don't you fucking lecture me Janet. You have no idea what it's like to be embarrassed like that." sniped Christina.

"Yeah, I actually do know what it's like. I don't like your attitude either. You better shape up your attitude or I'll adjust it for you. You haven't been the same since Vegas." hissed Janet as she stared down Christina.

Christina barely flinched as the two locked eyes. "You know what, if you think you could do better against than me, why don't you go to Stone Rage and schedule a match with Kelly Clarkson. You should lead by example, being that you are the leader of the group." growled Christina.

"I will do just that Christina and when I'm through with her in the ring, I'm going to set you straight." chided Janet.

"Fine by me." added Christina as she folder her arms and left the locker room.

Early the next morning, Janet called Stone Rage and got her match with Kelly. The match was to take place in Madison Square Garden in a couple of weeks. During those couple of weeks, Janet and Christina barely spoke to each other.

Kelly on the other hand, couldn't wait for the match. This was a big test for her going against one of the biggest and toughest stars not only in the league, but also in the music industry. She had the full support of her team. They all knew that if Kelly won, she would solidify herself as a legitimate wrestler and fighter and gain respect amongst the other wrestlers in the league. They helped her train for the match and gave her tips on what to look for when fighting Janet. This time around, she trained mostly with the group's leader Alyssa.

The day of the match finally came and Kelly was the calmest she's ever been before a match. Moments before the match started, Kelly was making final preparations with the team. "I just want to thank you guys for helping me train for this match. You guys are great friends and I love you all." smiled Kelly.

"You're a good friend too Kelly. You're coming along fine as a fighter as well. We're all proud of you. I know you'll win tonight. We'll be back here waiting for you and watching the match in case you need any help." said Alyssa.

"Thanks, I know you guys always have my back. I'll make sure you won't have to come to the ring." smiled Kelly as she finished her stretching. The young blonde then started to make her way to the ring for the start of the match.

Janet was introduced first to the ring to 'Do it to me' from her new album. She came in to a mix of boos and cheers. She strutted down the ramp and into the ring with a renewed confidence that you could almost call cocky. Janet was confident in her skills and experience that she could take on the young and somewhat inexperienced Kelly Clarkson. Kelly was introduced next to her hit song 'Walk Away'. She came in to loud cheers from the crowd. She blew kisses and waved to them as she walked down the aisle. Just as Kelly was about to enter into the ring, Janet didn't wait for the bell to sound. She charged toward Kelly and slid under the ropes knocking Kelly down to her back.

"I'll fucking break you like a twig girl." snarled an angry Janet as she picked Kelly up by her hair. Before Kelly could do anything, Janet kicked her in the gut, followed by a knee to her face. Janet grabs a fistful of Kelly's hair and the back of her pants and sends her head first into the stairs going to the ring. In the meantime the ref is counting waiting for them to get into the ring. Kelly is rolling on the ground in pain trying to get the cobwebs out of her head and mount an attack.

Kelly Clarkson Janet pulls Kelly up to her feet and rolls her into the ring following right behind her just ahead of the count out by the ref. Janet pulls Kelly to her feet and sends her to the ropes. As Kelly is on her way back, Janet bends over readying for a monkey flip, but instead finds herself on the receiving end of a DDT by Kelly. A surprised Janet quickly rolls away and gets to one knee.

Both Kelly and Janet make their way toward each other watching each other carefully. Both move in for a shoulder lock, but Kelly quickly maneuvers herself and hip tosses Janet to the mat. Janet quickly gets up and charges at Kelly who hip tosses her again. After the second hip toss, Janet pounds the mat with her fists in frustration. "Tsk, tsk Janet, that's no way for a veteran like you to act." chides Kelly jokingly.

"I'll show you how to act bitch." Yells Janet as she gets back to her feet firing off a series of punches and kicks toward Kelly's torso and head. They were side-stepped or blocked with relative ease like a black belt karate trainer being attacked by a novice. After an ill advised kick, Kelly snatches one of Janet's legs and while holding her leg fired off a series of hard kicks to Janet's now exposed pussy and gut. Janet was screaming hellishly as her young opponent was kicking her mercilessly. There was little that Janet could do to stop the attack. Kelly finished off the attack with a high kick to Janet's jaw sending her crumpling to the mat. Janet quickly balled up into a fetal position and groaning in pain.

Back in Gen Prime's locker room Mya and their newest recruit, Denise Richards were fretting with Christina about whether or not to help out their mentor and leader. Christina reminded them, "Janet said she'd be able to handle the rookie, we should let her handle Kelly by herself."

"But she's our leader dammit. We should help her." said Denise in a slightly whiny and frustrated voice. Entering a group that has been through so much discord lately, Denise debated over the right thing to do. After a few more seconds Denise said, "You know what Chris, you're wrong, I'm helping Janet." Denise headed to the locker room door to head out to the ring with Mya but as she tried to open the door, she couldn't. "What the fuck's wrong with this door?" screamed Denise as she tried to open the door with no luck.

"Let me try." Said Mya as she pushed her out of the way and tried opening the door herself but with the same result. Christina chuckled as the duo had trouble with the door.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" snapped Denise.

"The two of you trying to open the door." smiled Christina as she got up and made her way to the door. "You girls are such wimps." Chuckled Christina as she tried her hand against the door. She had the same luck as the other two. A bad feeling quickly came over the three of them that someone had purposely done this to the door to prevent them from helping Janet. They started banging on the door and screaming for help. Alyssa, Shakira and Nelly all were laughing their heads off as they listened to Gen Prime's cries for help. They couldn't wait to see the looks on the faces of the Gen Prime members when they find their leader beaten badly by Kelly, but also that Gen Next were the ones who jerry-rigged the door so that it wouldn't open.

Back in the ring, Kelly was having her way with Janet. She had just finished off a set of 4-straight German suplexes. After the fourth suplex, Kelly brought Janet to her feet. By this point, Janet was all but done for in the match, her legs were wobbly and her arms were dangling at her side. Kelly peppered Janet's head and body with punches finished off by a jump kick. Janet was surprisingly still on her feet.

Kelly charged in and connected with several karate chops to Janet's chest forcing her back to the ropes. She then grabs Janet's arm and sends her to the opposite set of ropes as she bounces off the one nearest her. As the two approach each other, Kelly attempts a clothesline, but Janet ducks underneath it. On the bounce back, Janet launched herself at Kelly with a clothesline of her own, knocking her down. Janet quickly straddled Kelly and went to work on her by grabbing her hair with one hand and punching with the other. Kelly was caught totally off guard by Janet's maneuver as she was grunting and groaning with each punch. In the midst of all the punching, Kelly found her opening and raked Janet in the eyes causing Janet to stop her attack and cover her eyes. Kelly then pushed Janet off of her and lay on the mat recovering from the attack.

Kelly was the first one to her feet. She stepped in and kicked Janet back to the mat as she was trying to get to her feet. After Janet fell back to the mat, Kelly kicked and stomped Janet's prone body further weakening her. After half a minute of kicking and stomping Janet, Kelly pulls Janet to her feet and puts her into a reverse headlock. She then hoists her up into the air, spins her around and drops her onto her outstretched knee with a back breaker. She tortures Janet somewhat by grabbing and pressing down on both her neck and pussy. Janet was hollering in pain from the attack that Kelly was dishing out. Kelly continues this for almost a minute before releasing her hold on Janet and letting her drop down to the mat.

Kelly walks around the ring showboating a bit to the fans while Janet is groaning on the mat and not about to get back up anytime soon, at least not before Kelly is done showboating. The crowd is cheering wildly for her and she shows her appreciation to them.

Kelly finally makes her way back to Janet is by now on her hands and knees. Kelly kicks her so that she's on her back. Kelly steps between her legs, picks them up and quickly puts Janet into a sharpshooter hold and leans back for further effect. Janet is screaming in absolute pain and her arms are flailing as well. The ref asks her if she wants to submit, but only gets Janet's screaming in return. Janet desperately tries to get to the ropes but they're too far away and she's too weak physically. Janet wasn't able to put up with the pain for much longer as she finally started slamming on the mat in submission. The ref called for the bell signaling the end of the match. Kelly added a little butt slam while Janet is still in the hold as a final touch to her victory before releasing the hold. The ref came by and raised Kelly's arm in victory.

After the victory, Alyssa, Nelly and Shakira made it to the ring to celebrate Kelly's victory. They all gave her high fives as they came in. They then all stood around Janet who was still on the ground groaning in pain. She looked up at them with somewhat pleading eyes, "You may have beaten me today, but this wars not over yet."

"It may not be over, but we own your team now and we have the better talent." Smirked Shakira as she straddled Janet's body with her ass facing her. She shook her ass and hips seductively as she slowly lowered her ass onto Janet's face. Janet flailed her arms and legs as she was being facesat by the Bootylicious champ. Her weak attempts to free herself didn't last long as Shakira smothered her unconscious within a minute.

The Gen Next members quickly stripped her naked, hog-tied her and brought her back to the Gen Prime's locker room door with a not on her. They released the jerry-rigged door and knocked on it before leaving. Christina opened the door and found the still unconscious and bound Janet with the note. She picked up the note and untied Janet. She read the note to the group: "To the members Gen Prime- We hope you enjoyed watching our teammate, Kelly, dismantle your leader Janet as much as we did. We just love taking you guys on, especially Kelly. If you want to keep having matches with us, please do so. If not, that's fine with us. Either way, know that you guys are our bitches and will continue to be from now on. Love, your Gen Next Owners."

Christina crumpled the note and threw it at the lockers in disgust, "Those bitches think they own us? Who the fuck do they think they are? This war is far from over."

* Aguilera vs Clarkson

Generation Next vs Generation Prime
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MyaDenise Richards
"This war is far from over"


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