Alyssa Milano wrenches roughly on Jeri Ryan's arm. The blonde squeals in pain and drops to her knees from Alyssa's arm bar. "Finally this blonde bimbo is fading", thinks Alyssa. It had been a hard back & forth battle to this point, but finally she seems to be gaining the advantage over her opponent. "How did I get myself in this mess?" thinks Alyssa, but her mind quickly answers it's own question. She was a victim of her own jealousy.

This 'mess' began innocently enough with a conversation between Alyssa and the newly crowned champion, Christina Applegate. Although Alyssa maintained a solid relationship with her teammates, underneath she was jealous that all the attention was first given to Jenny McCarthy instead of her. That Jenny was able to defeat Britney Spears for the title instead of her burned in her craw. She thought things would get better when she spurred a controvesy that lead to Chrisitna beating Jenny for the title, but things only got worst. Now Christina was top dog, Jenny was second bannana and Alyssa's stock was sinking fast. But when Christina commented that she'd like to see her old friend and Jenny's arch rival, Carmen Electra join the group, she knew Jenny would never allow it. Alyssa saw another opportunity to force Jenny out of the gang, and increase her value.

"Screw Jenny!" Alyssa tells Christina. "You're the WarQueen & leader, what you say goes... Jennys can't say anything after the way you kicked her ass!!" It took several minutes of convincing, but soon she had convinced her teammate to approach Jenny to tell her Carmen was joining the group. Instantly the fireworks started. Alyssa stayed in the next room and listened to the inssuing arguement and giggling.

In the midst of the heavy arguement Christina blurts out, "Like Alyssa told me... I'm the champion, and the leader, so what I say goes!"

Jenny stopped sudenly and insightfully said, "Heeyyyy..... she told me the same thing last month to get me to fight you about Catherine Zeta Jones joining the group." The proverbial light bulb lit above even these two dim whitted blondes. "Hey! we've been set up!" They said in unison.

All the giggles for Alyssa stopped as she was confronted by Jenny, Christina, as well as other members, Nikki Cox & Jeri Ryan with charges of disloyalty. Out of the confrontation a match between Alyssa and Jeri was born to test the founder's commitment to the group.

That's where Alyssa is now. Her first thoughts are to put down Jeri hard, damn hard, to discourage any further challenges from her team mates. Then she would decide her future in the group. The fact that her Bootylicous Title was on the line in this match, seemed like a secondary thought. This match would forever change the direction of the Battle Zone's most dangerous group, and with that the direction of the league itself.

Alyssa twisted Jeri's arm even harder. The blonde loudly groans in toment from one knee. Alyssa kicks the twisted limb to elicit a scream and an agonized whimper from her foe. "Damn bitch never stood a chance", thinks Alyssa, "I'm Alyssa Fucking Milano! No way she can beat me!"

Alyssa wrenches the arm the other way, and forcces Jeri to rise to her feet. Once Jeri is standing Alyssa quickly fires three kicks into the sotmach of her blonde adversary.Jeri moan loaudly and bends over holding her aching stomach with her free arm. Alyssa releases her arm bar and backs into the ropes for momentum. The brunette jumps high in the air and brings the back of her leg crahing down on the back of the head of the doubled over girl with a scissor kick. Jeri crashes face first to the canvas. She lies still face down resembling an old bear rug thrown in front of a fire place.

Seeing the end coming near for her blonde team mate, Alyssa scales the top rope as Jeri groggily struggles to her feet. Jeri stumbles around to face Alyssa just as she launches herself off the top turnbuckle flying straight for Jeri. Miracously Jeri is able to catch Alyssa in mid air, and reverse fortunes by sending Alyssa to the mat with a power slam, cruching her underneath her body weight. Alyssa is smashed to the mat like a bug.

Both combatants are slow to rise to their feet, but Jeri beats Alyssa by a few moments. Knowing the fight is getting away from her, Alyssa lunges toward the blonde. Jeri is ready for her and pierces her with a punch deep into the brunette's ribs. Alyssa's mouth drops open and heaves in a deep gasp while a look of utter agony is frozen on her face. Jeri strikes again with an equally devastating punch into Alyssa's other side. Alyssa continues to heave for air and slowly starts to sink to the canvas, when she is blasted with a wicked upper cut from Jeri that knocks her flat on her back.

Alyssa lies all but finished on the mat, staring vacantly up at the lights. Jeri stands over her with the brunette's head inbetween her legs. Even Jeri's slim hips could have face smothered the dazed beauty into oblvion, and claim the bootylicous title, if that was her goal, but apparently it was not. Jeri waves toward the back entrance, and Jennifer Anniston comes charging into the ring, followed by Jenny, Nikki & Christina.

Jennifer AnnistonJennifer joins in with Jeri and start stomping Alyssa's prone body.The other members of the ABA leisurely stoll to the ring, chatting, laughing and joking at Alyssa's perdicument. As the Jeri & Jennifer continue to give Alyssa an unrelenting beating Jenny comments, "Hmmmm.... merciless, I like those two.!"

The two fair haired girls whip Alyssa into the ropes and when the brunette rebounds they team together to toss Alyssa in the air and allow her to drop across both of their out stretched knees. Alyssa a howls in pain and bounces off to the mat. Alyssa's already damaged ribs can take no more, as she lies on the canvas in a ball, convulsing in agony. "OUCH... That had to hurt!" smirks Christina.

Jennifer reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a pair of scissors. She hands them to Jeri then reaches down and holds Alyssa's hair while Jeri clips her long flowing black lockes of hair. Alyssa simply lies there fighting back tears of humiliation, anger and mostly pain, But she knew she was very helpless to stop her former friends from having their way with her. "And vicious too!.... Ladies we've got to have them!"

Finally Christina enters the ring and stops the duo, but not before much of Alyssa's hair lies on the mat. She grabs the mic and clears her throat. "Alyssa dear, as you may have guessed the girls and I had a little vote. First we decided to welcome Jennifer Anniston to he group. And since we have her now, your services are no longer needed in the ABA. GOODBYE."

A Bold New Lineup for the ABA!!

What does the future hold for Alyssa???


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