The two singers square off on the beach!!!

Mariah Carey (56%) Squashes Christina Aguilera (44%) Today was supposed to have a great match between Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera in the ring. Christina was already standing in the ring with her pink tube top and pink trunks. She walked around impatiently. When we introduced Mariah Carey, she didn't show up. The officials were kind of puzzled. But soon, there was a "spokesperson" of her who said Mariah left a message, saying that she cannot come to today's match, because of personal problems, and that the match will be cancelled.

The crowd was not happy. They were screaming boo's and stuff. Christina smiled and held the Mariah spokesperson by the collar.

"Where the hell is that chicken?" she asked.

"Uhhh…." the guy hesitated.

Christina held it tighter, soon scared the shit out of the spokesperson.

"She's at the beach!" he said.

"What the hell is she doing at the beach???" Christina asked, starting to be pissed.

"I don't know!!!" the spokesperson answered.

Christina suddenly kneed the guy in the groin. He collapsed on the ring sobbing in agony. Christina walked back in the lockers and started to pack.

"Where you going Chris?" Jessica Simpson asked.

"To the beach… That little Mariah bitch is scared to face me in the ring, so I'll go meet her there…" Christina answered as she grabbed a bag and walked out of the building. She rode a nice limo to the beach. She got off and asked the driver to come and pick her up in 15 minutes.

The limo finally drove off. It was sunset already. Christina took off her tube and trunks; she had zebra patterned bikini and thong under! She hid her bag in a bush and walked towards the beach. She saw Mariah sitting there, looking at pictures.

It was Mariah and another girl named Karen in it. Looking at it, Mariah had wet eyes, now we understood everything; that girl was her friend, who disappeared in a boat sinking… Mariah feels sad for her friend, so she went to the beach to relax. She was wearing Tiger patterned bikinis and thong.

Christina slowly approached Mariah from behind and then took the picture away from Mariah.

"You!" yelled Mariah, trying to stand up.

But Christina kneeled down and locked Mariah in a sleeper.

"Oh…I see that our dear Mariah is feeling sad for her dead friend…" Christina teased, as she held tighter on the hold.

"Ugh…. you fucking…. bitch!" Mariah yelled, trying to break off the hold.

Christina let Mariah go and kept the picture in her hand. As Mariah was struggling to her feet, Christina kept kicking, literally, kicking her ass. She had fun. Mariah, trying to catch her breath from the previous blows, couldn't keep her balance.

"You're scared of me Mariah? I'm sorry…" Christina continued to tease, still kicking and stomping Mariah's ass.

Suddenly, Christina pulled Mariah to her feet by yanking her hair hard. Mariah almost cried out from the incredible pain. Christina looked at her with a "pitiful" look. Then she kicked Mariah's knees to make her fall on them. She kept Mariah on her knees, still pulling her by the hair.

"You suck! You fucking cunt!" Christina said as she karate chopped Mariah's throat.

"Aw!" Mariah managed to sob.

She slowly collapsed on the sand, stomach first. We have never seen Christina so cruel. She stomped Mariah's back hard and pulled her head (face) up by a handful of hair.

"I'm gonna prove to everybody that I, Christina Aguilera, is superior to Mariah Carey." She said, as she yanked harder on the hair.

Mariah began to cry as she watched her body being tortured. Suddenly, the wind blew. Mariah's picture slipped from Aguilera's fingers and landed next to Mariah's face. Christina immediately understood what to do.

"Wind's blowing today…" she said as she advanced a few steps and stepped on the picture.

"Woopsies…Did I step on your friend's picture?" she asked innocently.

Enough…is enough…

Mariah looked at the pop singer's foot crisp the picture. She suddenly got up, surprising Aguilera. Mariah stood up, even under the heavy assault of Christina. Christina lost control over Mariah, so she only managed to punch Mariah across the face. Incredibly, after Mariah was punched, she immediately sent a right hook to Christina's face. Christina punches, Mariah punches, the same move repeats a dozen of times.

The two beauties finally stepped in the water, still punching each other. Christina sidestepped a bit, getting her feet out of the cold water. The punch war finally ended, Christina couldn't take it anymore, she began to get punched everywhere and backing off, heading back to the sand (shore side). Suddenly Mariah kicked Christina's belly. She bent down sobbing in agony.

"Owww!" she sobbed.

Then Mariah turned around, facing Christina with her back and locked her head in her arm, pressing her throat on her shoulder. She jumped and sat on the sand hard. Christina's throat bounced off from Mariah's shoulder hard! Mariah just delivered a "Stone Cold Stunner" to Christina!!! Christina was all dizzy, she walked in all directions on the sand. Mariah takes advantage, stands up and resumes with her punching.

Christina became like a tamed dog. She was punched and punched, moved around like a ball. Finally an uppercut sent Christina flying in the air. She flew and crashed on a palm tree. She was leaning on it. Mariah came; held Christina's head (face) high, spitted on her and then began punching her mid section. Every hit created a sob.

"Aw! Ow! Oof! Ugh!" Christina sobbed.

Mariah was furious. She had wet eyes. She could take it anymore. She can't see her friend's picture getting stomped like garbage. Mariah lowered her strikes, started to destroy the blonde's abdominals. Christina was devastated. She began to beg pitifully.

"Aww!! Oww!! Please!! Aww!! Mariah!!! Stop!!! Aww!!! Please!!! Ugh!!" Christina begged.

After a few more blows, Mariah pushed Christina to the ground. She collapsed face first on the sand. She was still moving, trying to recover. Mariah suddenly had an idea. Christina was on her hands and knees. A few minutes later, she managed to make it to her feet. She held her stomach and began to cry quietly. She was really hurt. She looked around and didn't see Mariah around. She looked at looked, still suffering from her injuries. She decided to leave the beach as quickly as possible, before Mariah "kills" her. She walked dizzily a few steps.

Suddenly, she heard a voice.

"You fucking cunt!"

Christina heard it; she knew where it came from. She looked up and saw Mariah on the top on the palm tree!!!

Mariah jumped off from the top on the tree and executed a prefect Moon Sault on our poor blonde. She crashed and landed on Christina. Christina fell backwards, with Mariah going down on her mid section. Coincidentally, Christina somehow stepped on a rock, Mariah, instead of a Moon Sault…

…She sat on Christina's breasts!!! She flew off from the top of the palm tree and sat on Christina's breasts!!!

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" screamed Christina in hellish pain.

Her breasts were completely squashed and she spitted out a bit of whitish fluid.

"Awwwwwww……………………….AWwwwwwwwwWWWw…." She sobbed.

Mariah, sitting on Christina's breasts and looking at her, held her hair tight.

"I've heard enough of your voice! Now shut up!" she yelled, as she shoved her wet and sandy foot in Christina's mouth.

The blonde was finished, done. With a big girl sitting on her breasts and a sandy foot in the mouth, she passed out, totally devastated. Mariah felt Christina's black out. She stood up and removed her foot.

A tiger patterned bikini dressed beauty, standing over a devastated zebra patterned bikini dressed blonde… With the orange light of sunset… On the beach…

Christina was finished, she laid flat and spread eagle on her back, in the sand. Mariah tried to recover the stomped picture. She took it and was happy it wasn't heavily damaged. She took it, put on her shoes and walked away from the beach……………

Once arrived at the exit of the beach, there was a girl there, with wet eyes.

"Oh my god…Karen!!!" Mariah yelled.

"Mariah!!!" the other girl yelled.

They ran and hugged each other tightly.

"I thought you were dead!!!" Mariah said, beginning to cry.

"I've been rescued yesterday! Mariah… I saw your fight… You're a real friend." Karen explained.

The two friends were finally reunited and happy together.

But how about Christina?

She lay there, on the sand, with her zebra bikini………………….

~The End~

Mariah earns the respect of her friends. She'll go out on a limb.... and Moon Sault for them!

Not your ordinary 'day at the beach' for Christina