Mariah Carey (55%) tramples Jessica Simpson (45%) Jessica already stood in the ring, hands on hips, wearing a white tube top and white trunks, confident of herself. Christina Aguilera stood next to her, with a golden tube top and golden trunks, holding a fairly big jar. The two blondes glared at Mariah as she entered, wearing a long bathing robe. She jumped in the ring and waved to the crowd. She looked at Christina in her eyes and grinned. Mariah put her hands on her own breasts and lightly pushed them, reminding of the humiliating defeat Christina had at the beach against her. * Christina felt some chills in bone as she quickly rolled out of the ring, while Mariah majestically removed her robe, revealing her white T-shirt and a silver thong and some silver high heel boots.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie, in her black striped referee shirt, pulled the two competitors closer and said: "The loser of the match has to kiss the winner's foot, understood?"

"Duh!" Jessica answered, pushing herself away from the ref.

And the bell rang. Jessica immediately ran to Mariah and kicked her tummy, and began to slap her repeatedly. Mariah, caught by surprise by her incredible speed, backed off the turnbuckles, trying to recover. Jessica, profiting of this moment, jumps onto Mariah, climbs on and begins punching her directly in the jaw, as the crowd began counting.


Jessica stepped down and watched Mariah walking dizzily around the ring. She quickly lifted up Mariah and nailed her with a DDT, quickly going for the cover after.

"12!" She was able to raised her shoulder up.

Jessica pulled her to her feet and held her face to hers.

"Bitch!" She yelled as she smacked her hand so hard across Mariah's face that the clapping noise echoed throughout the stadium.

Mariah fell on her hands and knees. Jessica jointed her hands and hammered Mariah's back. She fell down and quickly got back up. Jessica frowned and repeated the blow. The same thing happened. She kicked Mariah right into her stomach, but she still didn't want to collapse. Jessica ran to the ropes, giving herself some power, then elbowed Mariah on the back of her head. She finally collapsed.

Jessica stood back up in the center of the ring, satisfied

But not for too long

Mariah slowly stood up back, like nothing happened. Jessica backed off, shocked.

"Is this the best you can you Jess?" Mariah said.

Jessica ran into the ropes, giving herself some speed and throws and a punch on Mariah's jaw. It hit, but Mariah's face didn't change, she repeated that move a several times, before backing off and looking at the "invincible" Mariah.

Christina Aguilera"C'mon Jess! Punch her! Knock her down!!!" Christina yelled from the ringside.

"I can't! She doesn't feel anything!!!" Jessica yelled back at Christina.

Suddenly, Mariah held the collar of her T-shirt and pulled, ripping her top off like the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan used to. She had silver bikini under! Mariah was shining, glowing from the reflects of her clothes from the light big lights lightening the stadium up.

Jessica's mouth dropped open, her eyes widened, showing panic and great fear. She slowly backed off until she reached the ropes.

"Christina!! Look! Oh my god. Help me!" Jessica told Christina.

"What??? What can I do??" the latina replied.

"Do something!" Jess yelled before getting interrupted by Angelina, warning her the risk of getting disqualified.

Jessica ran to Mariah and drop kicked her in the face. Mariah backed off to the ropes. Jessica quickly grabbed her hand and whipped her to the opposite side of the ropes, herself running in the opposite direction, to give her more power and speed. Jessica swept her arm, trying to clothesline Mariah, in order to knock her down, but she ducked and avoided the clothesline. They both still ran, but this time, Mariah jumped in mid air and karate chopped Jessica squarely on the throat.

Jessica collapsed on the mat, totally dazed and holding her throat sobbing. She quickly got back up and tried to negotiate, putting her hands in front, slowly backing off from Mariah.

"Hey girl Relax卹elax" She managed to say before putting her hand back on her hurting throat.

Mariah paused for a second there. Jessica tried to achieve "surprise" once again, running to her and drop kicking Mariah. But this time, Mariah caught both her feet and held them in her arms, nearly handing Jessica upside down, before sling shooting her to the turnbuckles. Jessica's face bounced off as she slowly stepped back, completely dazed. Mariah grabbed her arm and whipped to the opposite corner. The power was so great that Jessica bounced off from the turnbuckles, going back into Mariah's hands before getting whipped back to another corner. After a few whipping and knocking on the corners, Jessica slowly walked to Mariah and got nailed by a DDT. Christina came in, trying to interfere and help her fallen friend. Mariah pushed Angelina aside and held Christina by the hair. She was screaming and struggling wildly, before Mariah held her in a stunner position and pulled her down on the ropes, hurting her throat. The latina fell back on the ringside, sobbing, while Jess was back up, barely able to stand, trying to attack Mariah from behind.

Mariah turned around and caught Jessica hand on her throat. Jessica lightly shook her head and showed a terrorized look. Mariah lifted her up and choke slammed her in the center of the ring. Mariah then jumped and climbed to the top ropes and waited for Jessica to stand back up. After a few seconds, Jessica was on her knees, while Christina was up too. She looked in the ring, with her chin pressed on the mat, searching for Mariah. The latina finally located Mariah on the top ropes, while her friend was just back up on her feet.

"Nooooooooooo!!!! JESSS!!! WATCH OUT!" She yelled.

Jessica turned around and saw a flying Mariah, executing a Swanton bomb, her ass knocking her down, and squarely sitting on her breasts. Jessica instantly passed out as Mariah went for the count.

"123!!! Knock out!" Angelina yelled.

Suddenly, Christina came up in the ring, running to Mariah, trying to break the jar over her head. Mariah, having great reflexes, kicks her tummy and gives her a hard stunner before she could react. Christina bounced off from her shoulder, flew high in mid air and crashed on her back, stunned. Mariah picked up the jar and looked at the two blondes out cold. She looked at the big jar and read:

"Rotten eggs + Rotten fish +Rotten fruits + excrements + many many more"

Mariah looked at the jar, puzzled, not knowing why she brought that exactly.

"Now, please, may Jessica Simpson proceed to kiss Mariah Carey's foot!!!" the announcer said on the mic.

"Ohhhhhhhh.." Mariah thought as she sat on the top turnbuckle and removed her boots and sweaty socks. She came to the stunned Christina.

"Let me try this on you first." She said, opening the big jar and shoving her foot in it.

"Yuck" Mariah managed to whisper as she felt some ooze, sticking and wet stuff touching her foot.

She bent down, foot still in the jar, and pressed of Christina's cheeks, opening her mouth manually. The latina's eyes slowly opened and could believe was she was seeing Mariah pulled out her foot and instantly shoved it in the latina bomba's mouth. We could see the wildest struggles Christina could ever make. Her arms and legs were flailing wildly as she tasted her own medicine. Mariah had fun moving her little toes to make things even better. After about ten seconds, she removed her foot and Christina sat back up, ready to puke everything she got in her guts. Suddenly, Mariah smacked her hand on Christina's lips and held it tight, while shaking her fragile head.

"MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!" was the only noise Christina could make, already starting to puke.

"You're going to dirty the ring bitch!" Mariah yelled as she pushed Christina back down, pressing hard on her lips, forcing her vomit back into her guts.

Christina's head abruptly dropped aside, eyes rolled back. Mariah removed her hand and looked at the latina's cheeks, which were full of vomit fluids, her lips totally covered by the same fluids.

She turned to looked Jessica.

"Poor you" She whispered as she shoved her foot into her mouth too. She made the same struggles as Christina, in vain So was she getting ready to puke.

"I'll be the one dirty'ing the ring, now you!" Mariah yelled as she poured the whole jar onto the face of Jessica! The brownish junk covered Jessica's used to be beautiful face as it slowly expanded in the ring We could see the white of Jessica's rolled back eyes, showing clearly she passed out. The crowd was going nuts as they saw this spectacle.

She raised her hands and was going to walk off, before pulling Christina back to her feet, barely standing. She stripped her from her tube and trunks, holding her by the hair and looking at her naked body.

"I'm starting to love you Christina I love you So fun to beat" She said before kicked her the latina's unprotected tummy and stunning her once again with a Stone Cold Stunner.

As Aguilera flew in mid air, all her vomit was shot out like a cannon ball. She collapse on the ring, all folded up, stuck in the ropes and nearly dead

Mariah gloriously triumphed and walked her way back to the lockers.


Sweet Mariah kicked some ass tonight!

Jessica & Christina have a real nasty evening

* Mariah vs Aguilera