Pam Anderson (61%) fucks up Madonna (39%) It has been a long time since either Madonna or Pamela Anderson had been in a cockfight. Ever since Madonna dominated Christina Aguilera and LeeAnn Rimes in cockfights, Pamela Anderson had been spreading rumors around that the only way Madonna had been able to keep her title was to fight against inexperienced cockfighters and not experienced ones like herself. After hearing about these rumors for a few months, Madonna got pretty pissed off about the rumors and finally stormed into the Fab 4 locker room.

"Hey Pamela. What is it with you and these rumors of yours?" Madonna hollered at Pamela as the other members of the Fab 4 looked on in shock.

"Temper, temper Madonna. You know better than to come storming into enemy territory without backup." grinned Pamela. "Besides you know the rumors are true. You haven't gone up against someone who is as experienced as I am in cockfights to keep your precious title. You won't stand a chance against me."

"We'll see who's going to win you blonde bimbo. Just one thing about the match, nobody brings any teammates to ringside and no outside help, or else they lose the match and the title." replied a still angry Madonna.

"That's fine by me. I'd also like to add that the winner gets bragging rights for a month." retorted Pamela with a crooked almost sadistic smile.

In the meantime, the two wrestlers prepared themselves for the upcoming match. Madonna told her team of the stipulations and they understood that they couldn't interfere in the match. Nonetheless, they were confident of her abilities and that she would win the match against the younger Pamela Anderson. Both teams were going to watch the match on closed circuit TV from their locker rooms.

Match time came and Pamela Anderson was introduced first to the theme music of the show V.I.P. She was wearing a white lace bra, a pair of crotch less panties and a garter belt. As soon as the crowd saw her, they wildly cheered for the sexy Fab 4 Diva. She was also carrying a strap on dildo in her hand measuring 12 inches long and 2 inches in circumference. Madonna was introduced next to her song 'erotica'. She was wearing a similar outfit, except hers was black. She also received cheers from the crowd, but not as many nor as loudly as Pamela's. She too was carrying her strap on dildo which measured 15 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference.

Once they both got into the ring and the bell sounded, the two contestants didn't take their eyes off each other. They approached each other with their hands raised up like a pair of predatory animals. They locked up for a test of strength. Their muscles flexed and twitched as both strained to get an early upper hand in the match. For the first minute, neither was successful in doing so, until Madonna unexpectedly dropped to her knees, released the hold and quickly uppercut Pamela's crotch causing her eyes to bulge and her mouth to form an 'O'. Madonna quickly got to her feet and unleashed a barrage of slaps and chops to her chest driving Pamela back to the ropes. Once on the ropes, Madonna drove her knee into Pamela's gut driving the wind out of her. Madonna then propelled Pamela to the other set of ropes and awaited her return. She expertly kicked her in the stomach, followed by a stunner splaying Pamela onto the mat. Madonna quickly went over to her corner to attach the dildo. Before she could even get any of the straps around her body, Madonna saw Pamela's arms snake around her body and grab her in a reverse bear-hug. Pamela squeezed so hard that she caused Madonna to drop her dildo to the mat. Madonna was surprise that Pamela recovered so fast. After about a dozen seconds of holding her, Pamela hoisted Madonna over her head and slammed Madonna on the mat for a German suplex. Pamela got to her feet still holding Madonna in the bear-hug and executed another German suplex. Pamela finished the hat trick of German suplexes with a third one before releasing the dazed Madonna to the mat.

As Pamela was going to her corner to get her dildo, Madonna somehow managed to grab onto her leg. Pamela tried to shake herself free from Madonna's grasp but the grasp was too strong. Finally, with a couple of kicks and hard yanks she got herself free. However, when she yanked herself free, she did it so hard that she propelled herself backwards and through the second rope hitting the floor hard on the outside of the mat near the announcer's table. Both struggle for a moment to regain their strength and get to their feet. Madonna goes to the corner and gets up to the third turnbuckle hoping to surprise Pamela and take her out quickly for the win. Madonna waits for Pamela to get to her feet and turn to face her. She witnesses as Pamela staggers to her feet holding her head and turn to face her. Once she turns toward her, Madonna launches herself cross wise at Pamela. An alert Pamela countered Madonna by grabbing her in mid air. Madonna futilely tried to wiggle free from Pamela's hold.

Pamela rams Madonna's back into the corner post several times causing Madonna to shriek in pain. Taking advantage of the situation, Pamela drops Madonna onto her awaiting knee and stretches by grabbing and pushing down on her crotch and neck causing further pain on Madonna's back. Madonna is writing in pain after just a few seconds of this. After about half a minute, Pamela stops her torture and hoists Madonna onto her broad, sexy shoulders and stands up. She struggles a bit to lift Madonna in an over the body press in a showcase of strength. Madonna's arms and legs dangle as she is being held up above Pamela as she is to racked with pain to realize what is happening to her. After a few seconds of holding her over her head, Pamela slams Madonna's body onto the announcer's table nearly splitting it in half.

As the whole sequence of events was unfolding, the members of Generation Next were slowly realizing that their leader was in trouble of losing the match and the title. They knew they couldn't do anything to help because that would mean Madonna would lose the title. Also, the FAB 4 members were growing more and more confident that their group would soon include a champion among them. If Pamela did win the match, they would have a newfound respect for her and elevate her status in the group.

Pamela's lips slowly curl up into a smile at the fact that not only is she dominating the champion but showing how right she was about Madonna not being able to keep up with her. She then reaches down and grabs Madonna by her hair pulling her to her feet. She then rolls her into the ring to have some fun with Madonna before finishing her with an orgasm. Once in the ring, Pamela goes off the ropes and drops her leg across Madonna's throat causing her to spasm a bit. Pamela then went over to the turnbuckles and got onto the third turnbuckle. She takes a quick moment to wave to the crowd before launching herself and connecting with a body splash on the unsuspecting and battered Madonna. Pamela quickly straddled Madonna, grabbed her hair and battered her face with punches bruising and cutting her face for at least half a minute. Pamela soon stood up and looked victoriously down on the nearly defeated Madonna laying on the mat. She reaches down and soon strips Madonna naked in all her glory and with little resistance.

Pamela confidently walks over to her corner and straps on the dildo. She walks back over to Madonna who was defenseless and unable to stop her upcoming defeat. Pamela leans over, picks up Madonna's legs, spreads them and holds them over her body exposing her clit. Madonna was still in dazed state of mind until this point. Pamela soon thrust the entirety of the dildo into Madonna's clit. She began thrusting it back and forth inside Madonna's body. The pain and pleasure from the dildo brought Madonna out of her daze. Quickly realizing what was going on as she saw Pamela smiling above her and jamming the dildo into her clit. Being paralyzed by the combination of the pleasure and pain caused by the dildo and the position of her legs, the only way she could resist from cumming is to resist the pleasure from overcoming her with what strength she has left and it showed on her face. They both knew that Madonna couldn't keep up her resistance for long. From the time Pamela started thrusting the dildo in Madonna's clit, the crowd was chanting "Make her Cum" louder and louder.

Back in the Generation Next locker room, Nelly Furtado got caught up in the chanting and started chanting along with the crowd. As soon as she started saying it, Britney and Melissa gave her glares that could eat through walls which made Nelly close her mouth in embarrassment.

Back in the ring, Madonna was on the verge of an orgasm as Pamela quickened the thrusts into her moist, throbbing clit. Madonna soon gave up resistance as the waves of pleasure took over her pain wrecked body. She felt that it would be best to bow out gracefully than to resist in a losing battle. Pamela smiled down on Madonna realizing that she no longer resisted the intrusion into her body. She continued thrusting and expertly holding off an orgasm as the pleasure built inside Madonna as a way of teaching Madonna a lesson that it is useless to hold off the inevitable. Within a minute, Pamela brought Madonna to an earth shattering orgasm as her body finally admitted defeat. The whole ordeal that brought Madonna to her orgasm took a lot out of her.

Shortly after she brought Madonna to her orgasm, she removed the dildo, allowed the legs to drop to the mat and inched up to Madonna's chest. Madonna realized what Pamela wanted her to do and tried to resist her as much as she could but she knew she was too weak to resist her as Pamela thrust the dildo into Madonna's mouth and forced her to clean off her juices. As soon as Madonna finished cleaning it off, Pamela stood up and took the title that the referee was stretching out toward her. With the title in one hand and the dildo in the other, Pamela placed her foot between Madonna's breasts and raised her hands up in the air as the photographers took photos of the new champion.

After all the photographers took their pictures, Pamela began heading for her locker room. "Hey Pamela" shouted Madonna as Pamela was leaving the ring. Pamela turned around to see Madonna with an outstretched hand. Pamela took the hand and shook it. "You're not such a bad cock-fighter after all Pamela. Of all the people to lose a cockfight match and title too, I'm glad it's to you. But remember this, I will get my title back. You'd better keep looking over your shoulder, because I'll be chasing after you." said a defeated but still proud Madonna.

Pamela smiled back and replied "You gave me a good fight Madonna, but the better fighter won. Better luck next time old hag." She then removed her hand and went to her locker room to celebrate her win with her teammates.

When Madonna got back to her locker room, Britney and Melissa told her what had happened during her match to her discontent.

"This is the final straw with that little bitch. This is all we need to break away from Generation Next and form our own group girls Brit and Mel. It's going to be called 'Blonde Ambition' because that's what we are. As for Nelly, she can fend for herself." said a disappointed yet determined Madonna. Nelly sat red-faced on the bench as she heard Madonna say this. She began to plead with them not to go through with their plans and leave her without a team to be with, but they wouldn't hear of it from her.

After a couple of minutes of pleading from her Madonna finally spoke "We've heard enough from you, Nelly. It's time for you to pack your bags and leave the group. As our new ritual dictates, anybody we throw out of the group gets the ritual beat down from the group." The group allowed Nelly to pack her stuff from her locker into her bags. Once she finished packing her stuff, Madonna started the beat down with a few punches to her gut and a few knees to her face. She then slammed her body into each of the set of lockers before she brought her to the middle of the locker room where each member took turns punching, kicking and kneeing Nelly as she stumbled back and forth between them. The poor girl could only see a flurry of arms, legs and knees comes toward her body and couldn't distinguish which one belonged to who. After a couple minutes of beating her, Nelly finally fell to the ground where the girls pummeled her even more with kicks and stomps. They then stripped her of her clothes and spread her arms and legs. Madonna strapped on the dildo that she brought with her to the ring, straddled Nelly's stomach and began to dildo f@#* her in the clit. Nelly was too beaten to resist at this point as her body was quickly overtaken by pleasure.

Britney and Melissa chanted "Make her cum" as Madonna continued her assault on Nelly's clit. Madonna verbally assaulted Nelly as well including telling her that she's getting what she deserved for not supporting her while she fought in the ring. Madonna soon brought the distraught and defeated Nelly to an orgasm. Madonna also made Nelly clean off her juices from the dildo.

Britney and Melissa brought Nelly to her knees and made he kiss each of Madonna's nude butt cheeks. They then stripped their own pants and thongs and forced her to kiss their butt cheeks as well. After the kissing her former teammates' butt cheeks, Madonna asked her how she would like to be knocked out and by whom as her final request before finishing the ritual. She looked up with a shocked looked on her face, thinking that she might be joking with her. But she realized that she wasn't and had to decide how she wanted to end her ties with her former teammates. She looked at each of her former teammates with a mixed of fear and despair before looking at Britney. She thought it fitting that Britney knock her out as the sign that she had finally cut ties with the team because it was because of her that she was in the group. She therefore mustered these forlorn words "I'd only see it as fitting if I was knocked out by Britney as she sat on my face with her butt."

She then lay on her back in spread eagle form and watched as Britney stood over her and lowered her butt onto her face. Nelly didn't resist as Britney completely covered her face and denied her the precious air she needed to breath. Madonna and Melissa watched as Nelly's body slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Britney then stood up and looked down almost pitifully on her one time teammate and muttered under breath "So long old friend." Then the three members of 'The Blonde Bombshells' left the locker room with Nelly out cold on the floor, thus ending their ties with Generation Next.

New Cock Fight Queen!!

But Don't Forget the new Force in the league

Blond Ambition!!!!!!


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