For many months, Alicia's wrestling career and popularity has skyrocketed and culminated in a bootylicious title. Even before she entered the league, Alicia wanted to join the ABA. She looked up to the group as a role model for her. They were tough, feared, filled with talent, in control of the league and at the top of their game. In order to drive a wedge between Alicia and the ABA, Stone Rage scheduled a match between the Alicia and Christina Applegate. The ABA wasn't too concerned with the match, since it didn't deal with a match between any of the members. Alicia was the most furious because it would pit her against someone she looked up the most and had great respect for. Alicia went to the ABA locker room on the night of the match and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" called out a somewhat annoyed Jenny McCarthy.

"It's me Alicia. Is Chris there?" responded Alicia.

"What the hell do you want with her? Don't you have a match to prepare for?" called back Jenny.

"I just want to talk to her for a second. I want to make a deal with her I think she will like." Said Alicia.

"Let her in Jenny. I want to hear what she has to say." said a calm Christina.

Jenny then opened the door and allowed Alicia in the room. Alicia walked up to Christina who was still changing clothes and stretching for the match. Christina looked over to Alicia and asked her "So what's this deal you want to make?"

"Well, you know how much I want to get into the ABA. It would mean the world to me if I could get in. We also know that StoneRage made this match so he could try to make us hate each other. I propose that no matter what happens in tonight's match, I want us to be friends. What do you say?"

Christina chuckled a bit as Alicia made the proposal, making Alicia a little nervous. She finally responded "Tell you what Alicia, if you beat me tonight, not only will you become champion, but you will become a full fledged member of the ABA. Better yet, since the champion is the leader of the group, you would become the new leader of the group, not only that, I would personally hand you the belt and kneel before you as a gracious loser. However, if YOU lose the match, you have to get a press conference together the next day and tell everyone that you no longer want entrance to the ABA. What do you say to that?"

"I like that deal. How about making it a little more interesting. Since I am the bootylicious champion (with a pat on her butt), how about the loser of the match has to kiss the winner's butt cheeks and let the winner facesit her into unconsciousness. Now, if I lose, I will not only kiss YOUR sexy butt cheeks, but the butt cheeks of everyone in the ABA, including that of Jeri Ryan's. How does that sound?"

"I like that deal Alicia. Let's shake on it." Smiled a cruel Christina as they both shook their hands on the agreement. Alicia soon left the locker room to finish getting ready for the match.

The two sexy combatants were ready to go as the other matches for the night wound down and finished up. Alicia was introduced first in the match. She strode in confidently into the ring waving to the cheering crowd as she did so. She was wearing a halter-top and her traditional lucky thong ever since she became bootylicious champ. She went to each side of the ring, stuck her butt out to the crowd and gave a few good slaps as the crowd in that section crowd. Christina was introduced a few minutes later. She was wearing a crop top with ABA emblazoned on the front in big letters. She also had Daisy Dukes style jean shorts. The crowd was booing and giving her the thumbs down as she and the ABA walked to the ring. They each were giving the crowd the finger as they came to the ring.

Both wrestlers then looked at each other from across the ring. Both were confident that they would win the match and it showed in their face and stance. The referee called them to the middle of the ring and told them the rules before signaling for the bell to start the match.

The two beauties circled each other cautiously waiting for their time to attack. They then both locked up for a test of strength. There was little given by both sides, before Christina released her hold and quickly grabbed Alicia's right arm and twisted around. She then gave a few quick kicks to Alicia's vulnerable gut. She released the arm and then stood in front of the prostrated Alicia and rammed her knee into her face, followed by several punches to her face driving her back to the ropes. She then hurled Alicia to the opposite ropes before bouncing off the one's she was at. She went for a clothesline as the two met, but Alicia ducked underneath before she could connect. The two continued on their course for the ropes, and on their return, Alicia quickly set herself up for a super-kick that the champ was going too fast to counter. The kick connected squarely with her jaw. She had a stupefied look on her face as she staggered back a few steps and then fell over like falling timber.

Alicia, seeing that the champ was vulnerable, she quickly went for the cover and the ref started to count. Before the ref could slap down his hand for the third count, Christina was able to lift one of her shoulders up. Alicia, disgusted with not getting the win, dragged Christina up to her feet by the hair. She then lifted her over her head and slammed her down to the mat. Knowing that it would take more to defeat Christina, she once again brought her to her feet, picked her up in a cross-body hold and slammed her down on her knee for a classic back-breaker. Christina arched her back and grunted loudly with that painful maneuver. Alicia let Christina drop to the mat and once again covered her for the pin. Just like before, Christina once again got her shoulder up before the ref could slam his hand down for the three count. Alicia is getting frustrated at this point.

She once again brings Christina to her feet and starts to land punch after punch to Christina's face. After a few more punches, Christina was somehow able to get the strength to lift up her arms and block Alicia's punches. She was soon blocking all of Alicia's punches. Alicia altered her attack and tried to quickly knee Christina in the stomach, but that backfired as Christina blocked that attempt with her own knee. Alicia tried to catch Christina off guard by attacking with her other knee and this time it worked as it connected with her gut. Christina stumbled back a few steps holding her stomach in pain and was leaning on the ropes for support. The confident Alicia took a short moment to play to the crowd, showing off her assets. She then looked back towards Christina with her trademark smile on her face and gave her own butt cheeks a few slaps and rubbed them a bit signifying that she was ready to put the finishing touches to an almost unbelievable victory against the champ.

Alicia approached Christina who was still recovering from the most recent attack. Just as Alicia was about to reach out and grab Christina by the hair, Christina struck Alicia in the crotch with an uppercut causing her to stop in her tracks and nearly fall to her knees as her legs closed in on each other. Her hands went to her crotch instinctively and her mouth formed an 'O'. Christina stood up on her wobbly legs and started her offensive against Alicia. She started with a few slaps mixed up with a few short jabs. She then chopped away at Alicia's chest until she got to the middle of the ring. She then whipped Alicia into one of the corners. Christina followed immediately behind her and rammed her shoulder into Alicia's gut just as she turned to face her. Christina rammed her shoulder into Alicia's gut several more times. Alicia slid down to her butt. Her legs were spread a bit and her arms rest over the second ropes. Christina kicked and stomped Alicia several times while in the corner and witnessed Alicia's body convulse a little from each kick. Christina then pressed her foot down on Alicia's throat and used the top rope as leverage. Alicia's legs kicked out and weakly she grabbed at Christina's leg to get it off but to no avail. The referee stepped in after the 5 count and got Christina to release her hold.

Not giving Alicia a chance to recover, Christina reached down, got a handful of Alicia's hair and brought her to her feet. Alicia clawed at Christina as she brought her up, but the angle of her body prevented her from putting much strength into it. Christina brought her a few steps out from the corner and continued her assault on her chest and face with more chops, slaps and punches finally forcing her to the ropes. Christina smiled at Alicia as she walked up to her and kneed her in the gut several times. She then took a step back and clothes-lined her sending her over the top of the ropes and unto the floor below.

Alicia writhed on the floor below from the beating she received from Christina. Alicia realized she had been outmatched against a superior Christina. Just before the 10 count was over, Christina came out and rolled a still writhing Alicia back into the ring. Christina rolled back in and brought Alicia to her feet. Alicia threw a few week punches toward Christina but were each blocked and each time, Christina punched Alicia forcefully in the face. Finally, Christina yelled "Time for you to lose bitch." Christina kicked Alicia in the crotch, then as Alicia doubled over, grabbed her head and brought it between her legs. She wrapped her arms around Alicia's waist, lifted her up, flipped her over and brought her forcefully down for a powerbomb. Christina quickly laid across Alicia's body for a cover. The referee came over, did the 3 count and called for the bell to signify the end of the match. Christina stood up and called her teammates to the ring. As they approached, Christina helped Alicia to her feet and as she did she said to her "You fought well Alicia, but eventually lost. You now know what you have to do."

"I know Chris. You know my word is good. I'm won't back down from the agreement just because I lost." Said a dejected Alicia as she kneeled down before Christina.

A few seconds later, Christina had unzipped her daisy dukes shorts and took them off to reveal a thong that barely covered anything at all. Christina turned to Alicia and said patting her own butt cheeks "Go ahead and kiss my butt cheeks whenever you're ready and make sure they're really kisses." Alicia looked nervously up at Christina as she got ready. She puckered up and placed a few deep kisses on each butt cheek. Christina then motioned to the rest of her teammates to come receive the kiss on their butt cheeks from Alicia. One by one, Alicia kissed each of their butt cheeks. Everyone could tell that she didn't particularly like it but did it because she lost the match. Jeri Ryan was the last person to get he butt cheeks kissed by Alicia. When Alicia kissed her butt cheeks, Jeri leaned her butt in just to add a little insult to injury. As Jeri walked away, she smiled cruelly at Alicia who returned a cruel look to her.

She then saw Christina coming back to her and knew what was coming next. She laid down on her back and gulped down heavily as she saw Christina stands over her with her backside to her. Christina slowly lowered her butt onto Alicia's face and forced Alicia's face all the way up her butt. Alicia gave her no resistance at all while she was being smothered. Within a couple of minutes of smothering, Alicia's body went limp as she slipped into unconsciousness. Christina smothered her for a few more seconds just to make sure, then stood up and posed over Alicia's body as she placed her foot between Alicia's breasts. The remaining member's of the ABA did the same as photographers took pictures.

The next day, Alicia called for a press conference in the hotel she was staying at with all the ABA members present. She answered all the reporters' questions and finally gave a short statement, as she sobbed, at the end to the effect of: "For a long while, I have wanted very much to get into the ABA. Yesterday was my best chance to show to everyone what I was made of and that I could be ABA material. My loss to Christina yesterday showed why Christina is champion and I am not. She bested me in a match of champions. I admit that she is a much better fighter than I am. Of all the wrestlers to lose to, there is no other wrestler that I would have rather lost to than Christina. I have so much respect for her and her abilities. It is my sad duty to report to you, that as of now, I am no longer seeking entrance into the ABA. It is very heartbreaking to say this, but I am not ABA material. Thank you and have a nice day." Alicia stepped away from the podium sobbing and her hands wiping away the tears.

Christina walked up to her with her eyes welling up and gave her a hug. Christina whispered to her "Thanks for your support of me. You are ABA material Alicia. You just lost to the best. I want to see as a member of the ABA one day." She then let go and went off with the members of the ABA to their room. Alicia smiled as the ABA walked away feeling better about herself. Her hopes were kindled once again about getting into the ABA.
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