NOTE: This story is continued from Britney Spears vs Jenny McCarthy 2
Of all the tortures Britney Spears has endured this day, she found herself in the safest place yet, in between Christina Aguilera's legs with her tongue buried in her vagina.

"Come on Chris, quit hogging her, I want some more." whines Alicia Keys, with her hand under her skirt, rubbing her pantiless crotch.

"Sorry," purrs Christina, "If I had realized Britney was this good, I'd turned her into my sex slave years ago in the Mickey Mouse Club!" The panting girl's head falls back, almost dizzy in ecstasy. "Go ahead Britney, give Alicia some more."

Britney withdraws her head from Christina's crotch and crawls over in between Alicia's legs like a housebroken puppy who knows nothing but satisfying her master. Britney does not know how long it's been since her title loss to Jenny McCarthy, and the ABA delivering her to Generation PRIME, but it has been far to long. Her completely nude body was covered with graffiti. All the Generation PRIME girls had written insults all over her body. Her ass & tits were still bright red from the abuse she had taken. The words "Gator Slut" were written in large letters across her forehead, and her face was stained with the love juices of Christina, Alicia, Janet Jackson and Willa Ford. (Jessica Simpson refused to allow Britney to service her. She contends Britney did not deserve the 'honor' of tasting her sweet nectar.) Britney goes to work on Alicia's cunt, causing the young beauty to moan in ecstasy. Britney knows as long as she "pleases" her captures, at least the physical abuse will stop.

Suddenly the door burst open. Britney's Generation Next teammates, Melissa Joan Hart, Mya and Nelly Furtado are all there wielding metal folding chairs, "Back off you sleazy cunts, we're coming to get Britney!" demands Melissa drawing the chair back in a menacing manner. Britney's head pops up and breaks into a huge smile now that she has finally been rescued. The Generation PRIME girls scurry to the far side of the room. They all knew Generation Next would come for Britney sooner or later, but had not anticipated them arriving with weapons.

Only Christina and Janet did not seem worried about their archenemies arriving and threatening to bash their skulls in with chairs. Instead the slender blonde put her hands on her hips and said, "No you're not... Britney go back to what you were doing." She continued with a very defiant and authoritative tone, "and you have 5 seconds to get the hell out of here, or you'll be joining Britney."

"What!" exclaimed Melissa, annoyed by Christina's attitude, "You obviously don't know who has the upper hand her, but I'm about to show you." Melissa said as she slowly started towards Christina.

"Mya" Christina calmly said. Melissa was a little puzzled then when Mya's chair came crashing down on the back of her head, the reason was crystal clear. Before Nelly could react, Mya slammed her with her chair too. The initial betrayous blow knocked Mya's now former team mates to their knees, but she kept pounding, alternating between her former buddies until they lay flat on the floor, dazed and nearly out. Seeing she had completed her task, Mya carelessly tosses the chair aside and runs and leaps into Christina's arms.

"You stupid bimbo's, Mya is one of my friends from Moulon Rouge, I can't believe you were dumb enough to let her into Generation Next!" Christina says as she bursts into laughter. "She was a spy the whole time!" Christina says as she hugs Mya tightly and celebrate.

Over an half hour had passed, that felt like an eternity for the remaining defeated members of Generation Next. Nelly & Melissa, now nude, beaten, and crestfallen, submissively service their captives like Britney has been doing for some time now, when a polite knock rapped the door.

"Who is it?" yelled Willa, disturbed by the interruption.

"It's me, Madonna" replied a voice, "Janet open up."

Janet leaps up, knocking Nelly from between her spread open legs. "Maddie probably wants a lick of Britney." she says as she goes to open the door.

"Why do you still mess around with that old whore?" Christina asks with an almost disgusted frown on her face.

"Because, she gives great head." Janet replies with a smile. "And NOBODY is better at kinky stuff than her." Janet says as she opens the door and hugs Madonna. "What brings you here girl?" asks Janet.

"I heard you had Britney captured in here" sings Madonna as she caresses Janet's shoulders and rubs her arm. "And I just came to..... Madonna clutches Janet's arm and wrenches it to it's breaking point. Janet screams in shock & agony and instinctively drops to her knees. Madonna twists Janet's arm again and moves behind the shrieking beauty. Madonna places one forearm against Janet's arm to use as a brace to further bend the limb. "Back off or I swear I'll break her fucking arm." Madonna yells.

"No, don't break my arm... Ouwww Please don't break my arm!" pleads Janet. The members of Generation PRIME remain where they are, except Christina who starts slowly moving toward Madonna. "I said BACK OFF, or you'll be calling this bitch lefty from now on."

"No Christina, stay back, she'll do it... She'll break my arm... Back off, PLEASE!" begs Janet as she burst into tears. Christina stops and sneers at Madonna from where she stands.

"Britney, Melissa, Nelly get your ass over here." commands Madonna. The three nude girls quickly rise and scamper behind their rescuer. Madonna and crew slowly starts backing towards the door while a sniveling Janet crawls with them, following her twisted, throbbing arm. Once reaching the door, Madonna twist Janet's arm up behind her back into a hammerlock. Madonna them lifts Janet off her feet and listens to Janets screaming and begging as she is suspended in the air, only by her tortured twisted arm. The girls of Generation PRIME stand in amazement as the woman they admired and looked up to as one tough bitch was screaming and crying like a whimpering brat. Madonna tosses Janet forward, sending her to fall flat on her face, holding her arm and uncontrollably crying. Madonna quickly exits and closes the door.

"This is an old trick, but it still works." Madonna says as she bends down and picks up a string with a loop at the end of it and places it around the doorknob to Generation PRIME's room. The other end of the string is tied to the doorknob across the hall. Madonna rises and listens as Generation Prime runs to the door and start pulling on the knob trying to open it. Then starts laughing as they discover they are trapped inside. "That'll hold them for a while, come on lets get outta here!" Madonna says as she runs away with the freed Generation NEXT.

The ladies run to Madonna's waiting white limo and speed off. Britney leaps in Madonna's arms and thanks her for the rescue, while Melissa and Nelly celebrate. "Well girls," Britney announces, "We lost a member of Generation Next, but I think we have a new coach. I think we came out way ahead in this trade!" Britney says with a huge smile.

"Thanks girls" responds Madonna "I'd be honored to be your coach. We're gonna kick some serious ass together!"


Pam Anderson (71%) dominates Britney Spears (29%) A lustful crowd hear tonight awaits a battle of two luscious blondes! The lights go dim as Pam's entrance music comes on the P.A. Down the entrance way comes Pamela Anderson dressed in a silk pink bikini. She enters the ring and walks from corner to corner waving to the cheering fans. Pamela has worked hard to become a member of the newly formed Fabulous 4 but knows she must be fabulous to earn a win over Britney and a shot at the Championship next month. After close to a minute Pam gets a hold of the microphone and starts to address the ABA, primarily Jenny.

"Jenny you better run while you still have a chance, because when I am done with Britney, I am coming after you. Me and the girls will make sure the ABA goes down"

Another dark shadow fills the arena as Britney's Stronger comes on the PA. Ms Spears makes her way to the ring with an equal amount of cheers for the former War Queen. She's wearing a ruffled white bikini and every bit as dazzling as Pamela.

The two babes both know what is on the line here as the ABA has proceeded to take over with Jenny McCarthy in charge. Britney wants another chance at Jenny who brutally snatched the title from her and then proceed to hand her over to her most hated rivals, Christina Aguilera and Generation Prime. The simple truth remains Britney wants redemption and Pam stands in her way. Anderson wants nothing more than to dethrone the ABA from power. In order to get one step closer to her quest she must go through Britney!

We go down to ringside as the bell is about to sound setting the two lovelies in motion. Britney the more aggressive one charges full steam ahead but Pamela side steps her and hip tosses her to the ground. Spears is quick to her feet and still in attack mode, but Anderson again eludes the attack, monkey tossing a storming Britney back to the ground. Anderson goes to work, as the younger blonde is slow to get up. Britney gets to her knees leaving Anderson wide open for a boot to the stomach. Spears spins back to the mat holding her stomach. Pam wrenches Britney up by hair taking the pop star and throwing her to the ropes. This proves to be a mistake for the vital Spears springs off into a picture perfect cross body clothesline. Britney lands on top of the taller blonde and hooks her leg looking for the quick win, but Pamela easily kicks out.

Pam looks a little disoriented as Spears sends a quick knee to Pam's forehead shooting her down to the mat. Now Brit uses her advantage, darting off the rope and dropping down on the blonde with a leg drop. Britney again hooks the leg, but Pamela avoids the pin.

Britney is quicker to her feet and moves forward with a quick fist to Pam's face, and then another. Pam leans forward to avoid a third blow and axe handles Brit in the midsection. Spears is slowed a bit but quickly follows up with two more shots to Anderson's face. This time the taller blonde responds with her own shot to the head. Britney surprised by the shot backs off her attack, allowing Pam a second swat catching her in the temple. Young Spears staggers right into Pam, as Anderson sends a sharp knee into Britney's firm stomach buckling her over. Pam quickly throws herself against the ropes and on the rebound lays a swift kick to Spears face sending her crashing onto her back.

Anderson stomps on the singer's chest a few times just to assure Britney stays out of breath, before pulling her up with a handful of her blonde locks. Pam guides Spears to the center of the ring and throws her face first into the turnbuckle. Britney hits the corner at full tilt and stumbles about 3 feet backward. The actress moves in from behind grabbing the smaller blondes waist and lifting her up onto her shoulder. In one vicious swoop Pamela atomic drops Britney over the top rope. Spears with no control over the situation struggles to touch the ground as the rope is abruptly driven into her crotch. In an agonizing plea she leans forward trying to get some kind of support to lesson the pain but ends up rolling violently to the ground. Spears legs tangle in the ropes as she lies partially twisted on her back. Pamela shakes the ropes in a playful manner allowing Britney's legs to fall. The former War Queen looks hurt as she instinctively tries to roll out of the ring, but Pam will have none of that.

Spears is forced up by the hair, and is thrown aggressively to the ropes. Pamela comes back with a wicked clothesline flattening the blonde instantly. Pammy looking to do more damage goes for an elbow drop to chest but is surprised as Spears still has enough strength to roll out of the way. Pam hits the canvas hard as Britney struggles on her hands and knees to get to get to her feet. The Barb Wire blonde bumbles hastily to her feet and she once again catches Britney from behind. Pam takes the blonde by the locks and drags her on her knees to the ropes. Britney's head is wedged over the bottom rope as Anderson places her foot on the back of her neck. In Spears weak state she struggles for air but Pamela doesn't hold her there long. She lifts her foot letting Spears get some air in and then repeats the whole process again. After another quick choke Anderson reaches down and seizes Brit by the hair. Slowly the singer is wrestled to her feet and then thrown back first against the ropes. Pamela takes a step back and then unleashes a vicious kick between Britney's legs. The young singer buckles forward as Anderson catches her by the neck and straightens her up. This time Pam moves in sending a knee to the crotch and then another.

Spears crumbles to the ground with her arms tending to her womanhood, trying to stop the pain. Pam knows she has young Spears right were she wants her as she reaches down with her left hand going directly for Britney's cleavage. Pam grabs a hold of her bikini top and tugs the singer up in one brisk motion. Britney's knees leave the ground about 8 inches before the top snaps right into Andersons hand leaving Spears topless and thumping back down to the ground. Britney falls forward onto her elbows when Pamela seizes hold of her hair and straightens her back up onto her knees. The Barb Wire girl reaches down and grabs a hold of Britney's tits with each hand and pulls her to her feet. Spears completely in shock by the sudden harsh treatment shrieks her way to a stumbling halt. While, maintaining her grip on the singer's breasts Pam throws her backward against the ropes. Britney springs off violently and falls into Pamela who flips her over her back to the ground. Fans applaud as the singer's young perky breasts finish their dance routine.

After the show Pam pulls the aching blonde up by the hair. In a display of dominance she scoops Spears up in the air leaving the crowd in question as to whether she would backbreak, or body slam her. Finally she ends all questions tossing Britney down with a textbook body slam. Its obvious Britney is in pain with a frightful look in her eyes, as she wonders why Generation Next is not intervening. Her half naked body twists on the mat trying to find relief, but knows it is doubtful. Seconds later Pam plows through her flattening her to the mat by coming down with a thunderous stomp to the chest. Spears try to roll away, but Anderson continues to brutalize her chest into mounds of reddened flesh. Pamela's last stomp hit Spears in the midsection. Causing the smaller blonde to partially sit up and allow Anderson easy access to a handful of hair.

The former War Queen was whisked to her feet and forced to stumble backward until Pamela literally threw her up against the turnbuckle. Spears slowly began to collapse to the ground but Pamela made sure she wouldn't by draping her arms over the top rope rendering her helplessly trapped. Britney gazed forward and then at the arena lights with one last effort to kick her leg up into her dominating opponent but was beaten to the punch as Pamela drove her knee into her golden stomach twice. The last two blows completely shattered any chances of offense as her head fell forward in pain and frustration.

For Pamela, now was the time to end this battle as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bikini top and seductively dropped it to the ground. The fans cheered their approval as her large firm breasts were revealed. Britney too weak to know what was going on looked up as Pamela stood over her while standing on the ropes. After further enthusing the crowd Anderson stepped down to the bottom rope lining her breast up with Brits face. With a vengeful glance probably intended for McCarthy she pulled young Britney's head forward smothering her between her gorgeous breasts. It was time her helpless opponent experienced a twin killing as she began to grind her hips and shoulders from side to side. Britney's face was bouncing rhythmically from breast to breast administering weak and eerie sobs of abuse. One positive note for Britney was that the movements allowed her to get a very minimal amount of air in. But Pamela would have none of this mercy crap as she slowly picked up the pace. Spears sobs variably turned to cute whimpers as she inevitably diminished into unconsciousness. When Britney's cries disappeared and her arms fell lifelessly to her side, Pamela began to slow the pace once again making sure to enjoy every snap of the smaller blondes neck.

Finally Anderson pulled Spears face out from her cleavage and stepped back off of the bottom rope. Britney's head fell backward and then forward displaying the massive amounts of drool seeping from Britney's nose and mouth from her desperate struggles to consume air. Pamela happy with her work slapped Spears tits a few times and then unlocked her arms from the ropes. She tucked Britney's head under her arm and then latched onto the singer's panties falling back for the icing on the cake DDT. Britney fell flat on her face motionless while her breasts were crushed beneath her. Pamela paraded the ring as her breasts glistened in the lights lightly coated with Britney's drool. She gently rolled Spears over onto her back and cradled her legs quickly and easily for the pin. Anderson rolled out of the ring leaving Britney a pile of wreckage in the center to grab a microphone.

"You're next McCarthy, and I won't show so much mercy on you, when I put you down" dictated Pam as she followed the cheers of the fans back to her locker room.

The scene flees to McCarthy's locker room where Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate and Nikki Cox accompany her.

Alyssa turns to Jenny. "Pretty impressive wasn't it? "

McCarthy laughs! "Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!"

The three girls stare at each other in confusion!

"I knew Generation Prime would take care of Britney for me, she had no chance of beating Pam after what they put her through. Now Pam has a false sense of confidence, coming into our match! Like I said Perfect!" Jenny laughs her evil laugh and soon the others join in.

Generation Next members were found bound and gagged, just waiting for Britney's return to her locker room. The question is, who accomplished this task? Was it the ABA or the FAB 4? Could it have been Generation Prime? How do they fit in now with this battle for supremacy!



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