Tia Carrere (50%) ties Jessica Alba (50%) Both competitors glared at each other from across the ring. Tia was dressed in form fitting green pants and a tan tank top. She looked very reminiscent to her kick ass character, Sidney Fox in The Relic Hunter Across the ring stood Jessica Alba, looking very Dark Angelish in black pants and a black bra. The bell rung, and the two competitors charged at each other.

Jessica lashes out with her foot and kicks the approaching Tia right between the legs. Tia yells "Ouch" and stops dead in her tracks. Jessica realizes her best chance at victory against this wily veteran is to get an early advantage. So, she fires everything she's got in a series of punches to Tia's head. Each punch snaps Tia's head back and sends her reeling back a couple of steps. Once she has backed against the ropes, Jessica sends another low blow between Tia's legs before grabbing her arm and whipping Tia across the ring into the ropes. As Tia rebounds, Jessica nails her on the chin with a drop kick. Tia is knocked to the mat. She is only slightly stunned and quickly rises back to her feet while looking around to find Jessica. As she turns her head, she finds Jessica's feet again, as Jessica delivers another drop kick dead into her mouth.

Tia lies on the canvas trying to regroup. She had not expected Jessica's ferocious attack, and especially her low blows. As Tia lies there, Jessica grabs her ankles and spreads her legs. Jessica drives her heel deep into Tia's pussy. Tia screams and snaps her legs shut. She draws her knees to her chest and rolls over on her side. Jessica backs off like a place kicker about to kickoff a football game. She takes a couple graceful steps and launches a kick between Tia's thighs and right into her pubic mound. Tia lets out a long high-pitched howl, and rolls back over onto her back with both hands covering her throbbing pussy.

"Ohhhh You Little Bitch!!!!!!!! You're going to pay for that!" Tia yells, but her threat is cut off when Jessica drops to her knees and wraps both hands around Jessica's throat. Tia's eye bulge and her mouth hang open, hoping to suck in some air. As Jessica starts to bounce Tia's head off the mat, the referee steps in and forces the break. He vehemently reprimands Jessica for her tactics, while Tia struggles to her feet coughing & gagging. "Miserable, cheating little whore, you're really going to pay now!" sputters Tia.

Jessica pushes past the referee and closes in on Tia. Just as before, she kicks Tia low to the groin as she approaches. This gets a loud grunt from Tia and her knees buckle. Jessica follows in and rakes her nails across Tia's eyes, blinding the beauty. Tia staggers back into the ropes. Jessica grins a little that she is still in control of the match. As Jessica approaches, Tia suddenly grabs her by the shoulders and reverses positions and traps her against the ropes. Tia slams a series of forearm blows into the surprised youngster's mouth. Jessica's head rocks on her shoulders like she was a giant bobble-head doll. Then Tia steps back and fires karate kick right into Jessica's gut. Jessica lets out a deep "OOOOOOHHHHH!!" She doubles over; her knees buckle and she is slowly slinking down. Tia grabs her by the arm and keeps her upright. She whips the young actress across the ring and raises her booted foot as the girl rebounds. Jessica runs full stream into Tia's big boot. Her head snaps back and she falls to the back, like she had run into a brick wall.

"Pay back time little girl" Tia growls as she reaches down for her prey. Tia secures a handful of hair to hold Jessica in place, and then fires a series of power punches down into the fallen girl's stomach. Jessica is squirming and withering. She draws her knees up trying to protect herself, but the larger woman always seems to find an exposed area to pound. Once Jessica's face is a mask of anguish and she is sure she has knocked the breath out of her, Tia, uses the handful of hair to wrench Jessica up to her feet. "I'll teach you about going around and kicking grown women in the crotch!" mutters the action heroine.

Tia stands Jessica up and holds her in place by two handfuls of hair. She head butts her young rival on the forehead. Jessica's legs turn to jelly. She wants to fall, but Tia's grip keeps her on her feet for a second, then third head butt. Tia then lets her hair go, and allows the dazed, glassy-eyed girl to collapse to the mat. "Come on!.... get up!!! I thought you were tough!" screams Tia, looking genuinely disappointed that her initial assault was so effective.

Jessica raised her head off the mat. She looked around, clearly dazed and her eyes were unfocused. Tia pulls Jessica up one last time and measures her for yet another karate kick. Tia's kick landed squarely to Jessica's face. Jessica's head snaps back. It almost appeared that her head might fly off her shoulders from the impact of this mighty kick. "Hmpt," Tia says, "I guess they don't make action heroines like they used to." The large woman comments as she looks down at her quarry rolling in pain on the mat.

Jessica was clearly hurt, dazed and confused. She grovels on the mat until she is finally able to reach her feet after a few failed attempts. The dazed girl wobbles around for a second, trying to gather her bearings, only to turn and see Tia perched on the top turnbuckle. In an instant, Tia launches herself through the air, diving on Jessica with a cross body splash. Jessica's mouth drops open, knowing she will never be able to avoid the human missile coming her way. At the last moment Jessica grabs the nearby referee and pulls him in front of her. Tia lands on both of them knocking them both to the mat, and crushing them underneath her body weight. Tia rolls off the pile of human flesh, holding her ribs. She had not expected to collide into two people, and did not land properly. Ignoring the twinge of pain, Tia rolls back on Jessica for the pinfall. When no one starts counting, she looks around to see the referee still wiped out on the mat.

Tia rises off Jessica, muttering, "You little bitch, you thought KO'ing the referee would save you from me?" Tia reaches down and grabs one of Jessica's legs. She twists the leg to flip Jessica over onto her stomach. Tia grabs hold to Jessica's toes & heel in either hand and twists. Jessica screams at the top of her lungs as the wrenching, unbearable pain shoots up her legs. "I ought to keep you in this ankle lock until the referee wakes up, you miserable slut!" Jessica screams even louder than before, and starts slapping the mat indicating her surrender.

With the referee still unconscious on the mat, he was unable to hear her submission, but every one in the arena could hear Jessica's blood curdling cries. "IIIIIII... STOP!" cries Jessica, "I give... anything.... just please STOP!" pleads Jessica between screams and sobs while feverishly tapping the mat.

"Shut up" yells back Tia, "Just take it like the wuss you are!" Tia fires back as her poor victim continues to pitifully plead and beg for her release.

"Want out... say uncle." demands Tia.

"OOOHHHH UNCLE, UNCLE!" screams the tortured girl.

"Say Auntie Tia!" Tia asks with a chuckle.

"A.. Auntie Tia.... Auntie Tia..... Auntie Tia......" screams Jessica to Tia's amusement. Tia breaks into laughter from her victim's pleas, but cruelly keeps twisting the tortured ankle. Jessica's screams have given way to loud blubbering and crying.

Jeri RyanWhile Tia delights herself with torturing Jessica, one of Tia's rivals, Jeri Ryan leaps into the ring. Tia was so engrossed in torturing Jessica, she had not noticed the blonde woman's presence, until Jeri approaches her from behind, and kicks Tia in the back of the head. Tia drops Jessica's leg, her knees buckle and is completely stunned by this unexpected attack. Tia ungracefully turns to try and find out what just hit her. Jeri plants a kick into Tia's stomach, doubling her over. Jeri pulls Tia's head in between her legs, and pulls her arms up behind her. Jeri takes a quick hop then drops to the mat, driving Tia's face into the canvas punctuated by the force of Jeri's body weight, with a HHH Pedigree.

Jeri stands and sees Tia lying face down on the mat, nearly unconscious. "That'll teach you to interfere in my matches." Jeri shouts down to Tia. "And this is for costing me the Hardcore Championship!" growls Jeri as she pulled the dazed woman to her feet by a handful of hair. Jeri throws Tia towards the ropes, and launches her over the top rope to land on the unforgiving concrete arena floor. With her point made, and damage done, Jeri exits as quickly as she had arrived.

Tia lays one the arena floor. She sits up and opens her eyes, but the room starts spinning too fast, so she shuts her eyes, and just tries to deal with the annoying buzzing in her ears. This almost serene moment is interrupted by Jessica's hand clutching Tia's raven hair and hauling her to her feet. Jessica whips Tia, sending her crashing to the steel ring steps. Tia yells as her back makes contact with the hard steel. Tia does not have time to wallow in any self-pity cause Jessica hauls her to her feet again and escorts Tia to the announcer's table. Jessica slams Tia's face into the table then allows Tia to drop to her knees and leans against the table with Jessica standing behind her.

Jessica grabs the microphone off the table and bops Tia over the head with it. Tia grunts and is still on her knees with her chest pressed against the table. Jessica then spots a pair of scissors lying on the table used to cut athletic tape. Jessica grabs the scissors and snips off a clump of Tia's hair. Tia exclaims, "Please no... please don't cut my hair."

"Ah shut up and take it like the wuss you are" mocks Jessica as she snips off another clump of hair of the whimpering beauty.

"Please not my hair..." whines and pleads Tia to Jessica's deaf ears. Ultimately she knows she is at her enemy's mercy. As Tia starts cutting at will, Tia fights back her tears knowing she is helpless to prevent Jessica from cutting every strand of hair on her head.

Halle BerryFinally Jessica looks around as she hears a roar from the audience. She sees Halle Berry running toward her. Halle had started to ringside to save her friend, Tia from Jeri, but now rushes to save Tia's hair. Jessica drops the scissors and exits the ringside area going the opposite direction from Halle.

Halle checks on her friend and helps her to her feet. Halle helps her battered friend from ringside as a tear escapes from Tia's eye and rolls down her cheek. The match is officially a "no contest draw", but it certainly will proved much more eventful than that, as vengeance and payback is surely sought.

The Dark Angel and The Relic Hunter have not seen the last of each other.

A rivalry for the ages! Youth versus Maturity! Two Action Heroines! Dark Angel versus Relic Hunter! This feud is only starting