Melissa Joan Hart (53%) upsets Halle Berry (47%)
Melissa came out to the ring wearing an outfit similar to that of a cavewoman. She walked down the isle with a confident stride leading some audience members to believe that she was going to win this fight with relative ease. This caused the Halle Berry fans to become quite agitated. This definitely was a house divided between MJH fans and Halle Berry fans.

The Halle Berry fans were very confident in their fighter's ability to win. So much so that they were inclined to make some not-so-friendly bets with some MJH fans. They were so confident in Halle's ability to win that they gave the MJH fans 4 to 1 odds!

As soon as Halle stepped out from the dressing room some of her die-hard fans wanted to renegotiate their bets. While Halle looked her sexiest (she wore her famous gold bikini top with a silver dress on), she didn't look very confident. This may have been because MJH was so sure of her conquest of Halle, or more likely, it was because of the losing streak she was on.

Halle stepped into the ring timidly and turned away from MJH in order to take off her dress-big mistake!! Before Halle could even unzip her dress she was pummeled from behind with a devastating close-line. Halle fell into the ropes and on to the mat. Before she could flee from the ring MJH had her by the hair. MJH proceeded to lift Halle by the hair to a standing position where MJH thoroughly pounded Halle's face. Iit was early in the match and Halle was already rendered defenseless. Then and there MJH decided to make an example of Halle. MJH knew of Halle's reputation, and if she could dominate Halle, MJH would then be given the respect she deserved.

MJH dropped Halle to the floor. Halle was still in her dress at that point which didn't give her much mobility. MJH slowly walked to Halle and viciously ripped off her silver dress that left little to the audiences imagination. All Halle had on was a golden g-string bikini-the string was so small that you could barely see it.

MJH lifted Halle's limp body up and delivered a textbook body slam. "I'm gonna give you a lesson in wrestling, you slut!" declared MJH. "Do you hear me, bitch!?" demanded MJH.

"Yes." whimpered a weak Halle. Another body slam, a suplex, and an elbow drop, and MJH was ready to go on to the next phase of Halle's destruction.

"I'm doing a good job, right Halle?" MJH said in her most baby-like voice. No response was given by Halle. "Answer me bitch!" MJH demanded.

"Yes......yes." Halle said softly.

"Well then," said MJH while removing Halle's gold bikini top, "I deserve a reward, don't I?" no response from Halle. "Answer me now!!" MJH screamed.

"Yes......yes you do." was the tearful response given by Berry.

That was all MJH had to hear. "Well then eat my pussy!" MJH said as she lowered herself onto Halle's face. All Halle could do was comply with her conqueror's demand. After leaving her juices on Halle's face, MJH put Halle into an armbar submission hold. This was the first time anyone besides MJH heard Halle's voice, as she screamed to the top of her lungs due to the pain of this hold.

Before being asked by the ref, Halle screamed, "I give! Please let me go! I beg you! I'll do anything!"

"Anything,huh?" MJH said, amused by Halle's pain.

"Yes, just let me go!" Halle yelled.

"Ok, now you're my bitch." MJH said

"Ok, ok, I'm your bitch" Halle relented.

"Now we're gonna have some fun Halle"

The look on Halle's face was one of pure terror, because she knew of MJH's reputation in the bedroom.

The end (for us, not Halle)

A Huge victory for Melissa Joan Hart

Halle Berry is still gorgeous, even in defeat


Pam Anderson, Jennifer Lopez & Tia Carrere sat in Halle's hotel suite, all very worried about their Fab Four comrade. It has been several hours since Melissa Joan Hart had abducted her from the arena following their match, and the dawn was just beginning on a new day. Finally to their relief, the door to Halle's hotel room opened. All were stunned to see Melissa helping a completely nude and sobbing Halle in the doorway.

Melissa gives Halle a push, and the actress stumbles through the door, and falls to the carpet. "Halle!!!" Pam exclaimes and rushes over to her fallen friend. Pam places Halle's head on her lap and careeses her cheek, trying to console her crying buddy. Tia rushes to the door and confronts Melissa.

"How dare you try some mess like that with Halle!" Tia says firmly in a threatening tone, but is interupted by Melissa.

"Hey! I kicked her ass fair and square, and to the victory goes the spoils. If she can't pay the price for losing, maybe she doesn't belong in the ring." fired back the smaller blonde.

"I thought we had a truce between the Fab 4 and Generation Next until the ABA and Generation PRIME was put down." Tia says.

Danielle FishelBrandy"News flash!" Madonna says while coming through the door and walking up chest to chest with Tia. "The truce is over." "We don't need you anymore." Madonna continues. 'Meet out two newest members, Danielle Fishel and Brandy." Brandy & Danielle walk in the door with a smile and a polite wave. "Halle got a chance to meet them on a real personal basis tonight." Madonna says with a snicker. She looks at Halle, who fires back a look of distain for the abuse she has suffered tonight.

"Britney Spears has a title match against Christina Applegate next," Madonna continues, "And we're taking over this league AGAIN! If you get in our way, you'll end up with you faces between our thighs. Understand???!??" Madonna asks, and when she got no response she presses her tits against Tia's and goes nose to nose and says, "I said do you have a problem with that?"

Tia stares Madonna in the eye. Her eyes drift over to Melissa, who is hot with sexual arousal at the mear though of big, bad tough girl Tia forced to satisfy her with her tounge. Tia continued to look around the room. There were 4 Gen Next girls there, and since Halle is in no condition to fight, three on her side, so she gave the only response she could, unless she wanted to make Melissa's fantasies come true. "No! Just stay out of our way" Tia said through gritted teeth, with every one almost able to see the smoke coming out of her ears.

"Good" Madonna says and exits with her colleagues.

After they leave Jennifer asks, "Do you really think they can beat the ABA?"

"Uhhh.... No and who really cares" answers a still fuming Tia, "I just hope they beat the hell out of each other."