Hardcore Champion vs Cock Fight Queen

Halle Berry (61%) drops Madonna(39%)
Halle is wearing a nice black tube top with matching black trunks. Madonna wears the opposite. (Everything in white)

Mandy Moore, in the black and white stripes, signals for the bell. As the bell rings, both competitors jump on each other and toggling for advantage. Halle pushes and pushes, and finally puts Madonna in the corner. She quickly punches Madonna a few times on the stomach, held her hand and planned to whip her to the opposite corner. She steps back and pulls. The blonde advances a few steps but most surprisingly, she holds Halle's hand and counters her whip, sending Halle crashing on the turnbuckles. (Not landing on the back… on the chest). It knocks out half of Halle's breath already.

Madonna drags Halle to the center of the ring, shoves her head between her legs and raises her high in the air, ready to deliver a powerbomb, when suddenly, she felt Halle's thigh tightening, squeezing her head hard. The blonde has a quick sob, but the pain wouldn't let her drop Halle. She let go her hands, hoping Halle will fall. But instead, the blonde just gets a Hurricanrana, crashing on her back hard.

Halle fell on the mat too. They were both struggling to their feet while Mandy counted. At 5, both were on their feet, but Madonna seemed a bit dizzy. Halle, taking advantage of the moment, ran to the blonde and drop kicked her square on the cheek. She fell over the ropes and crashed on the ringside. After a few struggles, she made it back to her feet, but exhausted already.

Halle ran and flew over the ropes for a body cross, knocking the blonde down. After a while of recovery, Halle put Madonna back in the ring. The blonde rolled aside, but laid there on the mat not moving at all. Halle once again takes advantage of the moment. She climbs to the top rope and delivers a Third Rope Elbow Drop, crashing on the blonde's chest, and she hooked up the leg.


Madonna got her shoulder up! Halle's shocked. "How did you kick out of that???" She thought.

Halle, frustrated, spreads Madonna's legs and locks her in a Figure 4 Leglock, trying to make her tap out. The blonde was in hellish pain, she was screaming, but tried her best, using all her force, creeping towards the ropes. Every time she was getting close to the ropes, Halle just pulled her back to the center of the ring.

It's been a 3 minutes; Madonna is still hanging there! Both are sweating like hell, but Halle wants to end this match quick. Suddenly, the blonde takes a deep breath. She suddenly hits the mat hard, pushing her entire body to the side, even making Halle flips over. (If you did not know, if you get locked in a Figure 4, if you flip around with your opponent, all the pain will be shifted from you to her.) Madonna pushed hard on her hands, countering Halle's Figure 4. Halle begins to scream in pain too, but Madonna is not less hurt.

"Is this woman human!?!?!?!?" Halle thought, trying to get the ropes, but not capable.

After a 3 more minutes, Madonna let Halle go and crept to the ropes, trying to recover. Halle tried to catch her breath too. At the count of 8, both were up. Halle ran to Madonna, trying to spear her, but Madonna counters with a kick to the mid-section. Halle felt her head between Madonna's thigh now and she's trying to break free. This time, Madonna didn't want to make the same mistake. She lifted Halle high in a single, sudden and abrupt way, making it impossible to counter. She lifted Halle over her head and raised her high. (Putting hands on near the arm pits) The blonde pulled Halle down, delivering a "Razor's Edge" (aka Outsider's Edge aka Scott Hall's finishing manuever). Halle was stunned. Madonna tried to cover up, but her ankle suddenly hurt. It really hurts…

Madonna collapsed, holding the ropes, trying in vain to recover. After a minute or so, Halle was back up, shaking off the dizziness. She rushed to the top ropes, trying to end this match right away. She slowly climbed it, blurry vision, half dizzy. She could barely stand on the top, so she just crouched down. She wasn't sure what to do. Madonna finally made it to her feet, she charged towards the crouching Halle, trying to knock her off.

Suddenly, Halle pushed herself towards the charging blonde with all her force and speared Madonna squarely on the stomach from the third rope.

Madonna crashed on the floor, instantly KO'ed. Halle quickly covered her.

"1….2….3!" Mandy signalled the bell and declared Halle as the winner. Halle crept to the bottom ropes, trying to recover, as Mandy raised her hand. A few minutes passed, Halle was recovering, so was Madonna. Mandy was checking Madonna if she was okay. She sat up and lightly nodded her head. Suddenly, Halle presented her hand as if it was for a handshake. Madonna looked at Halle, which the lights above were blinding her. She wasn't sure what to do. So she held Halle's hand.

All of a sudden, Halle pulled her hard, making Madonna to stand back on her feet. Now Halle shook the blonde's hand with a smile.

"Nice match, you were marvellous…" Halle said.

Madonna breathed a few times then nodded her head with a smile. "Not more than you were…"

Mandy came and patted both their shoulders and smiling.

And all three slowly walked back to the lockers………..


Halle is a Champion of Champions

Madonna is beaten - but still has the heart of a Champion