It's been several months since Kelly Clarkson's debut match against Shakira. In the meantime, Kelly had been training with Shakira and honing her skills. Kelly had gotten some additional training from Alyssa's extensive fighting and Nelly Furtado as well, but most of her training was from Shakira. The four of them had become close during that time, but Kelly and Shakira bonded the most during that time of all of them. They had penned a match for Kelly to fight Christina Aguilera after just those few short months of training. They felt that Kelly had progressed enough in her training to have another match. Christina hadn't fought in a long time and had to play a little catch-up to get back into fighting condition. Gen Next had Stone Rage stipulate in the contract that there would be no members from either group at ringside or else the groups fighter would lose the match. This was good for Gen Next since they were outnumbered by Gen Prime.

The day for the match came and both fighters were as prepared as they could be. In the Gen Prime locker room, Christina was excited but confident. Her experience taught her to remain focused and not to get too worked up before the match.

"You're going to do fine Christina. This should be an easy victory for you. Kelly's just a rookie and we all saw how she got her ass whipped by Shakira. Just stay focused and don't get overzealous." Said Janet Jackson to Christina as a trainer would talk to their fighter before a match.

Christina shrugged and smiled "I know I can beat her. I've just been going through some moves in my head that I could do."

"That's good. Now get out there and kick some ass girl." Smiled Janet.

In the Gen Next locker room, Kelly was finishing up her preparations for the match. Kelly was a little anxious as she paced slowly back and forth, but overall she was confident and composed.

Trying to keep their new fighter calm, Alyssa calmly and kindly spoke up: "Kelly, there's nothing to worry about. Just remember the training. You're a good fighter and you've made a lot of accomplishments during the past couple months in your fighting skills. Besides, no matter what happens in the ring tonight, we're still your team and your friends."

"I know. The fact that I'm going up a former champ is not easy. You guys are good trainers though. I learned a lot from you guys, especially you Shakira." Smiled Kelly a little nervously.

Shakira slowly walked up to Kelly with her trademark smile and gently held Kelly's head between her hands "Maybe you could use a little inspiration, huh Kelly? Win this match for me…your idol. It'll make me happy if you do." As she finished it, she French kissed Kelly and put some serious tongue into it. Kelly was pleasantly surprised that Shakira did this, and wrapped her own arms around Shakira's body. Shakira broke the embrace after about a minute and smiled at Kelly who had a somewhat dreamy look on her face after making out with Shakira (much like she had after they fucked the night she became a member of Gen Next).

Kelly broke the silence and said with her eyes locked on Shakira's "I'll win it for you Shakira. You've been an inspiration to me…as have the rest of you".

The whole time Alyssa and Nelly looked on with some amazement and desire as each wanted to be the ones making out with the two beauties (Nelly more so than Alyssa). As Kelly left to go to her match, Shakira smacked her on the butt for good luck, followed by Alyssa then by Nelly, who also pinched her ass as well. Kelly stopped and turned her head around toward Nelly who just smiled and winked at her. Kelly smiled and winked in return "You'll be kissing that after the match Nelly."

"No problem Kelly. I'll be getting my lips ready while I wait for you to get back." Chuckled Nelly. Alyssa and Shakira just looked at each other shaking their heads with huge smiles on their face.

Christina was introduced first wearing her outfit from her video "Can't hold us down" with that same song blaring in the background. She came in to a mix of boos and cheers. She was giving the finger to all those who were booing her and cursing at them as well. She waved to those who cheered her on. There was a fan cheering her on in the front row that was videotaping her. She smiles and walks over to him and shakes her ass for his camera. The fan yelled out "I love you Christina."

She winked at him as she finished her ass shaking: "I love you too. Make sure you get good shots of me beating the crap out of Kelly tonight." Said Christina to the star struck fans before she went into the ring.

Kelly was introduced next to thunderous applause and cheers to her song "Behind these Hazel Eyes". She was wearing her outfit that she wore in the forest scenes. She shook her fans' hands as she went down the aisle. Some fans were throwing flowers at her including one in the front row opposite of Christina's fan. She went over and accepted the flower from the adoring male fan. In return she gave him a hug and a brief breast rub to his face which he liked "This match is for you babe." Smiled Kelly. She then turned and went into the ring for the match.

The two fighters went into their corners and waited for the ref to start to match. "I'm going to make you regret you fought me Kelly." Growled Christina from her corner.

Kelly scowled back and said "You wish. I'm not as rusty as you are Christina. I'm going to whip your ass from corner to corner."

The ref asked for the bell and the two came out of their corners and began to circle each other. The two then locked up for a test of strength and after a few seconds, Kelly pushed a surprised Christina to the mat, but she quickly got back up. They locked up once again for a test of strength. This time, instead of throwing her to the mat, Kelly used her strength and size to push Christina to the corner. Kelly was able to take her hands from the lock up to begin to choke Christina. The ref made her release it after 5 seconds. Not wasting a second, Kelly let out a couple of hard jabs to Christina's body before she could recover from the choke before backing off. Christina grunted from the punches.

Christina charged at Kelly hoping to tackle her but Kelly adeptly moved out of the way and took her down with a drop-toe-hold which splayed Christina on the mat. Both fighters quickly got up and began to circle each other again. Christina feigned a punch to her left while bringing her right around for a hook punch, but Kelly wouldn't go for it as she blocked the hook and countered with pair of short jabs to Christina's unprotected faced followed by a kick to her pussy. Christina yelped and bent over and held her now aching pussy. Kelly then grabbed Christina's head and kneed it several times causing her even more pain. Kelly bent down, grabbed Christina's neck with her left hand and grabbed her abs with her right and slowly lifted her up in the air to show everyone her strength. Christina began to wiggle trying to get Kelly off balance and fall. It started to work as Kelly began to lose her balance, but she quickly countered by turning the over the head press into a body slam which took even more out of Christina and left her writhing in pain on the mat. Christina and her fans couldn't believe that she was being destroyed by a rookie.

Kelly stood up, quickly went to the outside of the ring and up to the third turnbuckle and not wasting anytime leaped onto the prone stomach of her opponent in a cross-body splash. Sensing a victory at hand, Kelly quickly stood back up and brought her thumb across her throat signifying that the end was near. Kelly grabbed Christina by the hair and brought her to her feet and thrust her head between her sexy thighs. Christina placed her hands on Kelly's outer thighs to steady herself. Kelly wrapped her arms around Christina's waist and brought her up vertically, held her up for a few seconds and dropped Christina for a textbook pile-driver causing Christina's body to spasm and drop almost lifelessly to the mat.

Kelly noticed that Christina was out of it at this point. She stood up, walked around so that she faced her straight on, placed her foot between Christina's breasts and flexed her arms in victory as the referee counted the 3 count. He then stood up and raised Kelly's arm in victory. The crowd cheered wildly for Kelly's victory.

Kelly noticed Christina's fan who had the video-camera and walked down to him and quickly made out with him. Once she finished making out, she rose her hand up and he quickly gave the tape of the match to her. "Thanks sweetie." Smiled Kelly as she walked away. Christina knew she was going to get it from Janet and her teammates when she got back to the locker room as she slowly got back up and headed back.

The rest of Gen Next was happily waiting for Kelly to come back and all gave her high-fives and a hug for her victory. Nelly was the last to hug Kelly. As the two finished hugging Kelly turned around and patted her ass cheeks and giggled a bit "Ready to keep your promise Nelly." Kelly even lowered her jeans enough to reveal her naked, sexy ass.

"Yeah, you said you'd be waiting to do it too." Smiled Alyssa.

"I'm ready. I'm willing to do it." said Kelly as she knelt down behind Kelly and placed a pair of kisses on each of Kelly's ass. They all giggled as they watched this. Nelly quickly got back to her feet and she and Kelly hugged again with big smiles on their faces. "You can kiss my ass anytime Nelly."

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