Stone Rage looked up with a start as his office door crashed open. Christina Applegate was storming toward his desk with a murderous look in her eye. 'Well! Hello Christina! How good of you to come for a visit. It's always so nice to hear from our champion."

"Stuff it, Stone Rage! You know why I'm here!"

The commissioner's eyes opened wide in mock astonishment. "Why, no! Please enlighten me, won't you?"

"Cut the bullshit! What the hell is this about Anna Nicole Smith not being able to officiate my next championship match??"

"Oh, that, of course," Stone Rage chuckled. "Well, you see, it was brought to my attention that Anna didn't quite call your championship bout with Britney Spears right down the middle. Some might even go so far as to say that she showed some favoritism. Now, as you know, an official has broad latitude in how to interpret the rules during a match, so normally I wouldn't be able to do much about that."

"What are you trying to pull, Stone Rage? You know you can't do shit as long as Anna was the legal referee, so what's your point?"

"As I said, Christina, NORMALLY that would be true. But you see, this is a special instance. I have a signed affidavit admitting that there was a premeditated plan before the match." His smile vanished. "Which means I CAN do something. In fact, as you've obviously heard, I already have. Anna is suspended as of now."

Christina stared in shock. "Affidavit? What affidavit? What are you talking about?"

"Why, a close friend of yours. A fellow ABA member, who was in on the whole scheme. Or rather, she used to be an ABA member."

Christina's eyes narrowed as she realized what had taken place. "That bitch…"

"Now, now, is that any way to talk about your old friend Alyssa Milano? Or should I say, about your next opponent?"

Christina's jaw dropped, but after a moment she closed it again with her usual arrogance. "Now that's where you're wrong. As champion I do have some privileges, and one of them is that the champ can reject an opponent unless she's the #1 contender. Since Alyssa's last match ended with her face buried in Alicia Silverstone's ass, there's no way she could be the #1 contender, which means I don't have to accept the match. Fuck off."

The two glared at one another for several seconds as Stone Rage considered his options. He was no fan of Alyssa, but he had given her his word when she had come to him and offered to betray her former allies. Giving her a championship shot had seemed a small price to pay to eliminate Anna Nicole's interference, and if she had retained her championship he could have legitimately proclaimed her to be the #1 contender. Still, in the long run, devaluing his word could be even more costly to the federation than the ABA's shenanigans. Unless the girls could rely on his decisions, he'd be no better than the factions who tried to take it over. He had no choice now; he had to make this match happen.

"You are correct," he began, "you don't have any obligation to take this match. On the other hand, there's nothing that says I ever have to lift Anna's suspension, either. If you ever want her to officiate a match again, you'd better be a little more cooperative. So what do you say?"

To his surprise, Christina actually smirked. "I say sure. Give me a stipulation in writing that Anna is reinstated if I win, and I'll be only to happy to beat the hell out of that worthless slut."

"Fine. But that's not all of it. As I'm sure you've guessed, Julie Strain will referee this match personally, and if the ABA enter the ringside area at all you'll forfeit the match. If that happens, I can assure you that Anna Nicole Smith will never tarnish one of my rings again. Better yet, if you lose the match at all, she's fired. Am I clear?"

"Crystal. But if you want me to agree to all that shit, there's one more thing I want added. When the match is over, Julie leaves and the winner has five minutes to do anything she wants to the loser. That bitch needs to learn that you NEVER betray the ABA. You give me that, and we've got a match."

And so a main event was born.

The challenger had a serious expression as she made her way purposefully to the ring. Although her black one-piece suit plunged below her navel in the front, it would still be less likely to bind or slip than the tiny bikinis she usually wore to the ring, and it looked great with her chestnut hair. Due to her experience with the ABA, Alyssa was as familiar with Christina as anyone in the federation, and she was sure she could win the title. Tonight would be all about revenge.

Once the challenger was in the ring, Christina began her own approach. Wearing a bright red string bikini, she spared the crowd only a few withering glances, reserving the bulk of her attention for the lithe figure awaiting her in the ring. She wanted nothing more than to crush Alyssa and make her beg for mercy in front of the large crowd.

Julie StrainJulie Strain was well aware of the importance of this match. The ill will between the two combatants could be felt throughout the arena. She had no love for either competitor, but was determined that whatever happened would be on the up and up.

To her surprise, Alyssa stepped back from the ropes immediately, allowing Christina to enter the ring unmolested. Apparently the challenger was as eager to avoid a disqualification as the champion was. Each girl glowered at the other as Julie went over the rules, but they both turned and headed to their corner to await the bell.

Just as it was starting to look like a scientific match, Christina abruptly reversed direction and charged toward Alyssa's back, so that she was already moving at full speed when the bell rang. However, an instant before she would have made contact, Alyssa turned around and grabbed her with a perfectly executed arm drag. The blond champion went sailing through the air, landing unceremoniously on her butt.

Christina slapped the mat in frustration, then leapt to her feet and again charged the challenger. Alyssa was again ready, and arm dragged the champion a second time. The blond was even more furious at the second counter, and immediately charged a third time, but was once more sent sailing through the air.

If looks could kill, Alyssa would have been dead on the spot, but Christina finally held her temper in check and rose more cautiously. The challenger smiled broadly and rubbed her hands across her waist, indicating that soon she would be wearing the belt there.

Christina's eyes narrowed, and she began subjecting Alyssa to a string of profanity and verbal abuse that would have made a sailor blush. Ignoring the tirade, the brunette suddenly darted forward and planted a hard slap that whipped Christina's head around before taking a quick step back out of range.

The champion swung back wildly, but her blow was far wide of the target. Alyssa took advantage of the off balance Christina and captured her in a full nelson. The blond twisted wildly, trying to throw her smaller foe off, but Alyssa managed to slip her leg in front and topple both girls to the mat, with the champ's face taking the brunt of the impact.

Christina went momentarily limp on impact, offering little resistance as her foe rolled her to her back. The crowd went into a frenzy as Julie counted, sensing a quick upset.

Somehow, Christina managed instinctively to kick out after a two count. Annoyed, Alyssa pushed her shoulders back to the mat, but again the champion kicked out after two.

Realizing that her opponent still had too much energy for such an early pin, Alyssa clamped on a tight headlock to wear her down. She leaned into it, making the struggling girl beneath her support her body weight. When she judged she had taken enough out of the champion, she grabbed a handful of blond hair, yanking Chris back to her feet and tossing her toward the ropes.

Timing it perfectly, she nailed the returning champion with a brutal side kick that caught her right in the chin. Christina dropped like a rock, sprawling flat on her back in the middle of the ring. Alyssa almost danced over to her fallen enemy, and dropped down for an easy cover.

Showing surprising resilience, Christina was still able to kick out after a long two count. Alyssa glared at Julie and slapped her hands together three times, indicating that she felt it should have been a three count. Julie held up two fingers and counted them right in front of Alyssa's face, her body language showing that she was more than ready if the smaller girl wanted to make something of it.

The wounded champion struggled to her hands and knees, but before she could make it further she was again tossed to the ropes, only to be met on her return trip by a three fingered knife chop to the throat. The sexy blond collapsed to the mat gagging while Julie warned Alyssa about trying to injure the throat. The challenger opened her hands and spread them wide, but at the same time stepped onto her downed opponent's windpipe.

Julie caught on almost immediately and got right in Alyssa's face as she gave her a five count. Unruffled, the smaller girl raised her fingers in sync with the count, breaking it with a smile a fraction of the second before the five count that would have meant her disqualification. Julie grit her teeth, visibly annoyed at the obvious disdain with which Alyssa treated the rules.

Relentlessly, the challenger again yanked the gasping champion to her feet and towards the ropes. When she stumbled back this time, the quick brunette caught her in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring.

Christina flailed and squirmed, trying to find a way out of the hold, but Alyssa had applied it perfectly. Although the blond managed to grab a handful of her adversary's hair, she didn't have the leverage to pull the girl away.

With the punishment she had taken, it didn't take long for the hold to begin working on the champion. Her writhing began to slow and the strength seemed to drain from her frame. Her legs wobbled, then buckled completely as she dropped to her knees. Her head was neatly framed between Alyssa's considerable cleavage as it began to slump forward.

Desperately Christina reached back, trying to find some weakness in the toned body behind her. Her hands slid over the slick skin, vainly trying to claw at the sleekly muscled torso. It would surely only be a matter of time before her struggles faded completely.

Suddenly, the blond slid her right hand beneath the tight black material of Alyssa's suit. The brunette challenger gasped with surprise as the hand began caressing her crotch. She immediately squeezed even harder on the sleeper hold, trying to put the tough blond away before the unexpected counter hold could take effect.

Christina held on through sheer force of will. She knew that Alyssa's sometimes-explosive sexual drive could be a weakness, and she ruthlessly exploited it. Her hand moved continually under her enemy's suit, fingering, caressing and continually stimulating the sexy girl's pussy.

As much as Alyssa wanted to ignore what she was feeling, Christina's considerable sexual skills could not be denied. Inevitably, the challenger's breathing became irregular and her eyes closed as her nipples visibly stiffened. More importantly for Christina, the pressure on the sleeper relaxed significantly.

As the champion's head cleared, she redoubled her efforts to arouse Alyssa. Her free hand was caressing the taut body, and she was rubbing her own curves against every available inch of the girl's skin. As Alyssa began to moan, her own legs trembled and soon buckled.

Julie stared at the odd pair, but didn't interfere. While sexual attacks were irregular in a standard match, there was no rule specifically prohibiting them.

Alyssa was no longer trying to subdue Christina at all, totally sidetracked by her own irrepressible desires. She was cooing and whimpering, her head tilted back with eyes closed, with both hands fondling her own stiff-nippled breasts. The blonde's strength was returning by the second, and she clearly enjoyed the sight of her docile and debilitated foe.

Finally, Alyssa's entire body shuddered and she let out a long, loud moan as she came. Once the tremors passed from her frame, her entire body relaxed and she lay with her chest heaving and eyes glassy.

Christina took advantage of the opportunity, pulling Alyssa to her feet and then immediately dropping her again with a neckbreaker. Before the weakened girl could recover, the champion grabbed her arms and planted a foot on her back in a textbook surfboard. She held on for almost a minute, grinding the brunette's back and delighting in her groans and cries of pain, before she finally let go.

As Alyssa lay holding the small of her back, Christina picked up her legs, leaning back into a Boston crab. Alyssa screamed and kicked but wasn't able to squirm free. Again, the champion held on until she felt her foe weakening. Now it was time to go for the kill.

Christine dropped the right leg, grabbing an arm instead to lock in a brutal bow-and-arrow hold. Suddenly Alyssa's shrieks turned up a notch as her weakened back was abruptly twisted into a new and excruciatingly painful position. Despite her agony, she adamantly shook her head 'no' when Julie asked if she wanted to submit. Instead, she began trying to drag herself and her tormentor toward the ropes.

Christina held on for almost five minutes as Alyssa slowly inched the two of them toward the edge of the ring. Through all the pain, she somehow managed to grasp the rope with her free hand at last, and Julie quickly tapped the champion on the shoulder, ordering her to break the hold.

Much to Julie's surprise, the blond complied right away, stepping back to the middle of the ring. Her strategy soon became clear, however, when she immediately asked that she be declared the winner since Alyssa obviously couldn't continue. Although it was an absurd claim, it had the desired effect. The battered challenger struggled to her feet, assuring Julie that she was ready to resume the battle. Julie started to say something, but thought the better of it, shrugged, and gave the signal for the match to carry on.

Alicia tried to evade her rival in order to recuperate, but the punishing submission holds had seriously weakened her back and limited her mobility. She feinted to the left and then dove right, but Christina caught her with a fierce kidney punch that dropped her to her knees with a wounded cry. The champion followed up with a cruel elbow to the side of the head, which left her enemy dazed, and on her hands and knees. Grabbing Alicia's head, Christina hit her with a bulldog that left her dazed in the middle of the ring.

Sensing victory, the blond warrior seized the brunette's legs and twisted around, trying to step over into a 'Walls Of Jericho'. Alyssa tried to fight, but she simply wasn't strong enough. Christina shouted in triumph as she stepped through, locking the hold in.

Alyssa wailed as the hold brought new agonies to her damaged back. She clawed at the mat, trying with all her might to once again make her way to the ropes, but it was plainly hopeless. Julie asked if she wanted to surrender, but she shook her head a vigorous 'no.'

Christina cinched down even harder with the hold. Alyssa's struggles began to wane, her strength sapped by the pain. She began to sob, and soon tears were running down her cheeks. Julie asked for her submission a second time, but still she shook her head in denial.

The brutal blonde began to twist the brunette's back, adding even more pressure. Alyssa's cries became less coherent, a series of desperate whimpering sounds, and she barely moved.

Julie dropped down beside Alyssa. "Are you ready to give up? Just say the word and I'll call for the bell."

She could barely make out Alyssa's reply. "No…" she gasped.

"No? Are you sure?"


"You're not sure, or you don't submit?"

Alyssa's pretty eyes had gone glassy and unfocused. "Submit… what?"

"Do you submit to Christina?"

No answer.

"Do you submit?"

Still no reply.


"Submit…" she mumbled. "Yes… submit…. I give…" Her hand feebly tapped the mat in surrender.

Julie quickly stood up and gestured for the bell. When it rang, she ordered Christina to release the hold. "Hey, that's it, the match is over. Let her go."

Christina chuckled. "Oh, now you know better than that. I get five minutes of fun now, and you'd just be in the way. It's time for you to go."

"I'll go. But the match isn't over until you break that hold. I can still disqualify you and reverse the decision."

Christina shot her a look of pure hatred. "All right, whatever you say. That's just one more the ABA owes you, bitch." She gave her conquered adversary one last twist, eliciting another moan, then dropped the hold. "And payday is coming!"

Julie took a step toward Christina, then took a deep breath and got herself back under control.

"Smart move," the blond smirked. "Now your job is done." She gave her a dismissive wave of her hand. "Go."

Still fuming, the big referee turned and climbed out of the ring. As she reached the floor, she made a last comment to Christina. "Enjoy this while you can. The clock starts right now." Julie literally trembled with fury as she stomped away from the ring.

Meanwhile, Alyssa hadn't moved from where Christina had dropped her. Her sobs had slowed, but she was still lying on the mat, holding her back with both hands. The blond strode over and easily grabbed her wrists, wrenching them upwards as she stomped the fallen fighter's back. She was immediately rewarded with a piercing scream from her helpless prey.

Christina released the hold after a few moments. Alyssa had started to fade out on her, and would have soon passed out. She couldn't let that happen. Yet.

Instead, she rolled the brunette over onto her back. Almost casually, she grabbed the material that covered the girl's breasts and yanked hard. When the suit didn't rip, she planted a foot between Alyssa's breasts for extra leverage, which did the trick. The back of Alyssa's head slammed hard into the mat, dazing her further so that she could offer only the feeblest of token resistance as the blond finished stripping her.

Christina easily rolled Alyssa over again, then used the remains of her torn suit to tie her hands behind her back. She grabbed a handful of hair and yanked the groggy girl back to her knees. Punctuating each comment with a hard slap in the face, she started talking to her enfeebled enemy.

"Was it worth it? [SLAP!] Are you enjoying the reward Stone Rage gave you? [SLAP!] Why did you think you had a chance? [SLAP!] Don't you remember? [SLAP!] You were never, [SLAP!] ever, [SLAP!] ever [SLAP!] able to beat me! [SLAP!]" She stopped only because Alyssa was barely responding to the blows, again on the verge of passing out. Disgusted, the champion let her victim crumple to her back.

Christina glanced at the arena clock and was surprised to discover she'd already used almost half of her allotted time. She should have demanded longer. To the crowd's amazement, Christina suddenly jumped out of the ring.

She returned a moment later with the announcer's microphone. "I want everyone to hear this," she said into it.

Alyssa lay where she had fallen, eyes half closed. She had made no effort to rise, or even to move. Christina put the mike near her head, then straddled the brunette's slim waist and started viciously mauling her chest. The helpless girl's amplified screams echoed throughout the arena as the blond tugged her breasts like taffy and twisted her nipples. Amazingly, they intensified even more when her tormentor changed tactics and started yanking the pubic hair from her crotch. In seconds Alyssa's pussy was nearly bald.

Realizing that time was running out, Christina jumped up and pulled her weeping foe back up to her knees. "It's time for you to tell everyone here that you're my bitch." With the microphone in one hand, she lifted Alyssa fully to her feet, then pulled her onto her shoulders in a torture rack.

Alyssa writhed weakly, but with her hands bound she couldn't even begin to alleviate the pressure to her back. The mike in Christina's hand clearly picked up the beaten challenger's sobs. The blond gave her battered foe a heartless stare. "Start begging if you don't want your back broken."

Alyssa didn't even hesitate, instantly sobbing out a plea for mercy. "Please, Chris, you win. I'll do anything you want. I'm weak, you were right to kick me out. I'd be your bitch if you'd have me. Just don't hurt me any more. Please." The crowd was stunned to hear such words of total surrender from the normally fiery combatant. Even more shocking was the tone in which they were delivered, broken and yielding. Even her worst defeats had never before affected the brunette this way.

Christina was satisfied. "Good job. Here's your reward." She shifted the slim brunette forward into position for a tombstone piledriver. Alyssa didn't struggle, waiting passively for her destruction. Chris held her there longer than necessary, waiting until there was only a minute left before jumping up and driving the girl's head into the mat with all the force she could muster.

Alyssa bounced once, then lay very still. It was hard to believe that the limp form at the blonde's feet was the same former champion who had walked so purposefully toward the match. Christina bent over the unmoving body and took the suit for herself, releasing her foe's hands in the process. "A day like this deserves a souvenir. I think Anna will love it."

Christina sends a loud statement on who runs this league!!

Alyssa's ABA Connection is completely severed!!