Britney Spears (66%) Destroys Sarah Michelle Gellar (34%) The pop diva and vampire slayer had bantered about for over a week about where, when and how they were going to have their fight. Britney was about to have all her questions answered as she pulled into a retro drive-in restaurant at the promoter's request. Riding on the top of the back seat of a light blue '57 Ford Thunderbird she was ready for her fans and to promote her upcoming fight with Sarah. However as they pulled into the parking lot they were blinded from lights from another car driving in their direction. Britney could now see a red 2002 Ford Thunderbird with Sarah and some of her co-stars riding and waving to a now cheering crowd, that had already started a chant of "Fight, Fight, Fight". Sarah was taking in the cheers and gave a smirk as Britney returned a steely glare at Sarah as the two leapt from their cars. Sarah walked confidently and brisk wearing black shorts and a "Buffy" mid-cropped t-shirt. Britney was wearing pink short shorts and white halter-top on this muggy night, which was already producing a glean of sweat on the singer. "No way are you getting away from me any more. I challenge you to a fight right here, right now!" demanded Sarah. "You thought you were just going to get your pretty face lit up in photos? Huh! I intend on putting your lights out."

"You think I was running from YOU?" Britney responded with hands on her hips. "Listen you delusional little bitch. If anyone was running it was you. Ultimatum after ultimatum, this ring is toooo soft, this ring is toooo hard, the lights are tooooo bright, the stadium is toooo small. Well, this looks just right. I accept your challenge! But I have two demands, first, no way in hell are your buddies going to interfere, I want them to back off." pointing to Willow and Faith. "Next, so you don't run off.." Sarah's eyes snapped at this quip, "let's set up a ring right here. C' mon pull the cars around, leave the headlights on so everyone gets a good look!" Britney's eyes also lit up as the two stood nearly nose to nose as eight cars made a circle leaving their lights on to illuminate this coming battle.

With everything else in place, Britney and Sarah poised their canvas shoes imbedded in the asphalt and fists up as the fight began. Sarah threw a wild right that glanced against Britney's cheek with a quick left that only hit air. Britney had ducked and returned a right upper cut to the slayers gut that caused her to reel back. Britney moved in but Sarah shoulder blocked her and grasped her around the waist as the two threw a volley of punches at each other best they could as they held onto one another. Britney pushed Sarah away but Sarah tripped her up grabbing her left leg and beginning to turn her ankle. But the move was thwarted as Britney used her free leg to push Sarah back. Britney leapt up charging Sarah as the two hit each other in the face with closed fists that make smack and thud sounds as the audience reacted to this vicious display.

Both girls were showing signs of the battle in just these first 3 to 4 minutes as marks were evident on their faces and now gasp for air as Sarah connected with a well-placed fist to the singer's gut. A knee immediately followed to Britney's face as her head was held down to meet it by Sarah. Britney fell back on the asphalt as Sarah moved in. She lifted Britney by the hair for another shot to the face but Britney surprised everyone as she reached for Sarah's crotch and body slammed her. Sarah was more surprised than hurt as she quickly got to her feet just in time to meet Britney as they grappled on their feet. Breaking loose of each others grasps Sarah struck Britney with a right that had her down on her knee and blood flowing from her lower lip. As Sarah moved in again she suddenly saw stars both literally and figuratively as a surprise right from the rising Britney hit square under her jaw snapping back Sarah's head looking towards the sky. Britney wiped away some of the blood as Sarah shook out the cobwebs and the two met again.

Sarah was able to swing Britney around using her shorts and halter top causing Britney to fall scraping her knees as she landed. Sarah moved in already reaching for Britney's hair but she was surprised by a mule kick to the gut from Britney who was struggling to get up. Sarah was doubled over by this unforeseen move. Britney grabbed her by the shoulders and hair and rammed her into the grill of her car. Sarah hit hard enough to crack some of the plastic on the grill and leave a small dent, let alone the dent in her forehead that now trickled blood as Sarah, glassy-eyed fell back against the car. Britney lifted her up by the hair and dragged her across the warm hood of Sarah's Thunderbird. Britney had to shake her own head as she still felt the effects of Sarah's previous attacks. She knew this fight had to end soon as she looked at the vacant stare in Sarah's eyes. She placed Sarah's head between her legs and lifted her up into a piledriver landing her on the hood of the car producing another dent. Sarah still miraculously showed some fight as she swung at Britney. Britney knew she had her but wanted to prove a point. Still standing and almost slipping off the shiny red enamel painted hood she lifted Sarah in a front facelock and DDT'd her back into the windshield so hard it created a starburst break in the glass and a totally unconscious Sarah. Sarah slid down the windshield sprawled on the hood. Britney uses her foot to push Sarah the rest of the way till she slid off, her butt landing hard on the asphalt. Sarah was resting up against the grill of the car her head now falling forward as Britney stood in a victory pose on top of Sarah's damaged car and Sarah's damaged body.

Britney Kicks Ass once Again!

Sarah is left lying

2017 Mom's I'd like to Fight ( MILF) mini tournament