Alicia Silverstone (56%) whips Jeri Ryan (44%)
Before her first ever match, which happened to be against the tough Jeri Ryan, Alecia was getting some well wishes, and also was being interviewed by Julie Stiles about her upcoming match.

"So, Alecia, how do you feel about entering into your first career wrestling match tonight?" asked Julie.

"As one might expect, I am feeling a little nervous about my first match. This, just like anything anyone does for the first time, is going to feel nervous or tense. However, I have been training for this match for some time now and feel confident I can take on Jeri tonight." replied a confident Alecia.

Jeri was in her locker room, getting herself ready for her match against Alecia as was Alecia. Everybody else had gone on to their own locker rooms to prepare for their own matches too.

Soon, the time came for Alecia and Jeri to face each other. Jeri was introduced first with the ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ theme song in the background. She got both cheers and boos from the crowd. A moment later, Alecia was introduced to the ‘Batman’ theme song. As Alecia was rolling into the ring Jeri seized the opportunity to begin attacking her with kicks and stomps. It worked as Alecia had little recourse but to try to protect herself and get away from Jeri. With each kick and stomp, Jeri forced Alecia back to the mat when Alecia tried to get up.

Alecia tried to use the ropes for leverage as she tried to get to her feet. Alecia slowly got to her knees and leveraged herself against the second rope. As she got to her feet, Jeri slightly changed her tactics and started concentrating punches on the entirety of Alecia’s side that she was facing. Taking advantage of Alecia‘s bent over position, Jeri kneed Alecia‘s unprotected gut several times causing her to leap off the mat each time and to yelp as well. Jeri grabbed a handful of Alecia‘s hair and sent her toward the opposite ropes. Jeri bounced off the near ropes and clothes-lined Alecia in the middle of the ring.

Quickly capitalizing on her attack, Jeri Irish-whipped Alecia into the corner. As she tried to follow up with a shoulder to the gut, Alecia adeptly moved out of the way and watched as Jeri slid through the second ropes hitting her stomach on the turnbuckle and her shoulder on the ring-post. Alecia pulled Jeri off the turnbuckle and pushed Jeri’s to the corner. Alecia mercilessly unleashed a barrage of punches accompanied by the occasional kick to Jeri’s torso, breasts and face of the weakened Jeri.

Somehow, with a renewed sense of vigor, Jeri retaliated with punches to Alecia’s face and karate chops to her chest driving her back. Soon, both combatants were grabbing each other’s hair and rolling on the mat occasionally getting a punch and kick in trying to gain an advantage. Neither one was paying any attention when they fell off the apron and hit the concrete floor in a loud thud.

Both sexy stars were holding themselves in pain on the floor as the referee proceeded with the ten count. Both stars slowly got to their feet, but were wobbly. Alecia took advantage of the attack she administered to Jeri earlier by ramming her shoulder into Jeri‘s stomach lifting her up a bit and slamming her back to the ring-post eliciting a painful scream from Jeri. Alecia rolled the battered and nearly defeated Jeri into the ring and soon followed.

Upon entering the ring, Jeri put one arm around her gut another on her back and rolled up into a fetal position. Alecia walked over to Jeri and pulled her up by her hair and proceeded with timed combination punches to Jeri’s head snapping it back and forth. Alecia followed up by karate chops to Jeri’s chest driving her back to the ropes after which Alecia sent Jeri to the opposite ropes. Alecia stepped forward and awaited Jeri’s return. Upon coming back to the middle Alecia attempted to pick up and twirl Jeri around for a back-breaker but was countered when half way thorough the twirling, Jeri, in an act of desperation, was able to wrap her legs around Alecia’s neck and do a hanukanrana throwing Alecia to the corner of the ring. Alecia was completely caught by surprise by that maneuver as she lay in the corner by the turnbuckle holding her back. Jeri wasn‘t in any better shape laying in the middle of the ring.

Alecia quickly got to her feet and went over to Jeri, once again pulled her up by the hair and before she could react, reached her arms underneath her arms and proceeded with a bear hug. Jeri showed the pain she was in through her face. Knowing she didn‘t have much left in her, Jeri attempted to fight back and get out of the hold by raking Alecia in the eyes, which didn’t faze our young star. Switching to another mode of desperation, Jeri resorted to punches which landed weakly on Alecia’s face and back. The more Jeri resisted, the tighter, Alecia made the hold. Slowly, Jeri‘s resistance was broken as she stopped fighting back and let her arms drop to her side. Even with that, Alecia tightened the bear hug making Jeri audibly groan. She even arched her back lifting Jeri off her feet. When she did that, Jeri’s body leaned forward and her head laid on Alecia’s shoulder. By applying continued pressure with the bearhug, Alecia sapped all of Jeri‘s strength from her body. Alecia then released Jeri and let her crumple to the mat in spread eagle form. Alecia nonchalantly stepped over Jeri’s body and knowing that her opponent is completely and utterly defeated, put her foot between Jeri’s ample breasts for a carefree cover. The referee counted out Jeri for a stunning defeat to a rookie fighter. Alecia posed for numerous victory pictures over her defeated, yet still conscious opponent.

Back in her locker room, Julie asked the victorious and excited Alecia "How does feel now that you’ve won your debut match against the tough Jeri Ryan?"

"It feels great to go out and win a match against somebody as tough as Jeri. It’s a great confidence booster for me." replied an excited Alecia, somewhat overconfidently.

Meanwhile, Jeri was in her locker room steaming after losing to a ‘rookie’ wrestler. She was muttering curses and swears to herself about Alecia and how’d she’d vow to beat her in the future.
Alicia Silverstone
Impressive Rookie!!!
Jeri Ryan
Jeri gets humbled!!!