It wasn't too long after her cock-fight victory over Madonna that Pamela was already getting challenges from the other fighters. One of the most vocal about wanting a fight was Jamie Pressly. Stone Rage finally agreed to let her have a match with Pamela. There was one condition that Stone Rage placed on the match. The condition was that he wanted me, G-Man, to be the referee for the match. Both fighters had several weeks rest before the match was scheduled to be fought. Both fighters were preparing themselves however they could for the match. The time just flew by for both fighters as the time for the match came.

As their time for the match came, both were getting more and more nervous. After about an hour or so of waiting, each of the two fighters got called to the ring for the match.

Pamela was called to the ring first. She was wearing a red silk robe that came down just below her butt. She held a 12" strap on dildo in her right hand. She had a huge smile on her face and her hips were swaying from side to side. She made her way up the steps and she bent over and moved in slowly through the ropes to show her ass to everyone. She winked at me as me made her way to the corner and disrobed showing off her tight, sexy body. She placed her dildo next to her robe. She waved, and blew kisses to her fans in the crowd. She took the championship belt off her waist and walked over to me with a smile on her face and handed me the championship belt. As she handed me the belt, she winked at me knowing that I had a bit of a crush on her for a while. I smiled back as I took the belt before I brought the belt to ringside and handed to one of the assistants.

Jamie was introduced next to the crowd. The music was blaring as she walked down the aisle. She too carried her dildo in her hand. Unlike Pamela, she came down the aisle naked. Her tits bounced up and down as she walked down the aisle. She slowly made it up the stairs and made her entrance through the second rope. As she came through, she stopped for a second to wiggle her ass slowly for the crowd. After she came in she walked over to me with a smirk on her face and a strut in her step. She quickly turned around and shoved her ass into my crotch area and rubbed it around a bit. She turned her head around and smiled after she noticed my cock quickly got erect. I tried to keep my composure while she was doing this. She quickly took her butt away from my cock and went to her corner and placed her dildo on the mat. Pamela just scowled at Jamie during her little act with me. I then called both fighters to the center of the ring, quickly and nervously explained the rules to both of them and then called for the bell.

Both girls quickly started circling and scowling at each other in a crouched position. They quickly locked up for a test of strength and started to press against each other for superiority. Pamela quickly moves in and knees Jamie in the gut several times causing Jamie to release her hold and move her hands to her gut in a hunched over position. Pamela follows up with several punches and slaps to Jamie's face and chest forcing her back to the corner turnbuckle. Pamela continues to punch away at the now dazed rookie. She then grabs one of Jamie's arms and whips her toward the opposite turnbuckle following immediately behind her. As Jamie hits the turnbuckle and turns around, Pamela is right behind her with her shoulder lowered and ramming right into her gut. Pamela follows up by ramming her shoulder a dozen more times into Jamie's gut. Jamie grunted and her body jolted with each shoulder attack to her gut. After her shoulder attack, Pamela stood up and let loose a barrage of punches and slaps to Jamie's body and breasts. Jamie was too weak and dazed to offer resistance to Pamela after the shoulder attack.

Pamela then got on the second rope, grabbed Jamie's hair yanking it back with her left hand and began to wail away at Jamie's face with her right fist. Pamela continued wailing away rapidly at Jamie's face for a couple minutes. There were momentary glimpses from Jamie to me to stop the punishment she was receiving, but I didn't do anything to stop it. After Pamela had finished pummeling Jamie's face, she stands up on the third rope, quickly lifts off wrapping her legs around Jamie's head and spinning around in a hanukarana sending Jamie halfway across the ring. Jamie flopped around as she hit the mat. She was in obvious pain from the fall.

Pamela slowly made her way to her own corner, smiling at me the whole way. We each gave the other a wink. As she got to her corner, she purposely bent over slowly with her ass toward me, just to get me excited and my cock erect…and she was successful at it too. She picked up her 12" strap-on dildo and put it on. As she walked by me, she whispered in my air: "I bet you liked the view, G-man…I'll give you a closer view after the match." I gulped hard as she finished her statement.

By the time Pamela got to her opponent, Jamie had managed to get to her feet, albeit a bit wobbly on them. Jamie threw a desperation right hook at Pamela which she caught. Pamela countered with a kick to her pussy, followed by a kick to her gut and several to her head. Pamela released her hand and yelled at Jamie: "Just give up bitch, you've lost."

Jamie sighed and threw a left hook, which Pamela caught. Pamela yanked on her fist causing Jamie's body to go off balance and turn her back toward Pamela. She then twisted Jamie's arm behind her back. With a quick motion of her legs, Pamela spread Jamie's legs wide followed by several hard knees to her exposed pussy causing Jamie to scream out in pain and straighten her body. Pamela wrapped her arm around Jamie's neck and brought it toward her. Pamela positioned the dildo so that it lined up with Jamie's asshole. Jamie whispered to Pamela as she was about to get fucked by her: "Just fuck me and get it over with."

Pamela smirked as she heard Jamie say that. She then jammed the dildo into Jamie's asshole causing her to gasp and widen her eyes. Pamela began to quickly fuck her up the ass with deadly precision with the dildo. Pamela was fucking Jamie so hard that Jamie's knees buckled. Pamela guided Jamie down to her knees, slowly releasing her neck and arm as she did. Once down to her knees, Pamela grabbed Jamie's waist. Pamela continued to fuck Jamie hard up the ass with the dildo with no resistance from her.

Jamie's body was quickly taken over by the pleasure that Pamela was giving her. With her vast experience, Pamela was able to fuck Jamie so as to hold off an orgasm from her for quite a while. Shortly before Jamie was to orgasm to officially end the match, Pamela removed the dildo, used her hands that were around Jamie's waist to hoist up her ass causing her pussy to be exposed. Pamela then rammed the entirety of the dildo into the pussy.

Jamie did nothing to resist her and by this point I had become just an excited spectator being mesmerized by how Pamela was dominating Jamie. Pamela looked over at me and winked knowing I was putty in her hands at this point. Pamela continued to ram the dildo into Jamie's pussy. Less than a minute later, Jamie's body finally gave in and climaxed releasing her orgasmic fluids from her pussy. Pamela continued to ram the dildo for a short while before taking it out of Jamie's pussy, rolling her onto her back and standing up. I went and got the belt from the assistant at the side, brought it over to Pamela and got down on one knee as I was giving it to her. She smiled down on me as a gracious queen would. She took the title and posed over her just defeated opponent and smiled as the cameras clicked.

After she finished posing over Jamie she walked by me and said "Follow me to my team's locker room, the two of us are going to have some fun tonight." I smiled and quickly followed after her to the locker room, the whole time staring at her ass as she swayed it and her hips sexily from side to side (on purpose to drive me wild). The night was the luckiest night of my life, hooking up with one of the hottest female superstars in the world.

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