Uncivil War


Jessica Alba vs Tia Carrere III

NOTE - This story continues events from: Jessica Alba vs Jennifer Love Hewitt with Tia Carrere
NOTE - This story continues events from: Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel II
It is usually really hard to explain exactly why people really get divorced. However, It is usually not hard to explain exactly why you married someone. However if you carefully examine the absolute honest answer to why you married, you usually find the clues as to why you got divorced.

It has been a trying year for Tia Carrere. The most trying part was her divorce. Now she is in the progress of putting her life back together. Especially at the age of 44 it is difficult to pick up the pieces and charge forward, but that is exactly what Tia has been able to do. Tia has come roaring back, winning her second Grammy for best Hawaiian Music album. Tia is again proving to be a strong and amazing woman who reaches mythical heights like a Wonder Woman.

Tia Carrere has made tremendous strides to a happier and healthier life. However there was one large demon that she has to face. It is a demon that she partially created herself. It is a demon that emerged at the nexus of her life change.

It started when Tia clashed with a young starlet named, Jessica Alba. Tia whipped the young girl soundly, and stated, "You're not even a concern of mine.... You're definitely not my arch-rival... Simply put you're not on my level..." Jessica took those words to heart. She took the words deeper than Tia ever imagined. Jessica felt that Tia was saying that she was not on Tia's level as a catfighter, actress or woman. They consumed her, motivated her, and drove her to disprove them to Tia, and everyone in the world.

The next year Tia faced Jessica again. By then the young starlet had trained and studied Tia extensively and religiously. Tia totally underestimated the young woman. Jessica totally dominated Tia. She tortured, toyed with and embarrassed the legend. Jessica enchanted the audience, winning over the crowd. Jessica converted Tia's audience to cheer her on as she annihilated Tia. Even worst, Jessica mesmerized Tia's husband. She seduced him. Jessica left no doubt that the only his wedding vows prevented him from dumping Tia and leaving with a clearly better option. Adding insult to injury, Jessica took Tia's wedding band off her finger. She refused to return it to the defeated woman until Tia either admitted that Jessica is the superior woman or was woman enough to take it.

It was a crushing defeat for Tia. It made the supremely confident woman do something she rarely does, question herself. However she is a strong woman, and at least publically rebounded quickly. Her close friends, Halle Berry, Pam Anderson, and Jennifer Lopez recognized that their friend was not the same. All of them wanted revenge for their team mate, but Tia forbid them. She wanted Jessica for herself, although she seemed afraid or intimidated by Jessica.

Tia never blamed Jessica for initiating the destruction of her marriage. She just brought to light problems that both of them lived in denial with. Tia had to regroup. Eventually she took control of her life again. She dumped her husband and kicked him out on his ass. Tia served as her own lawyer in the divorce, and kicked his ass in court, getting almost everything she wanted. Next she started working on her career, but all this took time. During that time, she ducked and dodged Jessica Alba at all cost until she was ready.

After months of inaction, one of Tia's protégé’s decided to retrieve Tia's wedding band. Jessica Biel challenged Jessica Alba to a match, but did not fare much better than Tia. In the end, Alba broke Biel both physically and spiritually. Alba made Biel beg for mercy, and admit that Alba is the superior woman. Then Alba sent Biel back to the dressing room, crawling on her hands and knees like a whipped dog, and bawling like a newborn baby. Jessica Beil has not been the same since her defeat either.

Now with her life moving in a positive direction, it is time for Tia to face Jessica Alba. Her shaken confidence has been fortified. Tia's wounded ego has healed and now clamors for retribution. Her ego will not let her sleep at night, until she rights this wrong that has been perpetrated. Tia has been known and respected as the quintessential warrior. The entire league respects and admires Tia for being a noble and gallant gladiator that embodies every quality that every competitor should have. Tia is the mythologival Greek Achilles of the league, or the Captain America or Wonder Woman. Tia had to rise up and slay Jessica Alba, she just had to.

Tia began going through normal means to book a match with Jessica through the booking committee. To Tia's surprise, Jessica refused the match, stating that she has already destroyed Tia, and she had nothing to prove or gain by doing it again. Tia was outraged, and went to the press with her challenges, hoping to shame Jessica to a rematch. Jessica still refused. One rule of thumb is 'what Tia wants, Tia gets' so Tia continued in her efforts.

At the core of this feud for Jessica is respect and admiration, not hatred. Jessica took the first match with Tia to see how she measured up against the legend that she respected and admired. Tia defeated the young woman, and embarrassed her by making her plead, "Auntie Tia" to be released from a submission hold. Luckily for Jessica, Jeri Ryan sneak attacks Tia to settle an old grudge. Consumed with embarrassment and anger from Tia belittling her and disrespecting her, Jessica started cutting clumps of hair out of a defenseless Tia's head. She made Tia plead for her not to cut her hair until Halle Berry rescued Tia.

The young and immature Jessica began a quest to earn Tia's respect. Obviously Tia did not consider the young girl an equal. The rivalry grew when the ABA delivered a defenseless Tia to Jessica, trying to make Jessica an ally and removing a hated enemy at the same time. Finally Tia wanted a measure of revenge against Jessica, and chose to referee one of Jessica's matches. That was when Tia beat up Jessica and delivered the now memorable, "You're not on my level" speech after decimating Jessica after her match.

All of that was years ago. Jessica is no longer the insecure girl looking for Tia's respect. Roles have reversed between them. Jessica is now a mega star, in high demand, while Tia is a 44 year old fading memory. Jessica is going to give Tia her rematch, but in due time. First she is going to make Tia beg, plead and sweat to humble her even more. Jessica wants to make Tia realize that Jessica is now the top dog, and calls the shots. Tia is just another bitch in the pack now. She needs to learn her role and place.

Tia was quickly learning her place. The booking committee, that usually cajoles to one of their big attractions could not and would not force Jessica into the match since she was also a huge attraction. Tia's challenges in interviews and in the press, depicted Tia as a bitter old woman. But what Tia wants, Tia gets.

Tia was not to be deterred. She started showing up at red carpet affairs and publically challenging Jessica. Although after the first incident, Jessica started having security escort Tia from the building on sight. That became a truly humbling and embarrassing experience for Tia. If she was not aware that Jessica is now a mega star, with far greater star power, she did then. Obviously event coordinators valued Jessica's presence much more than Tia's. Security either confined her so she could not get near Jessica, or threw her out like an overzealous groupie. Tia grows angrier at Jessica by the second. She gets more determined than ever to get Jessica back in the ring and beat the day lights out of her.

Jessica has Tia totally frustrated. Jessica loves the mind games that she is playing with Tia. It made her feel powerful. Despite her success and demand, Jessica is a pawn and not a Hollywood heavyweight like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Demi Moore or Salma Hayek. Jessica has little actual power. Although Tia's projects now are not as large as Jessica's, she controls most of them. Tia is still an impact player with many very powerful friends like James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Myers. Keeping Tia powerless as long as possible was part of her plan to gain more respect.

Driven half insane, Tia came up with an alternate plan to get back at Jessica in the worst way. Tia arrives in the small office of Verso Entertainment, is Santa Monica California. She is wearing her sexiest, and sultriest black dress, looking phenomenal and smelling sweet. Tia seductively slinks into the founder’s office, movie producer and Jessica Alba's husband, with a whispery "Hello Cash".

"Tia Carrere? What are you doing here?" the startled young man asks.

"I came here for you Cash", Tia answers. "Since your wife won't wrestle me, I thought you might want to wrestle me. Do you want to wrestle Cash?" Tia sexily asks. "Jessica isn't the only one who can tempt husbands. Two can play that game."

Often dubbed the luckiest bastard in the world, Cash Warren has Tia Carrere twisting toward him prepared to do anything he asks. Cash gets lost in the fantasy for a moment before her remembers why the magazines calls him the luckiest bastard in the world, because he is married to Jessica Alba. If he wants to stay married to Jessica, he better pass up this lucky win fall. "I'm already married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world, there's nothing you have that interests me."

Tia reaches behind her back and unfastens her dress top and allows it to fall to her waist and reveal her bigger than Jessica's tits encased in a fabulous black lace bra. "Really?" Tia seductively asks. "Your wife doesn't have a rack like this." Cash swallows hard.

"I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world." Cash says. "She makes you look like a gremlin."

"Do gremlins look like this?" Tia answers, and starts sliding out of her black dress while doing a little impromptu strip tease. Tia tosses the dress aside, and stands in a lace bra and panty set looking like a Victoria Secrets model. Tia continues to dance and temp. Cash takes a deep breath.

For the next twenty minutes Tia shamelessly throws herself at Cash. She quickly ends up buck naked and using every trick she ever knew to seduce Cash and searching for any form of Cash's lust or affection. Despite her best efforts, Cash harshly and cruelly spurns her advances. Cash was purposely cruel with derogatory words to hopefully cause Tia to stop before he succumbed to temptation. However the 44 year old recent divorcee's fragile ego was crushed. On the verge of breaking down with tears in her eyes blurts out pleadingly, "Please Cash, just fuck me! I'm begging you. Alright I'm not as young as I used to be and I'll admit, Jessica is hotter, but I still look fucking amazing! Most men would kill for a chance at me." Tia pauses and composes herself a little bit. "Just turn me over desk this and fuck me and spank me then throw me out like a stupid slut. I won't tell Jessica or anybody. I'll hide under your desk and give you blow jobs all day. I just want to take something from that bitch like she took from me. Nobody has to know, as long as I know."

Seeing Tia about to break down, Cash lightens up. "Of course you look amazing Tia, You don't need me to tell you. I'm married to Jessica and won't betray her."

"Okay, convince her to get into the ring with me, so I can get my pride and dignity back." Tia pleads.

"You don't want to do that." Cash replies. "You can't beat Jessica. You don't understand, she's obsessed with you. She studies your matches night and day. She knows your moves better than you do. That's how she beat Jessica Biel. She recognized your training and style, and took advantage of it. You can't win!"

"Bull shit! I underestimated her last time, and I was distracted by marital issues during the match." Tia snaps. "That scrawny bitch kicked my ass, stole my man, took my ring! she took my self respect! I can't live with myself without trying to get back at her. Either I kick her ass or steal your attention if only for a moment."

"No you don't understand." Cash quickly responds. "Jessica will not be trying to beat you, she wants to retire you. Jessica is tired of being viewed as only the hot chick. She wants to prove she should be as respected and be as big of an icon as anyone in the Fab Four. She's going to do that by eliminating all of you. You're just the first. Halle is next, then Pam and finally Jennifer Lopez."

"Well tell her to stop sounding like a simple minded moron every time she opens her mouth, if she doesn't want to only be a hot chick."

The debate continued, and soon turned into a cordial conversation. Cash had to remind himself that was a married man. The conversation took place in the confined quarters behind his desk. He was literally face to face with this entirely naked gorgeous milf. Part of him wanted to slam her on top his desk and fuck her brains out. He thinks that Tia's ex husband has to be a fool to lose her. Tia thinks that Jessica is an extremely lucky girl to have Cash as the two connect.

Meanwhile several miles away Jessica Alba makes a call on her cell phone as she drives through traffic. "Verso Entertainment" says the voice at the other end of the line.

"Hey Sophie" Jessica begins. "Tell Cash that I'm running late for lunch. I'll probably be there in about twenty minutes."

"Okay I'll let him know" Sophie, the office intern replies. "He's in a meeting right now with Tia Carerre."

"What! Tia Carrere is there!" Jessica exclaims. "Have security remove her from Cash's office, and hold her until I get there." Jessica demands.

"Huh? What?" the confused intern stutters.

"I said do it!" shouts Jessica. Fearing her job, Sophie immediately disconnects and calls security. She knows that Alba is really the financial power of the company.

Fifteen minutes later Jessica saunters into the small security office for the building. Three disheveled security guards are in the front room. From what Cash told Jessica, Tia put up a hell of a fight after the guards burst into Cash's office. They had to physically subdue Tia. It took all their might to wrestle Tia out. Nobody knew Tia knew such foul language. In fact, they were discussing probable cause to go in a tazer the foul mouthed bitch still screaming slurs at them in the other room.

Cool, calm and collected Jessica marches into the room like a military officer. She finds Tia naked and sitting in a chair with her hands bound behind her back with a plastic cross tie. Jessica issues one order through gritted teeth, "Don't ever talk to Cash again."

Tia stands and smashes her tits into Jessica's going nose to nose with the younger woman. "What's the matter? Can't stand the competition?" Tia smugly asks.

"Please, you're no competition." Jessica spits back. "You got naked and threw yourself at Cash, and he still wouldn't give you the time of the day".

"Funny", Tia confidently answers "It was you that called security to have me removed, and Cash wasn't complaining." Tia examines Jessica's eyes and found that her verbal jab found it's mark. "I'll stay away from Cash, just give me my match."

"I've already told you," Jessica huffs back. "I've already kicked your sorry sagging ass once. There is no reason to do it again."

"Give it a rest!" Tia rebuffs. "You know what you did to me last time. You know I will not stop until I get you in the ring again." Tia looks challengingly into Jessica's eyes. "Name your price!"

Seeing Tia totally 'on tilt', borrowing a poker term, Jessica sees it is now time to go for the kill. "I quit match." Jessica issues. "This time you're going to admit to everyone that I'm the better woman."

"Done", Tia quickly accepts.

Then Jessica had an epiphany. There was something at the central of their feud that she had long forgotten. "and your hair." Jessica proclaims. "When you lose, I shave your head bald."

Tia stood frozen, while blinking her eyes nervously. Risking her hair was obviously a concession she did not want to make. "Just as I thought" Jessica says as she turns away from Tia and heads for the door. "You're already beaten there is no reason to do it again."

"Fine, you've got your hair match." Tia grudgingly growls. Jessica pauses and gives a quick glance over her shoulder at Tia. Then after a quick nod, Jessica continues heading for the door, trying to hide her smile.

As Jessica disappears through the door, Tia shakes her head and snarls. "Stupid cunt, just signed her own death warrant." Tia thinks. "There's no way she'll ever make me quit, and there is absolutely no way in hell I'll ever let her shave my head." Tia was extremely confident that she would win. Her pride, her ego, and most importantly her hair are on the line. She just could not lose. Besides, whatever Tia wants, Tia gets.

Jessica leaves the room they were holding Tia and into the room where the security guards are stationed. "Hey Don" Jessica says to the head of security. "Please escort Ms. Carrere out of the building. You'd better keep her clothes for evidence, don't you think?" Don and the other guards laugh mischievously. They cannot wait to see the foul mouthed, ill mood colossal pain in the ass, Tia Carrere, angrily storm across the parking lot to her car in her birthday suit.

Almost three months later Jessica is standing in the ring in her corner at RAGE! She looks across the ring at Tia wanting to tear her limb from limb even more than the day she left Tia in that security building. Once the promotion for the match began, the differences between the two were blatant and made Jessica want to utterly destroy Tia.

Tia was charming, poised, charismatic, elegant engaging and entertaining, the exact image that Jessica wishes she possessed. Jessica came off differently. Despite her best efforts, nothing that comes out of Jessica's mouth was entertaining or charming enough to make you forget her obvious beauty. Jessica is a really hot chick. Jessica had an obvious appeal, but it was as the cute, innocent, girl that you should love and protect.

Tia exudes the strong, confident, independent, successful woman that you want to marry, but end up divorcing because she is too domineering, demanding, and overshadowing. Meanwhile Jessica is the blazing hot, yet sweet innocent girl next door, that denies her sexiness. The kind of girl you want to date, but know you are not worthy of, and will eventually fuck it up royally and will regret forever. When they are pitted against each other, these differences are blatant. Jessica hates when people dismiss her words while captivated by Tia's company. However the camera's eye pays much more attention to her. Jessica feels disrespected that they only want her looks instead of her mind, while they value both Tia's words and looks. It makes Jessica want to kick Tia and the rest of the Fab Four's asses more. Although misguided, Jessica is totally committed to her quest for respect, and taking it out of Tia's ass.

Tia stood in the opposite corner across the ring with the perfect competitive edge combination of being extremely confident and calm, but eager with nervous anticipation waiting for the opening bell. It is clutch time, and Tia has always demonstrated the clutch gene to be her best at these times. Throughout her life Tia has always found a way to prevail in these situations, and tonight will be no different. Besides, Tia always gets what Tia wants.

Tia stretches in her corner, cognizant of the camera focusing on her. Tia smiles and winks at the camera before stretching, and bending over to give the camera man a couple sexy tits and ass shots. Tia wears the normal Fab Four outfit of a shiny gold bustier and a black pair of hip hugging shorts. Jessica stretches much more seriously, wearing a pink string bikini.

At the opening bell, the two combatants quickly reach the middle of the ring and lock up. After a fair struggle, Tia is stronger and powers Jessica into a side head lock. Tia has to flex her muscles to contain the young vixen, but Tia is up for the task. Jessica chops the side of her hand on Tia's crotch. It surprises and distracts Tia long enough for Jessica to grab a handful of Tia's hair and use it to throw Tia to the mat.

Tia springs back to her feet like a big cat, and goes right back after her prey. Tia seizes Jessica by the head and woman handles her into the corner. Once there she repeatedly slams Jessica's face into the top turnbuckle. Tia continues until Jessica drops to her knees. Tia backs off allowing a dizzy Jessica to rise to her feet.

Jessica AlbaJessica quickly shakes the haze away and smiles and chuckles at Tia, letting her know that she was okay. Once again they lock up. After a struggle Tia once again over powers the lithe young girl. Tia slings Jessica across the ring into the ropes. Jessica rebounds back to Tia, and gets leveled by a clothesline. A loud smack of flesh echoes as Jessica goes down.

This time Tia stays on Jessica, and traps her on the mat. Tia mounts her foe by taking a seat on her belly. "Told you girlie, it’s not going down like last time." Tia hisses as she digs her fingers into Jessica’s firm inviting breasts. Jessica squeals and bucks until she is finally able to kick Tia off of her. Both Tia and Jessica scramble to their feet.

Jessica inspects her boobs briefly after Tia has clawed them. Tia is willing to go to any lengths to win this match. The two circle each other cautiously. Suddenly Tia lounges in with a Superman punch that catches Jessica across the jaw. Jessica goes reeling and stumbling back against the ropes. Tia is on Jessica in an instant, spinning her head around on her shoulders with a wide sweeping right hand punch. Then Tia returns with a back handed swipe across Jessica's lips. Jessica is reeling and almost falls through the ropes. Tia grabs Jessica's arm and whips her across the ring. Somehow the dazed beauty finds a way to reverse the whip and sends Tia into the ropes instead.

When Tia rebounds, Jessica harpoons her with a straight fist into Tia's stomach. Tia is stopped dead in her tracks. Jessica grabs one of Tia's arms holds it not allowing Tia to cover up. Then she fires three more fist deep into the pit of Tia's belly. Next Jessica whips Tia into the corner, sending her crashing back first into the turnbuckle.

Tia pauses to grunt and groan after crashing into the corner. "Come on!" Jessica incites her opponent, but is weary of entering the corner after Tia. Tia snarls at Jessica taking an extra couple of moments before re-entering the battle. Obviously she was hurt by Jessica’s gut shots.

Tia comes at Jessica. The younger vixen's fist strike fast and hard again. Jessica rocks Tia with four more pile driver punches into Tia's belly again. Then Jessica whips Tia into the opposite corner. Tia grunts after crashing against the turnbuckle. Tia's body language says that she was hurting, but she comes right back at Jessica. Tia is cautiously looking at Jessica's fist, when the young fighter's right foot flashes up and kicks Tia in the stomach. Tia reels back into the corner, but comes right back at Jessica. Tia is trying to say something, when Jessica kicks her in the belly again. Tia bellows but keeps coming at her rival and walks into two more painful gut shots that have her cringing and back pedaling. Jessica grabs Tia's arms and whips her into the ropes.

When Tia rebounds, she surprises Jessica with a cross body block, taking Jessica down to the mat. Tia keeps Jessica down. She grabs Jessica's right leg that has caused Tia some pain already, and bends it up toward Jessica's head. Tia hopes to stretch Jessica's hamstring, and eliminate those kicks from Jessica's arsenal. Jessica struggles against Tia, and is eventually able to kick Tia off of her. She also finds a way to recoil her leg and kick Tia in the pussy to boot. Jessica quickly springs to her feet, but Tia remain down holding her pussy and groaning.

Seizing the opportunity, Jessica stomps down, driving her heel into Tia's stomach. Next Jessica kicks Tia's tit, getting a loud shriek out of her rival. Jessica follows by taking a seat on Tia's chest, and digging to Tia's boobs with her claws.

Taking longer than expected, indicating her strength starting to wane, Tia wrestles Jessica off top of her by her hair. The two end up rolling around and grappling on the mat. Surprisingly Jessica ends up on top of Tia. Jessica immediately starts slamming the back of Tia's head into the mat.

Jessica rises off her victim, and Tia remains down. "Come on" Jessica taunts. "Can't get up on your own? I'll help you." Jessica immediately returns to Tia and hair hauls Tia up to her knees. Jessica knows Tia extremely well. Part of beating Tia is a psychological attack, of belittling her, woman handling her, and making her feel helpless. Shaking the legend's confidence, is critical in defeating this dangerous opponent.

Jessica snakes her arms around Tia's neck from behind, locking her into rear chinlock. Tia stays in the hold a short time before she powers out of Jessica's grasp. The veteran warrior refuses to go down tonight. She immediately attacks with an upper cut into Jessica's flat tummy. Jessica howls and falls back into the corner. Tia seizes her opponent by the arm and starts to whip her into the ropes. Only Tia spins Jessica around in circles by her arm many times before releasing her into the ropes. Tia gains more momentum in her whip, and shows the young girl who is in charge. Jessica rebounds into another decapitating clothesline. Jessica is cut down to the mat with a loud thud.

Tia stays on her foe. She rolls Jessica onto her stomach and takes a seat on her lower back. Tia wrenches Jessica's arm behind her back. Tia twists the limb and places the palm of her hand against Jessica's elbow, using it as a fulcrum to hopefully break or injure the limb. "Aaahhhhhhh! You bitch!" Jessica growls out of frustration and pain. She makes moves to escape, but Tia easily out wrestles Jessica and counters her efforts. Tia ends up capturing Jessica in a body scissors around her belly, and a rear chin lock around her neck. Jessica is obviously weakening and suffering, but finds a way to escape the hold in time.

Both women get to their feet and circle each other. The swagger has returned to Tia's movements, while Jessica walks gingerly and appears worn from wear. Tia's cocky smile and gestures piss Jessica off even more. "Bitch... you think you're such hot shit." Jessica mutters to her foe.

"Because I am hot shit." Tia definitely answers. "Why don't you ask Cash." Tia leans forward to taunt Jessica. "His mouth said 'no', but that huge bulge in his pants thought I was hot shit!" Tia follows with a ridiculing laugh. Jessica's blood runs cold, and instantly becomes enraged. Before she has another thought, Jessica lets loose with a mighty bitch slap before Tia could draw her face back. Tia's mocking expression and the taste in her mouth are slapped away as she reels back into the corner.

"That's it bitch!" Jessica simmers over. "I'm putting an end to you once and for all." Jessica says as she dives into the corner after Tia. She traps Tia and starts driving her right fist into Tia's gut time and time again. "You're finished. Consider this your retirement match bitch." Tia stands frozen in pain. Her mouth is gaped open, but she can't draw a breath. Jessica's fist make loud smacks like hand claps as she hammers Tia's stomach.

Jessica reaches behind Tia's back, and with one angry tug, pulls off Tia's golden bustier. Next Jessica wraps the garment around Tia's throat, choking her nemesis. Jessica jerks Tia out of the corner by her make shift noose, then wrangles and wrestles Tia to the mat by her top. Tia is gagging and struggling fiercely. Knowing the only way to emerge victorious against Tia is to break her body and spirit, Jessica fiendishly drags Tia across the canvas by her noose. Jessica wants anything to demean and dishearten her nemesis; anything to make her feel helpless.

Jessica voluntarily releases the top, seeing that she is tiring herself out trying to drag the larger woman. Once free Tia instantly rises to her feet, with her eyes blazing for vengeance. Before she can focus Jessica strikes with a kick to the legend's chest knocking her back to the mat. Tia does not stay down long before sitting back up. Tia makes a swiping kick to make Jessica back away. Tia angrily pulls the top away from her neck and tosses it aside. "Still think you're hot shit?" Jessica quips. Tia gives a confident, sarcastic chuckle in response.

Tia stands as Jessica pounces on her again. Jessica pushes Tia back into the corner, and starts blasting away again at her foe's stomach. Tia barks and hops with each thunderous punch. "These belly busters are tearing me apart." Tia thinks. She knew that the forty year spread has added some extra padding around the middle and her dress size has increased in the last couple years. However she never guessed that her stomach was so soft and vulnerable. But this bitch, Jessica, did and it pisses her off. Jessica always finds a way to hurt her in the worst way, and it infuriates her. Jessica has been the bane of her existence, and it ends tonight. Besides what Tia wants, Tia gets.

Jessica tries to keep Tia reeling and confused. She whips Tia across the ring and sends her hard into the corner across the opposite side of the ring. Tia bounces off the corner and comes roaring back across the ring at Jessica like a rampaging animal. Fear floods Jessica's every scenes. She feels like a meek doe in the line of the wrath of the big bad wolf. Tia seizes Jessica by her head and hair and forces the terrorized girl back into the corner. Tia clasps one hand around Jessica's neck crushing her windpipe. "No more!" Tia yells in a guttural roar. "No more hurting me! No more beating me! No more humiliating me! No more!" Tia proclaims.

All the fan's skin starts to tingle seeing this rivalry coming to a head. Everyone knew that this will be a war. The winner will conquer the loser, leaving her a vanquished shell left for the dogs to feast upon. Only one warrior will walk out of the ring tonight, the other will be left lying. However, neither gladiator will ever be the same, following this night.

Tia growls and pushes aside the bikini cups of Jessica's top, freeing her breasts. With her free hand, Tia grips and squeezes Jessica's tit so tight that Jessica felt her boob might burst. Of course her biggest concern is the hand around her throat. Suddenly Tia removes her hands and unleashes a knock out blow across Jessica's jaw. Jessica's head swivels on her shoulders. Tia follows with a backhanded slap across Jessica's face that lifts her off her feet and causes her to slump in the corner. Next Tia drives the point of her knee into Jessica's belly for a little payback. Tia grips Jessica's hair and flings the senseless slumping beauty across the ring by her hair. Jessica goes sailing halfway across the ring and lands with a thump.

A bit of Tia's normal composure returns as she walks over to Jessica. Jessica rose up to her hands and knees, but Tia's two handed shove knocks Jessica flat, face first on the mat. "Give me that arm." Tia demands, as she grabs a hold of Jessica's arm and stretchs it out on the mat. Tia drives the point of her knee down into Jessica's bicep with all her weight behind it. Jessica very much begins to feel like the novice that Tia used to dismantle years ago. Tia works Jessica over in workman like fashion, kneeing her arm until it is numb.

After sure that she damaged Jessica's arm, Tia rolls her victim over onto her back. Tia mounts Jessica and wraps both hands around her neck for a two handed choke. Jessica has been in this position before with Tia systematically taking her apart. Jessica knows once it starts, there is no stopping.

With the referee babbling about the choke, Tia switches tactics. Tia wrestles Jessica up into a seated position with Tia getting behind her. Tia wraps her strong muscular thighs around Jessica's waist. Tia snakes one arm under her foe's arm to the back of her neck. With Jessica firmly secured in a half Nelson lock, Tia's other hand finds Jessica's breast again. Tia mauls the tit while Jessica squirms like a fly caught in a spider's web. In fact she has been helplessly flailing since Tia's offensive began. This only quickens her demise. "Do you give up yet?" Tia cockily asks.

"No" Jessica breathlessly answers.

"Why not? You're losing." Tia sings back. Between the divorce and being totally dominated by Jessica, Tia has been rocked to her core. However she knows that somewhere inside Jessica there is still that insecure little girl. By the expression on her face, that insecure girl is on the verge of returning to Jessica's forefront. Tia laughs again, "You're losing little girl, you're losing."

Jessica eventually brings her elbow down on Tia's knee joint, and that allows her to rip away. Both women get to their feet. Jessica is breathing hard and walking like she clearly has some aches and pains. Tia has a joyful pimp in her step, and has the confident swagger of a hunter about to make kill on a wounded prey.

They lock up again. Hands sink into each other's hair, trying to throw the other to the canvas. Tia is jerking Jessica around, about to throw her over. Jessica manages to stay on her feet. She felt like she had a bull by the horns grappling with Tia. All of her insecurities resurfaces.

Jessica's admiration and respect for Tia soars. Jessica thought that she had Tia beaten with her belly blasting assault, but she came roaring back. It has already been an extremely long and exhausting match, but Tia takes it in stride. Jessica is reaching her limits, but Tia looks as if she is limitless. Tia truly is great.

Jessica remembers an old sports quote that Cash's best friend, NBA All-Star Baron Davis used to quote. Coach George Carl used to say, that there are those who are great and there are those who want to be great. Talent alone can make you great. Those are the great ones. But those rare few who want to be great, stop at nothing to achieve. They are not limited to being great, they always want more, to be the greatest and then beyond. That is what separates the Michael Jordan's and the Kobe Bryant's from the flock. It makes Peyton Manning’s and Tom Brady's different from anything else in the league. If Jessica truly wants the respect and the greatness she has to want it, and want it this moment.

Jessica surprises everyone in the arena, including herself and overpowers Tia and throws her to the mat. Not wasting time celebrating minor accomplishments (as she may have done in the past) Jessica stomps down hard on Tia's tummy, then she adds a second and third stomp.

"Come on, you think you're so tough! Come on get up!" Jessica commands. Tia is holding her stomach and does not rise. Jessica immediately goes after Tia again. When she gets close, Tia strikes out with both of her feet with a mule kick. However Jessica counters and catches both of Tia's ankles before they hit her. Next Jessica bends Tia's legs, folding Tia up like a matchbook, until her feet are up by her head. Tia's hamstring and leg muscles are stretched to their limits. However the stronger woman is able to kick out to Jessica's dismay, and send the slender woman reeling back.

Tia returns and so does her confident smile and chuckles. Jessica's eyes narrow and her blood boils. Jessica wants this greatness, and Tia stands in her way of achieving it like an immovable object. Despite everything she has thrown at Tia, she stands as cocky an confident as she has at the match's beginning. Perhaps Tia is Wonder Woman, after a grueling 35 minute match she is still perfectly poised, confident, elegant and classy. If Jessica really wants that kind of greatness, she's going have to rip it off Tia tonight. The young vixen charges at Tia.

However Tia wants greatness too. In fact, Tia has been desiring and achieving greatness for twenty years. As Jessica charges, Tia blasts her with a side kick. Jessica goes down hard like she's been shot. Tia drops to the mat after Jessica. She wrestles the young wildcat flat on her back. Next Tia clasps her hands above her head and hammers down onto Jessica's flat stomach. Jessica's body convulses, and Tia does it again. She puts as much force behind the blows as her body would muster. "How do you like somebody punching your belly?" Tia belts as she unclasps her hands and drives hard punches down into Jessica's belly like a piston six or seven times. Jessica yelps and squirms, but her young firm stomach handles the trauma much better than Tia's softer midsection.

Tia stands and backs off "Bitch" Tia snips, showing her distaste for Jessica's earlier stomach attack. Jessica pants and rolls on the mat for a couple of seconds. Jessica is frazzled. Just seconds ago, she thought that she had turned the match around, and was on the verge of achieving greatness. Now Tia's confident swagger has returned, and she is hurting on the mat.

All these thoughts fill Jessica's mind as she rises to her knees and breathing hard. Then Tia strikes like a lightening flash, stepping up and kicking Jessica in the face. Jessica is launched back and lies looking up at the lights with her head lulling side to side. "Careful hot chick", Tia says as she pace back and forth. "You're going to mess up that pretty face." Tia jokes.

Jessica sits up looking confused, hurt, and pretty defeated. Tia quickly swoops in behind her and takes a seat behind Jessica. Tia wraps her arm around Jessica's jaw and throat area for a rear chin lock. With her free hand Tia clutches Jessica's exposed breasts. Jessica screams and arches her back reaches behind her. Jessica snags a handful of Tia's jet black hair. It took a little time, but Jessica is able to pull Tia's hair hard enough to make Tia let her go.

Jessica rolls and crawls to the other side of the ring. She looks back over her shoulder and sees Tia standing with a cocky smile and her hands on her hips with her chest poked out like Wonder Woman. Suddenly Jessica figures it out. "You sneaky, crafty, old bitch."

Jessica rises to her feet with a confident, blood thirsty smile just like Tia is wearing. Tia circles "Oh the hot chick wants some more?" she sings "Show me what you got, little girl" Jessica walks boldly right to Tia and launches a foot. Instinctively Tia turns her body to shield her more vulnerable areas. Jessica's kick lands on target, disrespectfully square on Tia's ass. Tia goes stumbling into the ropes. Jessica grabs Tia's arm and snatches her toward her. Tia comes stumbling toward Jessica, then she whips her fro, sending her toward the ropes, but before letting Tia go she jerks her another direction, toying with Tia. Finally Jessica whips Tia violently to the corner.

There were three clues that helped Jessica figure it out. First, Jessica just over powered Tia a few minutes ago and threw her to the mat. No matter how much Jessica wants to flatter herself the only way she can accomplish that is if Tia is drained, fatigued and hurt. Although Tia was not projecting any of those symptoms, she had to be. Second, Tia vengefully fired a few belly punches accompanied with a smart remark. Tia would not have done that if Jessica's punches had not left an impression on her. Third, Tia kept backing off instead of trying to quickly finish the match. Tia would not have done that if done that if she did not need a break more than her foe.

Jessica concluded that her gut busting attack was very effective against Tia. The bravado and the swagger was all a facade to hide the fact that she was hurting, tired, and the belly punches had drained most of her strength. Tia masked her frailties, and her insecurities like a wily old pro. Her mind game, and mental toughness almost defeated Jessica, if she had not realized the deception. Despite the perception, Tia is not invincible, or Wonder Woman. She is a 44 year old woman in a grueling battle nearing the one hour mark against a much younger and just as skilled foe. Jessica realizes the match, the greatness and the legend is all there in her grasps, waiting for her to seize it.

Jessica smiles and laughs seeing Tia collide into the corner. Her little experiment, showing Tia no respect with a kick to the ass then jerking her around like a child proved successful and gave her confidence. Tia truly was hurt, tired and ready to be put down.

Jessica rushes in the corner and grabs Tia by the hair. She pulls Tia's head down and raises her knee up at the same time. Jessica's knee strikes Tia's fore head, knocking her back and sends her slumping into the corner. Jessica caught a glimpse of Tia's face. She saw a hurting tired woman. She did not see Wonder Woman with all the swagger. She saw the bitch that she is about to tear apart limb from limb.

Jessica surges forward and strikes with a kick into Tia's belly. Jessica quickly strikes again with another kick to the stomach. Next Jessica grabs a handful of Tia's hair and holds her in place while she launches a series of hard punches into Tia's gut. Tia was grunting and hopping at each devastating blow. "I'm not on your level huh?" Jessica says releasing years of frustration. Finally Jessica gets two handfuls of hair and tosses Tia halfway across the ring by her hair.

Tia lands halfway across the ring and slides to a stop. Jessica half expected the tough woman to get up, but she could not. Tia lies on her side in a ball holding her gut. Tia rolls onto her back and looks up and sees Jessica bending over mockingly laughing at her. Jessica stomps down on Tia's gut again. Tia's body jack knifes up. Jessica clasps both of her hands together and raises them above her head and slam them down into Tia's stomach a few times. Then Jessica drops to her knees then pounds Tia's stomach some more with her fist. Meaty smacks ring out through the arena.

Jessica grabs a handful of Tia's hair and commands "Come on.. up, up... up, up...." Jessica starts pulling Tia to her feet by her hair. She actually drags Tia a few feet before the tired veteran gets her feet under her and stands. Jessica is on an emotional surge. Jessica plans to ride that surge and steamroll Tia before her own fatigue and pains renders her as powerless as Tia currently is.

Once standing Jessica forces Tia to bend over. Then Jessica kicks Tia in the stomach with all her might three times then slings the veteran back to the canvas.

By the time Tia comes to a halt, face down on the mat and raises her head, Jessica is on her, stomping down on the small of Tia's back in the kidney area. Tia rolls to her side to protect her organ, but Jessica is already on her knees and tattooing Tia on the side with her fist. Next Jessica forces Tia over onto her back and takes a seat on her belly. Jessica grabs Tia's tits and tries to rip them off of Tia's chest.

Tia uselessly squirms and flails under Jessica. Ever since Jessica's blitzkrieg started, Tia has not made a coherent word. She has just made animalistic grunts, groans and barks. Next Jessica rolls off top Tia and locks her legs around her rival's waist at the same time, locking Tia in a body scissors round her already aching stomach. Tia makes her first legible words as Jessica's vice lock tightens. "Let go" Tia croaks subconsciously.

Jessica cruelly laughs at her victim. She wraps two hands around Tia's throat. "I'm not letting you go Tia. I've told you this is your retirement match." Jessica releases Tia and pulls Tia to her feet by her hair. Once standing, Jessica blasts Tia in the gut with her knee. Tia hops and barks. Jessica treats Tia to three more harpooning knees and whips her into the ropes. Tia stumbles into the ropes, bounces off and falls to the mat and rolls into a moaning ball.

Jessica walks around Tia talking smack. "What's wrong Big Bad Tia get up! This is the match that you begged me for." Despite being in no condition to compete, Tia is not going to be talked to like this. She struggles up to her knees. Jessica is on her in an instant, getting behind Tia and wrapping her arm around Tia's neck from behind in a chinlock. After a while, Jessica wrestles Tia down to the canvas where she can wrap her legs around Tia and combine her chinlock with a body scissors.

Jessica's belly punishment has taken Tia's breath away. Without oxygen, she cannot think. Her oxygen depraved muscles have no strength. She has to get away from Jessica to recuperate, but against a top caliber fighter like Jessica that is a formidable task. Meanwhile the younger combatant recuperates at a much faster rate. Jessica's vigor is returning. Tia estimates that Jessica has twice her strength at the moment.

Despite enjoying Tia's animalistic grunts and groans the prolonged hold is wearing Jessica down too. Jessica kicks Tia away and stands for a brief respite. Jessica stands over Tia who is trying to find the strength to stand. "Had enough yet?" Jessica asks then drives her fist down into the pit of Tia's stomach. Jessica grabs Tia's arm and drags Tia to the middle of the ring. "Get up, you asked for this. Get up", she demands.

Jessica knew that Tia was in terrible pain, and exhausted, but the warrior would not stay down once challenged. Predictably Tia immediately struggles up to her knees. Jessica swoops behind her and locks Tia in another rear chinlock. Then she takes Tia down to the mat and reapplies her body scissors as well. Jessica realizes Tia is little threat at this point. This hold is pretty much just punishment for Tia, but Jessica feels that she richly deserves it. Instead of trying to escape, Tia preserves her precious little strength. She just grunts and groans and endures Jessica's torture.

After not getting satisfaction from Tia's torture, Jessica again releases Tia. Tia rolls a couple of feet away, but Jessica is soon over her and drives a fist into her belly again. The pained expression on Tia's face gave Jessica the reward she desired. Jessica steps over Tia straddling her and again drives her fist down into Tia's gut from a standing position.

Jessica hauls Tia to her feet. Tia has little choice other than to comply. Once standing, Jessica's knee shoots up in Tia's stomach again. Tia stands swaying mindlessly allowing Jessica to fire a couple of kicks into her belly. Jessica finishes her assault with a right cross to Tia's chin. The veteran warrior wobbles back against the ropes.

Through all the pain and fog, Tia's eyes flashed her hatred for Jessica. That woke Jessica up. Although she looks done for, she is still fighting Tia Fucking Carrere. She should finish this dangerous woman now. "Come on you're going down right now!" Jessica says and grabs Tia by the hair.

Although Tia's eyes and spirit still have fire, her body is hurting and powerless. Jessica slings Tia to the mat. Tia resists with all she has left, and ends up being tossed on her ass in a seated position. Unfortunately that was perfect position for Jessica to bring an upper cut from her knees and unloads it on Tia's chin. The haymaker nearly takes Tia's head off. She falls over to the canvas like she's out. To Tia's credit couple of seconds later the shakes her head and rolls over and starts trying to get to her feet. Jessica nails her with another punch to the face, knocking her back to the mat.

Jessica is on Tia in a New York minute. She pushes Tia flat and is on top of her in a schoolgirl pin. Jessica quickly progresses her pin into a face sit. Tia is weakly kicking and protests, "Get off of me!" From studying Tia's match with Alicia Silverstone Jessica learned that Tia hates being facesat. Tia is fading fast and hating every fleeting second. Suddenly Jessica rises off Tia and turns around for a reverse face sit. She wants to make sure that Tia is exposed to every part of her ass.

While facing Tia's feet, Jessica grabs Tia's legs and folds them up and tucks them under her arms putting Tia in another matchbook pin, while sitting on her face as well. In this position, Tia is able to use leverage and balance to topple Jessica off of her.

Jessica was totally unphased by Tia's miraculous escape. She grabs a hold of Tia and stays in contact with her. Jessica grapples with the depleted warrior briefly. Jessica ensnares Tia's neck in a rear naked choke hold. Tia squirms in Jessica's clutches briefly, but in just over twenty seconds, Tia is rendered unconscious.

Jessica releases Tia and rises to her feet. Jessica walks to the corner for a rest break, leaving Tia splayed across the canvas like a nearly naked work of art. Although Tia has clearly been beaten, she has not loss the match until Jessica forces her to say, "I quit". Jessica needs a rest before continuing while Tia snoozes on the mat. Jessica even leaves the ring and shares a soda with a ringside fan.

When Jessica returns to the ring, she notices that Tia is still wearing her black hip hugging shorts. Jessica decides to remedy that and start stripping the shorts down Tia's voluptuous legs. Tia starts to come to as Jessica peels her shorts and thong off. This leaves Tia totally naked save for her wrestling boots.

Jessica is happy that Tia is awakening and figuring out what dire straits she is in. Jessica goes in for the kill and rolls Tia over onto her stomach and secures one of Tia's arms between her legs as she sits beside Tia on the mat. Jessica clasps her hands under Tia's chin and pulls back putting Tia in her finisher, the Crippler Crossface submission hold. Tia is in the center of the ring. She knows that she has nowhere near the strength to power out of the hold, or scoot to the ropes and force the break. All she can do is submit or suffer.

Tia lies in the same hold that broke her friend Jessica Biel physically and spiritually. The pain is excruciating. Under normal conditions Tia would tap out to avoid injury to live to fight another day. However, Jessica has taken so much from Tia already. Jessica has already taken one victory over her, she has taken many of her fans, Jessica took the sexual attention and lust of her former husband, She has taken much of her pride and dignity, and she is on the verge of taking this mach, victory in their rivalry and Tia's hair. But one thing Tia swears that Jessica will not take from her, that is her reputation for being the toughest bitch to ever step in a catfighting ring!

Jessica pours on the pressure in her submission hold. She is not surprised at all that Tia has not submitted. In fact she would have been disappointed if she had. One thing she has learned about Tia is that her reputation in this league is well deserved. However Tia is only human. At some point she must give up, it is inedible. "Give up Tia" Jessica encourages. "You've loss this one. Just quit and save yourself the torture, before I break your fucking neck." Tia screams and her eyes well up with tears. That was one threat that she believed, but she was not going to quit. Tia uses her extensive background in yoga and meditation to endure the ordeal.

After Jessica has held Tia in the Crippler Crossface longer than it took Jessica Biel to break, she wondered if Tia was indeed human. Jessica releases Tia a little frustrated, and looked for a weaker point. Tia lies flat on her face, loudly moaning in agony. "Just quit bitch, just quit!" Jessica angrily shouts. Jessica grabs a handful of Tia's hair and starts bending her head and neck backwards. Jessica's other hand folds Tia's ankles so one is on top of the other. Then, grabbing the bottom ankle, Jessica bends both of Tia's ankles toward her ass while pulling her head backwards towards her ass as well. Jessica is bending Tia backwards with the goal of making her Tia's feet touch the back of her head or breaking her in two, whichever came first. Tia screams louder than she has the entire fight. In her younger days Tia was limber enough to touch her head with her feet, but not anymore. "I'm going to ball you up and throw you away!" Jessica spits. Tia felt she really was going to bend her backwards into a ball of broken limbs.

Jessica releases Tia again. Tia flops face down in absolute agony and making appropriate sound to prove it. Jessica stands and looks confused about what to do next for a moment. Then she turns Tia over onto her back. Jessica stands over Tia, reaches down, and again grabs her ankles. Next she bends Tia's legs into the formation of the number 4 while intertwining her legs in between. Jessica falls back to the canvas and locks Tia in the dreaded figure four leg lock. Instinctively Tia's hand goes to start tapping the mat, but she stops it at the last moment. "Meditation... yoga" bursts in Tia's mind, she regains control of her instincts.

Jessica's Resistance team mate, and friend Eva Longoria, had injured Tia's leg with the Figure Four before. Jessica is disappointed Tia was not quitting yet. Jessica starts scooting backwards on her ass, dragging Tia along with her. Tia only briefly clawed at the canvas to stop herself. She knew it was pointless. Jessica drags them over to the ropes where she grabs the middle rope for added leverage and power pouring into her leglock. Despite her best efforts and maintaining the hold an extended length of time, she could not force Tia to quit. Jessica releases Tia again and gets to her feet.

Tia lies on the mat out of her mind in pain. "Get up! This ain't over." Jessica demands. "We're not done fighting until you quit and confess that I'm the better woman!" Jessica's voice is starting to show her frustration. Jessica reaches down and hauls Tia to her feet by her hair. Next Jessica gathers herself, and then hoists Tia up across her shoulders. Getting a grip on Tia's neck and thighs Jessica bends Tia's body across her shoulders in a wrestling move called the Human Torture Rack.

Jessica is astonished how easily Tia's body bends and conformed to the contours of her shoulders. There was absolutely no resistance or strength left in her body. Jessica realizes that she has totally destroyed Tia. She has taken all that her body had to give. Jessica understands and recognizes this huge accomplishment of destroying the Great Tia Carerre and the feeling is exhilarating. Jessica puts even more power into her torture rack. She parades around the ring, displaying her accomplishment, and the limp body draped across her shoulders while applying tremendous pressure to force Tia to say those dreaded words. However Tia does not. Tia lifelessly bounces on Jessica's shoulder while making sounds of a wounded animal.

After the feeling pasts, the physical exhaustion falls on Jessica. She has been trying to force Tia to quit for about fifteen minutes now. Jessica abandons her hold and drops Tia to the mat. Jessica retrieves the house microphone then takes a seat on Tia's chest.

"Big Bad Tia Carerre" Jessica starts yelling her face. "Your body is destroyed, because I've broken it! Your mind is conquered, because you know this is hopeless. I've beaten you and you know it." Jessica roars, unconsciously spitting in Tia's face. "All that remains is your warrior's heart. I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but you leave me no choice. I'm about to reach into your chest and pull out your still beating heart with my bare hands! Then I'm going to play soccer with it before I crush it under my foot." Jessica stands and looms over Tia. "You can stop this whenever you're ready." Jessica finishes and drops the microphone on Tia's heaving chest.

Jessica leaves the ring and walks up the ramp leading to the dressing room. Jessica stops on the stage at the top of the ramp and gets another microphone. "I've got a special guest ladies and gentlemen, meet Tia's ex husband." A tall dark haired man steps from behind the curtain and approaches Jessica. "Glad to have you. So tell, why are you Tia's ex husband?"

"When I first met Tia, I thought she was the most amazing and beautiful woman on the earth. I thought she was a super heroine. She was elegant, classy, strong and gorgeous." the man begins. "Eight years later I realize that she is more of a bossy pompous bitch and a nightmare. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you kick her ass again tonight." Tia is a private and dignified woman. She hates hearing her dirty laundry being aired in public, but after what Jessica has done to her, she cannot even stand. She can only lie on the mat, and listen to that man disgrace her.

"Last time when that dummy underestimated you and got totally dominated, Jessica" Tia's ex continues, "I realized you were right. Tia is not on your level. You've in higher demand as actress than she ever was, and she is nowhere near as gorgeous as you. Jessica you're superior to Tia in almost every way."

Suddenly the crowd gives rise to a chant that was born during Jessica Alba's destruction of Jessica Biel, "AL-BA'S HOTTER! AL-BA'S HOTTER!"

Once they quiet, he continues. "Tia is not on your level or mine either." Tia growls as she lies in the ring. "After seeing you in action Jessica, I had to watch your movies to get myself excited enough to have sex with that tired old skank!" He glares at Tia in the ring. "That overbearing bitch isn't worth the trouble she puts you through."

"Enough about that old timer." Jessica begins. "Since you're single now, I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends. You can see if they are on your level."

"First I'd like to introduce you to Cameron Diaz." Jessica announces as the tall gorgeous blonde struts onto the stage.

"Wow" Tia's ex exclaims. "She's gorgeous, and one of the top grossing actresses in the world, unlike Tia. She also has an amazing sense of humor, not like that trash lying in the ring. Cameron is definite upgrade over Tia." Tia rumbles in the ring hearing this man bad mouth her.

"What about Jennifer Aniston?" Jessica asks as Jennifer joins Cameron and Jessica on the stage.

"Jennifer gets better looking in time. This is how you successfully navigate the age of 40 Tia!" he calls to his former lover. "She just got a well deserved 'Decade of Hotness Award' too. Tia can only win the "Used to be hot back in the '90's for a hot minute Award'" He says with a laugh. "Tia definitely can't touch Jennifer in much of anything." Tia tries to sit up in the ring, but an overwhelming pain shoots through her back, and she falls back down.

"What do you think about Eva Mendes?" Jessica asks as the latina joins them on stage.

"Insanely sexy" Tia's ex answers. "Tia should be embarrassed to even walk beside her."

Tia closes her eyes and fights back tears as her former lover raves on about how much sexier Eva is than her. She knows he is bitter about being dumped, kicked out the house and smoked in divorce court, but that is no excuse.

Then she hears Jessica call out Kelly Hu. Tia's eyes widened. Kelly was Tia's last opponent. Kelly and Tia are both Hawaiian and almost the same age. In one of their last arguments Tia's ex husband bragged about Kelly. He argued that Kelly was better preserved and so much more beautiful than Tia. He stated that he wished he was in Kelly's corner that match. He wished that she had beat Tia and he went home with her. Tia is not going to let that argument replay in public.

"I quit" Tia says into the microphone. "You win Jessica, I quit."

Jessica immediately stops the proceedings on stage and asks, "What did you say?" She heard Tia clearly, but wanted the defeated warrior to repeat her submission.

"I said I quit" Tia confesses. "You've kicked my ass. You win. I fucking quit." Tia says slowly and distinctly to make sure she pleased her conquer.

"Who's the better woman?" Jessica forcefully asks.

"You are" Tia defeatedly answers.

"What's the matter? Can't talk in complete sentences?"Jessica sassily inquires.

Tia quickly adds, "Jessica Alba is the superior woman"

Instantly Jessica's friends on the stage start celebrating and congratulating her. Tia sits up and sees the gala over her defeat. She sees her ex babbling about how he knew Tia's pride would not survive that emotional and psychological assault. Tia feels like she has been run over by a train. Her belly is bruised. Her back and neck keeps sending shooting pain. Her knee aches also. Tia is having a mental pity party for herself. Then she sees Jessica heading back toward the ring with an electric clipper, a razor and scissors in hand. Terror grips Tia's heart. She had forgotten about having her head shaved if she loss the match.

Tia falls apart. She knew from the onset that she could not bear having her head shaved. Tia uses her iron will to command her broken body to move and exit the ring. Seeing Tia trying to escape, Jessica's walk to the ring becomes a trot. Tia climbs over the security wall and starts fighting through the crowd to get out of the arena.

The fans heckle and jeer Tia as she fights through them and makes her way to the stairway leading out of the arena. Jessica drops off her hair cutting gear on the ring steps and climbs over the security wall in pursuit of Tia. The naked woman only wearing wrestling boots climbs the many stairs and pushing people aside heading for the concourse. Fans clear the way for Jessica so she can get her just due on Tia.

It does not take Jessica long to catch up with her worn out, battered arch rival. On a step below Tia, Jessica grabs Tia's shoulder and spins her around to face her. Once Tia turns, Jessica gives her one stiff punch into her belly. Tia starts to crumble down like a demolished building. Jessica dips her shoulder into Tia's decent. Tia's body falls over Jessica shoulder, allowing the young conquer to hoist Tia up on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Jessica carries her cargo back to the ring along with the roar of the crowd.

Jessica enters the ring and dumps Tia off of her shoulder. As soon as Tia hits the mat she starts backing off and franticly begging Jessica not to shave her head. The pleading falls on deaf ears. Jessica moves behind Tia and locks a sleeper hold on the beauty. Thirty seconds later, Tia again lies unconscious on the canvas.

Jessica retrieves her hair cutting tools and takes a seat on Tia's chest. Jessica takes the scissors first, knowing she would have to trim Tia's long, full hair down before shearing it away with the clippers. Just as she is about to make her first cut with the scissors, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Pam Anderson all come darting to the ring. They slide in the ring, but instead of attacking, the get on their knees and desperately start begging Jessica not to shave Tia's hair.

Tia's Fab Four friends are taking a tremendous risk entering the ring. The booking committee has threatened extreme fines and long term suspension for interfering in matches on this historic night. Jessica looks at the three women simultaneously begging and with a smug smile spitefully cuts a clump of Tia's hair.

Tia CarrereJessica gleefully tunes in to a little of the pleading. All three women are begging and babbling at the same time, so Jessica only pick up bits and pieces.

"Please Jessica don't so this, I'm begging you. Shaving Tia's hair will utterly destroy her...." Halle beseeches. "Please don't cut her hair! Cut mine instead."

"You've done enough... You've won already... there's no need to do this to her she'll never bother you again... I promise." Pam Anderson supplicates. "Please let her go. Shaving her head will shatter her."

"Tia doesn't deserve this. She was just trying to get her ring and little bit of her dignity back." Jennifer implores.

"Dignity" Jessica thinks. "Where is your dignity, on your knees begging and groveling like toddlers?" Then she snips off three more clumps of Tia's hair.

"Dignity?" Jessica scoffs in her thoughts. "Your entire group wouldn't have any dignity or honor if not for Tia."

Suddenly Jessica stops. She is caught up in her own thoughts for a moment. This whole feud began because she respected and admired Tia so much that she wanted to prove herself her equal. Jessica always thought Tia exemplified everything a warrior should be. She is valiant, strong, and courageous. She gets down and dirty when appropriate, but always manage to maintain a degree of dignity and honor about herself. That is why Jessica became so obsessed with beating Tia. If the greatest warrior in the league bowed to her, then she would prove herself as having those same qualities. In two words, dignity and honor, she just proved to herself that she was no Tia Carrere. Tia would never dishonored a foe, and most of all herself with disgraceful acts like taking a foe's wedding ring, or disgracing a defeated foe. In trying to prove she was better than Tia, Jessica just proved why she is inferior to Tia. Luckily Jessica is a young women, and young women learn from their mistakes and grow into great and noble 44 year olds.

Inexplicably Jessica stops lopping off chunks of Tia's hair and drops the scissors. Jessica slides her finger in her wrestling boot and comes out with Tia's ring. Jessica lifts Tia's lifeless hand and slides the ring back on her finger. Then without ever uttering one word to explain, Jessica stands and starts walking out of the ring. Halle, Pam and Jennifer, with tears rolling from their eyes break out in a chorus of heartfelt "Thank you Jessica, thank you", streaming continuously. As Jessica leaves they crawl over and try to revive their friend.

Jessica slides out of the ring. At first there were a few boo's from the cheap seats from some blood thirsty fans who wanted to see Tia bald. Then the first row of fans that Jessica passed stood up and started clapping their hands in a show of respect and admiration. Then another row joined in, and another row, and another, drowning out the earlier boo's. Soon the whole arena stood and gave Jessica a standing ovation for the act of kindness and mercy for a beaten but honored warrior.

Jessica walks away, taking her first steps as an honored warrior. In the end it was an act of mercy rather than an act of might that got her all the respect that she desired.

Later that night, Tia sat at the press table for the after event press conference. She wore dark glasses to cover her bruises and swelling. Although in bad need of a hair stylist, her long black thick silky hair still flowed down her back. Tia opened by saying, "First I'd like to thank Jessica Alba for both returning my ring, and sparing my hair. She proved herself to be the better woman tonight, first by being dynamic in the ring and defeating me once again, second by being magnanimous in victory and returning my ring and merciful by saving my hair. I'll now take your questions."

"Tia! Tia!" a reporter calls out getting Tia's head nod to continue. "It was obviously a rough match for you. Do you regret taking this match?"

"Definitely not" Tia answers. "I couldn't live with myself if I didn't take this challenge. Although the outcome was not what I wanted, I fought my best tonight. It just wasn't good enough. In the end I can't ask for more than that, and I can't do more than that. I can sleep easy tonight knowing that through my effort, I have my dignity back, and because of mutual respect from a fellow warrior, my ring is back in my jewelry box. Although things did not go as I wanted, it is like my ex husband is fond of saying, what Tia wants, Tia gets." she finishes with a wink.


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