Jennifer Love Hewitt bounced in her corner with anticipation. Sure she was still "Jennifer Love Hewitt" and that name alone commands plenty of attention in Hollywood, but it seems to her that her phone was not ringing quite as often anymore. Jennifer wanted to make a statement and give her career a boost, like so many others have used the Battle Zone. A match against Jessica Alba would definitely do that. Ever since battling Tia Carrere to a draw, Jessica is building a "tough girl" reputation. A win against the Dark Angel is no small acomplishment.

Jessica is cool and calm in her corner. Her wrestling career has taken a huge upswing after having Tia Carrere helpless and chopping off clunks of her hair with a pair of scissors on two different occasions. Yeah, Jessica had help from the ABA to get Tia in that position both times, but none the less, her respect has grown exponetually. She is becoming a major player, and loving it! A win over Jennifer is just another brick to her reputation.

Tia CarrereEach girl is in her corner awaiting the bell to ring, when the evening takes a unique twist, as things commonly do in The Battle Zone. Tia Carrere starts strutting to the ring in a black & white stiped bikini top and a tight hip hugging pair of black spandex shorts. Tia enters the ring, takes a quick glance at the referee and motions for him to leave. The little man is obviously annoyed, but knows Tia's pull with Stone Rage. If she wanted to referee this match, then she is going to referee this match. Arguing will only get him fired, so he reluctantly leaves, allowing Tia to call for the opening bell.

Jessica's mouth drops open in shock at this turn of events. Tia is here to screw her out of a victory, her mind quickly concludes. Tia competely ignores Jessica's demonstrative show of emotion and asumes the role of an unbias offical. Jennifer breaks into a broad smile, thinking she will have help in dispatching Jessica. With the shock of Tia's arrival as an advantage, Jennifer quickly attacks.

Jennifer charges and catches a stunned Jessica with a looping punch to the ear that sends Jessica wobbling back into the corner. Jennifer keeps up her assault walloping Jessica again and again with windmill punches. Jennifer does not forget to add a few knees to the stomach, and thighs while her windmill tatic puts Jessica in a defensive cower in the corner. Seeing she has gained an advantage, Jennifer presses the point by grabbing the back of Jessica's head and spins her around to face the turnbuckle, before driving her face into it repeatedly. Jennifer finally pulls Jessica out of the corner and jabs a sneaky thumb into her oponent's eye.

"Watch the eyes" Tia noncholantly warns, but with no real concern for the infraction.

Jennifer strikes again with a sweeping chop to Jessica's throat. Jessica gags and staggers back a bit. A sly grin creeps across Jennifer's lips, as she seizes Jessica with two handfuls of hair on either side of her head. Jennifer forces Jessica's face down and brings her knee up simutaneously, and smashes her knee into Jessica's face. One, two, three times she smashes her foe's face before releasing Jessica and allows her to crumple to the mat.

Jennifer feels pretty good about herself, and is breeming with confidence. She reachs down and pulls Jessica back to her feet. "Awwww.... What's da matta?" Jessica chimes like she is talking to a two year old, "Wittle Jessica's getting her ass beat?" and jabs her thumb into Jessica's Adam's apple. Jessica staggers back again gasping and holding her throat. Jessica's eye bulge and her mouth hang open, hoping to suck in some air. Tia gives Jennifer a disapproving look, but makes no effort to warn her against this rule infraction.

Seeing Tia is allowing a certain latitude in rules infraction, Jennifer feels confident enough to dive in with a double claw to both of Jessica's eyes. Jessica screams and tries to pry Jennifer's hands from her eyes. After allowing a lengthy eye claw, Tia steps in and calls for a break. Jennifer eagerly complies with Tia's request and releases Jessica. Jessica retreats back against the ropes, grunting, and rubbing her eyes vigorously, trying to clear her vision, or at least rub away the pain.

"That Damn Bitch Tia!!" thinks Jessica, "She's going to let that skinny fucking bitch Jennifer tear me apart! Well I'll be damned if I let that happen!"

Jennifer still wears a big confident smile as she approaches. She clutches Jessica by the back of her head and forces her throat accross the top rope. Tia leisurely walks over and taps Jennifer on the shoulder and says "Okay that's enough" Again Jennifer releases her prey.

Jessica retreats further away this time, going to a corner away from Tia and Jennifer, hoping for a moment to compose herself. "Enough of this bullshit! I'm not going to let these two beat me!" races through Jessica's mind. With her vision still affected by the eye claw, she sees a blurry version of Jennifer's slender frame approaching. Jessica uses the rage and fury building inside of her for what she feels is obvious bias against her by Tia, and lashes out against Jennifer.

Using the ropes to push herself up, Jessica fires a powerful foot square into Jennifer's face as she approaches. "Ouuwww!" Jennifer howls while fans release a collective, "Wooooooo!" to the kick that seemed like it would knock Jennifer's head off. Jennifer reels back, trying really to figure out what just hit her.

An enraged Jessica shouts, "BITCH!" as she fires another kick, this time to Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer covers her pussy, and drops to her knees, then falls over on her side with pain corsing through her body. Tia made no move to repramind Jessica for the low blow.

Jessica follows up by lifting Jennifer to her knees, then pulls her head between her legs, and lifts Jennifer upside down and pile drives her back to the mat. Jennifer's body lies on the mat shaking and convulsing. Now it's Jessica who is smiling after being so close to defeat herself, and now having her rival hurting at her feet. Jessica sends Tia a taunting stare, and defiantly places her shin across Jennifer's throat, and presses down, choking the beauty. Tia takes the same leisurely attitude as she asks Jessica to break the illeagal hold.

Jessica gets off of Jennifer's throat a little surprised that Tia is allowing her the same latitude she allowed Jennifer. But that is not important right now, finishing Jennifer before she could recover however is. Jessica closes in on Jennifer and lifts her to her feet. Jessica wraps her arms around Jennifer and lifts her off her feet is a face-to-face bear hug. Jennifer groans as Jessica contracts and forces the air out of her body. Jessica carries Jennifer near the ropes and drops her throat first across the top rope. Jennifer slingshots off the rope and lands on the mat flopping around like a fish out of water.

Jessica does not allow Jennifer any reprive and lifts her foe upside down this time, and plants Jessica almost through the mat with a tombstone piledriver. A paralyzing shudder runs up Jennifer's spine, and she can only lay on the canvas moaning and grimacing in obvious pain. Jessica is still half crazed by fury and can only think of causing unthinkable pain to her opponent and leaves the ring.

Jessica gets a metal folding chair and returns to the ring. Tia blocks her path to and stands menacingly with her hands on her hips. "No way chick!" says the referee.

Jessica has a vision of her slamming the chair down on Tia's skull, and watching the big brunette crumpling unconcious to the mat, that flashes through her mind. Her mind works in double time, and she sees herself stripping Tia of her ridiculous referee uniform, then getting a pair of scissors from the ringside doctor. Then visions of her chopping Tia's hair into crew cut style brings a huge smile to her face.

Jessica contemplates, if she does hit Tia, she will lose the match, but that is acceptable. But as much as she wants to complete her vision, she knew she could never compelete her mission before Pam Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry destroy her for this assalt against their Fab Four teammate, so Jessica angrily throws the chair outside the ring and resumes the match.

Tia steps aside, and allows Jessica safe passage to Jennifer. Jennifer had stuggled to her feet but stood on wobbly legs and still holding the back of her neck. Jessica grabs two handfuls of black hair and forces Jennifer's head down inbetween her legs. Jessica wraps her arms around Jessica's waist and lifts her up to execute a perfectly devastating Power Bomb to her foe. Jessica follows by quickly falling across her victim for the pinfall.

Tia quickly gets into position by Jennifer's head and starts to administer the three count. While Tia is in perfect position see if Jennifer's shoulders lift off the mat, however she is out of position to see Jessica grab a handful of Jennifer's bikini bottoms to insure she can keep the thrashing beauty pinned long enough to get the victory.

Tia counts to three and calls for the bell. A joyous Jessica leaps in the air before pointing a finger in Tia's face saying, "Hah... In your Face!! I won anyway!"

Tia reacts instantly by grabbing Jessica's extended finger, and bending it backwards until Jessica drops to her knees screaming bearly before the words got out of her mouth. "Listen you little shit... Lets get somethings straight. You're not my enemy... You're not even a concern of mine.... You're defintely not my arch-rival... Simply put you're not on my level... Get It?" Tia concludes as she releases Jessica's finger and allows her to drop to her butt.

Jessica's face contorts in anger as she sees Tia walking out of the ring, leaving Jessica there as if she was a non-factor. Jessica roars in fury and jumps to her feet and charges after Tia. Tia quickly turns around and flattens the young actress with a devastating clothesline.

"Fucking pile of shit" Tia mutters as she lifts Jessica up and executes an even more devastating power bomb than Jessica had performed earlier. Tia shakes her head and exits the ring, leaving Jessica plastered on the mat looking up at the lights, and wondering what just happened. "Not even close to my level" Tia says as she leaves Jessica.

With Tia's word, "not on my level" echoing in her head, Jessica whispers, "Not on your level??... We'll see bitch... We'll see if you say that after I shave your head and they're calling you baldie!"
Jessica Alba (55%) beats Jennifer Love Hewitt (45%)

Jessica Alba, On Tia's level???

Don't forget JLH, We haven't heard the last of her


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