Backlash! My Level
Jessica Alba vs Tia Carrere II
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: ABA's Day Off
NOTE - This story continues events from: Jessica Alba vs Jennifer Love Hewitt with Tia Carrere

The Backlash from Jennifer Lopez's confessions to the tabloids affected the Fab Four's home lives in different ways. Jennifer forcefully told her husband, Marc Anthony, "It's not true, itís all lies, and I'm not going to discuss it anymore!" Marc submissively agreed and the matter was never brought up again.

Halle Berry told her Super Model baby's daddy, "Whatever! Believe what you want! Its none of your fucking business what I do, anyway!" in an intimidating tone. He wisely backed down and never mentioned it again either.

When Tia Carrere and her husband discussed the matter, Tia exploded. He should have known better than to even question her faithfulness to him. The argument ensued and escaladed. Tia threw him out of their bedroom and relegated him to the visitor's bedroom. He in turn got angry and accused her of really sleeping for parts, Hugh Hefner and with Stone Rage. The argument grew to the point they were no longer speaking to each other. Things were bad for their relationship.

As if Tia did not have enough on her mind, the new match booking committee that is filling during Stone Rage's absence put her in a match against Jessica Alba, with absolutely no notice. Tia and Jessica had clashed a few years ago, Tia felt she had put the young girl in her place, and resolved matters. Apparently not, as Tia walks to the ring wearing a black sports bra, and spandex black pants.

Tia crawls into the ring and stands in her corner with her arms folded across her chest, staring across the ring at her opponent. Jessica stands in a white bikini, obviously more concerned about the bout than Tia. Then the ring announcer says, "And now introducing the special guest referee, Minka"

Minka"Shit!" Tia mutters as the massive breasted Asian heads to the ring. Tia had cleaned the ABA's henchwoman's clock in Vegas. Seeing Minka's involvement, Tia knows she has stepped into an ABA trap. Tia becomes concerned, but not worried. After all, she had destroyed both Minka and Jessica before, and doing it again, especially in the bad mood she is in, should not be too much trouble.

As soon as the bell rings, a chant of "SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!" rings out. Tia knows that is meant for her thanks to the tabloid reports. The two vixens cautiously circle one another crouched in wrestling stances. Tia reaches out, grabs Jessica by the wrist, and spins 360 degrees twisting the limb. Jessica winces in pain, but remains calm. Jessica does a flip and untwists her arm, then grabs Tia's wrist and slings her to the mat with an arm drag.

Tia comes to a skidding halt, then rises to her feet, totally unphased by Jessica's reversal, but also wearing a sly smile. "The little girl has learned a few things." Tia thinks to herself. Tia actually gets more excited about this contest, seeing she is facing a worthy adversary.

Jessica cautiously eyes Tia. She has been waiting and preparing for this match for years now. She has literally been dreaming about bouncing Tia all over the ring ever since they last met. It is not that Jessica hates Tia, she has the utmost respect and admiration for her. Jessica more considers Tia as a measuring stick for her own success. She wants to prove to herself and the world that she is on the top level of superstars in the league. Tia going down will mean more to her than just another victim. It would be a major achievement to Jessica.

Jessica rushes in once Tia reaches her feet. Tia throws a side kick aimed at Jessica's chest to greet the young girl. "Side kick when charged as usual" Jessica thinks as she sidesteps the foot and lunges in, blasting Tia on the jaw with a forearm smash. Tia reels back into the corner, taken off guard that her faithful kick was foiled.

Jessica follows Tia into the corner and strikes with a chop across Tia's chest that smacks across the arena. The fans collectively shout 'whoo' paying homage to The Legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair inspired assault. slap! slap! slap! Jessica continues with her furious chops to Tia's flesh. Suddenly Tia grabs Jessica by the shoulders and reverses positions by slinging Jessica into the corner and strikes with chops of her own. Jessica's chops were hard, but Tia's are much harder. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The crowd's whoo's are proportionately louder reflecting the might of Tia's chops.

"Break!" shouts Minka from behind. When Tia does not immediately comply, "I say break, beetch!" instructs the Asian with her broken English. Then Minka grabs Tia and starts to pull her off of Jessica. Tia responds by spinning around and giving Minka a hard two handed shove that sends the top heavy Korean to the canvas.

"Keep your fucking hands off of me Minka!" threatens Tia, while pointing at the downed official. The fans give a loud roaring round of boo's to express their increasing displeasure in Tia.

While Tia's back is turned, Jessica takes advantage and clobbers her across the back of the neck. Tia grunts loudly and her knees buckle. Then she turns into Jessica and unleashes a flurry of punches into Jessica's flat tummy. When Jessica reels back holding her stomach Tia kicks the young starlet into her chest sending her back against the ropes. Tia launches a haymaker designed to take Jessica's head off, but the younger woman ducks down, and pulls the top ropes down with her, allowing, Tia to sail over her head. Then Jessica gives Tia a big nudge to send her tumbling over the top ropes to the arena floor.

After a hard landing to the padded concrete floor, Tia thinks, "Is this bitch psychic or something? She knows my every move." Tia starts to get to her feet and sees Jessica hurdling over the top rope and crashing into her, knocking her back to the floor. Both women simultaneously start rising to their feet. Each ignores the pain from their collision and crash landing like true warriors, and continue their battle.

Jessica and Tia both adopt martial arts stances. Jessica's eyes squint, she recognizes something familiar in Tia's movements. Tia suddenly strikes with a sweeping low kick, at Jessica's ankles, going for a leg sweep. Almost instinctively, Jessica jumps in the air, and escapes the sweep. Once landing Jessica wants to fire a kick with her right leg, but does not. "No Tia's expecting that, it's a trap", Jessica thinks. Then her brain explodes, "She's going for a forward thrust!" Sure enough, Tia instantly thrusts out her left palm, trying to strike Jessica's chest. Jessica gracefully pivots to her right, and raises her left arm. When Tia's palm hits nothing but empty air, Jessica's arm snaps down, capturing Tia's arm under her arm and steps to the side. Jessica then blast a series of kidney punches to Tia's lower back. Tia shrieks loud, and long in pain as Jessica's fist tattoo the vulnerable area.

Tia instinctively struggles to pull free, but Jessica holds her tight while she peppers her kidneys. Then when Tia pulls very hard, Jessica eases up on her arm, allowing Tia to pull free and stumble away a few steps. Next, Jessica flashes her foot into Tia's abdomen, doubling her over. Jessica quickly wraps her arms around Tia's head and falls backward, DDTing Tia's skull to the hard arena floor.

Tia lies face down, knocked senseless, while Jessica springs to her feet. Seeing Tia is no threat, she returns to the ring, "Yes!" Jessica says with her confidence soaring. She thinks, "All those months and hundreds of hours of tape study paid off." Ever since her last encounter with Tia, when the Hawaiian refereed her match with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica has relentlessly studied tape of Tia's matches. She now realizes that she knows what Tia's is going to do before even Tia does. Even though Tia is one of the toughest, skilled and feared competitors in the league, Jessica is convinced there is no way that Tia can compete with her tonight, or ever again. "This is too fucking easy!" Jessica thinks, "The bitch doesn't stand a chance. I'm about to destroy this whore, and enjoy doing it." Jessica gloats seeing an obsession spanning several years culminating. "This is easier and even more satisfying than Demi Moore said it would. I AM TOTALLY UNBEATABLE FOR TIA CARRERE!"

Tia slowly rises to her feet, still clearly dazed. She puts her hand over her forehead, and wobbles from side to side. Suddenly she is able to regain her senses and looks in the ring. Minka is seated on the middle rope pushing it down, and lifts the top rope creating a large opening to invite Tia back inside the ring. "Come on beetch!" Minka taunts, "Get back in here so Jessica can finish kicking your fat ass! He he ha HA hah ha ha ha!" Minka laughs.

Tia's eyes burn with anger at Minka's mocking and the laughter of the audience. She is determined to make Minka, Jessica and the crowd pay. Sure Jessica has improved, but she is Tia Carerre, the vixen who has beaten back more young would be superstars than she can remember. Jessica will go down and down hard. Tia is sure of it. Besides, with all that Tia is going through in her marriage, there is no way Tia is getting whipped in front of her husband who is watching the match in the front row. Tia climbs back into the ring determined to conquer this young brat.

Tia launches a spinning martial arts kick as she approaches Jessica. The young vixen dodges Tia's kick. Jessica tries to retaliate with a few punches, but none penetrates Tia's defense. Meanwhile Tia presses forward angrily attacking with kicks and punches until her furious assault starts getting to Jessica. Finally, Tia's round kick slams into Jessica's face, sending the young starlet to her hands and knees. Tia happily follows to finish Jessica, but she is expected. As Tia closes, Jessica strikes from her hands and knees with a back kick that lands deep into Tia's stomach causing the veteran grappler double over and crumble to the ground.

After the exchange, both ladies are back to their feet quickly. Tia unphased resumes her furious assault of punches and kicks trying to overwhelm her younger rival. However Jessica has now discovered Tia's strategy, and soon there after recognizes her assault style. Jessica expertly blocks the blows, then goes low with a leg sweep to Tia's ankles. The unsuspecting Tia is taken off her feet and lands flat on her back. Jessica continues her attack by staying low and raising her heel and slamming it down on Tia's flat tummy. Tia grabs her stomach and howls in pain.

Jessica quickly springs back to her feet. Tia knows she must rise too to meet her foe. She tries to rise, although she is still heaving for breath. But Tia is sent crashing back down as Jessica football kicks her in the head. Tia is already seeing stars, but Jessica wants to add a few more constellations to Tia's dizzy head. Jessica sits down on Tia's stomach, grabs her black spandex top, and lifts Tia's torso off the mat. Then Jessica starts blasting Tia in the face with punch after punch. Once Tia's eyes are clouded and unfocused Jessica snatches on Tia's top till she pulls her stunned prey to her feet. Then Jessica restarts her series of fist to Tia's face. Tia is dazed and defenseless, and takes her pummeling, only backing up from the force of the blows. Jessica finishes her attack with a spinning back fist that sends the super tough Tia reeling against the ropes.

Tia ends up leaning against the ropes with her tits pressed against them. Slowly she is regaining her senses when Jessica comes from behind and grabs the waistband of her spandex bottoms and snatches them down to her ankles. The raucous crowd explodes, cheering, and jumping up and down as Tia stands their with her mouth open in shock and embarrassment left in her black sports bra and black thong. Jessica adds to Tia's humiliation by slapping her jiggly ass to the delight of those attended.

Tia is on emotional tilt right now. She is angry, embarrassed, hurt and confused. She cannot even form reasonable thoughts at this point, she is in such an emotional disarray. She spins around and throws a wild punch at Jessica. A smiling Jessica easily slips the whiff, and launches her long slender leg into Tia's chest. The distraught Hawaiian is sent reeling into the corner. Jessica follows after her, trapping her rival and once again punishes her with forearm shots to the chest and jaw.

Even Tia's husband watches from the front row in astonishment. "I can't believe it. I've never seen anybody give Tia a beating like this." He listens to his wife's pitiful wails as blow after blow lands, and she is helpless to prevent it. "This girl is destroying her. This beautiful, gorgeous woman...." He pauses having an epiphany of sorts. He has always considered Tia to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Even as a famous photojournalist who sees beautiful celebrities daily, even as he sees the likes of Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Pam Anderson visit their home frequently, he still considered his wife far more beautiful that anyone. That was until he just looked at Jessica Alba. Seeing the two women together, all of Jessica's virtues are illuminated, and Tia's few minor flaws are accentuated. Suddenly his opinion change, Tia is no longer the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, he does not consider it even close. She is a distant second to this beautiful angel, this Dark Angel that is raining vengeance upon Tia.

Having blasted Tia into a deep funk, Jessica stops and allows her rival to slump into the corner. Jessica strips Tia's sports bra off her unresisting opponent, and tosses it into the expensive ringside seats. Then she delivers a stinging, demeaning slap to her wilted foe's face.

The slap revives Tia a bit. She is now aware that she is topless and receiving a scathing beating. Jessica takes two handfuls of hair and flings Tia out of the corner halfway across the ring. Tia lands with a thud. She looks over to her husband in the front row for some sort of support, or motivation to come back. She finds his normal wink, or head nod is not there today. His attention is elsewhere right now. Tia's heart sinks a bit.

Tia scrambles to her feet. She tries to push thoughts of her husband out of her mind, and tries to find a way to turn this match around. Tia turns to face Jessica, to see she is already charging toward her. Tia's mind screams for her to move, but her body does not respond. Jessica levels Tia with a running clothesline. The crowd roars again, then gives rise to a new chant, "TIA SUCKS! TIA SUCKS!"

Tia sits up trying to come up with some sort of plan. Then Jessica's thighs ensnare Tia's head and pulls her back to the mat. Jessica's thighs encase Tia's face locking her into a figure-four head lock. Tia's breathing becomes even more labored as Jessica's calf under her chin makes breathing difficult. Tia knows this is a great move to apply at this point in the match. The wear down maneuver will give Jessica a chance to rest after dishing out that bruising beating to Tia, and further deplete Tia at the same time. Not wanting to allow Tia one moment without terrible torment, Jessica starts pulling tuffs of long silky black hair out of the trapped woman's scalp.

Tia struggles like a fly trapped in a spider's web in Jessica's leg scissors. Tia looks over to her husband observing her plight. She can not help but notice his huge errection that appears like itís about to burst open his pant's zipper. In fact its the largest erection Tia has ever seen her husband have. "Sick fucking bastard! Tia thinks. "He's getting turned on watching Jessica beat my ass."

Tia struggles with renewed vigor to escape. She is not going to give her husband the satisfaction of getting his rocks off at her expense. She is going to murder this bastard when she gets home. Tia's renewed desire loosens Jessica's legs enough for Tia to turn her head and chomp into Jessica's thigh. Jessica shrieks and releases Tia. Both ladies scramble away from each other and get to their feet.

Despite being the prey for the majority of the match, angry Tia stalks Jessica like the predator. "I'm going to wring your skinny, little boney neck!" Tia spits through gritted teeth as she re-envisions her husband's erection. Despite the arguments, she cannot believe he was enjoying her torment. Regardless, that is a matter she will solve after the match, right now she is going to punish Jessica for her part in this situation.

Jessica looks at Tia in awe. Most people believe that Jessica hates or dislikes Tia, but itís quite the opposite. Jessica actually admires Tia. She admires how Tia is virtually unconquerable. How even now after withstanding a beating that would have except only an elite few quivering and crying like a baby, Tia is up threatening her. Even though Jessica is positive Tia cannot compete with her at this point, Tia really believes she can accomplish her threats. That is exactly why she wants to destroy Tia. Jessica is accepting the challenge to crush the Great Tia Carrere physically and emotionally. She accepts the challenge to conquer the unconquerable, or beat the unbeatable. Jessica wants to make Tia beg to show what level of competition she is on.

Tia growls and starts to pounce like a tiger. Jessica recognized Tia's intentions from her film study. Jessica lashes out and kicks Tia in the pussy as she pounces. Tia shrieks and doubles over holding her pussy. Jessica pulls Tia's head between her legs and holds Tia's arms behind her back and drops to the canvas, driving Tia's face to the mat with a Pedigree. Tia lies spattered face down on the canvas as Jessica in treated with rousing cheers. The tabloid reports that turned the public against Stone Rage and the Fab Four are turning Jessica into a heroine for punishing the wrong doers. They chant, "ALBA! ALBA! ALBA!"

Tia is almost out of it. She does not even react to Jessica peeling her thong, her last remaining article of clothing off her body. Jessica prances around the ring for a few moments waving the sweaty thong. Then she tosses it into the expensive ringside seats. Next, she starts hauling the still groggy Hawaiian to her feet. Jessica hoists the dazed diva into her arms like for a body slam. Tia finds it embarrassing to be handled like a small child by her young rival, but cannot do a thing about it. After parading Tia around the ring, Jessica gets a running start and leaps into the air and power slams Tia into the canvas.

Tia lies squashed on the mat like a bug while Jessica pops to her feet and plays to the hysterically cheering audience. Tia is hurt and cannot rise to continue at the moment. She looks at her husband again and sees his attention focused totally on Jessica showboating on the other side of the ring. Finally she realizes, "That bastard! That boner isn't from watching Jessica beat me, its from watching Jessica period!" Tia's emotional storm turns into a full fledge hurricane. Hurt, pain, anger sadness, confusion all rage inside of her. She does not know what she is feeling or what to do. She uses the ropes to slowly pull herself to her feet.

Jessica watches in amazement as Tia pulls herself up. She admires her spirit, her heart of a true warrior. "I can't believe she's still getting up." Jessica thinks "She's got to know that I'm going to hurt her really bad." She smiles and becomes even more determined to break Tia.

Tia approaches looking almost comical walking on her rubbery legs. She throws a wild punch at Jessica that is too easily dodged. Jessica playfully dodges a few more wild whiffs to the entertainment of the crowd. Jessica grabs one Tia's arms as it whiffs by and wrings the limb behind Tia's back into a hammer lock. As Tia screams, Jessica grabs a large handful of Tia's silky black hair and wrenches her head back. Using that handful, Jessica marches Tia toward Minka who is standing in the corner enjoying Tia's destruction. "The referee is part of the playing field, right?" the charming beauty asks loudly. Then she plunges Tia's face into Minka's enormous tits to the laughter of the audience.

Jessica pushes Tia's face as deep into Minka's mountainous cleavage as she can. Tia struggles to escape, but to her dismay, she cannot over power Jessica's long, slender arm. This is a testament to how the severe beating that Jessica has inflicted sapped Tia's strength. Originally, Jessica played the move for laughs to please the crowd, but as Tia's movements slow in the makeshift breast smother, Jessica realizes how potent Minka's gigantic boobs can be. Minka playfully jiggles her boobs occasionally to play to the audience. The crowd is enjoying the spectacle and falling in love with the charming young beauty who is vanquishing the nasty veteran who's reputation has been smudged. Even Tia's supporters in attendance seem to have all switched sides.

With Tia's face buried in Minka's massive tits she finds oxygen is in short supply. Her struggles become weaker and more pathetic. After Jessica feels she has gotten all the laughs she could from humiliating Tia this way, she pulls her head up and slings the weak beauty backwards. Tia goes flying and stumbling on a very unceremonious trip and crash landing across the ring. Tia lies on her back, but her thoughts and eyes drift to her husband. Jessica comes over quickly and drops to her knees. Jessica next applies a stomach claw on her spread eagle foe.

Tia tries to howl in pain, but only gags as Jessica squeezes off her cry by squeezing her stomach's innards. Still despite the battering she has already received, Tia will not sit idlely by and let Jessica finish her. Tia struggles and fights back. Through her wild flailing, she grabs a hold of Jessica's bikini top, and almost yanks it down. A modest Jessica quickly releases her claw and knocks Tia's paw away to make sure her breasts are not exposed.

"You kinky old bitch!" Jessica exclaims. "You want to play dirty? Fine with me!" Jessica finishes as she pulls Tia up into a seated position and gets behind her. Jessica pulls one of Tia's arms behind her back and holds it there while Jessica's other hand reaches around Tia and grips her pussy. Jessica's long thin fingers maul and slice into Tia's cunt while Tia continues struggling and wailing in agony. Tia powers up to her feet, hoping to find an escape route, but Jessica is not having it. Jessica lets Tia's arm go and reaches around with that hand and mauls one of Tia's plump boobs.

Tia howls in new pain. She thrusts back with her free elbow, and her head, trying to connect with a head butt or elbow, but Jessica is much too smart to be caught by such an obvious maneuver. Tia moans loudly as Jessica continues ripping her to shreds. Part of Tia realizes a natural selection is taking place, where the young lioness rises up and devourers the queen of the pack. For the new lioness to rule, she must crush the queen to the point where the former leader knows she is hopelessly defeated, and she nor any other lioness dares to question the new ruler's authority. The young lioness must eat the former queen alive. There is no other way, its the law of the jungle.

Through the whole ordeal, Tia cannot help but to sneak peaks at her husband whenever possible. She cannot keep her eyes off of him, and he can not keep his eyes off of Jessica. The audience is one hundred percent behind Jessica and roars their approval of her erotic torture of Tia. After Jessica feels she has gotten all of the crowd reaction from her sexual grips, she spins Tia around to face her, places a foot into her gut and delivers a perfect Stone Cold Stunner when Tia brings her head forward. Tia's total body compresses like a spring then recoils as Tia goes flying and flops to the mat.

The crowd erupts in cheers just as they would for the WWE'a Stone Cold Steve Austin. Tia lies spread eagle flat on her back with her eyes rolling in her head. Jessica rises and showboats for the audience a moment before turning her attention back to Tia. The downed veteran turns her head and looks at her husband again. Jessica grabs Tia's hair and pulls her to her feet again. Jessica looks into the drooping celebrity's eyes and tells Tia, "You fucking whore, you deserve this, for fucking your way to a career!" Jessica turns and gives Tia a second Stunner. Tia's limp body flops to the canvas like a fish out of water.

The audience roars again. If the rumors of how Tia slept her way to the top are true, they surely justify Jessica in her actions. Jessica cannot believe the crowd's reception. She is delivering Tia an unconciousable and merciless beating and they love it. The fans crave even more, and Jessica will not disappoint them. She pulls Tia's limp body up one more time. She looks into Tia's glassy eyes and says, "And you owe these fans who've cheered for you all of these years an apology for passing yourself off as a decent woman!" then gives her yet another Stunner.

Tia bounces to the canvas to the approval of the audience. Jessica noticed that Ti's eyes turned to somewhere to the side as she taunted her. After receiving the fan's cheers, she looks down at Tia's near lifeless body. She notices that her eyes are still focused elsewhere. Jessica follows Tia's eyes and sees her husband in the front row. Jessica pauses as her and Tia's husband's eyes meet. Being a enchantingly gorgeous young woman she sees a look that she has seen millions of times. "Is Tia's husband giving me the eye?" Jessica asks herself. Then Jessica laughs out loud. "I can't believe it, he's flirting with me. His wife is lying beaten half to death on the mat, and he's actually flirting with me!" Jessica laughs again. If she truly wants to break Tia, she has just found the avenue.

Jessica lifts Tia up by her hair and slings Tia out of the ring. Tia lands in front of her husband then Jessica leaps out of the ring after her. Jessica hauls Tia back up and pushes her back against the security wall. Jessica pushes back on Tia's chin until she in bent backwards over the wall so far her tits are pointing straight up. Jessica slams her forearm down across Tia's chest. Next she looks at Tia's husband, then giggles and says in a girlish, school girl's voice, "Sorry I've got to do this to your wife." she innocently asks.

"Don't worry" he answers, "She definitely deserves it if what they say about her is true. Even if its not, she has been a major bitch around the house lately." He pauses and winces as Jessica's forearm thuds down on Tia's chest again and again. "Actually you owe her one after what she did and told you the last time you were in the ring together." He frowns again hearing his wife's loud grunts of pain. "Enough about her, what's up with you?"

Jessica giggles at Tia's husband and flirts back at him. Tia is crumbling on the inside. First, she wants to kill Jessica Alba, then she wants to beg Jessica to not take her husband from her. Ultimately, she is helpless to do anything right now. Her body is too hurt to fight back, and Jessica's heavy forearms have even robbed her of the ability to speak and beg Jessica to leave her husband alone. All she can do is endure her punishment and watch as this young lioness finishes her humiliation and destruction.

Jessica innocently continues flirting a little bit then releases Tia, allowing her to fall to the ground and curl up into a ball holding her chest. Jessica giggles at Tia's husband saying, "You're cute." and plants a long kiss on his lips. Tia looks up and sees the kiss, and immediately grabs the top of the wall and tries to pull herself to her feet. She wants to strangle both Jessica and her husband, which ever one she can get her hands around first.

Suddenly Tia's husband gently pushes Jessica away saying, "No, wait... I... I can't... I love Tia..."

Jessica does not say a word just backs off looking at Tia who has struggled up to her knees. "Damn, Tia's still trying to get up sand fight!" Jessica tells herself, as her admiration of Tia grows. Jessica hauls Tia to her feet by her hair and rolls the defeated damsel into the ring under the bottom rope, near the corner.

Jessica follows Tia into the ring. Then Jessica stands Tia up and props her against the corner. Jessica lifts Tia's limp leg and drapes it over the middle rope. Jessica takes Tia's other leg and hangs it over the ropes on the other side. Jessica steps back observing Tia seated in the corner with her legs wide open, exposing her naked cunt, as the dazed beauty moans and groans from the beating she has endured.

Jessica gets a running start and football kicks Tia square in the cunt. Tia shrieks at the top of lungs from the 'Shattered Dreams' finisher. "It'll be a long time before you're lying on another casting couch after I get through with you!" Jessica says as she kicks Tia's cunt over and over again. Shortly Tia turns into a quivering mass, about to black out from the pain. Her body relaxes, slumping in the corner like a ragdoll.

With Tia now unquestionably finished, Jessica unhooks both of Tia's legs and watches her pitch face first to the canvas. Jessica reaches down and grabs two big handfuls black silky hair and drags Tia's lifeless body out if the corner. Poor Tia can not even cry anymore as her already sore, battered and mauled tits are being dragged across the rough canvas. Finally Jessica stops and turns Tia over onto her back. Then she takes a seat on her deflated victim's chest. Minka comes over to administer the three count, but Jessica waves her off.

Jessica grabs two handfuls of Tia's hair so she can lift her head off of the mat so she can look into her glassy, defeated eyes. "You know last time we were in the ring, you told me that I was not on your level, that I wasn't even close to your level." Jessica confesses. "Since that day your words have driven me. It motivated me to get my acting career going to compare to yours. I got roles in Sin City, The Fantastic Four, Out of the Blue, and Good Luck Chuck. I honed my wrestling skills in the gym for countless hours. Now Tia I'm proud to say you're not on my level!" Jessica says putting emphasis on her words.

"You're a fucking has been, a B actress at best, or a cartoon character." Jessica continues in a serious tone. "You haven't had a decent role this century! You've tried to revitalize your career with 'Dancing with the Stars' and fell on your ass, even posed naked in 'Playboy' and still nobody bothered to call you. You're a joke and I can't believe I used to admire you!" Jessica says chuckling to herself. She looks at Tia as the Hawaiian tries to avoid eye contact her young rival. Jessica intended for her little soliloquy to be the last straw to break Tia's spirit, and it appears to be working.

Tia reflects on Jessica's words, knowing there is some truth to them. Some of the wounds to her acting career are self inflicted, because she would rather spend time at home with her husband and daughter rather than on a movie lot, but now even that is turning into a disaster. Tia is emotionally crumbling, dishearten, demoralized and defeated, and Jessica knows it.

"You're pathetic." and Jessica presses down on Tia's shoulders as Minka counts to three. "No not a three count! Give her a ten count so she knows how pathetic she is!" Jessica demands. Minka starts counting again and slapping the mat all over again until she gets to ten.

Finally Jessica stands and places one foot on Tia's chest and raises both arms in victory. The audience gives Jessica a standing ovation. Jessica can not believe the events of the day. She would have been satisfied with a good showing against Tia. She would have been happy with just a win. Dominating Tia as she did, was merely a dream. However dominating Tia, taking every single one of her fans, and her husband too surpasses her wildest dreams. The lioness feels like roaring.

Tia CarrereJessica looks down at an obviously distraught Tia. The former queen is a storm of emotions and fighting back her tears. Jessica wonders if she has done enough to make the ever resistant Tia fearful to ever face her again. Then Jessica remembered when Tia forced her to plead for mercy calling her "Auntie Tia......" then she decides one more indignity would not hurt.

Jessica steps off of Tia's chest and steps on her outstretched wrist. Then Jessica reaches down and slips off Tia's wedding band off of her pinned hand. "No that's my wedding ring... you can't!" Tia desperately protest. Jessica ignores the protest and continues taking Tia's ring.

Jessica peers down at Tia saying, "Yes, I can!" Jessica sees Tia start to break as tears start flowing down her red cheeks. "Don't worry, you can have it back, when you're woman enough to take it, or if you simply admit to everybody I'm the superior woman right now!"

A flash of defiance resurrects into Tia's eyes. "Fuck you!" Tia spits "Never!"

Jessica answers, "Okay, have it your way" and flippantly starts walking out of the ring. Tia is becoming hysterical. She wills her broken body up to run after Jessica. After taking a couple of steps, Minka steps into her path. Tia bounces off Minka's enormous tits and lands flat on her back.

"Now its my turn beetch!" Minka announces while taking of her top. She falls on top Tia with her giant boobs covering Tia'a face.

Jessica looks back over her shoulder at Tia completely buried under Minka's breast, as she walks up the ramp to the dressing room. She sees Tia'a limbs weakly flailing underneath, hitting the mat as she struggles. A final chant of, "SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!" rings out again from the crowd. Shortly the sounds of Tia's struggles subside, so Jessica deduces Minka's breast smother has knocked Tia out. Jessica really wanted the admission of superiority from Tia, but as long as she has her wedding ring, Jessica knows she will have another opportunity.

When Tia comes to, she opens her eyes to see the house lights are on. She looks around to find the arena practically empty, and a stage crew are breaking down the ring, and sweeping up. Tia sits up thinking, "No Stone Rage, no stretcher ride backstage and team of doctors I guess. I miss him." Tia slowly rolls her sore aching body out of the ring. She slowly starts heading to the back.

As she heads back, a young 21-year-old fan yells, "Booooo Tia! You stink! Alba Rules!"

Tia instinctively flips her middle finger to the guy saying "Kiss my ass!" He in turn douses her with his beer. The beaten nude woman does not react, but slowly keeps making her way backstage. The guy and his friends figure to have more fun at Tia's expense. They each run around the arena looking for abandoned cups of beer and soda, then returning to the very slowly moving actress and dumping the drinks on her head. Residing to her fate, Tia ignores the drinks being dumped over her head, and continues silently walking to the backstage area. By the time she reaches backstage Tia resembles a drowned rat.

Once back stage the battered slowly moving star walks into her dressing room, grabs her duffel bag and heads for the parking deck. She doe not bother to dress or anything. She gets into the back of her limo and heads back to her hotel room to make amends with her husband.

As soon as Tia opens the door she finds her husband apologizing profusely. As what often happens with true love, Tia and her husband reconcile and a few days later their relationship is as strong as ever. He buys his wife a new wedding band signifying a new beginning.

A couple weeks later, Tia finds a copy of Sin City in her husband's DVD player. She angrily breaks the DVD, to her surprise only to find that it has been replaced the next day. She breaks that copy too, but is replaced the next day too. Tia breaks that copy too, only to find another copy the next day along with copies of The Fantastic Four, and Out of the Blue. Tia sighs residing that Jessica has won another battle.

A few days later, Tia's husband brings home a bedroom costume of a black studded bra and chaps with tassels, a cowboy hat, and whip. The costume looks reminiscent of Jessica's outfit in Sin City. Being the dutiful wife, Tia wears the get up, to satisfy her husband's fantasies. Tia hated wearing the costume, but the sex was awesome that night. It turned him into a raging bull in the bed. Even though Tia found wearing the outfit humiliating and demeaning, she started wearing it every night, and the sex just got better and better. Tia sighs again residing that Jessica has won another battle.

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