As Madonna sits down beside Heidi Klum, Heidi greets her, “Lovely to be able to get some time with you Madonna. You are truly a living legend in and out of the ring.”

Madonna smiles, “Thank you. It’s my pleasure.”

“So you’ve got a match coming up with the breathtaking Carmen Electra.”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

Heidi shows a little discomfort as she hoped her next subject wouldn’t offend, “The buzz is that you should be thinking retirement.” Heidi then tried to keep from being jumped, “Your fight career has been amazing, but after the loss to Beyonce many believed the writing was on the wall.”

Madonna, “Beyonce is an amazing competitor, one of the best in the league. I’m not ashamed of losing to her. And retirement... I have thought about it. There’s just one or two bitches I need to put in their places before I go.”

“Carmen Electra? I guess she’s one.”

“Carmen? Hell no. I’ve beaten and fucked Carmen enough for her to know she’s beneath me. No my sights are set on bigger, bustier and dumber prey, the top Baywatch bimbo.”

“Pamela Anderson,” Heidi responded. “…Our current cockfight queen?”

“I want back the title dumb, dumb and dumber stole from me. Carmen is just a stepping stone. Our match isn’t even a cockfight, but I may give her ‘a little’ since I know she loves it. Anyway Pam is the real target. Once I fuck her I may consider retirement.”

“Well guys you all heard it here first,” Heidi said towards the camera addressing the CATFIGHTS audience. “Madonna challenges Pamela Anderson for the Cock Fight Title.”

Fight Night
Intros done, instructions done and back to the corners waiting on the bell.

With the usual ‘Ding Ding’ both the Material Girl and the Baywatch Beauty emerge from their corners and start to circle each other as the approach. Carmen is dressed to tease in black lingerie complete with garter, stockings and high heels. Madonna in a tight blue spandex one-piece, fish net stockings and boots, seeming more dressed to dominate a sex slave than to fight.

Madonna lures Carmen into a test of strength, but just before locking fingers Madonna fires her claws directly into Carmen’s cleavage. She rakes down violently ripping open Carmen’s lacy bra and leaving bloody streaks down Carmen’s now exposed tits. Carmen’s jaw dropped in a mixture of horror and surprise. She cups her wounded mams and backs away in disbelief of the savagery of the attack.

Madonna moves in and grabs Carmen’s wrists. She peels Carmen’s arms open exposing Electra’s scarred boobs. Tightly gripping Carmen’s arms, Madonna drops backwards to the mat pulling Carmen down with her. Madonna lifted her own knees up to her chest, feet off the floor, relying on nothing but her hold of Carmen to control her decent. Carmen’s initial natural resistance slowed and basically cushioned Madonna’s fall. Carmen on the other hand finally falling off balance ungracefully falls tits first onto Madonna’s raised knees crushing her large boobs between them and her ribcage. With her arms gripped by Madonna, Carmen had no way to save herself. Madonna rolls to her side discarding Carmen and rose to her feet.

Madonna grips Carmen by the hair and drags her over to the ropes. Carmen perfectly times and assault on the back of Madonna’s knees driving Madonna throat first onto the middle rope. Carmen makes it to her feet and lifts Madonna’s feet off the mat to further drive her throat into the ropes. As Madonna grips the rope and lifts enough to free her throat, Carmen backs away pulling Madonna from the ropes. Madonna is forced to body splash face and tits first into the mat.

Nursing her throat, Madonna was slow to rise. Carmen decided to help her to her feet by tugging on her mane. Carmen forced Madonna’s head and upper body between the top ropes, repositioned her hands over the top rope and back into Madonna’s hair. Tugging for all she was worth, Carmen tugged Madonna’s head back into the ring over the top rope trapping the Material Girl in the ropes. Violently Carmen jerked at Madonna’s mane forcing screams from the ring legend.

When the ref started to protest, Carmen took her right hand out of Madonna’s hair and snaked into Madonna’s top digging her claws into the left boob. Madonna’s screams intensified and the ref started the disqualifying count. Carmen would break the hold, but not before taking her left hand out of Madonna’s hair to cross arms and sneak a hold of Madonna’s right titty. Just in time to beat the count, Carmen swiftly pulled her hands out of Madonna’s top raking her nails across tender titflesh as she went. Both of Madonna’s nail scarred boobs popped their nipples free of the top, the tight fabric feeling like razor blades about the Material Girl’s battered mams.

As Madonna pulls herself out of the ropes, Carmen moved in body pressing Madonna against the ropes. Both hands make their way into Madonna’s crotch where they force her thighs open and gently massage her pussy. Madonna melts as experienced fingers work their magic despite the protection of pantyhose and spandex. Carmen whispers, “First, I beat your old ass. Then I fuck it.” She then pulled her hands free.

Carmen caught Madonna’s left arm in a wristlock and forced her to bend forward. Next Carmen fired three consecutive kicks into Madonna’s battered cleavage. Each elicited a scream.

Keeping up the momentum, Carmen swiftly moves in and scoops up her prey for a devastating body slam. She stayed on Madonna for the pin. When Madonna raised her shoulder off the mat just before the three, Carmen became infuriated with the ref. “What the fuck ref,” she questions as she criticized his counting speed by demonstrating what she felt was the proper speed. Smack smack smack, she slapped her hands together near his face. Carmen then repeated the demonstration.

It was all Madonna needed to recover and get into position. She comes up behind Electra and yanks her panties down to the mat. With her feet caught, Carmen is easily forced down to the mat. Madonna now pins her lower body, snaking a hand into Carmen’s exposed snatch. Three of the most experienced fingers in lesbo domination sink in and almost instantly melt Carmen’s protests. Electra soon offered no resistance as Madonna worked her magic. When the intense moans caught her own ears, Carmen came back to her senses and scooted away like a wild animal before she could cum all over Madonna’s fingers.

Both women are up to their feet. Carmen is resting against the ropes trying to calm her libido. Madonna closes while licking her fingers like an ice cream cone delighting in the taste of Carmen’s pussy. She rushes in and she and Carmen lock up against the ropes. Madonna has handfuls of hair trying to scalp Carmen who reciprocates by choking Madonna with her bare hands. Madonna broke the hold by raking her nails across Carmen’s eyes. Carmen backed away covering her face. The ref comforted her asking if she could continue.

Immediately after she said yes she hears a single word from behind her, “Good.” Then she felt something grab her about the neck. Madonna had seized Carmen’s discarded panties and now used the garment to choke the Baywatch beauty to her knees.

As Madonna breaks the hold to appease the ref, Carmen shoots an elbow up into Madonna’s tight tummy. It brings the Material Girl down to her knees. Carmen fires another elbow this time mangling Madonna’s exposed nips and titflesh. Madonna collapses to the mat caressing her boobs. Carmen is up to her feet. She kicks Madonna’s arms away and jumps up going horizontal to add momentum to an elbow drop into Madonna’s big tits.

Madonna is devastated. Her ribs and Carmen’s elbows had mangled her boobs, crushing her nipples. She was easy pickings for Carmen who now rolled her over to strip her entirely of her one piece spandex outfit. All Madonna wore now was her bra and pantyhose, which Carmen used to give her a wedgie. As the ref counted for the break Carmen forced Madonna to her feet by the excruciating sawing of her pussy in half.

Carmen released Madonna to beat the count and then shoved her into the ropes. Carmen grabbed each arm and slung them over the ropes. Madonna wasn’t tied up or anything, but before she could pull her arms back into the ring she suffered several wild stinging unanswered slaps to her tits. Her bra offered no protection as her boobs rested free of the cups. In fact the cups merely kept her boobs centered about her chest propped up and out to provide better targets for Carmen’s assault. It was too much. Madonna collapsed to her knees against the ropes.

Carmen stood over the material girl like a lion ready to pounce. Desperately Madonna reached out into Carmen’s bush. Her thumb made contact with Carmen’s clit before Carmen could pull away. She jerked back like she was avoiding a punch, but in reality she was concerned about Madonna forcing her to cum. Madonna’s reputation as a sexual deviant surpassed many pornstars and her sex skills are considered legendary.

Madonna used the ropes to rise. Carmen backed away as the ref ordered. She was happy to do so because now she had a plan and to carry out that plan she needed Madonna away from the ropes. Madonna stepped away from the ropes. They circled each other till Madonna was in position. Carmen ran in and speared Madonna dissecting her about the waist. Instead of tackling Madonna to the mat, Carmen scooped her up and plowed her back first into the corner. In agony Madonna instinctively grabbed the ropes to stay on her feet and secondly to get the ref to break them up.

Carmen grabbed the waist band of Madonna’s pantyhose and pulled them down to the ankles. Next Carmen kept pulling till she forced Madonna’s feet into the air forcing the legend to now hold on to the ropes to keep from falling to the mat. Madonna’s boots kept her stockings on, but the constant pulling was taking its toll and Madonna had to finally release the top rope which caused and excruciating slam to the mat. With her prey breathless at her feet, Carmen unzipped the boots to free Madonna of both them and her panty hose. Now that both had their sex exposed, Carmen carried out the final step in her plan. She dropped down upon Madonna straddling her thigh and maneuvered her hips till she was pussy to pussy with the legend. If she’d just beat Madonna it wouldn’t be news. At Madonna’s age many consider her a pushover now. However not many can claim to have dominated her sexually. Carmen declared a sex war as she forces them into a lesbian scissors and starts grinding away pussy to pussy, fuck doll to fuck doll. Madonna reciprocated despite the pain she was in. The sexual battle of their pussy lips and clits invigorated her. She was soon close to dismounting Carmen as she bucked so furiously. Still Carmen had the upper hand and Madonna could feel her own pussy about to betray her.

Madonna struck out with her free leg slamming into Carmen’s breasts. That didn’t score her freedom, however her next move did.

Carmen had gone for a total mount despite the throbbing pain in her breasts, but she didn’t secure both of Madonna’s arms. A mistake she paid for as torment of her pubic mound forced her to dismount. Madonna stayed with Carmen entangling her fingers as much as she could in Carmen’s curly bush.

Carmen on her back now has both hands about Madonna’s wrist trying to get them to release her curls. Only the ref’s count breaks the hold, but Madonna isn’t done. Quickly she pushes Carmen over to her stomach and grabs a fistful of the redhead’s mane. Carmen wasn’t hard to push, already moving that way to put some distance between her pubes and Madonna’s claws.

Madonna had her chance to mount Carmen’s back. She released the hair as the ref commanded and focused on Carmen’s ass. Spreading it to reveal Carmen’s tightest hole, Madonna penetrated it with three fingers. Sitting on the small of Carmen’s back, Madonna’s free hand reached back into Carmen’s mane and it looked like she was trying to pull the two points together, Carmen’s ass to head. Carmen’s screams almost drowned out the ref’s count.

Madonna got to her feet and easily rolled Carmen over again. Then she mounted Carmen pussy to pussy. “This is how you fuck a slut,” Madonna said for all to hear. She then spoke directly to Carmen, “I hope you gush for me so I can make you clean it all up with that mop hair of yours.”

As the ref is watching the fight, six masked women enter the arena and make their way to the ring. One like a ninja stalks the ref. As he notices the other five enter the ring his predator strikes planting a sleeper hold on him that puts him out of the fight.

Madonna and Carmen don’t have a clue what’s coming. Madonna herself a sexual predator has total focus on her prey. And Carmen is too close to exploding to notice or even care if she did. Just as Madonna is pulled away, Carmen gushes all over herself and Madonna’s sex. She is shivering too badly from cummin so hard that she barely acknowledges herself being scooped up by the intruders.

All of the intruders are dressed in tight black leather and black biker helmets. The only noticeable markings are the double Ds painted in white on their helmets. The one who pulled Madonna away was roughly 5’5 and in damn good shape like the others. She held on to the Material Girl’s wrists. Next she spun herself and prey around till they were back to back still holding Madonna’s wrists over her shoulders. Finally she drops to the ground finishing the execution of a straight jacket neck breaker, a move made famous by professional wrestler Gail Kim, her Happy Ending. Madonna is lying on her back devastated.

The one who had scooped up Carmen was obviously displeased that Carmen was so messy to the touch. Again 5’5 and obviously sporting a rock hard body this mysterious second attacker moved swiftly. Ripping into Carmen’s scalp she positioned Electra for a sitout facebuster into her on spunk. Carmen’s hair instantly started to soak up her puddle.

Madonna was lifted by the first attacker and forced to stand as another climbed the corner from outside the ring till she was on the top rope. Once the top rope wrestler took to the air the first girl quickly slipped away. Flipping in the air, the third assailant lands with her legs over Madonna’s shoulders driving her hard to the mat and landing ass first on Madonna’s ravaged bosom. The move known as the Molly-Go-Round, made famous by Molly Holly, crushed Madonna’s tits as well as her resolve.

It soon seemed that these predators were almost in competition with each other to see who could deliver the most punishment. The fourth attacker, the one who had dropped the ref, now stalked Carmen. She was the shortest at 5’3, but the most muscular, and the only black one made evident by her hands. She has Carmen in a front facelock. Planting two feet on the nearby top ropes and stepping quickly on them she spins Carmen around and takes her down in a Tornado DDT. Carmen flops over her attacker and crumbles into the mat.

The fifth lady standing at 5’7 is soon up to the top rope, but unlike the third, she is facing the crowd. Madonna is spun clockwise 90 degrees. Then the lady on the tope rope performs a moonsault finishing the massacre of Madonna’s boobs and body.

Carmen is dragged over to Madonna by the sixth and final predator and set up for the Widow’s Peak, the move made famous by WWE’s Victoria. The move is perfectly positioned so that after Carmen is properly vanquished, her body falls across the destroyed Material Girl.

The ref is kicked back to consciousness as the six women exit the ring. He finds Carmen on top of Madonna. Still groggy himself he makes it over to them and when he confirms Madonna’s shoulders are down he makes the three count. The bell is sounded and he immediately collapses never realizing that Carmen too was unconscious. Official Winner: Carmen Electra.

It didn’t feel like a victory for Carmen as she was being helped out of the ring. At least she fared better than Madonna who went out on a stretcher.

When Carmen returns to her dressing room she finds the rest of Generation Prime destroyed. Aguilera was stuffed naked in a locker with her feet dangling out. Mya was naked as well and stuffed upside down in a clothes basket. Janet looked to have taken the worse of it her naked body found amongst a crumbled table that she obviously went through. Each had DD painted in white somewhere on their bodies. Carmen sank to the floor blocking the door battered, beaten, and fearful whoever the DD were would return.


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