Pam Anderson (55%) clobbers Cameron Diaz (45%) It was the third week of shooting on the new Cameron Diaz movie and it was time for the diner scene. The plot of the movie was simple: a city girl has to survive in the country. The talk of the town was how bad a role Cameron was giving to Pamela. Pamela was going to play a big-boobed, "dumb blonde", country girl waitress.

On the set all eyes were on Pam. She was wearing a polka-dot halter top slit down the middle that showed off her tremendous boobs. She had a pair of denim shorts that when she bent over you could see her ass cheeks.

All the attention that was on Pam upset Cameron who was used to all the attention on her. She was wearing a one-piece leather halter-top that was also cut down the middle and connected to a mini-skirt. As she walked by Pam she muttered, "how the mighty have fallen..."and let out a giggle.

Pam let that one go, but swore to herself that the next time Cameron said anything she would say something-even though she needed the work.

She didn't have to wait long. While they were acting out the first take of the day, Cameron started to improvise some lines to her love interest in the movie who was sitting adjacent to her in a stall. "Look at that stupid looking country girl, looks like a slut if you ask me." Pam heard that, and knowing that was meant as a personal attack, threw down the plate she was holding.

"That's it bitch! I've had enough of your bullshit!" Pam screamed.

"What's your problem? You're so unprofessional." Cameron sneered.

At this remark, Pam charged at Cameron but was stopped by some crewmembers. "Let her go. you wanna do this? I'll bust your ass you bimbo! Just one thing, though..." Cameron said to the director.

"What?" asked the director.

"Leave the cameras on. I wanna relive the beating I give this slut."

"Ok. you're the boss Cameron." said the director

The crewmembers let go of Pam at Cameron's instruction. Pam charged Cameron foolishly. Cameron easily took advantage of Pam's predictability. She tripped Pam and jumped on top of her. She began to laugh as she unmercifully pounded Pam's head.

Pam was dazed and Cameron took advantage of it. She removed Pam's top, which showed off Pam's large breasts. Cameron wrapped Pam's top around Pam's neck and lifted her to her feet. "This is what I do to big tittied bitches!" Exclaimed Cameron

Cameron slammed Pam onto one of the prop tables chest first. Pam lay on the table lifeless; her feet dangled off the side of the table. Cameron took off Pam's short shorts, went over to the other table, grabbed a pitcher of ice water and threw it on the lifeless starlet. The sudden shock of the ice water on her nude body brought Pam back into consciousness. Cameron laughed at this sight and began to gently spank her foe.

But this is when Pam's experience came in. She slowly turned onto her back and when Cameron stopped laughing and turned around to Pam, Pam gave her a kick to the gut that forced Cameron to fall on her ass and loose her breath.

Pam got up surprisingly quickly. She pulled Cameron up by the hair, punched her in the face, and threw Cameron onto the table, but she fell off of it. Pam saw that Cameron's skirt was hiked up so she took the advantage to spank Cameron's bare ass. She again pulled Cameron up by the hair and threw her onto a bigger table that could hold her. Cameron lied there sobbing.

"Please......"Cameron blurted between sobs.

"Please what, bitch?" Pam demanded as she pulled Cameron's outfit over Cameron's head.

"Please stop. I give up. You're the better woman, are you happy now?" Cameron pleaded.

"Nope. I won't be happy until I humiliate you like you did to me." Pam said calmly.

Pam got on the table and kneeled over Cameron. She pulled Cameron's hands above her head, and began to lower her breasts over Cameron's face.

"" Cameron said softly.

Cameron gave a little bit of resistance, more from the fright of being smothered than her will to continue the fight, but her squirms quickly subsided and her body went limp.

the end

Pam Anderson lays down another win!

Cameron Learns Who The Real Boss Is!!