Britney Spears (56%) encounters Melissa Joan Hart (44%)
There was a lot riding on this match between these two good friends. It would decide who would be the number one contender for the title. Even though they were forced into the match, the two took it in stride and decided that they wouldn't let the match get between them and that they would remain friends no matter who won. This attitude was in no small part to Madonna's teaching and training methods of not only creating a better individual wrestler in a physical and mental capabilities but also the value of teamwork.

"You'd better pray the short time that you have before the match and be thankful you can still sit on your butt Mel because it's going to be sore after the butt kicking I give you." teased Britney.

"Oh really, not only am I going to give you the butt kicking of your life, but I'm going to shove my shoe so far up your butt that every time you sneeze you'll tie the shoe." responded Melissa quick wittedly and with a quirky smile.

"I'm scared." said Britney imitating a baby..

"C'mon now kids, let's not get distracted here kids, you two have a match to fight. The ABA wants to tear us apart by having the two of you fight each other. Neither you guys or I want my training to go for nothing these past few months. We have to remember that we're a team. If we are at each other's throats and break up as a team then the ABA has won. Wouldn't you girls agree?" said Madonna with a somber tone.

"Yes coach." replied both with lowered voices with a hint of disappointment that their teasing was cut short.

MadonnaMadonna was introduced first being into the ring after Generation Next negotiated with the commissioner that she be the official referee for the match. MJH was the next to be introduced with the song from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" playing. She was wearing a black string bikini to the ring. Finally, Britney's song "Oops I did it again" came up and Britney appeared wearing a pair of cutoff jeans that went just below her butt and a bikini top.

After Britney entered the ring, she and Mel met at the center of the ring and shook hands to show that this was a match between friends more than anything else. The two friends then circled each other testing each other's defenses as they did so. Mel lunged at Britney but was swiftly brought to the mat as Britney tripped her up. Mel quickly rebounded and got back up only to be met by a series of karate chops to her chest forcing her back to the turnbuckle. Britney quickly followed up with a flurry of punches to Mel's torso and face. She then kicked Mel's gut about a dozen times bringing her to a sitting position on the mat.

Britney pulled Mel up by her hair, grabbed her arm and started to whip her into the opposite corner but was reversed and she was sent into the corner. Mel was right behind, following up with a shoulder into Britney's stomach forcing the air out of Britney. She shoved her shoulder a few more times into Britney's firm gut softening it up for further attack. Britney was feeling slightly light-headed after the attack and a bit woozy on her feet. Mel continued her assault with fierce and timed punches to Britney's chest and head finishing up with several uppercuts to Britney's head which took her off her feet both times. Britney would have fallen to the mat had she not placed her arms over the top rope. Mel placed her foot on Britney's stomach and an arm on each shoulder, rolled onto her back and flipped Britney onto her back in the center of the ring.

Madonna was watching as her top student was being taken apart and wanted to help her out but had to restrain herself and maintain her objectivity. She watched as Mel slowly climbed to the top rope, jump off and connect with a body splash.

Sensing that victory was close at hand and feeling that in order to prevent Britney from making a comeback, Mel decided to try and finish Britney with a big move. Therefore, after she stood up, she dragged Britney up by the hair, thrust Britney's head between her legs and wrapped her arms Britney's midsection. She attempted to lift Britney up but only got her halfway up before Britney was able to force her feet back down. Mel was a bit surprised at this, but attempted again to lift Britney up with less success this time as she was barely able to lift Britney's legs off the mat. By this time Britney was able to complete her counter and flip Mel over onto her back. A quick thinking Mel grabbed onto Britney's legs after she was flipped over and tried to topple Britney over for a pin-fall. She almost succeeded, except that Britney quickly got her balance and countered Mel by dropping her butt on Mel's chest squashing Mel's breasts, forcing some wind out of her and grimace in pain.

Britney brought both herself and Mel to their feet. She whipped Mel off the ropes while she went off the opposite ropes and connected with a devastating clothesline. She went off one of the other ropes and connected with a leg drop to Mel's throat causing Mel's body to spasm. She lifted Mel to her feet in order to attempt some finishing touches before finishing off Mel. Still having fight left in her, Mel started slugging away at Britney's face pushing her to the ropes. She whipped Britney off the opposite ropes and greeted Britney with a textbook body-slam on her return. Mel grabbed Britney by the hair and pounded her face numerous times with punches in order to weaken her. She then got up, stood between Britney's legs and attempted to Irish-whip her into the corner. Britney was able to counter by wiggling her legs out of Mel's grasp and shoving her into the turnbuckle causing Mel to audibly groan as she hit the turnbuckles.

Before Mel could react, Britney jumped to her feet and ran at Mel and 'gored' Mel in the gut as she stumbled out of the corner forcing her back into the corner. She then turned Mel around, grabbed her hair and began slamming her face into the turnbuckle. Britney stopped at the count of twenty feeling she had weakened Mel enough to finish her. Still holding onto Mel's hair, she brought a staggering Mel into the center of the ring. She threw Mel off the ropes and greeted her with a kick to the stomach causing her to instinctively double over from the pain. Britney then thrust Mel's head between her legs, hoisted Mel vertically in the air and dropped to her knees for a piledriver that nearly knocked Mel out. Britney covered Mel for the cover but Mel kicked out just before Madonna could hit her hand to the mat for the three count.

"Damn, what do I have to do to beat you?" thought Britney as a disappointed look came over her face.

She brought Mel to her feet and once again threw her off the ropes. This time as Mel came off the ropes, Britney was able to slip a sleeper hold around Mel's neck. Mel frantically tried to free herself from the hold but soon found out that Britney had expertly applied the hold and that she wouldn't have been able to get out of the hold in time at the rate of oxygen loss she was suffering. Within a couple of minutes, Mel was brought to her knees and then to a sitting position as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Madonna approached to check on Mel. She lifted Mel's arm up three times, and three times it limply fell down to the mat for the three count. Madonna raised Britney's arm up as she was announced the winner. Britney hoisted Mel onto her shoulders and brought her to their locker room along side Madonna.


Britney Spears, Madonna, Melissa Joan Hart
one big happy family!

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